Can You Eat Just Potatoes and Still Be Healthy : The Renegade Health Show Episode #599

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You may think the answer to this question is a no-brainer…

But watch the show and find out what I’m talking about.

I used to think that you couldn’t possibly eat just potatoes and still be healthy, but every time I think something is true, it always seems like there is an exception.

Today, I also talk about kombucha and why the alcohol content is an issue.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What do you think of the diet of the Q’ero indians?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. John says:

    It is amazing because we THINK we know so much about what diet is ideal, but in reality, we have so much left to learn. This is a bit like the arctic peoples who thrive (quite well) on seal flesh. I’m still a firm believer that an organic, vegan diet is the best way to live 🙂

  2. May says:

    I have always loved potatoes. Someone once asked me what *single food* I would choose if I had to live on just that one thing for a month (with no added herbs, spices or anything!) and my answer was potatoes.

    That’s my winter answer. Summer is mangoes, that’s a no brainer 😀

    Hoping you learn more about this to share with us!!!

  3. Daureen says:

    I think I would like to know about any superfoods they may consume, such as Maca?

    Maca is Peruvian, right?

    Kevin, do some digging on maca root and let us know.


    (P.S. Please check your e-mail, I took advantage of one of your offers, but have not heard back from you.)

  4. JoAnne says:

    I personally think anything that GOD created thats unprocessed by man, and free of the chemicals that our bodies deem poison [to the point that they stop natural healing and functions to remove them] will nourish us… natural healthy life promotes, natural healthy life. I believe GOD is in control and when we humans get that we will finally be wise and well-informed. Who hasn’t seen a person who should be dead, still alive, and another dead, who should, from a health standpoint be alive? We all have a lifespan which is determined by our creator. We can however, live in wonderful, comfortable, healthy circumstances with few issues due to our own choices for the years we have alotted to us, or, the opposite, abject misery.I see it as a choice we have with the years we have to work with.

  5. Sem says:

    I think the term ‘varied diet’ was tossed out there as a ‘one-size-fits-all.’ By sticking to the same foods maybe our enzymes and intestine flora will continuously adapt to gain more nourishment than when first taken – & likely derive ‘essentials’ needed in the diet one way or another through further optimising.

    I think with people more dedicated to watching their diet food choices will become simpler & simpler as articles like this are shared.

  6. Jackie says:

    Kevin ~ Most everyone likes potatoes ~ but how do they prepare their potatoes ?
    Are they RAW ?? I have tasted RAW potatoes,
    and they are not very delicious !
    Kevin ~ as an experiment, try sitting on your hands next time you are speaking to us .
    All your gesticulating can be quite distracting .Your hands moving in a million
    direction and your head on a spring going back and forth, sometimes gets in the way of your delivery . What is your condition called ?
    Perhaps too much nervous energy ? I hope you
    can calm down 50% some day .
    But we love you anyway

  7. Chris says:

    I believe you are right that they are healthy because their diet leaves out all processed/GMO food and because it is part of their history and culture.
    Have you seen Botany of Desire? It talks about their potatoes are much different and they grow hundreds of different varieties.

  8. Hi Kevin,
    I continue to enjoy you and A.M. This video is so important in that it suggests that food is not the only way to get vital nutrients. In the non-dual, quantum mechanical way of looking at health, everything is energy and it is only the way we view it that makes it good or bad. I just got back from Thailand and ate 100% raw the entire time. Every time I had the thought that I might get sick from a raw food that I barely washed or that I questioned the water with, I said ‘ Lord have mercy on my soul” That is how I give it all back to God in an effort (i know effort is usually counter productive in matters of consciousness but that is just another truth within the structure of duality that is debunked every day) to neutralize a thought that had negative potential, this is the healing of surrender, the way I relinquish the flaws of my perception, the flaws of my limited filters of understanding. E. Cohen mentions in his book Plant Spirit Medicine, that plants (food) have more than nutrition, they have a vibration that is life and life giving and that we can contact and ingest(acquire) that life force. He also mentioned that there is no time or space with regard to connecting with the plant or any other type of spirit. That enables us to speak to the spirit of the food on our plate at the time it was still growing. My son once told me, during a phone conversation, that he had learned so much from me about food and nutrition and had seen clearly the use of toxic chemicals on the food growing on the farms and orchards around where he lived but he just couldn’t afford anything but the most basic foods having a family of four at his young age and with minimal income. He said that when his family sat down to eat, he would pray that all the food contained everything necessary to keep his family healthy. This is a form of what Elliot Cohen was talking about.Another radical example would be Neem Karoli Baba ingesting an entire bottle of liquid acid in the book Be Here Now by Ram Das or Agori saints eating rancid dog meat and seeing only raisins and almonds as it entered their mouth. Most of us are not non-dual but can utilize some of these same non-dual perceptions to aid our bodies and minds when not enough thought about what we eat can get us in as much health trouble as too much thought. I sometimes access the spirit of sensitive grass (an herb or weed depending on how you look at it, that is like a Venus fly trap in that it closes up as it is touched) that grows nearby, when I am working with a body that has neurological challenges, this is another way. The glacial water, the manure and the purity of consciousness of the caretaker of the land and food grown is all an inspiration to me.

