Dr. Alan Goldhamer on Medical Water Fasting : The Renegade Health Show Episode #554

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Dr. Alan Goldhamer D.C is one of the most capable and intelligent experts I’ve interviewed…

He’s the founder of the TrueNorth Health Education and Fasting Center in Santa Rosa.

In this first part of a three part interview Dr. Goldhamer discusses what water fasting is, why water fasting and what water fasting can be used for.

This interview is fantastic… stay tuned for more next week!

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Have you ever tried water fasting?

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To find out more about the True North Health Center, please click here! http://www.healthpromoting.com

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Yes, I’ve done water fasting. Seven days was the longest. It’s an amazing experience.

  2. paul says:

    I’ve tried water fasting many times. For a while I did it once a week for 24 hours. It wasn’t always easy but I usually felt great for at least a couple of days afterward.
    He said avoid “oil, flour, sugar”. All oils?
    Great show, thanks Kev.

  3. Corina says:

    I did a 21 day water fast a few years ago, it was amazing. I feel I may do it again, maybe not as long next time.

    Thank you for having this show.

  4. William says:

    I tried intermittent fasting (2 days a week) for a while (in Feb) and it made me feel pretty great actually. My body’s ability to recover from stress or sleep and even alcohol was MUCH increased for days after a fast. I also had much more energy. I will probably start it again when more structure to my days/week return. It requires some planning and discipline in order to do correctly. For now just eating lots of fresh greens + green juice(from my gardens)has lowered my blood pressure from border hypertension back to normal and my pulse (sitting) from 72 to 58 (my bad habits and exercise have been the basically the same, though I did remove 95% of bread and beer from my diet)

  5. Petra says:

    I have never water fasted. I would love to do so though. I have been vegan for 5 years and mother of a 2 year old very heathy and energetic daughter. I still nurse her. Would it be safe and recommended for me to do water fasting or should I wait until I am done with breastfeeding?…which shall be in about a year or so. Thank you for any kind of advice. Anyway, great job with all your shows Kevin and Annmarie! Thanks for enlightening me!

  6. Jet says:

    Been watching your show regularly for about a year now, but this is the first time I’ve posted. This was a great interview! Enjoyed it very much, can’t wait for the rest. Yes, I’ve tried water fasting, the longest being three days, mostly for spiritual reasons, but found the effects on my body to be fantastic and very interesting. I would love to do a longer one, but as Dr. Goldhamer said I feel it best to have some supervision, even though I show no symptoms of illness.
    Thanks for a great show. Take good care. xo

  7. Dawni says:

    Yes, 3 day and 5 day water fasting in the 80’s.

    In my 20’s, the only fasting I knew of was water fasting. Juice fasting feels like cheating. It is totally satisfying – the words Juice Feasting applies.

    Wow, Dr. Goldhammer is quite remarkable.

    Looking forward to the other two segments. I will go to True North…

    Enjoy Costa Rica!!!!


  8. Jenn P says:

    Does lemon water count? I try to do that every Sunday from wake to sleep.

    Lisa, I LOVE your $10/day blog!!

  9. imlivingandlearning says:

    Thanks K&AM for this interview. I wish I could slow down the playback to understand what Dr. G is saying better. He speaks NUMEROUS words at a BREAKNECK pace—swallowing many of them. 🙁 It takes a HERCULEAN effort to understand what he is saying. I thought you spoke quickly, Kevin, but I have never had a problem understanding you.

    Anyway, I have only fasted involuntarily. Now that I am trying to choose whether to water fast or juice fast I need answers to my questions so I will go back to listening to this video (took a break cuz it is so tiring to try to understand him) to see if they are in this interview. Great timing for me. Thank you!

    I posted my “Congratulations” on FP’s YouTube Channel a few days ago. I hope you will have a WONDERFUL trip and visit in CR.

    Take care

  10. PD says:

    I read Dr. Goldhamer’s information along with many others and did a 40 Day (spiritual) water only fast.

    Subsequently, I fast one day a week. I actually enjoy fasting and do not feel good unless I do fast regularly.

    My water fast was spiritually focused and to this day know I could not of done it without God’s help.

    My GP monitored me weekly with a full panel of tests and physically examined me to ensure I wouldn’t “die”! Seeing the empirical evidence he believes in the power of fasting but does not promote it.

    I never felt so go during and after the fast. Some days I slept for 13 hrs plus and other days I felt like O could climb K2.

    I encourage everyone to do their homework. Read everything you can on fasting and start small. The homework with mentally begin to prep you and change your belief systems to allow you to engage in a long term water fast.

