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Today, I have the pleasure to introducing you to Peter Ragnar…

For those of you who don’t know who he is, Peter is an author, naturalist, longevity student and all around amazing man. I’ve been following his work for a while now and was honored to have him talk about the world’s healthiest people. You’ll be surprised at what demographic he talks about!

(This is a new format for episodes that I’m experimenting with. We’ll have one or two of these every two weeks.)

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What do you think of the format of these episodes? (Keep in mind we are NOT a high end video production house!!! LOL!)

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If you want to learn more about Peter, please click here…

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. I have never heard your Wed night shows because on Wed night I am always doing something or another. Therefore, in this format, I heard the show, so I prefer it.
    It was very interesting. I didn’t learn anything new, but was reinforced in the tactics and was inspired to share this with my son who needs to hear it (from someone other than Mom).
    I did have to turn the laptop away because of the flashing ads and photos, but that might be an age thing. We seniors can’t stand those light assaults.
    Love the show. You are my main source of education in the raw field.

  2. Ildeimnah says:

    Ooops! What’s going on? I’m now unable to click on the above video clip! Could it be that this web page is being censored?

  3. Craig S says:

    Hi Kevin . i think this format of the phone worked fine with me. maybe these people have web cams and you can do something with that too.

  4. Anthony says:

    you look wonderful kevin, your eyes are living so lively full of the suns love vibrating out.

  5. Nancy Zare says:

    It may have been the technology or my computer, I’m not sure which, and the result was lots of stuttering where the sound stopped. I didn’t lose any content but it could become annoying. I am content with the phone call as I often multi task while I play the clip.

  6. Joyce says:

    Great. Don’t need a moving video image of people talking. It’s the info that’s important.

  7. Ellen says:

    HI Kevin,

    Great interview but for me it leaves me wanting more from such an interesting knowledgeable person.

    The main reason I became a member of the Inner Circle is because of these types of full length interviews. I had been meaning to sign up for a couple months around summer time, but once you put up the interview with Victoras Kulvinskas which I had missed during the 24 hr available time, that was it! I had to sign up!!! NOw I have loved being able to listen to interviews I had missed and really learn deeply.

    If you used this format & then were to put up the rest of the interview in a full length version on the Inner Circle for members to hear then I would be fine with this.
    It would be like a great appetizer, and then you could tell listeners of RHS that for a mere cost of $9.95/month they could have access to this and dozens of similar interviews in the I.C.

    Truly if there were no more long Wed. Night style interviews, and I have eventually gone through all the archives, and Thurs. chat archives with topics relevant to me, I would probably start rethinking my continuing in the I.C., much as I like all the nice people there (you and Ann included :D).

    I love the work you do, and the people you bring to us all, and have learned so very, very much, and had doors to many more aspects of health opened to me since I started by hearing you in the Raw Summit. Your work is outstanding when you bring us a fuller flavour of a longer interview. And I have been learning about and practicing natural health for over 20 years, so I am not a newbie at this but I always get several gems from each expert you bring to us.

    Warmest regards, in joy and health,
    Ellen In British Columbia

  8. Joy says:

    I liked the format – it allowed me to multi-task and not feel like I was missing something!!

  9. Ellen says:

    I see some were having problems hearing, but I hear every work clear as crystal.
    Maybe some of you do not have very good internet connections?
    Or as I recently did, needed a new computer as my previous 5 yr old Mac could not always function fully online? I never have any problems with viewing the videos/posts

  10. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Hey Ellen!

    The full interviews will be in the Inner Circle still! We’re not stopping that part of it!


  11. OM says:

    Liked it this way because then I get to hear it. Thank you.

  12. Jenna says:

    Kevin you look amazing like some kind of superbeing. I don’t think the format matters too much it’s the info. thats more important.

  13. I like these short sound bites and I also like full length interviews. Good choice of Peter Ragnar. I love his work and have been following for quite some time. I love how well rounded he is, it makes it easy to take his advice because you know he isn’t a one trick pony. He has mastered so many different facets of life.

  14. taylor says:

    nice idea….like others i dont find myself listening to things at night….this way i can listen while i am writing emails…..although it was a bit low in volume…..i also dont need to watch anything listening is enough….you are looking radiant….must be the cold east coast air….

    sending much love

  15. raymond says:

    i see no problem with the format. health information is all i care about:)

  16. Lynn says:

    I really liked the show today. I am a visual learner. I get much more out of a video than an audio, so I REALLY appreciated the rotating photos to keep my attention. Keep up the GREAT work of getting wonderful into out to us.