  9. Lada says:

    Life is mental – food is mental.
    It’s not what you eat – it’s what you think about what you eat!
    Didn’t realize you guys were in Peru ! ENJOY! The energy & people are beautiful!
    Bliss and Blessings

  10. Donald Jansen says:

    In the 1980s and 90s I grew ocean water nutrition which carries all 90 nutrients around the world. My mentor was Dr. Maynard Murray who sold me his hydroponic garden in Fl. Over the next 20 years with experience and testing I discovered that Sweet potatoes consistantly absorbed 70 elements and tomatoes took up 56 elements if offered all 90.I later discovered wheat grass picked up all 90 elements which is my daily food but not exclusively. Wheat grass grown in distilled water looks no different than that grass grown in all 90 nutients and you can not tell the difference except by lab. testing.
    We talk as if a person should eat such a veg to get your iron or Vit. and not knowing what the veg. was grown in and unless tested we have no clue but it is expensive to test the foods so we just continue to assume and it sells. So sorry we generally do not know what we are talking about but we keep talking because talk is cheep and proof is expensive.

  11. Sally says:

    Oh boy..This reminds me of when I was in Costa Rica fasting on water..I became dehydrated while out walking one day..A local woman and her daughter picked me up..The daughter AND mother were gorgeous..I inquired about their diet as I had been getting daily brainwashing via the Raw Food guru running the fast (high fruit/NO cooked etc)..She said RICE AND BEANS!! Rice and beans for mostly lunch and supper..Breakfast usually coffee (always) and bread (on no, not that!!), then rice/beans with egg at lunch and usually some fish with it at supper.. It was an eye opener..I shared the story later with the fasting guru and other fasters.. The guru did not appreciate it.. and quickly said, “Well you should see Costa Rican woman older..they age terribly” No way could he wrap his brain around his “Diet religion/beliefs”, not being man’s true diet!!// At this point I feel the diet purity/nutrition fanaticism idea is just that, and has (for me anyway) contributd more to supporting eating disorders than anything else..Look up ..He went from Standard diet to fruit to liquid to now (a year) on nothing..I believe him (listen to his video’s) and he DOES NOT advocate this to ANYONE..he only shares HIS experience because people seem to want to hear it.. He feels he was “Activated” and this whole path was not easy..So, some if in a certain place (read about PiGu )etc don’t need food or drink at all..Just in the spirit of sharing.. Peace~~~

  12. People are consistently commenting on your nervousness. You are who you are and that may change some but is not important. There have been great yoga teachers that had poor posture, great tai chi masters that died of cancer, and great humanitarians that have had little patience. Our personalities are what we were born with, yeah some b vitamins or herbs could help but you will probably be the same guy you are now , for the most part, on the day you die. I think the critique-ers need to critique themselves. You and Anne are quite endearing as far as I can tell.

  13. rob says:

    I love the way that you tell a story with your whole body (hands, head, expressive face)
    Don’t ever change.

  14. Angie says:

    I think it’s awesome! There are so many things we don’t understand about genetics, evolution, etc. – and there are a TON of other lifestyle factors that influence health: air quality, water quality, relationships, exercise, spiritual practices, sleeping in the mountains or desert or forest versus in an air-conditioned house in the middle of a polluted city with toxic paint, carpet, mattresses, etc. I love being able to learn new things. Maybe I’ll go buy some plastic-packaged glacier water at the store and start growing potatoes & alpacas. 😀

  15. Jacki says:

    IMHO – we have been socialized here to think that certain things are bad for us, and to be honest, they way our food is process, somethings are bad for us. We have also been socialized to think that our way of doing things is the only and right way to do.

    Here is a culture that has thrived off of what they have, without asking permission, and that is commendable. I think they are thriving off of what they know, not what they have been told. Their bodies have been designed to take in what they need and it is potatoes.

    I do hope as others have asked that you provide recipes to how they prepare and serve this wonderful root.

  16. Monique says:

    My hypothesis on why they thrive so well has to do with how the people have evolved. Just as any human adapts to what it is given on a regular basis. The same quantities and quality of food consumed over many years enables the body to get exactly what it needs. In turn, this creates an environment in the body to thrive. The main caveat to this hypothesis, however, is that it only works with *whole* foods, not processed. 😉

  17. Karen says:

    I think most of us live in very toxic abd stressfyk environments that affect us. Simple lives and simple food surely are best. I saw a cat!!!

  18. Different people have different dietary requirements, for me a lot depends on how we digest therefore metabolise the nutrition. Also a large factor is how happy and integrated we are in the family or communtity for a well balanced being. Lack of a balanced diet can also creep up on you in different ways, affecting one´s intelligence, alertness, calmness or communication with others. After all it´s our own personal “gasoline”, but so is breathing correctly, stretching for anti-stress, creativity, being lovingly sweet and tender etc….is all important for good metabolism….have a great trip!!

  19. Paula says:

    Thanks for bringing us this excellent report! Really interesting question about the potatoes – I’ll be pondering that all day.

    I’m neither Vegan, Raw, Juicer etc. (I eat what keeps me healthy) but I keep tuning in to your show and information because you’re always seeking answers, looking at information and passing it along i.e. your not just another crazy internet food cult. Thanks for keeping credible!