    Godspeed and Shalom,

  11. Helena says:

    This was a great interview, I am looking forward to hearing more from Dr. Goldhamer.
    I have not done a water fast as of yet.
    Thanks for the show.

  12. Michele says:

    Very cool interview, Kevin. I’ve been looking into True North ever since I heard about it at the Living Light Expo last summer. I grew up in Santa Rosa and used to walk by the building where True North is on my way to school. Synchronicity! Their rates are reasonable. I’m stopping by on my next trip to visit Mom. Oh, they also prepare raw/vegan food for there or to go! I too am curious as to which oils Dr. G is referring to. I add Udo’s to my diet. Does that count? Have fun in Costa Rica. Can’t wait to see your videos from CR…I’ll be going in January.
    Michele Malchow
    Reno, NV

  13. kimme says:

    Kevin, could you clarify what Dr. Goldhammer means by flour? I am assuming that he probably tailors his interviews for the general public so he means flours made from conventional grains but then wouldn’t he just say grains…or does he mean anything that can be turned into a flour like nuts and seeds?

  14. Sharon says:

    Yes, I’ve water fasted for seven days once on my own. I really hope he talks more about what NOT to do when water fasting. I really didn’t know the dangers of what I was doing. I didn’t rest enough and I was WAY too toxic to do a fast without supervision. Too many toxins being released so quickly can damage your detox organs and endocrine system especially the thyroid.

    Petra, when you’re breastfeeding you’re detoxing steadily already. If you fast you will overload your child with toxins. Please wait!

  15. jak jak says:

    oh dear, couldn’t hear clearly enough to stay longer than a couple of mins, sulking slightly. is gram flour on the NO list?

  16. Phyllis says:

    Hey Kev & Annmarie,

    I really loved the interview and can’t for the rest. Yes, I have done a water fast many years ago for Spiritual reasons. It lasted for about 10-14 days. It was great. I do believe that one needs to be careful and perhaps it sould be done with supervision. Sometimes before going on a long juice fast I will start it off with 1 day of water fasting.

    I enjoyed the interview and can’t wait for the rest. Oh yes, was the doctor saying to remove oil, sugar (assuming sweetner) and flour. Can you clarify.

    Thanks again and have a safe and wonderful trip.

  17. eyla says:

    I have never water fasted, to be honest it is a very daunting idea for me.
    I am very interested in it though, and very happy that you have this interview, what he is saying makes a lot of sense.

  18. Lorien says:

    I used to water fast a lot. One day a week and then a three day once a month. My longest fast was for 10 days. I have done several fasts of seven days. I haven’t done it in years, never made any difference in how I felt. It would be interesting to try it again now that my diet is pretty raw. I don’t juice or do smoothies at this point but intend to add them once I have the equipment I need.

  19. Jan says:

    I heard about water fasting a few years ago and asked my dotor about it. She thought I was crazy.
    Do you really need to do this under a doctors care? If so how to find a doctor that knows about water fasting?

  20. thank you, I did 7 day’s, it is 🙂

  21. hyesun says:

    wow……..i have so much to say about this. i went to true north 3 years ago to do a 21 day water fast w/ dr goldhamer and it was the WORST thing i ever did in my life. in retrospect, it is one of my biggest regrets. i completely agree with sharon above (#14). water fasting is the most intense detox you can do and if you are nutritionally deficient and too toxic, your liver won’t be able to handle all the toxins and will send everything back into your body, bloodstream, and organs, which is what happened to me. especially since they don’t believe in doing any kind of colon cleansing during the fast (enemas, colonics or even magnesium). so i didn’t have a single bowel movement for 21 days. it completely destroyed my health and i’ve been suffering and trying to recover my health since then. i developed peripheral neuropathy (still have it) at the end of the fast. plus all my hormones (thyroid, sex hormones, etc) are still really messed up. i haven’t been able to gain the weight back either so i’m still underweight (about 100 lbs). so i just say BE CAREFUL even if you go to a center like this!!!!! make sure you don’t have heavy metal toxicity, which i do (and did) which is why it probably didn’t work for me. if you want to know more of my experience my email is barefoothp@yahoo.com. i have more to say, believe it or not!!!!

