Dr. Mercola on Agave, Soy and Vaccines – The Renegade Health Show Episode #535

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I’ve been learning from Dr. Joe Mercola for years now…

Many of you have as well.

Today, I’m excited to bring you one of the experts you’ve requested to see most. πŸ™‚

In this episode, Dr. Mercola finally puts the nail in the agave coffin by discussing the dangers of agave syrup, he explains why soy may or may not be a good idea and talks about Andy Wakefield and he recent vaccine studies and how the affect your health freedom.

Your question of the day: Do you still have agave in your cupboard?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living β€” he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols β€” including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more β€” to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com β€” which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Caroline says:

    Answer: I tried it at first, but i soon realized that it was like consuming…oh, i don’t know..maybe a bunch of (HF)corn syrup. not even like regular sugar so much. So i researched it, and came up with the fructose vs. glucose statistics. have not used it since. now i just don’t know what to do with it; it’s been sitting in my fridge for a couple months now…

    P.s. I’m getting my mother hooked on this show, too! =] hehe

  2. Allen says:

    Never bought agave, although I’ve eaten it at potlucks. I like stevia better anyway, although I probably eat too much fruit.

  3. Page says:

    I never had agave in my cupboard, have never used agave, and will never use agave!
    I do use tofu from time to time, though.

  4. Doug from Dallas says:

    wowza, no agave in my cupboard now! thanks for the update here. /Doug.

  5. Debbie Grezik says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Cool interview, thanks !!! No Agave, the minute I learned it wasn’t actually a raw product as claimed, I quit buying it. But actually didn’t use much of it anyway as it was too sweet for me.
    Peace out

  6. bitt says:

    got agave off the shelf. sad because a lot of raw recipes use it. so i’m making up my own.

    i have eaten a few things that are packaged with agave in them. i don’t feel quite as good when eating it.

  7. Craig says:



  8. Adriana says:

    Wow, thank you so much for this very informative interview. From you Kevin, I already knew about agave so I don’t use it anymore. It was still nice to learn all the details about the percentage of the fructose

  9. melissa says:

    Wondering where we should be getting our calories? If being vegan…. and grains, soy, and high-fruit are discouraged, does that mean we have to base our diet on nuts? I know that doesn’t work for me and my digestive tract, personally. I know we need lots of greens, but they are so low-cal. CONFUSING!! πŸ˜›

  10. Karen says:

    Hey Kevin

    Great show – I have been anti agave for quite a while now, so there is none in my cupboards. I use manuka honey as a sweetener, or yacon syrup, which is now being grown and made in New Zealand under vacuum so they can keep the heat down. Great stuff! Check out http://www.gazmik.co.nz – I believe they are supplying product to David Wolfe for retail. Also good to hear the info about Andy Wakefield – look forward to the interview.

  11. Monica says:

    Actually yes, I did think agave was healthy in the past, before Kevin enlightened me about it. Then I thought it was just because of the processing, but now I’ve been shocked once more since Mercola pointed that it’s because of the fructose in it! I’ve seen healthy people who care very much about anything they eat or do, I’ve seen them using fructose instead of sugar all the time… I’ll tell them the truth πŸ˜‰
    I still have a half full small bottle of agave in the kitchen, I’m not discarding it right now, but I won’t replace it when it’s over… thanks for the video!

  12. No Agave in the cupboard since you talked about it Kevin and no chocolates if sweetened with agave.Lacuma and mesquite powders and coconut water and even stevia leaves are used instead.
    love peace and joy.

  13. Stephanie says:

    I have agave in my pantry, though I never labored under the delusion it was “healthy.” I have always assumed that no concentrated sugar removed from its original state actually qualifies as a health food – whether that’s corn syrup, maple syrup, honey, or cane juice. I do not use it daily or even often. I occasionally use it in raw comfort foods that require sweetness without a distinct flavor, and will probably continue to do so.

  14. Kimberly says:

    Yes, I do have agave in my cupboard which I used to make raw pudding with avocado. I knew it was bad from your last discussion on it, but I can say it is now in the garbage never to be bought again. I grow and dry (and grind) my own stevia so I guess I’ll use that from now on! Thanks for the great shows!

  15. Christie says:

    I thought agave was a healthy sweetener about a year ago and was buying it by the gallon! I now use a little honey and otherwise dried fruit for a sweetener. I guess I am still confused about fructose… doesn’t all fruit contain high level of this simple carbohydrate? Also, I am curious what Dr. Mercola thinks about the 80/10/10 diet.


  16. Sandi Seegert says:

    From the start, agave made me feel terrible! so when I read doctor Mercola’s info regarding that I knew I had to rid my house of that nasty stuff!

  17. Rosemarie says:

    I don’t have agave right now I use dates in my smoothies.
    I couldn’t hear him does he say no to whole grains. Plus this man does not look very healthy for being so smart about nutrition.
    With good nutrition he should not have lost all his hair. I am retired and my hair is turning from gfray to brown, people think I am dying my hair. Because I am eating wht “I” think is right. I am tired of hearing one day this is good then the next I am killing myself.
    I give up listening to people like Mercola.
    Soy “tofu” actually saved my life, thank you very mcuh.

  18. Selene says:

    I used to eat it, though mostly in prepared raw food desserts I bought or in dishes at raw restaurants. But, I began to notice how BAD I felt afterward. Also, I was appalled at the h-u-g-e amounts of agave called for in recipes in newer uncookbooks by chefs both well-known or not … and online. And, I knew for a fact that it wasn’t raw. Couldn’t be even though the manufacturers said it was.

    I’ve been raw a long time and when I started, we used dates or date paste (homemade) to sweeten desserts. Or simply ate fruits.

    So, no. No agave in my cupboard. Stevia (the highest quality liquid) and honey are there, though I rarely use either.

  19. I have been hearing bad things about agave lately, how it is too processed and denatured, so I have been leaning toward getting rid of it completely, and to be honest, Stevia is the main sweetener I use, but I think this does it. We still do have some half-agave, half-maple syrup stuff we will still use occasionally, but that high of a fructose concentration is a very bad thing in my opinion….

  20. Susan says:

    I had one small bottle to try it and my two grandsons make quick work of it. Now that I know the dangers, I won’t bother to replace it.

  21. Juliet says:

    Thank you for having Dr. Mercola on this interview. I am on his site as a member and receive e-mails on a consistent basis. And Yes! The Agave will go into the trash. Not that I used it that often, just bought into the whole health deception of it. When I awaken from a nap, I always crave sugar? So, today I had a handful of organic hunza raisons. Is this okay? I do limit my intake of fruit when juicing as well.