    I’ve been doing research on some Native American tribes that were by todays standards, “chunky” or at least not the willowy figures we seem to associate with health. They ate lots of fresh fish and greens. A few have suggested that they “probably didn’t get much exercise” – I doubt that, highly. Maybe the weight helped protect their health. Possibly there is weight gain that isn’t unhealthy obesity or unhealthy fat – maybe some people are designed rounder as part of their health profile.

    Many tribes here in the US like the Creeks also drank a chunky alcoholic hominy drink – its a bit like drinking cream corn with kick.

    It would be interesting to study the gut flora of the Peruvian Indians to see if they have symbiotic relationships with some bacteria that are helping break down the spuds into vital nutrients.

    It’s fantastic you can take a look at a tribe still eating its native diet. I look forward to hearing more of your research.

  20. Courtney says:

    Did Kevin say “They don’t eat any GREENS” or “They don’t eat any GRAINS”? I replayed the video a few times, but couldn’t make out what he said here because the enunciation wasn’t very good. Thanks to anyone who can answer my question!!!!

  21. Free Spirit says:

    Arnold Ehret – would roll-over in his grave
    hearing this . . . he considered potatoes
    a prime mucus – former . . .
    But –
    you make a good “point”
    It’s a mono – diet (a plus) and an organic diet
    (a plus) and they live in a secluded
    mountain (clean air) environment . . .
    another plus
    The real evaluator is:
    how do they look?
    or –
    Personally – when I eat potatoes I feel groggy
    and sinus blocked
    Stick to Juice ~ Feasting
    that’s the “wave”
    of –
    the few – cheer
    God Bless Shoe . . . Socks ‘n Footwear
    Ever Hugo

  22. Mamabird says:

    I think anyone who talks about someones demeanor is pure and simple… a weiner! I love you just the way you are! You both are amazing and a blessing to our lives!

  23. Leila says:

    Hi Kevin, loved your video from Peru. I would love to know if you come up with an answer to the potato question. I’m stumped!

  24. Brigitte says:

    This is a matter which has fascinated me for some time. How can indigenous peoples thrive on greatly varying diets (i.e. high protein and fat with the eskimoes with no greens, highly vegetarian in other places, lots of white rice in other places, etc.), and here we are concerned with whether we should eat high fruit, greens, added vitamins, supplements and superfoods, high protein versus high carb and so on. The answer isn’t fully formulated in my mind yet but I have also reached the conclusion (like Kevin said in his video) that part of the truth lies not in what we take in but in what is eliminated from the diet or not taken in. Cultures or people that are healthy, regardless of whether they have a rounded out diet, eat natural foods, not processed or chemical laden foods. They don’t overeat either and they have lots of natural exercise or more precisely movement during most of the day doing their chores, etc.. It seems that it doesn’t matter whether they eat meat or fish or are vegan or vegetarian, questions that we grapple with here in our culture. And how do you take into account the gurus that are practically “breatharians” who live long lives with barely any food. How does that fit in with the “you need to have certain nutrients in your system in order to survive” thinking. Additionally, not that they’re exactly thriving, but even people in our society who are chowing down on hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. may still manage to live rather long lives.

    So it appears the body has an amazing capacity to survive and can manage to perform its functions under a great variety of oral intake and conditions. We also can’t discount the strong effect of a positive mindset over our body’s health.

    I’m sure perhaps the answer isn’t so simple, but as a starting point to these questions, I think it makes sense to eat simply, whether cooked or raw, eat things that come naturally from the earth (not processed, chemical or hormone laden, manufactured, etc.), not eat too many things at once or overeat, breathe clean air (hopefully that is around us), sleep enough, move around or work physically, have a positive mindframe, have supportive relationships and people around us, etc.. No matter how much I study, read, and try to figure out the mysteries of health, it always seems to come back down to the principles that the Natural Hygienists have taught for umpteen years!

  25. Patricia says:

    I follow a starch plant base whole food diet
    as recommended by Dr. John McDougall at for at least a year and a half. I love the diet and find it very healthy. It works great for me.

  26. Samantha says:

    Love IT! The Q’ero People (Indians are from India)have adapted to their environment, and that is beautiful….our diets have been full of inconsistent altered foods for a while. I think consistency and mineralized whole foods is more the answer than any dogmatic eating regime. Koodos for taking the time to understand and be open to what your time with the Q’ero may teach you both.
    Mucho Munay,

  27. Brigitte says:

    Hi Courtney,

    Kevin said they don’t eat any “greens”.

    Furthermore, Kevin’s face and body movements are just “him” and point to a wonderful high body energy are are not distracting in the least.

  28. When I think of Health, I think of Longevity. How long do they live?

    One thing that comes to mind for me is about FATS. You can be ‘healthy’ on sugars & protein for a while. But things like hormones, neurotransmitters, nerve health, etc all come from fats, right? I wonder if they drink alpaca milk, or anything like that?

    Yeah… I’m also kinda blown away about the Greens that you mentioned, too! Hmmmm. Where *do* they get their chlorophyl??

    I agree – we hardly know *anything* about health! LOL! Good reflection that perhaps WE are the pioneers in this field, eh? 😉

  29. Diana Crider says:

    Kevin, please don’t change your speaking style. I love your high energy and lively manner! Thanks for all the information you provide to us health seekers. God bless!

  30. Jo says:

    Q’ero rainbow flags! Love it!

