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It’s a little controversial to talk about cancer on a blog…

This interview with Raymond Francis not only talks about if we already know the cause of cancer as well as some common nutrients most people are missing in their diet.

Some of the info in the interview will likely get you thinking, I promise!

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Take a look…

Your question of the day: What do you think about this interview?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. RW says:

    I wonder if it would be possible to make a better than organic garden soil that would allow a full array of nutrients in the food grown in such a perfect garden? And if so, how would one go about doing so? Future shows on this topic would be helpful.

  2. Vonda says:

    I thought he did a fair job telling us not to get sick again. I do wish he could have gone into more detail thou.

  3. My husband would like to see corroboration with other sources. He did not find the need for supplements mentioned in “The China Study” or Dr. McDougall’s Plan promoting a vegan diet.

    It just doesn’t ring true with me that we need chemical supplements when eating a vegan diet where fresh food is available year-round. Yes, our produce is less nutritious than years past, but we HAVE vegs in the winter when years ago there were none. It seems to me that less is better than none.

    Raymond Francis still may be right. Only a year ago the vegan lifestyle didn’t make sense to me, and now I’m an advocate.

  4. Norman Hawker says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie, I love the work you’re doing!

    I’ve read both of Raymond’s books and have been following his principles for almost a year now. Not only did I lose weight, I also was able to discontinue taking blood pressure and antidepressant medications.

    Raymond proposes a new theory of health that is comprehensive yet simple:

    1. There is only one disease: malfunctioning cells
    2. There are only two causes of malfunctioning cells: malnutrition and toxicity.
    3. There are six pathways to health or disease that we can control by the choices we make: Nutrition, toxins, physical, emotional, genetic, and medical intervention.

    If everyone in America followed the principles in Raymond’s books, we wouldn’t have a healthcare crisis and we wouldn’t need healthcare reform.

    In my opinion, true healthcare reform would be moving away from a disease-based model of “sickness care” (poison, slash and burn) to a prevention-based model of “wellness care” (diet/supplements, movement, stress reduction, and toxin avoidance).

    Whether you want to avoid cancer, diabetes, obesity, or heart disease, the answer is: give your cells what they need and protect them from what harms them.

  5. Maggie says:

    In this interview he comments that you would need to eat large amounts of carrots to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals he feels we should consume. Juicing carrots makes this an easy thing to do! If you consume 2 8oz glasses of carrot juice a day, you are easily having an intake of at least 15 or more carrots a day. Combine this with a largely vegan diet and it seems to me that you are making better food choices than most people in this country. Just a thought.

  6. Morgane says:

    Wahouu that was good infos!
    If only i could convince my dad to change the way he eats! We found 9 years ago he had cancer and since then he is having at least one surgery every year! Even though he is feeling ok, he needs to get checked up very often to be sure it’s not growing anywhere else.
    But sometimes it is the people you care the most that won’t listen to you.

  7. RJ says:

    Dear Kevin,

    Thank you for posting your interview with Raymond Francis. It was nice. But for me, well, you know I need the more visceral part of life. I’m 55 and really appreciate seeing the eyes of people as they speak to me. Audio on the internet these days seems very cold and untrustworthy.

    This fact is why I enjoy you and Annmarie so very,very much.

    I’d like to share a couple of lectures with your readers. I hunted for them on Ted Talks.

    Thank you Kevin and Annmarie,
    With Love

  8. Sarah says:

    Great show! I would love it if you would do a show on how to increase the nutrients in home garden soil… I remember you did a show on rock dust a while back… is that all you need? Would that cover all the minerals including zinc? Very good information. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  9. john says:

    Kevin, a very excellent video you did, MR. Raymond Francis is an HONEST man who speaks the TRUTH and knows his subject matter in a world full of lies by the medical, pharmaceutical and controlled medical Universities ( amongst others)–CARTEL . See website: , lots of subject matter,videos FREE.

  10. doubleg48 says:

    I THOUGHT that book looked familiar. I went to my bookshelf and there it was, unread. Bad on me. I’ll read it now (along with a few others I see needing attention).

