Are BioAlgae Concentrates Effective for Radiation Poisoning : The Renegade Health Show Episode #585

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Last week, I had a chance to speak with Roland Thomas, ND about BioAlgae Concentrates…

This is a special blend of algae that has been studied quite significantly over the past few decades.

In this clip, Roland discusses some of the scientific studies that this algae had been used in and some of the results.

I think the most shocking is the research done on chickens in Russia and the use of this algae on radiation poisoning victims of the Chernobyl disaster.

These studies were done using a blend of algae called BioAlgae Concentrate that contains spirulina and chlorella.

Take a listen…

Your question of the day: What has been your experience with blue-green algae?

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To read more about BioAlgae Concentrates, please click here:

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Kevin Gianni

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  1. Louise says:

    LOVE e3live

    I have been exposed to Uranium and find this helps me daily.


  2. nick says:

    I beleive that local wild food is the best “superfood” you can eat from Dandelions,clovers
    to wild mushrooms. Anything that does not smell to good for me wether it is pond scum or fermented food should not be taken on a regular basis. I prefer eating something right from the plant immediately. If I was sick I might consider taking blue green algae or something that has to be filtered or sterilized. I find that eating what mother nature intended me to eat mainly raw fruit and vegatables is usually what makes me feel the best and prevents me from getting sick. An occassional cooked grain or stir fry especially in social occassions works for me but supplements other then vitamin D and B12 in the winter I can live without.

  3. chey says:

    I love sun chlorella one time I ate 1/2 of an 8oz bag in like one sitting I got the worst gas though.

  4. Isabelle says:

    I take E3live. I like the taste of it … well it is much better that wheatgrass! I also have spirulina and chlorella in my smoothies!
    Could some sources of algae eventually be affected by the oil spill??

    So what are the algae contained in the bio algae that he talks about?
    very interesting Kevin!

  5. Farideh says:

    I used to do Darkfield microscopy for a decade .I saw great testimony to the regular use of algea by seeing the blood clean and healthy looking red cells .

  6. Brianna says:

    I think blue-green algaes are great! I’m currently battling adrenal fatigue and I’m confident marine phytoplankton, spirulina and (as soon as I can afford it) E3Live will do that. I’m waiting to see how the spirulina and phytoplankton do with my mineral levels. Then I’ll add in E3Live if necessary.

    Is the radiation talked about in this episode synonymous with uranium levels in the body?

  7. Mary Moore says:

    Thank you! This message was very encouraging!

  8. jasmyn says:

    my jury is still out on that one.. they seem to be helpful and harmful at the same time.. i notice the chlorella more than the spirulina… it gives me a massive headache and nausea.. only when i take the recommended dosage.. if i take less it’s not so bad.. and now that i’ve been on it for a while it seems to be less intense.. i looked up other’s ideas on it and got mixed info.. from allergic to herx response.. for me by now if it was allergic.. i would notice actual allergic responses i would think.. and actually i wonder if the spirulina might be more helpful.. i was taking it many months back.. i can’t tell if it was really pushing a lot of toxins out fast or if it was interacting in a wrong way with other toxins… at first i attributed my severe rash to the spirulina … then i kept having it after i came off the supplement.. after many months i realized it was the cashews and pistachios.. ( poison ivy family ) i tried the spirulina again.. no rash.. haven’t used it enough again yet to say what it’s affects are… hope ya’ll have a great night

  9. jackie says:

    This is weird….I see all the comments, but no message…there is nothing there! I even tried clicking on the other link, and there was nothing there, either…just the 8 comments. Did you remove it for some reason??

  10. Deanna says:

    Yes I use them all the time. Good show! I’ve read that miso also will counteract radiation sickness. Maybe you guys could cover that sometime. LOL,Deanna

  11. Veegstar says:

    I just started taking “E3 Live Brain On”. I did notice that I get a sour stomach if I take 2 capsules instead of 1 at a time. This might just be like taking my Revitaphi, where you need to build up to the recommended dosage.
    I’m hoping to see an improvement in digestion and concentration; hence the “Brain On” version.
    Has anyone else that is relatively healthy taken E3 and noticed a difference?