    Another fantastic show!

    Here is a link about the dangers of fructose:



  22. Never used Agave Never will
    Read it about years ago and never understood why it was going to be the next big sweetener.
    Dr Mercola has been a mentor for me probably over a decade now.
    Love almost all the info he puts out.
    Vaccinations my family never believed in them and at 39 y.o. can say I was never vaccinated growing up and seem healthy
    With soy I am guilty of using it. Don’t really use it anymore though. Maybe a pound a year.

  23. Nadia says:

    I have never chosen to play with agave or stevia. Both just never attracted me as a food. I have tasted them here or there when someone gave me something they made and I have never thought it tasted good or natural. I mostly use dates for sweetness (or other fruits). I respect Dr Mercola for all the info he presents but I am torn when I see him because his appearance doesn’t seem to emanate health to me. I know of others in the health field that carry the same look as him and I have usually found that same feeling of unhealth in them as well – some to quite a large degree. As all of us, I know he is always striving to be better and better and I hope that he can find the things that truly work to help his soul to shine its brightest.

  24. naomi says:

    the interview was hard to hear. never used agave, didn’t think it could be good! have stevia, maybe a little honey; guess i’ll have to cut my fruit intake though…

  25. Lorien says:

    nope, never had it (agave), never will. I am fairly new to raw but don’t really do the raw meal thing. I just eat food the way it shows up on the earth. I do cut things up for salad. Could be that I eat to much fruit. I have a handful of soaked goji berries mashed up with a bananna, a half cup of some kind of berry a few spices and some soaked chia in the morning. Then I have another piece of fruit at some point during the day. The rest of my intake is pretty much salad, with a handful of seeds at noon and a handful of nuts at night. I have small hands by the way. At some point I’ll have my blood checked. My salads contain 11 different vege’s and three or four greens so I am getting a good varity. No soy either, the stuff is just nasty. Love the show Kevin, I always learn a lot.

  26. nick says:

    Oh Great interview with one of My Heroes;” I was initially a little skeptical of Dr. Mercola because of the all the products he has and his use of fish and animal products but I understand
    his need to sell products; You may not be aware that Dr, Mercola is continually being harrassed and brought into frivolous lawsuits by pharmacuetical companies who are trying to dicredit him the same way they do to all those who threaten their profits and lies. I have always found Dr. Mercola to be open,honest and on tract and up to date on most important health issues no matter how it effects his financial status unlike MANY Health “professionals and Guru’s” !!

    In regards to Agave I could feel myself rejecting it if I ate to much of it, I heard Dr.Mercola speak of Agave before and will be advising friends and family to limit their intake of Agave, Thanks Kevin for spreading the word !!!

  27. Danielle says:

    Yea I thought it was a healthy option, but now I might have to figure out a different but still accessible product!
    But to be honest, I will probably still have it :(, it just tastes good HAHA

  28. raymond says:

    i like this guy kevin,he is like karl loren,he makes you understand what he is talking about!!!! thats what it is all about.yes i’ve heard that agave is good for you and yes we are throwing out our jar.god gave me a talent of seeing the truth in people and i have very good vibes on this guy.thanks kevin!!!but i’d like to know is thought on,if raw eggs are good for you or not?? good show kevin

  29. raymond says:

    raw cane sugar in its purest form is better than agave is’nt it?

  30. Do I still have agave in my cupboard? The answer is no. I used it for awhile, but began suspecting that it wasn’t a good thing when I heard all the bad news on fructose. Really sorry to see it go, but I can’t justify it’s use anymore, especially since I am battling metabolic issues. So it’s goodbye to agave, and now we are down to stevia (at least until we hear why stevia is bad!) ;-]

    I guess I just wonder if the whole issue of “sweet” is something I need to put behind me for good.

  31. natasha says:

    FYI, the sound on this video was very poor. I had an extremly hard time hearing Dr. Mecola.

  32. natasha says:

    Do you know anything about a grain called teff?

  33. Margie says:

    Saw and heard Dr. Mercola speak at David Wolfe’s Longevity Conference in Costa Mesa this past weekend and can tell you that Dr. Mercola absolutely is the picture of health AND, in my personal opinion, handsome to boot despite not having a full head of hair!

    Also saw Kevin there and he looks better and younger in person as well. The camera really does age you. And it’s probably why celebrities are literally covered in makeup when being filmed or photographed.

    If you ever have the good fortune of being able to meet either of these guys in person, I daresay you would agree with me that they are both prime examples of what great health looks like.

    Thanks Kevin and Dr. Mercola for being fearless health advocates! You guys are rock stars in my book!!!

  34. Sheree says:

    I am a bit confused by some of Dr Mercola’s advice, knowledge, whatever you want to call it. It is really confusing when you listen to so many great doctors. Much of what Mercola has said, that I have listened to or read contradicts what other greats like Dr. Fuhrman and Dr.McDougall have to say. Myself I could not be without grains (if that is what he said) I tried it once and became very sick. I am a vegan who mixes both raw and cooked. The only soy I use is Tamari, organic tofu, tempeh, and miso. I do try to stay away from anything with isolated soy protein in it. As for Agave, sadly I have a ton of that I bought before the news came out about how bad it is for you. It is on my shelf and rarely used. I hate to waste the money and throw it out.. I have at least a gallon plus left. :o(

  35. Roxanne says:

    So, I’m new to the raw food lifestyle. There are a lot of recipes that call for agave. What are options to use in place of agave?

  36. Eileen says:

    I think it’s a bit reckless to put fruit on the same par with agave in terms of # of grams of fructose to eat per day. While fructose sweetens both, fruit is 100% natural, original form, as it grew, with the fructose bound to fiber, minerals etc as opposed to Agave being essentially ONLY concentrated fructose and not resembling its original “harvest” state at all. Shall we demonize carrots next?

    Dried fruits do concentrate fructose, so I can understand limiting their consumption.

    I have Agave on hand, rarely use it. Really like soaked dates as a raw sweetener…again, though, tremendous concentration of fructose compared to most fruits.

    I think we need to stop imagining people like Mercola, David Wolfe, etc have all the answers. When Mercola suggests eating fruit will give you too much fructose and that will make you fat, I question where he got this idea. There’s too much junk science out there!