  22. Dorothy says:

    What a wonderful interview! It’s been years since I’ve done a water fast – I think I was in my twenties and it was a “group fast” we were doing at the church I use to attend. I’ve recently done a juice fast for just 2 days. I find it really difficult to fast when I have to work – I’m surrounded by food and as a dietitian I have to talk about food all day so my fasting is generally a weekend thing.
    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  23. Mark says:

    Hi guys,

    Love the show and information…
    I would be interested in knowing:-
    If you were diagnosed with cancer What systems / protocols would you put in place to give your self the best chance of curing yourself? (please be very specific)
    If you were diagnosed with heart disease what systems / protocols would you put in place to give your self the best chance of curing yourself? (please be very specific)
    The reason I ask this is that almost everyone we know will die from one of these things (not with standing accidents) and it is very hard to get a definitive answer. I realise that the information you give is not medical advice; However, I am sure many people would appreciate a solid starting point.
    Many thanks
    Keep up the good work

  24. Charlotte says:

    Please do a show on water fasting, the best way to do it, how to go into and out of it, what to expect,…

  25. gloria Sayles says:

    Yes I have done a water fast in the 80`s for 13 days. After the 13 days I would drink water one day a week for about 6 months. After the 3rd day it became very peaceful and centering experence.

  26. Pamme says:

    Nope, but thinking about it… so thanks for the interview. Looking forward to parts 2 & 3!

    If you get a chance, check out Finca de Vida (http://www.farmoflifecr.com/) near Dominical area while you are in Costa Rica. I just attended Dr. Sam’s Raw-Habilitation retreat (http://www.rawhabilitation.com/) there and it was beautiful! (Swimming in waterfalls and eating raw foods… paradise!) Brian & Jody Calvi would love to have you!

  27. Tandi says:

    I have done water fasting for 24 hours once per month and have planned to start doing it for 24 hours every week. I would love to do a longer water fast to help recover from some long standing health issues, someday I will do a longer water fast. What an awesome episode!

  28. Sandy says:

    I want to try water fasting, but Dr. Fuhrman told me that I had to lose more weight first and or I wouldn’t have a good experience with it as I would still be too toxic.
    By the way, Kevin, you are looking exceptionally healthy and happy lately; not just “hyper” but like you truly are calm and feel great and have a lot of natural energy.

  29. Julie says:

    Most of the comments have been positive and a few negative ones. I have not ever done a water fast or even heard of doing that. There is no mention of what kind of water to do the fast with? However I am suprised doing a water fast and some had problems not getting the colon to cleanse wile doing the water fast. I drink alkaline water daily and every morning I get up and drink about 3 or 4 glasses of alkaline water on an empty stomach. Then wait to eat at least 45 minutes after doing this. I find this simple thing cleans out your system easily usually within the first hour. Find out more, http://www.youralkalinebody.com or http://www.youralkalineh2o.com Alkaline water is the way to go for so many reasons. You can do it to.

  30. I went to True-North last September for a 7day water fast and had a great experience. The staff was available 24/7, and I learned a lot. I did not harsh detox symptoms as I had been eating a raw vegan diet for 9 months and prepared myself by eating only raw fruits and veggies 3 days prior to arriving. You really need complete rest and I could not do it while trying to work or even do errands. I would not do it for more than a 3 days without medical supervision. I did see people that were put back on juices if they were detoxing too fast, many start their detox by just eating their food for several days. For every 3 days of fasting you need to stay 1 day for re-feeding. Breaking the fast is very important and needs to be done correctly. I highly recommend True-North.

  31. john says:

    I Agree- Oil, flour ,sugar, and Dairy, Will do a body in early. This would be in line with Dr.Norman Walker.As for a water fast as well. I had tried water fasting on and off thru the years for one -two days .Also have tried not eating once or twice a week,on and off. But my appetite comes knocking at my stomaches door and I give in.

  32. Bradley says:

    I don’t post on here much Kev, but I just want to say I hope you keep up the good work. I am not religious and don’t particular believe in god, but if anyone is doing god’s work you would be one of them. You’re awesome! Hope to meet you some day bro. Next time you roll through St. Louis gimme a holla.

  33. imlivingandlearning says:

    To hyesun @ Comment #20

    I am really happy to have your comment on this page. Although I believe a body can accomplish awesome things for itself during a fast that it cannot during non-fasting periods I SOOOOOOO understand and believe that MANY—let me revise that—MOST people living in the industrialized world are TOO unhealthy to reap the BENEFITS of fasting.