  17. Mike says:

    I prefer your interviews to be done this way, because it is easier for me.

  18. Debra says:

    I liked it but it was too short – it sounds like you are offering a longer interview as part of the inner circle?

  19. Kathryn says:

    I never really look to the phone calls as my plate is full right now and I have no interest in adding more to my schedule. It would be nice to have them offered in this format when you can.

  20. Karen Jackson says:

    I appreciate whatever format you use. I just want knowledge and thank God, Kevin, we have you.

  21. Rafael says:

    I like the format of the show. Diversity is a spice of life. 🙂

  22. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Hey Jenna!

    Thanks for the superbeing comment. I’ve been using Ann’s skin products. I’ve never used anything on my skin before besides acne cream when I was younger.

    They make my skin feel awesome as well as bring out color in my face.

    I’ve been using the anti-aging serum and the anti-aging oil. I’m waiting for Ann to produce a mud mask (coming soon!). I love these as well.

    I’ve also been eating 2 heads of greens a day regardless of whatever else I eat. This has increased my energy significantly!


  23. tina says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes very clear no static or noise from my end in Australia.
    You guys really keep breaking the ice and moving ahead.
    And when you come to glitches you appear to ride over them with a certain amount of grace and newness. Thanks for being so humble it is a lovely Quality.

    I am a single mum and are applying this technique to saving a little to eventually get Anne Marie’s skin care, I will get there in about 7 months and I look forward to the process.

    I am 40 and have never been in debt. I could not see how living out side of your means, Thanks for feed back that Im doing it right.

    What I see in marriages is The Husband working two jobs just to get the back decking done etc; plastic cards every where, Stress every where and a possible divorce in 5 years. What a disaster. We have really taken away what marriage was really for.
    We really make it too hard for ourselves.
    I would rather have nothing and be happy.

    You guys rock stay peaceful.
    Love Tina

  24. James Buechler says:

    More lettuce? I didn’t lettuce was all that important a green, kale collards, cilantro, parsley all more nutritious, No? Thanks!

  25. Michael T. says:

    I don’t mind the format. I can always do some stretching while listening to the audio.

    Please clarify to your listeners that these lifespan statistics are based on averages, which includes the tragic incidence of children dying. So in a place such as Africa, a lot of children die, typically from lack of food or infectious disease, so that brings down the average. The low average lifespan in Africa does not mean they have a poor diet, it just means that they are dealing with serious issues such as starvation and infectious diseases, as well as tribal warfare, many people living in refugee camps, etc.

    A more meaningful statistic would be, how many people live long lives, once they make it past childhood. This number would exclude childhood mortality. So you would determine, of all people who make it to at least age 21, what is their average lifespan.

    Another way of looking at it is, which cultures have the highest incidence of people living to 100.

    I believe this is also Japan, especially Okinawa.

    Let’s hear it for the diet of mostly fish, rice, veggies and seaweed!

  26. Patrina says:

    Great idea!

  27. Joel Saenz says:

    Do it! I wouldn’t mind if you had an entire hour and a half segment. Then you could just have some ten minute high lights on the side.

  28. Maggie says:

    Interesting interview with good basic common sense. I’ll watch whatever you do because I think you guys are a treat but personally, I like the antimated shows better than just listening to a phone interview. I enjoy seeing the interaction between you and Annmarie or anyone else you have on your show. Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing what you have to offer each day.

  29. kate says:

    I like it, and I liked watching as well, but this way I can make supper while I listen once in a while.

  30. Koa says:

    To #1: “We seniors”??? Paleeze.. I’m 60 and I didn’t even notice any flashing. How can you use that phrase after a show like this? I wouldn’t ever use that phrase.
    Good info. Fortunately I’ve always had debtphobia and never touch the stuff.

  31. ml says:

    very good interview peter ragnar knows what he’s talking about !!

  32. Pat G. says:

    I listened to this on headphones for the first time, and realized I really like your theme song…it’s fun!

    Ditto Michael T’s comments above.

