Questions about Vitamin D2 and D3, Plus Lyme Disease and More – The Renegade Health Show Episode #480

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It seems like there were a lot of vitamin D questions over the last couple of weeks, since we shared our blood work…

Today, I address those questions as well as show you the oldest Vitamix I’ve ever seen.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What can we do to help you in 2010?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Tristan says:

    Thanks for caring about the lambs and sheep whose lanolin is used in the manufacturing process for Vitamin D3. Modern sheep production is rife with so much cruelty.

  2. Joan says:

    The Vitamix you showed is what I have and it works quite nicely! Thanks for your show, as usual!

  3. Linda Miller says:

    Honestly, Kevin, I have liked just about every show you have done.

    One suggestion, if in your travels this year you start interviewing people again, I highly recommend Tonya Zavasta who lives in TN. Her books “Beautiful on Raw”,
    Quantum Eating” and “Raw Food and Hot Yoga” are totally awesome. I just finished her the last (and latest) two books. If you are not familiar with her, her website is

  4. Laura Bryant says:

    hi kevin,
    i do not have a great suggestion for the upcoming year… i enjoy what you guys are doing already.

    i have a question about the containers that coconut oil/butter comes in. obviously, glass is the best choice although it is a lot more expensive. i hear that the flavor might be compromised by plastic, but i am more concerned about the coconut butter absorbing toxins from the plastic.

    do you have an opinion on this?
    all my best,

  5. Cindy (Sydney, Australia) says:

    Keep doing what you are doing. The variety of subject matter, topics, guests, etc is great. It gives us an all around approach to improving our health & Fitness.
    The only thing I would say is that sometimes you talk about books, products, people, protocols, ingredients that are unfamiliar to me. Sometimes I wish you would explain things a little more as you have such a variety of audience from all ages, countries and nutritional standpoints. Just a thought, but I love the show & look forward to watching every morning while I eat breakfast. (I’m not a raw foodie or a vegetarian but still love it and learn alot). Someone said yesterday maybe you should poll your audience: various factors like age, country, eating lifestyle etc. might be a good idea for you to better understand who you are reaching & what best serves them. Thanks & Have a great day.

  6. More sugar-free, raw recipes. I have Candida.

  7. Smita says:

    What you can do for us is…. to just KEEP maintaining the hard work you guys are doing for us now! You guys are awesome thanks!

  8. Hector says:

    Hi Kevin, I’ve been battling hailey-hailey dis-aese for 17 years.Do you have any suggestions or do you know anyone that may.

  9. Mary says:

    I love when I get to watch one of your videos!
    They are so informative and you usually make me consider new ideas that send me off to do more research. Thank you.

    How can you help me this year? How about a new ebook giving pointers to eating raw when you are vegan, do no soy, may be in medium to poor health. I have been vegetarain for over 30 years, and last summer when I went raw vegan (under a practioners care) I became deficient. Protein seemed to part of the equation. I am sure many people experience this. Think about it. From my research, I should have been consuming enough protein.

    Hopefully I’ll repeat the same experiment this spring/summer.
    Mary MAcIntyre

  10. WENDY says:

    I was intrigued by your mention of lyme (I am sure that’s not how it’s spelled) 🙂 in the video above.

    I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I went on a very long hike around the outer perimeter (the more wild hiking trails) of silver creek falls about six or seven years ago. I had to remove my 20 lb boots (yes I was uninformed and stupid and wore very heavy boots for an all day hike). I finished the last half of the hike with bare feet.

    That night I developed a horrible rash on one of my legs, unlike any I had ever seen before. (I have had poisen oak all over my body and that is not what this was). A couple of days later, I got a fever and nearly passed out in the shower. (my recollection of the timing for all of this may be slightly off).

    Then, about a week after that, I woke up one morning, completely unable to stand up or walk without severe pain. Now, until then, I had been ok, still fairly active and going to work.

    I called in sick and made an emergency appointment with a doctor. Nobody knew what was going on and the tests lasted for a year. I was able to begin to walk again shortly thereafter, but it was very painful and my entire body began break down – one thing after another.

    They tested me for lyme disease with a test that was a false negative 50% of the time. They told me this. But when it came back negative, they decided not to give me the regimine for the disease. By the time I finally got the test (because no one would believe me about the possibility that it could be lyme) – the treatments probably wouldn’t have been effective anyway.

    Well, since then, my life has been spiraling out of control and I have put on a great deal of weight and rarely leave the house – only when I have to – because of the pain – and the embarrassment of being so overweight now.

