Does Eating Flax Seed Produce Estrogen – The Renegade Health Show Episode #518

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There has been information out in the health world about flax seed producing estrogen in the body…

Today, I interview Dr. Theresa Dale, hormone expert, and let her explain how flax seed affects hormones.

She also explains why hormone replacement therapy may not be such a good idea.

Check it out…

Your question of the day: What do you think we paid for our monster stash of produce?

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If you want more information about Dr. Theresa Dale and her testing protocol for hormones, please visit her site here:

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Hi Kevin and Annemarie

    I would say you paid 75 dollars for your stash, but it is only a guess.

    Thanks for the interview,


  2. Linda says:

    27 dollars

  3. Sparrow says:

    I don’t eat nuts so I can’t guess adequately on the whole stash but I’m going to guess $10 for the oranges and $20 for the avocados.

  4. I would say around $45 for all of that wonderful stuff.

  5. Betsy says:

    I would say $5 for the oranges and $10for avocado and $5 for macadamia nuts. Love your show. Thank you.

  6. john says:

    65 federal reserve notes ?.Thank you Kevin.What Dr.Theresa Dale had to say thus far makes logical sense, and I have known a particular individual who had symptoms using progesterone and other steroids who got adrenal fatigue ,And took a very long time to get over this, going on and off again on whole foods. Dr. Theresa I thought did an excellent over view ,would very much like to have her on again she impresses me and comes across as a sincere, honest, truthful person, as well as a person with gifted intelligence .Thank you both for caring and sharing with us on these very important issues on estrogens and hormones.-thankyou

  7. Caryl DeHerrera says:

    I’m thinking $0 and you picked them…… Love you guys!

  8. Catherine says:

    I would say closer to $75.00 for the whole stash!

  9. D.Walker says:

    My guess would be about $30 for the lot. 🙂

  10. taylor says:

    well if its anything like Kauai prices i would say 5 for the mac nuts
    10 for the oranges
    20 for the avos

    35 for the whole stash….

    what r you going to do…guacamole

    orange smoothies…..???

  11. Another timely interview for me~! I am at the time of life when my doctor is encouraging HRT. Dr. Dale’s comments are exactly what my gut has been telling me. Glad I heard this because I was starting to wonder if I was being foolish.

    My guess on your produce stash – $25.00??? Just because it is all local, I guessed CHEAP!!!

  12. Julia says:

    I’m thinking, like someone else did, that you picked it all for free!!!

  13. Geri says:

    well, I live on Maui and we have macnut trees, oranges and alot of different types of avos and they are all free, there in our yards!!! I know, we’re lucky! So I say, since you are in California, free!

  14. jackie says:

    Great interview…wish she’d been on longer. Also would like to hear Dr. Keith Nemec some time….

  15. Sophia says:

    My first guess is $100. Where did you get the produce from?

  16. Jen Flanagan says:

    Good interview, thanks for that 🙂
    my guess on the produce is $20 altogether! Though obviously its worth way more!

  17. Suzy says:

    I’d love for the answer to be $0.00 and that you employed the time honoured method of bartering.

  18. Marie1225 says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,

    Wow, local and cheap huh…hmmm, I’d say about $60. You got a ton of good, normally expensive stuff.

    Would you guys have her on again? I’m really curious about the hormone issue. I didn’t feel like she answered the questions deep enough.

    I also never heard that about the flax seed and it creating extra estrogen. That troubles me because I believe I already have high levels of estrogen in my body. I eat flax seeds a lot.

    In May I found a lump in my left breast, and I found out it was a benign tumor. I had gotten a lump in my right breast twice with each of my prenancies.

    So I avoid soy to say the least. I had read somewhere that plastics can mess with your hormone levels, and increase estrogen as well. I knew plastics were dangerous, but I didn’t know that be caused.

    Another issue that I have is acne.I’ve read that increased hormone levels can cuase acne. I’ve watched the videos where you talk about acne. If I have a candida issue, then I’m not aware of it.


