How to Read the Health News with Mike Adams : The Renegade Health Show Episode #602

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Mike Adams is one of my favorite independent health journalists…

Today, in this video, Mike will share some of the amazing, shocking and frightening things that he’s heard over the years about how health news is filtered and how companies are unfairly treated by government agencies.

It’s pretty scary stuff, but make sure you watch it! 🙂

Here you go…

Your question of the day: What are your thoughts on the national (or global) health media?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Karen says:

    I do not listen to main media! I listen to you and David Wolfe and other Raw Foodist!

  2. shivie says:

    hey guys

    i am typing this with Jonny 5 sitting on me! he thougt the show was great btw! Love seeing the Rawathon, reminds of when we first started follwoing you in our early raw days and boy, so much has happened since then-who knew we would have your cat and have you both as dear friends. love the shows, keep doing what you do, the world is due the information you have. We love you-enjoy the rest of your trip, cant wait to hear about it when you get back.
    Make it a RAWsome day!
    Shivie and Cemaaj

  3. Veronika says:

    Awesome interview! I was aware that these raids had occurred to a few doctors, but I wasn’t aware that it was so prevalent.

    What does Mike Adams think about Codex Alimentarius? It seems some people are freaking out about it, and then there are other people saying it’s not a big deal.

  4. Shasta says:

    anti cancer topical salves, see the results:

  5. Dottywine says:

    I don’t buy this, man. I mean, duh, the mainstream media will ALWAYS have some spin. But some of the stuff he’s saying… how am I supposed to believe him? Why should I believe him? Just because he says it? I would appreciate if you provided a link to his site or a second opinion or something. Otherwise, I don’t really understand what he’s talking about.

    I mean, the Susan Komen site has a page dedicated to how to prevent breast cancer, so what is he saying?

  6. Kevin, I always enjoy listening to Mike. Regarding his comments regarding the Komen Foundation – as well as other cancer care organizations… I was one of the founders of the Seattle Chapter. We created the Puget Sound Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I worked with a small group of women – worked hard for many years – lots of community volunteer hours to grow it to the multi-million dollar – Seattle – revenue generating machine that it is today. I’ve been a part of grant committees that has given away all of the money raised – sat on national committees. I can tell you w/o a doubt that the work being done is from all great people doing what they think will end cancer – drugs and research.

    I only came into natural medicine/raw food a couple years ago. It’s been a crazy journey – I feel angry like I’ve been deceived all my life. The problem is that people, just like me – smart educated well meaning people just don’t know. There is no conspiracy – just a lot of sad people watching their family members die of a horrible disease. The woman that started Komen just had a sister died and wanted to make a diffidence – that’s it. Researchers then wrote in for grants and the money gets distributed – by regular people on a board. It’s a pretty simple story. The reason that Komen was so successful is that it is a “popular disease”.

    The question today is how to meet with and educate chapter leaders around the country. Each one of these chapters has nutritionist that speaks – they talk about whole grains, yada yada yada. There needs to be a group making the rounds to educate these non-profit health organizations. You need to put pressure and educate the base or you will not be able to reach the folks at the top signing up Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    I know easier said than done….

  7. Paula says:

    I googled him and came up with: — he was certainly passionate about his viewpoint! 🙂

    I guess I bought into some media hype about ‘diet’ and sugar being so bad for someone that you should use Aspartame and artificial sweeteners instead. I cut all fat out of my diet completely and used artificial sweeteners all the time. It’s probably no surprise to readers here that I became extremely ill.

    When I found real nutritional information like from I tossed out those 100 calorie packs and the stupid stuff I was eating and started trying to figure out what Kale was. lol.

    Great stuff 🙂

  8. Dana says:

    To Dottywine…the doctor Mike was speaking about is Andrew Weil, M.D. who is in deep hot water for telling people the truth.

    So, as far as that goes, Mike is credible.

    You want another web-site to goto for more credible medical info?
    This is a doctor’s website.

    And stop drinking the kool-aid, will ya?

  9. Craigs says:

    When i was thinking how to say this Litereally a commercial came on about the TV to get the swine flu H1n1 shot paid By the Government. Its like June 30!. the middle of the summer.LOL . I don’t think i need to add anything to this. Some people will say this is Good I dont. So the main stream media is part of the World system who’s Job is to control but one day there will be Jesus that will come to change all of this . So untill that times comes ,fight a good fight.

