Are Mushrooms, Algae and Meat Good for You? – The Renegade Health Show Episode #456

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Some controversial stuff coming up today…

In this second part of my interview with Dr. Robert Young he talks about the consumption of mushrooms, algaes and meat and what it can to to your health.

Many viewers have asked me to share Dr. Young’s thoughts on these products, so for those of you who have asked, here you go! 🙂

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What do you think about Dr. Young’s thoughts on mushrooms, algaes and meat?

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If you’re interested in more of what Dr. Robert Young has to say, please visit his site here…

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. I am not saying whether I agree or disagree with Dr. Young’s comments but I do strongly believe that anyone who does not agree with his stand, would not be swayed by the argument presented in this video. There was nothing to back up his statements and I am pretty sure that taking a probiotic with a smile would do more for my health than eating a salad with his extremist, frowny views.

  2. Sheryl says:

    AWESOME WONDERFUL FINALLY TRUTH!!!!!!!!!! He is awesome – He speaks with great truth a very intellegent man. I have study the body and truth for over 20 years and he is right on the button. Thanks

  3. Dana says:

    Right on Kevin, great interview, I feel best eating almost 100% fruit with green leaves like grass juice, and green smoothies. Thanks for the info on mushrooms, I rarely crave them and now I know why!

  4. John says:

    Ummm… I agree with the meat thing. And perhaps the algae and mushrooms to some extent. But protiens is necessary last time I checked to…um…live? Perhaps this man was a bit off hit rocker and a little angry for me.

  5. Diana says:

    So no sea vegetables are beneficial to the body nor probiotics? I do crave mushrooms too and that must be why!

    Are my pro biotic vitamins a waste of money? Should I stop eating seaweed?

  6. Joy says:

    Interesting – this is what Dr. G supports as well – it makes logical sense to me – however, having been very depleted of minerals from water fasting and mono-dieting – I notice a huge difference when I eat spirulina – so, maybe not a lifetime ‘supplement’ but maybe a temporary boost to get back to neutral…

    I haven’t watched yesterdays but I would be curious what diet he supports.

    Thanks! Good video! I love people that challenge beliefs!

  7. Elizabeth von der Ahe says:

    By the same reasoning, you could say my kale and chard are growing out of rotten manure and dirt, and therefore are somehow toxic! I tend to agree about the meat, in terms of the way it makes me feel, however there are also plenty of animals and humans (such as the Inuit) who’s main diet is meat and who appear to be pretty healthy. And I’m drawn to wild mushrooms where they grow, I enjoy them often….Terence McKenna also had a lot to say about mushrooms’ role in transforming human consciousness, and Paul Stamets’ work is equally inspiring and well thought out. So…until I get more evidence than a somewhat snide, off the cuff put down of mushrooms, I’m going to keep enjoying them and their benefits.

  8. Elena says:

    I believe that Robert Young has integrity and is evidence based.

    I have been using E3Live and raw Apple Cider vinegar and this really gives me pause to reconsider.

    When I first read one of Robert Yong’s books several years ago I decided to follow his dietary recommendations, and I have to admit I felt great following his dietary protocol. I just took the 100% raw approach to his recommendations, because in his books he often
    recommended 80% raw, and 20% Cooked, from what I remember.

    Young is also the one that has gotten me away from any grains, sprouted or not.
    He talks about the molds that grow on all stored grains. It is rare to be able to buy fresh grains, but if you can’t find out the date of harvest of your grain of choice, Young has found via the microscope that all stored grains ( lets say 3 months old and older) contain microscopic mold growth that is not beneficial to the body.

    Thanks Kevin for featuring Robert Young for a couple of days. I would love to see more of him.
    These last 2 episodes have become incentive for me to take out the algae and vinegar and stick to chlorophyll rich greens and lemon instead.

    I will also go back and read over his books which I have on my bookshelf. There is some really amazing information about avoiding mycotoxins and preventing yeast growth.

    Peace and Love,


  9. audrey says:

    He has good information…….very wise……….but he can come off kind of cruel/ rude.

  10. Alfia says:

    I am not sure about the argument about rotting stuff and mushrooms with algae. Soil, on which all the plants grow, is nothing but the rotting bodies. This argument is too simplistic.

  11. greg says:

    Huh, well for one, I have to side with Donna Gates presentation of the importance of fermented foods and the uptake of friendly bacteria. Supposedly the friendly bacteria (as we were told), keeps the pathogenic type bacteria at bay, and even kills it off. I would like to hear his thoughts on that, and what a person should do to replenish their inner ecosystem.

    Mushrooms and algae, hmmmmmmm……. for such a short talk, he did not really even explain why mushrooms and algae are so bad for us (if that is the case), he just draws a broad analogy and leaves it at that. Why would Reishi mushroom be so bad for us, and cordyceps, and all the supposed anti cancer healing mushrooms in a multi-thousand year old system, such as Chinese medicine. If it were detrimental I think they would have picked up on that eventually.

    As for meat, I’m vegetarian but with all of the recent talk of the detriments of soy and other estrogen rich foods, I really am not set on any particular protein source as a staple….however I sure would like to know of a good, significant source I could use on a regular basis that is not only good for me but affordable.

    I don’t know what to say except I really liked yesterdays show better, the ph info made perfect sense, what he is saying on this show just doesn’t hold much, if any water at all.

  12. Alyssa says:

    I am so glad that you are getting out Dr. Young’s message. After being on various vegen and raw-food diets, I have recently started following his dietary approach and it has given me the most significant improvement in my health than anything else I have tried in the past 30 years.

    Regarding mushrooms, I have noticed that after eating them, I always have dark circles under my eyes the next day, so I avoid them. What Dr. Young says makes a lot of sense… I have heard from other sources as well that all mushrooms are toxic to the body to some degree.

  13. Hilary says:

    There is no one right way to eat that works for every single individual. I workout every day and when I attempted to go 100% raw last spring, I simply lacked the energy to do basic calisthenics for 15 minutes. As soon as I ate animal protein, I felt “normal” and strong again. I weight train and do an hour of cardio regularly, eat dairy, meat, fish, mushrooms and sea vegetables…along with lots of greens and fruits…and I fell fantastic. I have never been in better shape than I am now, at 48. The particular plan I do follow is the Blood Type Diet. This doctor came across very angry and extreme.

  14. ted says:

    ahhh but I love spirulina! but maybe the reason i have stinky gas is cuz of the spirulina

  15. Quinny says:

    I can see that Dr. Young definitely have some negative energy within him. I hope that won’t cause any acidity 😛 LOL…

    However, I have to say that I do agree with him. I’ve been on fruits & vegetables for the past month, and found myself have enough protein, because I didn’t loose any weight at all.

    Before, I was taking vegan protein powder, reishi mushroom extract, spirulina and all kinds of “super food”, my health wasn’t that great and I kept loosing weight.

    As for meat, I’m a vegan because of ethical reason, so is definitely a BIG NO!

  16. KOF says:

    My father lived until 93. He ate Pig and Cow all his life, loved sausage and bacon. He never once looked like a pig or a cow, nor did he didn’t stink either.

    I don’t eat meat, and my poop actually stinks. Shocking, I know.

    This guy has a rotten bedside manner.

  17. Paul says:


    Perhaps I missed something, but Dr Young didn’t seem angry to me. His message is a new point of view to me, but both my experience and my own understandings incline me to think he may well be largely right – that algae and mushrooms (as well as meat) are not beneficial overall. I’m also inclined to think, however, that certain mineral-rich algae (those that grow in well-oxygenated, sunlit, mineral-rich, unpolluted waters) may be an exception – or at least helpful as a short-term measure in the case of bodily mineral deficiency…

    Thanks, Kevin for a very interesting video. Pleased to see you sharing unorthodox views… (-:

  18. David says:

    I wish you brought up grass fed meats. That meat seems to be a lot healthier in comparison to grain-fed. I dont like him lumping both together especially when he relates it to statements regarding peoples appearance. It creates a lot of potential meanings e.g. unhealthy living conditions of the animals on grain-fed thus leading to unhealthy appearance of the individual consuming meat? what type of meats etc? or is it something else? The appearance comment totally threw me off and only confused me. He needs to elaborate on a lot of what he says here.

