Aris Latham on How to Break a Fast – The Renegade Health Show Episode #520

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Last week in Phoenix, I spoke with Aris Latham on the phone…

He’s been a raw foodist for 34 years. Yep. 34.

Here are his thoughts on how to break a fast, if fruit is really that bad for you, and how you can start coming to terms with your addictions to food.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Do you fast? What do you think of it?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Richard Dennis says:

    Fasting… I do it. Getting ready to do a more prolonged fast toward the end of the month. Good video. I’d like more videos on fasting.

  2. Connie says:

    As a matter of fact, I just did a 3-day water only fast after watching the video at and learning how good it would be for me. Dr. Hazim said in the video that for most of us, the hunger switch turns off between 24-36 hours after the fast begins, so I made the commitment to go 36 hours and see when my switch would go off. Then, if I still felt okay, to continue until the full 3 days were up. I felt so good–didn’t even have a headache–that I was even able to wait for hubby to get home before I broke my fast! Plus I started thinking about when I could do it again, and how often would be best. Having done the 3-day fast I find it easy to ignore those so-called hunger pangs and am no longer afraid of going without food for an extended period if necessary. I am one happy camper!

  3. Izzy McGreen Thumb says:

    I’ve done plenty of veggie juice fasting and water fasting, and I’ve gotten much more results from water fasting. Of course, you need to be able to rest if going more than a day, but I stopped digesting my food last year after traveling in Africa, and I juice fasted for a month and had 6 colonics, but it was a ten day water fast that finally healed it. I use to juice fast one day a week, and now I water fast instead. After one three day water fast, I could do it for one day a week without feeling tired. I think it fights candida, as, if I’m doing this, my skin remains clear when I eat fruit and other sugars/starches/alcohol, whereas juice fasting didn’t make a difference.

    Coming off fasts is always a problem for me, as I always start on fruits and can’t stop eating.

    I wonder about the fruit thing. Perhaps there are different bodily needs for people depending on their habitats. Darker people perhaps require more tropical fruits, for example. I know I’m fair skinned, and I can only handle an extremely small amount of non-tropical fruits before I feel my balance go off and I can’t stop eating for the entire day. I thought it was candida, but when that was gone, the fruit problem remained. Has anyone else experienced this? Perhaps due to hybridized or under-ripe fruits.

  4. Karen says:

    I’ve juice fasted twice while doing a liver cleanse/detox. I feel great when I do it and I also lose a little weight. I always intend to do it more often but don’t get around to it. I will though. Thanks for this interesting dude.

  5. Alyse says:

    I hope you have more from Aris Latham for us! I loved his comments and approach. I used to fast one day a week, but haven’t in some time. Each summer I do an extended fast, 7 – 12 days, on water. I find it resets my system. I have many health issues to overcome and use fasting to give my body the chance to detox and heal. It has worked for me. I too would like more videos on fasting, and, yes, from Aris Latham!

  6. I haven’t tried it, I think eating raw foods, green smoothies and vegetable juices does it for me. On the other hand I’m willing to try a juice feast on spring, just for a couple of days to see how my system runs on that.

  7. Pat G. says:

    I juice fasted with Queen Afua in 1983 for 21 days in NYC. I’ve also water fasted 21, 28, and 21 days during the holidays of ’02, ’03, and ’04 at Tanglewood and 21 days ’08 at True North. My favorite fasts were at Tanglewood, because I was closely and lovingly cared for. I broke it with weighed portions of fruit starting at 1 oz. (I think) 3 X a day that increased gradually over time. The helpers plated it beautifully, and it took a long time to chew an ounce of food…a good lesson in chewing. It was wonderful, since my taste buds had been reset. I remember a salad tasting orgasmic!

    At True North, I was left to my own to break a my fast and forgot to avoid eating starchy stuff early on. Because I had done so prematurely, I had the worse sleepless night of extreme pain I’ve ever had…spasms all around my rib cage. All I could do was sip hot water until an MD showed up the next day. He acknowledged that I had been internally beaten up…wow…it was soooo awful.