  37. john says:

    Thank you Kevin for the interview. Dr. Mercola has a lot of good things to say about sweet things especially Agave of which I had for the first time maybe three months ago ,but now no more .I do realize Dr. Mercola is for eating Organic- eggs,fish,meat .He says if one is Vegan for more than 7 years one can go blind because of a lack of B12, I wonder what research has been done to prove this.I also Know Adam and Eve were vegan as God Almighty Himself told Adam what foods were for him to eat ( Plants) .I also know that the strongest of beasts-elephant,Rhino,hippo,horse, Turtle,oxen, COWS to name a few all eat grass in one form or another and out live their counter part meat eaters like the Lion,tiger,Wolf,fox etc.Where do the strongest of beast get there B12 or protein or vitamins A,B,C,D,E-etc. It takes by far a tremendous amount of energy from the body to break down animal products in the digestion phase as opposed to a Vegan LifeStyle.ALL THEY EAT IS GRASS IN THE WILD. How does Dr.Mercola explain this. Also I was somewhat dismayed at him talking so Fast and several times I was unable to make out what he said ,he mumbled several times .If their is a message that is important I like to hear it loud and clear and distinct in english vocabulary at NORMAL conversation .I do not like to be talked at like an Auctioneer . Thank you Kevin for putting your heart in what you do, you have very good communication skills.

  38. When I first went vegan I bought a bottle. Then I started hearing all the controversy but never really understood it until now. Anyway, finished that bottle but never bought it again just because it was too suspect. Now, I use brown rice syrup, honey, or just raisins.

  39. Peg says:

    Nope–no agave. I was disappointed that it turned out to be so bad.

  40. Jos says:

    I do not use agave but I thought it was “healthier” than the average commercial sweetener, but of course now I know better!
    Thanks Kevin for the great interview!

  41. joel Katz says:

    Hi Y’all,
    Interesting comments and I admit that I have not read the literature. However,I have been using 2 teaspoons per day of raw agave for the last 10 months. It has not helped me in my struggle to gain 8 pounds. But that does not mean that it does not has other negative biochemistry. You should have asked him what sweeteners he can endorse. I may look for an alternative myself.
    Joel Katz, N.D.

  42. Carrie-ann says:

    Yes I have agave in my house. I use it about once a month and I do not use a lot at once. Maybe a teaspoon here and there. I find it hard to imagine that using it will do me much harm. Sure if you are putting a half a cup in smoothies or desert recipes…but a sprinkle here and there in replace of conventional sugar?

  43. greg says:

    I said no to agave awhile back but unfortunately it is not so easy convincing some people of the dangers with it…..blood sugar wise.

  44. Kristine says:

    Fortunately, I don’t have too much of a sweet tooth so I have never eaten harmful amounts of agave. Also, thanks to you and others I have been aware for some time that agave is bad for you. I found it very interesting that Dr. Mercola gave the guideline of 25 grams of fructose a day and the fact that high uric acid can be related to it or too much beer!

  45. Deanna says:

    I did know that is was bad but I do still have some in my kitchen, but I was not using it very much. I guess now I will have to give it up all together. Sucks because I like the stuff.

  46. Nicholas says:

    Hi Guys,
    Your overall Health is based upon what you Eat & Linked with Physical exercise…it’s so simple to understand, seems like all these so called experts…are just adding spin to Natural Organic Foods, it’s common Knowledge.
    The truth you are what you Eat & Think.
    Peace my Friend.

  47. Sarah says:

    What about maple syrup? Is it as high in fructose as honey? I agree with Dr. Mercola that we should limit the amount of sugar we consume. Unfortunately for me, that is the hardest thing for me to cut back on.

  48. Sungriffin says:

    Thanks for all of the info about agave. Reinforces what I’ve heard from the show and now for sure I will not consume any and I will also dissuade others from trying it. I am also relieved to hear that vaccines have not gone over on the public as well as planned.

  49. Phyllis says:

    I have used Agave from time to time and I just purchased some last week. I’m shocked, but I do appreciate the warning. I would like to know what other sweetners that Dr. Mercola does suggest….thanks Kev and Annmarie for all that you share with us.

  50. donna says:

    Found out Agave is high fructose awhile back, so i never opened the bottle i bought a year ago. My main issue is trying to figure out an equivalence for powdered green stevia which I do use… as obviously agave, honey, etc account for liquid volume in the recipe. I’m diabetic, can’t use honey/maple syrup, etc… Ideas?

  51. Marlene Smith says:

    I finally just tossed my agave the other day. It had been sitting in my cupboard for quite a long time. I tried using it and never like the taste of it. Good thing too! Recently I got hooked on eating honey and too much of it. I figured it probably wasn’t so good for me especially since I kind of became addicted to it. So I’m not having it now, and if I do I will have a little amount. Dr. Mercola is great. I follow him quite a bit. What about all the raw foods that have agave? Do you think chefs will start to substitute for something else like maybe honey or lucuma or mesquite?

  52. Sarah says:

    I thought agave was healthy when I first went vegan. When you started talking about the dangers of agave I really started watching my intake of it. I only use it very rarely. I think I still have a little bit left in my cupboard. When its gone I’ll never buy it again. Thanks for the good information.

  53. Michael T. says:

    Yes, I still have agave, and I use small amounts at a time. I will gradually phase it out completely.

    A teaspoon of agave is not going to hurt you. The problem is people drinking large amounts of soda, fruit juice or other forms of fructose.

    Obviously, our bodies can handle fructose as long as it comes in small amounts. Fruit sugar is about half fructose and half glucose. Our bodies burn the glucose right away and turn the fructose into fat, to be burned later. There is wisdom in the way the body does this. By turning the fructose into fat, we save those calories for later, when there is no food around.

    The problem is, when we eat fructose several times a day, every day, the fat builds up, the liver gets congested, and we get all kinds of metabolic problems. Clearly, our bodies are not meant to eat fructose all the time. It’s probably best to just have a high-fruit meal once per day.

    And yes, Mercola does eat a high fat, high protein diet. He says it depends on your body type. He looks too thin to me, and I suspect he does not get enough calories.

    I think grains are good for us, and I eat grain every day, but not too much.

    My grandmother said it best, “All things in moderation.”

    Michael T.

  54. Ineke says:

    NO! I tossed it just a couple of weeks ago, not that I was using it a lot. One bottle went a long way but after reading an article of Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo I figured it was time to get rid of it. Her information was very similar to Dr Joe Mercola’s.

    I use very little sweetener. stevia, maple syrup and sucanat are my main one’s. I have problems with honey.

  55. Heather says:

    \Agave Blues/

    Just checked and there’s half a bottle of organic blue agave left…it’s just been sitting on the top shelf of the cupboard for a couple months, forgotten & collecting dust. I first got concerned after reading a comment on Mercola’s site from another community member getting blood sugar spikes and began to use it very sparingly. It was something I was giving my kids somewhat regularly! Then I heard how it was processed from one of Kev’s vids. Never reached for the bottle again and proceeded to forget it was there. Perhaps it became invisible…hmmm? Mercola has recently posted an awesome interview covering the dangers of excessive fructose. So, it will probably just keep sitting up there in an invisible chotskyesque sort of way, a little kitchen monumental portal of yet another sweet swindle.