    Im a very sceptical and cautious person. I can never really agree with someone 100% even if i say 100%. I believe vegans are almost as bad as meat eaters in a sense and im not talking about ‘is meat ethical?’. I’m talking about keeping an open and free mind. Imo, veganism definitely blinds a lot of people in a similar way most meat/dairy eaters are blinded. I was vegan for 2 months and felt great but i absolutely hate being labelled and lumped in with a lot of these people. For that reason, i’m no longer ‘vegan’ despite eating like vegans. That is a very complicated and long issue so i’ll leave it at that.

    Lately i’ve came across the paleo diet after a friend of mine started doing it. He eats raw grass fed meat and used to follow a vegan diet. He still hates cruelty to animals and would never consider eating grain fed beef because of the conditions to animals. Some people might find this hypocritical as grass fed animals are eventually killed too but the reason he does it is to try find the most balanced diet long-term rather than for detox etc. One of the things he’s noticed is increased thirst and sugar cravings since eating raw meat. Anyone have a reason for that? Also, does anyone have solid reasoning against the paleo diet? More info about the paleo diet can be found here:

    It makes quite a bit of sense imho.

    I think its important to keep our minds open all the time. I’m raw and dont eat meat but im really interested in if this raw diet is the most healthy diet long term. I’m not educated enough to make that decision and find so much propaganda or information that makes it very hard to figure that question out and be sure? about it. Going raw made me feel amazing and ive noticed great benefits while eating this way such a weight loss/skin changes/increased sexual performance/lack of appetite. I’ve not tried eating meat since so perhaps thats something i should experiment with to give myself an idea of how it affects me.

  19. Michael says:

    Dr. Young’s ideas are controversial and lack, in my opinion, scientific basis. However, he also challenges, which I think provokes one to study further. I don’t take his claims very seriously, to be honest.
    Peace, Michael.

  20. Debbie says:

    Appears to be an angy man who thinks he has found the truth and others are unclean. Really, we are not meant to be frightened of good clean food. Nor are we created with urine Ph strips attached to our urethras. Please enjoy your lovely clean real food. Oh, and the occasional wink, wink, chocolate bar! Give love, peace and joy.

  21. virginia says:

    In some islands of Japan people are known to live over a hundred years old and their diets consist in rice, fish, steam vegetables and seaweeds! !!!!
    I tried to eat raw food for about six months and lost some weight, felt great eat fruit for breakfast, drank green juice, usually salad for dinner, but I started feeling a lot of muscular pain, and lots of ups and downs(more downs) saw a naturepath and told me to switch to a whole food diet {brown rice, steam vegetables etc..) according to him I was too Ying from the raw food! I do feel better now, but very confused now. Aparently all the raw food that I was eating were in the ying side (avocados, papaya, coconut.tomatoes, kale) wich I conssumed on regular basis) so Idont know what to do or think? Where these food too high glycemic for me, Why did I feel so bad? HELP!!!! 🙂

  22. greg says:

    So apple cider vinegar is poison too? And kefir/live kefir grains?

    So why do I feel so much better since I’ve added kefir and cultured vegetables to my diet? Should I be expecting this experience to wain, and then suddenly find myself one foot from my grave? MORE INFO IS NEEDED

  23. Katie McGrew says:

    I read one of this books. It caused so much confusion. There is so much conflicting information about health. I remember one day reading thru his book and coming to a point where I closed the pages, totally frustrated. By then my body was just starving! I didn’t know what to eat. It was at that point I reminded myself about the compass I should be using.. the Bible.. since I’m a Christian. If we weren’t meant to eat fish, Jesus wouldn’t have eaten it, but He did. There are many occasions in the Bible where the fatted cow was killed and eaten. I’m sure they ate fish/meat sparingly and on special occasions… not like most people eat meat today. So no matter how convincing the scientific proof is, I’ve decided to use the Bible for direction. I’ve decided to use my faith.. faith being the substance of things hoped for (health), and evidence of things not seen (scientific proof). Thank you Kevin and Ann Marie for all you do. You are very much appreciated. Love you guys!

  24. Leam says:

    As I listened to him, I could help but think, “How’s your liver, Doctor? Are drinking enough water?” I completely understand being passionate about something, but I don’t understand being so unkind about it.

  25. Alice Shakti says:

    Great show!
    I have always hated mushrooms and refused to eat them so when I see all the raw food peeps are into them I’m so confused, why would anyone think eating fungus is good???

  26. Jalil says:

    Interesting information on algae and mushrooms.

    Those talking about protein need to realise, you are fully grown. Breast milk has 3-6% protein. You do NOT need more protein then a growing baby.

    You do not have to worry about protein, you will get enough by accident from eating normally.

    I would be much more worried about magnesium levels, and b12, and vitamin d.

  27. Barbara says:

    He may or may not be accurate in his assessment of the foods we should or should not eat – I know there are plenty of healthy 90+ year olds that eat meat and mushrooms – I’m certainly not an expert in that area. The thing I find most offensive about this gentlemen is his anger – which comes across in every sentence that he speaks. That’s a shame because it’s difficult to hear the information because it’s so wrapped up in his angry attitude.

  28. Honey says:

    I was cheerleading away with all the meat talk…up until the point of ’86-ing’ algaes & shrooms. Although, I did admire his evaluation as to why.
    Both worlds are so detailed from the possible benefits to proper extracting..It sounds like more research & reading for me!
    Love all the open floor, considerations and health ideas you both bring to the show. You guys rock. Cheers, honey

  29. Andrew says:

    Kevin, that wasn’t a very satisfying interview factually. He was passionate but man, little evidence. I’m definitely a meat eater (who does a lot of raw eating as well) but as a Weston A. Price-y, I just don’t see his evidence adding up. Maybe if you only eat breast meat and chops and stay far away from organ meat. It’s surely true of the industrial meats of today: they aren’t good for you. But well raised meat: liver, tongue, eyes, that stuff will be nourishing to you or at least in my experience to me. The all raw diet doesn’t work for me. A vegetarian diet doesn’t work for me. I eat lots of plants. But I need the meat also. And just saying that I’ll start to look like the animal isn’t going to stop me from eating meat. And body odor may just be normal for people. I don’t have bad BO. But I do remember that Mr. Kellog had a clinic back in the day. They were big on carbs. And the man who founded the clinic with him boasted that he was healthy because his poop didn’t smell. Let’s not have the point be a reduction of smells let’s talk about energy levels, depression rates, occurrences of chronic diseases. And let’s not group all meat eaters into one category. I’m not the typical meat eater. I eat local meat; organic meat; meat that raised according to the animal’s natural tendencies. And I eat produce. Lot’s of it. So let’s not do a study of vegetarians and meat eaters and put the guy who buys the big mac everyday with the guy who subscribes to a CSA, drinks raw milk and eats humane, natural meat. The difference between those two is as big of a difference as between a vegetarian and a meat eater. Excusw the ranting. Sorry. I love you raw foodists (hence my watching you Kev). I’m glad it works for you guys. But please, Mr. Young, don’t hate on us meat eaters. It makes us sad. But let us attack SAD (standard american diet) together. Then perhaps everybody will be happier. Cheers, Andrew

  30. Janet says:

    To be honest, I feel that some of what Dr. Young was saying was misleading. For one, he says that proteins in general are harmful to the body. I’m sorry, but you cannot get rid of protein/amino acids in the diet. He even said it was in plants! Sure it is not in it’s complete form in veggies/fruits (but it is the basic building block of DNA). To get rid of protein means to get rid of yourself physically. I am not ready to go to the next world, thank you.

    Also with what he says with algae/chlorophyl/mushrooms, I need more proof. Show me what happens under the microscope. Show me what happens to certain cells after one ingests these things. I’ve done radionics/rife/orgone machines and they tell a bit of a different story than what he said. Some of these items are better than others for the body though. I am curious how he would rate each thing and why he is coming to the conclusions he is. I’m not opposed to hearing what he is saying…but I do need to know the why.

    Also, there is a difference between an infection of algae/mushrooms (say in the lungs) versus digesting them.

  31. Heyward says:

    WTF?! I just HEARD of medicinal mushrooms- now they’re bad for me!? HAHAHAHAHAH…wait, wait: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  32. Alyssia says:

    “Get off your lazy ass” and this man’s tone will not win over anyone except those who are mutually insincere and/or intimidated by him.
    He seems VERY sure of himself. How do we explain our great grandmothers who died in their late 90’s and ate everything on the table including pork and lard biscuits with gravy?
    STRESS seems to be the ultimate disease-causing factor among the masses.

