Are Our Blood Test Results Low – The Renegade Health Show Episode #470

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Today, we share with you our most recent blood test results…

There are some low numbers that we’re going to discuss and tell you if we should be worried or not.

Also, one of the low results leaves us with a great opportunity to do an experiment. (There’s nothing better than personal knowledge!)

Take a look…

Your question of the day: Who could benefit from lowering their cholesterol?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Interviewed a physician (MD) for my work (writer of “traditional” health-related copy) that explained that not only do you need sunlight to start vitamin D production in the skin – it needs to hit your skin at a certain **angle** – not even possible above a certain latitude in North America (he was in Michigan) between October and March-ish. So supplementation may be very helpful in winter especially for those up north. Will look forward to seeing if vegan D works…. Thanks for all you do!

  2. John says:

    Everyone In America!

  3. Tyra McMahon says:

    Hi Anne Marie

    Can you share with us what are good vegan sources for Iron?


  4. Jentree says:

    Whoooo? lol, seriously had me laughing out loud!

    My parents and their brothers and sisters could benefit from knowing about how to lower cholesterol naturally. Over the years, a handful of my cousins have adopted vegan/vegetarian lifestyles, so now we just need to work on our parents and grandparents!

  5. Roberta says:

    Can you do a show on how much cholesterol is too low? Cholesterol plays an important role in vitamin D manufacture in the skin and in the manufacture of estrogen, cortisol, and other steroidal based hormones. Those with very low cholesterol are known to be more prone to certain cancers and premature labor.

    Also, low vitamin D creates other problems. If you’re not spending time in the sun because you live in the north have your body covered for warmth, shouldn’t you supplement? How low is too low?

  6. Jo says:

    Who can lower their numbers? Hopefully, me! They don’t have to drop alot but my doctor wants them lowered. My blood work will be done in Feb. I am very encouraged by your results. I have already dropped my blood pressure. I will share this with others. Thanks for the great info.

  7. Judy says:

    I want to hear what you cut off in the beginning…..I’m thinking it was hints of someone wanting a little Gianni!! As a grandma of 10, I say – GO FOR IT!! hahaha

    Anyway – I don’t think showing my blood levels will convince anyone. I get teased at work quite often about not eating meat, so I just let it go. In time – when they continue to see that I don’t get sick, and they do – they might think about it.

  8. Betty says:

    This is awesome stuff! Kevin can you talk more about which specific tests we should be getting because I hear alot about going to doctors who take the wrong tests and such…thanks!! 🙂

  9. Ricki says:

    You should have a Microscopy done in you area. Listing is on on a blog.
    This will tell you the actual condition of your cells. They will do this test right in front of you. You can see the result while you are there, and recieve pictures and dvd of that test in 10 days. This is the most accurate your going to get. I had one done and I am so glad I did. I realized what I have to eat, and what foods I need to stay away from. What is your food doing to you?


  10. Elizah says:

    Great Show! I also would like to know some vegan sources for iron! 🙂

  11. andrew says:

    here is an article on some science of cholesterol

  12. Thanks for sharing…appreciate the transparency.

    The D2 experiment will be interesting!

  13. Dr Jerome (France) says:

    Good job, Kevin.
    Converting Vitamin D2 to Vit D3 through the sun is different as getting tan, which involve more UV typ A. You need UV typ B to produce vit D through your skin. The intensity of UV B is very weak from October to May over the latitude of San Franscico. In Florida or sounth California you can produce vit D all around the year, but not in Portland or NY. The sun in winter is too weak. You store the produced Vit D during the summer in your liver and can use it in winter… however don’t go under a limit of vit D…. basically you should have enough vit D until end of the year… and need supplementation until end April at least. In summer 30 min at the sun produce over 10000 Units. You need 1000 to 2000 units per day.

    In France I can not get the full blood analysis, because doctors need to save money… “if you are not sick, you don’t need blood analysis “. The French gouvernmental health insurance is bankrupted each year from 50 billion Euro.

