Will Antibiotics Be Banned on Factory Farms? (with John Robbins) : The Renegade Health Show Episode #621

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I’ve been wanting to talk to John Robbins for a long time…

Most pressing, was that I wanted to see what is new when it comes to regulation on factory farming and the treatment of animals since he wrote his original book, A Diet for a New America.

We finally got him to come on the show and here’s what he has to say about the use of antibiotics on factory farms.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Do you think factory farming as we know it will eventually end?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. I certainly hope so

  2. Michael says:

    Kevin … I doubt that the bill will pass, because the issue is too political. Wish it weren’t so. Great interview. Thanks!

  3. sharon says:

    Of course it’s going to end. It has to end because it is not a sustainable practice.

    It’s unhealthy, inhumane, despicable….don’t get me started. The existence of factory farming is what wakes me up at 3AM with passionate hatred.

    As Gandhi said, the morality of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals. I think there will come a time when civilized people will look back in horror and disgust at the way our generation raised animals just to kill and eat them.

    I only hope that it will happen in my lifetime.

  4. Ineke says:

    I don’t think soon. As long as descent food, i.e. organic vegetables and fruits and grass fed animal protein (for people who choose to eat flesh) are more expensive than a lot of fast food options I don’t think we will see a change. Like the previous comment I also think that the issue is too political and that the business of too many people/organisations depend on it. Sadly in the US the only thing that often counts is the dollar. On our road trip a couple of weeks ago the three of us could have eaten for $12, 3 meals included if we had chosen to eat at places like McDonalds. Obviously we didn’t so our food bill was quite high even though we camped. In those two weeks I really became aware how expensive descent food is and why a lot of people cannot afford organic foods. I think that is very sad. Many people do know that regular meat contains antibiotics but so often I get the comment that “going organic” is very expensive and unaffordable.

  5. Bonie(Bonnie) Loiselle says:

    Yes, I think that factory farming will continue due to the lack of the everyday use of foods.
    In the old days everyone had their own gardens and chickens etc. and bought very limited things at stores.Now, hardly anyone has gardens and buy everything from stores. I really don’t see people who are in a fast past life turning back time and doing what is healtier and better for the world.
    Good Health to You
    Bonie Loiselle

  6. Maria says:

    I do believe that it will end. I believe it will end sooner if those who are concerned are pro-active in working toward that end. But, essentially, I believe that the system is unsustainable, and due to that, in time the system will break down simply because it cannot support itself. How much harm will be done as it unravels will depend on how long it takes to unravel. Therefore, I consider it noble to work toward it’s dissolution and replacement with systems that nourish us, while at the same time, honoring all life.

  7. Hells YES!

    The world is changing for the better but I believe it’s going to take a serious and devastating shock to the world before we wake up. I believe we will experience heaven on earth but I think things are going to get much worse before they get better.

    People everywhere are waking up to the ugly truths of today’s modern lifestyle mechanics. Films like Food Inc. are becoming more and more popular and are reaching more people today than ever before in history. It’s truly an amazing time we find ourselves in today. Everything is on the move today. How we live, how we learn, how we communicate, how we interact with the planet and the environment. We are virtually taking quantum leaps every day in terms of consciousness evolution. Just look at what’s happened in the last 100 years. From horse drawn buggies, to rocket ships. Women and minorities having no rights to it being unspeakable to have an opinion against equality. The British Imperial rule to democracy for all. The roles of men and women and how we communicate with each other has massively evolved even in the last 50 years. We are so much more open to discuss our lives and feelings with each other than ever before. Just look at the evolutionary social leap that was made with facebook and twitter!!! There is more progress in terms of human rights and ethical and moral progression being made on a daily basis than there has historically taken hundreds of years. We are at the pinnacle of human evolution. It just a matter of time before it sorts itself out and we experience the level of conscientiousness and love that will mark the beginning of the next evolutionary stage.