    I think fasters should be supervised from day 1 to the day they leave and be provided a list of what to eat and when as was done at Tanglewood, thanks to Tim Trader PhD. 🙂

  8. Jackie Ryan says:

    I did a ten day juicer fast on alkaline juice.
    It was almost completely green. i felt better than I have in years but I fell off the wagon and have had to start over. I enjoyed Dr. Hazim and wil check out her his website.
    Thank you for your efforts,

  9. Remedybliss says:

    All right Kevin!!
    That was an awesome interview.
    It’s all so simple really!!!Would love to hear more form this very switched on vibrant individual. Thank you so much xx

  10. Denise says:

    I loved Aris Latham! He’s so real and his comments are funny! Please bring him back again with some more good stuff. I’ve done a liquid fast before and it helped. I’m getting ready to fast this week with some fresh, organic alfalfa that I just sprouted! It’s so crunchy and tasty!

  11. Greg & Ellen says:

    Hi Kevin,
    We are still pretty new to the entire raw program. We watch all of your episodes but we are confused about one thing. The Hippocrates guy said that sugar, even from fruits ages you. Aris is saying the opposite. So what is it? To eat fruit or not to eat fruit?
    Thanks. 🙂

  12. Sarah says:

    Loved this guy!! Just curious… how old is he? He looks pretty young despite the gray beard… wondering what 34 years of raw food and vibrant living looks like. 🙂

  13. joan says:

    yes, i was introduced to water fasts when i was a kid. it was part of my “religious” teachings. in my teens and 20-something years, i did a few 3 (or 4?) day water fasts. they are very difficult!!! the crazy thing about those fundamentally-Christian-inspired, short water fasts is that just as you are getting over the hunger pangs, it’s time to break the fast. doing it that way, you never get to experience any real health benefit. those sorts of fasts are all about self-sacrifice and self-deprivation, and they neglect to tell folks that if they would continue fasting, they would begin to experience some phenomenal health benefits. i understand the spiritual significance, and that is why i participated in them.

    recently, i did a 97-day juice feast. it was AWESOME!!! i am still starting each day with a full quart of straight, green juice. lately, i have been “breaking my fast” around noon each day with a green smoothie – thanks to kevin’s continual encouragement on this daily blog, and angela stokes-monarch’s reinforcement.

    now, i am a TOTAL fan of “fasting/feasting” with raw, organic vegetables. during my 97-day juice feast, i incorporated fruit juices, but (as usual!) i didn’t like them. i just never really liked many fruits, or sweets. don’t know why that is – it just IS, for me.

    i won’t do another juice cleanse right away, because my colon needs to recover from the extended fast. however, in a year or so, i will almost certainly do another, shorter juice fast. i am counting the months until i feel the time is right to maybe do a week-long, or month-long, juice feast again, just to “clean the pipes” and “press the reset button” again! am thinking that this may be a great, lifelong habit i am forming – enjoying a juice fast every once in a while to keep myself balanced. but from now on, i will only juice green vegetables during my fasts. if i never SEE another carrot or beet again, it will be just fine with me! and ….. NO fruit juices! (YUCK!!!!)

    i choose not to eat a 100% raw diet. for this reason, periodic juice fasts may be even more important. i am determined that this, and regular colonic hydrotherapy, are now part of my lifestyle!

  14. JPaul says:

    I fast for 3-4 days a year in the springtime when I do an intestinal cleanse with psyllium, bentonite clay shakes every couple hours alternated with cleansing herb powder. My neighbor did this same fast but kept going for a total of 11 days. It cleans the intestines down to tissue, the eyes see brighter colors, & it gets cobwebs out of one’s mind for sharper thinking. However, Aris covered the most important fast we all encounter daiy: Breakfast, and it’s an art to get in the habit of instituting a sensible live food nourishing breakfast as Aris well explained.