  14. Shweta says:

    I was concerned about iron in our diet and thnayou for sharing your iron level information. Also, I was just reading a book on medicinal mushrooms from Christopher hobbs and found certain mushrooms in his book to be a good source of vitamin D2 and Vitamin B complex

  15. Steve says:

    Hey Guys – Another Great Show !

    I get my blood tested about every 4 months.
    I’ve been able to lower my cholesterol by cutting out meats & eating oatmeal daily.
    My TOTAL Cholesterol is now about 159 and my LDL(bad)is 70(low) while my HDL(good) is 75(HIGH), miaking the Total Chol/HDL Ratio 2.1. My doctor seems to think that this is O.K. .

    I also have iron issues, especially in the warm summer months, and when I’m exercising (marathon trainig) my iron gets too low to be considered for blood bank donations.

    I can increase my hematocrit level in a matter of 1 or 2 days just by eating a spinach salad. My Iron serum level usually teste to be fine, and T.I.B.C. (Total Iron Binding Capacity) levels seem within good range, but the Ferritin level is always low. No one seems to know why. Can anyone out there give me a clue as to what else to look for?

    Happy Holidays to everyone.
    Looking forward to entering the New Decade with Peace, Joy, Hope & Love !

  16. Dawni says:

    Hi AnnMarie and Kevin:

    You know I love this topic….

    Here is a video on Vitamin D3 — you can probably get Gabrielle on a call from Germany. She had a lot of slides to share that were not shown in this interview.

    I find Vitamin D3 and easy topic to share — because many people watch Oprah and apparently she did several segments on the importance of getting tested. I don’t watch TV but was happy to hear about this matter.

    I took D3 supplementation for the first time in Thailand during month in total darkness. It was provided. It was the first time I had ever considered it. They asked us to begin supplementation before coming and I ignored it. Now I understand why — immune support. Fortunately, I did not become ill in the darkroom. – Here is the video on D3…



  17. bitt says:

    hi kevin–vitamin code has a D3 vitamin source from plants. i’ve been taking that. it’s in the calcium i believe.

    annemarie–i would love to know how you got your iron up. just eating lots of greens?

    my cholesterol is not as low as yours, although not too high. high cholesterol does run in my family.

    thanks for sharing with us!

  18. Beth says:

    Thank you Kevin and Annmarie–
    Very interesting information. I would like to show my brother who is always concerned about me getting enough protein. I am thinking about getting this done so I have some numbers to start from. I’ve been vegetarian and then vegan for years–have been raw for a few weeks now. Do the guidelines change for those older? I am 55. I have started supplementing with sub lingual B12. Thanks again, Beth

  19. Chris & Sara says:


    Thanks so much for sharing! That is awesome! We are scheduling our blood tests SOON. So ready to see them and get a better understanding of where we are. Been waiting awhile as it is pretty expensive without health insurance.

    I think I will share this with people who ask. I have found it is hard to convince someone of anything (even with good, factual info) who is not ready.

    The people that I want to share this with, still wont get it. Sad, I know. But true.

    We are catching up on all the shows. We were a week behind- we had company beginning of Dec. and it set us back on the shows.

    Glad to be back up to date. We totally missed being current with you guys. (we have been watching, but not up to date)

    By the way, AnnMarie, you look absolutely smashing darling in that Sara Bella scarf!!!

    Hope you guys enjoyed the Holidays!!!!

    Love you guys!!!!

    Aloha- Chris & Sara

  20. Steve says:

    Andrew – (comment #9)
    Thank you for the link to “Cholesterol Friend or Foe”.
    The article also talks about vitamin D.

  21. Dan Popovici says:

    Cholesterol is a very interesting and often very misunderstood topic. From my research, lowering ones cholesterol doesn’t help (unless you have a cholesterol of >250).
    Take a look at “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes to understand why most people (wrongly) believe they should lower their cholesterol. It is a 600 page book with >1000 references, very worth your time.