  12. kasandra says:

    Really Informative show, Very Hopeful! I Love Blue Green Algae in all forms , my favorite is Klamath Lake BG(LOve the tase!!!) but Love Spirilina and Chlorella as well. have taken them for years and will keep on as long as they are available! Algae could save the World in More Ways than Food too, Check that out!!!! Bless Alll xoxox

  13. Brenda says:

    I have met the naturopath, Roland Thomas, who Kevin was interviewing. He gave me a few capsules of his Bio Superfood F3 and his book Awakening the Genius Within. I too am a Naturopath and energy healer. What I notice is that Roland has great energy, like each cell in his body is fully regenerizing. He was telling me that the particular algae they use has extaordinary nutritional value, more so than other algaes on the market. His Bio Superfood feels full of life giving and regenerating energy. I met Roland in San Francisco, April 30th at the New Living Expo.

  14. Nicole says:

    No strong opinion on algaes. I have spirulina but rarely use it. I’ll have some in a smoothie today though, as I’ve never noticed if it gave me a headache as other people mentioned.

    BTW I adore the cartoon of Johnny5 at the end of the video! Super cute.

  15. Nick says:

    I’ve never seen the charted downwind paths from the likes of Hanford (the first & maybe dirtiest nuke reactor complex near the mouth of the Columbia River in southern Washington state) superimposed with epidemiological maps showing incidents of thyroid cancers. This is just an example, but today thanks to the use of DU (so called Depleted Uranium)it’s as if we’re all to a degree downwind. Look up Obviously fermented foods are as well important like eating low on the food chain. Such algae as we’re talking about is microalgae; is the fastest growing plant, so most rapidly generates oxygen while consuming carbon; can be tweaked to yield as much as 50% lipids, oils with both a great nutritional profile & potential for biofuel use; can be grown on desert lands, so as to not displace either forests nor existing food crops. Just like Paul Stamets says mushrooms can help save the world, so can algae.

  16. People complain about dirty capitalists not caring about peoples’ health; but what did the benevolent socialists do with all the diseased animals? Were they removed from the food supply?
    I’m a fan of spirulina.

  17. craigs says:

    I love hawaiin Spirulina and get so much energy from it. Although high doses . I can feel my body detoxing.but so does just about everything that is good for you will do if you consume mass quanities. Try blending 6 cloves of garlic in a cup of water and see if it doesnt detox you LOL. Just dont do alot of algea if you Know you been eating the wrong food for awhile. Take your time build yourself up its not a race but a journey


  18. Jan says:

    Using chlorella daily in a smoothie worked good for me for the first week. Then I started having issues sleeping. After cutting the does down to about 1/2 teaspoon daily I feel great, have good energy, and sleep well. After an accident that left me with very low energy levels, chlorella has been wonderful and I would not want to be without it.

  19. Rhonda D says:

    Kevin & Annmarie will you be trying out the BioAlgae, if so Please let us know how it is working out for you both.

    Thanks for sharing great info.

    best of health to all:)

  20. Ginny Fisher says:

    I take spirulina and chlorella off and on. It’s one of the superfoods that we rotate into our nutrient profile on a regular basis. I believe it does good things, but honestly have never felt any different because of it! But have done much research and know that algaes are good for us and are important to take~~so I take them.

  21. Sungriffin says:

    Blue-green algae is super! I look forward to my green GT’s Komucha that has the algae inside. I experience high energy and also my gums heal up in 12 hours and are not sore for many days after just one bottle. I know it is the effect of the blue-green algae because the other flavors do not have the same benefit.

    I do not have a separate source for this amazing algae. I read in an amazing Whole Foods book that it is not good for the algae to go over a certain temperature or it becomes harmful.