    A person can worry so much about being 100% raw, etc. that they actually stress themselves to an early grave and also annoy everyone else around in the process with theories. At least that is my personal experience on the semi-raw journey. On the other hand, I do not debate that meat, mushrooms and vinegar are bad for us physically which leads ultimately to spiritual hinderance as well.

    I can honestly say that especially raw fruits are capable of improving one’s insight and sense of well-being and, that, being moreso for someone having faith in the capability of any diet (placebo effect and/or the miracle of faith itself). On the converse, I have found improved wellness by laying aside the strictness of diet and simply finding enjoyment in life which results in far less stress and thus less acidosis.

    As for probiotics, I FEIGN TO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE HARMFUL. My severe candida did not begin to subside dramatically until after years of consuming a particular brand of probiotics and if I find myself ever running out, my symptoms become more severe and sickness (viruses, colds, etc.) find me out and violently strike me down.

    Anything that counteracts the overgrowth of yeast (which has the primary function of breaking us down once we are physically deceased) simply should not be put into a category which is opposite to truth in how it affects individuals upon consumption.

    One more thing to say concerning this man:
    Pride comes before destruction and a haughty look before a fall …

  33. Maria says:

    Woo! Well that was fun:-) He definitely sounds a bit ‘out there’ in the way he describes some things, and also talks somewhat in ‘absolutes’. But it sure is fun listening. I eat mushrooms about once or twice per week but am not totally convinced they are a health food! Not sure either way but am not hung up on it at present. As for algae, wow, well I certainly FEEL absolutely TONNES better when I am consuming them regularly:) I would love to hear other health promoters who have alternate, science based views of them as being harmful to health – I’m not gona give em up yet though, lol. I feel strongly that alkalinity/ph is only one small wedge of the pie chart of health!!

    Sort of off-topic, I’ve been bombarded lately with info about the vegan diet being unnatural or too strict or people feeling better with a few animal products. Well, I did an experiment today and bought a box of organic free range woodland hen’s eggs. I wanted to see if it would get rid of a few weird symptoms, I’ve been low recently and not eating well. I thought of you Kevin (ie your experiments!) and I ate one – it was DISGUSTING!!! Hehehe, it was really useful for me because the way it made me feel inside proved to me that for ME for right now, I am totally on the right track with my vegan diet. I LOVE it and I love the lightness I have felt the last 6 months. The meat issue is a tricky one and I would never tell anyone else what to eat (er, or not eat), but from my research lately I can see many many reasons why we may have evolved to eat it and other animal products. If I were just using my mind to figure this out I’d have a major headache that is for sure. Luckily it is based on inner uh ‘stuff’ as well. It was meditation in the first place that drew me so strongly to a vegan diet – go figure!!! I mean how can simply sitting, being present and focussing on the breath for 40 minutes a day do that?!!! I have really come back to the fact that inner ‘knowing’ is always more effective than letting my head try to figure it all out. And that inner knowing/voice/feeling whatever is MINE and only mine and that is exactly the way it should be:) Basically it is just my truth so I can’t force it on others.
    Anyway I am going to make a big batch of raw vegan blueberry protein bars for next time I get a bit low and start eating low quality foods. And I’ve started meditating daily again and feel sooo much better.
    Oops sorry for waffling on, I guess I am just feeling a bit ecstatic that after wading through so much confusing and conflicting info lately I’ve come through it feeling happy and confident in my own choices. YAY!!! I love you and Annmarie because you talk such open-minded and kind sense to us all about finding our own way and what works for us. I like to say I’m on an ‘experiment’ rather than a ‘diet’. Hehehe. It is more fun and life feels like a lifelong experiment – afterall I am continually getting new data, so it is never finished!
    Oh boy, I need to go to bed, it is getting late here…

    **HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY KEVIN** hope you had a truly wonderful one. Much love to all on the blog, I love reading all the varied comments (and gathering more of that data!).

  34. Redpumkpin says:

    My doctor said that Dr. Young is very polarizing in the field of natural medicine. He said that his “facts” are based on flimsy science. I have read his books, but am confused. There is so much conflicting information out there. Who is right? Dr. Young, Donna Gates, David Wolf, etc…???

    Sure acid causes disease. But I have heard Dr. Young say that there is no such thing as AIDS, or any other disease, only too much acid. Maybe he’s right, or maybe it’s the case of when all you have (Or believe in) is a hammer, all problems look like a nail? Also I am very disappointed with his anger.

    I am so grateful to you Kevin for these interviews. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. I am still trying to figure out the “right” (if anyone knows it?) path to health. Dr. Young has confused me. Oh well. I know vegetables are good, so I’ll stick with those…

  35. Sara says:

    I don’t condone meat eating, but I turned this off as soon as he said that meat has NO nutritional value.

  36. Kirsten says:

    I think he’s more on the money than not. I’m not a fan of mushrooms……..all my life I couldn’t figure out why people would eat a food that when it grew in between their toes or under fingernails or in the nether regions they would have to take action to get rid of it. But having heard so many good things about mushrooms I figured that they were an essential part of life that I was missing out on. I feel better now, expecially knowing that my instinct was on base.

    I agree 100% with the no meat. I’ve read The China Study and was vegetarian by page 60! Still working towards vegan though. I’ve tried to share that book with everyone I can but I find people aren’t interested in it if they have to read about it. I’m looking forward to posting this on my facebook site and emailing the link for all to hopefully be able to invest the 8 minutes and 16 seconds in themselves!!!

    I’m taking a high quality marine omega right now. Not ideal but I was really suffering and now that they have helped my brain get into a better place I will seek out a better option and make the transition.

    I think they key is to make smart choices and baby steps at the same time. Organic meat is better than conventional meat and marine omegas are better than no omegas but these should only be stepping stones to a better place!

    I look forward to showing this to my 10 year old son who is being ‘forced’ to be vegetarian. He cries when he sees the videos about the animals being treated in a cruel manner but then he forgets and wants to eat meat because everyone else is. My husband and his step-sibblings are meat eaters! I think this explanation was simple enough and at the same time blunt and right between the eyes that he may see it in a different light that will help him feel better about his current diet. I only have a few short years until he will be in control of what he puts in his body so I have to make the most of it!!!

    Thanks Kevin and Annmarie for the great work that you do and making such great resources available to the common folk!


  37. Kathryn says:

    If it works for him and he feels good then more power to him. I myself am seeking optimum health for me and it is taking me in many unexpected directions. Thanks for yet another view point. When will you interview someone from the Weston A. Price foundation?

  38. Jim says:

    I thought these were good videos and would like to hear what Dr. Young recommends for a specific diet — is it the same for everyone? If no extra protein is taken except what’s in fruit and vegetables after awhile wouldn’t the pH go over-alkaline and be as much trouble as the slightly acid condition? Isn’t an 80% alkaline/20% acid balance suggested — due to this balance being ideal for the sodium/potassium pump and keeping the “battery” (body) charged?

    What fruits and vegetables alkalanize the tissues the most?

    Why does David Wolfe highly recommend spirulina, chlorella, Reishi, Maitake and Cordycep mushrooms?

    My parents and grandparents all ate meat and all lived well into their 80’s and 90’s. Doesn’t the research say that the Mediterranean Diet and French with wine who eat small amounts of meat do well longevity wise?

  39. joel Katz says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Dr. Young certainly has some interesting ideas. But I want to request that when you have a doctor as a speaker to define his/her degree as MD DO DC ND PHD etc. and from what institution. This is helpful in digesting presented materials. But in no way does it mean that people without formal credentials do not have great knowledge and ideas. Thank you….
    Joel Katz, ND NCNM, Portland Or.

  40. Ron Williams says:

    Kevin: Your show is awesome! When I began my quest for health, I began with Dr Max Gerson, moved on to Dr Robert O Young, then many others including Weston A Price, George Pottenger, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and then landed on Dr T Colin Campbell and his book The China Study. I now have “it”. I understand health totally for me and those I council. There are two main kinds of health rules 1. injury, 2. degenerative disease. Rule for #1, go to the allopathic MD. Rule for #2, eat right. Period. Some of your readers ask some questions about animal-based proteins (meat, milk, cheese, butter, eggs, etc) and the supposed REQUIREMENT for animal-based protein we all learned in health class. What we didn’t know then is that vegetables contain all the basics for all the protein a body needs. Just eat an assortment of colors … green, orange, yellow, brown, red … all colors at the farmer’s market and you will get all the protein you need. Next issue is cooked food. Cooking food removes vitamins and does not adequately supply the body with nourishment. For many years I studied health to recover from cancer, heart attack and strokes. I learned rules #1 and #2 (above), now I no longer need MDs nor hospitals, and if I haven’t already done too much damage, I should be around for many years. Teach the 2 rules of health and keep up you good work. I appreciate what you do.