    I was glad you did the interview. It is another confirmation of the wake-up call many are trying to sound out there.

    In such a short interview it would not be possible to cover all aspects in depth, but I do wish people would provide a few more practical solutions after they sound the alert and give their evidence that things are not right with our health programs. Of course, we should read the book. It has all the references, background, etc.

    We are realizing more and more that we must take control of our own lives, our own health, our own diets. We cannot rely on the “powers that be” to tell us how to live and stay or get well. How many times do we hear that we must be our own health advocate? This becomes clearer all the time. But how is that to be done? It’s amazing how we have no time to delve into it until we are sick, and then we suddenly are much more willing to make time. Why not before we are sick?

    Once we have information and begin a better plan though, we still have to combat what our families and communities consider sensible or socially acceptable and deal with the politically correct dictates of the current prevailing medical establishment. That may not be impossible for individual adults to achieve, but the foundation of succeeding generations-the children-are so infected with the need to blend in. Their tastes are so dictated by peer pressure as well as media. I don’t think there is any time to waste to get people on a better track, exerting POSITIVE PEER PRESSURE on the young-on all of us!

    It is good to know there are some like you who are digging out this information and finding these people who can make us more aware and hopefully set us on that better path. I am so happy I live in an age where these facts are coming to light and dedicated people are revealing it to the public.
    Best regards,

  11. David Johns says:

    Love it! So true and yet so hard for people to HEAR these truths! Hope you guys turn the tide!!

  12. RJ says:

    excellent points made, Tirza!

  13. Patrina says:

    How interesting to hear about Otto Warburg. I googled him and read the Wiki article on him and his discoveries about cancer cells using anaerobic processes to get energy from glucose resulting in a low pH/acid environment, whereas normal cells prefer oxygen processes in a high pH/alkaline environment! Yay for green smoothies and alkaline minerals! Best protection against cancer might be giving normal cells the enviroment THEY prefer, yes? 😀

  14. Brianna says:

    Great information, once again 🙂 What does everyone think (and Kev and AM) about the supplementation bit… do you guys think it’s possible that pharmaceutical company’s could be behind the supplementation buzz? Does anyone think it may be possible to get the earth and our bodies back to a state where whole food nutrition is enough, with our knowledge of super foods, food combining, bacteria, etc?

    I’m genuinely curious as to what everyone’s opinion on this is 🙂

    Thanks again Gianni’s! You rock, as usual!

  15. nick says:

    Not only is the soil depleted the coal industry wants to do what the aluminum industry did many years ago with their toxic waste (fluoride in water,tooth paste) put toxic coal ash dust in our food supply by spreading the coal ash on soil for farming including ORGANIC farms!! Start eating wild food!!! from your back yard!!

  16. Sue says:

    I’m currently in the process of moving to a 100% vegan diet (almost there) after reading The China Study, which shows that the real culprit in ill health is animal protein rather than lack of supplements. I’m not convinced that it is impossible to get the nutrients we need from food, if we are eating properly. I’ve been doing a lot of investigating of the raw food lifestyle this year and the one thing that has struck me over and over again is how vibrantly healthy you all look – almost ‘god like’ sometimes. You are clearly not in need of supplements (except maybe B12 – which I know some take).

    I do accept that shop bought vegetables are not as nutritious as they could be though and with that in mind I’m planning to grow much of my own this year. An article on how to prepare the soil for best nutrition would be helpful – a video on that would be great. I’m planning on using raised beds and mixing in manure with organic compost and top soil. I’ve also started a wormery to produce high quality organic fertilizer – any other ideas?

  17. Peasnlove says:

    Great Interview, as always, on the Renegade Health Show, Raymond seems to be very straightforward on the realities of fighting cancer, and has some interesting insights. For anyone interested there is a place called the “John of God” healing Center, alot of interesting and almost miraculous ways of offsetting many kinds of cancers to be found at this very unique, affordable, and comfortable pagoda.

