Difference Between Juice Fasting and Water Fasting : The Renegade Health Show Episode #555

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In this interview Dr. Alan Goldhamer continues with the difference between juicing and water fasting…

He also covers many other important aspects about the water fasting process.

Take a look…

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Bryan Dorman says:

    Extremely interesting–possibly your best interview yet, Kevin.

  2. Teri says:

    I love it! As a 100% raw vegan I’m going to go check if I’m getting the B12 he recommends.

  3. Mark Brend says:

    Hi guys,

    Love the show and information…
    I would be interested in knowing:-
    If you were diagnosed with cancer What systems / protocols would you put in place to give your self the best chance of curing yourself? (please be very specific)
    If you were diagnosed with heart disease what systems / protocols would you put in place to give your self the best chance of curing yourself? (please be very specific)
    The reason I ask this is that almost everyone we know will die from one of these things (not with standing accidents) and it is very hard to get a definitive answer. I realise that the information you give is not medical advice; However, I am sure many people would appreciate a solid starting point.
    Many thanks
    Keep up the good work

  4. Andréa says:

    very interesting interview. I look forward to part 3!

  5. May Blom says:

    Great interview!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Muy interesante. Thank you!

  7. Dr. Goldhammer seems to be the the most grounded interviewee yet. I can’t wait to see the next part.

  8. teri says:

    I have started my compost pile and was walking across the yard to add more to it and fell into the earth up to my elbows. I thought “what happened” my shoes were still on but I felt no earth??? the top to my sec tank from ’75 feel through, luck-a-ly dried up but if I had fallen down all the way ?/ ten feet down… not a good way to connect with momma earth

  9. This interview series is among my favorites … very informative.

  10. Judy says:

    Really fantastic shows. You just keep outdoing yourselves providing life changing information. Thank you SO much!

  11. Mary Ellen says:

    OK,Kevin, I need your help. Does water fasting help get RID of IBS??? WOULDN’T YOU LOSE MUSCLE DOING THAT?? Who do you know of that really has the answers for IBS? i have searched for 4 years and suffered chronic pain that long trying to get rid of it and I am just so tired of this! If you had to name an expert, who would it be? Please email me with the answer. Thanks. Still hoping.

  12. Becky says:

    Have you read Dr. Fuhrman?
    He has written a book “Fasting Can Save Your Life” Also “Eat to Live” (among others) Dr. Fuhrman and Dr.Goldhammer have a common history. Both are doing a great work –as ares Kevin and the rest :_) Healing one person at a time!
    Whereas Dr. Goldhammer is a D.C., Dr. Furman is one of the exception MD’s that believes a puts into practice that the body is an amazing healing machine-under most circumstances and not with standing irrepairable damage. Cancer is a condition where the normal physiology of the body is overwhelmed, and cancerous cells do not follow normal physiological laws. Read Dr. Furhman if you can. I found his explanations very helpful.


  13. Eva says:

    This is rich information and is exactly what is needed to inform about how the body resets and heals itself but, there is no “one treatment fits all” approach.
    Wise and simple, If you are very sick you need to take drastic measures, to stay healthy eat veggies!
    Keep these types of interviews coming, good work!

  14. Joel Saenz says:

    Good good good stuff Kevin. I hope you ave a whole hour of this guy.

  15. Thomas says:

    A good interview. He’s quite good at marketing his product. I’m sure they help a lot of people get off poor diets at their clinic.

    #8 Mary Ellen: There is an abundance of information on the three types of IBS and how people have treated it at:

  16. nick says:

    I agree the only 2 supplments I take are B12 and D only when I do not get out in the sun for a few days. Everything else I get from wild and organic food and spring water. It is nice to hear that Dr. Alan Goldhamer is honest enough to say that fasting is not for everyone which indicates to me that he is not one of those doctors who is just looking to make $.

  17. sharon says:

    Very informative interview with Dr. Goldhamer. I would trust him and his knowledge in a second.

    Why did I let that comment from one of your readers affect me? He said that the water fasting that he did at Dr. Goldhamer’s institute ruined his health. That one comment was SO detrimental that I think a rebuttal to it is necessary.

    I’m grateful that you are able to get (and tape for us) interviews with so many experts in the health field. You’re the best!

  18. Sue says:

    Dr Goldhamer is very interesting and I can’t wait for part 3. Thanks for the great interview Kevin.

  19. Marie1225 says:

    This is a Response to #8 Mary Ellen:

    Hi Mary Ellen,

    I’m sure Kevin and Annmarie know some wonderful information, so keep on asking them questions, they are great!