    Remember, all that is taking place now is the direct response of the actions of ALL of us here on planet earth. There are factory farms because people buy factory farm meat. It’s simply supply and demand. The producers of factory farmed meats are no more responsible than those that buy it. The suppliers and buyers are two sides of the same coin. We have ALL contributed to the way this world is now. We have all purchased products that have contributed to the pollution and degradation of this world. We are ALL responsible. In the same light, we are all responsible for the positive changes we are making to this world as well. Environmental and social issues are in the forefronts of people’s conversations and reality today. Just look how much the organic industry has grown in the last 5 years. It’s MASSIVE! It’s only getting better. We might not be at the tipping point yet but we are steadily making our way there. There is no doubt. As history has shown, we humans must make mistakes before we can learn from them so even though things might seem horrendous now, it’s a necessary part of our learning and evolution on planet earth.

  8. Craigs says:

    I wish it would end but I beleive the Political system that is takeing place world wide, Will need to control the food supply to accomplish the goals they have set forth. Factory Farming and GMO go hand in Hand with this Movement and i do not see that it is getting better but Worse. Also Drug Companies Lobbying will not allow to loose any more profits. Antibiotics people say that is greatest Invention. I disagree The Fungus that takes over the body from antibiotics. Fungus and Cancer both Infect the DNA of the cell.Deforming it. Thats why some anti cancer drugs are Really antifugal Medicines. Miss diagnoses very common

  9. nick says:

    It depends on when the majority of people make the connection of what they eat and their health.
    When most people realize that they may be saving a few cents for not buyig organic and humane food
    now they will pay thousands in medical bills later. I think people are starting to make the connection they did with cigarettes not to long ago so hopefully they will with food sooner then later.

  10. Jasmine says:

    Annie – Looking forward to trying out your new products once I can afford it.

    Also, would OVE LOVLOVELOVELOVELEOEEE for you to come out with some makeup products. concealer/foundation, powders, blush, bronzers, etc

  11. Yes, just as soon as the sleeping masses wake up. People have to stop beleiving that there is a need, real or imagined, for stuffing themselves with meat. I had my first complete salad out of my organic indoor hydroponics garden last night and it made me feel good in ways I could not have imagined, I even slept good last night. Everybody, just keep the faith and hang in there for a little while longer, everything is going to turn out just great… Bill Farver

  12. Karen says:

    I don’t think it will end any time soon – there’s way too much greed involved. I LOVE John Robbins – his book changed my life. Thanks, Kevin!!!

  13. Jana says:

    I absolutely believe factory farming will end simply because it’s an unsustainable practice. How or when it ends, I don’t know. In the world according to me 😉 I see it coming to end by people voting with their dollars at every grocery store. If the demand for factory farm products disappeared, so would the factory farms disappear. The sooner the better. It would warm my heart greatly to see each person say no to factory farms all the way down to their pocketbooks. I would love even more for farmers to receive subsidies to grow food that truly nourishes us. I’d love even more for farmers to not even need subsidies in order to earn their livings.

  14. Veronika says:

    Yes, it will end because it’s unsustainable and because more and more people are becoming conscious to the factory farm practices, and thus avoiding factory farmed meat.

    It’s all about AWARENESS. 10 yrs ago, very few people were aware. 5 yrs ago, some more people. Nowadays, more people know about factory farming practices, but certainly not the majority).

    Yes, there are those who are aware and still choose to buy those products, but repetitive education helps. The more people are reminded of the horrors factory animals experience and the unhealthy nature of their meat, the more they’ll think twice before taking a bite of their hamburger.

  15. john says:

    Thank you Kevin ,your guest John Robbins has a lot of good information for us to know about . Factory farming will not go away ,it is here to stay Kevin and all concerned . A number of months ago I came across a web sight or two ( try and google) was it -Rense.com ,any way Corporations WILL be growing in a like petri dish in super large vats a variety of meats eg.cow meat grown inside a building ,just like science grows ears on a rats back, except no living breathing cow only its’s flesh growing at a super fast rate, yes you read that correctly,some pretty bizzare stuff.–It is only one small segment of the —— GLOBALISTS ——==NEW WORLD ORDER .The world will not get better only worse .Read the Georgia Guide Stones ,to name one of just thousands of sources.All of needs to know is open ones eyes and search for truth and be discerning to it.

  16. Betoman says:

    Not likely anytime soon. A new regional grocer just opened a new store in my community just outside of Austin and the conventionally raised animal flesh was flying off the shelves. It was like a zombie feeding frenzy. I wish more people cared enough to stop buying the unsustainably produced, animal torturing, disease promoting “food” in our grocery stores, but unless you go to WF or a local CoOp, it just ain’t happenin’. I will admit that where there used to be no organic produce, there is now a section. Progress is just to slow, and the powerful lobby of agribusiness and pharma have a vast majority of Congress by the ‘nads because they always have their hands in their pockets.

