Brian Clement on Blending Foods – The Renegade Health Show Episode #510

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Today, we continue the interview with Dr. Brian Clement…

In this episode, he talks about complex carbohydrates as well as his thoughts on blended foods.

It’s a bit controversial, so be sure to watch and give your thoughts here on the blog. (I’ll chime in at the end of the week!)

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Do you blend? What do you think of Brian’s thoughts?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Donna says:

    Yes, I blend – I love my smoothies. At least I’m still getting 10% of the nutrients from my bridge food! LOL

  2. Nicole says:

    I blend every morning for breakfast 🙂

  3. Frances says:

    I think he’s overstating the oxidation effects of blending. Food gets browner and darker as it oxidizes, so I don’t feel that I need to take a guru’s word for when and how much my smoothies are oxidizing.

    From personal observation, I have found that oxidation is far from immediate. After hours of sitting in a jar my blended smoothie will have oxidized very noticeably in the top layer. The rest will be only very slightly darker, which I interpret to mean that very slight oxidation has occurred.

    I find that mixing my smoothies with ample liquid makes a sippable smoothie and minimizes the amount of air trapped in the smoothie. It will better retain it’s brilliant coloring, especially if I don’t eat it all immediately.

  4. Pamela says:

    Where can I find research to support this “oxidation from blending” concept?

    This is pretty out there.

  5. rachel says:

    I blend all the time and cannot agree that food is destroyed that much. I cannot see myself juicing everyday but with Blendtec or Vitamix it seems a great solution.

  6. andrew zubriczky says:

    Hey Guys,

    Great interview. He is a very articulate and healthy looking spokesperson for the Institute.

    Yes, I do blend-DAILY. I may not juice daily, but I never fail to make something in my blender, like a smoothie, for example.

    You guys are truly awesome…

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Lori says:

    I’ve used my blender to make smoothies and i understand what he is saying, but wouldnt’ my Breville juicer immeditately oxidize my juice also,,i mean that thing rips at a high speed?? Seems same oxidtive stress would occur?? Also how does he juice?? Do they hand crank the juice so as not to damage it?? I’m a little confused lol!

  8. Craig says:

    I agree !! Right on I grow my own Sprouts and juice Mung Beans,Broccili,Fenegreek,Clover,alafa .takes about a week to grow in jars with continues supply of Living food.But in the summer i blend Kale and Collard Greens that i grow and also juice dandelions that i pick away from the city.

  9. Sparrow says:

    Doesn’t juicing oxidize food, too? I saw a demonstration that Victoria Boutenko did where she took potato (chosen because it is so obvious when it has oxidized — it turns dark brown) and she blended some in a Vitamix or Blendtec (not sure which) and she took more potato and ran it through a juicer.

    She set both glasses of potato juice/smoothie out on the counter and left them for a while and when she came back, the blended potato has a thin layer of darkness across the top of the glass but the rest of the glass held light-colored, unoxidized potato. But the glass of juiced potato was dark brown through and through.

    (Yes, I do blend. Daily. I rarely juice and then only citrus fruits.)

  10. Chris & Sara says:

    Wow what a great interview. He brings up some very good points.
    Now I know why everyone is always asking for him!!!

    It makes sense to have the “tweener” foods (bridge foods). We do blend smoothies and have been for a couple years. Sounds realistic to use that as the bridge. Now I crave things like cilantro and collards etc.

    Cant argue with what he says. Sounds like he has a lot of experience and data. And is very humble. I love the way he speaks and really like his point about there being no right or wrong. I truly believe that.

    What an amazing soul. He is doing incredible work. Kevin you are sooo lucky to have met him and THANK you sooo much for sharing him with us!! I wish I could send all my loved ones to Hippocrates…
    (Kev I loved when you pronounced it Hip-O -Crates on the 1st vid. Funny man!) EXCELLENT!!

    Love & ALoha!


  11. Hi Kevin

    Thanks for the interview with Dr. Clement and I agree with the raw vegan lifestyle not being a dogma and some cooked foods is ok if you are healthy. I think blending is fine in moderation for FUN and not as a general rule. Best to use your teeth to liquiefy your fruits and vegetables.

    I also agree that intuition is the most important thing and taking steps a little at the time to improve your habits and lifestyle.

    Also, visit my blog and read about my 42 day cleanse using coconut water and stevia in my water, and finished mid-January. I have also written about my transition back to food. I continue to write about health related topics and post daily (off on weekends). To read about my cleanse from day 1, click on December 2009. Share this with others who may be interested and I love to receive comments. You can also subscribe so you will always receive the latest posts in you email inbox.

    Chef Mindy aka Ageless Raw Beauty

  12. Patricia says:

    sure do. I found this to be the best way to get the good stuff into you. You can blend a whole lot of yucky tasting things and make it great tasting….. And the best part is next to no dishes.

  13. bridgette says:

    Brian Clement makes me angry. He has nothing to back up this claim he just pulls this number out of thin air and expects to be respected in the raw food movement. Everyone either juices or blends some food and no one is getting sicker or deficient from it.

    Scaring people away from healthy juices and smoothies but promoting eating grains and cooked food for protein?

    He is terribly condescending, at a talk he once bragged he was up working out that morning and didn’t see any of us (the audience) there. What is that supposed to mean? He’s perfect or something?

  14. Nicole says:

    I think it is very true! I am converting to Raw – I just started having a green breakfast shake, with VEGA vegan protein, about 6 months ago – that’s all I’ve done (I am now really getting into it… it took a while!) – so just a shake with things like Collard Greens, Kale, other veges, the vegan protein, and some different supplements – and I have noticed an incredible change in my energy and general wellbeing. That’s why I am now really getting into the Raw diet concept, because just replacing by ‘dead’ breakfast with a living nutritious green shake every morning has changed my life!… not to mention my bowels – I really think it has literally saved me from disease in the long run!

  15. Deena says:

    I blend because i find it eaier to digest some of those hard vegies and becaue i tend to not chew my food so blending does it for me.

  16. Anne says:

    What I don’t understand:

    Pointing the finger at juicing and blending losing nutrients through oxidation

    Advocating (his program) for eating cooked carbohydrates (grains) that we KNOW are allergenic, cause asthma and celiac disease and are denatured (the proteins) by cooking.

    Tell me, which one is the lesser of two *evils*?

    He looks down on people for blending while he is cooking his food?


  17. Jo says:

    I love to blend! I have gotten quite a few friends to drink green smoothies. As the doctor says, it’s not a religion but a path to better eating and health.Victoria Buktenko says you can leave it in a closed glass container for two days. I usually finish mine the same day. Ciao!

  18. Michele says:

    Yes, I blend. I heard Dr. Clement say blending takes all the nutrition out of the food back at the Vibrant Living Expo last August. I didn’t like what I heard, and it kinda stressed me out. But I didn’t want to give up my morning smoothie. I like what he said to you, Kevin. It puts it in better perspective. A little change at a time is good. You got to believe in something…I believe I’ll have a smoothie! And when I master juices and growing sunflower, pea greens and buckwheat lettuce I’ll do more juice and less smoothies. Just thinking…doesn’t juicing do the same thing as blending? It crushes the plant exposing it to oxygen. Or is it just that it’s more gentle to juice food and oxygenation occurs, but not as quickly?
    Thanks for all you do, Kevin and Annmarie. I really appreciate your work.
    Namaste, Michele Malchow

  19. Ken says:

    I blend .. and I do not feel that 90% of the nutrition is lost. How was this validated?

    Thanks for the info! Great shows!!


  20. Kaylani says:

    Why is it every time I incorporate something into my diet that I’m told is optimally healthy some expert will come out and say it’s not healthy? This is so frustratiing. As soon as they make a juicer that is as easy to clean up as a Vita-mix, I’ll start juicing every day instead of blending.

  21. raymond says:

    i only blend when my fruits and veggies when they start to get old.i eat all my fruits and veggies raw or steamed,hell i even eat kale raw,i allways wondered why alot of people blend when you could eat it.but ive beeen like this since i was a kid.

  22. Yup. I blend and I juice, too.

  23. Joni says:

    I blend. I would be lost without my green smoothie every morning. Regarding Dr. Clement, I think he is very interesting. I would also love to see what his menu consists of for one week.