    I think Peter’s approach is simple and logical e.g. “Get a bill in the mail…pay it right then and there. Don’t put anything off…single handling rule.” I use a PC to pay my bills; this way there’s no paper waste. I don’t think he knows what it is to be in deep debt, because “even if you’re, in debt right now, take at least 10% of what you make, set it aside…don’t touch it” can be impossible. Unfortunately, I can’t do that, because there’d be nothing for eating, and I already eat 90% of my meals at home after getting the best buys at farmer’s markets, and there’s pretty much no entertainment in my life, except for watching movies on the internet…yup…no TV either. I plan to turn that all around in 2010!

  33. Cindy says:

    It was very clear for me. Great interview.

    Thanks Kev!

  34. Redpumkpin says:

    Loved the show, great interview. Since I have heard of this fellow, but knew very little about him, I enjoyed seeing the pictures.

    I would love to hear more from Peter Ragnar, if you have the opportunity to interview him again.

    Thanks for doing this Kevin!! He’s right, you are doing something really wonderful.

  35. Maria says:

    Hey Kev,
    I am a highly visual learner and also like Maggie commented I like seeing the interaction between people and how they talk, their body language etc. The shows are such a treat to me. I’d rather just psych myself up and listen to the whole phone interview when ready and have live shows. Even if you are bored, tired and fed up I’d still love watching you being silly or just waffling on camera! LOL!!! For me, it is not just the information it is the relationship I have with watching you guys and how you inspire me and encourage us all to think for ourselves! Of course if its only occasionally I don’t mind, and AnnMarie always says you work too hard so this might give you just a little more time to spend just being with your wife:-) (somehting very important to your good health!) x

  36. Maria says:

    Ps it was a great interview though, he sounds like a great guy! Thanks

  37. Rae says:

    An interesting interview, but I was surprised you didn’t really discuss diet issues or ask him how much he works out to get such enormous muscles. For a future interview could you try to find out if there is anything to the theory that people of different blood types should eat differently? I’m sure you’ve heard of Peter D’Adamo’s ideas (Eat Right 4 Your Type.) There’s another book called “The Answer Is In Your Blood Type” that gives statistics about the life expectancy of people of different blood types, and this ties in with your longevity theme today. It basically says, among many other things, that Type O’s have a 25-year advantage over Type A’s because their HCL levels are much higher. However, that is only true if Type A’s eat the same SAD foods as Type O’s. Type A vegans can close the gap, according to the authors, because they are naturally adapted to eating a plant-based diet. Where this really gets strange, though, is that Type A’s can eat grapefrut but not oranges, etc. They also shouldn’t eat nightshades such as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and peppers. I want to plant tomatoes again next spring, so as a Type A I really hope this is not true!

  38. I don’t mind this format every so often. It is cool that I can get up and do other stuff while listening.

    Thumbs up!

    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Rite Food and Company

  39. Geri says:

    like it!!!

  40. Paul says:

    Great idea! I enjoyed the images as well as I did not know Peter Ragnar. With the image, I recalled you had him on another one of your segments.

  41. john says:

    Kevin your guest Peter Ragnar had a lot of good things to say. I prefer Kevin a face to face interview instead of still pictures, unless distance or illness makes it impossible or impractical or then I guess it would be ok for the interim.Thank you.

  42. Donna Drabek says:


  43. Sylvia says:

    Thank you

  44. Dawni says:

    Yeah, Kevin…

    It is a great experiment and a cool way to mix things up. It came across very clear.


  45. Christine says:

    Actually, studies have proven time and time again that the Seventh Day Adventists of Loma Linda California are the healthiest in the United States…Of all the people worldwide, the Seventh Day Adventist’s have the highest longevity of all the 3 groups that were done…(Sardinians of Italy, Okinawans and Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda, CA)

  46. Kym Hutcheon says:

    It’s always good to be introduced to new people, so this type of show hits the mark in that respect. And if you can’t interview them face-to-face, phone/Skype is the next best thing.

    However, the only thing about providing a snippet of a longer interview is that people tend to take longer to make their point, so the info is less dense. Whereas if they know it’s for a 10- or 20-minute segment, they get right to the point. But, for the price you’re charging, I certainly appreciate the opportunity to listen either way.

    Btw, I think person #1 may have been talking about the flashing (fast-scrolling?) ads at the right of the screen. Personally, I find them hard on the eyes as well and I’m a couple of decades shy of being a ‘senior.’

  47. Honestly, I don’t like this format. I love your audio interviews and I love your videos but using audio only as a video is not a good use of the video format.