    Of course, I lost my job and my insurance and have been self treating with tons of ibuprofin for the last four or five years. Living on a very limited income (only $500 / month) I cannot afford to go to the doctor for anything – and frankly, don’t believe they can help me anyway.

    So – NOW – I am fed up with living like this and with an entire life I lost because of this. I am going to embark on a journey to becoming a raw foodist-vegetarian-vegan, in an attempt to correct my body.

    Even a 50% improvement in my condition and day-to-day living would get me excited.

    However, having listened to the little bit you shared above, about your protocol for lyme, I find myself questioning whether I can reverse any of the damage that has been caused.

    My question is this: Do you think that with my extremely limited resources and ONLY the use of a well-developed food menu plan – prepared raw, vegan, and vegetarian, that I will have any impact on my condition.

    P.S. I realize you are not giving me medical advice and do not or will not ever hold you liable for any information you share with me. I state that in writing here to release you from any concern over being sued or having any other action taken against you. 🙂

  11. Sarah says:

    Loved the blender. What I am doing in 2010 to stay healthy is to continue my recovery from anorexia. I was anorexic for 9 years and am in year 2 of the recovery. I feel as though there is not enough recognition for the difficulty of overcoming eating disorders. It is a daily challenge but I am doing all I can to stay at a healthy weight and love myself no matter what.
    Should you need a good laugh, check out my blog at

    Lots of love to all the skinny girls and boys!!

    Sarah xoxoxoxoo

  12. Sharon says:

    I’ve pasted in a short bit about Vit D2 & 3 from this page:

    “Should I take Vitamin D2 or Vitamin D3?
    Vitamin D supplements are available as either Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) or Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Vitamin D2 is not a naturally occurring vitamin. It is manufactured by radiating a fungus that contains fat-like substances called sterols. Vitamin D2 is available in prescription pills and as injections. Take these products with caution, if at all. Vitamin D3 is the naturally occurring form of the vitamin and is essential for life. Its molecular structure is similar the body’s steroid hormones, e.g. cortisol, estradiol, progesterone, aldosterone, and testosterone. Cholesterol is the precursor substance for these hormones and for vitamin D3 . Without adequate sunshine, D3 supplementation is important. The manufacturing process is complex. It typically starts by extracting cholesterol from the lanolin of sheep wool and through a patented purification process, is converted to active D3. When purchasing supplements, be sure the product is vitamin D3, cholecalciferol.”

    While I definitely prefer a vegan diet I’m not going to compromise my own health or life or that of my family’s for an ideal. I don’t know the nutritionist Kevin mentioned but I highly respect what Dr. Tenpenny has done to educate the public about vaccinations. So far I haven’t seen anything wrong with any of her research. I have no idea what her diet is.

    For 2010? I’d like to see more about general health than just food. Just eating raw alone will not make a person healthy. Keep up with the occasional fitness videos please and interview with the likes of Peter Ragnar, Nick Ortner and others who go beyond food. Hormone imbalances are a huge issue these days so please talk more about that too.

    Thanks for all you do. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we really appreciate your commitment to do the daily show and bring us truth not dogma.

    I like the commitment to product lines that are non-toxic too like Annmarie’s skin care and also the smoothie powder. Hope to see more goodies this year!

  13. Jo says:

    All your shows are informative and I learn from them everyday! I would love for you and Annemarie to talk about the superfoods you like to use in your smoothies and why you think they are so beneficial. Maybe you can do a “Top Five or “Top Ten” list? ALso, how many you use at one time, how you use them to deal with energy, stress, fatigue, etc. etc. Thanks for all you do for us, your devoted fans!!!

  14. FeralKevin says:

    Richmond/Orinda? You’re coming to FeralKevin’s neck of the woods!

  15. Joel says:

    I put my question in the wrong comment section. “Loosen up you neck.” Anyway this is what i asked:

    Can you give more scientific data on your answers? That way when we tell other people about health issues we sound like we know what we are talking about.

  16. Pamela says:

    I am in favor of focusing on the elements of the raw food life style which have the most impact for improvement of health.

    We are growing as a movement, and I do not think that we need to focus so much on being attractive to the general public through the sweet desserts and the celebrities.

    I think we need to focus on the highest quality of our lifestyle so that people will experience healing.

    The results with healing are what kept this alive when almost no one knew about it. That is the real gift of this.