    This is definately something I wish I could take everyday. Since kombucha is my only source for the algae, I only take it every once in a while for a pick me up on a heavy work load.

    Interesting show about the uranium radiation poising and how the algae helps recovery.

  22. Sharon says:

    I like all the algaes. Klamuth Lake, E3, fermented spirula in my probiotic superfood. All good!

    Here’s a blogpost I did about AFA:

  23. andrew says:

    keeping your thyroid healthy with enough seaweed iodine e.g kelp possibly helps too – prevents radioactive iodine getting their.

  24. Chris & Sara says:

    We experimented with Spirulina about a year ago with great results. We didnt realize it right at the time, but looking back at it, it was about the time we quit drinking coffee and eliminated more “junk” from our diets.
    Its like it has the effect of repelling “bad” stuff. We were just repelled from coffee specifically, but also sugars. Interesting…

    As for the Chlorella, we just started that a few weeks ago in the smoothies. It made me completely nauseous and i actually threw up. It hit me about 4 hours after eating it. This happened the 2 times we ate it. Chris has been fine though.

    ??? KEV- Can Chlorella go “bad”. I just saw on my package to refrigerate after opening. (We didnt)???? OOoops. Also just saw a little hole in our package…. Could this be the problem???
    ??? Is one of the side effects nausea due to the toxins releasing in the system again??? Or does it “bind” around the toxin to safely remove it, “rendering it harmless” ????

    …Wonder what Dr. Thomas has seen in regards to side effects.

    Glad you are on this subject… perfect timing… 🙂


  25. Veronika says:

    I’ve only taken Spirulina and Chlorella in the Vitamineral Green powder. But I’m thinking about trying the spirulina crunchies. I’m just concerned about eating too much. They contain concentrated amounts of iron, so I’m concerned about overdosing.

    If Spirulina Crunchies are the best form of spirulina (for taste and quality), what do you recommend for the best form/brand of chlorella? Or are those pretty much all processed the same way (cell wall crushed & freeze-fried)?

  26. Mark Brend says:

    my spirulina smells and tastes like pond water. Is this normal?

  27. Bob Blum says:

    Our family took Victor Kohlman’s Super Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake back in the early 80’s. Our 7-year old daughter’s bed-wetting problem ceased. a pink-eye problem I had a month before returned, but was gone the next day (cleansing reaction). I got much more creative. A friend with congestive heart failure was sent home from the hospital to die. Within 1 week he was back on his feet and doing much better. Stories go on. Never got those results with any other BGA, even Kohlman’s brother harvesting on the same lake.

  28. Denise says:

    Are you going to be a presenter at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sept? You should post both you and Annemaries speaking schedule so that it gives us viewer’s a chance to meet you guys.

  29. sue says:

    green powders are actually acidifying to the body.

    you can check your ph right before and one to two hours after taking them to see that this is true.

  30. Ed says:

    Red,green,freshwater, saltwater, nutrient dense food that helps me mineralize against a toxic environment and toxic habits. I have inclueded them so long there is no question to ask about them…

  31. Aron says:

    You spot on with the radiation intel. Blue Green Algae was and is still used to treat Chernobyl fallout victims, NASA astronauts as well. Marine Phytoplankton is also amazing superfood. It contains everything the body needs to survive from trace minerals to vitamins, carbs and proteins. Particles are microscopic so absorbed 100% by the body. Wales and Whale Sharks eat Marine Phytoplankton and live 150+ years and reproduce unto death! Amazing stuff… Truly
    I have both in my Amazon Superfoods shop 😉

  32. Terrence says:

    I was takIng E3 live BrainOn for a week and noticed on day 8 when I upped my dosage that it caused major digestive problems. It was almost like a blockage where everything I ate 4 hours later was stuck in my chest. Is this due to the B vitamins? Yesterday I threw up in te pm after taking it in the am.

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