    Also, loved your open-minded commentary on the high-potato diet, Kevin. Beautifully articulate hand gestures and all. There really is so much continued learning to do – without end.

    I sure would like to hear and see more on the Q’ero’s diet.

    Thank you!

    PS. How do you and AnnMarie contain yourself in these travel videos? What locations! I would be so excited I couldn’t sit still or stop smiling.

  31. Judie says:

    I thought I heard “greens”. Although, when I think about it, “Grains” would make more sense.

    I think “glacial waters” is the key. Many different cultures live long, healthy, lives. They all have different diets. The one thing they have in common is they grow their plants, animals and drink the water that they themselves came into this world with. They are one with the land and were fortunate to have pure water to sustain them. They spend their whole lives in one location with the added bonus of fresh air, exercise, family and sunshine, and a strong spiritual belief system.

  32. Ryan says:

    #13 Courtney – Im pretty sure he said they rarely eat any greens

    Personally if you guys have ever tried them i love the Japanese Sweet potatoes(purpleish skin and white inside)I guess they are available year round but fall is more their come out time…Ive had a couple of them a day sometimes as I like their flavor & texture and they are broken down differently then regular sweet potatoes and are quite full of nutrients aswell…idk that I would eat them as a main staple for certain periods but def enjoy them when they are out…

  33. Matthew says:

    This reminds me of the work that Dr. Weston Price did many years ago. He found that by travelling all over the world and spending time with different indigenous cultures, that their diets varied widely but that they all were very healthy. So eating potatoes as a main staple may be beneficial to a certain culture simply because their bodies have been conditioned over hundreds or even thousands of years but for us, it could be detrimental. We know that potatoes can spike insulin levels like sugars and grains which can cause a slew of side effects and diseases. Even in the raw food world, everyone disagrees on what the real superfood is or what you should be eating on a regular basis. This is a primary reason why we are not taken seriously I believe – there is much disagreement in our community. Each of us is unique all the way down to our biochemical makeup. An all raw, vegan diet may work wonders for one person, but another may get sick. They may need quality, organic meat. We each have a responsibility to find out what our true nutritional type is and tailor our diet to that. Meat in itself is not bad if it is raised grass-fed and organic. That’s the highest quality protein you can get and combine that with a whole raw foods diet, and for the protein types, they will thrive. For more carbohydrate types, they may be able to get by on very litte or sometimes no meat. It just depends on your individual biochemistry. I also recommend subscribing and reading Dr. Mercola’s blog for more info.

  34. tessa says:

    they are connected to nature (incl. being physically grounded)

    they are connected to each other

    less stress

    they feel connected to the divine (however they view it) and feel part of that whole

  35. Leam says:

    I remember reading a long time ago that the potato is a food that one could live on solely and healthfully. Years ago we stopped eating all nightshades and found a vast improvement in pain management. Indigenous people eating foods found locally in their environment must make a big difference. Very interesting to think about.

  36. Janielle says:

    Thank you Kevin and Annmarie for keeping us informed. I love the honesty and enthusiasm Kevin brings to each of his shows. While watching this I was thinking of the observations Victoria Boutenko did with the chimpanzees. They contain most of the same DNA that humans do and they eat mostly greens and fruit and stay very healthy. Some other animals eat only one type of plant and stay very healthy. I think their bodies over the years have grown to get the most out of that particular food. The most important thing they don’t do is eat the chemical laden and processed foods that we eat in our country. Our bodies are organic and we need to eat foods that are mostly in their organic state to keep healthy. I’m sure the Q’ero people who are eating potatoes are eating a healthier potato and not the hybridized kind we eat that turns right into sugar. And I doubt they add the junk on top of their potatoes like we do. I love your show and look forward to the information you update us with on a daily basis. Thank you.

  37. Its so neat that the community celebrates the changing of the seasons together. They seem to be more in touch with the earth than western society.

    There is a lot more to good health than nutrition…

    There are so many things in us that need to be fed. Spiritually, emotionally, physically. There is a lot that we may not understand. The Q’ero live in harmony and seem to be in touch with subtle energies. So they are being fulfilled on a deeper level and then nutrition is almost secondary. And who knows, maybe with the soil they have and mineral rich water, potatoes, and maybe other plants or herbs??? , they are getting all that they need nutritionally. Not to mention what gratitude can do for you. They seem very aware and grateful people.

    I do know I LOVE potatoes and always have.

    THanks for taking us to Peru!!

    Aloha~ C&S

  38. Sara says:

    Nothing wrong with gesticulating. Doesn’t bother me a bit.

    “There is an eloquence in true enthusiasm.” – Poe

  39. Jasmine says:

    I think there’s something to be said for the symbiotic relationship between the growing of your own food, especially food native to the region you are living in, and your environment – the air, the vegetation, the animals all living and breathing and feeding off each other’s energy.

  40. Hola..what are you guays doing in Peru???to study te indians??are you palnning to go to the jungla??? i am from Iquitos by the rio Amazonas been living in the states for many many years planning to go back when i retire, in 2 years and live the simple life on a small chacra.una hora y media from Lima..if i am still alive.. adios amigos your show very veri interesant..