    If we water it down with the sweets and the chocolate, even if that might bring an initial surge of popularity, it will not give people the health that they need. And it would weaken our message and impact in the long run.

    The soils are so depleted and there are so may toxins that we have to focus on the most healing aspects of our lifestyle.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

    Happiness, Health, Peace and Abundance for All!

    Blessings and Love,
    Pamela Melcher

  17. Jill says:

    I would say to just keep doing what you are doing! I have no complaints or anything I would like to see changed. I have enjoyed all of the shows I’ve watched so far (I’m a little behind on the old podcast episodes though…still have like 40 some left to watch lol!) I would like to know what you guys know (if anything) cerebral palsy (mine is spastic hemiplegia on the right side but it is thankfully mild) and the blood condition hereditary-sphero-cytosis.
    Thanks for all you do! 😀

  18. Jill says:

    whoops forgot to add “about” in there!

  19. Will says:

    Wow. I have a Vita-Mix 3600 at home, too. I think mine had seen more use by it’s previous owners — plastic is more yellowed on mine.

    I’d recommend checking out CraigsList, too, for used equipment. I picked up my Vita-Mix there for $100 and also a Green Star juicer (old model before name change) for $100.

    To make the show better, I can’t think of any suggestions. Keep up the good work!

  20. Heather says:

    Since finding your site last week I watch everyday and then some. Lot’s of useful info! Do you know anything about Lugol’s iodine? I began “painting” with Lugol’s daily since last summer and have cured dry cracked feet(among other things) with in two weeks of starting. Enjoyed your warning about Agave (that’how I found you in the first place) I’ve done a lot of research and improved my own health tremendously. I believe the most powerful tool that we have, is trusting in our own body’s ability to heal itself. Love your recipes too.

  21. Marie1225 says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,

    I think you guys are great! Just keep up the good work. I know you guys use high quality products, especially in Ann’s skin care line. So its difficult to make the products more ecomnmical I’m sure.

    If you could attempt to do that though, I’d appreciate it. I simply can’t afford them for the prices they are now.

    Currently, I’ve been trying to mix my own skin care things together just for my own personal use, truth be told though, I’d rather try Annmarie’s.



  22. Dawni says:

    Hi Kevin:

    I do like the health orientation with a steady gaze on experimental High Raw lifestyles.

    If you do hit the road in 2010 — I’d love to see into the lives of those who are making a difference in their communities with living foods/whole foods and the real deal behind nutritive value of the foods we consume.

    More Renegade Journalism on wheels so to speak.

    I love what you did with Charlotte Gerson – I trust there is more gold out there along these lines.

    I’d like to share RenegadeHealth with more folks this year. So perhaps you can give some thought on how to use those of us who currently benefit from what you do.

    Your hair, skin and beard are working handsomely together….

    Have a great trip to SF…


  23. Connie says:

    Take a rest. We love watching your videos, but it won’t help us if you burn yourselves out–so how about taking weekends off? (Besides, that will help me get my e-mail caught up, lol.)

    Send me an e-mail 5 days a week telling me to get off my butt and do a specific set of simple exercises and report back that I did it! Not too much, just 5 or 10 minutes worth. I enjoyed the ones that AnneMarie did with your Mom yesterday. I assume that people who are already heavy into exercise don’t need the reminder, so focus this effort on those of us who hate exercise! Report back to us that x out of x of us have done their daily exercise.

    I had another nifty idea, but I lost it. Phooey. Well, I really have no complaints–I love this forum pretty much as it is. Keep up the good work!


  24. RJ says:

    To Marie 1225:

    I just received my first skin care product from the Annmarie line. I started with the coconut body oil, along with 2 candles. I am VERY happy with the high quality of the skin care line. I burned the soy “mint breeze” candle at my shop today (I had calm dogs in the shop). I’ll burn the “lavender” candle when I’m expecting the more nervous canines in my shop. I also ordered some organic chia seeds for my smoothies. And altogether they arrived in a well-packed box. Impressively quick shipping!

    We really deserve to treat ourselves with products we believe in. I put the coconut body oil on my skin just after a shower, while my skin is still damp. I just tilt the glass bottle and pump a few drops in the palm of my hand and nourish my skin from head-to- toe. Think my nose likes it best…very calming scent 😉 I really appreciate the use of GLASS instead of plastic in the skin care line.

    I have a $15,000.00 deductable health insurance policy. At $155.00 a month for that, I can afford some simple treats and fantastic foods to keep me healthy.