    Still love my stevia, and smidgens of pure, raw honey, 100% maple syrup, and other natural, minimally processed sugar sources. It won’t be missed.

    Enjoyed the interview! Looking forward to the rest.

  56. barb madson says:

    Thanks for the respected Dr Mercola’s truth on Agave.I bought some two years ago but didnt like the flavor. A little raw fruit juice gives a nice sweet taste in some recipes. But, yes, too much fruit is not good either. Guess we need to train our taste buds to appreciate other flavors more than sweet.

  57. Kathryn says:

    No I never really resonated with it, although I did use it for a while. After hearing what you said about it Kevin a long time ago and then researching the the process, I quit altogether,

    Question. I know that maple syrup is not raw, but I love to do the Master Cleanse (Lemon cleanse) What are your thoughts on organic Maple syrup grade B?

    Thank you for all you do to get all this valuable information to us.:)

  58. bethany says:

    Never have tried agave and I won’t. I’m fighting the candida monster right now and just did a 4 day fast with coconut water and coconut oil. Fierce itchy skin rashes are motivation to stay away from sugar and carbs.

  59. josanne says:

    Bought a small bottle of agave 6 months ago because I thought it was a healthy choice. Never liked its taste. Will eventually finish the bottle and avoid it in the future.

    When I crave something sweet I turn to a piece of fresh fruit or small amounts of dried fruit.

    I used to have more of a sweet tooth; becoming vegan and adding more raw greens has changed my palette. My body seems more in balance. Thanks for this interview! Love your show!

  60. Rhonda D says:

    I have like a 1/4 of a small bottle left it’s been in the pantry for a long long time I really don’t like the taste but I hate to throw things away. Better just toss it out.

    Andy Wakefield is on Dr Mercola’s website just a quick interview. But the one coming up has to be good.

    Thank for that great interview


  61. I don’t use Agave after hearing that it was bad but, now I feel like I understand “why it’s bad”. So, thank you. I would like to know more about the Fructose thing and Soy. I do use soy in coffee. I know they’re both bad but, that’s what I’ve been doing and ignoring hearing it’s bad because, I don’t want milk. yuck.

  62. jackie says:

    Hey Raymond,
    Unless he’s changed his mind, Mercola advocates organic, probably free-range raw eggs and uses them in his shakes. Hope this helps.

  63. Jackie says:

    I used agave and liked it. Then I saw Dr. Mercola talk about agave on his website and threw it out. I do not buy it anymore. I want to try whey low granuals. I read it does not spike your blood sugar and is even safe for diabetics. Tried stevia. Not crazy about the taste. His comment about honey shocked me. I was using it too much. I am going to try vanilla powder, too.

  64. Kuru says:

    I ditched Agave when I heard you, Kevin, say that Madhava was not going to make it any longer. (I’ve taken his classes, and trust his knowledge and spirit.)

    Do you young ones know that Stevia was banned in the ’90’s by the FDA, mainly because they were in love with aspartame? I worked in an herb shop at the time, and we were selling it as a topical to get by the legality.

    Sunrider worked to get it legalized. They say this: ” We can legally tell people three positive things about this herb: 1. It nourishes the pancreas and helps with blood sugar regulation. 2. It helps regulate blood pressure, high or low. 3. It does not promote tooth decay.” There are many more benefits they cannot say legally, but it is known for:

    Regulating blood sugar
    Improving pancreas activity
    Better glucose balancing
    More even energy flow
    More consistent blood pressure
    Improving muscle density
    Faster muscle recovery after exercise
    Improving ability of body to burn fat
    Improving mental clarity
    Lessening tissue degeneration
    Prevents tooth decay
    Is a non-caloric food
    Healing effects on acne and scaring

    We are so lucky to have and know about this amazing herb! And it is so affordable! I like the tincture for ease and taste.

  65. Holly says:

    I initially thought that it was a good alternative to sugar. Recently I have been reading negative information about agave. This interview will definitely make me stop using agave. I have had agave these past two evenings and have noticed that I have overeaten both evenings. I am now sure that it must be because of the agave. I will banish agave for good. Thank you for the information.

  66. Joyce Braun says:

    i used to use it alot, but have recently been hearing about how bad it was so i cut it out. this interview just sealed the deal for me!

    (kinda depressed about what he said about limiting fruit thou) πŸ™

  67. Rui says:

    Hey Kevin,What do u think about putting raw eggs in the smoothie??? And what is the best WHOLE BODY DETOX?????????????THANKS BUDDY

  68. Jasmine says:

    nope. but I can attest that when I started eating it, I got real fat!

  69. KERRI says:


  70. Pat G. says:

    PLEASE MIKE YOUR GUESTS! I had to strain to hear Dr. Mercola, since the background music was almost equal to his voice. Your voice was thunderous!

    He said vegans typically take what? I listen a half dozen times and didn’t get it.

    Now that the mainstream is aware of agave e.g. organic blue at Costco, it’s thought as being good, since the vegan rawfooders brought it to light. I stopped using it long ago, although I have a lone bottle of it on hand. I think I used a little of it 2 months ago.

    I love Dr. Mercola. The first time I saw him was at D.C.’s Natural Products Expo East in 2004. Wow!

  71. Lizardo says:

    I thought agave was a better subsitute than regular sugar or honey. Now I’m switching back to dates and Lucuma and Stevia.. Thank you!

  72. Shani says:

    never use agave, but do you organic sugar beet syrup! I’m guessing its bad too ?? whats a good sweetener in tea besides honey and stevia?

  73. Geri says:

    I just read dr. Mercola’s newsletter and wow, I have never had agave and never will! I do subscribe to his newsletter and enjoy it!

  74. Eiki says:

    I have never used agave syrup. I was thinking about using it, but i guess won’t after this. I might use it for some treat in tiny amounts. but i rarely use any sweeteners anyway. But I have been thinking. I used to eat alot of soy back in the day. but i very rarely use it now. but I often eat sprouted mung beans (green soy). is that not good either?
    love your show

  75. Judy says:

    I never bought into the agave bit because I have battled highly reactive hypoglycemia for about 50 years and figured that agave would adversely affect my sugar level even more than most fresh fruits. I am thankful that you have confirmed my suspicions. I have been able to re-educate my taste buds (to a large degree, anyway) to not crave sugar. The longer I can avoid sugar, the better I feel. I do use some stevia and now some xylitol in small amounts, and once in a while I use a small amount of dates with nuts and seeds to make a sweet treat, but I cut the amount of dates in half (at least) to avoid having my sugar level drop too drastically.