    If u happen to be someone who has not eaten the S.A.D.(standard American diet) for ANY significant part of your life AND conversely HAVE eaten a healthy, organic, whole fruit & vegetable diet for longer than you haven’t, live in an area of the world w/o significant environmental pollution, are relatively young (2-3 mercury amalgam fillings, or have compromised body systems (i.e., immune, endocrine), perhaps you could avoid the potential damaging effects of jumping into an extended water fast without months—perhaps YEARS—of “prep” work. That, unfortunately does NOT describe the majority demographic. 🙁

    Perhaps we are jumping the gun here as Kevin says there are 2 more segments to this interview. Certainly Dr. G will expound on his recommendations of who would be better advised NOT to water fast but instead continue to DILIGENTLY delete all dietary items that don’t PROMOTE and SUPPORT a healthy body. However, he does say that this can be a “jump start” for people who are the worst offenders and can’t lose the “taste” for the harmful stuff. Hmmmm, I tend to think that group would be most at risk for the deleterious effects of a water fast especially if they have compromised body systems to start with—sometimes just barely under the “tipping point” AND undetectable UNTIL an event like fasting tilts it into fail! 🙁 These, too are likely the people MOST anxious for a “quick fix” which sadly, IMHO, really doesn’t exist, EVEN if that quick fix is the age-old potentially healthy protocol of fasting.

    Hyesun, I think your post has added very important balance to this particular series of videos and I personally will continue to work day by day to become “healthy enough” (LOL) to water fast. Unfortunately for me that is likely quite far in the future as I would DEFINITELY have to have MANY mercury amalgam fillings removed before I would ever attempt it.

    I hope you will regain and attain better health day by day as well. Best wishes to you and again, thank you for your post.

  34. imlivingandlearning says:

    (Edit to post #28)

    SHOULD read:

    are relatively young, have no more than 2-3 mercury amalgam fillings, and NO compromised body systems (i.e., immune, endocrine), …

  35. imlivingandlearning says:

    P.S. I want to ad that until reading hyesun’s post my PRIMARY concern about undertaking my extended water fast was losing muscle mass. I was perfectly happy to abandon considering all the other even more serious concerns that would be pertinent to my PARTICULAR situation for the seductive allure of the “quick fix.” Wow! That’s what I call a slap upside the head! 🙁

  36. Madison says:

    I have never done long term water fasting…I get too hungry, i guess.
    Thanks again for your show!

  37. Kristine says:

    Thank you. Very interesting interview and I look forward to the next two. I have not done a water only fast yet. Right now I do a 1.5 day juice/water fast a week. This is an intense enough experience for my body. I should add that each week I feel better.

  38. hyesun says:


    thanks for your feedback and your good wishes. i completely agree with you that people are way too toxic nowadays because of everything we’re bombarded with (besides the SAD) and so everyone should proceed with caution. btw, i did lose TONS of muscle mass when i fasted. anyway, i think juice fasting and colon cleansing is a much safer way to detox and cleanse, if someone wants to fast long term.

  39. Deanna says:

    Yes I’ve water fasted but only for short periods.I have juice fasted for longer periods.I’ve gotten some much needed insights and answers from my Savior on one of these occasions. I fast every year on the Day of Atonement. Never have done long term fasting over say 3 or 4 days. Good interview.

  40. rudolf says:

    my first reaction was wtf? medicinal ?, than I listedned to interview – absolutely nothing new or usefull there. waterfasting is somthing which was known to humanity for milions years and was common knowledge and practice across all tehprevious civilization. We are lucky to have access to yoga and all teh various yoga prcatices so we know what water fast is and what is not. So medicinal ? it is either another attempt of medicine to steal something and make it into $$$ spin, or more likely lead teh health movement to blind street, if you cant bann something – than twist it from usefull to harmfull. To advice people on multiday water fast and notallow the bowell cleansing procedure is in my view highly irresponsible and realy law should look at this and clasify it as criminal act.
    There is anotherdoctor running waterfasting clinics where bowell cleansing is forbidden, only medical doctor can come up with something like this. Get hold ofsome proper yoga texts, learn about Shankprakshalana, when I did my yoga studies, itwas firstto learn this guts cleansing routine and only after this was mastered you could do few days of water fast with daily guts cleaning. Many decades ago there was medical reseacrh done on yoga and fasting and enemas were administered daily to all participants as a matter of course, these were doctors of course
    not from USA. The basic idea of any detox is : get toxins released from tissues and pushed them out ofteh bodyvia guts cleans-bowell movement, before they can be reabsorbed and re-poison teh body again. Of course such longterm fasting detoxing is relatively safe, there is no daram so no doctoprs suopervision or clinc $$$ fees could be justified. Everybody in the raw food movement likely knows well who the other doctor promoting the fast and banns guts clean is.