    Kevin and Annmarie, I’d love to see you interview some Holistic Veterinarians in 2010. I’m not sure if you already have. Here’s an interesting bit of info for pet owners…

    Please keep yourselves Happy and Healthy so you can continue to bring us your excellent show in 2010!!


  25. Michael T. says:


    I would like to see more in-depth coverage of issues. When you answer questions, sometimes you just give a quick off the cuff answer which does not go deeply into the issue. I would rather see you answer just one question with depth than try to answer many questions superficially.

    I also like that you interview a variety of people on the show. This is bound to produce some contradictions, as some people advocate high fruit and some advocate low fruit, etc. But we learn from hearing all sides of an issue, so please keep up the wide range of perspectives.

    Specifically, I would like to see you interview a raw meat eater, perhaps someone advocating the primal diet, to find out more about what they believe. I think there is a strong case for some meat eating, and I would like to see you, a vegan, hear their point of view, and ask them some tough questions.

    Perhaps some of the shows could take the format of a debate, with two people presenting opposite sides of an issue. Now that would be both informative and entertaining!

    Keep up the good work.

    Michael T.

  26. Kathy says:

    I would like to go over more specific instructions on weight loss. It seems that the majority of america needs to loose some weight. Is a raw food diet a good weight loss program? I would like to know more.

  27. nick says:

    Would like to see more information about how people can get their food source locally from #1 Wild food, # 2 growing their own, supporting local organic farmers. Less on those who are trying to cash in on “superfoods” they are almost as annoying as Big Pharma promoting a magical pill that is going to make everything alright. Some superfoods may be high in vitamins and enzymes when they are tested in China tibet or Brazil but I have not seen many studies on superfoods ability to be absorbed in the body of someone who eats it 3000 miles away 6 months after it was harvested!!

  28. Barbara says:

    I have the same Vita Mix you just showed! I bought it in 1970 (and probably even paid less for it way back then) and I’ve been using it almost daily since then. I think that shows you what a great company it is – because after 40 years my Vita Mix runs just as well as it did when it was brand new. I’ve had friends tell me they traded in their older ones and bought newer ones and aren’t as happy. It’s a definite workhorse!!!

  29. Thomas says:

    If you are considering an older-model vita-mix then you should definitely read these blogs about the availability of parts:

    Even the vita-mix rep on it stated no more parts will be available. That’s why you can get a 3600 for a “good” price today.

  30. gina says:

    For 1010: well I think your doing just great!

    I am pretty sure I found you in 2008 because of a fitness video’s probably soemthing about body weight training.

    So maybe some functional training video’s as well… or tips for some us..I always love to see different training exercises I can use with my clients and most of my clients are not athletic but they are older with autoimmune diseases and well so functional training really helps me with them.

    But I am not the only one whatching your show..
    So whatever you do I will watch it you have such great information especially on food and recipies that I can actually watch, I take my laptop in the kitchen with me so I can watch annmarie whip up a recipe!!

    Keep up the interviews they are great as well!!!


  31. kate says:

    Could you do an interview with Frederic Patenaude?

  32. Maggie says:

    I agree with Sharon on the use of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). It has completely boosted my immune system over the last almost 2 years and I wouldn’t change it for anything. (5000 IU/day from Xymogen). I have tried lots of other things but nothing has made as profound of an impact as the D3. If it is indeed made by extracting cholesterol from the lanolin of sheep wool, then no animals are killed. As for your show, just go with your gut as to what to show us. It’s worked great so far. You are a unique, informative and fun show. Thank you.

  33. Karen Jackson says:

    I just love new info – new products, new books, new health info, new health experts, new recipes, sharing your experiences – keep it coming. You guys are really awesome! What can we do for you?

  34. bitt says:

    hi kevin, great video as usual. i am so glad to hear you recovered from lyme disease. i am struggling with epstein barr virus and it is a long road to recovery. i will think i am better then get floored again. so i guess i’d like to know if you have any ideas for epstein barr and/or chronic fatigue. i already eat a raw diet.

    as for vitamin d, my husband and i are doing a little experiment ourselves. he takes vitamin D2 (more than the recommended amount) and I take D3. we are going to have our levels tested just to compare. not too scientific, but it would be interesting to see how his are because we live in seattle and most people’s here are quite low.

  35. Mark says:

    answer all / many more question, but with definitive answers.