  10. Patty says:

    I enjoyed the interview. There seems to be more information out there for those diagnosed with breast cancer rather than how to prevent it(lower your risk of)I worked at a shop that specialized in breast prosthetics and saw many women terribly disfigured from surgery and to think some women are so scared that they have mastectomies as a preventative measure. I don’t understand why insurance companies will pay for mammograms and not thermography -colonoscopies and not colonics. I trust what this guy says versus the media. That’s just my opinion – but you know what they say about those….

  11. Paul says:

    if you use the mainstream media to gather health information, you’ll be digging yourself an early grave. In fact you will be disinformed about any topic if you take them at face value.

  12. Charlie says:

    Great interview Kevin! Thanks for giving us a slice of Mike Adams who is one of the top health journalists of our time.

    @DottyWine- He wrote a great report on his site on the deceptions of breast cancer- Check it out, and also Suzy Komen is the same person who is behind giving the public hope for breast cancer with pink buckets of fried chicken from KFC- credibility lost.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip and thanks for the rawkathon interviews.

  13. Aggie says:

    I went to the Susan Komen site’s prevention page and all that I could find was that leading a healthy lifestyle may reduce the chances of getting breast cancer. They don’t define what a healthy lifestyle is or give any concrete thing you can do. They say you can only reduce the risk, tat you can’t remove the risk or that there is any cure. They push mamograms, which cause cancer. I knowI won’t get cancer because I’ve learned the truth about cancer, not from mainstream media, because if they do know they don’t share it. I’ve read of many people that have been jailed or even killed and their resarch destroyed because they found a cure for cancer that wasn’t profitable for the drug companies. The FDA is so corrupt that when I hear that something has been approved b them I am very leary of using it, rather than the other wy around. It usually means that some company has paid thm or gotten one of their own people in to push their products though and be approved.

  14. Aggie says:

    Sorry for all the typos, I forgot to proof read and my keyboard has been skipping letters lately.

  15. Frank A says:

    What about information about the ‘establishment’ provided by Drs Al Sears and WC Douglass?

    These doctors are somewhat ‘renegade’ in what they mention in their e-newsletters! And they provide supplement recommendations.

    Then again, how much of the information on the internet is truthful?!

  16. Erika says:

    Fully agree with him. It is disgusting what is going on in this country. The medical association of North Carolina tried to drive the best doctor out of business. He got even with them and wrote a great book “Nine Steps to keep away from Doctors.” I have been misdiagnosed and mistreated for years until I discovered myself what is wrong with me.

  17. Tino says:

    I really think that “It’s not invented here, we can’t profit” or “We can’t patent this thing, we can’t profit” drives a lot of what happens in our society especially around the medical field.

    I don’t personally read the national media surrounding health, but I do get some glances of it through my wife. And all of things that I have learned on this show and other alternative medical/nutrition outlets have all shown up 2 – 4 years later in the mainstream media.

    @Dottywine – I don’t know about breast cancer. I have never had anybody close to me die from it. But, there is a nutrition and lifestyles coach specializing in raw foods that heal herself from a tumor and arthritis without meds or surgery. and
    My advice: Follow the money.

  18. Cherie says:

    Susan Komen the promoter of buy KFC in the pink bucket. It is probably less toxic to eat the bucket. Yea, she really supports breat cancer. Great interview Kevin.

  19. Darlene says:

    Very interesting! I believe I know which “famous MD” is under investigation. That’s terrible! I understand that there may be some shisters out there just trying to make a buck by making all these claims and trying to sell placebos that don’t work – but come on! For the most part, I think this particular M.D. is on the ball and is simply telling us the truth! Of course the drug companies and the FDA etc. don’t want us to know about the real “cures” because then they won’t be making any money and there won’t be any money for so called “research” that just keeps the disease wheel rolling…

  20. DEBORAH says:

    It is truly sad about what is going on in our world of medicines, foods & healthy living. Just look at the commercials these days and you’ll know that legalized drug cartels are running this country. I work in the legal field and I see all sorts of evidence pointing to the sham that is being put on the American people. It is all about profit for greed. People, you better wake up and listen to the top health experts. And, even then, some of them are just out for profit. So, I say, listen to your heart / body, as well. Additionally, read and prepare yourself for the future where you’ll have to rely on what Creation has given us…, wind, fire, water. All life sustaining elements were here long before man learned how to put ingredients in a little brown bottle to sell to you at high prices w/very little, and oftentimes, destructive results.