  41. Avi Saha says:

    I feel like he studied algae and musrooms and meat by themselves. But after hearing about people on the primal diet, I don’t think meat is bad at all. Would meat cause a 2fold reduction in alkalinity as Dr. Young said if part of a 80% raw diet? like the Paleolithic Diet? I’d also like to know where I can find information on his opinions on the mushrooms and algae? THere wasn’t enough in here. I eat chlorella/spirulina every single day, which are chlorophyll rich foods, so maybe he was being more broad? I’m not ready to stop my chlorella regimen atm.

  42. hyesun says:

    personally i think he’s full of doggie doodoo!!!
    i’ve been reading a lot about centenarians and many of them eat fish and meat. but i agree with andrew (#16) about the huge difference between factory farmed meat and pasteurized dairy, and humanely raised, grass fed organic meat and raw dairy. i feel great when i eat raw eggs and clean (mostly raw) meat.

  43. Nancy says:

    Get past the anger people! He is not directing it at you but at the lazy ones out there, and there are millions, that dont give a crap about their health! I definitely feel the same as he does…..anger included!

  44. Muriel says:

    I don’t believe there is l way to eat for everbody.
    Dr.Mercola swears by diet for our blood type, including small amounts of organic pasture fed animals.
    As far as fish, no longer a good choice due to mercury content and other poisons.
    Each individual should experiment with their own diet.
    All organic green food, organic fruits, extra virgin coconut oil, small amounts of local organic meats, kefir, hemp seeds, walnuts and almonds and occasional brazil nuts, even a small amount of organic chocolate with added Maca sure for a treat, that is how i feel best, with energy and joy in my life.

  45. Jim says:

    One thing that Dr. Paul Eck of The Eck Institute and Analytical Research Labs that does tissue mineral analysis has said is: Vegetarians/vegans stop eating meat mainly due to lower energy levels and their difficulty in digesting meat due to low HCl production and lower enzymes. And that vegetarians then eat more copper foods that tend to make the brain overactive and cause zinc deficiency which in the long run if not counter-balanced can lead to blood sugar problems and cancer. What are your thoughts on these statements from Dr. Eck who has been doing research on hundreds of thousands of clients over the last 30 years?

  46. raymond says:

    wow!!don’t get me wrong my goal is raw fruits and veggies,but you can live along time cancer free,if you did the primal diet(this diet will reverse a diesease and cancer 95%)and its eating meat!! the dr. might be right about cooked meats but that rule don’t apply to raw meat.(i could never eat raw meat,but somebody with cancer or that is dying might)my mentor karl loren is on this diet and he is in his 80’s but there is a guy named Aajonas vonerplantiz and saved himself from a cancer with this diet and that was in 1976.and this guy has been saving lifes with this diet for years.i dont know if dr.young knows this or not but information like this should’nt be surpressed from the public,so pass it on.

  47. Kristen says:

    Wow – really? Does Spirulina/Chlorella apply? I’ve been consuming this as my primary protein source since I got rid of meat!

  48. Redpumkpin says:

    I don’t understand why people think they have a right to decide what others should do, and then get angry when they don’t follow it.

    Anger to me signals imbalance and underlying issues.

    All we know is how what works for us, what our lives are like. We have no idea what our neighbors lives are like.

    What if our neighbors believed they were wise enough to decide what you should be doing, and got mad at us if we didn’t follow their suggestion?

    Nancy, I am sorry you are angry too. I hope you can find some peace. There are a lot of angry people out there. Anger is highly contagious. The only cure is to focus on yourself and stop pointing fingers, and LOVE.

  49. Borealis says:

    Dr. Young has interesting points, things to think over and research more on our own, but I have to say that throughout the two interviews yesterday and today, I kept thinking that he is not a picture of optimal health, and certainly his energy is predominantly negative, esp. apparent today. Some of his information is likely right-on, but it’s when he makes statements that are really far out there (such as that all algae are bad for you, and there is absolutely no requirement for protein), in such a vehement way, that you have to wonder, why does he need to be so defensive? A little compassion, gentleness and kindness would carry his message further.

    Thanks for showing us his talks, so interesting. And Birthday Blessings for your next year of living awesome!

  50. Brianna says:

    I am in agreement with wanting to know what YOU (Kevin and Annmarie) think about this information. It is really confusing when considering what Dr. Young says, and then what David Wolfe says, and all the other experts out there. It seems everyone has a “convincing theory”. I like your take on health though, Kevin. It’s not about being 100% raw or 100% against this or that, it’s about optimum health for your own body. Still, I would love to hear your thoughts on algae since it’s in many of the green powders and superfood supplements out there.

    I am currently following Dr. Young’s program, and I am feeling great. Symptoms clearing up, etc, but I am always open to change and do not feel his method is the end-all-be-all to optimum health.

    Pretty please, tell us what you think Kevin!! Great show 🙂

  51. Ineke says:

    I agree with him that an over acidic body creates disease. However at Hippocrates they do encourage eating sea veggies and E3 live and they have done some extensive research. So Kevin what about E3 live? Also, like one of the other readers points out: In Japan algae, fish, mushrooms and seaweed are part of the original diet and some of those people get very old! What about David Wolfe and his mushrooms? (Not that I eat them that much but last Sunday I made one of Cheri Soria’s recipes: stuffed mushrooms and they were delicious.) What about Paul Nison who admitted (HEAVEN FORBID) that he consumes some raw goatsmilk?

    Quite frankly I think that I’m just going to stick with what feels wright to me. I think it is about balance and please….LETS ENJOY LIFE AND NOT WORRIE TO MUCH.

  52. DebB says:

    I get confused with all the contradicting information out there!

    I’m not saying, “Stop the information flow!” It sometimes sort of rattles my brain…

    I’m trying to develop my intuitive eating and that will take care of that (wink).

    Yeah, my father-in-law will be 93 on his next birthday and he eats the saddest of SAD around. He’s eaten more meat, mushrooms and vinegar than you can shake a stick at. Who knows….?

    Debbie *Ü*

  53. i want evidence says:

    ok… so algae and mushrooms decompose stuff. Where is the evidence that eating them harms you? Bacteria also decomposes stuff. Should we kill all the bacteria in our bodies? Maybe we should all just stop eating any protein(which is impossible, without dying) and just eat antibiotics with alkaline water so we can kill decomposers. Sounds like a great plan for me, but this guys life must suck if he follows his own plan

  54. Mys says:

    I appreciate Dr. Young’s viewpoint. When he says he has done research and documented patient progress he is not lying. From the point of his theory and research he is telling the truth. My take on the whole thing is that it is a sorry state of affairs when a spiritual being has to kill another spiritual being and eat their flesh to survive. There is no such thing as “just an animal.” It takes a spiritual being to make any mammal, fish, or bird live. “Just an animal” is just a lie perpetrated to keep us in the dirt, figuratively speaking. As far as algae and mushrooms go, their purpose is to decompose dead bodies. That is what they do. I have used a green superfood that has algae in it and I found 2 tsp of the stuff in water is good for me and I have no ill effects from it and it seems good, the effect I get. If I up that dose I have some problems. So I don’t. As far as mushrooms go, I don’t get any kind of nutritional boost from them. They are not nutrient dense food so I don’t eat them. That they may be an immune booster, when I want an immune boost I use herbs. Herbs are a natural food of man. Mushrooms are dead creature, including insects and other very small life forms, eaters. They eat dead plant life too. Why would I want to eat a dead creature eater? That’s the same as eating a carnivore. Nobody eats a predator animal. I want to live a very long time and I don’t put anything in my body that is not electron rich and very raw and as close to picking time as I can get it. Whether or not one can eat 80% electron rich green foods and eat meat and thrive is not an issue for me because I am not a killer and I don’t support killers.

  55. Mike says:

    Kevin your thoughts on this as in your episodes #393 and #394 you interviewed Tamera at E3Live. Now Dr. Young is saying that algaes are bad for you. Where do you stand on this?

  56. Sue says:

    Some things should make us angry, like the whole system we live in that seems to encourage people to destroy themselves.

  57. sans says:

    Interesting view from the Doctor. I disagree, and Kevin you should interview Paul Staments-this man knows some real truth regarding mushrooms.