  18. Is there more to the interview?
    I would like to hear the rest of it.
    Seems like you cut it off early.

  19. Actually I overlooked the link that says if we join the innercircle we can hear the rest.
    Unfortunately I am not allowed to be a member anymore since I canceled last year.
    Was told I was banned from joining again.

  20. Mila Ilina says:

    Amazing interview, loved it! The world needs to hear this, we want more 😉

  21. hi kevin and annemarie

    i am aware of otto warburg and i do believe that lack of oxygen has much to do with getting dis-eases like cancer and i have known for many years that doctors know that chemo and radiation don’t work, but still give it to their patients because of the money they receive and that they would never use it on themselves

    i am not “hip” to using supplements and i do believe if we can remineralize our own soil with things like rock dust and grow our own garden we would improve our health greatly and also get our local farmers to use this on their soil…for some great info about soil, the magazine put out by hippocrates called healing our world covers this topic extensively in volume 29 issue 4 – you can call hippocrates to get this magazine sent to you for free and also receive it regularly in the mail- if you don’t know who hippocrates health institute is, they are a raw food retreat and school located in west palm beach florida and the directors are brian and anna maria clement
    phone: 561- 471-8876

    i am a big believer that our bodies need to detox, even with all the good raw foods we eat, we still take in toxins from the air, car pollution, etc
    that is why i embark on cleanses throughout the year and recently completed my longest yet (i don’t recommend anyone try this unless they have done fasting/cleansing for many years, as i have) for 42 days and i created a blog of my experiences and i continue to write daily and post weekly
    if you want to read about it from day one, you will need to click on december 2009
    please let others know who are interested in my perspective-

  22. NOAA Janet says:


    I both agree to some degree and disagree with Raymond to an extent on his viewpoint about supplements. I agree more with Dr. Mercola on this one

    I don’t find that most supplements work for me (and I only take whole foods ones if I do take them at all). I have had better luck with eating simply more sprouts, getting more Sun on my body, and deep breath techniques, using very strong systemic enzymes and not eating estrogenic compounds (Dr. Wong at says that flax is 3 times more estrogenic than soy and most people do not know this and it causes all sorts of havoc on the body).

    Even if you are taking all these supplements, you are not necessarily absorbing them. That is what really needs to be attacked. I agree that a vast majority of people do not eat very nutritious food (not the people here so much) and they need some whole food supplementation like he suggests. But what good does it do one when the body simply eliminates much of the supplements taken and only minimally absorbs the supplements in a vast majority of people? That is pretty expensive piss/poop! Sorry to be so explicit here.

    So far I have not seen any studies that show how much more effective supplements are versus getting it via raw organic produce/goods. A lot of people tout supplements but I see little evidence. I have spent tons of money on supplements in the past and now only do a very few.

    I noticed a greater improvement in my joints when I actually stopped taking calcium supplements w/Vit-D. David Wolfe in one his videos even says that it is silica that we must take versus calcium for strong bones and teeth. He says that the body acts as the philosopher’s stone to transform the silica into the calcium that is right for our bones and that most of the calcium supplements on the market are trash and simply collect as barnacles in the joints. I would not have believe it except for that I tried this and I did notice a great deal of improvement. So how do we know that what we are being told regarding supplements is actually true? That would be a good topic for a show 🙂

  23. Part of this interview was interesting in providing information about Otto Warburg. But it left me wanting more. Yes, I know, buy the book. 😉

    Just visited Raymond Francis’ website, I don’t like the fact that he supports supplementation, high quality supplementation, and happens to make it so simple for us to get the best high quality products from his website. He promotes rebounding and sells rebounders. Detoxification and sells saunas etc.

    It does not mean that the information provided is false or misleading. It just makes me very cautious. And also means I won’t buy the book. 😉

  24. gina says:

    great interview- thanks for getting the word out and provoking thought! 🙂

  25. Whit says:

    Raymond’s book ‘Never be Sick Again’ is great, highly recommend it. Check out his web site, there are links to a bunch of full length interviews. My only complaint is that he seems to push his vitamin products a bit much and not discuss alternative sources from ‘super foods’.