  15. Adriana says:

    This wise man had a lot of intelligent things to teach us. He seams to be a deep spiritual person…his eyes were absolutely magnetizing.
    I absolutely loved what he had to say.

    Yes, I fast for more than 10 days every year, twice and I give my body the chance to cleanse. Each time it gives me the chance to feel great. It’s not easy to start, but then it becomes easier and it’s very rewarding.

  16. Craig says:

    I Have been taught to have life time fast. better to take One thing that you know is bad and eliminate it for the rest of your life verses going without anything for 3 days ,week etc.Then keep getting rid of the bad and replacing it with raw living food. Detoxing can be real severe when you do too much Fasting and you are toxic.I have done that,but learned its a journey and health comes from moving away from Bad food, Bad air,bad water, No exercise. And move toward Health. Living raw food,Deep breathing,Distilled water with Cell food in it. and exercise!!
    Oh cant forget having the presence of god during the day! I agree with aris about the flesh and feeding it the flesh grows and starving it the flesh weekens ,But it can never disapeer completely untill after we die!

  17. Kris says:

    I just joined Terces Engelhart’s Juice Club, from Gratitiude Cafe, where we join together to juice or smoothie for the first week of the month. She gives us wonderful affirmations for the day and great recipes and beautiful encouragement. It has been really wonderful giving me great insight into my life physically, mentally and spiritually. I love the idea of breaking your fast everyday wth coconut water, Terces reccommends lemon water. Just fresh juice or fruit until noon, I agree the more we can incorporate this into our lifestyle, the better. Wonderful info Kevin and ann Marie, Love it…Thanks!!!

  18. Dawni says:

    Funny and wildly challenging. I grok where he is coming from…

    I do fast. And do feel my smoothies in the am are doing me good. I am still on a wonderful routine since doing the 14 day challenge. It’s working for me.

    Love these amazing interviews of late…


  19. Laura says:

    I agree with the Dr. ! Fruits are so wonderful for cleansing and for energy. My main meal each day (for the last 30 years) is a fruit smoothie. Yes, I add greens and sunflower seeds but never dairy. It keeps me going until about 2 pm. I drink it around 7 am. Sometimes I can go until dinnertime without any low blood sugar. I work at a stressful job 8hrs./day 5 days/wk. Rarely sick.
    I love fruit!!!
    My usual recipe:
    1 apple
    1 orange
    1/4 c. blueberries
    1-2 strawberries
    2 chunks banana
    2 chunks pineapple
    2 chunks mango
    2 chunks papaya
    2 tbs sunflower seeds
    10 or so raw/soaked (sprouted sometimes) almonds
    1 tbs flax seeds
    1/8th tsp spirulina
    1 tbs finely ground (home dried) greens, usually kale
    1/4 c coconut milk (not low fat)
    1/2 c. water
    blended til smooth
    always drink gratefully

  20. Jos says:

    Excellent! makes me feel good to hear this guy! Could we have more interviews from Aris Latham, he is so wise and his talk makes so much sense. Very enriching to hear him talk.
    Thanks you, great interview.

  21. Carol says:

    I love Aris! I have been raw for many years and feel that I am already very clean, but try to fast every Sunday on juices and green smoothies. Just ordered some of Ann Marie’s skin care products today and can’t wait to try them! Love you two and your energy!

  22. delaney says:

    I do a day-long fast now and then. I’ve done a few three-day water fasts but in 2008, I did a 30-day water fast. It was very scary even though I had researched it for quite some time. It was also the most amazing thing, too. I will do it again soon. My skin was beautiful, I lost a lot of weight, and I just felt so light and clean. I needed very little sleep, too. There were days I was very sick (cleansing spells) but it was all worth it.