  58. Cindy says:

    I agree with DebB, I am so confused by all the different information on diets out there. One says mushrooms and algae are good for you, the other doesn’t. I am TOTALLY confused on Dr. Youngs view on Probiotics and why they are a harm to the body. Then why do they help sooo many people feel better and regain their health? He’s even said before that enzymes (go figure) are acidic, as is bee pollen, honey, royal jelly. I think in his eyes everything is acidic. He even said before that taking vitamins is not good for you. The only thing I can agree with him on is the meat consumption. He is against all the superfoods. Look at the 91 year old man that Paul Nison just interviewed. He is a meat eater. I agree with Kevin and we should follow the diet that makes us feel great and energetic.

  59. Pat says:

    I thought so. The quantum eating diet by Tonya Zavasta and the 80-10-10 diet by Dr Doug Graham make the most sense to me. Also mushrooms if eaten should never be eaten raw. Fruits are acidic but turn the body alkaline by providing weak organic acids that remove debris. It makes sense that we should not eat anything rotten, unless we are putting garbage that is processed. Fruits and vegetables and a little nuts. That’s it

  60. Brynda says:

    years ago I learned about the amazing “light creating” ability of blue-green algae. It feeds on sunlight and has the characteristics of animal, plant, bacteria. It’s what they look for when looking for life on other planets. Some green pond scums are toxic, but seaweeds,spirulina,etc. are amazing foods. Medicinal mushrooms grow on decaying trees because they contain those elements that form polysaccharides which are unsweet sugars that attach to amino acids and lipids and form the communication system around our cells and our immune system. I’ve been doing an acid/alkaline balance on and off since 1971 when I did yin/yang and Jethro Kloss’s info. I’ve followed Dr. Young for a couple years now and usually agree,but something is missing here. I think he has stopped learning and over simplified this. Some acid foods are alkaline in reaction. Pro-biotic bacterias are necessary for certain nutrients to move through the colon wall into the blood. They make enzymes! Isn’t that how every chemical action takes place? Fermented foods are alive and that is LIGHT in our cells.

  61. Taariq says:

    I was surprised by some of what he said definitely, but his tone didn’t really bother me. He was just being straight forward as opposed to sugar coating, or spoon feeding. It seems like the people who are commenting on that don’t see their own negativity that they’re bringing to the table by pointing out what they percieve from him. It’s easy to backbite people, but the effect is often hypocrisy on our own part. I won’t preach any further, but they’re are so many opinions out there in the raw world, and beyond. All you have to do is research, and follow that which works for you. If we just blind follow everything that we hear we could end up in a load of trouble anyway, not only physically, but spiritually as well. May the Creator guide us all to that which is Truth…

  62. anabel says:

    Very interesting topic. From my recent personal experience I was wondering if Kefir was contributing to pre-mature aging. For about a year I was faithfully drinking home made kefir everyday. Then about a month ago I lost my taste for it and stopped drinking it. Something nice happened, within a week I noticed my face looked younger. That was a welcomed change since I seemed to be looking older then usual the previous few months.

    Hmmm, could it have been the kefir that was starting to make me look older? Just recently got a compliment on how young I look.

    This experience combined with Dr. Young’s opinion will make me very cautious with regards to taking in too much pro-biotics.

    Your integrity in spreading such valuable information is appreciated! THANK YOU!

  63. crow says:

    I don’t think I agree with him at all. If you look at the Native Americans who ate wild meat and lived to be 100 years old, before ending up on the reservation with processed foods, I would have to question his reasoning. Is it because the most meat in America has antibiotics and hormones in it. Although they ate a lot of natural veggies and fruits and used a lot of mother natures herbs. I don’t eat meat, but have to question his reasoning. Do believe an organic vegetanian diet works well today, since we don’t know what is in many processed and refned foods. Also have to agree the one of the comments about Asians who eat a lot of fish, mushrooms and etc who live to 100 years. Should be looking into why their diet works so well.

  64. Taariq says:

    There are always exceptions to the rule. I think he was speaking generally when he was talking about age. There are smokers who live into their eighties, and probably some into their 90s’. Does that make smoking ok, or somehow healthy?? I doubt any of us would dare say that. He has a right to his opinion, and we have the right to agree, or disagree, or to pick and choose. The way I see this diet is that there’s alot of experimenting still going on, combined with alot of research, and in general there’s alot of good in it, but that which is ideal still remains to be seen. It might take some time figure it all out, but at least it’s a pretty fascinating thing to be a part of…

  65. KevAnn and the RHS gang,

    Why does one diet work for some people and not work for others? How is it that people can live to 100 while eating all the “poisons” of the health world? Why do we all react differently to different foods, smells, tastes, situations, emotions etc? I believe it has much to do with believes and observations AKA the placebo and observer (quantum physics) effect. If you have read a lot about health, raw foods and the like and truly believe raw foods are the best foods, they tend to behave like the best foods. If you truly believe meat and animal products are the best foods, they also tend to behave like the best foods. If you believe something is a poison, it will often act like a poison in the body.
    There are SO many variables when considering the health of the human body that is near impossible to pin point it to a certain substance like animal products or carbohydrates or cooked foods or EVEN a nutritional cause.

    When an “authority” speaks about nutrition or diet or anything else for that matter, they can ONLY speak for themselves and what they have personally observed. Their beliefs limit them to see only what they believe to be true. They can only speak for what they themselves have observed and experienced. We are ALL the “authorities” of our own lives. The question we should be asking ourselves is not what Mr Guru believes to be true, but what WE believe to be true. Our own bodies and intuition are the BEST teachers. Our bodies know exactly what they need to heal and to be in optimum health. The question is are we listening? Are we paying attention to our thoughts and intuition or are we blindly following someone else’s truth trying to make it our own?

    We are more than just physical beings. We are spiritual beings first. Much has been done to improve the health of the body by healing the spirit. Mindfulness and meditation are tools used to correct our false beliefs (other people’s beliefs) and to start substituting our own. There is a divine presence in all of us that knows exactly what it takes to become perfectly imbalance and healthy.

    The more we listen to others, the more confused we become. The more we believe that there is only one answer to health, the more confused we become. Dr Young speaks the truth. David Wolfe speaks the truth. Dr. Doug Graham speaks the truth. Kevin Gianni speaks the truth. Sally Fallon speaks the truth. They all speak the truth, but it is THEIR truth. All of these people take different approaches to health. Where they are similar is they have all learned to listen to their bodies and have learned what works for them. They can ONLY tell you THEIR truth. Even with that being said, there may be many people who share similar beliefs and what works for them may work for others but it is always an individual truth.

    We are our best teachers but often we tend to be our worst students. We can change that. We change that by starting to pay attention to what our bodies are saying; what our intuition tells us. Ask your body and self the question, what do you need to become healthy? What is it that you want? Learn to distinguish between a need and a want. Do not judge or dismiss the answer because it goes against another’s truth. Just listen and accept. That is the truth because that is OUR truth.

    Please remember, this is MY truth, it may not be yours.

    Much love,


    Changing the world through education, not medication

  66. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know if I completely agree with him. Plenty of people live long lives that eat meat. I don’t, but this kind of argument would never convince me that meat is bad. Mushrooms don’t kill you. And proteins are definitely necessary. They are the reason everything happens in our body.

  67. Joel Saenz says:

    I think he needs to provide more evidence than asking you to stick you finger in a light socket. I believe that human kind has evolved to eat meat. If there were any vegetarians 10’s of thousands years ago they were killed by meat eaters because they had weapons and aggressive behavior. I’m a vegetarian pro raw food and I don’t like this guy.

  68. Taariq says:

    I’m starting to wonder if it’s really more about principles (in general) as opposed to details anyway. Principles meaning moderation, eating light, staying hydrated, chewing thoroughly, eating local, organic, raw (to whichever degree works for you), staying active, breathing fresh air, being thankful to the Provider/Creator of it all, etc..

  69. Jo says:

    Too rigid…..too judgemental…. too mean spirited. Life is short so if I like mushrooms, I am going to eat the mushrooms!!!. Do what is best for your body. IT’s NOT one size fits all. Peace, love and good, healthful eating, people!!!

  70. nick says:

    I agree with most of what Dr. Robert Young said except that while most types of food have a similar effect on most people that is not always the case because we are not living in the same location and climate; eating local wild organic greens is not the same as greens being shipped from mexico. There are 2 many variables to make blanket statements. I think we need to listen and become aware of our own body and spend less time
    listening to what other people think is good 4 us.