  21. Jacquie says:

    Oh, I love this question, Kevin. On mainstream media (nutritional or otherwise) I don’t pay any attention. I don’t even watch mainstream news or read mainstream publications. I believe and agree with Mike 100%. I am a huge follower of you, Mike, Matt Monarch, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Cousens, etc. That is where I get my health info; and, can I just say that since I started following a very healthy lifestyle, my body has healed itself of arthritis, acne, a calcium growth on my foot and PMS/perimenopausal symptoms. I feel wonderful, my skin is incredible, my hair is thick and shiny and I am SO thankful for all of you true educators and I wish you all bountiful blessings! 🙂

  22. Sandi S says:

    I love Mike Adams…His info is really eye-opening and a must-read for all who follow Kevin. There never will be a “cure” for cancer – the FDA won’t allow it! So keep on supporting Susan G Komen and the colonel….see what you get.

  23. Katie says:

    I agree with everything he is saying AND also get a real kick out of the “pink” bucket of cancer causing garbage from KFC…people on a mission to promote cancer prevention, should not be lowering themselves to that rediculas level to make money.
    Loved the interview!!

  24. Malibu Kim says:

    Kevin & Mike – you guys are the Greatest! Of course, along with Dr. Mercola, Dr. Cousens and the myriad of cutting-edge health experts who are accessible via the internet.

    For those who wish to know of a phenomenal and simple food-based Cancer Remedy – read my article at:

    This remedy gives your body a daily oxygen-bomb and costs less than $6 a day! Guess what can’t exist in an oxygen-rich environment – Cancer – and other supposed incurable diseases. I melted two tumors off my dogs head with this remedy. I wish I had known about it prior to 1991 when my Mom was killed by the barbaric allopathic “treatment” of toxic chemicals and radiation. I simply will not tolerate watching another loved one be horribly destroyed by those greedy barbaric jerks. Long live health freedom.

  25. Pasi says:

    I love the interview! I believe he is right on the spot. I refuse to believe that there is not a cure for cancer, i also refuse to believe you cant prevent it. I come from a family in which pretty much everyone of them has passed away from cancer or still have it, and medicine is not doing any good to any of them. I have changed my life style big time, and it is my goal to naturally prevent that decease, or any decease. What you put in your mouth and your life style is what you will become, not some disgusting medicine that will cause 100000 terrible side effects, will cost u thousands of dollars, and wont cure you. We all need to open our eyes and find the “cures” ourselves! =)

  26. Wendi says:

    Nope,I don’t follow main stream media for more than the weather. Watching the news tend to make me angry so I try to not watch too much of it. I think the work you guys are doing along with many of the people is incredible.

    Is it cold in Peru? I see alot of raw foodies wearing hats and wonder if eating raw all the time makes people cold?

  27. Stephanie says:

    Spent last week with my parents, both of whom suffer from degenerative disorders – and who watch/read/consume mainstream health media obsessively. In fact, because cooking tomatoes supposedly “frees up” lycopene, I’m gonna die for eating them raw. Had that discussion (again) while I was there.

    Really, really hate it. Always curious to see who funds it. Mostly drug companies who don’t want health – they want bigger drug sales!

    I work on the fringes of the allopathic medicine industry, writing for hospital community newsletters. I recycle the same tired, sketchy information Mike refers to in cases, though some of the therapies do “help” those who are already “in the system” survive a little longer without going through the pain of changing their lifestyle – very difficult in our modern society as most of us reading your page can attest to!

    The point is like Mike says – nobody’s teaching anybody (except guys/gals like y’all) to AVOID the disease in the first place – they just want to treat it once it’s there.

    Komen gave away a bunch of pink plastic water bottles at my fiance’s workplace. I thought he was going to go postal. Komen/ACS at this point, at the critical mass they have, imo are working for their own survival. Respect to Ms. Komen, though, who I understand did lose her sister and was trying to do something helpful at the start….

    Vigilance! Peace out!

  28. I don’t take seriously anything from mainstream media including television, in fact I despise the junk food and drug ads. The corruption in the medical industry runs far too deep and too wide. If the info is not from Mike Adams, the Renegade Show, Jon Barron, Byron Richards, Dr. Mercola and a few others, I don’t pay attention or apply it to my life. Mainstream doctors don’t have much of a clue about healing with natural methods so we have to go against all the ignorance being encouraged in the school system and arm ourselves with the truth from honest people in the natural health industry.