  23. Sue says:

    I used to do short 1 or 2 day fasts regularly for spiritual reasons, though I haven’t done so in a long time. The most spectacular results I’ve experieced from a fast is when I went on a water only fast 25 years ago, for almost a week (I think it was 6 days in the end). I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and at that time I was extremely ill – my hands were shaped like claws and the ring finger on both hands was folded flat against my palms and locked in place. I was unable to dress myself, brush my own teeth or hair, I needed help getting in and out of a chair and getting up and down stairs was an excruciating nightmare – taking about 20 mins for our short flight of stairs (I was only in my 20s). After 5 days of fasting I suddenly experienced dramatic improvements in my health – all pain was gone, I could run down the stairs and jump the last 3 steps and not feel any pain on landing, my hands had straightened out and I could do normal activities like dressing myself. Apart from feeling weak and tired from the lack of food and the extreme muscle wasting I had at that time, through not being able to be active, I felt great. I thought I had been healed and since I didn’t know any better I broke my fast with a slice of dry toast and a glass of milk! Within 20 minutes the pain had returned with a vengeance, my hands returned to looking like claws, my whole body locked and I couldn’t move; I was screaming because the pain was so terrible.

    I talked to my doctor about the likelihood of food being at the root of my illness, but he was just horrified that I had gone so long without food (I didn’t realise it at the time, but it was very dangerous for me to have taken the medications I was on without food) and he made me promise not to do it again.

    After that I tried eliminating various things from my diet – first dairy, then wheat, then meat, then various fruits – but nothing helped – the only thing I didn’t try was eliminating all animal products, because I mistakenly believed that I wouldn’t get enough protein if I didn’t eat any. Modern medicine eventually got the arthritis under control and I have been able to start my own business and raise a family since then – but pain has been a constant battle throughout.

    Sometime last year I did a search on-line for ideas to get some energy (I was working long hours with little sleep – completing a Masters degree) when I came across raw foods – it seemed very radical and I still wasn’t sure I’d get enough protein (groan). Then I read the China Study and was completely blown away – I had spent a large part of last year developing mathematical models using linear regression – so when I saw his scatter plots I was stunned – I realised just how staggering these results were and so started adjusting my diet in earnest (reading Colin Campbell also put my mind at rest about the whole protein thing). I have discovered in recent weeks that if I have a completely vegan diet I don’t need anti-inflammatories at all (I still take the other powerful drugs). I have hope now that this incurable disease can actually be cured through diet and I’m looking forward to seeing my body change through eating a vegan and mostly raw diet (still can’t deal with the idea of never eating a cooked meal again).

    I start my days with a green smoothie now – with fruit in – fruit is great in my opinion and unless I get a yeast infection or diabetes, I see no reason to cut back.

  24. Jo says:

    I also would love to hear more from Dr.Latham!. It is so true what he says about the Break fast. I am feeling so, so much more vibrant since doing the morning smoothies. Morning carbs were the worst for me. I get up without feeling tired and am full of energy. The whole elimination thing is true! Your body is ready!!! Thanks for the great interview! Jo F.

  25. Rhonda D says:

    I have been on a 5 day juice fast. Felt really good.

    Wonderful information from Aris Latham, and it makes total sense. Would love to see more interviews with Aris.

    Thank you for such great info.

    To our health!

  26. Hi Kevin
    Aris is awesome!

    I have fasted extensively since 2004 and the longest on water alone for 7 days and then my longest cleanse on coconut and stevia water for 42 days that I recently completed in Jan 2010. You can read about it in detail on my blog and if you click on the archives, starting in December, you can follow my complete journey.

    I am not a doctor, of course, but I do see the benefit of even doing a one day a week fast/cleanse to give the digestive system a break and allow the body to rest and heal

    Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beauty

  27. john says:

    On and off once a week ,sometimes twice. Aris Latham sounds like he is on to something good ,he lives what he preaches ,and has a track record of success.Would like another interview on his thoughts on greens /vegetables verses being a fruitarian.Curious to know who would live longer and by how much,fruit people or vegetable people?

  28. Bev says:

    Fasted a lot on and off for many years and always felt better because of it. As Arnold Ehret said, “fasting is nature’s operating table”.