  26. Kym Hutcheon says:

    Some useful tidbits there, but as others have commented, rather short on detail. I would have at least liked to hear a quick comparison between organic and non-organic, and also enriched-soil organic produce. Well, at least I know with extreme certainty that the cure for cancer already exists. 😉

  27. Stacie says:

    Kevin, Great show. Very informative. I have been supplementing my diet for a long time. What he is saying is not new, but very true. I will have to get his books. I believe modern medicine has its place in an emergent situation, but nutrition should be a priority in order to stay healthy.Keep up the great work. Stacie

  28. iam says:

    All, If you interested in healing watch these vids:

    The Living Matrix: The Science of Healing

  29. great interview, very interesting!

  30. hi kevin and annemarie

    i do know about otto warburg and his nobel prize for discovering what causes dis-ease, especially cancer and i do agree with him that lack of oxygen is definitely a culprit…i also know about the fact that doctors give their patients chemo and radiation, knowing it doesn’t work because of the money made by the drug industry and would never use it on themselves

    I am not “hip” on the use of supplements and i do believe that if we remineralize our soil with things like rock dust, we can achieve higher nutrient levels in our bodies and create vibrant health…we can start in our own gardens and then let the farmers know, especially if we go to farmers markets

    the hippocrates health institute (located in west palm beach florida and is a raw food retreat and learning facility run by drs brian and anna maria clement) publishes a great magazine called, “healing our world,” and one of their recently published ones features this and the cover is titled – the health of our soil – it is volume 29, issue 4 and you can contact hippocrates to mail you a copy, which is free and you can also receive the magazine regularly for free

    here is the contact information:
    phone to subscribe to the magazine 561-471-8876

    i am an advocate for cleansing/fasting, as even with all the great organic raw foods consumed, our bodies still take in (both physically, emotionally, mentally, etc) toxins such as in the air, from car exhaust, etc) and giving your body a rest from the daily digestion is what gives it an opportunity to heal…i have recently completed my longest one to date (i don’t advocate you try this, if you have not be doing fasting/cleansing for an extended period of time in both years and days) for 42 days…i have created a blog of my daily experiences and posted it weekly…i continue to post even after and share my perspective and if you’d like to read it from day 1, click on decmeber 2009 –


    chef mindy aka ageless raw beauty

  31. Jana says:

    I’m a big fan of Raymond Francis. I subscribe to his newsletter and his information rings true to me when I read it. I’m not so sure it’s cut and dry in regard to chemotherapy and radiation, though. I was dx’d with breast cancer in december 2004 and I’m still here after chemo/surgery/rads in 2005.

    …I have to admit, however, that I wonder if I needed all that. My mom had bc in 1980 and surgery was the only treatment she received. She’ll turn 83 this year. And while I am still here, my vitality is not. I’ve been TIRED for years and I fizzle out with precious little activity. I never used to spend extra on organic produce. Now I do. I make some kind of change in my diet, exercise, or supplements every few weeks, so over 4 years it adds up. The supplements at Francis’ site are pricey, but I decided last week that my next bottle of vitamin C I will purchase from him. I think Raymond Francis has trustworthy information.

  32. Jim says:

    Sue@#13 check out this book for all of the info that you will need to properly prepare the soil and grow your organic garden.

  33. Jackie says:

    Great articles on his site. Very useful. Thanks

  34. Hi Kevin,

    it was a great idea to post his interview, but it was too short to be realy intererting. It was just his point of view without real scientific proves. As member of inner Circle, which I enjoy to support you until my US bank account is covered, I want to listen the full interview before discussing it. Just listening this 8 min interview, it is quite arrogent to say that medical doctors in general don’t know about science. A lot of MD at University medical center like Oregon Health & Science University ( in Portland have a Ph.D. in Biology too… maybe a short version as an expert in Ph.D. in Biology, but they have to do research fundamental or clinical. Yes, the medical journals are easier in selection as scientific journals like Science, Nature, Cell, Journal of Virology and other, but they are still a good base for medical knowledge and give informations to apply clinical studies, which doesn’t other scientific journals.
    I am a Ph.D.scientist in moleculare Virology and respect MD working in Hospital.. it is a tuff job. However doctors outside the University medical centers are more disinformed if they don’t have monthly seminars with scientists. Knowledge in medicine, Nutrition and other are sciences changing every month ! well not for prevention usually !