  29. Mike Adams is great – I think he is right-on with nutritional information and has the national health media pegged!
    I try to live a healthful lifestyle and certainly don’t go by national health media – they give you just a little bit of truth so they sound believabla and then try to lead you down the yellow brick road..
    Unfortunately, americans are so gullible, we think they are trying to help us when all they are interested in is the not so mighty dollar. Their tactics are deplorable and I believe everything Mike has told us about it-

  30. Love love love Mike Adams–it was he who introduced me to the two of you!

    Don’t own a TV, don’t subscribe to newspapers or magazines, find my own news online!

    Just for fun, I saw an article today on about how the IRS and the FDA should trade jobs! Actually sounds like a good plan to me!

  31. Stephanie says:

    p.s. I believe one of the founders of Chili’s Restaurants also funds Komen in a major way. Why, I wonder?

    I’m probably still carting around toxins from the dozens of Chili’s tuna “steak” sandwiches I consumed in the late 80s/early 90s….

  32. Didiydi says:

    Thanks for this great interview. No, I don’t watch mainstream, after curing myself from candida, chronique fatigue and all those modern diseases by digging information from the internet, I’ve learned whom to trust and to follow my gut feeling when i’m reading something. mainstream is just a waste of time.

  33. Kuru says:

    I can’t find the email right now, but I read a news clip recently that named a psychological condition referring to people who make healthy food choices. The gist was that “normal” was the SAD, etc. and people who chose carefully were neurotic!!! HELP!

    Kevin, I first met you on the Rawkathon and got the package because I enjoyed it so much. I was appreciative of your listening skills, letting people go on with what they know. Plus asking great questions to get them going. I don’t remember videos though; thought it was audio only. Anyway, it was great; thanks for running them again!

  34. Amy Davidson says:

    I agree that mainstream media is a waste of time. All you’re really getting is an extremely one-sided point of view anyways. It doesn’t matter what network you choose to watch, it’s all controlled by the same few people. I love to raise the question “Why do you think they call it programming?”

    We need to see beyond what others are trying to brainwash into thinking. It’s always a good approach if you do your own research and draw your own conclusions. Don’t rely so much on others to tell you what to do and think and spend your money on.

  35. Nurse M says:

    Mainstream media and politics support big food and big pharma. Unfortunately, Komen and ACS don’t tell you how to prevent cancer because their local spokesperson (who was taped) reported that “they are looking for a cure rather than prevention”. Thousands of women are dying tortured deaths and they support the ACS and Planned Parenthood.

    Abortion has been shown and acknowledged to increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer most recently by Natl Cancer Institute. Birth control pills aka female steroids also were called carcinogens by WHO as well as synthetic hormone replacement. None of those things are mentioned by Komen or ACS. Ireland still remains one of the places with the lowest rate of breast cancer in the world.

    A nurse for ACS told me that cookies were a good form of sustenance for cancer patients and that is why oncologists and radiologists have them in their office. She also told me basically that I was ignorant and sugar doesn’t feed cancer. My experience with all cancer patients I have cared for, have craved sugar at the end as they were being overrun with cancer. Some treatments TPN, total parental nutrition, high sugar intravenous ‘food’ concoction that contains bare minimum of vitamins will speed up the demise of people with abdominal cancers as the growth of the tumor(s) will occur exponentially because of the high sugar content.

    Remember that Komen and ACS officials have high salaries and benefit packages. The money raised supports big pharma and so called research for a cancer cure. The cure only includes some type of toxic drugs or dangerous, maiming procedures.

  36. maria says:

    Views on nat’l health media?


    Tell it/Expose it like it is Mike!

  37. Paul says:

    I agree with Mike, the main stream media is worthless for medical or virtually any advice. They choose to ignore some of the most obvious common sense medical solutions. When you see the real statistics on cancer cures in the USA, it is easy to recognize the scams being run by the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

  38. June says:

    Hi Gianni, & Ann,

    I don’t believe in the media information. It’s just gossip from BIG Pharma, FDA, OIL KINGS, etc. This mafia always buy the media.

    That’s the reason we eat raw food, I taking care of my 75% raw garden, look for you, frederic, yuri, Mike Adams, D. Wolfe, Dr mercola, etc, to keep inform. I’m very thankful to all of you for opening our eyes about this corrupted groups. Thanks for your recipes too!!

  39. Nick says:

    Many years ago I read Peter Breggin’s “Talking back to Prozac”. In it he tells how the Reagan admin restacked the FDA board from mostly actual civil servants to maybe entirely composed of directors rotated from the pharmaceutical industry.

    Now why would we think the “health media” is separate from the rest of the mainscream bull’horn?