    Fasting is a natural way our bodies can _heal themselves_ and they will do so as soon as we stop eating and let them.

    Fasting is a natural mode of operation of the body which is meant to complement the mode we overdo, consumption. Fasting and consumption are meant to be balanced but we tend to only over consume. The body is not meant to consume all the time.

    These days, because we all have a lot of toxins from our environment, it is best to start fasting slowly and gradually increase the number of days and intensity of the fast over a period of several months or a year or so. Do not start a long fast without working up to it. The elimination all of sudden of those toxic chemicals could kill you. Go slow and in the end you will benefit tremendously. Fasting takes patience and perseverance.

    I did two 40 day fasts years ago but only after doing shorter fasts every month for over a year or so. Never felt better in my life!

    Recently, remembering what I used to know, I started again with fasting and raw food lifestyle. This is the combination that works for me. We all need to experiment and find what works the best for us at any given time.

    To Your Health!

    Peace, Love and Harmony,

  29. Clara says:

    I’ve done many liver and gallbladder cleanses. I’ve also done 2 master cleanses, 10 days and 15 days. I have not had candy or sweets since my last master cleanse and have kept all the weight off. Yeah!
    Interesting about ONE bowel movement per day. I’ve always heard you need 3 per day…

  30. Sophia says:

    I loved the interview! I found what he had to say very powerful and interesting!!! I’d love to hear more from him too.

  31. Jasmine says:

    I like him! When are you going to tell us the winners of the 30-day challenge?

  32. Carole Cole says:

    WOW, great interview…would love to hear more from Aris Latham Kevin. Also great feedback…thanks to all for sharing their stories…especially you Sue. Just wanted to say that when it comes to illness it’s not only about what you are eating but what your body is breaking down and using. Whether or not you are getting enough protein, carbs, fatty acids and breaking it down…we are all so concerned with how much of what we are eating but is our body able to break it down and assimilate it? If not then it just goes to waste…gets stored in the body somewhere that it shouldn’t. I work with an program that tests urine and depending on what is going on treat with different protocols of enzymes for the problem…it’s really cool and it works! So remember that…you could be eating the best food/diet ever but if your body isn’t breaking it down it’s not doing you any good! Enzymes are the key…and you can only get them from 3 places…your body (but when they are used up they are gone), raw food and supplementation. Any questions you can contact me at , put in Subject ‘Enzymes’

  33. Diana Press says:

    I love cleansing! I’ve done a couple of 30 day and 10 day Bentonite clay and herbs cleanses, a couple of juice feasts, and since November of ’09, I’ve started every month with a 6 day liver/gallbladder flush cleanseing protocol. Passing stones is awesome! It’s been an empowering journey of awakening. I look forward to learning more about raw foods, fasts and cleanses, so keep it coming–just love what you two are up to!


  34. Barbara says:

    Let me add my “thumbs up” to this interview. I hope you have him on again sometime. Does he have a we site?

  35. Cherie says:

    Yes I have fasted. It took me a year to work up to not having dinner! LOL. I had to read a lot and educate myself, with all the misinformation I had I was very scared to fast. Now I have worked up to waterfasting for 2 days and almost 3 days the last time. I know that is not much for most in this field but for me that is a lot. I have a hard time breaking the fast. I tend to eat the wrong thing and that part does not feel so great. But I am doing better with that now too.

  36. chris says:

    Awesome, Kevin… Thanks! One of the best interviews ever.

    Especially appropriate for me… currently day 5 and will continue until hungry (7-10 days?). I LOVE fasting, but my experience is that the hardest parts are:
    1. Starting (the body is such a rebel)
    2. Ending (the body again tries to take control).

    Enjoy this poem by Rumi:

    blessings, y’all…

  37. Alina says:


    What do you think of Eat right fot you blood type by D’Adamo? Is it somethnig to consider or not or somewhat?

  38. Mary Artemis says:

    WOW YES!!!! FINALLY!!!!