    I do know of someone who is very fmailiar with IBS. Kevin and Annmarie are friends with him. His name is Paul Nison. You can go to his site: http://www.paulnison.com

    Paul suffered from it, and was cured by the raw food diet. He is wonderful. You can contact him through his site.

    God Bless your journey to good health,


  20. Kevin & Annmarie: You guys are doing a stand-up job with this blog and health info you’re sharing! Just discovered you last week and I’m LOVING the content you post. 🙂

    This interview is awesome and the topic is so interesting. I’ve tried juice fasting (loved it) but have been reluctant to try a pure water fast (unsupervised) because of the potential risks.

    I would love to know from Dr. Goldhamer who’s a good candidate for water fasting and who isn’t.

    @Mary Ellen (#8): I suffer from IBS, too, and went to a Naturopathic Doc to help me out. I did an elimination diet (check out http://www.LiveLighter.org for some of my elimination diet recipes) to figure out any food sensitivities. While on this very strict diet, I found relief. I’ve also found that regular exercise and meditation helps, along with ensuring enough quality sleep all helped to manage my symptoms. Try different stress management techniques to see what works for you.

  21. Nick says:

    The good doctor was easier to follow today.

    To Becky, in your suggesting Mark read Fasting Can Save Your Life, it’s a book by Herbert Shelton & a film doc by or featuring Dr. Fuhrman. The book was published in 1964 & turns out was the inspiration for Dr. Goldhamer upon his reading it. Read the answer to the 1st question of this interview with Goldhamer: http://www.healthpromoting.com/Articles/articles/meet.htm

    Now to Mark, you keep repeating this question. I agree it is thee question. But its answer is different for just about every case, also because the circumstances of each are different. I know this you’d consider a no-brainer about what you’ve asked. Certainly there are basic guidelines to setting protocols per grouping of complaint/condition types. This info I believe is coming forth bit by byte over this program & other such sources. We’re gonna have to answer it for ourselves cause for Kevin to do so, or any interviewee goes against “practicing medicine without a license”.

    Yeah, I like how he stressed the difference between juice & water, as between eating & fasting. That’s also, I’d hope, the reason why many call it juice FEASTING, as well since we assimilate the most nutrition out of our food this way. No amount of cutting back on our food intake or eating lightly puts us in the state of fasting. Even tho I still stick by that eating raw is a detox/eliminating diet. It’s just that fasting is so dramatically more different still.

  22. Stacey says:

    Wow…started a water fast last evening!! great timing on the video. will watch part one next. feeling good, will eat some fruit at the end of the 24′ period. thanks for a terrific interview and the good work that you do everyday.

  23. eyla says:

    To Mark, comment no. 2.

    I understand why you are asking what you are asking,
    I feel that we are not victims of disease waiting to happen, we have control in our lifestyles and habits to stop a lot of cancers/heart diseases (and other degenerative diseases) happening/developing just like we have the ability to treat them when they happen.

    I think that we are all so different and what causes or aggravates cancer/heart disease in one person is different to what might accelerate it in someone else.
    If someone were to get a diagnosis of one of these diseases then they couldn’t just follow a general protocol, it might help, but they would need expert or thoroughly informed guidance to get to the root of what caused it and what might help it.

  24. alllison says:

    It is so wonderful to have someone speaking up about the benefits of water fasting. While I am a big proponent of green juice fasting and do it two or more times each year I have done water fasting numerous times in the past and have seen amazing results from this as well. I was able to shrink a very large fibroid to almost nothing after two week water fast. It has been my experience that shrinking a fibroid will take much longer on a green juice fast Once you experience a water fast you understand the magnitude of its healing and restoratvive power.
    Thank you for putting this conversation back on the playing field

  25. Cindy says:

    I am loving these interviews. I also think these are some of the best you have ever put up. Everything he says makes so much sense. I would like to know why 5 days is the shortest as i have been looking to do a 24 hour fast to start with as there are fitness programs out there that recommend that for fat loss (mainly to reset hormones). I suppose from a ‘medical’ standpoint it is about much more than fat loss and more about giving the body time to heal from all the damage we do living the way we do. I have to admit that i feel so scared to water fast even for a short period which tells me how addicted i am to eating. i actually don’t even like to ‘drink’ my food in juices and smoothies. i wonder if other people feel this way and if it is something you can get over. Anyway I am very grateful for these interviews. You are a tremendous asset to my life and my learning and I appreciate everything you do. Thank you

  26. john says:

    Dr. Goldhamer has a lot of good information to share ,poor audio sound echoes,also he talks to fast for me to follow his train of thought at times he says words to faint I cannot quiet hear and understand .He needs to slow down so I can follow him . I like some one who can speak clear, loud, with clear vivid distinction of words as they pronounce words and some one who does not ramble on but some one who can speak slow to normal ,like news reporters do every day on TV (normal speaking speed) .Kevin may be a mic set up on a shirt lapel for future guests in case some words are faintly spoken. Other than that I am looking to Hear Dr. Goldhamer again he is very knowledgeable with a lot of experience behind him.I wish him the best and congratulate him on continuing to be a blessing for other people who are really hurting .Thank you Kevin and Dr.Goldhamer.