  22. Annie D. says:

    Hi Anne Marie! That’s my name too!! I’m also concerned with my Iron levels- what did you eat to raise yours?


    Merry Christmas to you both!

    OH who can benefit from lowering cholesterol? HAHA anyone who eats the SAD diet! I have had low cholesterol forever… and actually, my ‘good’ cholesterol is higher than my bad, and when my doctor saw that he said “WOAH!!” :o) That’s because I don’t eat a SAD diet!

  23. sharon says:

    I was wishing you might try food instead of the D2 supplementation first – I was wondering if fresh wheatgrass shots might raise your D…

  24. Lois Kubota says:

    HI Kevin and AMG! Were the cholesteral numbers you gave the total? Can you tell us the split of HDL and LDL? Just curious.

    I’ve stopped trying to convince people of any of this stuff. People are too lazy to want to make a change in their lives. So sad.

  25. Your cholesterol is way too low. At your age you can handle it but as you age your hormone levels will suffer. At your level it can cause brain injury to increase by 10-15% as you reach your sixties. It also effects Vit D levels.

  26. Dan Popovici says:

    One should also be very careful when making any decisions based on such blood tests. These tests are based on averages, they know what the average is, and if you are within X standard deviations from that you are told you are ok. The same level of B12 for me might mean I am deficient, but if you have the exact level, you might not be deficient.

    Functional tests are much better at assessing deficiencies.
    For B12, D etc there is one very good test from specracell. You can find all details here:

  27. RW says:

    There is a new D3 product from Garden of Life called Vitamin Code RAW D3 that is raw vegan, whole food, and gluten free, dairy free and has no soy allergens. The product contains no filler ingredients, artificial colors or preservatives and in a single pill form, it contains 2,000 IU. I’ve been using it and it has really helped.

  28. Shayla says:

    Over a year ago, after a few months of being high/all raw (depending on the month), we had very similar results in our bloodwork and it didn’t matter really matter who we shared it with, they all preferred to keep taking their prescriptions to control their levels. I think they thought we were nuts to “torture” ourselves for something they could do with a drug. So…oh well.

    I was psyched about it though, because we had been vegan for 9 years already, and had really good levels of everything. My husband didn’t really think it would make a difference because we were so healthy already, but WOW, it was a HUGE difference. The ONE THING that we were concerned about is that the last few blood workups my husband did before starting raw showed a slightly elevated liver enzyme level. Not in the dangerous mayday range, the doctor didn’t act like it was anything to worry about, but it was higher than it had been and wasn’t dropping, even after a few years. But after being raw for 3 months, it was back on the low end of the healthy spectrum, and my husband was sold on raw.

    We had bloodwork done again a year later, and everything is even better, bad cholesterol is dropped even more, good has stayed the same (total cholesterols of 101 and 109) and D levels were a little higher (we live in the south and love our nude sunbathing!). Ironically, our cholesterol and D got better after we RAISED our raw fats pretty drastically, in the way of raw olives, coconut products, and, ahem, cacao. I never have felt just GREAT on low fat raw, but maybe someday. I’m still relatively new at this.

    Anyways, I loved this show. I know it’s one thing for people to SEE the difference raw makes in your well-being, but I’ve found that most people need “proof” of some sort, and in the doctor-worshiping society we live in…blood tests are The End-All, Be-All Authority. 😉

  29. Sheryl says:

    Good Day Kevin & Ann Marie: The Ascended Masters of Light tell us to keep our attention off the body. Accept to keep it clean & groomed. Our Attention should be held on the Light. The Statement: It is done as you believe a great statement – if you believe something is wrong with you – you will create it in your body. Ones thoughts should always be held on perfect health in order for it to manifest itself in us. All these tests are but what we call the Medical Beast – trying to convince you something is wrong with you – when it is not and use the money God has given you for a wrong purpose. Your Blood is your Life (a Liquid Light) and should never be withdrawn from the body.

  30. Pamela says:

    Good iron sources for vegans are seaweeds, especially dulse.