    thank Kevin
    Dr. Jerome in France

  35. Jan says:

    Yep! I worked in trace mineral research years ago and I believe that Mr.Francis speaks the truth! It has always troubled me that patients are given all these cancer treatments and then sent off home to resume their previous ways of life.
    They go home and eat the same diet,so lacking in what they need, they are then caught up in the system of sickness, more drugs needed,a vicious cycle!!! Having worked and been surrounded by medical doctors a lot of my life, I know that their training in nutrition is so lacking. I recently went to a Dr. to establish a relationship, not because I was sick!!! The first thing He wanted to do for me was give me drugs! I think he thought of me as an anomaly! I might add that at the time I was doing research in trace minerals my Doc that I worked for was studying copper and zinc and soils around the country and how foods from various parts of the country were compared with others as far as trace mineral nutrients!!!

  36. Barbara W. says:

    Thanks for bringing more Raymond Francis information to the show. I have read his book and loved it.

  37. Leam says:

    “We know what causes cancer and how to cure it – we’ve known for a hundred years” who is “we”? What’s the answer? I guess all of us who are not “we” need to buy another book.

  38. Jill says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I am a two time breast cancer survivor. Around 5 years out from the last cancer. I had surgery the first time I had cancer. Went through chemo and radiation not the first time but the second time I had cancer. Having gone through all of this I do believe there is a cure and/or preventive way of life out there. I believe that money and fear drives the prevention of a cure. Look at all of the pharmaceutical companies, hospital and doctors who have so much to lose if we find a cure. I hope someday this all turns around and our institutions and doctors have a more preventive mindset. Raw food was the only way I could eat after I was done with “treatment.” I have been off and on raw for the last four years. I feel my best on raw.

  39. Joan says:

    We have known what causes cancer and how to cure it for years…but if it was publicly discussed a lot of Drug companies and research foundations would be out of business…follow the money!

    Bottom line, eat as much of your diet as a raw vegan as you can – if you can grow it yourself, even better…follow the basic principles of healthy living – proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, pure water, fresh air and sunshine, balance in all things and Trust in a higher power.

    Have a nice day/life!

  40. Penny says:

    Italian doctor Simonici has investigated cancer and says that he believes it is caused by fungus . Cancer is white not black as I thought. Cancer is not a disease the body is continually finding cells that have gone bad and cures them itself. There are plenty ways of curing cancer and the pioneers have been hounded struck off the medical registers
    and died broken men. allopathic medicine does not like natural cures as they make no money – just as per your video. Yes thats it
    oncologists should be ashamed of themselves
    because doctors take the oath to do no harm.
    In USA they do not want you the person to know you do not have to do what the doctors want. The doctors are totally uninformed.
    there are plenty of websites to look at. and you do not need to have a science degree to see the alternatives. The most important nutrient is Vitamin D- yes that means go out in the sun and do not slap on the suntans full of cnacer inducing chemicals.see Mike Adams and mercola websites. Vitamin D from the sun is processed by the body, After all our ancestors for millions of years went out in the sun and did not slap on chemicals maskerading as suntan lotion.So why do we do it?? This is NOT medical advice – this is common sense. Do not believe all the rubbish dished out by the medical/pharmaceutical industry. Think for yourself.

  41. Beth says:

    Excellent interview. I don’t mind that it was short (or a preview) as it still brought the matter to our attention, and we can buy his book, read his articles, look for other interviews with him, etc.

    I’m going to buy his book.

  42. jason says:

    I have a question about fats in green smoothies. Some people say you need to add fat to a green smoothie to get the benefit of the fat soluble vitamins. Others say adding fat is not necessary. I’m curious about your opinion.

  43. Jackie says:

    Great interview, Kevin. Thank you for this information and I WILL buy this book!