  24. Craig says:

    Does everone blend with distilled water?
    Organic Products?
    Keven the other day you mentioned find a spring to get your water. I had an Artesian Spring .The best tasting water in the world!!!. I had it tested and being around corn fields it was loaded with Nitrates.Thank
    God i had it tested

  25. Tami says:

    Yes, I blend. I love my green smoothies. I too watched Victoria Boutenko’s video, and the way they explained the difference is this; when you juice, all the fiber is gone, and oxidation occurs rapidly. When you blend, the fiber is left in tact, so the oxidation occurs over a longer period of time. I don’t know about you, but I drink 3-4 cups of my green smoothie all in one setting. Therefore, it doesn’t have time to oxidize.

  26. Susan says:

    Yes, I blend, but I also drink my smoothies immediately with the thinking that storing them in the fridge until the next morning makes them less nutritious and less appealing.

    Thanks for the interview-very informative.


  27. pat says:

    I can’t believe that blending good fruits, veggies/greens has lost 90% of the goodness. As many others have commented what abt. the high speed of juicing. I still believe in blending with good organic ingredients until proven otherwise.

  28. Koa Sky says:

    I don’t understand how you could not be for sodium chloride and endorse seaweed.

  29. delaney says:

    I juice and blend quite frequently. It may be true but I can’t think about the damage done during these processes. I’d go insane if I worried about it.

  30. I blend lots of green smoothies. I also juice and use the juice as the liquid for my smoothies. This way I reckin I’m getting the best of both worlds 🙂

  31. Borealis says:

    Yes, green smoothies in the VitaMix daily, and I do feel that this is a bridge, to get away from SAD, processed foods and have more fresh veg. I do wonder about the oxidation— wouldn’t juicing also cause oxidation (I guess depending on the type of juicer?), and what about when you have a powdered superfood like spirulina, it has been ground to an incredibly fine powder— wouldn’t oxidation happen in that case also?

    The thing is to not make yourself crazy and just do your best— eating fresh, raw vegetables and superfoods is definitely better than not, and the proof is in how well and vibrant you feel when you do.

    Thanks for this great interview!

  32. christine says:

    Hey, great job, well done.I do blend, everyday. I just love blended foods, whether it be all greens or smoothies.My question is how can we avoid loosing some of the nutrients while blending?

  33. I am not arrogant or ignorant enough to out right disagree with an expert like Brian. However, I think he is painting a real black and white scenario at minimum and I am compelled to comment.

    Apples oxidize quick and I often think they shouldn’t be in juices or smoothies unless you are making a small one and drinking it right away. That said, there are many foods that do not oxidize quickly at all and by nature many plants are themselves anti-oxidants (they all are but behave quite differently). I frequently incorporate aloe vera in my smoothies for example and I believe this would easily protect oxidation for a considerable period of time (I drink all of my smoothies within 1-2 hours). Aloe is well documented for preventing foods from oxidizing. Another great example of using plants to prevent oxidation is applying lemon juice to an avocado (I am sure it works on many other foods as well) will prevent oxidation.

    Essential oils are used effectively in some supplements, like fish oil for example to prevent the oxidation from happening with great results.

    I guess my 4 comments and 1 question….

    1) Juicing and Smoothies cannot produce a measurable difference (opinion)

    2) Not all smoothies and all plants in smoothies are created equal and therefore a blanket statement about all blending being bad is misguided to say the least.

    3) Brian’s protein (Breast milk is only 3%) and fruit comments (all sugar is equal) the other day I believe are way off the map. I do however, agree with his 3 choices of superfoods being some of the best.

    4) Proper selection of fruits/plants/oils in a smoothie can dramatically affect the outcome and in most cases prevent all oxidation problems if the juice is consumed in a reasonably short time.

    Question: Kevin have you seen evidence to the contrary and do you believe substances like essential oils, citrus juice and aloe vera could prevent whatever oxidation factor is real?

  34. Betty says:

    I do blend…. like he said….better than coca cola!!!

  35. Alicia Harris says:

    OH BOY…I love to blend my smoothies. It’s easier for me to get down than eating a salad, plus I get more greens in. It was stated above and I’d like to reiterate…it is so confusing when different health gurus have very differing views. Who do you believe? Then there is the intuition theory. My intuition says I should have a couple of pieces of chocolate as long as I’m having my green smoothies. 😉 I mean, don’t we go to these gurus to learn? So, what are learning? That nobody seems to know anything or that everybody is different or what? I almost want to give up. BTW…I just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate you guys, Kevin and Annmarie! You guys are so much fun to watch and I do learn a lot…which I later learn I’m really back at square one. LOL!

  36. Tyra McMahon says:

    Geez! What did we do in the old days when there was no blender or juicer.

    Also can’t sea vegetables be just as contaminated as fish.

    By the way I just finished a green smoothie while watching your show. At lunch I will juice.

    There’s alot of info flying around out there and that can make one very confused but I take what I want from it and leave the rest. I’m doing what works for me.

  37. Eva says:

    When I did blend it seemed I wanted to drink large amounts to feel full but not quite satisfied. I also noticed blending doesn’t keep the weight off my husband as he wanted more and more stuff in the blender to get that sweet taste. I still blend an occasional soup but no more daily smoothies and a lot, lot less fruit.
    When I started juicing with my single auger juicer, the liquid feels like it goes deep into my cells and I haven’t gone back to blending. I find it interesting that people question the research of a place that EVERYTHING is based on blood work and science because they are working with very sick people with limited time for turn around.
    I attended a talk with Daniel Vitalis last night and he was talking about extracting cannabis flowers in warm oil to put in goat milk and raw egg smoothies, Now that is crazy non-science!! I will stick with the well educated and well researched professionals for my advise! Please Kevin, may we have some more of Dr. Clement and perhaps Dr. T. Colin Campbell as well? Thank you for your passion of health for all.

  38. Noel says:

    yes i do green smoothies almost daily. recently got a hurom slow juicer and juice also. Althought i admit at this point i blend more often than juicing. I got the juicer mainly to blend wheatgrass -greens- sprouts
    i like my smoothies as I can add my extras easily like flax oil, acai pwdr etc.. My ultimate plan is to do both daily. Blend in the morning as it is quicker and I like the fiber to fill me up. Juice at night- as Ihave more time and without the fiber easier on my digestive system before I go to bed

  39. Kuru says:

    Boy I really like Terry’s idea that oxidation can be prevented with citrus, aloe or eo’s. I wondered about this from the minute I started my vitamix, but I love it, and try to blend quickly and efficiently. I agree that juicing has a potency that is off the charts!

  40. Michele says:

    I’ve been on this raw journey 10 years now, I’ve juiced, I’ve blended, I’ve been 100% raw and deprived, I’ve been 60% raw and disappointed with myself. I’ve been a follower of Clements, then a follower of Graham, then back to Clements and so on; today I love what Brian says, ‘there is no right and wrong’, just doing the best we can in the moment and aiming to be happy and healthy. So I will continue to juice and blend and maybe say a little prayer over the oxidised plant cells…. help them be kind to my body 🙂

  41. Nick says:

    Sparrow above well makes the point, tho i want it repeated, chimed. It’s curious given how he’s bright, learned & articulate, yet speaks glowingly about juicing while dissing blending–HELLO! I hope he’s the type of guy whose ego can withstand feedback. I know he has investment in his own words, but there’s only integrity where admitting when you’re wrong. Yeah, I just had a smoothie. The brilliant colour held minutes after while pouring my second glass. The difference I feel can be plainly seen is blending happens within a medium, water, or in my case today, coconut water. These are just examples of what protects against oxidation. Compare that to juicing, even the non-centrifugal type–i forget what they’re called–which gives it the gears, wrings the juice out of fruits and veggies, & then wonder where this guy gets off making that comparison. Hmmm, huh?

  42. Taina says:

    Your web site does not tell us where you are on your calendar.

  43. Shannon Fowler says:

    Yes, I blend!! I know that a Green Smoothie for breakfast is WAY better than skipping, which is what I do without my GS!! 🙂

  44. Dawni says:

    Terry Tillart — loved your post. Please share which essential oil you are using to prevent oxidation. Thanks…

    This is a wise crowd!

    I feel we need more information on food oxidation by way of juicing, blending, and chewing.

    My sense is the best synergy is chewing properly as it is our bodies most effective way of dealing with whole foods. Saliva production and chewing/masticating provides an important synergy for food assimilation into our bodies and elimination of the residue.