  17. Janet says:

    Yes Kev, I do think that factory farming will cease to exist by mid-2011. The economy is tanking and that means that subsidies are also not going to be paid for much longer. If you even think that the economy will hold as is, take a look at Ron Paul’s message to the American people http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/50542/Ron_Paul_s_New_Cryptic_Warning__2010_/ This will be the end of GMOs as we know them. Yeah!

  18. Meredith says:

    I went to Mercola’s clinic in Hoffman Estates, IL and want to share my negative experince that I had. The doctor that I saw and every other practitioner told me I need to eat MEAT! The doctor told me “we are made of animal protein and need to eat animal protein”. Maybe this explains why they do not include a test for Vit B12 level in their bloodwork. After the doctor evaluated me I asked for feedback to get some information about my health issues I am dealing with. He told me I would have to come back for another visit to get any information. Yes, come back and pay another $250. I already had to pay over $1400 for this advanced evaluation. I cannot afford to sink more money into Mercola’s clinic. And for them to tell me “eat meat!”

  19. Carol Lani Johnson says:

    Kevin, that is a loaded question. Perhaps asking HOW we think it will change is a more productive place to put our thoughts. Agree with Maria. Sharon, try to transmute that passion into Love. I read a communication with wild dolphins where they said that we have torous tubes (energy field)on the ends of our fingers that transmit our feelings into the water – feeling anger and concern, even for their welfare, pollutes the water sealife lives in. The Dog Whisperer’s advice of being calm assertive is most helpful. I have learned to turn away from the condition and focus on what I want more of to empower it! We are all One, and that includes the factory farmers. I love all life and see all radiating well-being, surrounded by Love and support and thriving.

  20. Rhonda D says:

    It will take alot for them to stop! When greed is involved that will be a tuff one.

    Hopefully there will be some changes. I only people would wake up and really see how these animals are treated.

    We must educate the public.

    Thanks for a great interview

  21. Jacquie says:

    Such wonderful comments above…I pray for the day this stops…along with the end of all of the political greed and corruption with Big Pharma, the FDA, Wall Street, our own government, Big Oil, etc. It’s such a huge, interconnected mass of ugliness. I pray for enlightenment of consumers because we can end so much if we won’t buy their products. I pray for the enlightenment of those that run these organizations. The bravery of just one to step forward and say they aren’t going to do this anymore and change their ways without having to be mandated. The change will come, but I fear it will not be soon enough. 🙁

  22. KAREN BEATTIE says:


  23. Cindy in Marin says:

    I certainly hope so. What goes on in the factory farm is a disgrace. I have visited Farm Sanctuary where the cows, sheep and goats are just as affectionate/playful as dogs because this is there inherent nature when they are well cared for and treated with love. Even the turkeys enjoyed being petted!

    Every so often I buy organic meat not for me but for my family (if I don’t my husband picks up factory farmed at Costco).If I go anywhere but a health food store there is very little or nothing on the shelves besides organic chicken. I wish the major supermarkets or Costco would carry organic but until then I think the majority of people are like sheep (no insult intended for the sheep) and just want to purchase products at the lowest price.

    I spend a good chunk of our income now on mostly organic food. We are not rich by any means but I believe it is an investment in the future of our health.

    Hope you have a good and safe trip.

  24. Greg says:

    John Robbins has a wonderful website and blog: http://www.johnrobbins.info/
    You should visit it and link to it!

  25. Kathryn says:

    It will probably only end if we stop supporting the companies involved with factory farming and start supporting the farms that actually go out of their way to produce healthy animal foods.

    Sustainable farming practices must be employed and supported – the fear of animal foods or the fear of consuming animal foods also needs to end!!

  26. jackie says:

    TO MEREDITH; I recently heard Mercola say that his girlfriend was vegetarian (maybe raw as well; don’t remember for sure). It will be interesting to see if this will infiltrate the “eat meat” advice his clinic provides.

  27. Jesse says:

    Yes, It will come to an end.

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