  36. Dede says:

    Micheal T’s idea of a debate between 2 informed guests with Kevin being the mediator sounds like an interesting concept..and – you know me – I always love the fitness/exercise shows too..great show…dede

  37. Anastasia811 says:

    It is obvious that if someone is able to stick to the 80 10 10 diet there is no need for powders, cooked food, or skin care stuff. No one on 80 10 10 has candida this should be enough proof that it is the cure. Try 80 10 10 for one year and see for yourself. If you don’t like it all the junk food supplements will still be there. If you need the cops call 911, if you wanna be healthy call 811:)

  38. RW says:

    For 2010 do more in-depth research and interviewing of important supplement and health food company leaders.

    I have a question about D3 versus D2 Kev. As far as I know, Garden of Life has the only product that is of a vegan source for vitamin D3 called ‘Vitamin Code D3’. If this is right, why would anyone want to be taking a less absorbable version D2 if both versions are vegan sourced?

  39. jasmyn says:

    Hey:) Love this episode. Let’s see besides keep doing your thing;) I’d like for you to check into what can bind the neurotoxins of lyme disease…. Like are there any raw foods that will work? I’ve not strictly adhered to the Marshall Protocol… I did get out in the sun this summer and while it was lovely… I’m thinking it may have fed the little buggers 🙁 I’ve heard stuff like Chito Power works to bind the neurotoxins… I would love to find what raw foods will work as well. Hope the two of you have the loveliest week:)

  40. Anastasia811 says:

    Kevin I’m not trying to be offensive, I just want you to realize that 80 10 10 is much more powerful than these people think it is. It has saved many peoples lives including mine and my boyfriends. My bf is a microbiologist and is working on getting studies together for 80 10 10, but it will take time and there is no funding. So try it for yourself, not for 2 weeks but for a while, you will double your running distance I promise.

  41. Sophia says:

    Continue what you are doing!!! I love the varity of topics because there all very important. Truly, I learn something new every time I watch the show.

    Also I think it would be good to have more about exercise and how to become flexible.

  42. Vonda says:

    Your beard and your hair longer look great!

  43. I purchased the Charlotte Gerson “tapes” from you and within those tapes were a number of interesting speakers. It would be nice to hear more from those experts…as well as Charlotte Gerson. Or maybe get another series of tapes from the Gerson group with other speakers. I also like David Wolfe. You put out some cds from him but it was too close after Christmas to purchase. I would love to hear more about the healing herbs and Ormus. I am not too sure what Ormus is. Sometimes is sounds like a dangerous thing. Overall, I always look forward to your show.

  44. Veronika says:

    Let us know if you’re doing any events/gatherings in the San Francisco Bay Area during your visit. I live in the Easy Bay so I’m very near Richmond! =)

  45. Mike Pacione says:

    throw in a recipe or smoothie every show!!!!
    oh and more FREE stuff !!!

    Thanks Kev and Marie!


  46. May Blom says:

    You two are really good at what you do and I look forward to watching your show everyday! My one suggestion would be to make a better site for your inner circle. I just don’t find it easy to navigate. It needs some pizazz to it! I think I would go to it more often if I felt it was more friendly.

  47. Mary says:

    I like the variety and the short bits of information because I can always squeeze them in to my busy schedule.

    Thank you for asking.

  48. Greg & SueZ says:

    Hey Kev, your good friends here in Seminole, Oklahoma! Just wanted to let you know that although the Vitamix is a wonderful machine! Have you ever tried a Blendtek? It is a cut above all these types of machines on the market. Love your show, Keep up the good work! In answer to your question of the day, “What can you do to help us achieve optimal health in 2010,” SEND MONEY (LOTS OF IT) NO PLAY MONEY PLEASE. You asked and we gave you an answer! Have a wonderful year! And we will be keeping an eye on you! Your partners in RAW FOOD EXPLORATION and such! Greg & Sue

  49. Terresa says:

    love your shows, always! would be very interested to hear if there is a spiritual side to your raw lifestyle?

  50. esther says:

    I love your shows and look forward to watching it when I come home from work every day!
    For 2010? How about some shows that highlight connections between raw foods and indigenous eating? This didn’t all come about in a vacuum you know!
    Also, will you both be speaking in the Bay Area? Now that you’ll be in my neck of the woods I hope I’m not a missing an event you’ll be at.

    This is definetely going to be a Rawsome year!!


  51. Helena says:

    Your shows are awesome, I always look forward to them, you and Ann-Marie do a great job!

  52. linda says:

    keep up the great work!
    love it!
    have you thought about a new ‘tune’ for your intro?
    maybe for episode 500??
    much love, Linda

  53. Susan says:

    What food or supplement to help a women with PMS and minstral Cramps.

