5 Day Water Fast Update from True North (Part 4) : The Renegade Health Show Episode #633

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We’re not here alone…

Today, I give you an update on how the water fast is going (I’m almost there!) as well as let Shea share her experiences too.

She’s not having as nice of a time as I am.

She also has some great insights about cravings… since that seems to be one of our biggest issues.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What do you do for cravings? Do you like Shea’s idea?

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If you’d like to learn more about the True North Health Center, please visit their website here: http://www.healthpromoting.org

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Janice Woodard says:

    Cravings, oh my….. I try and let them pass but if that doesn’t work I give in on a small scale. Oops! Will be really interested in others comments and am going to try the writing it down thing.

  2. eyla says:

    I am also a fiend for answering my cravings!

    It’s actually something I’m trying to overcome at the moment, I usually try to reason with myself and envisage the outcome of eating the not so good things I crave.
    I think a lot of it, for me has to do with habit and once I find my stride in avoiding things I’m o.k.

  3. Rob says:

    EAT IT!!! I think if I’m craving something that it’s my bodies way of telling me that there is something in whatever I’m craving that my body needs.

  4. Henrik says:

    It totally depends on the craving. If I’m craving complete junk food then I’ll just ignore it. If I’m craving something semi-healthy then I’ll sometimes give into it and sometimes eat something else that will satisfy the craving (might be a nutrient I’m missing).
    When I’m craving salads I make a huge bowl of it. 🙂

    I will try Shea’s idea though! Sounds like it might be a better way than just ignoring it.

  5. Henrik says:

    Rob: That’s not always the case. Especially not for us emotional eaters. And even if there, for some strange reason, might be something in for example potato chips that the body needs, I bet that there are hundreds of better foods that will satisfy that craving.

  6. briannaG says:

    Right now I’m eating whatever I want when I crave it to undo the categorizing of done of food: good food, BAD food. This has led to a bit of an obsession that, I think, is actually worse because it’s stressful. So! Right now, I eat whatever (except for meat, cause I don’t crave or want it ever anymore).

    Once I feel I have undone the categorizing thing, I like to do tapping for cravings. And I will also start writing down what I’m thinking like Shea said- that’s a great idea! I think it will work, too.

    My other strategy is to eat something healthy with the same factors as what I’m craving (something salty= eat celery, something sugary= an apple, etc).

  7. Cindy in Marin says:

    My cravings are usually for sweets about an hour or so after lunch…if I am home I will take raw cocoa nibs and a little banana/sprouted buckwheat and that usually does the trick. Today I really slipped- had gelato with my daughter and have to say I really enjoyed it as much as the bonding we experienced over it.

    Looking forward to tomorrow to see your progress. This is really inspiring me to do the same.

  8. Farideh says:

    Acne ,specially during water fast can be more related to liver ,blood impurities ,as well as hormonal dysregulation .Since liver modulates hormone balancing.

    More colonics ,as well as Herbal blood purification was , what worked for myself as well as many of my clients .


  9. Mary Artemis says:

    I either give into it, or I eat anything right away because it means that I’m hungry and needing food. Hot beverage, tea, coffee or chai could substitute or something else I like, like a mango……..

  10. Jolie says:

    My craving struggles happen only at night.
    Sweets and chocolate are my cravings. When I’m being good I try to eat fruit instead. However, lately I’ve given up and have been giving into unhealthy stuff b/c sometimes I get so weary of the work it takes to be healthy.
    Also I live with my grandmother and she has unhealthy foods around; this makes it too tempting for me and I cannot deprive her of what she wants.

  11. Ineke says:

    This is very interesting! First of I think it is great that you are doing this and it is a very wise decision to do a water fast under supervision. A couple of days ago you asked what the viewers of the Renegade health show would do if we were to stay at True North. I have never done a water fast before. Like you I would never do a water fast without supervision. In my case there is the weight issue. (94 pounds-5.2 feet) so I wonder whether in my case it would be the correct thing for me to do. My husband and I did the master cleanse 2 years ago and strange enough all we were talking about was food. I even watched raw and vegan food shows on youtube. I was salivating, not craving though, and looking forward to the day I could eat all that again. I am planning on doing another master cleanse soon but it won’t be for that long so I will keep your friend Shea-Lynns advise in mind in case I get “weird” cravings. It won’t be cheese burgers or twinkies for sure because I have never eaten that way. Who knows..may be I’ll watch food shows again. I like the master cleanse because the drink does taste good. I don’t think i want to fast on green juice because I’m afraid I would be sick of it on the end and not drink it anymore

    What are my cravings? usually BREAD, GOOD bread of course, something sweet but not white sugar or junk food , something like chocolate or lately ice cream. We have a wonderful gelatoria in walking distance from our house so this summer “I have been hanging out” there a bit more than I should. But that’s life

    I think we should come to terms with cravings. If you never allow yourself to have something sweet or “not so good” you develop an unhealthy relationship with food and you can end up “binging” It is all about balance. Occasionally a piece of chocolate or a glas of wine with a bit of European cheese still represent the “good life” for me and I don’t think I will give that up.