    There is D3 from sheep’s lanolin. Not totally vegan, but not as bad as fish liver oil.

    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Karla says:

    Do blood tests show ‘at the moment’ or does it register a pattern? I know we go for blood work fasting so it’s not affected by what we just ate, but how much time does it take to change a blood result?

  32. Karla says:

    And would you ask your doctor friend about this:

    “Some drugs that are known to increase cholesterol levels include anabolic steroids, beta blockers, epinephrine, oral contraceptives, and vitamin D.”

    If we supplement for Vit. D are we raising our cholesterol?

  33. Christie says:

    First of all, I agree with what Sheryl says about if you believe something is wrong with you – you will create it in your body. I am 47 years old and have had high cholesterol that I know of for over 20 years. I am ashamed to say I was on Lipitor and other Cholesterol lowering drugs for 15 years (brain-washed by my doctor at the time). I quit taking it 4 years ago and despite my vegan diet at first and mostly all raw for the past year, my cholesterol is off the charts at about 334. I have an excellent holistic physican who agrees that I do not have to take any drugs for it. I have been active and thin my whole life. For years all I did was go to the doctor every 3 to 4 months and always left the office feeling like I was this unhealthy person just because of lab results. I’m still a little confused about my high numbers but i don’t dwell on it anymore. And by the way my Vitamin D is perfectly fine and my B12 is about 342 for which I am supplementing with sublingual B12.
    Happy New Year! 🙂

  34. Kathryn says:

    Is there a way to do a healthy raw vegan diet without eating any seeds and nuts except hemp seeds? This is the only seed or nut I can do.

    Thank you!! You two are Wonderful!

    Happy New Year 🙂 Kathryn

  35. Ineke says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Apparently at Hippocrates a good cholesterol level is below 150. My husband’s cholesterol dropped dramatically after 2 weeks at Hippocrates. Mine was 164 last May. I’m going to make some dietary changes after the holidays and see what it will do. My iron and B12 levels were in the normal range according to the lab and that proved to me that you don’t need meat to get sufficient iron and B12 levels. I’m not a strict vegan/vegetarian simply because I love food too much.

  36. Joan says:

    An alternative physician actually lectured about increasing the cholesterol level – wanted it above 250! I didn’t understand his “logic” – prefer to keep mine under 150…even with a vegan diet, cholesterol can be higher due to stressful living…working on that too! The Omega 3 fatty acids are good at keeping the cholesterol levels lower too. We usually get more Omega 6s than we need, so need to pay attention to a proper balance of 3/6/9s – the flaxseed oil/meal, walnuts and hemp seeds are good for raising the Omega 3s…so have to remember to get them in regularly…one day at a time!

  37. Ralph says:

    Assuming D and B12 are primary levels to be tested, after those what should be priority in alternate testing?

  38. Brianna says:

    Great show guys! I’m seriously considering getting a CBP done for a reference I can use this year. I think everyone can benefit from this information for sure- I’ll tell as many people as I can (as usual) 🙂

    What do you guys think about herbs and spices (cumin, cayenne, turmeric, etc)? I read they are neurotoxins and are to be avoided… I don’t know what to think, but I sure love the way they taste!

  39. Brianna says:

    @ roger drummer: Your body manufactures all the cholesterol it needs. I’m not sure how hormone levels can suffer when the body manufactures them. If anything, having more than you need is a risk.

    Anyone else have any knowledge in this area?

  40. Pam says:

    There is a great vegan source of iron available from VitaCost called “Herbal Iron”. We have used it successfully for very low iron levels. A few months of 2 Tbsp/day(per doctor recommendation) brought the level right up. Normal dosage is 2 tsp/day for maintainence.

  41. Stefanie B says:

    Thanks you guys for answering my vit d question in a round a bout sort of way.
    Ann– you look really beautiful in this video.
    Also, I notice you guys have been having a friendly banter over the kiddo decision– here is my advice– DO IT!
    I too was nervous about having kids because I’ve never been a “baby holder” but the amount of love you have for your own kids is truly overwhelming.
    I know I may get flack for saying this- but you have not experienced a fullness of love until you’ve had kids. Just my opinion.
    Good luck deciding!