    I did a water only fast in Panama with Loren Lockman at the Tanglewood Health Center in Paradise. I was re-fed on fruits and fruit only. He lives on fruits with a salad a day. His explanations to me were how I learned of fruit. For some reason no one yet realizes that fruit is the healthiest, sugar included. When that is all you’re eating (he does not espouse grains) it seems that that is all we need. The healing contained in it is unparalleled.

    Go figure ! It makes sense to me. I think that others have just not thought this out. Loren is an expert in cleansing and healing. He seems to have figured it out by himself – Go to:

    How do you manage to find such smart people?
    Mary from Stamford

  39. Corey says:

    More Aris Latham!

  40. Carole Cole says:

    Yes, when doing the food combining diet before going vegetarian/raw, they say only fruit in the morning till noon…it was great. You feel so light and clean eating that way. This video was a good reminder. Doing a bentonite/herb/parasite cleanse now. Think I’ll do fruit coming off it. Regarding the Blood seems to work for some but I know people that are 0 types and are totally vegetarian/raw and it works for them too.
    Great we have all of us to share with…Blessings

  41. bethany says:

    He is very interesting and I felt like I could listen all night and not get tired of hearing him. He is a wise man and I would like to know more about him.
    I don’t fast, but I need a cleansing and I think it would be good for me. I’ll try it soon now that I know how to break it right.

  42. Sharon says:

    I haven’t fasted in a long time but listening to this interview made me want to do so again. Now that my body isn’t toxic it would be a lot easier. Fasting can be very damaging if not done properly especially if there are heavy metals in the body. Enemas or colonics should be done if you’re on a SAD diet or haven’t been raw for quite a while.

    Once I fasted for a week on just water. Other times just juice, mainly carrot, twice a year for 10-14 days. Felt great with that. I think carrots get a really bad rap for no reason! Dr. Jenson’s book mentions a man who drank carrot juice and nothing else for an entire year. His body completely healed itself. That was in far less toxic times though!

    If you ever get a chance to interview Dr. Richard Schultze your listeners will love him. Talk to him about fasting. I have his weekend bootcamp on video and it’s awesome. He learned from Dr. Christopher. Great story about how he made it there and he’s got some fantastic healing stories. I love how he says “If you get sick, whatever you do, don’t go to the hospital!” Of course you need to learn what to do instead but he’s got some pretty valid reasons for saying that.

    Thanks so much for this interview today. I am seriously thinking about fasting now. Maybe next week. I just did the grocery shopping for the week so it’s a bad time. Wish I had seen it earlier!

  43. Nicole says:

    I’ve been trying Paul Nison’s daylight diet idea, so I stop eating before it’s dark out, and then have break-fast the next day…I guess that’s the shortest kind of fasting?:-)

    Question: is there anything wrong with eating pumpkin or squash innards? I steam the flesh, innards and seeds and eat it all instead of wasting it, but wonder why it’s common practice to scoop out the stringy innards and seeds often. What do you think?

  44. Deborah says:

    Thanks so much Kevin – I’d love to hear more from Aris! And I absolutely resonate with the three 8 hour cycles of the day that he mentioned … fasting, detoxing and nourishing. Also loved something about his balanced presence … more please!

  45. Claudia says:

    Yeah Aris is great – there’s a wonderful interview of him on raw vegan radio.
    Personally I’ve never fasted but am willing to do a fast. I think I’ll do a juice fast in the summer. In the meanwhile I drink my green smoothies daily and never eat at night.

  46. patricia says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful interview, such a nice energy to it. Last week your question of the day asked us who we would like to have interviews from, and like so many others in the comments today, I would love to hear more from Dr Aris Latham, maybe an in person interview if possible. I also second the suggestions made by others for interviews with Dr Richard Schultze and Kal and Traci Sellers, and would like to add to the list Victoria BidWell. Great shows, thank you.