  48. Jill says:

    I like this format, I didn’t notice any ads. I think its a good way for us non IC members (me included) to hear interviews. 🙂

  49. Sarah says:

    Variety is the spice of life! Your shows have snuck up on me, I keep searching for things on line and – Oh, there you go – answer from Kevin! Thanks for your time and dedication for all the essential imformation you are putting out there.

  50. Mina says:

    GIFT ECONOMY is a much better way for financial freedom! In the image of wikipedia and linux, we could all work FOR FREE OUT OF PASSION AND FRIENDSHIP – this is very motivating and brings huge self satisfaction (=happiness, social freedom)! One can not really be happy if he knows that children are starving in Africa, Iraq… THE ABUNDANCE IS FOR ALL 7 BILLION PEOPLE IMMEDIATE WHEN WE OPEN THE DOORS to each other, when we SHARE FAIRLY all goods that Mother Nature gives us for FREE – FREE WATER, FREE LAND, FREE FOOD, FREE EDUCATION … are our real BIRTHRIGHTS – they must be given back – OUT OF FRIENDSHIP. Let us work only out of own PASSION (which is divin)! Add a little bit of PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY and NEW KIND OF LAWS written OUT OF LOVING MOTHERS’ ETHICS!

  51. It is much more easier for me to listen interview in this form than just to listen audio. Great job!

    Mina – great way of thinking, let’s hope that it will become reality!

  52. Hi Kev,
    Thanks for this interview; I liked the format. I do not like the flashing sidebar ads and my strategy for dealing with that is to minimize the screen then drag it until the sidebar is out of view. This type of thing never bothered me in the past but after I had seizures 3 years ago, I can no longer tolerate flashing lights. It is a very small price to pay to be allowed to see and hear all the wonderful gifts your program has granted me. Keep innovating!(this is what keeps us young!) -Christine

  53. Judy says:

    I work Wednesday nights, so this format is great. I am not left out anymore.

  54. Joan says:

    The format is fine – I do more listening than watching anyway! I thought the beginning of the segment was going to be the final product of yesterdays “brazil nut bars”…have a nice weekend!

    P.S. I agree with Christine’s comments above – as a group, the Seventh-day Adventists have less risk factors of any group – less smokers, drinkers, caffeine consumption and meat/animal products…as well as more balanced lifestyles with regular exercise, sunlight, water, adequate rest and trust in divine power.

  55. KC says:

    This format enabled me to do some other stuff on the computer while I was listening. Good for me, but I will admit I kind of tuned out for the first half of the interview. When he started talking about stress, and bill-paying, and saving 10%, I perked up!

    So from a format perspective, it wasn’t as effective as other stuff you do, but for this topic, and where I “am” today, it worked fine.

  56. KC says:

    Pat G…. if you can’t do 10%, do something – anything! It makes a huge difference over time, and once you start (even if it is just a quarter once a week), you won’t notice it. I am very deep in debt, but have begun to do this. Not only does it not effect the bills I pay, the food I eat, etc., but it empowers me, knowing I am helping to build my future. That has been huge for my mental health.

  57. Sarah Nelsen says:

    I love the format of your shows. They are real, down-to-earth, full of energy and packed with great information. I love how every show is in a different location and filmed in a real documentary-style. Keep up the great work!!

  58. Hi Kevin! I agree with a previous poster…you eyes are very vibrant! I also agree with another poster…I love this format but was also left with wanting more! I am very intrigued by Peter Ragnar (his age was not mentioned, but is very interesting as well). Great Show!

  59. vickie says:

    I liked the phone interview for a change of pace. A lot of time I read the replies and can miss something when it is visual. Thanks for the great info.

  60. Carol M says:

    Please help me to know what is going on with Peter. What did he do? What system? I am deaf and can’t hear your audio here. I was hoping you would tell us more on text or closed captioned here. I am still struggling with 100% raw because there is no big help for me and other deaf people like this. I will be appreciate if you think about us.


  61. Hi kevin.anne marie and support,
    Peter Ragnar is one of rare special people
    that you seem to have the knack of locating
    who’s contribution has been highly significant
    in the raw vegan movement especially on the
    topic of longevity-his magnetic qigong is worth checking out.
    As regards the manner of the interview-it is well known that Peter specifically is very
    reluctant to be away from his home ground.

    Kevin have you ever considered using video
    skype to skype?it might work better than static shots and you can record the screen and
    audio either using a plug-in to work with skype or a third party service.
    I’m not sure how your subscribers would respond to poorer video quality on those rare

    Great show as always.