  27. Andrew says:

    My favourite interview so far. Clear and insightful content. I look forward to Part 3. 🙂

  28. Sheryl says:

    Kevin not long ago you said that you and Anne Marie eat some cooked foods. Do you use herbs, spices or vegan Margarine in them.????

  29. Cheryl says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Love your shows and also love the fact that theres someone out there like you that takes it upon themselves to seek out the truth about nutrition and diet and shares it with others…like us, so thanks.
    My question is, I have fasted in the past (mainly juicing) and I am planning to undergo another one very soon. As mentioned above (like Cindy) I am trying to “reset” my hormones and take myself off of birth control which I have been on for 9 years now. I was wondering if fasting would help me with this situation, and if I should start with a juice fast and slowly work myself into a water fast and visa versa?? Can I do both?
    Thank you for taking your time in reading this, …your awesome!

  30. Rachel says:

    Very, very interesting Thanks for bringing that expertise to our attention. Keep the good work you both are very inspiring.
    Rachel from Quebec

  31. Leam says:

    Really appreciated the idea that doing nothing is more beneficial sometimes- although fasting is doing something rather profound, but I know what he means. Interesting how uncomfortable he seemed when you brought up the colon and elimination. I look forward to part 3.

  32. Greg Harmon says:

    Absolutely rawsome interview! I am 43 years old and a raw-vegan for the past 8 months. I have a recent minor case of Psoriasis that started a few years ago. I noticed that in the summer months when I get regular sun, the psoriasis remits a bit. I believe it is the vitamin D from the sun and good diet. I have often thought a water detox might bring it into complete submission (reset the hard drive). This series has inspired me to try a water detox when my busy life will permit. Thank you Kevin and Annmarie!

  33. rudolf says:

    why is he doing it ? his confusion about bowell vs detox is quite an issue here, not many medicos are so confused on this and i never heard anybody intentionaly spreading such missinformation. Does he has some early childhood trauma from kindergarten, when he was not allowed to poo and was punished for dirty nappies ? Digestivetrack is not part of Yourbody ? It is not in your body it is just paasing through the tunnel ? wtf? The total % of toxins eliminated via urine and via skin is
    very low compared to what is eliminated via poo. Only person who has never had personal experience with enemas, shankprakshalans, salt waterflushes etc during longterm fasting can have such twisted views on this. He is dangerous.

  34. rudolf says:

    Kevin, what is your personal view on this ? Have you done water fasting and if so have you used some of the tools to keep eliminating from guts or not ?
    I only know 1 other person advocating dirty guts and that is Dr Dough Graham – the 811 guru.
    Kevin , please do come clean, 1 way or the other

  35. Leah Disney says:

    I am watching this and taking it all in..very good information. I am curious when there is reference to monitoring..he states twice daily. That seems a little low for “safe” fasting for me and 40 days. Will keep watching

  36. Catherine Sebring says:

    Wow I’ve learned so much already!
    Dr. Alan is very knowledgeable.
    I’ve been watching your show for a while now, and I’ve always wanted to tell you guys that you’ve helped me stay healthy while becoming a raw vegan, and helped me stay motivated.
    P.S. Annemarie and you make such a great couple!

  37. My question is water vs juice fasting I would love to know from a distinction perspective is it simply carbohydrates that changes the physiology? The reason I ask is I wonder if you included Essential Oils or targeted nutrients that had little if any Carbohydrates like Essential oils or pro-biotics etc….

  38. Sarah says:

    I am really enjoying this interview. I have found some very valuable information here. I have never truly done a water fast and now I am going to do it. In times past I have done water and apple cider vinegar. I really liked the results of that. But I will do a water fast this time and compare the difference. Thank you for this great interview.

  39. Jasmine says:

    What’s a good b12 supplement?