    BTW, the problem is not gov’t, but it is that government is not in the peoples’ hands, but rather is in the core-pirate’s pockets. We need such a sizeable entity to match & balast the unwieldy powers arrayed against the common interest, in access to fresh air, fresh water, clean oceans, pristine forests, communing communities, not to mention, fresh nutritious foods. Genetic rehabilitation of both plants & humans is possible, just like neuroplastic change is possible thru longer term self-directed/pro guided rehabilitative effort, as opposed to the prevailing poisonous drugs & invasive surgery

  40. Christine says:

    I listened to his comments, and I know that the drug industries are there only to make money. They don’t really care about the health of the people. I trust in GOD because he is still in the healing business, and HIS healing is free if only we will trust in HIM. HE also said that the leaves are for the healing of the nation, hence the reason for me changing my diet. I use more raw foods.

  41. Betoman says:

    I’ve followed Mike for years now. I work in the medical industry and read a lot of stuff that doctors read and Mike is spot on! The few who have the cajones to step up are marginalized, ostricized and otherwised illegalized. Knowledge is power!

  42. Sungriffin says:

    I must say that I owe my life to Kevin, Anamarie, and Mike. It is from people like you that I escaped the engulfing matrix. However, I hope I do not lose my job from purchasing your products from your store. You all are extremely brave for confronting a force that is all encompassing of this nation. Everybody in the matrix act like agents to keep the false life going.

    My own father bought a house in Mexico five years ago. During the middle of this month he has had to flee to the back to the states due to drug cartell threats.

    It is one evil for another.

    About media propaganda, I suppose the whole kombucha/lindsey lohan was a prop to expose kombucha as a drink that is not socially acceptable in the US. The coca cola company must be wanting to take back some of their customers.

    I start to look at posts on health sites, and I also sort of get the idea that there are posers that post posts online to discredit beneficial information found on targeted health sites.

    The matrix really is all about making the rich richer no matter the cost.

    Luckily, there are healthful minded educators out there like you all, that can break the cycle for some.

    My rant is over, as I am not a writer. Vilcambamba sounds like a terrific place. I am glad it exists.

  43. joan says:

    i don’t believe a word of what i hear from sanjay gupta’s lips, or any of the rest of them.

    if my mother had trusted the medical advice she was getting while she was pregnant with me, she would have taken thalidomide for her morning sickness, and i would have flippers instead of arms and/or legs.

    thanks to the medical advice she DID take while she was pregnant with my youngest sister, my sister was born with serious brain damage – severe cerebral palsy. so much for trusting doctors!

    i believe that the AMA is controlled by pharmaceutical companies and other lobbyists for profit-seeking interests.

    mainstream media is listening to the wrong voices. i don’t give them any credence.

  44. crow says:

    Love Natural News and the Renegade Health show. I stick to a naturel diet and lots of herbs and vitamins

  45. Jackie says:

    The best ever. What he is saying is so true.

  46. Satori says:

    I’m just wondering what Jonny 5 is doing right now. Is he staying at home in CA?

  47. Yvon Roy says:

    I don’t listen to the news or TV anymore because I know I know it is misleading, 911 woke me up on this. Also I cannot stand advertisements, mainly pharmaceutical advertisements. I’ve got rid of cable TV a couple of years ago. It is a dumb down tool use against the people. Drug companies don’t want you cured they want you to be sick and stay sick, their drugs are all designed to make you feel good temporary but keep you sick to the grave, that’s how they make money. Thanks to people like you I feel much better today

  48. Sharon says:

    HEALTH CANADA RAIDS NATURAL PHARMACY – $150K in product GONE. This just happened in my neck of the woods. It’s not just the FDA. It’s happening in Canada too.

    I only read “alternative” media. Mike Adams, Kevin Trudeau, some Dr. Mercola (don’t always agree with) and of course Renegade Health! I get too angry when I see mainstream news. It’s almost entirely based on lies and profit. Truth doesn’t pay. Who owns the media? Do some research on that and you will see why it’s not worth listening too.

  49. Sharon says:

    If you’re on Facebook please join the group to show support for the natural pharmacy that got raided:!/pages/SUPPORT-MARIGOLD-NATURAL-COMPOUNDING-PHARMACY/138189339526044?ref=ts

  50. what about infant circumcisions? it’s going on everyday in our country! BARBARIC!! :/

  51. Jan says:

    Thank about ALL THE MONEY raised for research for so many different diseases – cancer, diabetes, etc…….. the list is very long!

    Has there ever been a cure found that was recognized in the US or by mainstream medical doctors/researchers?

    The only cure that I can think of is antibiotics for some infections. This cure carries some risks to health.