  62. Nadia says:

    I like this format better because I can do other stuff on the computer while I listen!

  63. Cheryl Holt says:


    Great show! I do not mind this type of format. Wish there were more pics of Peter. He has great information to share and I appreciated being able to listen to the interview. I did like the pics but I do not mind being able to increase the volumne and multitask as I listen to the interview either.

    As suggested by Mike it would be very cool to connect with a skype link as well, but the resolution & reception time lag can be more difficult to tolerate or get use to for some.

    I am happy to get the information and find your show a great resource. Changing up the style now and then is cool!

    Love, Light, & Peace,
    Cheryl Holt

  64. jodie says:

    OMG DONT CUT THAT OFF. Please play the rest of it. I was so into it.
    Money is a symbol of Energy! LOVE IT.

  65. Elena says:

    Thank you Kevin,

    Another wonderful show! I love all of your interviews. I really appreciate that you have shared interviews with so many knowledgeable people from diverse backgrounds.
    I found the format to be great, in that it allowed us to hear Mr. Ragnar, which is most important. As Peter said, via cyberspace, the two of you were sharing a moment in time, while in different physical places, and this is the magic of computer technology/skype, etc.
    I’m happy for you to weave in any format that encourages you and allows you to connect with folks far and wide, rather than bieng limited to folks you can interview in person.

    It is all good! And I just want to chime in and thank you and Ann again for all that you do to share such gems with all of your fans here at RHS.

    You both are vibrantly lovely and awesome!!

    Thank You!!!!!!!

  66. Susan says:

    This was excellent.

    Thank you

  67. Debbie Grezik says:

    Hi Kevin, Annmarie too,
    I will take all the info and wisdom you have to offer in any format. I think it was great, love this guy Peter. Have a great day.

  68. Jacqueline says:

    I super enjoyed that. And I believe it, money is creative energy – just never heard it said like that. That is healthful information, alongside everything else that you promote.

    Good for you!


  69. Suzanne says:

    Hey Kev- I think the work you do is fabulous. The new format spices things up, even though I prefer seeing you interact with the camera, I will still watch and learn from your work! Keep shaking and moving my friend!

  70. Amanda says:

    Good stuff Kevin! I like the format!

  71. Jan says:

    Thanks Kevin1 I liked the format and was able to get reinforcement once again in the short but useful format.
    I totally agree with Peter on the energy aspect.
    The thing that I dread doing is a great energy vampire! I know this and it comes out in my conversation way too much!!! In the hear future I will proceed with this new added focus. Paying myself first and doing what I dread most first. First things first! I am a senior and find no bother with the flashing lights or ads,
    I am a gerontologist and really object when all seniors are grouped into one mass statement! I OBJECT! Being an artist, I liked the visual stimulation, esp the pictures of green and nature! We are too isolated from nature these days. Nature deficit is a rampant force. Also robs one of their spiritual connection to life forces. So Thanks for all you do! Much Gratitude, Jan

  72. Wonda says:

    Hi Kevin…your skin and eyes look great! I guess your greens and Ann’s products are working. I didn’t mine the format, and it was a good interview.

    I think the Sardinian Italians, Seventh-Day Adventist in Cali and Hunzas live just as long as the Okinawans.

  73. Elaine says:

    Great interview, Kevin. This works for me!

  74. laurel says:

    I would really love it if you provided your interviews in mp3 format so that I could listen to them more easily.

  75. Lolita says:

    The borrower is slave to the lender.

  76. Dave says:

    I have no problem with this format. I like the fact that you use a variety of approaches. Sometimes I can listen to longer interviews and I admit I wanted to hear more of what this person had to say, but it was kind of nice just to learn a couple of the key points he was making. His point about financial stability really resonated with me. Years ago I was struggling with debt and life was generally hard at that time. But things have stabiliized and I am very comfortable now, which allows me to use my energies more productively now, and I am more physically and mentally healthy now. Also his point about procrastination was spot-on. The things I am putting off and dreading doing are indeed the most important things I need to do…

  77. John says:

    Very cool! Loving the new format, especially if you can continue getting access to people like Peter 😉

    — John

  78. Jovan says:

    I love the call.. Keep up the good work..

  79. Gwen Forbes says:

    I vote yes for this format as it gives me a chance to benefit from these calls which I am unable to do in the evening. Thanks.

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