    Thank you,


  19. Kym Hutcheon says:

    As always, an interesting interview. Dr. Holly Lucille is also very interesting on this subject:

    I’m also wondering about the role of products such as soy. For a little variety, I’ve been eating tofu and natto over the last six to eight months – just a couple of times a week or so. I’m purposely keeping the volume low but I’m wondering about the effects on my male body. Be interested in hearing comments from any guys with experience.

    As for your stash, I reckon you picked the fruit yourself and hit the nut guy up with some of your tulsi… 😉

  20. Carrie says:

    I will guess $45 for the lot.
    Great to listen to Dr. Dale. Unfortunately I was having severe symptoms and started a low dose HRT. What options do I have. Also I am in school and part of what cause me to go this route was poor concentration and memory which has since gotten better (with the HRT). Does Dr. Dale recommend anything for that? I would love to find out more. Thanks

  21. Dawni says:

    Hi…great info and relevant for me…

    My heavens…I have no idea. I am going with $32.00.

    I know that sounds insane. However, I am calculating based on the best deal I’ve ever scored on oranges and avocados. I have no experience with nuts prices, so I added in $7 for the nuts.

    Can’t wait for the true count — you are in California I believe. So spill your sources…

    Dawni now in Alexandria, VA…teaching a workshop Saturday, Exploration on the Emergent Feminine — it is full.

  22. Jill says:

    I have no clue how much you paid for all that, but I know for a fact that when I get older I will NOT be using HRT! (I”m only 26 so I don’t have to worry for a good long while yet) 🙂

  23. Christine says:

    Thank you Kevin…I am a nurse who teaches prevention and alternative methods and I love learning what to do in place of medication…

    For those who believe in the Bible, see what God says about Medicine (Jeremiah 46:11; Jeremiah 30:13 KJV only..all others have changed or omitted)

  24. Cathy says:

    What does she say about HRT when someone has had a hysterectomy and their ovaries removed?

  25. Christina says:

    Hmm…. I typically buy a 40lb box of oranges for $19 and that looks roughly the same size as what I get. Raw, organic macadamia nuts are anywhere from 10 to 16 dollars per pound, so I would say 30 dollars for the Macadamia. The avos are usually 1.5 each or 2.99 per lbs, so I would say 30 dollars for the avos.

    Total: $79

    The above numbers are based on the market rate in San Diego.

  26. Hi Kevin,

    Well I think you paid 1$ per pound for orange and avocato and at least 2$ for the nuss… well 45 to 50 $ in total… a food for you both for a week at least, but only 1.5 lunch at the restaurant at the National Show of Agriculture in Paris, where I was yesterday… happy cows but a lot of cheese & meat products… less than 1% of the food presented coming from agriculture was vegatable, fruit or nuss. That’s France ! Sad for me.
    I was surprise hearing Dr Theresa Dale saying soy as much worser effect on hormone regulation. On scientifical side I learn for a sweden scientistist working on soy-based phytohormone at the international Congress on vegetarian nutrition in LA March 2008, that phytohormones had no effect on animal experiments (mouse) and clinical studies didn’t show any disadvantage of soy nutrition on oestrogen by women… in opposite adding soy to meal in moderate amount, not every day, supported a better hormone regulation by women… specialy in menopause time of live. His conclusion was that the mainstream idea in medicine critic about soy in moderate amount is wrong and not scientifically proved… mis-information.
    I heard also other claims about whole flax seed having no effect on human hormones eat in moderation again… flax seed oil is a concentrate x1000 compare to whole seed… if you use it everyday for years… probably you will see an effect on your oestrogen hormone.

    Science in nutrition is working hard to understand this questions with study data and more and more clinical data. We are in an exciting time, but Science starts to show that moderation and eating the whole natural food seems to be the save way to go. Sad for the process food from industry !

    Dr. Jerome in Paris

  27. Mary Artemis says:

    OH, just a few bucks.

  28. Emily says:

    I think you got your stash from a food co-op so it probably didn’t cost as much as it would from a grocery store. How’s that for an answer?

  29. Johann says:

    $25 for everything is my guess.