    I feel I need to chew my greens to get my digestive enzymes cranked up optimally, however I love green smoothies. it helps me get my two heads of greens a day into my food plan and boost my energy/nutrition quotient.

    I do have fiber regulation challenges, so chewing may be my ultimate friend.

    Now my body wants to be left alone. It takes a lot of energy to digest large leafy salads, so I am on quite a journey of discovery, and It’s fun. Now its finding the right combination of fermented foods.

    This interview comes at a good time.

    Making an effort to obtain the freshest organic produce is a worthwhile investment, so I choose to get as much nutritive power as I can. I don’t want to destroy nutrients if it can be avoided. Eager to learn more about oxidation levels and nutrition losses for blended foods, juiced foods, and chewed foods. It seems there is oxidation no matter what…so oxidation is apart of the eating process that can’t be avoided.

    I want as much life force as I can get. Fresh garden harvest from earth to table in minutes is my optimal lifestyle goal related to food. Plants lose life force once harvested.

    In the meantime, blended foods are an appreciated option for now. I reserve the right to change course at any moment wisdom moves me.

    Fascinating commentary on the NIH findings related to the impact on the immune system as it relates to cooked food. 20-25% really is a livable percentage. What a leap from 25 to 30%. I feel this part of the interview provided great value.

    We are fortunate to have a forum where we can work these questions out for ourselves. Thanks, Kev and AMG…


  45. William says:


  46. Christie says:

    is garlic toxic? I keep hearing this…what are your thoughts?

  47. Bethanne says:

    Yes I blend foods a few times a week.

    NOTE that he says 90% of nutrients are destroyed within a minute and a half to 2 minutes of blending.

    How many of you blend a simple smoothie that long?

    I don’t!

    Throw in some water, bananas and greens and it’s under a minute for sure. Drink right away, how is that not a real fresh food?

    He calls it a bridge food yet says up to 25% cooked food shows no ill effects on immune system of healthy people. So why does it matter if you blend a few smoothies? That’s healthier than cooked food.

    Why is he promoting sea vegetables laden in sea salt but doesn’t agree with sodium chloride. Sea salt is sodium chloride and sea vegetables and seaweeds are high in it.

    All sprouts have toxins in them as well to prevent animals from eating them regularly instead of green leaves. Why should we only be juicing home made or store bought sproughts grown in water and artificial sunlight with known toxins in them instead of eating a freshly picked head of lettuce or baby lettuce greens.

    He doesn’t even suggest people eat fruit! You cannot get enough calories from greens, sea vegetables and super foods to stay raw and healthy, no wonder they condone eating up to 25% cooked food. You’d starve otherwise. Eat cooked food if you want, but not because you’re afraid of eating fruit, that is bizarre.

    He comes across as knowledgeable but take a look at all the supplements and stuff they try to sell you or tack onto your bill when you leave Hippocrates. That is not sustainable living.

    Fresh fruits and vegetables is sustainable

    Packaged seaweed (FROM POLLUTED OCEANS), supplements and cooked food is not sustainable.

    Only those who would say you don’t have to eat 100% raw eat cooked food. A successful healthy raw foodist would never promote a mostly raw diet because they can feel the difference between 100% raw and even a little cooked food.

  48. Kuru says:

    I heard about a guy who was a prisoner of war and ate nothing but bread and water and stayed healthy. He attributed it to extensive chewing (undoubtedly mixed with gratitude and love in every chew!). There are people who live in radiant health on sunlight too.

  49. Christine says:

    Well, I do not juice because it is crazy to throw away all the fibers. I also do not blend completely so that i could chew some of the food: This is good for the teeth and the face muscles. Remember, use it or loose it.
    It´s difficult to prevent the oxidation of food, oxygen is all around us. Blend what you need and consume it as fast as you can or shield the container with aluminum foil.

  50. hugo says:

    i love listening to brian,
    i’ve been learning a lot with him, it happens that some things go far beyond i can get them

    and here goes my “dilemma”:
    i´m raw for more than one year and lately, maybe because it’s winter or just because i fall in love i started craving carbohydrates, and although i was giving it hard on see weeds and sprouts, i was feeling to unstable and eating fruits like crazy (specially dates), so i decided to give it a try and be less radical , as i studied along ayurveda and macrobiotics and start incorporating some oats, cooked quinoa and cooked rice and suddenly i was able to stabilize my vata, to gain weight and feel fantastic

    so my conclusion is that i’m feeling that i did what was missing in my way, it happens that i’m eating almost only this cooked carbs and i would rather prefer to do it in another way, i just don’t find out how

    i’m happy i’m getting to the point that food doesn’t only works as mathematics but there’s a energy and emotional thing around it, i just would like to be able to make it more raw, seen that i understand the long term effects of the consumptions of such food

    thank guys and congratulations for all the information and love

  51. Mila Ilina says:

    I love Dr. Brian Clement and anything Hippocrates, thanks for the interview!

    I personally prefer juicing because I love how energized I feel, but I also enjoy green smoothies and blended soups… why not get best of BOTH worlds!

    I’m not sure I agree with his statement on blending. I don’t doubt some nutrients are lost in the process, but 90% might be a stretch. I’d be curious to see his data on this conclusion.


  52. Chris says:

    Yes, I blend and juice. I would also like to know where Brian came up with this number of 90% oxidized. How is it validated? I doubt it’s that high. Blending can do so good for so many people why discourage it at all; very strange. I’d like to see that video of Victoria Boutenko comparing juicing to blending. She is vastly overweight though, I wouldn’t take her advice on anything.

  53. imlivingandlearning says:

    Of course I blend and at this point in time I do not consider it a “bridge” behavior either. It is absolutely true that a blended drink will NOT change color the way an extracted juice will. I believe Victoria Boutenko’s explanation was that the fibrous part was the component that prevented the oxidation is true. I prefer to make the whole (64 oz) carafe of smoothie at one time in my VitaMix so I pour the second half immediately into a jar full up to the lid top and screw the top on to where a little bit gets squished out assuring that ONLY the air that was incorporated AS it was being blended LOL (Mr. Clement’s argument)is acting upon it and NOT outside air from the environment. I use this w/in 24 hours but even when I have not, the blended smoothie does not change color at all!

    The only juicer I have used was the Champion and we know that juicer isn’t the best for preventing oxidation. I will tell you there was much more oxidation in juice using it than my VitaMix blended drinks have ever had. I think the twin gear juicers act quite differently in fact mimicking grinding with teeth and don’t incorporate a lot of air in the process. I’m sure Hippocrates’ juices are made with this type of juicer.

    Nutrient analyses have been done for oxidation and surely enough the Norwalk and slower speed juicers reduce oxidation levels allowing juice to be stored for a period of time. Of course it is better to drink as close to juicing as is practical.

    I’m getting my SuperAngel 5500 this Friday (woo hoo!!! ***doing a happy dance***) so I will be able to both juice AND blend. There are veges i want to juice exclusively and others that I prefer blended in smoothies. As I commented earlier, to state categorically that humans ideally should live primarily on sprouts and algae is ludicrous. Much more terra firma than coastal real estate Mr. Clement and I can’t imagine what all that ground vegetation including orchards was designed to feed if not us.

    Humble? Dr. Clement isn’t. Methinks he is wisely pacifying and patronizing the uproar of the angry confused mobs. LOL

  54. Anne Hunt says:

    I blend occasionally…I rarely juice. I have not noticed a difference in how they make me feel.
    I did want to comment on some of the notices that I have read here about why we should only eat fruits/nuts/veggies and no meat or animal products like honey…. I read an article from Mike Adams today on “Plants are actively intelligent: What does this mean for vegetarians?” this was a good article that reminded me of a great book “The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation” by William Irwin Thompson this will give anyone a very different perspective on plants and everyone can agree that plants are alive. It just seems that if everyone where to read and embrace this concept then everyone would understand that we are all individuals and may need very different things in order to maintain optimal health and happiness. Just as a person that eats eggs should thank the chicken or the person that eats chicken for that matter should thank the chicken; when we eat plants we should also take time to thank the plant that just like the chicken gave its all to nourish us.

  55. Linda Miller says:

    I drink a smoothie every morning. I drink carrot/veggie juice every day. In the winter especially I try to keep fresh sprouts on hand. Over time I have learned the benefits of different things like these and try to incorporate them all as much as I can.

  56. Tomi says:

    Hi Kevin – and all,
    Interesting interview – great discussion.