  47. sari says:

    What a great video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!exactly what i needed.He put back my stable data.i was very discouraged after the Hippocrates Dr.
    were and how can you contact Aris.????any website?address phone #
    please let me know.
    thanks kevin this one did it for me.
    much love

  48. birthe says:

    wow, I’ll have to listen a couple of times to this speach: “water on my mill”!


  49. gloria Sayles says:

    I truely believe in what you said. I use to live like that. Iam a raw vegan now Iam going to start putting fruit back into my diet. My skin was pretty my weight was perfect. Plus I love Fruit. The Fix for Life says the same thing. Thank you again for bringing that back to the light for me. I do drink my coconut water every morning. God Bless YOu

  50. Melissa says:

    Thanks Kevin I really enjoyed this interview with Dr. Aris. Would love to hear more. I haven’t done any fasts yet. I’m a little nervous to do one to be honest. Yet, I read all the great benefits of it so I think I’ll take the plunge in the summer.

  51. Stephanie says:

    Have not fasted – except at night! I was very interested to hear about his breaking fast. Thank you for sharing so many divergent opinions. This guy makes sense to me, and he was a joy to listen to. More! More!

  52. Nick says:

    I fasted after reaching nearly 200lbs., which for me felt like i was becoming terminally ill, and i was in my mid 20’s. So this was back in the mid-’80’s. Then all i had to read was books by Herbert M. Shelton (Fasting Can Save Your Life & Food Combining Made Easy). Uh yeah, maybe I didn’t read closely enough, cuz my stopping putting any thing but water into my mouth stopped anything from no. 2, only # 1, of course. So I didn’t understand auto-intoxication at all, like i do now, viscerally, from my subsequent experience corroborated thru further readings. Nevertheless, I lost about 30lbs & felt fantastic, for the most part. I did drink lots & lots of water, which doubtlessly helped ease, dilute the auto-intox effect. The 1st time I fasted was for 7 days, then a year or so later, for 8 days. Since then I’ve only dabbled in the Master Cleanse, eating raw. Tho I have attended fairly lengthy vipassanas, Buddhist meditation retreats where you fast from reading, speaking, even looking at others–except for regular interviews with the teacher. Thru these retreats the schedule is generally to meditate for about 45 mins of sitting alternating with about 1/2 periods of walking meditation. I’ve noticed an overall semblance to clogged plumbing pipes when our gullets or receptive orifices (senses) get overstuffed. Beware, the mind can take in much more info than we ever can integrate, so it becomes an end in itself–less than useless, obstructive to constructive, healing or moving forward, en masse, of course (for real). Check out the old Monty Python movie, Baron Von Munchenhausen. Fine, call it healthy dissociation, polite cognitive dissonance, but….

  53. Wonda says:

    I used to do a 1 day weekly fast for religious and for health reasons. I plan to do a fruit cleanse tomorrow, followed by a 3 day water fast, my digestive system could really use the break.

    In the Bible fruits were the main part of the original diet. We are told that in heaven we will eat from the Tree of Life, which consequently, bares twelve manner of fruits.

    I wish I could get some of that yummy ackee the good Doc had in his hand.

  54. Tara Burner says:

    I love fasting!
    I fast anywhere from 3 days and longest I’ve done is 90(that was 20 days water, 70 days fresh juice)
    I just go w/what my body/mind feel is ok and enjoy all the benefits of it 🙂

  55. Jodie says:

    What an enjoyable speaker. Thank you for introducing us to him.

  56. Nick says:

    Regarding the notion of “sunfired”, please look into our heliotropism. Y’know, like sunflowers that bow their heads in thru the night rising with and following the sun. Isn’t hibernation generally a mammalian trait? For us, I believe ideally, it would be a relative hibernation, longer winter episodes of sleep, than the overt full-bore hibernation of, say, bears.