    I am getting ready to do your Raw Food Challenge and am experimenting with some of the recipes in your book for it. I love the creamy soups and am experimenting with broccoli sprout and avocado soup. I really appreciate you and Annmarie, and all the wonderful guests you interview.

  76. Yann says:

    I had to post this comment, although off-topic :
    During the whole interview, I couldn’t get my eyes off the “NIKE” logo on Mercola’s shirt. I mean, isn’t this guy aware of the fact that the company he’s freely advertising is one of the first to manufacture its products in third-world countries sweat-shops ?
    As a matter of fact, many other health-conscious people -including our dear host here..- unawarely promote those companies as Adidas, Puma, etc.., making it hard for me to overcome the dissonance in focusing on one’s health, while encouraging the abuse of other human beings !

  77. gina says:




  78. Misty says:

    Hi Kevin, threw it out after hearing you talk about it

  79. Manwel says:

    I’ve still got 2.5 liters of Agave left, but it’s from a reputable source that claims it is processed at or below 40 degrees celcius, which classifies it as raw. I will not throw it away, but use it sparingly over the next few months and when it’s finished i’ll stick to raw honey.

  80. Peg says:

    What type of sugar is in yacon syrup?

  81. Charlotte says:

    Yes, it’s in the cupboard. It’s been in there for a few years now practically untouched. If eel bad throwing something out that I could possibly give away. Even before all the hype about how it was bad for you, I didn’t like to use it. It’s just to sweet and has no depth of flavor at all. And I definitely don’t plan on using it in the future..
    Really good interview, one of the best ones so far in my opinion. You know, I think I he was on the Dr. Oz show recently.
    Thanks for the great info! A lot of us would have no access to this if it weren’t for you!!

  82. Jan says:

    Being rather new to this lifestyle I did not know agave was unhealthy.
    Thanks again for you doing a great job of providing information.
    I use stevia as it is easy to grow then dry and blend into a powder.
    I did purchase maca powder that has agave inulin in it. My thoughts are since I take about a teaspoon per day it is ok.
    I will avoid agave in the future since I would rather eat a fruit.

  83. Kaylani says:

    Yes, I have raw agave I purchased from Alissa Cohen. I use it when I make raw chocolates and other sweet stuff which is very rarely so I don’t worry about it. I don’t consume any processed food and very little fruit so my sugar intake is limited so I am not going to worry about the very little amount of agave I do eat. I probably haven’t had any in over four months. Sometimes (again rarely) I add honey which is very sweet so I don’t see what the difference is. I never add sweetner to my smoothies which I see a lot of raw foodists do so I’m not going to worry about the occasional amount I do eat.

  84. Terri says:

    Yes, I do. I bought it after reading that it was a good healthy sugar alternative. I am disappointed to know that I’ve wasted my money, once again! Sometimes I just don’t know WHAT to eat and/or drink. The whole food industry is so confusing! Even water is not safe. Knowledge is power and we just have to keep learning and using that knowledge the best we can.

  85. KC says:

    I am striving for grain free due to inflammation issues, and soy is, I’m told, also a culprit. Can you please explain more about soy and why Dr. M cautions against it? It is an ingredient in SO many things. I am not raw, nor vegan, but I am striving for health – baby steps!

  86. Nicole says:

    I get so confused sometimes: grains are bad for you; soy is bad for you; fruit is bad for you; cooked food is bad for you; fat is bad for you—ahhh! Head spinning! I realize one has to figure out what works best for oneself, but it still makes me worried and feel a little lost.

    Can you explain more about fructose in agave, honey, etc. and fructose in fruit, please? And how much fruit was the doctor saying is too much?

    As for agave, I’ve never bought it but had a chocolate bar made with it once. I realize instead of looking for a sweetener that I can use worry-free (first it was splenda, then honey, then dates, then stevia…) I just need to treat sweetener as a special, occasional addition to my food, and then I’ll be more respectful and appreciative of it, instead of going overboard and not getting used to a food’s natural flavours.

  87. Andrea says:

    Yes I was using Agave In a raw chocolate cake recipie. It was so delicious and I enjoyed it so much, but now that I know that about agave I will no longer be using it obviously. Kevin can you tell us of some substitutes that are healthy for us to use…because that cake was just so good and I would like to be able to make it for special ocassions. Thank-you.
    Andrea Leigh Martin

  88. Billie & Chris says:

    Awesome interview! We eat agave sometimes but not any more!! How much fructose is in lacuma or yacon? Also, just got Michele Simon’s book- thanks for all your great info!!!

  89. Dee says:

    Yes, I bought it before seeing a show Kevin did a while back. Now, I look at ingredients when I am shopping to make sure that I don’t inadvertently buy something that has been sweetened with it. Also, I have raw food cookbooks that call for it, so I substitute something else instead.

  90. PE says:

    Pretty please, people, don’t trash rejected food– that’s what composting and watering were invented for, to return food to earth. Dilute the agave and spread it on greenery.
    My fructose limit is 16 grams, for 2000 kcalories; he may be thinking of a 3000Cal diet. As for any added or concentrated sugars, I recently lowered that limit from 8.4 grams (2 teaspoons) to 5g, the daily level ca. 1700 in England.
    As for fruit fructose, I noticed that using the 16g limit gave fruit amounts quite close to limits from the Glycemic Index or Load, so it doesn’t unduly restrict fruits.
    Those notably high in fructose, say grapes, have historically been transformed into wine for safer dining. Bon appetit!

  91. Joe Guerino says:

    The effort you, Ann Marie and your guests
    put into our health needs is so commendable!

    We don,t use agave in our foods, neither
    for us or our club members. The fructose density is way too high for the normal capacity of our pancreas. Way too easy to over use and toxify ourselves.

    Strong Suggestion! Please Put A Microphone
    On Your Honored Guest
    Speakers So That They
    Might Be Heard! Your Voice
    Always Has Ample Volume.
    They Need Equal Benefit,
    As WE Hope You Agree!

    We always listen and are anxious to increase awareness and health–you have contributed a great deal! Keep up the great work!
    We Always Listen And Watch

  92. teri says:

    Loved the interview, I got about an inch left of the agave blue and my sone puts it on my grand baby’s food…..ahhhhh not any more , out it go’s. thanks for that info. I new it was to good to be true

  93. Melissa says:

    Isn’t fructose the sugar in fruit? If it is so bad, then why are we eating fruit? I’m confused. Please address this!!