    I know that Brian is an “expert” with great “research” and I appreciate knowing his opinion.

    However, I am my own “expert” on my own body. I do research by trying something and seeing how it feels/looks and results on me.

    Consider – if I juice or blend – and lose some of the nutrients – then can’t I just have another juice when I’m hungry and eventually get the right amount of nutrients. Actually, if I was chewing the produce – I would not be able to consume near the amount of nutrients – just chewing some kale and carrots. I certainly would not eat a bunch of kale, celery, apples, carrots and lemon in one sitting. So I may be losing some nutrients – but in the balance I am getting far more nutrients.

    Proof – at 53 years old – I have lost 80 pounds and I feel and look better than I have in years. I have energy and vitality, I can walk, run, dance and sing. I am more cheerful and positive. I think I will live longer and with more enjoyment.

    So – juicing/blending is good enough for me. I leave the rest to future generations.


  57. Ed says:

    Yes, I blend, mostly for green smoothies.

    What I would like is an exploration of two very different raw views, such as Brian Clement and Doug Graham. Both train Olympic athletes, both cite research. I have been following a raw diet mostly along Graham’s lines.

    Without fruit, where does one get the bulk of one’s calories from? Graham says the problem with fruit is when one consumes a high fat diet.

    Since we’re not talking about philosophies or spiritualities, each in their own worlds, doesn’t seem that there could be some objective measure of these dietary programs?

  58. John says:

    I wonde where he pulled that 90% number from… doesn’t chewing food oxadize it for that matter? Or cutting it?

  59. Leam says:

    I always had a hard time with drinking juice but I’ve seemed to thrive with blended smoothies (loads of greens – low glycemic) I had some of the same questions others had about nutrients lost in juicing vs blending. I thought many comments articulated very well my quandaries. Thanks for this two part very interesting interview.

  60. Tonja says:

    I do blend. There is research showing that a high-powered blender like Vitamix breaks open the cell walls of plants allowing you greater absorption of nutrients. So when you blend some greens in your smoothie, you can get up to 6 times as much nutrition from the greens as you would if eating them in a salad. Oxidation takes time, so it’s clearly better to drink the smoothie right away.

  61. Linda says:

    I have lost the video connection. Hope you can fix it.

  62. Lois Theisinger says:

    I have an organic kale/baby spinach/spring mix concoction blended with walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, chia seeds, hemp oil, dates and bananas every morning. I down about 48 ounces within five minutes and I’m set for the day. I never considered this a “bridge” meal. Perhaps I was wrong. I almost never juice. Way more expensive, sugar heavy, messy, and time consuming. Plus, the end product is nothing like it started out being. I know people have had a lot of success with juicing, but blending just makes far more sense to me.

  63. Jacquie says:

    Great mini series, Kevin! Yes, I do blend and I love it! I blend at least one meal per day, and I agree with Sparrow on juicing also oxidizing even more. One thing I’ll sure say for Mr. Clement, he sure looks amazing. I love seeing people who walk the walk. Blessings!

  64. Barbara S says:

    To answer those of you who think you don’t get enough fiber from vegetables by juicing, that is only true if juice is your complete diet and you don’t eat any other vegetables during the day. At Hippocrates there are 3 juices to drink during the day. However, that is in addition to lunch and dinner, at which time the main dish is a salad that you prepare yourself from the wonderful buffet of sprouts, greens, vegetables and seaweed. There are also some blended foods, yes, blended foods. They may not be as great for you as salad, but they’re still good for you and you can have them as part of your diet as side dishes or “condiments” as Brian calls them.
    Nobody wants to hear that what they’re doing isn’t the best way to do things, but what Brian is saying is the result of decades of studies, not just his opinion of what is best. Although you will receive mega benefits by transitioning to a blended raw foods diet, why not consider adding more unblended greens, sprouts and juices to it? Not substituting. Adding.
    I eat plenty of blended foods because I’d go crazy on just salads, but I trust Brian and know that he’s pointing the way to the place I eventially hope to reach. I hope to see many of you when I get there.

  65. conraddicus says:

    I blend to make almond cacao cinnamon milk. YUM a question for you if you will, how do you know when data and information can be trusted? do you have a specific reliable source of clinical research you refer to?

  66. Joan says:

    I like juicing and blending – blending is just quicker on work days and I get the fiber – juicing is better on the weekends when doing more of a cleanse…and I can use the pulp in non-gluten muffins. Whether we juice, blend or chew – we get nutrition – I just think it is best to consume anything whole that is cut, juiced or blended as soon as possible…I don’t think storing in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours is the best choice.

  67. Carol says:

    How old is Brian? He said he’s been in the health field for 40 years. Can he be 60+???

    I never juiced sprouts (though I enjoy eating them). You must need a ton to get a little juice. Please show on Renegade how to juice sprouts.

  68. Gina says:

    I definitely use the vitamix for smoothies. I would never be able to eat that much fruit or veggies. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you and Annmarie at Rene’s house on Saturday. Kevin is so funny in person and cuter than the videos. Annmarie is just gorgeous! Cute couple and as sweet as can be. If you have the chance to see them in your town, definitely make it happen. I think Conneticut is going to be cold for another 2 months so you guys should stay in Florida!
    Keep up the great stuff! Gina-W. Palm Beach

  69. Ellie says:

    I do blend, currently with a vitamix, and it is fabulous. Thank you for the show!

  70. joan says:

    yes, i blend. first thing every morning, i make a quart of green juice and drink that. that is my “daily requirement.” lately, i have been making a blended concoction for my second meal. made my first green smoothie today – great! sometimes i use bananas, avocado, nut milk, a little cacao powder and some superfoods like maca and bee pollen. think i will gravitate more towards the green smoothies, though, now that i’ve tasted one. i also think that blending doesn’t cause as much oxidation as this guy says. neverthelesss, i drink my juices and smoothies right away, to get the most nutrition from them.

    by the way …. i order some ormus greens from your store and got a sample packet of smoothie powder. thank you! is this something i would normally use instead of the veggies or fruits? does it have a fruity flavour or a veggie flavour? what fruit or veggie combo should i add it to? i want to use it, but don’t want to put it in with the wrong ingredients and ruin the taste of a whole smoothie!

  71. nick says:

    I blend in the morning for the fiber not longer then a minute or 2 defianetly not enough to get it hot. I have the vitamix 5200 the motor runs cooler then the older vitamixes. I agree juicing is the healthiest option which I do for dinner juicing is easier to digest too!

  72. Jane says:

    Yes, I blend – love my veggie smoothies a couple times a day.

    Great interview, and I respect everything Dr. Clement had to say.

    However, I have several points running around in my head:

    1. my naturopath told me that Chinese medicine requires that vegetables be steamed — that we do not get the nutrition from chewing raw veggies. Is that age-old tradition wrong?

    2. A few days ago you asked what we are skeptical of — I’m skeptical of research. Isn’t it interesting how research resluts vary so widely on the same topic? Usually depending on who’s doing the research and their special interest. And there’s always that natural law that states that results will vary based on the intention of the person doing the research.

    3. I think that by the time one gets to Raw Food, blending, juicing, etc., one gets to know how the body feels, you get to know your own truth, just as Dr. Clement said. I say if blending makes you feel on top of the world, then blend – and the same for all the rest. We are all individuals – what makes me feel great will probably not really work all that well for you. When you learn something that makes sense, try it on for size – it will either work for you or not.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and great video/blog.

  73. Stephanie says:

    I am a happy Vitamix owner. I drink my smoothies within about 5 minutes of a blend. I also use my Vitamix on slow to blend my dogs their fresh vegan dog chow twice daily a la Ms. Phyo, and they are happy and healthy as can be.

    I work to eat both blended and fresh greens every day, and blended and fresh fruits. It’s a rare day when I’m on the run so much that I’m “eating” from my blender, but it happens.

    I also consider smoothies my only viable “fast” food. We have a great franchise here called the Daily Juice Cafe that does THE most amazing smoothies. Great for when I’m on the go (either on people power or dead dinosaurs – progress not perfection!)….

  74. Steph says:

    I just got my new blendtec a few minutes ago and then watched this video…

    My plan is to start blending green smoothies. I’m not sure what to think about this video. I do know that my children and I eat way more greens from smoothies than we would by chewing. So it’s still better to blend in our case. Ditto what Cris said in post 39 about Victoria Boutenko being over weight. I read her book and then saw some pics of her and I was a little confused….