  44. Britt says:

    I’m open to hearing or reading more, but still cautious. Maybe I’m just too stubborn, but I have a hard time trusting anyone who says that absolutely everyone needs to take a multivitamin, no exceptions. I don’t remember the sources…but I think some studies have shown that conventional supplements aren’t effective in many cases.

    There must be other ways! (::cough cough:: RAW FOODS ::cough cough::)

    I don’t want to feed more money into the industry by purchasing their supplements. They are taking advantage of us enough as it is.

  45. Andrew Casson says:

    Videos on composting and getting the nutrients back into our soil would be greatly received.

    I have just bought some liquid ocean grown. I would love info on using this effectively to grow indoor greens, like wheat grass & sunflower greens.

    P.S Raymond Francis book was the book that started my raw food journey about 18 months ago. It’s a very informative book.

  46. Ann Marie Huntington says:

    In reply to Janet
    There are calcium filled herbs that I drink everyday as a tea .Great for your bones to absorb. They are oatstraw, nettles and comfrey…look them up. I order them in bulk from mountain rose herbs in bulk quanities.

  47. Janie says:

    I have a question for anyone that can answer this…I would even appreciate an e-mail. In the interview…which I thoroughly enjoy!…the part about the nutritional value in carrots….is he talking about produce that we have available in a regular grocery store…or organic carrots….or…does it make a difference…and why is there such a drastic change in today’s food value? I am assuming that organic veggies/fruits have great nutritional value…equal to 50 years ago.

  48. Nadia says:

    Great interview. I respect his opinion although I am not sure we need to be taking so many pills.

    Kevin, these interviews used to be available in audio form in their full length. I really do miss those interviews. Any chance we could again have access to the full version of these great interviews you do?


  49. I am trying to find out how to purchase the
    Ormus greens (sp) not sure about spelling
    they had on one of their shows recently. I tried your website and they said I have an invalid email. This is the only email I have, please correct your records somewhere down the line.
    Send info and exact information on how to order it online. It’s very confusing and I
    don’t get anywhere.
    Today is February 2nd, 2010

  50. Connie says:

    Very interesting interview, thanks. I think he is probably right that our foods today have far fewer nutrients than in yesteryear–but I am curious to know how someone could know that. Did somebody do identical tests on identical foods in identical circumstances 50 years ago and then again today? I’ve heard similar claims comparing foods from much longer ago than that–how could they know? Not arguing the point–just really curious!

    Boy, do I wish I had time and money to read all the good books and information that you (and others, like Mike Adams) bring to our attention. At least we can glean helpful tidbits from blogs like yours!

    A few people inquired about how they could get more minerals into the veggies they grow. I joined Mittleider Method Gardening yahoo group this year to learn how to garden again, and that is one thing they really focus on. They have a recipe for a pre-plant mix and another recipe for a weekly feed mix. Check out their website (or something like that) to get info.

    Since we apparently need a whole lot more carrots (and other high value veggies and fruits) than one could eat raw to be healthy, I’m so glad I have my Juice Plus capsules! Check them out at

  51. Sharon says:

    While I certainly acknowledge that soils are depleted due to poor farming practices over the last century or so we cannot overlook that ABSORPTION of minerals in the body plays a very vital role. We need to concentrate more on proper digestion, not supplements.

    When the junk like mercury, aluminum and chemicals are taken out of the body, miracles start to occur. We need to keep our interstitial fluids cleans too. No gunk like magnesium stearate in supplements. It’s counterproductive folks. If you supplement avoid that ingredient. Use liquids or concentrated foods if you’re deficient. Probiotics, enzymes, fermented foods.

    Let’s also not forget that the energy in the food is just as important as the vitamin and mineral content. Food grown in the winter months is not as good as food in the summer. Light is energy and it is stored in the food. Kevin please find someone to do an interview with on this subject!

    Also, the more we stress out about stuff (like food!) the more likely we are to suffer from poor digestion. It’s a vicious circle!