  12. Well, I started a Juice Fast and was craving Hummus and I ate it. But, last Juice Fast I walked through them telling myself I can have that tomorrow.

    However, I do feel I need something more Tangiable (is that the right word?) to walk through this.

    I have Food addictions, sugar, starch, and salt. I have Eating Disorder issues that I have not acted out on in 15 years and don’t want to trigger them.
    So, any suggestions I would love. The writing down I’ll try but, doesnt’ feel right. I dunno.

    So, I have a question. Do I jump back into the Juice Fast or just stop completely?

    It is a 10 day Juice Fast and I did 2 & 3/4.

    Thanks Jen

  13. Susan Bessette says:

    The hardest part for me would be the inactivity. What do you DO all day?
    Here I am between piano semesters, and I spend HOURS writing lesson plans and looking through books to find the perfect composition for each student. How can you do NOTHING?
    As for cravings, if it is healthy I eat it; if not vegan, I ignore it.

  14. Ann Marie Huntington says:

    This is what I do when I get cravings, it always works for me. And its what I tell my clients to try. First I drink a tall glass of water, then I brush my teeth, then I take a walk for about 15 minutes. WARNING, this next part is gross. I imagine that whatever I am craving, I picture worms or maggots or buggers crawling out of it. Sorry , I told you it was gross. I find the longer you go without eating something that’s not good for you, the less you crave it.

    Ann Marie, nutritional consultant

  15. Jan says:

    Thanks for the information/website for True North Health Center.

    I use to crave meat and I would google farm animal shelters and read/watch the videos of the horrible way factory farms raise them. Seeing the animals in these situations grossed me out to the point that it affected me more than the craving did. Then I would get myself a plate of veggies and some dressing/dip to eat.

    I will try the writing thing for cravings in the future.

  16. Rhonda D says:

    Thank you both for sharing your water fast with us. It’s great to see how one would feel doing a water fast. Did you guys meet anyone there that was coming off the Standard American Diet and going into a fast?

    Thanks again

  17. Dee says:

    I really enjoyed hearing Shea’s experience and her interesting solution to food craving. I may try that one. Sweets, breads and chips are my cravings. This series has been very informative.

  18. For cravings…well usually I try to make a healthy version of what i’m craving, specially a raw version since it takes less time to prepare too. I think mostly what we crave is either a flavor or like a “sweet or salty” kinda thing, or a texture…for example potato chips, they are crunchy and salty…so you can make some crunchy and salty raw crackers or something (i realize that takes longer to make since its dehydrated lol but I think even preparing it and putting it in the dehydrator gives you some sort of satisfaction since you know you will be eating it soon enough).
    I am also wondering about the acne. I am a very healthy eater but I still have some acne =( i quit smoking a couple of years ago, i quit drinking a few months ago, i exercise now (i used to be sooo lazy), I try and eat as many raw foods as I can, i make everything from scratch…i mean…what can possibly be giving me acne? I don’t know…and I refuse to put some “medicine” cream or whatever on my face, or to take any sort of birth control or pill…so i dont know what to do….any ideas? =)

  19. smita says:

    Wow, I feel like I am going through what you and Shea are experiencing. I went into the ER last thursday (so its been over a week) and haven’t eaten since. I’ve been in severe pain with constant nausea so its hard for me to even drink water. It’s been even harder for me to do NOTHING. All I do is watch tv and yes, I keep having cravings of everything I have seen on tv when I never used to crave for any of these (KFC, pizza, burger’s, fries, subway sandwiches). I have too noticed that we are so revolved around food in our culture, its like we truly are addicts! So I guess I am kind of experiencing a water/food fast myself. Although, I’m doing it in a much unhealthier way. As for water, I’ve had to go to the doc in between to get bolused fluids through IV’s, but the nausea is a little more under control so working my way up to sipping water =)

  20. Randy says:

    The first two times I experienced a water fast at TrueNorth, I found myself looking a lot at Food Network programs…ironically, looking at shows that focused in on rich foods or junk foods motivated me more to stay on course.
    Now, in my current fast (#5), I have yet to experience any cravings…I’m currently on day #4, just like Kevin and Shea.
    My body seems to be appreciating the break…perhaps this is due my body now being used to the experience.
    Since February, 2010, I’ve tried a one-day
    break (won’t call it a fast) of 18-24 hours at least once a week to give my digestive system some rest…seems to have helped.
    This summer, I’ve started eating twice a day instead of 3 times per day as suggested by The Daylight Diet by Paul Nison…positive results.
    I recommend Paul’s book for anyone interested in seeing how the number of times we eat each day and when we eat might impact our health!