    How can I get my 22 year old special needs daughter to eat more raw foods(not smoothies)?

    I wanted a Vita-Mix, but it cost too much so I saw an info comersal in on the Health Master by Montel Williams. It is as powerfull as Vita-Mix, but it will heat up your soups if you want it warm. Check it out you’ll like it as much as I do.

    I live in Sacramento, California and my dad lives in Santa Cruz, CA and would like to see you come to Santa Cruz and talk, because you will fall in love with it and you will really feel at home there. I know a lot of people that will come here you talk.

  54. Christine says:

    Hello guys….Here is a great link by Dr. John Cannel about Vitamin D

  55. Sheralee says:

    Love the hair cut in both places Kev!!! face and head!!!!NICE! Thanks for the Vit D info totally pertinent to what I am researching currently! You give us huge variety in the shows you produce I really benefit and appreciate your constant searching for current issues so more of the same is fantastic!
    Thanks Sheralee (NZ)

  56. Nicole says:

    Can you teach me how do a chin-up this year? It’s been driving me crazy that I’m in decent shape and have seen other improvements in my speed and strength—yet I can’t even do one chin-up or pull-up! Can you do a Fitness friday video showing what exercises one can to to EVENTUALLY be able to do a chin-up or pull-up, because I feel like an idiot hanging from the bar hoping this will somehow achieve results—other than callouses.

    In general, I think your show’s variety makes it great, and I look forward to whatever changes you make as long as you and Anne Marie keep your honest, energetic attitudes and curiosity! Thanks for all you do.

  57. Nick says:

    My gawd, re the irreversability of neurological damage, please refer to, for e.g. Dr. Norman Doidge’s book “The Brain That Changes Itself”, which profiles top researchers & their work in the field. Basically, thru long course of active, focused rehab undifferentiated stem cells are called up, somehow generated & go to replace the damaged cells. This thinking was long suppressed so people would opt for short course drugs or surgery.

    Then re vitie D isn’t it from the sun absorbed thru our skin by our body’s own natural oils, that converts it for use by the body, making the difference between D2 & D3? Either way, this is one reason I’ve greatly minimized the use of soap, which removes our natural oils. So I don’t think it matters if, say, Dr. Bronners oils are organic, since they’re not our individual-specific oil just right, tuned for our personal function.

  58. Barbara W. says:

    Love the show, keep doing what you are doing in 2010 with one request…it would be nice to have a calendar showing your events and perhaps links to details on how people can attend. The calendar last year had some of the main events but it did not seem to get updated along the way. I realize you already have a million and one things to do but if there is a team member who can help that would be great.

    Much gratitude to you both!

  59. Heyward says:

    Take more vacations.

  60. Jan says:

    Thank you AnnMarie for your skin care. I have had swollen glands in my neck for several years and could not fine a reason for it. Have been to several doctors and just gave up on it. After about a week of using AnnMarie’s products my swollen glands are going down, after 2 weeks they are only slightly swollen. Not sure if it is something in the products causing the swelling to go down or if it is the toxic products I was using.

    My vita mixer looks like the one shown but has the #4000 on it. I purchased it from a neighbor’s garage sale for $3.00 It works wonderful.

    I would like information on companion gardening. What to plant next to what to help avoid pest problems.

    I love the show and have learned so much. Thanks

  61. Marie1225 says:

    Hi Kev, Annmarie, and everyone,

    I have a question that hopefully someone can help me with. For those out there still eating some cooked food, has anyone tried rice bran oil?

    I read some promising things about it. I’ve been trying grapeseed oil over the past several months. I think I may have an allergy to it because I have acne that won’t go away.

    I would break out here and there before, but its just increased, and is constant. Maybe I’m wrong though, and it isn’t the oil. In November is when the breakouts really turned ugly. I thought it was from family stress.

    At this point I can’t be sure. Suppose all I can do is take the grapeseed oil out, and see if it clears up. Also I’m thinking the ph in skin may be off because of what I’ve been using to wash my face. If anyone can help, please do so.