  71. Cielja Kieft says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I forgot already about meat since 1999.
    But what about the Reishi mushroom? I just started my healthy coffee business with Ginseng and Reishi coffee and tea!
    What to do with the thousands of years of experience with these product’s support to the immune system etc….
    Or are our bodies already changing to fifth dimension light bodies? Is that what Dr. Young is seeing? Did he ever notice a change in our molecular structure?
    Maybe a follow up with some knowledgeable people about the change of our molecular structure will shed exciting light on this!

  72. Christine says:

    I have been learning over the last couple of months that mushrooms have something called chiatin which is similar to what crustaceans have…I am told that mushrooms do have cholesterol unlike any plant food…Mushrooms are not fruit, vegetables, nuts or grains, therefore they should be avoided..they are produced from decayed matter, therefore they won’t be in heaven…Also, anything that is fermented like Vinegar is very harmful to the body…While the Health Gurus of the world have been telling people to use Vinegar, Seventh Day Adventists have been telling the world not to eat anything fermented, especially vinegar, since the mid 1800’s…Some powerful Health Books that are produced by the SDA Church are called COUNSELS ON DIETS AND FOODS; MINISTRY OF HEALING; COUNSELS ON HEALTH; HEALTHFUL LIVING; and there are others, but these are a great start…I would probably recommend Counsels on Diets and Foods First..

  73. Patrina says:

    Dr Young doesn’t look vibrantly healthy right now – maybe he’s stressed? He certainly has a more black and white approach than you Kevin and Annemarie. I think truth is colourful rather than black and white! Nevertheless, I agree with so much of what he says, and even though I’ve tried eating muchrooms raw, they still turn me off, even if they are marinated. I think that any fungus or yeast that we eat is safer if it’s already dead/cooked.

  74. Isabelle says:

    Surprised this took up some renegade health show time … i pretty much stopped listening when he mentionned that people start looking like the animal they eat! That’s obsurd …

  75. Charlotte says:

    wow, for some reason I can not imagine Dr. Young ever laughing or having a good time… Is happy I wonder??
    He speaks like what he says are absolutes and there is no in between.
    Does he not recognize that everyone is individual and therefore have different needs. Not one diet works for all people.
    The japanese eat a lot of raw fish and they are a very healthy people.
    Overall, I agree that a diet high in animal protein is unhealthy but a little of organic pastured free range etc. meat/ poultry and clean fish is not going to kill you. I don’t even eat meat/ chicken (but i do occasionally eat some wild salmon) but I think it is utterly ridiculous to say that it has no nutritional value (I’m talking about the quality stuff).
    I’m not sure if I heard right but did he say that things that contain beneficial bacteria like fermented veggies or raw goat kefir is bad for you? well, if he did that is ridiculous.
    He seems really closed minded; like he so deeply believes his work and research that he could never accept anything else even if there were hard facts present.
    I just want to say that for thousands of years humans have consumed animal products so I don’t think it makes sense to say that it is not meant for human consumption.

  76. Jude Manche says:

    All I can say is I feel and perform tons better alkaline and raw vegan – do I have a little cooked food – yes. I don’t feel well after eating dairy and have never felt well when I ate meat. Mushrooms? Well I eat them rarely but as long as it is rarely I feel fine. I was vegetarian for most of my adult life but since being more alkaline and almost raw, I have never felt better. I didn’t think Dr Young came across as angry but I can see how he would offend many people. We all have to follow our own truth in each moment and that may change in the next moment. We’re all growing and learning and that’s because we’re allowing ourselves to be aware and do the research if we can. I feel sorry that billions do not know any better and are suffering physically, mentally and emotionally for it. We need a paradigm shift world wide and this will come with education and love. Others will learn from our example. It’s like the 100th monkey. Be the change you want to see in the world (Mahatma Ghandi)

  77. Dino says:

    Makes alot of sense, I like the fact that you share all avenues of natural health even if it contradicts your point of view. Bravi!!!
    Dino C

  78. greg says:

    Anabel, (#40)

    Why in the world would you draw the conclusion that your kefir intake was making you age faster, and within 1 week you looked so much younger…??? Just curious. I for 1, will not cease my kefir involvement just because this guy has a ‘quacked’ out perspective on probiotics. I would have to see some real evidence on that one.

  79. Kristine Young says:

    Amazing. I think Dr. Young secretly had 3 donuts and a pot of coffee this morning. Cause he was straight up being an ass…

  80. john says:

    Kevin thank you for having interview with Dr. Robert Young Ph.D.,D.Sc. Very good interview .Top marks.I briefly read quickly several of your other readers comments especially those who are dismayed and puzzled as what to do and how to understand this all,what to eat ,what not to eat etc. In dr.Young’s book which I have “SICK AND TIRED” Reclaim your inner terrain. He has studied thousands of patients blood I prefer to call him the blood expert ,He describes and explains in the book how the cells should look like ,correctly shaped cells verses unhealthy cells .This man uses a microscope and is a technically observant person and I understand why he rightfully got up set only to maybe wake up beloved humanity to care for and respect their own bodies as God would want us to. To respond to #13 Jalil–I agree you are right.#4 Diana Should I stop eating seaweed.–Page 96 Dr.Young says you can eat sea vegetables, nori ,wakame,niziki,wheat grass barley grass beans ,sprouted grains onions ,garlic-etc.#5 JOY on Page 91Dr. Young says Avoid mushrooms of all kinds even spirulina and algae. And he goes on and gives his very sane and logical reasoning WHY. I strongly tend to agree with his RESEARCH and years of thinking out side the main stream URNING for the TRUTH——-my kind of Friend—–mmmmmmmm–love the truth. A thought has just occured Kevin how would it be if maybe in the future you could interview Dr.Young and find out or BETTER yet video tape in high definition at Dr.Young research lab of what the perfect blood cell should look like being nice and round and properly hydrated verses other cells in various unhealthy states .And may be even have dr.Young recommend a microscope so one can check daily his own saliva,urine,blood. This is I believe is a practical thing to do so one spends 500.00-1000 bucks people spend that and more on soda and junk foods,cigaretts etc. but a microscope yu buy once and are done with it .Quick note : QXYGEN was at much higher levels prior to the fall/or sin of Adam and Eve, another good adjunct would be to purchase and take pure medical grade oxygen in a tank–as oxygen IS more important than food or even–water. 15 or so minutes a day on an indoor bike will give you an exhilarating breathing and energy as well as turn your dark dirty blood cherry red and clean killing cancer cells and diseases.One expert in the field is Ed Mccabe amongst others. Regarding All Animal products liquid protein (milk) is for babies ,calfs after so long a time , the mother cow will turn junior away –It’s for babies.All animal flesh sticks inside your arteries heart etc.A very famous heart surgeon if I remember right his name is Dr.Castwell, he said all heart surgeries were they remove plaque from ones arteries ( (this is from a honest doctor who has done hundreds if not thousands of operations)) what is pulled out EVERY SINGLE TIME IN EVERY OPERATING ROOM IN THE COUNTRY BY ALL DOCTORS IS guess what ——————————————————————————————ANIMAL FAT RESIDUE 100% every single time without fail !!!!!!!!!!! Having said that, the flip side of meat is in every open heart surgery no Doctor or no Surgeon has ever -ever -ever pulled out any build up of vegetarian build up in any patients arteries eg. no carrot pulp ,spinach pulp,radish, garlic parsley etc. Get the idea friends .please ponder this .For this is what God DESIGNED for Adam and Eve – perfect paradise ,until sin entered,then God’s new plan or dispensation came into play in short a regression from God’s IDEAL Eg.eating of animals ,animal sacrifices,Noah and flood,age of miracles etc.–Age of Dispensations.—–Today we are in as the Apostle Paul said The Age /dispensation of GRACE.To go to heaven believe in Jesus death ,burial,RESURRECTION with all your heart soul and mind.Read John3:16 KJV 1611.Thank you Kevin and Ann Marie for sharing.

  81. john says:

    Correction of name of Dr.castwell should be Dr.Calwell Esselstyn .

  82. Dawni says:

    Thanks, Kev…

    I told you so… he is dead against mushrooms, algaes, probiotics, etc. I subscribe to an Alkaline diet and am exploring High Raw after following Young’s protocol with great enthusiasm in 2006.