  21. Stacy says:

    Shea has a good way to get it out of her head but, I have to work mine off. When I want something that I should not have, I go for a long walk. It takes my mind off of it. Then I am on to something else. I do not think that I could sit and do nothing. especially when I want food. I would be bouncing off the walls. I can not wait to watch the rest of the trial.

  22. Page says:

    I normally will drink water to satisfy a craving. I also meditate, so that’s probably how I would spend a lot of time if I did a water fast retreat.

  23. Didiydi says:

    I’ve been struggling with emotional overeating for 3 years now. In a past few months really trying to overcome it actively.
    I’ve dealt with many emotional issues through the healing codes and with the emotion code. And lately dealing with my negative beliefs. It’s really hard especially since I can’t afford help so have to do it on my own, and they say it’s impossible.
    I dream of the day when I will look at food and have no desire to binge whatsoever…

  24. snowmoonelk says:

    I generally give in to them! However, when I do a fast, I make sure there are no easy to get to snackables in the house, just fruit and veggies.

    Shea’s idea is great – write it on a piece of paper and then eat the paper! No, joking aside, it’s a bit like when you are mad at someone and you write them a letter and then tear it up. Don’t for goodness’ sake do what my mother does and SEND the letter! Hmm, not good.

  25. Pat Godinez says:

    I’ve fasted 4 times: Tanglewood in MD, 21, 28 and 21 in ’03, ’04 and ’05. In ’08, I did 21 days at Goldhamers, which was extremely difficult. I enjoyed the first 3 than the last one, probably because a dear friend of mine was struggling with his life and took it the day before I left, which put me into a tailspin depression for 6 months to a year.

    I appreciate that you are dealing with your stuff…that’s the gift of fasting. Re eruptions, sounds like your body is throwing off old stuff. A spot on my ankle starting to erupt and wildly itch while I was fasting. I thought it was a healed mosquito bite, but I’m guessing it wasn’t thoroughly healed.

    Re cravings, when I was disciplined and using the 12 steps, I’d use their tools to combat addiction. Once the feeling passed, 24 hours later, I’d feel a sense of spiritual lightness…nice.

  26. Connie says:

    Dr. Jeff Hazim at http://www.wellwithu.com taught me that when I crave something salty like chips or cheezies it means my body is asking for minerals–so I should eat vegetables. And when I crave something sweet like chocolate or syrup my body needs fruit. I had forgotten that until you asked this question, so I will try to start responding appropriately again.

  27. I try and distract myself with another activity until the craving passes. I’m currently on day 11 of a juice/smoothie fast.

  28. Pat G. says:

    Also, fasting is not about losing weight; it’s a by-product and to compare it with someone else’s results points to the value you’ve given the fast. I would’ve liked to have heard how much water you are drinking and how often and to what degree you’re resting. The food obsessions sounds like Shea has an eating disorder, and fasting is not recommended for people having addictions with binging, especially if the result is purging. The best results come from pure rest…eyes closed taking no information (No TV!) and resting the mind.

  29. Melina says:

    The pain in the conditions he mentions is very much a physical issue (lupus, fibromylgia, CFS and other autoimmune conditions). These people often get labled so incorrectly as having a psychological issue. If you research these issues in depth you learn that there is a very physical cause. Also, I have seen several people feel better from such conditions doing a juice fast or water fast, but the important part is how they feel after they return to food even if it is healthy food. Often their symptoms come back because they still have unaddressed issues like leaky gut (the cause of food intolerances)and other related gut issues that have not been healed by fasting. They feel better without food because they are having immune responses to a lot of foods they eat due to gut issues. Please be careful about assuming autoimmune related pain is predominately psychological, it can wound people to feel so misunderstood on this level. Look at people who have truly healed for good from such issues and notice how it was not a psychological shift that was required (people like Jordan Rubin, Ann Boroch, Donna Gates, Weston Price’s patients, Donna Pessin, etc). They all mention the pain of being misunderstood by doctors and being told it’s in their head. If they had believed that they would still be sick and in pain.

  30. Melina says:

    this post was supposed to go on your last water fast episode. Sorry it showed up in the wrong place. I will put it in the right place too…

  31. bernadette says:

    I am so disspointed again Kevin….The most informative info is not in print. At the library I can not listen to anything. Would you concider adding something to your video clips, so that those of us who can not listen for what ever reason, are able to down load onto a cd and listen at home so that we do not miss out. I am about to start a fast but relying on information I have gleaned over the years. however as I have many of the health problems mentioned in the comments from everyone leaving comments, I am now balking, I feel not as prepared as I thought and would have loved to be prepared with this info….
    Sorry I missed out again….
    Thank you for all your good work.

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