  40. Nicole says:

    When one is water fasting, is one basically bed-ridden? Is that part of why one goes to a facility to do it, since if it’s for a week or up to 40 days on hasn’t the energy to work or do much else? I really didnt’ know one could fast that long and not die. Wow.

  41. Sharon says:

    Interesting interview. I used to juice fast at least a couple of times a year. Lots of water and about a 4-6 cups of juice a day with lots of water inbetween(not juice feasting!). Knowing what I do now I would NEVER advocate jumping into something like this. Increase raw food gradually, then move to smoothies, then to juicing, then to water, preferably for about a year, depending on how toxic a person is. What was good a few decades ago can be too hard on the body with the ridiculous amounts of toxins these days. Yes, REST IS MANDATORY!!!!!!!! Please don’t fast unsupervised for more than a day!

    Mary-Ellen: David Klein is the man you want to talk to (or read his book):
    http://www.colitis-crohns.com/ My Mom got rid of her IBS without diet just using a probiotic superfood to recolonize her gut properly. She eats anything and isn’t raw or vegan or even vegetarian. Personally I think she’s gluten-intolerant as are most people with IBS.

    Mark: If you want to look at my “If I had Cancer” file, I’d be happy to email it to you: detoxexpert @ gmail.com. Basically with cancer there’s a lot of different things that you can do but in summary it’s: detox, good nutritients in, emotional crap out (including emotional vampires and other negative people or family members!), good emotions in (laughter, good times, no stress allowed), avoid EMF’s (no cell phones, move away from cell phone towers, etc). There are literally hundreds of “cures” out there. Thanks to Kevin’s Inner circle I learned that chemo works about 3% of the time. What a tragic way to end a life.

    Heart disease? Again, a myriad of ways. Vegan works well for most. Fiber products for those who consume meat. Stress affects the heart. Excessive running is also not good. Short bursts of running combined with walking are fine but not long runs over extended periods of time. “Healthy” joggers have a tendency to get heart attacks.

    For the people complaining about sound quality and speed there is software that can speed up or slow down sound on your computer. A headset might help too.

    Thanks Kevin for this informative series. Dr. Aris Latham mentioned that he “fasts” with coconut water. Now that sounds like a great idea!

  42. Mary Artemis says:

    In answer to the question:

    Yes, when water fasting, after say Day 3 or 4 when the body switches over to ketosis you experience weakness. Even moreso, though, you should be resting so that the body can detoxify as its primary goal. The key concept as I understand it is that all available energy should be for detoxification – not TV watching or even reading (although I did read during some parts of my 11 day fast).

    Well, how about that? You don’t die, you detoxify (hey that rhymes). How much more have we been taught in error? This is one of nature’s (God’s?) greatest secrets and miracles. Obviously it was well hidden and still is. The powers that be would rather have you believe that you’d die. Instead you get healed and given back your energy – like you were a kid. No kidding.

    Mary from Stamford, CT

  43. jak jak says:

    sorry to say the sound is too poor (muffled,)for me to get my ears around,I only caught one in three words, but I still check out with you everyday, cheers jakjak.

  44. imlivingandlearning says:

    To Sharon @ #13

    The comments that were shared regarding a poor outcome after fasting makes us all wiser and thus SAFER. It certainly alerts us that this is NOT something we would want to undertake without careful evaluation. If those commentS motivated you to weigh ALL the factors pro and con then u should be happy they “affected” you.

    I think Dr. G’s comment that there ARE people who should NOT fast addresses that this CAN be detrimental to some. Unfortunately, just as in allopathic medicine, the result of any procedure/protocol (even in the holistic model) is not always a foreseeable one. The fasting protocol is no exception. Humans are not machines that function in a predictable fashion every time. A good practitioner does the best s/he humanly can to assess the risks/benefits of any prescribed course of treatment but there is absolutely no way in the world they can guarantee the outcome w/ absolute certainty for each individual. Ultimately it is the patient who must decide whether to implement or decline same. All anyone can do is their due diligence and even so, the unforeseen will not cease to factor into the decision.

  45. Celena says:

    Really liked these interviews. Looking forward to part three. I just can’t get enough renegade health. Like you said before Kevin, the best way to learn is to listen to audio. This is the way I learn best as well. Thanks again.

  46. Caroline says:

    Awesome! Love theses interviews…wish more people could understand how great you guys are. Did a bloodtest here in Sweden and needed B Complex – am extreemly healthy she was impressed but my stress levels were too high and need to keep a lookout on my kidneys, lucky I eat raw food say 75% as my stomach is sensitive …feel great…and thanks again for all the tips…:)

  47. Tina says:

    This is excellent info, keep it coming

  48. raw thing says:

    One of the best interviews you ever did! Something new and interesting, and lots to learn. Thank you so much for this!