  42. Wendy says:

    For people with no insurance that don’t want to hassle with going to a doctor, you can order labs through They have a comprehensive wellness panel that does CBC, lipids, thyroid and much more for $97. If you add Vitamin D to it, the price is $149. I know they also have MMA urine test for $89 (to check for B12 deficiency). Not insignificant amounts of money, but if you only run them about once per year, it’s not bad.

  43. Carol says:

    As per your encouragement, I recently had my full blood work done. All was fine except that I was very low in iron (always) and Vit. D. Please do a show with Ann Marie about how she raised her iron levels.

    Also, with all the misinformation from the FDA about “proper levels”, how do we know what the correct Vit. D level really is?

    Have Vit. D levels just become an issue? Seems to me that over the decades, this was never discussed and now it has become the “hot topic”. Why? What’s changed?

    Keep up the honest work! Love you guys.

  44. Rosa says:

    I am believing more and more that everyone should get their levels checked.
    I just received my results:
    D = 8.6 ouch!!! I started taking D2 yesterday at 2,000IU and I will be visiting the stand up tanning booth which emits UVB for about 5 minutes. According to Dr. Mercola those are ok. I am in Illinois.
    B12 = 524 which appears to be a good thing.
    cholesterol = 168. Up from 164 3 years ago when I was a vegetarian. Now according to The Live Food Factor this is ok & expected since you are releasing plaque & it is floating in your blood on its way out. ??? Any thoughts on that?
    Iron = 87 up from 86 three years ago.
    I plan on retesting my D vitamin levels in 6 months.
    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us.

  45. Nadia says:

    I recommend Premier Research Labs Vitamin D3 serum! It’s from sheep’s wool. It’s in a glass dark bottle preserved in extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E. One drop provides 2,000 I.U.! 🙂

  46. Renata Bilik says:

    Not everyone can convert Omega 3 plant based, some people has problem with it.
    Iron sources, I use a product, all natural made from several plants in a liquid form. It’s a juice from beet root, herbs and other fruits and vegetables.

  47. Michael T. says:


    Thanks for sharing so openly your test results.

    According to scientific research, vitamin D2 is much less effective in raising your blood levels compared to D3. D2 is cleared from the body faster, so it does not bring about long-lasting improvement in your vitamin D levels.

    Here is a scientific study about it:

    D-3 is the form your body makes in response to sunlight. So, it would seem logical that if you are going to supplement, D3 is the kind to use.

    I appreciate that you are trying to be a vegan, but when it comes to taking supplements, sometimes it is better to use those derived from animal products. The sheep lanolin product is a good way to get D3 that does not involve the killing of animals.

    Or, use a sun lamp.

    Or, fly down to Miami for a week and enjoy the sun!

    Michael T.

  48. Brian says:

    An excellent vegan iron source is spirulina. Its absorption is higher compared to other plant sources. 20 grams of spirulina has more than the 100% RDA of iron.

    I would like to know if it is possible to get iron overload from spirulina.

  49. Matt from FL says:

    Thanks for the excellent video =)! You guys REALLY put good stuff out there! Yes, discovering what mineral deficiencies I had proved to be VERY important in establishing a clear mind and solid energy. I found out I was severely deficient in b12 (caused heart palpitations)… it happened after trying to go all raw after several detox protocols. I basically stripped my body of minerals and didn’t replace them properly. Started taking the following supplements daily (in addition to eating tons of fresh fruits and vegetables) and DANG after much trial and error i’m finally feeling good:

    *Vitamin D3 (2,000 IU)
    *Methylation (B complex vitamins) – Homocysteine w/ B12 methycobalamin, B6 & folate
    *Omega-3 capsule (EPA/DHA 330mg/220mg) from purified deep sea small fish like anchovies/sardines
    *NOTE, make sure to do your research on supplements and make SURE you are getting them from a reputable, 3rd party tested company (the one’s I used were Nordic Naturals, NewChapter ORganics and Source Naturals)

    Also, i’m continually working on reducing my heavy metals by exercising, eating lots of cilantro and exposing as much skin as possible out in the sun for at least 10-15 minutes a day. Peace and Love guys 🙂

  50. Betty says:

    My Dr. keeps putting me on colesterol meds.I drink 2 Quarts green smoothies a day & my colesterol dropped 30%.Doc. was pleased with those.

    i fell off the wagon durring the hollidays,but getting back on now.
    enjoy your shows.

  51. Dan Popovici says:

    Vitamin B12 supplements are NOT created by harming any animals, but by using bacterial fermentation. Unless you care deeply about bacteria, don’t worry about taking a B12 supplement.

  52. Jill says:

    Thanks for your honesty with this show! I have no idea what my levels of anything are (including cholesterol).

  53. Wonda says:

    Hi Guys,

    Great show! I need to have some testing done myself, this was definitely good motivation.
    I think anyone with high cholesterol would be the obvious answer.

  54. I also think your cholesterol is way too low… cholesterol is an important hormone precursor, and all the buzz about high cholesterol is, as we know it, pure b*****.

    Personally, id not like to be under 180. 220 being more like the optimum.

  55. Karen says:

    I would like to know a lot more about iron. My husband has high iron – how does he lower it – aside from giving blood?

  56. Todd says:

    Great source of D3 serum here.

  57. Lorna says:

    PLEASE research D2 carefully before taking it. I have done so and would not touch it now. It is not about how well it’s absorbed, but the increased calcification it causes in soft tissue (David Wolfe is passionate about minimising calcification). Weston A Price mentions it in his book so it was known about in the 1930s.

    Also, how were your Vit K levels? As Shazzie mentions in Evie’s Kitchen, it can be really difficult for Vegans to get enough K without eating K2 that is in animal products. K1 doesn’t convert to K2 readily and without it, amongst other things, minerals are not absorbed efficiently. This one is relatively easy as it is in Natto (a type of fermented soya beans from Japan) also in supplement form for those of us who haven’t acquired a taste for it.

  58. Brent says:

    thanks for your honesty, good to see raw people keeping it real:)
    Dont have any one in my life that would believe a word I say when it comes to vegan…even I have some doubts at this stage.
    ps like the owl impression at the end of your post..ho,ho.

  59. Dan Popovici says:

    One should NOT aim at lowering the TOTAL cholesterol.
    There are 4 things that are worth measuring (and this can be done with a blood test).
    The total cholesterol (which most people measure), LDL (low-density lipoproteins, also known as the BAD cholesterol), HDL (high-density lipoproteins, known as the good cholesterol) and triglycerides.
    Total Cholesterol has NO relation with heart disease (or any other disease for that matter)
    If one reduces LDL one gets some “marginal” benefit.
    The real benefit is by increasing HDL (and trying to keep LDL low) or by decreasing triglycerides.
    So what you really want is : 1) relatively low LDL, high HDL and low triglycerides. And you get all of these if you eat LESS carbohydrates, especially less refined carbohydrates of any type and MORE fat, especially monosaturated fats like olive oil which both raise your HDL and lower your LDL.

  60. sam milito says:

    I have to much Iron . How do I lower it without going to hospital in removing blood to lower Iron in the blood. To which it is called iron over load thank you

  61. sam milito says:

    I have to much Iron.How do I lower it without going to the hospital and removing blood to lower Iron in the blood.To which its called Iron over load. thank-you

  62. Avi Saha says:

    Wow thanks for sharing, this really makes me want to get my blood tested. Everyone can benefit!