    How many grams of fructose are in fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges, berries, etc?

  94. Morgane says:

    Wahouuu, didn’t know all that!!! So shouldn’t use agave, and no soy products??!! As i am just starting to be a vegan, i am sometimes wondering what’s left??! I agree with Melissa, i am confused as well!!
    How can we get enough calories if the ideal foods are mostly the vegetables???
    Thanks for the infos!!

  95. KIM says:

    I have been led to believe that agave was a low GL alternative – and that it still carry’s calories but I only ever have a tiny amount any way – I think my bottle has lasted us 6 months!

  96. zion says:

    Good Interview…. I switched from being a vegetarian for 10 years to becoming a high raw Vegan during the past six months. I bought dates, maca, cacao, hemp, flax seeds, and finally –the professional blender (even though my Oster blender blends some things better than my new Blendtec). One of the first changes I made was exchanging my organic cane sugar and honey for Agave…now, you tell me its no good!!! Unlike others I am not throwing away my Agave. Nor am I going to stop using it. I have also gone back to cane sugar….I’ve been watching Kevin and Several others on Youtube over the months… Some say high fruit, some say superfoods, some say fresh foods blah…blah…and I’ve come to one major conclusion….MODERATION, VARIETY and OPTIMAL CHOICES. I realize that I have to find what works best for where I am right now….I’ll take a tablespoon of agave in a green smoothie over roast beef or an extra cheese pizza any day. MODERATION, VARIETY AND OPTIMAL CHOICES…enjoy your food.

  97. Genevieve says:

    Yes, I still have some organic agave in the cupboard and when it is finished, it won’t be replaced.

    I, too, grow my own stevia and dry it for winter use.

    Thanks Kuru for the information you provided above on the benefits of stevia. Wow! Didn’t know that.

    I would also like to know how much fructose is in all natural sweeteners.

    Thank you.

  98. Shira says:

    Although I respect Dr Mercola’s opinion and advice on many subjects, I feel that he is overlooking some important factors that I feel are true about Agave.
    One is that the Tequila Industry owns a large percentage of Agave Production, since it comes from the same plant as Tequila. Therefore there are many “agave products” out there that are refined to such a degree that makes it high in fructose (like corn syrup) and essentially strips it of all it’s nutritional benefits. (like white sugar)
    YES, most of the brands I have come across and researched are HIGH fructose and LOW quality. However, ALL agave’s are not created equal! It all depends, like many products these days, on the integrity of the company involved.
    YES, I would remove these low quality brands from your pantry!
    But if you like agave, the brand I would look into is: The Ultimate Superfoods Real Agave.
    Read more about it on there website.
    Just My Two Sense,

  99. Christine says:

    I will like to know more about soy, its products and the effects on human life.

  100. Yay Kev! You got Dr. Mercola!! Great interview!

    Thanks to Kevin we learned about the agave a while back. Still use it VERY sparingly. But will definitely ween off of it now THANK YOU!!!

    I like what you say Kevin about when you crave sweets, ask yourself if you are missing “sweetness” in your life!!! ….

    Instead of us always trying to find the “alternative” sugar , maybe we should be trying to ween off that altogether. Not fruits, but adding sweetness to stuff. The only sweet I want to add is to my coffee. Hmmm… maybe if I need to alter the taste of something so much, maybe thats a sign right there… ????? .. somethin Ill think about….

    As for Dr. Mercola. We met him personally at Raw Spirit here on Maui. I will have to say, he is a shining example of heath. Great skin, clear eyes, high spirits, not overweight (like 99% of everyother man his age!) I will admit I was shocked when I saw him in person, because he looks 20xs better than on camera. He also has a story about why he thinks he has lost his hair… He should not be discredited.
    We are sooo thankful that he has devoted his LIFE to finding the answers and getting it out there.

  101. PS. Kev if you get a chance, ask him about his long distance running days…
    We all have the right to change our beliefs about what we think is right and wrong. We should be a little more accepting of people making changes. We are all learning new things.

  102. Jana says:

    I never heard of agave until I was trying new recipes from a vegan cookbook two summers ago. I never had the impression that it was necessarily ‘good’ for us but that it is a plant-based sweetener whereas honey is not.

    I’ve used maybe two bottles of agave in two years, so I’m clearly not consuming more than 25 grams/per day. But, how is it measured? I’m a bit clueless how much agave, or honey, would exceed 25 grams in a day. Could you explain?

    Also, I’m confused when honey is said to be ‘ok’ when it also contains fructose, just not as much as agave. All that means is you can eat more honey than agave when measuring 25 grams. If the goal is to keep fructose under 25 grams daily, why would agave be bad and honey isn’t?

  103. Kuru says:

    Here’s a table that shows how much fructose is in fruits and candies. Very interesting.


  104. Jill says:

    I have never tried agave syrup, though I’m not sure if I will since honey and sugar are so much more commonplace…the only thing I think of when I hear agave is tequila heh… πŸ˜‰

  105. Laura says:

    I knew agave wasn’t the best choice and had planned to phase it out. Now I’m absolutely convinced that it is really bad for the body and won’t even buy drinks that contain it any longer.

    The agave in my cabinet has been gone a long time and I have not and will not now replace it.

    Thanks Dr. Mercola and thanks Kev for talking to him about this.

  106. J Leigh says:

    My mom bought me some thinking it would be a healthy sweetner for me to use since I have a metabolic liver disorder and cannot ingest most sugars ie: sucrose, fructose,lactose, galactose,xylitol. I used it a few times to sweeten my candied nuts for my salad, I think I like honey better. the agave is still in the cuboard and has been for months.

  107. Hee says:

    Hi Thanks for the show. I read the article on his site too and am astonished, a little sad and very disappointed. I used only Raw agave — not light or amber, only raw as I have heard about the lighter version being diluting with corn syrup. But BURNT? As fate would have it, I ran out of my agave just a couple of days ago! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the detailed info!

  108. Carol says:

    Show suggestion: Dangers of root canal. Fascinating reading: The Root of Disease-these Dr.s also got discredited and threatened for sharing the truth. You guys do a great job spreading truth. Please add this one to your list.

  109. marcla says:

    My three Muskateers. You, Mike Adams and Dr. Mercola. I credit both Mike and Dr. Mercola for helping me save my life. And through Mike I found you, through the raw summit.
    I used Agave for a while until I noticed I used more of it than honey, in my coffee (organic fair trade ofcourse),but i quit using agave and went back to raw honey, so I haven’t haven’t had agave in my cupboard for over a year now. I became concerned also when the fact that agave was NOT raw, when I was seeking a 100% raw lifestyle, that had a big influence. And YOU Kev (your videos on agave from the past)… you and Dr. Mercola BOTH say…listen to your body, KNOW what your body is telling you.
    I tell everyone, “TRY IT…IF IT AIN’T WORKING FOR YA- STOP!!!!!!”