  75. Deanna says:

    Yes I blend. I just had a fruit and green smoothie just before I watched the video. I have a vitamix and I just today received my new Blendtec blender that your friends at The raw food world have on special. Matt says the Blendtec oxidizes food less as evidenced by side by side trial runs of same ingredients placed in the Vitamix vs the Blend tec with less brown color over time with the end product of the Blend tec. Yes I’m sure anything that mankind does to food (ie blending it) changes the food and usually not for the better but we do the best we can figure out to do and many of us do very well with it.

  76. Nancy Zare says:

    The interview was provocative. So were the comments. I appreciated the thoughtfulness of people’s responses. Yes I blend. I also use Kangen water, which is highly alkaline and contains lots of anti-oxidants to make my smoothies. Do the anti-oxidants remain during the blending process? I doubt it. I do drink the smoothies within a short time span so that I limit the amount of oxygen exposure. I cannot but marvel at yet another issue for raw foodists to debate. Food is such a controversial subject! My experience suggests to be leary of people who espouse “the truth”; instead I have the responsibility to become a scientist of my own organism and see how I respond to a particular diet, supplements, etc.

  77. Bev says:

    Try adding a 1/4 teaspoon of a good quality (100% L-Ascorbate) VitaminC Foudation is a good one, to your smoothie and it will not oxidize and will keep it’s color all day. I recently read that taking Vit C in powdered form is better than as a tablet or capsule so this works out all the way around. It is an anti-oxidant for the smoothie and a great way to take your Vit C as well.

    Peace, Love and Harmony,

  78. Kathy says:

    Blend and juice and am very grateful that I do….it was my first “real” way of incorporating any kind of healthy food into my diet, and my body just kind of “ate it up”. On days when I struggle being raw, I can always go back to my smoothies, which helps a lot.

    Like many others above, I would really like to hear Brian’s explanation of the nutrient loss due to oxidation in juicing vs. blending.

  79. Jackie says:

    I have not bought my blender, yet. I think I will buy an automatic sprouter, first. Sounds like it would be of more benefit. After listening to Dr. Clement, it would make more sense.

  80. Sophia says:

    Great Interview!! I learned a lot about the 3 core foods and their importance which inspired me to sprout and juice more. I blend and it doesn’t seem that many nutrients should be lost…

  81. Sharon says:

    Fantastic guy! I love anything that can be proven and I don’t know anyone in the raw food world outside of him and Gabriel Cousens who have done so much testing for so long. All else is opinion if there’s no testing to back it up.

    Our diet shouldn’t be our religion. THANK YOU! A bit of cooked vegan food will not kill a person! It’s not poison as some people fanatically state. I prefer raw but it’s not always realistic. Yesterday I went to the store and saw mold growing on some of the veggies there! In cases like that I’d rather cook something than eat mold just to stick to the raw food dogma. I don’t want my body to be so pristine that I’d die if there’s an earthquake and nothing but emergency food available.

    I agree with Dawni. We need to chew our food. Consuming a ton of smoothies and not chewing is simply not good for our digestion. We need to use enzymes or probiotics if we consume a lot of smoothies unless we “chew” them and who actually chews their smoothies? It’s no wonder there’s so much candida overgrowth issues in this community. Nature says we should chew our foods, not use a blender or juice.

    I’m certainly not putting down smoothies. I think they are wonderful for cleansing out the digestive tract. We need fiber to bind with toxins in bowels and smoothies are great for that. Drinking smoothies will ultimately clean our bowels so that we can actually begin to absorb our juices and nutrients. Whether it loses antioxidants or not the fiber is critical to good health too.

    Juicing is a really harsh way to detox. Smoothies are excellent as a bridge before moving over to juicing. I love the way he put that. I agree 100%.

    I’ll always have smoothies but not every day. I really prefer to chew my food but I love my frozen fruit smoothies for the texture. Of course that’s not the healthiest but it’s not always about health. Sometimes we just like to please our palates and feel good!

    Terry, I don’t think aloe makes a good preservative. It needs a preservative to keep it stable for any length of time. Just leave a piece out for a while and you’ll see. Oils are great but you already know that! Lemon juice is great to add to any smoothie for flavor. Never thought of the antioxidant value though. Great idea!

    Hope we see more of Brian tomorrow and hear about supplements and his book about that.

  82. Carol says:

    I love blending. I use kale, swiss chard, or spinach with fresh fruit and water, and it’s a lot better than what I have eaten in the past. And it’s delicious. Can’t agree that it is not nutritious to blend…….

  83. Amy says:

    I make green smoothies everyday for my family and we just got a Blendtec. I use a Champion juicer and make juice that I use to blend up the green smoothies. My 3 and 5 year old love to help make them and drink them up, so no way am I going to stop!

    I was recently reading the book “Never Be Sick Again,” by Raymond Francis and had pretty much the same reaction to that book as to the information in this video. He told about a chemistry professor that tested a fresh orange bought at the supermarket and found there was no vitamin C in it at all. Turns out it had been so long from the time it was picked to when he had bought it that all the vitamin C was gone.

    The whole book will just make you feel like you can’t begin to be healthy b/c you just can’t overcome all the toxins and deficiencies that are in our lives given our culture.

    But then you just have to go back to the idea that you do what you can do, and every step is one step away from a toxic life and closer to great health.

  84. Veronika says:

    Please clarify: When he says “within 1 – 1 1/2 minutes of blending” does he mean 1 minute AFTER blending the 90% nutrient loss happens, or does he mean if you blend food for 1 minute (whirling around in the blender) it loses nutrition?

    I don’t know ANYONE who blends their smoothies for that long. My vitamix blends the smoothie completely smooth in less than 10 SECONDS.

  85. Don says:

    It’s also not true that food gets browner and darker when oxidized. The brown or darker color is produced from pigments or hi melanin. Food can be completely oxidized with no color change.

  86. Don says:

    Juicing also oxidizes food. The best juicer in the world is the human mouth.

  87. Tamikko says:

    Nice! Very heated discussion Kev 🙂 I, like many others, would love to see the evidence of so much nutrients destroyed by blending. Other than that remark, though, I really enjoyed the interview and my hats are off to them for what they do at Hippocrates. They are saving lives and there is definitely a great place for them in all of these varied ways of eating. I’m all for what works for you and don’t discriminate against vegans or meat-eaters for that matter.
    I’m really looking forward to your thoughts on the matter.
    Great video as always 🙂

  88. JulieD says:

    Yes, i blend everyday. What bothers me about juicing is the waste. I guess I need to learn more about why juicing is deemed to be so good. Thanks for exposing all of us to these differing points of view.

  89. Jessica says:

    Cool. Hey guys, Brian isn’t “looking down” at blending. In fact, he said “Is it bad? NO!”

    Blending is a good bridge he said.

    (pretty fanatical out there, huh?)

    I blend my food and I make elixirs and nut milks too… it’s great. Remember we are rebuilding our bodies (and the human race’s genetics) and blending is a good, good step.

    You can always go deeper. It always gets better. So if start to notice there are higher “levels”.. try and stay chill.. and know you’ve got something to look forward to and become… It certainly doesn’t mean you’re wrong or bad. It’s okay, really.

  90. Angelea says:

    I blend and juice, but I too have to wonder what is lost as the juicer whizzes the juice from the pulp at massive speeds. Can it realy be that much different from the blender? Additionally, when we take our blue and green algae, we are getting a product that has substantial processing. What percentage of nutrient value is lost in that drying and prepration process? It would be great if you could address these questions with him sometime.

    Thanks for your work and the fun and informative shows.

    Best to you guys,

  91. marie-andree says:

    I used to blend for at least a year and I switched to juicing, especially after I talked to Dr. Brian Clement at a Raw Festival. And what a difference!!! Juicing is like a blood transfusion. You don’t spend your energy digesting fibers that go down the toilet anyway. I did an experiment a week ago and drank a liter of green juice in the morning and another one at 1 o’clock. The energy was incredible and I never felt hungry at all. People don’t juice, because they are too lazy and prefer blending because the blender is easier to clean. But when it is a matter of health, who cares waking up a bit earlier in the morning to juice instead of blending. We should be grateful to Dr. Brian Clement for his wisdom and compassion based on all the scientific evidence and research that he has conducted over the last 40 years. I would be surprised to see the number of people that have been healed through Madame Boutenko’s advice of blending. But we sure know about the number of people being healed at the Hippocrates Institute and some even with stage 4 cancer. The truth speaks for itself, n’est-ce pas?