  49. Andrew Casson says:

    Is it really essential to wash all organic produce?

  50. Very interesting and inspiring.
    However, I can’t even take the 7 day raw challenge, much less smoothies, or juice fasting.
    I am addicted to my luncheon corn tortilla spread with refried beans and chalupa sauce.
    Besides, why bother? My mostly raw and vegan diet is slowly and pleasantly cleaning out my system. It took 6 decades to clog it up, what is the hurry?
    To Rudolf #23: in Chinese medicine (I think) the digestive track is considered exterior. To get INSIDE, you must pierce the skin. So calm down.

  51. Koa Sky says:

    i would love to pass this along to my sister-in-law who has all those colon issues he speaks of, but at one point he starts talking so fast I can’t understand him.

  52. David Smelser says:

    Hello Kevin and Annmarie,

    I understood every word and love this guy. I think some of the people may have marginal sound systems on their computers. He may not have understood what you were asking about the bowel. I understood that you were asking “If I don’t eat food won’t the existing food in my gut putrify, so should we not eat some fiber to push things through?”

    David Smelser

  53. Kristine says:

    Thank you Kevin, Anne Marie and the blog group. I learned as much from the blog group as I did from the doctor. I am high raw and recently have been doing a once weekly juice/water fast (I believe it does give the liver/digestion a bit of a break and it definitely improves alkalinity) followed by a colonic with some amazing results. As someone else wisely said, there are different ways to approach detoxification. Hopefully our bodies will be able to heal themselves without needing to resort to a total “rebooting”, but it is good to know that it is a viable option.

  54. Paul says:

    I really enjoy water fasting. The mental benefits are wonderful.

  55. Chris & Sara says:

    Wow Kevin!! These are great interviews!! Definitely up there with your best. I love learning with you guys. Always enlightening. You do very well with your questions. You truly are a great interviewer. You have just gotten better and better. I remember the Raw Summit Days. You were great then, but man have you blossomed!! 🙂 Isnt it easy when you follow your heart!?!?! You can tell you are in the right line of “work”…

    and Dr. G is awesome! Great way of explaining things. You can tell he speaks from experience. I would love to send my mom her hubby to him! Kevin great find! you are so blessed to have met him. And thanks for sharing him with us.

    Love & Aloha~


  56. melissa says:

    So awesome!! I had no idea there was such a big difference between water and juice fasting. I did a 35 day juice fast but i didnt do it correctly cause I was touring with my band so I grabbed random bottled juices and wondered why the effects werent as powerful as when i would have a 1 or 2 day water fast. Now I know. Wow! thanks so much for posting this!

  57. imlivingandlearning says:

    To David @ Comment #52

    No marginal sound system here. Dr. G crams numerous words in a very short time without enunciating. Sometimes it is almost as if he is INTENTIONALLY TRYING to obscure his words. Why? In order to push things quickly past to … avoid controversy, opposition, resistance? IDK but the WAY in which he speaks has NOTHING to do with the QUALITY of this particular recording OR the computers we are listening to it on. I HEAR him well, i just can’t UNDERSTAND what he is saying sometimes.

  58. imlivingandlearning says:


    Clearly you won’t be consuming fiber on a fast. I understood Kevin to be referring to colonics/bowel cleansing adjunct therapy in conjunction w/ the fast. Dr. G explained why his protocol doesn’t include those—he doesn’t feel they are necessary.

  59. Susan says:

    It was good, but it wasn’t anything new to me.

  60. kevin says:

    Interesting, but would like to ask about the effect of exercising while fasting. how does the body respond when you do not have protein to rebuild damaged muscles, even from light exercise and would this be departmental to the body while fasting?

  61. Amy Cazin says:

    Does the kind of water matter? R.O. Vs. Ionized water? I just did my fist 14 day juicing fast/detox and never felt better!

  62. Rhonda D says:

    The interview so far has some interesting points. I look foward to #3 interview.
    Everyone needs to do research and get into there own bodies. not everyone is the same. So before you start anything you must research. Educate yourself. Kevin & Annmarie great interview thank you for putting this together.

    Rhonda D

  63. Jan says:

    Great Interview
    Thanks Again

  64. David says:

    This guy is a real rubber meets the road guy. He has so much life and number of patient experiance to draw from. Great job, amoung the best ever. Thank you so much!!!

  65. Sue Paterson says:

    This is wonderful. I want to go here for my birthday.

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