  41. Ed says:

    That’s nice stuff,a revisit to the seventies with a 2010 update. Resetting the system with a periodic water fast is like a hard drive C clean up. Weekends and even holiday weekends have done well for me. Healing crisis “That change in a disease that indicates weather the result is to be recovery or death.” mostly come into play when I feel too good to put a stop to it when I go back to work and get a light-headed headache,an emergency apple or two is all the meds. required. Looking forward to the final installments on this interview.Be happy and enjoy the wedding.

  42. Sara says:

    I’ve not fasted – but I’ve gone from snacking all day long to eating once a day [or 1.5x a day] and it makes a big difference with my autoimmune issues. Says a lot, methinks.

    Also, DOOON’T cut your hair. It’s rad.

  43. Alyse says:

    I water fasted at True North for 12 days and can corroborate Hyesun’s experience. I personally feel that if you are going to fast that you need to get the toxins OUT so you don’t reabsorb them back into your body from your colon. They do not promote colonics or enemas during your fast, feeling it is too stimulating. I know of several poor people there who developed health problems due to lack of elimination once they broke their fast and continued to have problems after their departure. I have other opinions about the clinic, but won’t comment any further.

    My recommendation is for each person to thoroughly investigate water fasting. I have also done a 7-day water fast at home, getting colonics during that time, and it went beautifully. I also continue to water fast one day a week and love it.

    Extended water fasting does slow down your metabolism and regardless of how minimal your activity, the loss of muscle is pretty dramatic. Those are the negatives to extended fasts. I prefer shorter 1- to 7-day fasts, feeling they are equally, if not more, beneficial.

  44. jackie says:

    Several years ago I water fasted for 3 days one time/year for 2 or 3 years. I didn’t really notice any big difference, which is probably why I haven’t done it since. I remember breaking my fast with juices, so the whole process may have been 5 days before I started eating food again.

  45. Joyce Braun says:

    i water fast here and there for a day or so, but once i did for about 8 days… i felt crappy the fourth day, but wow after it was all over, i felt amazing!

    i’d do it again if it wasnt so hard to start!

    i cant wait to see the rest of what he has to say 🙂 Great info!

  46. Connie says:

    Yes, as a matter of fact–just recently I have done two 3-day water-only fasts. I was motivated to do so and instructed how to do so by Dr. Jeff Hazim, in his video at http://www.detoxordie.com

    His teaching convinced me that I wasn’t going to die if I went without food for a few days, which was a major sticking point. Another one was that Dr. Jeff said that the hunger switch turns off somewhere between 24-36 hours for most people, and then you don’t even feel hungry. Ideally you would then fast until you did feel hungry again which could be weeks, but I wasn’t inclined to test that theory.

    I felt so good during and after the first fast that I wanted to do another one as soon as possible. It was like a switch went on (or off?) for me and I was able to be amazingly disciplined about my food for the next couple weeks. I did not even have a headache!

    With the second fast I tried to go four days, but began to feel unwell so I didn’t quite make it. Probably it was the detox I was after so next time I will be better prepared and make it go 4 days. I was disappointed that I did NOT have the level of discipline after the second fast that I had after the first, so perhaps that was just a coincidence or just that I was so focussed on making it really mean something. I will have to focus in future on maintaining whatever ground I retake during fasts.

    My plan is to try to schedule a short water fast once a month.


  47. Monica says:

    I did a 10 day water fast after reading Dr. Furhman’s book on fasting. It went really well but I did it on my own. I didn’t use colonics or anything but felt fine throughout. I had a phone appt with Dr. Furhman and sent him my pre-fasting blood tests. He told me that since I had only been eating high raw for a short period of time, I didn’t have enough healthy reserves to stay on the fast. I broke the fast according to his recommendations and, overall, it was a good experience. It probably helped that I was overweight and had a lot of excess to use as reserves. My sister who is very lean started the fast with me but after four days felt so ill, she broke the fast. Thank god she did because she had not been eating raw for much longer than me and really did not have the needed healthy resources.

    Dr. Furhman is a really great resource on fasting and has told me that anyone who eats high raw/vegan/healthy for at least a year (and has no outstanding health issues) should be fine fasting for 7 days with water.

    But, I really, really, really recommend a nutritional blood test b4 doing a water fast esp. if u haven’t had one recently. If u’re low in b12 or vit d, i think u could really hurt urself by going lower.

  48. Lori says:

    I have done 9 long water fasts. I was relieved of CFS , life long depression, fibromyalgia, among other things. Each time I complete a long fast, I feel like a new person. The fasting process can be rough, but the results for me have been great !