    But after reading a lot about the myths behind cholesterol and heart disease, the lipid hypothesis, I am on the side of those who think higher cholesterol levels are protective of the heart. Also, the only bad kind of cholesterol is VLDL, which no one commented on yet, but there are 7 subtypes of LDL, the VLDL(very low density lipoproteins), being raised from excessive refined carbohydrate comsumption, and more easily oxidized and mobile because of their small size. I got this from “Good Calories Bad Calories,” by Gary Taubes. I think it’s very important to know this because LDL cholesterol isn’t bad and doesn’t contribute to heart disease, it merely transports cholesterol to the tissues, HDL transports cholesterol to the liver, or the other way around, do not remember.
    Furthermore, on the Vitamin D issue, Dr. Mercola, whom I confide much trust in, recommends getting D levels between 40-60. Since it is actually a steroid hormone, the more the better, more testosterone for men, better gains in the gym, better weight loss/metabolism. And my question was, I know you are fond of bee pollen, especially Kevin you seem to talk about it sometimes. Was that a regular part of your diet before getting this test? Because I know bee pollen can contain vitamin D… so I would be slightly dissapointed if the D from bee pollen didn’t help your levels.

  63. Mila says:

    Hands down the most important RAW FOOD YouTube clip of 2009… this is a MUST protocol for optimal health (something I personally do and strongly support 🙂 Thanks Kev, love your sound advice!

  64. ann says:

    Hi in response to renata post 46. Can you mention the name if the product you use for Iron – It’s a juice from beet root, herbs and other fruits and vegetables. Thanks Ann

  65. Jim says:

    There are good liquid vitamin D supplements availble for the winter time.

    The high cholesterol issue is a big hoax since the last time the levels were redone, 8 of the 9 so-called experts on the committee that made this decision about cholesterol levels for the government were on the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies. The companies making statins for high cholesteral made several more billion dollars a year by having the standards lowered so more people would take more statin drugs for cholesteral.
    Liptor makes about 9 billion dollars a year and is the best selling drug ever. The statin drug industry is a 25 billion dollar a year industry.
    Getting your cholesterol to low is actually dangerous, especially for the elderly or people with neurological diseases. So don’t worry about your high cholesterol, unless its super high.
    Peace and God bless.
    Jim Tibbetts

  66. Shayla says:

    I’m wondering what everyone who says Kevin and Annmarie’s cholesterol levels are too low expects them to do about it? It’s such an odd thing to say to somebody who is eating as healthy as they are. Should they start hitting McDonalds to get that cholesterol back up?

    My husband and I have LOW cholesterol, LOW triglycerides, and an optimal ratio of HDL to LDL cholesterol. This is by eating a mostly-to-all raw diet, and after being vegan for 9 years. It’s not like we are TRYING to lower our cholesterol, it’s a side-effect of eating the optimal-for-us diet (which we do MOST of the time, but not all). I just imagine that our levels of cholesterol will continuously sort themselves out as long as we keep eating intuitively.

  67. MIKE says:


    Disease Incidence Prevention by Serum 25(OH)D Level


  68. Evelin Ledebuhr says:

    Just a note about D2. Some people get muscle cramps/charly horse type of cramps, with D2. This is one of the reasons they switched to D3 in dairy products. It always surprises me that many sport bars have D2, in light of the possibility of muscle cramps.

    Happy New Year! Thanks for your continued support.
    Evelin Ledebuhr

  69. Louie says:

    Last year we saw an ad for discounted Blood Tests from the Life Extension Foundation co.
    The tests go on sale around April or May ?
    They offer a whole bunch of tests your doctor just doesn’t do.Along with a free trial membership.
    Our results showed that both the wife and I were low in our respective hormones.
    No doctor would’ve routinely checked those, as we are asymtomatic.
    We’ve since been going to a Compound Pharmacy.
    It was a little difficult finding a local doctor to work with us.
    We had to go out of my health plans network and pay for it out of pocket.
    They want to sell statins not health.

    Anyway, I’ve read on Mercola’s site that anything below 150 on Total Cholesterol can be unhealthy.
    Give it a search.

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