    Oops, before I meant each day in a vipassana retreat has about 6 hrs of seated meditation, broken into 45 minute sessions interspersed with 30 minute periods of walking meditation. & traditionally, solid food isn’t taken after noon. I wouldn’t suggest Goenka, BTW. They don’t include the walking aspect, which I believe integrates, segues what we cultivate on the meditation cushion gets gently carried into the daily ongoing living…grind, i was going to say. takes the grind out of life, i would say. Not that there’s not a general spillover effect, there is!

  57. raw thing says:

    I did juice feast last year from 23rd January till 23 April.

    This year I’m doing it again and today is my 22nd day. I use fast to clean my body, refresh my mind and to solve some things that I do not like in my diet. When I start to eat again, my diet is simplified and it gives me energy, not stealing it from me.

  58. Greta says:

    I have been fasting numerous times for several days and broken my fast as Aris Latham suggested.
    I got the same information from the book “Fit for Life” by Harvey Diamond published in 1980 or so. He goes into great detail about eating fruit etc.

  59. Suzy says:

    I DO fast. Actually I am about a week into a green juice fast now, preceded by a 3-day water fast. I juice-feasted for 92 days about a year ago and it had so many benefits besides the obvious physical ones…spiritual and emotional as well. I tend to overeat, and fasting takes away all the hunger and compulsion that goes along with that as well. I always think I don’t want to do it, and put it off, but once I’m 4 days or so into it, I get that aaaaahh feeling. I think it will always be a necessary component of my raw food lifestyle.

  60. I used to fast regularly at least one day a week and sometimes a 3-day water fast. I went about a year eating only one meal a day, but that was when I was eating low-carb and still consuming dairy and animal products. I have been a raw vegan for about a year and haven’t done much, if any, fasting. I am a competitive/recreational runner, which I have been doing for about 2.5 years and I am afraid that if I fast, I won’t be able to keep up with my training and races. Any advice?

    By the way, LOVED Aris and would like to hear more from him.


  61. I have mixed views about fasting,it can be very beneficial so long as it is not done as an obsession.There seems to be alot of pressure in the raw foods movement to go on long fasts which may not be right for everyone.I think imposing something on yourself just because everyone else is doing it is a recipe for disaster.I think it can be problematic if you are extremely active or not in the right mind set to be fasting.
    I dont believe people with eating disorders should be fasting because the intention behind it is not one of cleansing its one of self punishment which is not at all healthy
    So many health related issues are focused just on what we are putting into our bodies but that is just a part of health and well being.Our thoughts can be as toxic to our body to what we actually put in there,health is about balance of mind body and spirit.
    No one ever mentions how powerful breathing deeply is to releasing toxins and emotional patterns but if you take time to sit still and breath it can change alot
    I myself have done some short fasts here and there anything from 1-5 days but I choose to follow what feels right for my body.I think that fasting effect highly sensitive people much more and can lead to becoming ungrounded and spaced out.I would always say that you should always follow what feels right for you

  62. Dianne says:

    More from Aris please. 🙂

  63. Mys says:

    Aris Latham, a man after my own heart. Have more of him. I love fasting, when I can do it. I love fruit. I love going to bed at eight and getting up at four. I love having the building foods later in the day. It makes you lean, strong, happier, and so on!

  64. janell says:

    I love fasting seasonally or whenever else my body calls me to do. It frees my spirit mind and allows my body to heal, repair and restore. Most of the time, fasting is water or herbal tea combination or when fasting for the long term fasting is the master cleanse – that lemon is a powerful and wonderful fruit. My last fast was forty days – the energy and mental sharpness was amazing. After that fast, I was convinced that we really do not need much food to sustain our body (physical/mental/spiritual health)–I’m doing another one

  65. Anne Hunt says:

    I really enjoyed this interview- Mr. Latham was very dynamic and informative. He instilled a desire in me to do a fast. Up until now I have never been interested in fasting at all….just the thought of going without food strikes horror in my heart… I eat every 2-3 hours maybe just a few bites but when I am awake I am eating…. this may be the answer to my eating dependency…? I would love to visit with this gentleman.:)

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