  49. Jackie says:

    This wss a very interesting interview. Can’t wait to hear the rest. Yes, I wish Dr. Goldhamer would speak a bit slower. Never water fasted but I have recently started breaking my evening fast (breakfast) with a glass of water. Makes a difference in how I feel in the morning and my energy level. I would like to try it for a longer period, maybe 24 hours. I’ll decide after I hear the other 2 segments.

  50. teri says:

    I have water fasted three day and juice fasted longer … My Dr told me NOT to fast… I disagree with her and agree with Dr goldhamer. It can be confusing out there, eat this don’t do that…. We need to change our brains, food IS medicine and most stores and fast food changes piss me off that we are poisening the world. I can only try to feed me and family what I think is good . Makes ya want to give up eating…I’ll wait three hours and see if I still feel that way… probably not. Gezzzzzzz
    Kevin what do we do….

  51. Nick says:

    I’ve fasted twice, but that was like 20 yrs ago. Once for 7 days then maybe 2 yrs later for 8 days. I was hungry for only the first 3 days. Then rather than feeling weak I had a more energy than usual, doubtlessly from my body not having to digest yet more food, freeing up energy for me to pour into whatever other activity. I did face the problem of autointoxication due to nothing going in & pushing thru so waste can come out the other end. That is how it felt to me.

    I had read what was then an old book, Fasting Can Save your Life by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton … I just googled his name to see if i remembered it right. Pretty impressive. Check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_M._Shelton But I didn’t take from that book, nor maybe did it even contain what I’ve since learned, mostly in the last, about 4 yrs. My problem is I didn’t want to take anything at all so I wouldn’t f up the fasting effect. I guess my organs were in good enough shape back then, & hydrated enough. Cuz in spite of my pee going black, even tho i was drinking heavily (water), & in spite of my tongue caking & darkening too, i still felt OK. OK, maybe it was that i was in my late 20’s. i was overweight by a heavy overrich extremely SAD diet. I was almost 200 lbs, & felt like my health was being crushed under only that much extra weight. seems some people can carry, what are to me startling loads, & scarcely bat an eye at their condition. maybe my consitution isn’t so robust. Hence why I’ve had to take such extreme measures. But given modern living & lifestyle, such extremes are needed to remedy/undo the loooongoing assualt, eh

    In hindsight I’d keep the rifices of elimination actively open, using natural Pedialye rehydrants, sea salt flush, & more exercise than I did on my past fasts…& sweats too (saunas)

  52. Ramona says:

    I have always been fascinated with fasting was unable to do it. Each time I tried I would have dizziness and body trembles among other things. When I became a raw vegan I did not have those issues.

    I was guided to water fast one day a week for one year. I found it was not enough so for the next 5 years I would only drink water on Mondays and Fridays. Toward the end time I was guided to stop which I did. I only water fast on days of the full moon.now.

    I enjoyed the freedom of not having to be tied down to the food eating process and I felt cleaner and lighter.

    This is what worked for me for that time. I always listen to my body’s messages and do my best to follow them.

  53. Nick says:

    Now that I’ve watched Dr. who talks like doctors are known to write — obfuscatorily? — and read some comments on who all shouldn’t fast, there are protocols which ready way toxic people for a safe healing fast, as opposed to the feared autoinox nightmare. Like a raw diet is a detox, eliminating diet, which, in maybe an odd but very real way, fits the fasting model. Then rehydrating dilutes the organs so toxins can be released & not caught up where they oughtn’t. Getting on a good diurnal sleeping cycle & such could set up ALMOST anybody for a successful fast. Just like, never say never

  54. Deb says:

    I have fasted many times in many ways over the years. and I find that water fasting is the only way to go. Not only for the benefits but for the comfort .When fasting with, say the Master Clense (honey and lemon water)I found it kept me hungry thorough the whole fast, as opposed to a water fast (only being hungry for the first couple of days). Then the rest was a breeze. when you ingest anything at all besides water the body has to send energy to digest it so it slows down the healing and rejuvenation process while the energy that you ere healing with goes to do the job. therefore slowing down the healing ,rejuvenation process. I also found that when fasting with water I had so much energy I didn’t know what to do with it and when adding anything to the fast besides water I wold get tired. Now Try them on for yourself then You choose

  55. Hi Kevin

    I have done water fasting for a single day a week and up to 7 consecutive days as part of my coconut water cleanse. It is a difficult thing to do long term (more the fact that I did it on my own, which I am aware and very careful, but don’t suggest anyone do it on their own, unless they are well versed in the implications and “detox reactions/symptoms” that occur while fasting). I have also done “dry” fasting for as long as 2 and 1/4 days (again, I don’t recommend anyone doing this, especially if you have never ever fasted with water).