    Thank you,


  62. Marie1225 says:

    To Jan #55,

    hello. I’ve heard that marigolds are great if you have problems with deer. I’ve also heard that planting onions and garlic are great insect repellants. Hope that works…

  63. jasmyn says:

    ooop and also… What will reverse the arthritis. How to get the lyme out of the joints and then what foods will help repair them. They say this cannot be done. I’m a firm believer that it can. Any methods you come across will be appreciated. Hope you both are having the best day:)

  64. Chris & Sara says:

    2009 Rocked guys!!! You were on fire!

    Not many people would give up their “security” and “creature comforts” to travel the country in an RV meeting a bunch of strangers, all to help make this world a better place….

    The shows are great, the information diverse, and the both of you are genuine! Cant ask for much more…

    You guys have done sooo much for us! You couldnt even imagine how you have helped so many people! People that dont even know you or see your shows, are indirectly influenced by you and your work. It is astounding…. the question is….

    WHAT WE CAN WE DO FOR YOU in 2010 ?!?!?!

    We propose a Renegade Health Retreat on Maui!!!!!! 🙂
    Lets give people a great excuse to come check out Maui !

    Or anything else that we can do to help you on your beautiful mission…

    Please let us know~ we would love to help, you guys do so much already. In fact, when you decide to take that vacation that everybody keeps mentioning, give us call, and come to Maui.

    We Love you Tons!!!

    Chris & Sara

  65. sherry says:

    I would like to see more live food than raw.
    I like the feel of live food more than low temp cooked food.I would like to see more on can be cheaper but also more compact when it comes to nutrients ect.
    I have seen blenders on ebay like that also. Buying the base and top part separately on newer
    models can be cheaper also.

  66. Gerrit says:

    I do not know if you allready talked about it.

    But I where wondering about the fiber that’s in the food I put in to the blender (high speed), is this fiber not braking down to little little particles by the high speed of the blender, so it act not really for the body as it normally has to?

    I like to know more about specific diseases for 2010

  67. Anthony says:

    In 2010, I want to know how to regrow my teeth enamel on a vegan diet.

  68. KC says:

    Only quickly scanned other comments, but saw two I agree with. One, someone said there are product/resource names they do not recognize, and I totally agree(here’s an opportunity for you to add a tab up top that has a glossary or dictionary). Two, someone mentioned wanting an email 5 days a week with motivational “get up and excercise” comments. Well, that might seem a bit daunting, but really not: Send an “excercise of the day” to everyone, which could just be a neck stretch or breathing tip. Our own little personal coach! 🙂

    My personal coach needs are HELP me overcome my sugar addiction, please! I need resources listed in one place.

    There are always tons of things you could do to expand and make RHS better, because that’s just the way life is! Thank you to the entire team for continuing this energy in 2010, and for wanting to grow for and with us! Peace and safe travels!

  69. Serene says:

    I second the motion to interview Tonya Zavasta. She is amazing.

  70. Mila Ilina says:

    Hi Kev, love what you guys are doing (not into the fitness as much though, terrible I know). But you guys are the voice of reason in the raw movement, keep at it 🙂

    So I’ve been dying to ask… I’d love to hear your thoughts on some fascinating trends I keep hearing about from raw foodists – psychoactive herbs/plants, magic mushrooms, etc.

    Okay lets be honest, most of us have played around with these in high school, but I’m surprised to hear so much about them now in the so called raw “health” movement. I get that they’re used for spiritual reasons, but are there any health benefits?

    And sure smoking is toxic to the lungs, but what about eating them raw? We know that hemp is high in nutritional content, would that hold true for cannabis for example? It is a wild plant.

    I’m almost tempted to relive my dazed and confused years, but I thought I’d run it by you guys first. Lol

    Are there any potential health benefits to some of these wild entheogenic herbs and mushrooms?

  71. kanen Robinson says:

    Would love you to travel around and visit regular high raw people who aren’t famous and see how they get on and help them out. like come stay with me in Canada, see what our family does, and comment

    also, would love the whole topic of how many raw people have different iron, B12, Vit D levels, lower WBC counts and maybe it is NOT so bad just different, maybe even MORE ideal for health1

    Always love to know what you two are up too and love the show, thank you both


  72. zyxomma says:

    Susan: try maca (I prefer red maca, it’s higher in minerals), and eat plenty of sea vegetables (seaweeds). You need trace minerals, and probably are low on iodine. Iosol is a great supplement, there are others. Raspberry leaf tea will help with the cramps. For me, if I forgot to eat seaweed at least 3 times in the week before my period, I got death cramps. When I remembered, barely noticeable, if any, cramps.