    So juicing vs blending? As Brian says: comme ci, comme ca for the blending – occasionally! But juice regularly. Your health is more important than doing something fast that doesn’t serve the purpose.

    Kevin, thank you so much for an awesome interview.

  92. I blend and juice and eat salads and eat cooked foods.
    There seems to be something absurd about this discussion.
    Yesterday after church there was a luncheon. As a gluten-intolerant vegan, the only thing I could eat there were potato chips. Typical SAD fare is a nutritional wasteland, and I am considered the wierdo in the congregation.
    So here we are having a discussion on the finer points of raw veganism. What are we arguing about? 98.8% nutrition vs. 98.9%?
    Of course it is fun to read all the comments. I feel normal in RHS land. But isn’t this all just hair-splitting?

  93. Coreen says:

    If green (blended) smoothies are bad for you then how does Mimi Kirk look so damn gorgeous and healthy? I would rather look like Mimi than Brian…just sayin 😉

  94. john says:

    I am impressed with Dr. Clement if what he says is true in the research that was done by TUFTS university, and the most notable MIT (massachuset institute of technology ) then apparently he has looked into this quite extensively ,he strikes me as a very sincere and truthful and honest, unusually well informed decent man-I like that. I strongly tend to agree with him based on what I know from over the years and from other ambassadors of good will in the health movement . I however do have a ? on the weather or not ALGAE does or does not produce mold at the cellular level as Dr.Young describes and not eating foods like mushrooms ,rancid seeds, and other foods that act on the cells to turn to mold. This is a topic I would like more COMPREHENSIVE RESEARCH on. I like it when he said “we have to look at the DATA ” and “Scientific data” I like that . He refers to oxidation as occurring with a BLENDER what about a juicer or when making juices? Logic would dictate this would also occur ,but as Dr.Norwalk and others say drink within 10-15 minutes,so I would imagine any oxidation would be quite minimal after all probably less than if you would chew up an apple inside ones mouth,also I’d imagine various kinds of vegetation oxidize quicker or slower than other kinds of vegetables. Drinking a quart and half of sprout juice a day ,wonder what kind of sprouts or a variety of sprouts? I do know any time you sprout anything the nutritional index goes up hundreds to thousands of percent.Kevin excellent interview but to SHORT .Thank you Dr.Clement for your PASSION to cure people with the truth using the force of GOD’S natural foods. To bad the controlled medical cartel does not see or want the truth as this would be to simple and cheap,not making any money. The controlled medical cartel knows basically three things DRUGS, SURGERY, CHEMOTHERAPY–because it makes money and drags out peoples eventual death to the end. Who controls us -HUUUM !!! I blend on rare occasion to make soup mix not often .Use juicer more. In closing ,Thank you Dr.Clement – Please Continue telling the truth.Kevin would like in future for you to do another interview with Dr.Clement Thank you.

  95. Tommy says:

    Great topic to engage everyone. Thanks Kevin. I cant help but feel that maybe the nutrition and science is only secondary. The mind, or our way of perceiving the environment is what we create. We are what we think and eat, in that order. All that you desire and focus on is manifested in the physical form. That is a universal law. Very few of us are capable of enough belief and mind control to counteract the known dangers of this world, but its possible. In the meantime do the best you can without fear and listen to your body. Proper rest, good nutrition, exercise, and laughter will keep you vibrantly healthy. So blend, juice, and cook if it maintains that vibrant state, because nothing else matters. I’m 55 yrs into my journey. Vegan and almost 100% raw for 18 years, I maintain 10 mile barefoot beach runs weekly, but the healthiest thing I do is love the world around me, that includes meat eaters to breathairians.

  96. Selene says:

    Blend if you want. Juice if you want. Hey … eat cooked food if you want.

    However, Clement is SCIENCE-based. Everything he quotes is backed up by scientific proof.

    It’s not a conspiracy to try to make you feel bad about liking green smoothies (hey, who wouldn’t like such sweet heavily-fruit-laden drinks?).

    You may not like what he says, but it gains nothing to attack the messenger.

    And … it doesn’t change the message.

    I’ve been to HHI. I’ve studied. I know the man is the real thing. He’s not “guru;” he’s simply a man with a mission who has dedicated most of his adult life to REAL research.

    HHI has almost 60 years of studies of everyone who has come there for healing. It’s not someone’s opinion who decided we were closest to chimps so we should eat like them.

    Also — as someone mentioned, oxidation occurs even when the food does NOT turn brown.

    Juicing allows the nutrients to go straight to the cells.

    Juicing is for healing and maintaining health. Blending isn’t a crime; you just don’t want to replace juicing with blending.

    The attacks on Clement for mentioning cooked food are based on lack of knowledge. Here’s the deal: once a person’s body is healed (which can take a year or seven years depending on how messed up it is), then, eating 80% BY WEIGHT raw food will maintain that health. That is RESEARCH based; it’s not his opinion. So, some steamed quinoa and veggies — 20% BY WEIGHT — really isn’t much food, ya know.

    And … a healed, totally healthy body isn’t going to be damaged by that amount of quinoa or brown rice. We’re not talking pizza or burritos here!!

    Last comment … I’ve seen what Brian eats in a week. He goes totally by what he advocates.

    These snippets of interviews can’t possibly fully explain the HHI philosophy. There’s so much more …

    For instance, physical exercise is JUST as important to full health as the food you eat!! What the … ??!?!?

    And … having your spiritual life/life’s purpose/emotional house in order is also JUST as important to full health as the food you eat!!

    So — blend if you wish. Certainly, give juicing a try (by the way — the green juice he’s talking about is 50% sprouts — sunflower & pea shoot sprouts — which is where the real LIFE is — not what you’ll get at the typical juice bar).

    But, don’t knock the man or the program until you really know what it’s about.

    By the way, getting most of your information online is NOT the way to stay informed, people.

  97. xplorexpress says:

    Yes I blend. I am a big fan of the green smoothies. Rest of my food intake is raw and a bit of steam or lightly cook food.

    I think he might be right in many points. I am very intuitive and never liked to make lots of green smoothies. I blend the portion I will drink right away. I put sprouts in it too.

    Green smoothies are great to jumpstart a body that need TLC. After that, you still drink them but less quantity and it is ok. We have to listen to our body and give him what he wants and needs on the healthy food side, of course.

  98. Ladan says:

    I have to admit that since i have started juicing i noticed tremendous health benefits in a short time..i also have smoothies but not as a staple in my diet. they are convenient, quick to make and tastey..but if i had to pick one that i find more theraputic it would definately be the juice..and if u eat a clean balanced diet you will get your fiber and nutrients..variety is the spice of life so lets not get hung up on one thing because most people dont live on just one thing anyway..its all about BALANCE.

  99. Jen says:

    I like his comment about, doing the best you can with what you have.
    This sets a positive avenue for health. It also means less stress about what is could to do and what is not.
    Dr clement makes a great point. Its not controversial its just someones experience of learning about foods.
    Awareness is the key.

  100. baking soda says:

    I blend, mainly because my kids and my mum tend to consume more greens that way :-}

    Ah well. We do what we can to our best ability right?

  101. Bette says:

    This felt like toooo much, over the top extremism.

    Yes a raw apple or sprouts are best. However,,,woweee and good for us for doing the blending we are doing and how amazing we are eating!

    YES I PROUDLY blend and teach my peeps to blend.

  102. Daphne says:

    No matter what diet I tried in the past, there was always opposite views and research. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised the same happens in raw foods. But I find this more frustrating because we are talking about fruits and vegetables – food can’t get any more basic!

    I just started to get into green smoothies and am getting used to eating more salads in general but between this guy and Paul Nison it’s enough to throw up your hands and go GAH! IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT! I can’t even eat fruits and vegetables without someone harping about there being a WRONG WAY.

    I’m going to continue making my green smoothies with the intention of getting a juicer later. But this is really one of those times where I can’t let “science” get in the way. I have enough issues with disordered eating. I don’t need to develop a complex over fruits and veggies. I can’t even get organic all the time and I can’t let THAT get in the way either.

    As a beginner, it’s only for my sanity to actually ignore all this and just go with what sounds right and works for ME. Maybe after I’ve been able to follow through for a while I’ll take all the other info into consideration.