  41. Russell says:

    It’s interesting to note that the potato’s caloric ratio is 92% carbohydrate 1% fat and 7% protein. With the addition of lean animal protein from the Alpaca and fish, as well as the fact that the potatoes are varietal and organic, which likely increases their nutritional content, it’s easy to see that this diet actually fits well within the VLF diet category such as those proposed by Ornish, Graham and McDougall. The potato is also high in Vitamin C and Potassium and a good source of Vitamin B6 and Manganese. The protein that the potato provides is a complete protein. Also, keep in mind that the potato is an indigenous food of Peru and has been consumed by the native peoples for thousands of years. There is a process in which the potatoes are frozen and dehydrated that results in a product called chuño, which can be stored for years without losing its nutritional value.

  42. Andrew says:

    Stephan over at whole source health recently had a similar discussion except about sweet potatoes. He stumbled upon research about a healthy culture that ate almost exclusively sweet potatoes.

    I think he’d be a great person for you to interview at some point.

  43. Patty says:

    Love your show and all the info you and Ann- Marie provide. Please keep informing us of your findings.

  44. Deanna says:

    Love you just the way you are! High energy and all. I hand gesture a lot as well and get ribbed about it. I saw a lot of good comments about the type of life style etc that these people live that adds to their health. One thing I don’t think anyone mentioned is that we have the capability of making many different vitamins & nutrients in our body under the right circumstances. For example the gut produces Vitamin K with the right GI flora. With the Western diet and lifestyle our bodies have a diminished ability to create different nutrients. I think it is quite possible that with the healthy GI tract and bodies these people must have their systems may manufacture any missing nutrients. It is like the fact that Silica can transform into Calcium in the body in it’s absence as has been shown in studies. Kind of like Alchemy I guess you would call it. “We are fearfully and wonderfully made the Scripture says.”

  45. I think you said something about it being more important what is left out of the diet ?
    If they are not adding coca cola, white rice, macaroni, corn oil, and white sugar to their diet, they are probably a lot better off. The body is pretty forgiving and puts up with a lot! Good organic food is what is best. Here in Bolivia, the indians have added the above to their diet, besides the potatos and that is where the problem resides… to the detrement of their health..

  46. Sophia says:

    Loved the show! I think a reason why they are so healthy is that they probably don’t eat processed foods. It also seems that their soils are full of nutrients as well.

  47. Kurt says:

    Kevin, I really want to hear your views on metabolic/nutritional typing. Do some people really need to have a lot of high-purine meats?

    Can humans just be sustained on any kind of diet that contains whole, organic foods? Or do humans have their own unique biochemistries that do not allow for a certain whole food diet?

  48. Angie says:

    Good mineralisation is key to everyone’s health and if their soils are unadulterated and mineral rich (which I’m sure they are) and also full of natural organisms then, along with the pure water (full of other organisms)they will be getting a wealth of nutrients from this simple diet without over-burdening their systems. One of the main problems in our western cultures is the demineralisation of our soils (not to mention the synthetic pesticides that poison us and the planet!)

    I also agree with #32 (Deanna)about our bodies ability to manufacture elements. The French professor (and Nobel prize nominee) C.L. Kevran did a lot of work on biological transmutations. This is the ability to transmute one element into another alchemically ie potassium into sodium, manganese into iron. I believe that if our bodies are ‘clean’ and in good health and not overcome with processed, artificialsubstances, then we have the ability to transmute elements we need from those we ingest.

  49. Kelly says:

    I just listened to an interview w/ David World and a lady named Sheila. He stated that if people have alot of nervous energy they should eat a bit more healthy fats! (from olives/avocado, etc.)
    Kevin, do you eat lowfat and what is your opinion of this?

  50. Kelly says:

    oops! i meant to say David Wolfe!

  51. Darlena says:

    Jackie…. Kevin’s wonderful condition is called being at least part Italian…. I love it…. please never change, Kev!!!

  52. Health is a complex thing. I believe there are many factors involved such as diet,exercise, stress levels, environment such as pollution, relationships or social life, our thoughts, beliefs and truly believe that our constitutions play a role, that is to say the body we were born with. Health begins in the womb.

    Case in point with all this. My father just turned 96. He eats the standard American diet. He just recently finished playing a few concerts with a string orchestra he plays with (he plays viola). Granted he is no longer what you would call in vibrant health. His mental & emotional health is not what it use to be which I can now understand. Losing loved ones can really take a toll on you. Seven of his brothers and sisters have passed. He has only one left. This has deeply effected him. My mother passed two years ago and it was the hardest thing I’ve been through.

    Getting back to your question, I think simplicity has some merits. I plan to move to a piece of land and live a more simple and quiet life where clean air and water and fresh food is abundant.

    Thank you both for your love and dedication.

  53. Treeplanter says:


    The potatoes they eat are very small and have more skin and less starch. The potato skin would have more protein and vitamins and minerals, so the little potatoes are much more nutritious than the large white potatoes we usually eat.

    Also, meat is good for you when it is grass fed and raised without chemicals. You could say the Qero people are getting their greens in the form of meat. The animals eat greens and turn it into healthy meat, which the people eat.

    If you don’t eat meat, then you need to eat a lot of greens to get the nutrition that would have been provided by the meat.

    So, a diet of mostly potatoes and healthy meat does provide everything we need nutrtionally.

    Also, the Qero avoid the problem of too much sugar and too much fructose, which is the real problem with the standard American diet.