  110. marcla says:

    oh my gosh Carol, I am having sooooooooooo many troubles with a root canal…PLEASE, PLEASE Kevin, look into this. I remember David Wolfe getting into root canals, IF I had it all to do over again, I wouldn’t do it. But i notice a dull pain in the root canal, ALWAYS. I wish I could afford to have my mercury fillings removed and this root canal yanked out…Can a root canal be safely removed?

  111. Tamikko says:

    I bought my first bottle of blue-raw agave and used half of it when the story got out. This has been the final nail in the coffin, and I’m throwing the rest away. I won’t use it again πŸ™‚
    As for the root canal issue, a show would be very interesting on how holistic dentists do their thing and how bad root canals are. Unfortunately, I have had a few and have mercury in my mouth which I can’t afford to get rid of, so it will be a hard show to watch. I do, however, think it would be great for those that can afford to not have these horrible things happen and that can prevent them in the first place.
    Thanks for the great video.

  112. Sheilah Renaud says:

    I need to ask about soy…I like to sprout organic soybeans…then steam them. Is that good? not good? It sure tastes yummy with a drop of olive oil and a tad of sea salt!

  113. Jill says:

    @Sheilah isn’t that what edamame is? steamed soybeans in the pod? I’d say go for it! πŸ™‚

  114. iam says:

    No 36– Eileen thank you, You nailed it, so right.

    Man cannot improve on nature since our bodies are nature. You can’t isolate a part and think you got the whole. Humans have been many years in the making. It is all basically habits. Don’t get to hung up on food. Just eat a varied healthy as much organic diet. Don’t mix the whole grocery store in one sitting. Fewer mixes the better. Don’t over cook when you do. Live simply to be happy. Really it is not about food. Seeking the right food can become a bottomless pit. Food will not make the body immortal. It is about perspective. Knowing who and what you are, where you come from and where your headed would be a better investment. Also know if the internal fire is hot enough any food will do. Seek that.

  115. Veronica says:

    I agree that HFC and Agave are definitely not healthy.

    I do wonder why Dr. Mercola is lumping fruit sugar as bad, when it is not refined and a whole food. Be careful of fruit? Has he done any experiments himself on people only getting their fructose intake just from whole fruits? Maybe he is just whitewashing this for the rest of the American public who knows they eat too much sugar.

    But limiting fruit intake? People don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables in the first place.

    Glad he is against grains but it doesn’t sound like he is very pro raw vegan.

  116. sharon says:

    It seems every food we once believed to be healthy gets rejected as inadequate eventually. How about yacon or lacuma?

  117. jak jak says:

    Pat g, Yann and Terri, thank you for your observations, oh yes, just what I was thinking, also “iam”, I will certainly consider where I come from, thank you all, great read this morning jakjak.

  118. Craig says:

    To the person who asked if it was ok to eat raw Eggs . I dont eat any eggs anymore but just a word of advice, when i was in my early 20″s i drank two raw eggs a day . One time i got so sick from Salmonella bacteria. Must have been a crack in the egg i did not see.Wow i felt i was going to die. You might reconsider eating raw eggs unless maybe you raise your own chickens. Good Luck!

  119. Pamela says:

    I already knew about the bad side of agave, largely because I subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s newsletter.

    Thanks for cluing in those who were not up on the latest.

    I will not eat even one more bite of agave nectar.

    Fortunately I have been eating very little sugar and did not eat much agave nectar at all.

    How did people start to erroneously believe that it is good for us? That is scary!!!

    Thanks for all your good work!!!

    Love to you and AnnMarie.

    Pamela Melcher (the Cheerleader!!!!)

  120. Nina says:

    I use to use agave a lot more in the past, and as I was experimenting with it I noticed most store brand agave just were not good. There was one brand of agave that I bought that I feel is higher quality and a lot better in my body. I believe the way it’s processed has a lot to do with how much fructose gets made in the process. Then there is the whole conspiracy of companies actually mixing high fructose corn syrup with agave and selling it. I think in general all sugars should be cut down. But if I need it for a recipe, I will use a high quality agave that I like in moderation. I prefer a high quality maple syrup to agave.

  121. I have agave, but rarely use it. I remember the first time I tried it and thinking that it tasted exactly like corn syrup and for this to be low-glycemic was too good to be true. And apparently it was. I mostly use stevia as a sweetener.

  122. Ellena says:

    I do have some in my cupboard, But i never use it. I was suspect of it as well. I just couldn’t see the difference between that and corn syrup. They are both syrups that come from a plant. Highly processed, etc. So, though i have it, definitely don’t use it.

  123. Jacquie says:

    Yes, I did have agave in my house but didn’t use it a lot and then only 1 t. here or there. I did think it was okay for me…especially considering I bought the “raw organic blue agave”. I certainly didn’t think it could have been worse than HFCS! Will I continue to keep it in my cupboards and use it? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Thanks for the fabulous interview, Kevin! πŸ™‚

  124. Shelby says:

    Loved agave for ~2 years… but didn’t replenish the bottle when it emptied 6 months ago. Now I am more interested in our local, unpasteurized honey. I don’t clearly recall what prompted the change.
    In light of this new information from Mercola and other sources I have some patient re-education ahead of me!

  125. Cherie says:

    I had bought it once. It tasted so much like the corn syrup I used to buy that I never bought it again.

  126. S says:

    That you hold Mercola β€” who is no fan of plant-based diets and who vehemently advocates against them (and in fact pushes a high animal protein, cholesterol, saturated fat protocol) β€” in such high regard seems to mitigate and lessen the impact of all your views and information you present:

    I’d be interested in finding out how you justify the disconnect there with your diet and the Mercola who thinks you are just one of the other nuts he ridicules.

    Personally though, I think of Mercola as being like a broken clock (still correct twice a day), whatever he says will have to come from someone I actually respect backed with some sounds reasons before I’ll take seriously anything Mercola also happens to be spouting.

  127. OMG!!! Here I thought I was going a good thing but using agave in place of sugar. It’s even in a couple of your smoothies Kevin. The chocolate one that I love so much. But I’ve been using it on other things. I will NEVER use it again. I had no idea. Learn something new everyday, so I thank you for that. Wow. No wonder I am not losing weight. :/

  128. I do but will probably not purchase in the future.

    I had read the Mercola article and felt a little put off by the drama [seemed to be “the sky is falling”] of the tone. Maybe it’s warranted.