  103. jason says:

    It’s generally accepted that 30% of research is biased toward the company that sponsors it. Perhaps something similar can happen with a health institute, even if they are only trying to help people.

    Here are some scenarios, keep in mind that I’m OVER SIMPLIFYING and I’m not attacking any idea, because all of these people below have something to teach us:

    1. Dr. Wigmore & others thrive on a diet high in sprouts, juice, and sprouted nuts & seeds. They don’t know why, but have theories. So the Hippocrates institute does research, and it tends to favor protein, juice, and a low sugar diet. While researching blending, according to their understanding of oxidation, juicing wins out.

    2. Victoria Boutenko saved her life, and the life of her family, by doing a high fruit raw diet. Eventually they found that they were experiencing mineral deficiencies, which she solved by introducing green smoothies into the diet. She gets questions on oxidation, so she does a single experiment. According to her understanding of oxidation, blending wins out and she’s satisfied.

    3. Norman Walker saved his life by juicing, salads, some cooked food, and colon cleansing. Now, Matt Monarch is following in his footsteps except 100% raw. He favors little food, lots of juice, low variation in diet, and lots of colon cleansing. He says that even on the best diet, we can’t eliminate all waste.

    4. David Wolfe seems to be absolutely thriving on a blended diet of the most nutrient dense, high calorie, med to low sugar, relatively non-hybrid superfoods he can find. He says he does well on high fat intake, eating at night, and says cacao is the absolute most perfect food for everyone (although recently he’s been favoring medicinal mushrooms).

    5. Kevin Gianni tried 80-10-10 high fruit. He tried high protein. He tried high carb/low fruit/some cooked protein. He eventually found help from greens, superfoods, probiotics and cultured foods and can now tolerate fruit again. He once burned his adrenals out on cacao and recommends it as a fun, occasional food.

    6. Dr. Graham preaches high fruit, greens, no overt fats, and no toxins (including herbs). His ideas are embraced by the very athletic and those who live where cheap fruit is obtainable year round.

    Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s accidentally biasing their info? It’s hard to say. Maybe when people do research, it should be shared and questioned amongst their peers outside their institute and school of thought. Research should be duplicated and duplicated again, questioned, challenged, done with different variations, double-blind, peer reviewed. Dr. Graham and Dr. Clement should learn to dialog and not point fingers. All raw food books should have lots of footnotes and quote peer reviewed research.

    I think blending is good. I think juicing is good. I think that if you take different people, one finds that juicing is beneficial long term, a second finds that juicing is beneficial short term but then starts developing issues, a third finds juicing causes issues short term but maybe in the future they come back to it and it’s beneficial.

    Great work Kevin! Keep the interviews coming. Love the show. And, I for one think you should continue fitness Fridays (it’s good for those of us that get stuck on the food aspect of health).

  104. Hi, Thank you for teaching us about juicing and blending. Could you now teach us about fermenting, dehydrating, and creating meals our of whole foods for our families. Thank you, Carol

  105. Heyward says:

    I love juicing and blending! I do both. I lurve a smoothie…lurve a juice…usually the best parts of my day.

    @Jason loved your post, brah! love when people point out that different raw foodists thrive on different diets.

    hrm….lot of love today.

  106. Heyward says:

    You know what would be really cool? If someone wrote a book called “Eating With Intent.” It would describe the best things to eat in order to complement an action. “Eat _________ after sprinting….eat _________before writing a moviescript….”

  107. josanne says:

    Wow! This interview stimulated lots of interest, passion, questions! Thanks for having Dr Clement back on the show!

    I’m pretty new to raw foods and am learning lots from your show and the comments section.

    I’ve been sprouting for 1 month now (alfalfa, lentils, chickpeas, fenugreek, nuts, seeds…) having such fun with it. Mostly adding sprouts to salads, or any cooked grains I might eat. Now I’ll start adding then to my juices.

    Re blending: I’ve tried green smoothies with kale, spinach, lettuce… and to be honest I prefer the taste, energy and vitality of these vegetables when I juice them. I think I’ll use my little Osterizer for blending softer foods like banana, avacado…

    Am eager to learn more about the fresh water and salt water blue gree algae that Dr Clement is advocating. Would you be able to do a segment on this topic?

    Many thanks Kevin and Ann Marie for inspiring us on our journeys!

  108. oddly i stopped drinking smoothies for a while and started again recently and i’ve been looking, thinking and feeling better since then… i don’t understand how that could be explained then.

    that was very interesting about the tipping point of the amount of cooked food one eats. i believe this to be true since i feel great when i eat one cooked meal per day but if i eat two i don’t feel nearly as energetic.

  109. Mendy says:

    Dear Kevin and Annmarie,
    What do you know about fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue? Do you know a natural way to cure it?

  110. barb madson says:

    The Hippocrates Institute, where Mr
    Clement is the director,educates about the ideal and optimal healing diet for the severe and chronic diseases the people who come there are afflicted with. He has to present the perfect model of clinically healing foods. You need to go there for a visit or study Hippocrates to understand the miraculous healings that take place due to their program. As with any teacher, he presents the ultimate, perfect program, knowing that most of us will not be able to sustain it, but it is the ideal. If I ever am presented with a serious health challenge, it is the first place I would head.
    Barbara Madson, R.N.

  111. Myriam says:

    Yes i blend. Love my smoothie for breakfast. I just make what i need for my meal never more. Very interesting interview. But if i was worried about oxydation so much i would have to stop breathing. Now that is a real problem!
    As for everything, take some, leave some. Thank you for your great work Kevin.

  112. Great show. Thanks for sharing it. I juice daily, and blend a lot of days in addition to the juicing I’m doing.

  113. Andrew says:

    Some productive comment. Some unproductive comments. But a pretty good discourse overall. I’m sure Kevin will let us know to get our mineral levels tested and that we’re the judges for how we feel. Brian was saying to get that attitude right before all else. So let’s do that. And let’s test ourselves. And let’s realize that there are so many different variables in studies. So many. It’s not enough to just say one study says this. One study says that. Especially when dealing with food and foodies. Did these study account for ayurvedics, raw foodist, macrobiotics diets, gaps diet, and weston a priceys in equal terms? Or were they just raw foodist in varying degrees versus SADs or normal vegetarians. What was being blended in those smoothies? Is blending more digestible than chewing? 90% so? Did all minerals die evenly? What was the greatest reduced minerals? ETC. . . And also remember folks, there’s such a thing as filler calories. Some of us just need food. I’m 140 pound male and I need lots of food if I want to be active. If the smoothies just give calories that’s not a terrible thing. No one will say they’re bad calories.

    Andrew / 50% raw: 50% cooked.

  114. Theresa says:

    How does that song go…the more you learn the less you know about before? I am so confused with all the different messages. Yes I blend, and strain with a nut bag, one half gallon of green juice a day.
    Please help us discern through all of these mixed messages. Am I losing more vital nutrients than I am getting?

  115. Beto says:

    Yes I blend. Every moment is a bridge to the next. Think about it. Months or maybe even weeks from now what you thought was the best for you now you will look back upon as a bridge to where you where you see yourself at that moment. It’s all relative.

  116. patricia says:

    Yes we blend twice a week but mostly juice veg and fruit. Each step you take towards better health is better then giving up or nothing.
    Patricia from Australia thanks you.

  117. bernadette says:

    I am unable to view video, as I use the library computers, but can gather info from comments left, I use rejuvelac in all smoothies and juices, as it’s high vita E content helps preserve.

  118. Rachel Ngai says:

    Thanks for the interview. I blend sometimes. I eat more raw vegetable and sprouts lately. 12 C servings for lunch. Well, I think I should get the Omega juicer very soon.

  119. kathy says:

    I would really like to see some data that if you blend for two minutes, 90 percent of the nutrients are destroyed. I really find it hard to believe. I know Brian does good work and I believe he helps a lot of people get well but why don’t you ask him for documentation on that. If he’s scientifically studied it, lets see the results.

  120. Rose Vasile says:

    I blend green smoothies most days. I’ve taught hundreds of people to make green smoothies and have received many comments saying that it’s significantly improved their vitality. I have a problem with Brian saying blending destroys 90% of the nutrients.