    Americans used to be a pretty healthy people, but our health has declined as our sugar consumption has gone up. And raw vegans who eat a lot of sweet fruit are also hurting themselves by taking in too much fructose. I have improved my health by reducing my sweet fruit intake, limiting it to about 3 large bananas per day, or the equivalent in other fruits.

    Potatoes have no fructose, just clean burning glucose that our bodies were meant to metabolize. So, a person getting their calories from potatoes will be healthier than a person relying on sweet fruit as their principal calorie source.

    You can read more about the dangers of excess fructose on Mercola’s website.

    Michael T.

  54. Kathryn says:

    It sounds like their diet is high enough in important minerals and protein, but low enough in carbohydrates to sustain health.

    Carbohydrates are an anti-nutrient in large doses – no matter how healthy the food/fruit may be.

  55. I forgot to mention that my father has led and active social life for years. He still goes to his French club to keep up his French and enjoy the company of his friends. He also goes to classical concerts and he is blessed to have four daughters in the area who along with a few others, help care for him.

    I on the other hand did not come in with as strong a constitution. No need to go into detail, but I have several complex health issues I am working to heal.

    Blessings for all you do.

  56. Brent says:

    Thats so cool!! My weekly shopping just got a whole lot cheaper:))
    I always loved my mashed ‘taties.

  57. nick says:

    Low stress, Less polution, More Sun, high mineralization in soil”
    I’ll eat a Local Fresh Potato over
    any “Pocessed hyprid “Superfood” shipped and probably irradiated thousands of miles away.

  58. crow says:

    The Europeans were saved from a famine because of the potatoes that came from the America’s. They have 3,000 different kinds of potatoes. I know I love squash and there are many kinds.

  59. RJ says:

    Thank you, Kevin, for this wonderful segment! I hope you and Annmarie are having a safe trip. It is very exciting for me to share your adventure in Peru!!

    To: Jackie, #5 COMMENT________

    Kevin’s so called “condition” is this…

    I think he just might refuse to be the boring adult who sits on his hands. Please, Jackie, next time you share your favorite subjects with people, try to remember how you were as a child.

    It is sad that so many of us adults have shut down their energy because of life-long stabs at our child-like hearts.

    Please ,Jackie, close your eyes and listen once again to what Kevin shared with us today. If you do so,without eyes, you will find yourself in a blind person’s position.

    It is only then that you will find the answer to the question that you thought was perhaps a good question to ask.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    With Love,
    A supportive listener. Thanks for putting up with me Kevin and Annmarie!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  60. a says:

    I’m reading Hilton Hotema’s book Man’s Higher Consciousness. He asserts that man’s origins and sustenance is from the stars and cosmic energy. I know there were experiments done on cells where the cells lived indefinitely as long as the medium they were in was kept clean. So he claims we are breatharian by nature, and that humans slowly adjusted to consuming liquids and heavier foods. One interesting point he makes is that if eating is so natural why are digestive problems so rampant? Why is it that fasting is one of the best cure-all remedies to re-balance the body? He also suggests food as an addition similar to drugs like heroine where by the addict could die with the absence of the drug. It’s interesting and I know from a little poking around that there are a lot of breatharians out there. I also saw an old interview that Mr Gianni did with a breatharian so I know he knows about this.

    Given so many different data points and the bodies ability as an alchemical factory to compensate and adjust in so many ways I find it quite possible that only potatoes would sustain a group of people where as perhaps if the Giannis tried to eat like that over a long period they would encounter deficiencies because their bodies are tuned to a different diet.

  61. jackie says:

    Very interesting show. And Kevin, your mannerisms are just fine and add to your charm. Maybe I’ll start eating more potatoes now! I love them but have really cut down…

  62. Nicole says:

    Seems like people all over the world can thrive on vastly different diets but the things they have in common are:

    1. The are ACTIVE: working, dancing, moving, walking regularly.
    2. They aren’t eating processed junk. Like you said, Kevin maybe it’s more about what you’re NOT eating than what you are.
    3. They live in supportive communities, closer to nature.

    I could be wrong, but I think these factors are more important than we may think.

  63. Joe says:

    Hey Kevin and Annmarie,

    This is really interesting about the Q’ero eating mostly potatoes. Really makes you wonder…

    Imagine eating nothing but potatoes for a month?

    In addition to some reasons you gave, like organic fertilizer and glacial water, I’d love to hear what role you think community might play in the overall health of the Q’ero people.

    Have a great time in Peru!

    ps-you should do an “In the Q’ero Kitchen” episode, they must have tons of different recipes if they eat that many potatoes 🙂

  64. Barb says:

    Metabolic Typing would explain why they thrive on potatoes. We are all different so we break down foods differently. The book on Metabolic Typing explains it all. It is very interesting!

  65. Cherie says:

    If they were eating our potatoes they would not survive. The name is the same but they are 2 very different foods.

  66. Carol Kraft says:

    Kevin I appreciate your openess to inquire and learn even when it goes against beliefs you have about things. A fine quality dear.