    To answer your question, I respect Raymond Francis. I’ve read every page on his website a couple of years ago and he makes sense, more sense than most people who talk about health but I don’t like supplements all the same. Tissue salts, herbs, homeopathy, energy, light, mushrooms, algae. All those things are very helpful in addition to organic food once the body is properly detoxified but it makes no sense to put supplements into a dirty body. The cells will simply not absorb anything, or very little. I like the idea of carrot juice mentioned above. In Dr. Jensen’s Tissue Cleansing book a guy survived one whole year on nothing but carrot juice and he got rid of cancer. This goes against most of the anti-cancer treatments out there today since carrots are so high-sugar but obviously it works. We need the natural sugars in fruits and veggies to survive!

    I’ve read a zillion cancer books and one of my favorites is from I know the author and have had many discussions with him about cancer, candida and so on. He’s brilliant (member of Mensa) and he covers different aspects of cancer not just food and toxicity. Just watch the short video on the site even if you don’t buy the book.

    There are over 350 cancer “cures” out there that are documented–not according to the FDA of course. Some are more valid than others but they all boil down to a few basic principles. At the most basic core, Raymond has it right with toxicity and malnutrition but we need to eliminate other causes as well such as stress and EMF’s and root canals and implants which are equally important. Many people make themselves sick with their thoughts and aren’t even aware of it. A raw vegan with root canals can be just as sick as a meat eater with none. It’s not just about veganism. On that note I would ALWAYS suggest a raw vegan diet to anyone with cancer and I would not promote eating meat so don’t take that the wrong way but stress does outweigh diet. I’m guessing that it’s safe to say we are what we think is more accurate than we are what we eat.

    As for Susan’s comment, in the past people used to ferment their foods. They weren’t in the fresh form but they were far more useful to the immune system.

  52. Nancy Zare says:

    I’m in total agreement with what he says. Although not a doctor or scientist, I am a health educator and have read similar reports. I’m familiar with Otto Warburg’s research. He found that cancer thrives in an acidic environment, without oxygen, and fed by sugar. So if you’re seeking to prevent or recover from cancer, consider alkalizing your body, getting lots of oxygen delivered to the cells, and abstaining from sugar. One of the quickest ways to alkalize is by drinking alkaline water. I’m personally using alkaline water that is also high in anti-oxidants, delivers lots of oxygen to the cells, and is micro-clustered for better absorption.

  53. Gayle says:

    What’s the alternative to root canals?

  54. kate says:

    I think the alternative to root canals is to pull the tooth.

  55. jodie says:

    Kevin, Did that get cut off? Can we get the rest of it please?

  56. Michael says:

    Do We Know the Cause of Cancer?

    You may like to ask this enlightened Master for the answer:

    An article on His website is below.

    The Gift of Cancer:

  57. Don says:

    My mother who is 86 had chemotherapy last year,and is doing just great for well over a year now
    I would think twice about it myself,but i am sure grateful to have her.
    It is a big worry when someone at that age has to endure that kind of treatment,but it worked!

  58. ann says:

    Lots of people talk about Otto Warburg he actually did not find the solution to the cancer problem. Joanna Budwig was the one that found the solution of how to get the cell membrane to be more receptive. He requested her research (which she sent to him) but he never acknowledged her findings in his work. Google Budwig Protocol. Many people have recovered from Cancer using her protocol and she was against supplementation. Also one of the other posts mentions absorption – no point in wasting money on supplements if the gut is not functioning 100%. David Jubb PhD has an interesting view point but frustratingly his website is not currently active. He talks about livefood not necessary raw or cooked – but it must be live. I am unfamiliar with the work of Dr Francis and there are so many ‘methods’ out there I guess its just about following your instincts about what is right for you and doing the blood work to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

  59. Jeanne says:

    As a 10-year cancer survivor with a recurrence in 2004, I have been searching for “the cause of cancer” for over 5 years. I have had a root canal tooth removed, am eating Budwig’s cottage cheese and flax oil, which after eating for about 2 weeks, I experienced fibromyalgia pain relief. I also have tried a lot of supplements including the Stockholm protocol, and those recommended from a naturopathic doctor.