    I, too, have the VitaMix 3600, purchased years ago on ebay. My bf has a much newer model, so I get to use both (I alternate between my apt. and his). I love the reverse switch on mine. The top speed on the dial has never worked, but I’ve never needed it. Its primary drawback is that it’s terrible at blending small amounts of anything, because the stainless steel container is as wide at the base as it is at the top. If I just want to make one cup of anything, I wait till I’m at the bf’s place to do it.

    Stay well & keep it going in 2010.

  73. Karen says:

    I love the shows…you will never know how they’ve changed my life. I especially like it when you guys interview and video others fighting the good fight for raw living. There is also a benefit to hear just what a person eats in a single raw day…because a lot of us out here just transitioning into raw are eating way more than needed.

  74. Susie says:

    I have a similar VitaMix. I found it at a thrift store for $15!!!!

  75. raymond says:

    do you beleive me now,look at the living i improved.thats good that were realizing the key to maintaing health is to eat raw,but what if you were a person who abused your body for 30+ yrs like me,i have’nt seen a doctor in 13(maybe more)yrs,but i can tell you that i had a disease or a cancer,i mean you cant drink or do drugs(let alone the bad foods and chemicals i worked in as a car detailer) for that many years and think you are in good health because your not.there are alot of good ways to detox your body,but the best way and by far the least expensive is 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy which im doing with my wife and son and started yesterday im not cutting down the gurus or the superfoods i have learned alot from all of you but the secret for people like me is to flood my body with oxygen,let me explain yrs and yrs of abusing your body like i have you can bet there is something wrong with you,rather you feel it now or later and its nothing but bad bugs(anerobic)and they are the bad bug that survive in a low oxygen inviroment(thats where the free radicals live other words,starve a cell for 48 hours and thats where the cancer starts)when you flood your body with oxygen,no viruses,bacteria and germs,pathogens cannot survive in a oxygen rich inviroment.i agree with karl loren if john rockefeller would’nt of spent millions of dollars to the drug companys and not staying with the natural remedys we wouldnt be in this situation with health care.SO THE NUMBER ONE PRODUCT ON THE PLANET TO GET RID OF ANYTHING IS HYDROEN PEROXIDE,FOLLOWED BY DMSO AND THEN MSM(WHICH IS DEPRIVED FROM DMSO AND THE SECRET IS OXYGEN)BUT NOBODY CAN MAKE MONEY OFF IT SO IT IS BEING SUPRESSED PRETTY MUCH BY EVERYBODY. I’LL KEEP YOU IN TOUCH WITH OUR PROGESS.

  76. Eva says:

    Hi Kevin, LOL my sister had the same older vitamix, didn’t work very well and had an odor because of the spout, but the one you showed may work better, I know I love my 5000, on another note I went to the doctor the other day and my bone density is -3.2, I am 57 years old, do you have any suggestions, I am not vegan but was at one time and still eat lots of raw foods and sprouts that I do myself thanks for any info Eva

  77. del says:

    I bought a VitaMix 3600 when it was the newest and lastest version and believe it or not it still works fine. It’s not as pretty and shiny as one you have now. I bought another VitaMix Blender version 5000 few years ago. Valya Boutenko from the Raw Family use it. Had her sign the back of it too but unfortunately it’s faded and gone but I can see the invisible signature. The 3600 is my backup now.

  78. Claudia says:

    I’d love more info on what you (Kevin) did, and for how long, to rid yourself of Candida. Even just some more tips or suggestions would be great.
    For example, I find I do better with no sugar (including fruit sugar) in my diet but wonder if there’s sugar in other things I’m not thinking of (including non-sweet fruits) and/or if there are some fruits that are fine (e.g. I still use lemons).

  79. Kaysie says:

    I think Ann Marie should get pregnant so we can walk with her on her high raw vegan journey during that time and after 🙂 Just a suggestion…. 😉

  80. Veronika says:

    My boyfriend and I bought the vitamin D3 and we’re excited!

    Question: does it matter what time of day you take the pill? I hear it’s better to take with calcium because it helps calcium get absorbed, and it’s fat soluble, right? But is there any advantage to taking it during the day when you’re most likely to also be in the sun, or are those processes unrelated? Here’s a quote I found from

    “Vitamin D levels are inversely related to those of melatonin, another mood-regulating hormone.”

    Also, is D3 supplement absorption affected at all by showering (since you’re wiping off the oil that synthesizes vitamin d in the skin from the sun). It seems the two functions wouldn’t be related at all, but maybe I’m wrong.

    I couldn’t find clear answers to these questions using google, so I’m hoping you might have some insight.

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