    Last summer I attended Victoria Boutenko’s Joy for Life retreat where everyone drank green smoothies, plus had a bit of fruit for a week. Almost everyone felt energized by the end of the week, including 2 diabetics who had to reduce their insulin. The whole fruit we ate was minimal, so we were getting most of our nutrients from green smoothies…definitely more than the 10% Brian would suggest.

    The ‘experts’ have many differing opinions of the perfect raw food diet. It’s good to listen to them, but make up our own mind about what feels right for us. Pick up info from each that resonates with us now, or perhaps later in our raw food journey.

  121. Sue says:

    I start every day with a green smoothie and last week when I was going to be away for several days without access to a blender I followed Victoria Boutenko’s advice and made up sufficient smoothie for several days and kept it in the fridge. Even on the third day, the only bit that had oxidised was the topmost half inch, the rest was as green and bright as when it was just made. It did taste slightly more bitter, but that was about it. I do not believe that only 10% of the nutrients remain after blending, due to oxidation, because it just doesn’t oxidise that quickly. Long live the green smoothie!

  122. Marie1225 says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for having Brian on again. Why do people get so offended? I figure if you are consuming more raw living food than processed cooked foods and nasty synthetic chemicals, then you are doing pretty well.

    I think we need to do our own exploring with our bodies and health, and just find out what works for us. We need to do our best within our means.

    I blend almost everyday. I don’t juice, but may start with a nut bag. I don’t want to spend money on a juicer. I may buy a Breville, can’t afford a Greenstar.

    I think many things Brian says have merit, but I feel good about what I am doing. I will continue to learn, grow, and have tests taken at the doctor to make sure that I am not deficient in anything.

    The best health book that I ever read has been the Bible. Seriously, even if you are not a Christian, check it out simply for health reasons. It’s amazing what you will find.

    Thanks Kevin and Annmarie!

  123. Pat Godinez says:

    As much as I like listening to what Brian has to say, I can’t say that I like him a lot. I’ve heard so much from many about oxidation, oxidated stress, etc., yet when it comes to our bodies, we’re encouraged to eat foods that deliver oxygen to our cells. Help!

    Also, I watch most your vids and read all comments, however, never once have I read any clarifying comments from the interviewee. Are you sending these to your guests so they can comment?

    Recently, Frederic Patenaude interviewed Loren Lockmann, who I know well. Loren responded to comments, and I was alerted via email. Very cool, since social media is about the conversation…

  124. Bill Murphy says:

    Very interesting. This interview has given me something to think about.

    Yes, I do blend every single day. There is the odd time when I am camping without power that I do not, but when there is electricity, I have a smoothie at least daily! 🙂

  125. HOw interesting. I really enjoyed that interview. Thank you!

    I do not Blend anymore. I started juicing and I just love it. Smoothies dont even taste good anymore. I just want Green Juice. However, I do like fruit smoothies. 🙂

  126. Cherie says:

    yes I blend! 90% loss of nutrients? I know I have been blending geen smoothies for probably 2 years and FEEL the difference. With all those studies he said he has I did not here this in those studies. However I am very glad they are there and helping so many people.

  127. Dennis says:

    Well, if blending destroys 90 percent of the nutrients, what about when you use something like a Norwalk Juice? You’re grinding the produce first, then putting it on a piece of cheese cloth. Wouldn’t there be oxyidation? Please!

  128. So, first he says we need more protein and now he’s saying that blended drinks lose 90% of their nutrients???

    This will definitely not be an expert I follow.

    I can understand if a green smoothie is made and left to sit in open air for several hours then, sure, I get oxidation will occur but I don’t believe it happens just from the blending process.

    Also, I have been adding lemon juice from half a lemon to my green smoothies partly for taste but also help absorb the iron. But, if oxidation does occur then, I agree that the lemon juice is preventing it anyway.

    I also really don’t agree that blended drinks are bridge foods. It’s a great way of consuming a larger amount of greens and other veggies than many people would get otherwise. Plus, lets remember one of the reasons why they’re so great is because blending breaks down the cell walls to make the nutrients more available and digest easier.

    Also, I’ve heard of people diagnosed with cancer who brought them themselves back to health pretty much with blended drinks.

  129. Rich Rommer says:

    At the time of her death (from a fire), Ann Wigmore consumed almost all of her food only after blending as a way to get maximum nutrients from the food. Following her example, I always use rejuvelac as the liquid in smoothies because it helps retard oxidation.

  130. Mary Ellen says:

    I have been listening to Brian Clement for some time. The guy knows what he’s talking about. I don’t find him condecending at all. Look, if I ever have a life threatening illness, That’s the guy I will follow to the T! He has YEARS and YEARS of research upon research about the effects of foods and different processing of foods. He helps so many people heal bodies the physisians long ago gave up on. If he says raw sprouts will heal me, then raw sprouts it is. Meanwhile, with few illness symptoms, the ability to exercise and play at will, I will have smoothies, juices, cooked, raw, etc. But a diagnosis of serious stuff and I am ON IT! I know of absolutely no one more competent in the raw world. May God bless this man and keep him around for a long time! WOO HOO, you GO, Dr Clement!!! I have the VitaMix and the Green Star and I like them both. But if I get ill, it will be far more juicing. To your health and vitality.

  131. Mary Ellen says:

    By protein he doesn’t mean meat! He never recommends meat. The perfect proteins come from greens. Sprouts, E3Live, wheat grass juice, and sea vegetables. Sea vegetables have salt in them but the salt absorbed by the plants is a different story than the salt we sprinkle. And sprouted grains that he talks about don’t have the problems that harvested, ground grains have on people. It is night and day different. Many are misunderstanding what he is saying. Search his videos and books more closely before you turn the channel off on him, and you will see.

  132. lala says:

    Great info!!! interesting to see someone who I thought was a ‘guru’ saying not to get into dogmas, etc… awesome… oh, and how awesome is it that there is backed-up research that if you are healthy, 20%ish cooked food will not hurt your immune system!!! kinda had it drilled in my head that I had to be 100%… even though my body was telling me different recently…

    SIMPLE LIFE, INSTINCTUAL!!! aaahhhh, that is where I long to be… excellent…!

    YES, I blend! at least one smoothie per day… usually eat at least one un-blended salad per day… that takes long enough to chew… cannot imagine not blending – would literally be chewing all day!? how would you do anything else? 😉


    Thank You!!!

    ps… Jane (#72) had a great question about Chinese medicine and steaming veggies…

  133. If one can eat 20% cooked food one can blend.
    So yes I blend,and it is never more than a minute.
    love peace and joy.

  134. A great discussion indeed and happy to hear some felt my contributions valuable. I wanted to add a few more points to this.

    1) As far as aloe goes from a preservative standpoint, I can appreciate the opinion of leaving it on the counter and seeing what happens. That said there is alot of research and massive results in this general area here is an example I found quick.

    2)Fruit MUST be the foundation of a raw diet there is no other way to get your calories in. If you try a high fat diet you will run into problems.

    3) I think anyone who is swearing off herbs is misguided at best….

    4) As far as chewing goes, the blender has done much of this and I believe so long as the tongue gets the “message” tasting it the stomach will crank up the necessary digestive processes. Than again encapsulated supplements that are whole food based have good absorption rates too.

    5) Gary Young et al did some research on wich oils they thought would best increase absorption of greens and they use an Oil blend of (Rosemary [rosmarinus officinalis CT cineol]† leaf, lemon [citrus limon]† rind, lemongrass [cymbopogon flexuosus] leaf, melissa [melissa officinalis]† leaf/flower)—-

    The results with standard Multigreens mix, there was a 42% blood absorption in 24 hours. After
    adding essential oils to Multigreens,
    blood absorption increased to 64%
    in 30 minutes and 86% in one hour.(Essential Oils Desk Reference, 1st Edition, p. 205). I will quickly mention that Young Living’s oils are the only ones I have ever come across designed and recommended for internal consumption…

    I hope this helps.

  135. Sherry says:

    Yes I do blend twice daily and I drink it
    right away.

  136. Stormie says:

    Seriously…Juicing is less oxidating than blending? I wouldn’t think so. I blend every morning to get more good stuff. I blend to make sauces, too. I cannot afford to juice. I feel so much better than before I started blending. I’m healthier and stronger, too.

  137. laith says:

    hi,i was real hungrey walking by a beautifull apple tree full of ripe washington delicious apples,stopped for a minutes looked at the shinning apples..nahha dove in the swamp lake for some algie instead.
    give me a brake

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