    You can check out my blog with a 42 day coconut water cleanse documented each day. I have not had the chance to write any new articles, lately, but hope to in the future. Go to: http://www.rawsomegal.wordpress.com and you need to click on the archive for December 2009, when I started my cleanse. There are other health-related articles written, as well.

    Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beauty 🙂

  56. Mary Artemis says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

    We did a water fast 2 years ago in Panama at Tanglewood Health Center. It was amazing and I witnessed firsthand how the body completely heals itself by burning up all the crap. What I was left with is pure unadulterated ENERGY. After water fasting 11 days then 3 days re-feeding with fruit, I lost 20 pounds (much needed) and regained my strength & vigor for weeks and weeks, until I began eating the crap again.

    It is much better though than before the fast. And I hear that each time you fast you can rid yourself of another toxic craving. It’s been 4 years since my last soda and since my fast I crave green drinks and salads and pasta and cheese enchiladas much less. It gets better and better……

    Mary from Stamford, CT

  57. Cindy says:

    I hope we get more info on how to do one in the coming interviews but i want to say that last week i had to ‘water fast’ to prepare for a colonoscopy. i exercised as usual and did 75 mins of swimming, pool walking, stretching in water etc and felt horrible all day (dizzy, light headed). You are allowed to eat jelly and clear soup which i then tried and i felt sick. Should you exercise while fasting? I wonder if i hadn’t if it would have made a difference. I have wanted to try fasting for a long time but the thought scares me (probably addicted to eating) and although people say they are full of energy I wasn’t so i wonder if it works for everybody.

  58. Kathryn says:

    It is my understanding that a lot of health issues actually started with the introduction of low fat diets along with margarine, vegetables oils, soy and factory farming.

    Then you have studies like the China Study which leads you to the understanding that Dairy is the greatest evil of all foods.

    Next thing you know Whole Paycheck starts removing raw dairy from its stores and tons of fake soy foods enter in the name of “Saving our Health” from the evil animal foods.

    I’ve seen the greatest Co-op in this great nation of ours destroy themselves in the name of Vegan and Vegetarian Propaganda.

    Most health food stores and co-ops are pretty much a terrible joke and rip-off. Too much MSG is actually the real problem!

    If people want to deprive themselves of nourishing foods and go on water fasts, etc. then please go ahead. To take away precious food from the masses in the name of an agenda is just wrong.

    Do you even know whose agenda you are really supporting? I’ll give you a hint – it starts with a B___h.

    I’m sorry if I sound a bit angry, but I am so tired of all the good food that has been made almost impossible to obtain – especially by mothers.

    Please think about what your movement is doing to the health of our children – of what use to be a great nation.

    Again, I sincerely apologize for my outburst, but I just can’t take it anymore!

  59. I water fasted once decades ago for 3 days, for spiritual reasons, but broke it with junk food. I felt awful.
    My biggest problem is the nagging question “why bother?”
    My parents are 85 and going strong. Grandparents were 80s and 90s.
    In-laws died in 80s and 90s.
    Where do I find statistics that vegans live longer, or don’t get cancer, or heart problems, or whatever.
    Oh yes, what do vegans die from?

    P.S. We’re vegan (at home) and about 50% raw and have benefited from the diet. But the quiet little voice asks, why bother?

  60. Liberty says:

    Having successfully water fasted for 12 days on my own without monitoring….I felt wonderful the entire time; my energy increased; my mind was clearer; strangely, my hair thickened up and I lost 18 pounds.

    I will water fast again. In my experience on this water fast, and other shorter ones, day 2-3 were the toughest to get through, but after that, it was smooth sailing 🙂

    I recommend Daniel fasting (fruits and veggies only) for 2 to 3 days prior to a water fast, this helps kick start the detox and lessens the likelihood of negative symptoms such as a severe headache, etc. during the first few days of the water fast.

    The only negative symptom which I experienced on my longest water fast was slight dizziness during day 10 of that water fast after taking a hot shower.

  61. Jacquie says:

    Great show, great interview and great comments above. I tried to water fast once and had such a horrendous headache by late afternoon that I gave up and made a smoothie. I haven’t tried it again as I have believed I’m too toxic. I just started my conversion to a healthy lifestyle a year ago and, as livingandlearning said, I will also continue to try to get healthy enough to water fast; but, it is a long ways in the future. I’m very interested to hear the rest of the interview. Thanks, as always, for the great things you two do. 🙂

  62. Hi Kevin

    I did try a few years ago and I could not water fast with the headaches etc,.. Even going on Dr richard schulzes foundation program was hard enough.