    I stopped mushrooms for 2 years after buying a huge supply of reishi and cordcyps in 2005 — happy I didn’t toss them. I have been using them daily for the past month along with a special blend of tonic herb teas. In 2005, I read up on Mycellium varieties and their use in treating cancer. There seems to be astounding results and now I return to the medicinal mushrooms for their species intelligence, memory for 899 generations and subtle power.

    So I am still confused. What I never asked Dr. Young was his position on medicinal mushrooms. Culinary mushrooms are definitely off the PH Miracle Diet.

    If I recall correctly — he says, Algae reduces the oxygen in our blood.

    Truly something to ponder… his change in tone, vibrancy, and warmth. He is almost unrecognizable to me. His tone fell upon my ears as insulting, punitive, and harsh. I hope he is well — an alarming shift.


  83. Jacqueline says:

    What about the science of eating right for your blood type?

    Mr. Young doesn’t look vibrant to me, he looks a little pasty. Maybe he needs some protein.

    Furthermore, people who have the right attitude have a gracious style to them. Mr. Young is a man that thinks he knows it all. The more we know, the more we realize how little we know.

  84. Jill says:

    Coincidence? My Daily Moment’s “diet review” today is about raw foods! 😀
    Thanks for another great show guys!

  85. Jill says:

    As far as my opinions of this show…it was very good but wow is he totally anti meat/algae/mushrooms! I see nothing wrong with consuming these foods. I mean can we really just live on veggies and fruits? I’m not trying to be to smart…I just think his opinions are way too harsh.

  86. KC says:

    I always appreciate learning new points of view here, but I’m not sure I really learned anything. Common sense tells me I’d feel better if I’d “get off my ass” and move, and when I do it, I feel better. Our ancestors of tens of thousands of years ago were not sitting around watching TV or their computers, nor should I (but I do!). So I take no offense at his comment. Not sure I know of ANYONE who actually looks like the meat they eat, though. That blew his credibility right out the window for me. Yesterday, I wanted to get his book, and at least read more. Today, I am more inclined to save my pennies by continuing to research the topic of Ph balance in the body with other resources. I wonder what it takes to get that man to smile? Can you imagine sitting in the same room for 20 minutes with Kevin and NOT smiling? Who would have thought it possible?! 😀

  87. Pat G. says:

    I was very disappointed with how Robert Young characterized potential diseases. His human relationship skills need help. What can he eat for becoming rational and even-tempered?

  88. KC says:

    also wanted to pay tribute to my grandmother, Elizabeth, who lived into her late 80’s. To my knowledge, the only veggie she would eat was one cooked way beyond recognition, and to that mushy, tasteless state. And her favorite meal was steak and kidney pie! Was she healthy? Not perfectly, but she was a lot healthier than most people today, and she loved her meat! Late 80’s – hello!

  89. Brett Brown says:

    Ok, so the meat part I understand. But to simply say that all algae and mushrooms lead you to death is going way to far. I understand his point that they break down deceased bodies to feed off of them, but from what I understand in all of my research with say spirulina and chlorella, both of these has been shown to alkalize the body to some extent. I have even seen people test this themselves. Although being high in amino acids, they still have an alkalizing affect. So how is this bad in his view? And as mentioned in one of the other posts above, the mushrooms enhance killer cell activity.. is this bad?

    most importantly I think is this.. is not some level of acidity beneficial? to say that all acidity is bad is going a little far.

    I do like this interview tho, and enjoy this guys point of view quite a bit! 🙂

  90. Michael T. says:

    I agree with most of the comments above that point out the flaws in Dr. Young’s talk.

    I would add one more: spirulina and chlorella and other forms of blue-green algae could never live inside your body, draining your energy or causing illness, because these forms of algae live on sunlight. They use photosynthesis to create energy from the sun. They could not live inside our bodies because it’s too dark in there.

    And mushrooms can’t live in our bodies, either, because mushrooms feed on cellulose. In other words, wood. As far as I know, we don’t have wood inside our bodies.

    So, it is a sad mistake to lump all forms of microbes together and call them all harmful. We must distinguish between harmful critters such as candida and the beneficial ones. And blue-green algae are more closely related to plants, in that they generate energy from sunlight. They are givers, not takers.

    I believe blue-green algae are the most healthy foods on earth. They were the first plants to emerge billions of years ago, and they went to work creating food from sunlight and minerals. They continue to be an essential part of the food chain.

    Dr. Young does a great dis-service when he lumps all kinds of bacteria and algae and mushrooms together. They are unique and distinct life forms. Some are harmful and some are beneficial, and we need a greater level of depth in these presentations.

    Isn’t it interesting that presenters such as Dr. Young and others who advocate strict diets don’t seem very happy?

    Let’s all lighten up and eat what we feel guided to eat, and remember to eat something to feed your inner child, too. My little boy loves sprouted grain toast with butter, cinnamon and honey. How about yours?

    Michael T.

  91. Dave says:

    This message concerns posts on here. I think people should leave their religion out of this. I can’t see how someone can proclaim to be so drawn to the truth, but then they quote bible verses and biblical DOGMA. There isn’t a shred of evidence for biblical claims. How can you claim to be concerned with truth, but align yourself with some superstitious claims for which there is no evidence? Absolutely beyond me. And the claim that the level of oxygen was higher in the day of Adam and Eve? What evidence do you have for that? If you’re so interested in ‘truth’. I think Kevin should moderate these discussions, and delete out the irrational posts that have too much religion but a deficiency of evidence-based reasoning.

  92. Pat says:

    SORRY R YOUNG..:=( Been there done that..NOW

    Was just ordering up my E3LIVE. Blue green Algae and chlorella with no Hestitations(with amazing results), and have used the medicinal mushrooms to assist in overcoming cancer with astonishing results !!! Along with rest ,exercise and Living food lifestyle promoted by Dr Brian clement and Hippocrates Health Institute..And YES they do dark field microsopy and Hard core research being emplemented and eveolving backing up the Claims… And results don’t LIE…

  93. lynda says:

    WOW..that’s all I got..WOW

  94. Irina says:

    I pretty much stopped listening after he said people start looking like the animals they eat – the rest of it sort of lost credibility for me. Too rigid and extreme, and lacking compassion – not how I’ve pictured the good doctor at all! I’d like to hear more science-based arguments from him, not the anti-meat/mushrooms/algae/probiotic rhetoric. Also, staying alkaline all the time leaves one vulnerable to bad bacteria, a little acidity can be a good thing, it’s not all black and white, you know… However, negativity, anger and sneering attitude will make you acidic in no time, way faster than any acidic food you eat, lighten up, Dr. Young!

  95. Geri says:

    Mushrooms are good for you, no there bad for you. Algae is good, no its bad. eat sprouts, don’t eat sprouts! Kevin, what do we do?

  96. bethany says:

    I love to read all these comments and opinions! They are so fascinating and unique just like each one of us. And Kevin, I’m glad you don’t censor these posts and delete out “the irrational ones that have too much religion but a deficiency of evidence-based reasoning.” Thank you for being so open-minded and letting us express our views. I especially appreciate Jordan Lidster’s post about truth.
    You and Annemarie must have a great time together reading all these. How is J-5 doing?

  97. Sharon says:

    I like what Taariq said. I stopped reading at about comment 5o something so maybe this has been said already but Dr. Young does blood microscopy so he’s not exactly giving his “opinion” he’s stating what he’s observed.

    I have also seen ultrasounds of people with tumors who after using medicinal mushrooms for a while no longer have tumors. To me that’s more important than having pretty blood. I’ve seen probiotics work miracles. Most probiotics are junk though and don’t work. Maybe that’s what he’s referring to. Considering we all have bacteria in our bodies and it’s supposed to be there that’s the only thing I can figure from that comment of his.

    It would be fantastic if we could all test ourselves daily before eating to see what we really need that day. One day we might need 5 oranges, another day none at all. Even greens can get too much after a while. In flu season may benefit from mushrooms. They operate almost homeopathically to get rid of mold in the body that we inhale in damp climates. There’s been enough raw vegans who have turned to eating small quantities of raw meat and done really well after failing to thrive on their previous diet.

    Health and happiness, not dogma, must prevail!

  98. Lana says:

    I didn’t see this “anger” so many are speaking of. I thought he seemed very relaxed but straight forward with his view. I am not saying that he is dead on but I surely did not feel he was angry.
    I actually appreciate what he is saying about meat. And I think he gave some compelling arguments about the mushrooms and algae. Gave me some things to ponder upon.

  99. Emi says:

    I thought he was funny!