    I have been involved with Kriya Yoga as expressed by Yogi Schree Satyam from Alhalabad India. Guruji (Yogi Satyam) advises eating potatoes in this vegan diet. When people are ill or going thru changes, (since there is no real illness in divine consciousness) he puts them on steamed potatoes and onions along with the meditation practice. This seems to really work for people. Guruji once tried an experiment of eating only potatoes for a month or more and he did just fine on this diet. He also is living at a fairly high vibration level coming from his meditation.
    Read Autobiography of a Yogi. In there some people lived without food for many decades and thrived on high spiritual vibration. Lots of nutrients come from high states of consciousness. There is so much we have yet to learn here about health and life force energy.
    Keep exploring and open to things Kevin. Energy medicine is the emerging(reemerging) frontier.
    Grateful to you and Ann Marie
    Carol from Canada

  67. rainbow says:

    very interesting, thanks for the insights. i remember reading about a study, i believe it was called the rose study, done in about 1952, documented in one of mcdougall’s books, where people were fed only potato nutrients for an extended time, and they thrived.

    when i first became vegan i also ate a lot of tates, baked for breakfast, steamed for lunch, soup for dinner, and i thrived so well it was hard to pull me off the ceiling, i had so much energy (not the crashing kind, the very sustained kind). i also ate lots of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and eventually found some other veggies as well, but tates remained a major staple for me for a very long time. i don’t eat many now, but maybe i’ll get back to them. i do believe it’s a major aspect of the q’ero peoples’ thriving that they drink and use minerally rich glacier water. i am no fan of the cold but i would love to live near and drink true glacial waters. what a trip that would be! 🙂

  68. Jana says:

    I understood the “g” word to be greens. So I’m wondering if the absence of greens are just initial observations? If these are indigenous people, and it’s winter, I would be wondering what foods the other seasons bring to the table.

  69. Sue Paterson says:

    The Qero have such a significant and wonderful relationship with the earth. And potatoes are root veggies. A perfect marriage. Everyone has their own unique formula for what works. And they have found theirs. Great example of living in sync with your environment.

  70. StellaJervis says:

    Kevin, I LOVE the way you talk!! Just like an Italian! Your enthusiasm for what you do and the raw lifestyle shines through…don’t let anybody make you think you should “sit on your hands.” Jeepers. Just keep on being who you are because that is a wonderful thing~

  71. Carmen says:

    Kevin it’s great you brought up this topic! It’s something that kept me preoccupied for a while and looking for an answer I came across the below talks from Abraham. Have a look!

  72. Tiff says:

    Loved this show and want to add that I love your energy and any hand movement you make. The “condition” is called enthusiasm!

  73. Sandi S says:

    Eating according to your genetic code is always the best…we look at the European diets, the Alaskan diets, South American diets…all healthy for those people. It’s the North American diet that stinks! We eat according to McDonalds!!! (not everyone, please – but the “norm” is horrible) Just my opinion/observation.

  74. Art P says:

    The Northern Native Americans had a diet of mostly maze, sweet potatoes and beans.

  75. Ivy says:

    A vegan treat to me: Blue potatoes.

    Potatoes carry Iron in their skin and directly below the skin surface. Trace elements like iodine may also be present. Potatoes are mostly starch, but in the blue potatoes, there is also a variety of antioxidant properties.They also have B1, B6, and trace amounts of folic acid. The tiny “finger potatoes” are such a treat, I ate them raw and they are very creamy and sweet after being sliced and soaked for 20 mins in alkaline or filtered water. The rule of my thumb I go by, is that the more color a tuber is, the more antioxidants and nutrients it contains. If anyone reading this is from Hawaii, please contact me with some info about how your purple potatoes are! You could contact me easily by clicking my name and it will take you to the artisan glass gallery I run from home.

  76. john says:

    Thank you Kevin and AnnMarie.Hope each day you learn and experience more of the Peruvian way of life as well as each other .With regard to Potatoes I find what you have found to be fascinating . I am of the understanding potatoes are starch and get converted to sugar and are very very fattening . Maybe their potatoes are of a diffrent kind of a variety than potatoes are in the US .Maybe also their soil is far superior than soil from the US and maybe has a positive effect on the nutritional aspect of their delightful potatoes also their potatoes get far more sun absorption than their American counter part. Like to know though how long the people actually live. Being a poorer country the people by and large tend to be in their normal weight range than those in the US. God Bless both of you and be safe and careful while you are their and double check .by by.

  77. Kuru says:

    If you love yourself and others, you can eat what you want. Simple. Life and food are easily digested that way.

    I solved the hand gestures conundrum by not looking, but listening with headphones, usually from the kitchen!

  78. Satori says:

    Their diet reminds me of my Japanese great grandmother. Only thing she eats is rice!!! She usually pour green tea over white rice and eat them twice a day, sometimes with pickles. She’s never hospitalized and visited a dentist for the first time in her life a couple of years ago. She made dentures. She is almost 100 years old. She takes no medication.

    For potatoes, I heard this from my grandmother that only thing they cultivated during World War II in Japan was potatoes. I was thinking they picked potatoes because they fill you up pretty good and are easy to grow. But maybe there are more reasons behind the potato only diet they had during the war.