    Thank you!

  129. wendy green says:

    thanks kev and annmarie!

    i don’t use agave. akways thought it was processed and packaged…things i stay away from.

    the “fruit” comment was an eye opener though. as you know, i eat lots of fruit…so i will take a look at this.

    i still eat giant amounts of chopped salad…hehe
    miss you two. jungle love…w

  130. yoda says:

    This information regarding agave wasn’t completely new to me…no never tried it. I like to use SweetLeaf brand of stevia, and I don’t think I’d use anything else.

  131. Corey says:

    I want to know how Mercola cured his vision naturally. I have heard him say that he use to wear prescription glasses, and he cured his vision back to 20/20.

  132. thanks kevin!

    i used to use agave and it is definitely addicitive
    as i used to use it instead of maple syrup for the master cleanser and would simply drink it out of the bottle – YIKES!

    i still have a bottle, but do not use it…guess i need to throw it in the trash

    i do use stevia green organic powder and i wish there was a way to have it thick, like a syrup consistency without having to use chemicals or preservatives

    what an eye opener from dr. mercola about agave being high fructose and i already now the detriments of soy and vaccines

    You can visit my blog http://www.rawsomegal.wordpress.com and read about my 42 day cleanse using coconut water and stevia which I completed mid-January. I have also written about my transition back to food. I continue to write about health related topics and post once or twice a week (depending on how busy I am). To read about my cleanse from day 1, click on December 2009. Share this with others who may be interested and I love to receive comments. You can also subscribe so you will always receive the latest posts in you email inbox.

    Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beauty

  133. Nope!…u guys woke me up to that stuff a long time ago. I was sad at first because I thought it was such a great product, but I got over it.


  134. Kat says:

    Thank you, Kevin and Dr. Mercola – great interview!!

    I seriously had my doubts about agave a couple of years ago and decided to limit my consumption. Then Kevin, you confirmed my doubts when you started talking about agave not being so great (don’t remember when that was). I also read Dr. Mercola’s article about agave from just a few days ago. I had a container in my pantry with a couple teaspoons of agave in it (that honestly I forgot was in there, hadn’t used it in so long). I immediately threw it away after reading Dr. Mercola’s article.

    I don’t agree with Dr. Mercola and others who say that grains are unhealthy for everyone. I took grains out of my diet a while back, but I’ve recently added them back in (whole cooked grains, not bread) and I feel so much healthier.

  135. Brian says:

    I’m puzzled with how chimps can eat mostly fruits and why there are no cultures following 811. Maybe because they exercise a lot, they burn off much of the fructose.

    People from Asian countries eat a grain based diet but they don’t seem to have the health problems. Of course one might ask why they don’t switch to a diet of mostly bananas where it is abundant.

  136. Arlen says:

    I love Dr Mercola and he has done some research into this but I would also highly encourage to do your own research to stay in your power. I contacted my Agave supplier directly and they get it from Wild Maguey (Salmiana Variety where is Dr Mercola is talking about conventionally grown and processed Blue Webber Agave. See this link for my information source: http://www.raw-chocolate.net/superfoods.php?low-GI=agave. Love you Dr Mercola no probs.

    And always remember the key rule regarding any new information, don’t believe anything that anyone says, not even me. Tune into your gut feelings.

  137. Phil25000 says:

    I’m just starting a raw vegan month for health reasons, and agave is the sweetener I see most in raw vegan recipes. I’m glad that I saw this interview as well as Dr. Mercola’s article on his site, because I have decided not to use agave in my little experiment.

    I have been a Dr. Mercola fan for years, but I tend to be a very critical reader of any article that includes a Mercola product for sale. Tellingly, his agave article had no corresponding product, which adds a great deal to the article’s credibility IMHO.

    I realize that there might be other agave products or brands that aren’t such great offenders, but I think it’s simpler to just cut the stuff out entirely. In time to come, another path might appear, but, for now, simplicity.

    Thanks to Renegade Health and Dr. Mercola for providing information that helps.


  138. mary says:

    I am so disappointed to hear about Agave! I have a whole bucket in the basement because I thought it was good for my family, compared to sugar. I will not throw the whole bucket out (at this point yet), but rather eat it slowly and then no longer buy it….

  139. Miha says:

    Tempeh is not realy fermented food. Ok, it is fermented a bit but if you see whole soia seeds or pieces of them, friendly bacteria, unfortunately, could not enter in them so most part of tempeh is not fermented.
    At least this kind of tempeh is sold in Europe.

  140. Zeb says:

    I kind of knew Agave wasn’t not the best and use more honey then anything… I do have some agave and will use it up not to be bought again!

  141. Kali Lilla says:

    I stopped using it and instead opt for dried green leaf stevia, dried fruit – or occasionally honey or maple syrup.
    Has David Wolfe spoken out about the controversy? Would love to hear his side.

  142. Joel Brown says:

    I did think it was healthy, but did not consume it that often. In coffee I did, probably a few times baking too. Twas easy to think that something coming straight from a plant was a-ok. I will remember what you said though, and use something else, when using a sweetener at all.

  143. thank you for interviewing dr Mercola and especially about the Vaccination part. Truth can win we need to spread the word the drug companies have turned to vaccinations lets show them we can get the TRUTH out.

  144. I will continue to use agave… only raw, unprocessed. The reason is that I have eradicated almost all sugar out of my diet, and so the very little I do use is truly not too much (in my opinion). Just like I also use honey. I probably have 1 tsp of agave a day (in my plain, non-fat greek yogurt) and 1 tbls of honey a day in my tea at night. And since I am so active, I don’t feel that small amount will create any negative problems. But it was very nice to hear the fructose/glucose comparison. I am into distance running and very into weight lifting so ‘glucose’ comes up a bit in my daily life…… it’s all in the back of my mind and think about some more. This is the first episode of this show I have watched.

  145. Elizabeth says:

    I came across this article, and thought it was interesting:

  146. Marie says:

    I find it interesting some of his points. I personally have seen the effects of grains on my body. I went without them for a long while then decided to have rice again and it left me drained and ill for three days.

    I eat mostly fruit and do not see fruit sugar as bad and have had no ill effects.

    I agree with agave and have never used it because I have enough fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth!

  147. Perhaps you’re seen it–or heard about it. The Huffington Post posted an article by Joseph Mercola about agave and high fructose corn syrup. We’re not really sure whose agave Dr Merola is talking about, but Nigel Willerton, Wholesome’s CEO, wanted to clear the air about how Wholesome’s agave is grown and processed. Read more here: http://www.wholesomesweeteners.com/Mercola-EnoughAlready.html

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