    Has any of the money raised been used to study any of the cures claimed by anyone other than US mainstream medical doctors/researchers?

    If you look at the wording of some research their goal is not to even look for a cure. It is clearly written the goal is to manage diseases. If they cure diseases they have lost the income from that disease.

    When they do their fundraising they change the wording from managing disease to help find a cure for whatever disease they are raising money for which is a crime in my opinion.

  52. Kathryn says:

    Mike knows what he is talking about. As an RN I have worked both in the alternative and allopathic models. I never give to cancer research because a procedure called insulin potentiation therapy was discovered in Mexico in the ’30s ( and the general public is kept in the dark about it. The other piece is that Senator John McCain recently tried to pass a bill that would eliminate us being able to choose our own nutritional supplements. We have to pay attention to who our leaders are and what they are doing. Thanks to people like Mike we can be aware of what’s going on and try to stay on top.

  53. Mary says:

    Also, btw, did you know that now the media is not allowed to go withing 65 miles of the oil spill or face some serious federal charges?

  54. Linda says:

    The media is basis. It goes where the money goes. I worked with a supplement company that does a lot of research in natural plants and they have to deal with the big guys all the time. They are told what they can say and what they can’t say. Most mds have not had any training on supplements or nutrition. I have been eating mostly raw for about a year now. I am allergic to most of your medicines out there. So I had to learn how to build my immune system to protect me. I am currently over weight but we found that I was allergic to wheat and I had been eating alot of wheat and fruit as recommended by an md. I listen to Mike Adams, David Wolfe, you and others in the field. Keep up the good work. We appreciate your efforts.

  55. Jeanne says:

    This is the response that I got after I protest the partnership with Komen and KFC—–

    Thank you for your e-mail to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® – we do appreciate you taking the time to tell us how you feel about this partnership. You should know that our partnership with KFC is designed to help reach millions of women we might not otherwise reach with breast health education and awareness messages which we consider critical to our mission. This additional outreach is made possible through KFC’s 5,300 restaurants (about 900 of them in communities not yet served by a Komen Affiliate). This partnership also helps us to generate funding toward the nearly $1.5 billion in research and community programs that Komen has funded over 30 years – programs that are literally saving women’s lives through better treatments and early detection.

    Our partnership focuses on healthy options at KFC – grilled chicken and vegetables, for example. Ultimately, we believe that the decision to maintain a well-balanced diet lies in the hands of the consumer. KFC provides tools to make those choices, by providing a healthy choice menu and advice on its Web site on how consumers can limit fat and calorie consumption in its products.

    We appreciate your concern and thank you for sharing it with us.

    Very truly yours,

    Margo K. Lucero

    Director, Global Corporate Relations

    5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250 | Dallas, TX 72544

    1-877 GO KOMEN |

    Our vision: a world without breast cancer

  56. Kristine says:

    Mike, Ann Marie and Kevin are doing us all a great service as health reporters. Thank you all and thanks to the internet.

  57. rainbow says:

    i choose to not do tv, or listen to all that crap, but i am subjected to it anyway four hours a day in the home of one of my clients, who listens to fox news 24/7. horrific. it literally makes my skin crawl. i attempt to explain and show how they lie and deceive, but this client is unwilling and oblivious. he believes what he sees and hears on fox, because after all–it’s fair and balanced, and they couldn’t say it on tv if it wasn’t true, right? he really believes that.

    i am really saddened and frustrated to hear that the few really good doctors are still being harassed so extremely. i had a friend who was diagnosed with cancer as a DES daughter. that’s the drug many women were given while they were pregnant, even if they weren’t having trouble, just as a “preventative” (for a long time even after they knew it was troublesome). sadly, the daughters and sons of a great many of those women wound up with terrible forms of cancer, and my friend was one. she was told by the med estab that she would be dead in 2 or 3 months if she did not have the surgery, chemo, and radiation immediately. thankfully she got out of there w/o doing any of that. she chose instead to go to the gerson institute in mexico, where she was treated and taught food as medicine. she lived for seven years, and could have lived much longer if she had been allowed to have a doctor in new york who would treat her with nutrition and sense. but there was no doctor closer than 4,000 miles away, so eventually she succumbed. i am so deeply saddened that this is still so prevalent. i thought it had stopped, because folks like dr’s ornish, mcdougall, barnard, fuhrman and others are teaching folks how to eat better to stave off illness. but it seems we still have so far to go. isn’t it wonderful to live in a free land? uh huh. thanks for a great interview.

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