  79. Jo says:

    I always love your shows Kevin, and my husband has become a fan. “Is that Kevin Gianni?” and in he comes.. lol
    Anyway, I’m a bit of a research fanatic, and I don’t just believe something that I have heard or read, until I’ve heard it or read it many times, or tried it myself…. so I went searching.
    I found a few sites of interest.. This one caught my eye. Although I am a little wary of anything that is ‘in the interests of improving the lives of the indigenous peoples’ as generally they were doing fine until we came in to ‘heal them’. But, they have something to say about the nutrition of the Q’ero people.
    Apparently, according to them, the Q’ero people aren’t nutritionally healthy. But I’ve included the link so those interested can read for themselves. If anyone has anything else I would be really interested.

  80. Rhonda says:

    Thank you for the idea of what this tribe consumes for their main diet. It has a lot of us thinking, and perhaps about our own culture. It makes me think that “what we eat” has to do with how we think. If we were to study a group of people that eats a primarily fast food and processed diet, compared to the tribe you are with, and then perhaps an organic whole food group, what would be the outcome of that study? How would one test in academics, logical thinking, and this list of testing could be on many things. Interesting to think about. How do we feed the mind? What we put in it. Provacative subject.

    Thank you for the work that you share.

  81. We need an analysis of all the different kinds of potatoes the Q’ERO INDIANS eat?
    May you and Annmarie have a wonderful learning stay in Peru.
    love ,peace,joy and harmony

  82. Nick says:

    Maybe it’s like the so called “potato famine” where the English left the Irish nothing else to eat. There’s an old saying, “the sun never sets on the British Empire”–the baton (like in a relay race), or bludgeon, passed on to the US.

    Also, aren’t their potatoes actually sweet potatoes? Cuz the ones you showed on camera were the yellow colour of sweet potatoes. Yams & sweet potatoes are found to be way more nutritious than our white’ish varieties. Then add the ways you described they are there grown.

    Great point you bring up of how a little alcohol makes the medicine go a long way. I had turned away from tinctures due to the harshness of the alcohol, fumes, let alone “flavour”, but will now reconsider, thanks.

    Then re smoothies vs. juicing, I would add that when we add our smoothie ingredients to water, the water protects against oxidation, not only the fibres.

  83. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it`s not what we eat but what we take out and don`t eat. Refined Carbohydrates create the carbohydrate trap that we in North America are now completely caught up in. Once I removed refined carbo from my diet, the pick in energy and health amazed me. I combined that with a gym work out 3 times a week.

    I can eat just about anything I want as long as I stay away from those refine carbo`s

    Nick Grimshawe

  84. andy says:

    Potatoes are a comfort food to me.When I eat cooked foods now there is a kind of non- vibrancy or dull heaviness that permeates my system. Kevin, I would like you to film some of these potato eaters up close so we can examine how their health level appears. How does disease and longevity play into their life span? It would sure be cheaper and less complicated to just eat a spud filled diet.

  85. Shirley says:

    Kevin, I have watched so many of your videos. I have never noticed your hands moving in a million directions & have never noticed your head appearing to be on a spring-going back & forth. So I thought I had better watch one of your videos again. I did, and again, I just saw an enthusiastic, loving, passionate, & GIVING person. It is amazing at the differences people see when viewing the same thing. And I might add, you look exceptionally beautiful in the above Peru/Potato video.

  86. Sheryl says:

    We are all being compelled towards Breathatarism (Lightatarians) that is what we were in the Beginning – we did not eat – we lived on Light. That is where we are all heading. All eating is Human Desire. So you see the less we eat the better we feel. God will prompt us of what to eat at the level of the density of our bodies. As we move into a Higher Vibration we will be prompted to let go of certains foods until the Light within us can sustain our bodies without food. So all called beliefs in vitamins, minerals, etc. are all Humanally created. One must see food only as Substance and Energy this releases the body from so much confusion and stress. As long as a person is connected to the Medical World thru testing or their opinions you cannot go Higher until you depend Souly on God for Healing.

  87. Kevin, thanks to you and AnnMarie for all you do. I love watching the show because of the enthusiasm and high energy you have.

    You keep it fresh and alive. Keep being who you are and always remain true to yourself. Sure you know already. 😉

  88. imlivingandlearning says:

    Yes. I’m certain the potatoes the Q’ero are eating are quite different from those mass cultivated in the U.S. and serve as the only vegetable Americans can claim to eat on a regular basis. 🙁 PLEASE don’t take this report to even REMOTELY mean that you can consume the U.S. standard spud as a staple for your healthy diet. Please!!! 🙁

    Sheesh! to the person who imagines Kevin has a “condition” b/c he is ALIVE?????????

    Jacki, the condition is YOURS. Hope u find the cure.

    Kevin, your enthusiasm, your animation, your dedication, your humility, your smile…you get the picture… IS WONDERFUL!!! 🙂 You have the BEST of “conditions.” 😉

    Love u & AM. Thank you for what you share with the world.

  89. No greens? at all? Do they cook with herbs? Do they chew Coca leaves? How’s their dental health?
    Can you show some of the potato varieties?

    Sorry, I’m a little behind on my episode-viewing.

  90. Kathryn says:

    Thanks for bringing up the potatoe issue. My son was diagnosed as schitzoaffective disorder and that’s all he eats is potatoes, refried beans, white bread and salsa. I was real concerned for awhile but now I think I will try to get him on the organice potatoes and see what happens.

  91. shon says:

    think about the other groups of people in other regions that also raised and nourished families on potatoes like Irish, Russian, and some islands in the Caribbean (Yucca,Sweet, and White) 🙂

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