  30. Michael T. says:

    The subject of hormones is very complex and can not be adequately explained in one short interview. Plant estrogens from soy or flax are not as strong as human estrogen, so their effect on our bodies is weak. Some people say that the plant estrogens occupy receptor sites in our bodies and block the stronger estrogens from attaching there. In this way, plant estrogens can have a protective effect.

    So, it is misleading and overly simplistic to say we need to avoid plant estrogens.

    But it is a good idea to eat a variety of foods, and not to eat soy or flax three times a day, for example.

    Regarding hormone replacement, I agree that it is important to not take too much hormones, as the body can get lazy and stop producing them. However, what can be done if a person is already going through a decline in hormone production? Changing diet and exercise can help somewhat, but even then, our bodies tend to make less and less of certain hormones as we grow older.

    If we don’t take some supplemental hormone, for example DHEA, should we just suffer the long, slow decline that results? I think it is better to take small amounts of DHEA, but I don’t take it every day. A declining level of DHEA is clearly linked to the aging process.

    I appreciate the wide range of interviews, but then, I would not change my approach just based on one brief interview. I might use the interview as the start of my own research project. There is much to learn on the subject of hormones.

  31. Rene Oswald says:

    Great interview Kevin. Very important subject and one that is often overlooked! Looking forward to hearing more and reading her book!

    I’d say the food is valued at $95, but you paid $24, unless you and Annmarie were out climbing trees yesterday for your morning exercise! If so, I’d like to see that video! Have fun cracking those macadamia shells!

  32. Sandi Seegert says:

    I’ll bet that you were able to pick all from trees here in FL, so the answer is $0- priceless!

  33. Linda Miller says:

    Very interesting interview. I wonder about those of us who have had a hysterectomy and in my case my adrenals seemed to be low. If my adrenals are healthy now would it be able to produce enough hormones? I thought I read some were produced only by ovaries, and I have none. I actually started out with 1 mg of testosterone and actually REDUCED it by half on my own. And I only use it 6 days a week. I also take 10 mg of DHEA and use over-the-counter pergesterone. I will have to say I have felt and looked better since adding DHEA and testosterone.

  34. carol says:

    My guess is…. nothing, you bartered for it. By the way, where is Johnny five?

  35. I agree with Rene. The food would cost me $100 in Virginia in March. For you, 20 bucks.

    What is adrenal fatigue? Cause? effect? cure?
    How do you know you have it, and what do you do?

  36. Sanjula says:

    Ohhh please more of this subject!!!!
    as some other folks above said aren’t some hormones declining anyway with age and when would it make sense to add hormone replacements???? I definitely will get her book and read more about it. been reluctant to take hormones lately and this approach comes in perfect time for me !!! great idea to provide this issue. 🙂

  37. Sanjula says:

    oh yes I forgot … what roles play hormones in CFS and how to cure adrenal fatigue!!!!
    some information and answers to that would be fantastic

  38. Beth says:

    $17 for your stash of food

  39. Dee says:

    What a great interview. Thank you so much.

  40. raymond says:

    i would say 67.oo

  41. Sarah says:

    This might be a bit personal, but on the hormone subject, what do you guys use (or at least recommend) for birth control? I’ve been off of the pill for over a year now, and really don’t want to go back on. I will probably invest in the Ladycomp, but it’s very expensive and I was wondering if you knew of any alternatives.

  42. Mary says:

    I bet you picked them and therefore paid with your sweat and hard work only.

  43. Rick says:

    in California you could easily get that fruit for free.

  44. Bev says:


    Would love to hear more about natural treatments for Adrenal Fatigue and CFS.

    Peace, Love and Harmony,

  45. Patti says:

    hmmm $55 bucks! thanks for the great interview!!

  46. Heather says:

    33$…possibly multiplied by up to 2? ;P

  47. Sue says:

    I’m am somewhat confused over today’s talk. Surely the whole point of taking HRT is that your body HAS stopped producing the hormones – not that taking it causes your body to stop producing it. I have been on HRT for over 10 years now – having gone into an early menopause and have no regrets – I feel great; however I do realise this can’t go on indefinitely and I will have to come of it sometime – maybe I can stave of the worst of the effects with flax oil when that time comes.