    To my dismay, my tumor is still growing. But I am still determined to live to age 100. I have just started researching German New Medicine and this research from Dr Hamer is really making sense to me. He shows why even healthy people get cancer. It is all about an emotional shock.

    I think everyone should know about this before they get cancer.

    I have never had chemo or radiation

  60. Sue says:

    He never mentions the cause.
    He never mentioned how to cure cancer.
    Doctors are not scientists; yet, inorder to read their articles we need to be scientists in order to understand the article?? Eh, what?

    Though, others, also, have flown too close to the sun.

  61. Genevieve says:

    Very interesting topic and responses from everyone. Thanks, all.

    I, too, would like to know more about rock dust. What kind of rock? Where do you get it? How to apply it? I asked around a bit last summer after you first mentioned it and people looked at me like I was from Mars.

    Also, I have had a few root canals over the years, and one recently re-done. What is the alternative for those whose teeth weren’t looked after as children? Go around with a bunch of gaps in your mouth?? More info, please.

    I agree with the others that you two are totally awesome.

  62. raymond says:

    i’ve been trying to spread this message for 2 yrs,this is what makes karl loren different from everybody else.once you know how your body works,you can heal yourself,i’m personally doing the hydrogen peroxide therapy,i beleive in the free radical therory.dr walberg said deprive a cell for 48 hrs of oxygen and it will become cancerous.i tell my friends like this,a free radical is an atom that is missing 1 or more protons,stay with me now.deprive a cell 48 hrs it can become cancerous and what that means is if you for yrs eat,drink or take(pills,which idont know if you know or not any pill you have ever taken,perscription or non stays in your body unless you detox it out) you are killing alot of cells(free radicals) blocking your arteries and a host of other.what im saying is you cant drink pop,sugars of all kinds and certain other foods that have alot of chemicals in them for 30 or 40 yrs with out having some disease or a cancer.i will say this flood your body with oxygen and it will go to the part of the body that as the lowest oxygen and zap them free radicals on contact,remember that bacteria viruses and germs cannot live in an oxygen rich enviroment kills them on contact.if you get karl loren to explain the free radical therory on your show,you will be doing the world a favor,he dont have a book for sale,but he has one(4 roads to ruin) he’ll give know there is alot of people in this world and not all of us can get organic foods,so my answer to that is flood your body(which you can do alot of ways)keep the free radicals in check and in my opinion you will live a long life.

  63. Nick says:

    uh, so i guess rock dust should be the basis of a fertilizer….for soil, of course–but for human/mammalian bodies too? I’ve long thought such, but really only the last 4 or 5 years. For a long time I was just satisfied with sea salt serving that purpose, beyond what is attained thru our foods. But then I’ve even heard an albeit few say we should only get our minerals thru organic (plant & animal) sources. I believe EVEN METALS, WITH OTHER MINERALS, ARE FOUNDATIONAL TO BONE & CELL FORMATION — ???

    Uh, what’s the difference between “rock dust” & sea salt? Maybe our bodies process salt specifically differently from even the finest “rock dust”?

  64. Michael says:

    Very provocative opinions, and I guess I must read the book to really obtain the science behind his point of view. To state that all medical journals are useless and not based on science, seems rather arrogant to me. Besides, medical specialists don’t narrow their focus on just medical journals. Regarding nutrition, there may be more ignorance than knowledge in the medical community. It is time that more doctors see the benefit. I also want to point out that the elimination diet is being investigated for ADHD children, and that a Dutch psychiatrist is leading the research, which is, in my opinion, sound.

  65. Hello Kevin and Ann-Marie, Another job well done! The info you present as always is so enlighting. We as anation must learn how to take better care of ourselves and stop depending on medicine. Sure, there are times when we need meds, but most of the problems we incur are due to our lack of knowledge, exercise and proper nutrition. It almost seems like there is a conspiracy to keep a large proportion of the nation on meds to keep people in jobs. Can you imagine if one day people were cured of cancer by a natural means? How much money would be lost in the medical field? Thanks for the great info and keep up the great job!

  66. Susan says:

    I didn’t find anything new and didn’t hear what causes caner.

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