    Floride Question

    I noticed that you have Tulsi Tea. Is this from India? I have read a lot of sites/info on the horrors of Floride and the bone damage.
    Do you know how much floride is in tulsi tea?

    I find it hard to get reliable info on this as I am trying to take as little as possible to try and reverse my bone condition.

    ((I was diagnosed with Oesteoporosis and was still horrifed a yr later when my bone density had not changed much, and my back was worse.))

  63. Richard Dennis says:

    40 day water fast a few years ago. Interesting experience. Next time I’ll drink more water.. lol. I’m looking forward to doing some fasting over the summer months. It seems easier over the warmer months.

  64. Velda says:

    Years ago I did a 7-day water fast. On my no – no medical supervision. It wasn’t all that difficult in terms of “symptoms” of fasting or cleansing, but it was hard. I was told later that a water fast for that lenght of time can be unhealthy.

  65. Tressey says:

    I have not tried water fasting since going high raw, but would love too. I am very thin and was told that due to my thinness, fasting is not recommended. Even when I go to the doctor for blood work, I always have to be retested after eating as it shows negative results. Any suggestions or similar experiences any one?

  66. rainbow says:

    i’ve done many, many water fasts, and they have always been helpful and rather easy. the shortest was five days. the longest for purely spiritual reasons was seventeen days. but the longest water fast i ever did was a month and a half, because i had come into contact with hundreds of toxic little critter bugs in a cave i was staying in. i had been told it was a dead cave, but the critters sure found me, and fast. i pulled ticks off my toes in the morning, and many other things. it happened very fast, and i became extremely ill. thankfully, it hit me in exactly the right place, the home of a dear friend who knew and appreciated fasting. so i water fasted, which was the only thing i could even attempt to do (big pharma is worse than useless and toxic). i went to bed and barely moved except when necessary for the next month and a half, until i felt ready to eat again. that one was challenging, but quite effective. (i was down to 75 pounds by the end of it, and quite weak.) it was not my first fast by any means, so i was familiar with it, and i was not alone. and though i never felt i needed it, i did also have phone support from someone knowledgeable about fasting. i had already been vegan for many years, and ate as much raw and organic as was ever available, so i never really experienced much in the way of adverse reactions, except for the symptoms of the toxic critters, which eventually went away. most of my water fasts have been for mostly spiritual reasons, while also helping me cleanse my body. i think water fasting is really wonderful. i need to do another!

  67. Mr. Meltdown says:

    That was truly a fascinating interview! I have to agree with everything Dr. Goldhamer said and will conduct some more research about his methods. I will give this post 10 out of 10 stars!! Excellent Post! Thanks

  68. caron says:

    while I certainly agree with what this Dr. has to say

    this dr. seriously need to learn how to be interviewed /…I have never heard any interview so hard to listen to in my life…he says three sentences in on breath


  69. Patricia says:

    I did a water fast several years ago. It was the best fast I have ever done. I felt so good after 3 days that I did not want to come off of the fast. I had an enormous amount of energy and my skin completely cleared up. I felt better than I had in years. I have fallen off the wagon and after seeing this video, I think it is about time that I started doing this again. This will give me the jump start I need to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

  70. Debbie says:

    Hi. I am a 50-year-old-woman who was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago. Since that time I have progressed to the point of having great difficulty with walking, numbness and tingling in my feet, and the new onset of muscle spasticity upon standing from a seated position (within the last month). The medical community has offered little-to-no help other than putting me on Copaxone. Obviously, there is no cure for MS. I came across water fasting in the last week, as I was looking for a way to increase my receptiveness to my first Reike experience, and water fasting was listed as a helpful preparation. Intrigued, I investigated this further, and to my astonishment read that water fasting helps with autoimmune disorders, of which MS is one of. I am currently undertaking my first 10-day water fast, and am 5 days into this. To this point, I have lost 10 pounds, now weighing 142, my numbness and tingling has disappeared from my feet, my muscle spasticity upon standing is completely gone. I cannot evaluate my motor abilities as of yet because I am feeling weakness due to the fast, but can feel that there has been some improvement in the lifting of my right leg, which is the leg that has given me trouble; it feels lighter. I feel certain that by maintaining a healthful “natural” diet, exercising, and by implementing routine fasting, I will overcome this debilitating disease. I am overjoyed with my results thus far and am forever grateful to the work done by physicians such as Dr. Alan Goldhamer. He is a truly a pioneer in the medical profession. We owe him, and other physicians who are studying the effects of “natural medicine” a debt of gratitude. Thank you.

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