    Also, I haven’t found it to be true that I need to increase the dose; I have been on the same dose since I started and feel fine.

  48. Joyce Braun says:

    I’d love to know some alternatives for hormone therapy… I’m using a bioidentical progesterone cream because i have cramps so bad i cant walk (sorry to much info!) I was calling in sick to work like clockwork once a month, and it’s the only thing thats helped me 🙁 I dont want to stop taking it because then i’d have to take pain killers like advil 🙁

    Like Sarah above, I’m also curious about natural birth control methods, i’ve just assumed that when i need to i’ll get an iud, but that seems quite invasive!

    p.s. so how much did you pay???

  49. esther says:

    I don’t know. How much did you pay, or not?

  50. Brigitte says:

    Unless this is a trick question and you bartered for the food, I know that prices are way better in California than other places, so I’d guess about $20-25.

  51. Sue says:

    @ 42. Sarah – I’ve just looked at the Ladycomp online and it just looks like a very expensive fertility thermometer to me. You can do the same with a regular fertility thermometer and a paper chart – just checked on Amazon UK and you can buy these for as little as £2.99! I’ve used a fertility thermometer and chart method in the past when trying for a family and I found it easy and could clearly see when my fertile time was – you don’t need an expensive gadget. In our case we adopted in the end, but I suggested this method to a friend who was having trouble getting pregnant (over a year of trying) and lent her my thermometer – she got pregnant the first month of using it!

  52. Janet says:

    I’ll say you got your food for free! You like to pick your own produce from local trees wherever you go. I do too!

    For the flax, Dr. Wong says it is very estrogenic and bad for females as well as males as it causes fibroids and is 3 times more estrogenic than soy.

  53. Liza says:

    I had problems with flax so I am really glad to see this information getting out. Thanks Kevin! I began eating flax crackers on a daily bases. Not sure of the amount but it was not a large amount. For 4 consecutive months I had 2 full menstrual cycles. I had never heard of flax possibly having any estrogen effects on the body. I was following a very clean raw food diet and was very aware of all foods I was consuming. I realized that the only change in my diet was the addition of the daily flax crackers. I stopped consuming flax and my cycle went back to normal the following month. Just to make sure I did not consume any flax for 1 year. Recently I added flax back into my diet and the problems with my cycle started again. So in addition to avoiding soy I also avoid flax. I hope more people are made aware of this potential problem. Thanks again Kevin for keep us informed!

  54. John says:

    Let’s go with $43 as a guess!

    — John

  55. lizzie says:

    I started bio-identical hormones after I started having sickening hot flashes, extreme vaginal atrophy and migraines EVERY week. ALL of this stopped with the addition of a mederate dose of bi-est and also progesterone and a little testosterone – many things have improved. I had already been following a really good diet, taking supplements on the guidance of a good integrative doctor and had to start on thyroid hormone also. But I was getting worse instead of better as time went on. I would hate to see where I would be were I still not taking any hormones. I was 58 when I started the hormones and not officially through menopause yet. I don’t think there is one answer for everyone. Even the little verticle lines above the lip started showing up while I was low on estrogen. Life was miserable. Soy is also a thyroid inhibitor – so I sure can’t see how I could have tried THAT! While some of this does make sense I think everyone has to find their own balance. I have not gone up on the hormones and I am fine. My breasts are clear on thermography so no problem there either. I DO intend to keep taking them – for the rest of my life if I find they help. There are women that have taken them for a LONG time and doctors that have been prescribing – in the right balance and a reasonable does and they actually have LESS cancer also. Plus less heart problems, bone loss and other aging things. Not everyone needs them. I do!

  56. Jennifer says:

    I think you paid $80 for your produce.

    Om Shanti Om, Jen

  57. Pat G. says:

    You’re gonna need something like this to crack those macs without them breaking to bits:

  58. I think you paid $10 for each box

  59. Or if you picked it up from your friend’s farm in Corona then it’s probably is free, just a present.

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