  100. greg says:

    Come on y’all, 3 more to a hundred!!!
    …..its nice to have a little controversy every now and then to rock our boats and see where we stand!

  101. After listening to this stupid idiot for a long time, I can only come to one conclusion, this guy is either crazy(a bigot) or he is a misinformationist.
    You know he is “entered this circle” of health advocates and because of his popularity is allowed to(or asked) to give interviews like this which only create confusion and chaos.
    His popularity is a result of FOX Tv. Its mainstream media, now that is cause for concern.
    Most of health advocates and raw foodists have become famous on a grassroot level.
    Take our own Kevin Gianni and take all the people he has interviewed in his rawkathon interviews all have become famous at a grassroot level.
    This guy all of a sudden comes and tells me to have baking powder.
    I come from a city where they add baking powder to rice for it cook faster. Where they add baking powder to “rice cakes” instead of fermenting them, add it to fried fritter, and I(and a whole of lotta my friends) ended up with bloated pot bellies.
    When i realised this and switched to restaurants I was sure that were I felt better and my(and a few friends who believed me) pot belly disappeared and no bloating feeling.
    I would never put baking powder in anything.
    There is a Chickpea and black gram cake that is made in another city. They use baking powder since time immemorial to make that. Recently I found out one restaurant that was not using baking powder but fermenting it overnight. Fermentation was the traditional method.
    I would get stomach cramps and would always be prone to stomach infections(foods with baking powder decrease the acid in your stomach allowing harmful bacteria to pass through and cause infections, simple logic, Mainstream science argue that stomach acids destroy enzymes then how do bacteria pass. Also research has found H.pylori bacteria deep in the stomach lining of people with ulcer. They say that maybe H.pylori can survive stomach acids, even though in labs it does not. They dont get it, when a person consumes baking powder the stomach acids are alkalized the bacteria passes through damaging the linking causing ulcers etc. After the effects of baking powder have gone the stomach starts producing acid again, the H.pylori bacteria try to escape it by hiding deep in the stomach lining, this is where they were found).
    Did I mentioned the acidity, server regurgitating acid reflex I(and many of my friends who used to eat in the same restaurants) i was suffering from. The ulcers.
    All because of Baking powder, guess what calms the acidity, Lemon juice(an acid) and Garcinia Indica Juice. Garcinia Indica juice is an ancient ayurvedic cure for acidity. it has high content of citric acid and alpha-hydroxy citric acid.

    The bottom line of my comment is that this guy concept of acidity is flawed. I would not believe anything that comes out of this mouth.
    I mean I believe in body acidity. But this guy holds an extremist view.
    Everything is not black and white. Even though acidity is the key to all diseases, it does not mean you start gorging yourself with baking soda.
    Baking soda causes acidity. Today there is enough evidence that supports the theory that acidity is caused by the lack of stomach acids. This explains the instant relieve I(and a billion Indians) get when they drink Garcinia Indica Juice. The cure is instant.

    Even his argument about meat is ridiculous, even though I dont need to be convinced that meat is bad.
    Kevin you got to keep such idiots out our site.
    Also about mushrooms and algea, he tends to club fungi/mold with aglea.
    There are enough of seaweed that does not grow on dirt.
    Also he talks about light, what i heard is that seaweed is so powerful because it is mainly light energy.
    Take for example freshwater spirulina. It grows from nothing but water, air and light.
    I see it as Light in a form you can eat.
    This guy is crazy or he is deliberately creating confusion in this “health scene” so that new people listening to his views, will get intimidated and shun all health advocates and health advice.
    This guy is giving “health activists” a bad name.

  102. Mina says:

    Excellent – THAT’S the TRUTH!
    I knew it out of intuition – I don’t eat any meat (since 20 years), no protein animals, no mushroom, no yeast (since 5 years) … and I am on 100% since 6 weeks!
    There is a Sun energy in me – I feel it and I love it! There is a physical peace that I have never experienced before!
    Now, I am on the way to the Univers secrets!I need more time to understand – LIGHT ENERGY!

  103. I have to say that this was the first time ever that I really took a time and red ALL comments, and I think you guys are pretty unfair. You came on dr. Young because he is telling, like Jordan said, hist truth. If you have right to tell yours, why he couldn’t tell his version?
    I’m viewing it like – SUGGESTION. You can follow it for a while, choose to incorporate just a part of that theory in your life or ignore it. It is up to you.

    I didn’t noticed that dr. Young is angry. I noticed that he MADE YOU angry. It isn’t always a pleasant thing to hear that other people think different from you. And it that man has degree, and you are living way than he is talking about, yes, that can make YOU angry. I think that dr. Young is just aware of all those things people are doing wrong so that makes him concerned and sad. He has no use of being angry.

    On the other hand, I must be little critical to all that is happening in health/raw society. You can see that everything is turning to business. Everything is merchandise and people are trying to sell what they believe in through goods, books, DVD-s , etc. It all comes to that you are your own responsibility. You can’t blame anyone for YOUR decision to follow his/her path.

    For those people who are holding firmly to meat eating and grannies over 80 years – please, DO REMEMBER that your lifestyle is much more different than theirs. You are breathing more polluted air, drinking more polluted water, not moving less than them, sitting in front of computers much more than them, etc. And do not forget that our bodies have memory and memory your body was born with is dirtier that that one your granny had when she was born.

    I agree with Paul Nison when he preaches that one should not over eat no matter which diet he/she chooses to follow. I believe that you just have to look through your window and look plants and everything as available food. If you do that, you will see that predominant nutrients in our food should come from green leaves, than from fruit and vegetables and, at last, seeds and nuts. I believe that every meal we make and eat with love is better than organic green juice/smoothie that we force into ourselves just because of some higher cause. I believe that we have to be nice to ourselves and to each other.

    There are so much things I could write now, but enough.

    ***I wish you all the best, Kevin, for the year ahead of you!***

  104. Toni Kaste says:

    I eat a small amount of meat and fish with a raw and macrobiotic diet. I eat maybe one small portion of meat/fish every to every other day. I test with PH strips and I am alkaline!

    I believe raw food can heal diseases, but I also believe in macrobiotics and Traditional Chinese Medicine! Shitaki and Maitake mushrooms have cancer fighting capabilities!

    Boy would I love to see David Wolfe talk about noble mushrooms to this doctor, what a discussion THAT would be!

    I feel this man has a VERY closed mind, you need to have an open mind to learn and be educated.

  105. Craig S says:

    I agree with the Animal products being bad,The mushrooms i need more education to be sure.Clean Hawaian Grade Spirulina doesnt concern me untill maybe the day that i find out it is being geneticaly Modified.I learned from a cutting edge Holistic Dr in Chicago Area,that as times goes on with more GMO foods that we should never eat,there is less options for us to eat Healthy. Hopefully they do not gmo yams! Thats why i grow my own Sprouts and grass to juice.This is very Clean Living Food. Life begets Life!

  106. My first reaction was that it was all bunk. My husband ridiculed his whole interview. This is what gives raw foodists a bad name.
    However, I have thought that before of the naturalists, and now I am becoming one. I will definitely look for dark circles the next time I have mushrooms. Right now we are trying to replace hamburger with grilled mushrooms.
    I wish the doctor talked more about what TO DO, that what NOT TO DO.
    Thanks for presenting all points of view. We never learn by just talking among ourselves on points of agreement.

  107. Kerstin says:

    Both of Robert Young’s videos, yesterday and today, are very interesting – thankyou Kevin!

  108. Toni Kaste says:

    Also if there’s cell intelligence that “makes us look like the animals we eat” then I’m afraid there’s cell intelligence that would make me look like a head of DINO KALE soon! AHHHH!

    Ps- if you do choose to eat meat don’t overdo! I think that is a bigger issue! Also finding what YOUR OWN body does well with. ALSO finding out if you have any food allergies/intolerances.

  109. raymond says:

    boy you hit another cord kevin lol.i love reading other peoples post and i respect their opinoions.i think alot of people are lost on what is best for them!!! i’ll keep saying this and if any body can prove me wrong”i’d love to see it or hear it” karl loren has done your research for you everthing you want to know about health is on his sight he as a library on health but he is one that don’t brag about his sight or gets in these heated debates he states the facts and leaves it at that.

  110. Sarah Hauch says:

    This is absolutely nonsensical. I have spent 3 years studying raw foodism in my Masters and have stopped being a full raw foodist and now eat meat once or twice a week. Should the whole world becom raw foodists we would become extinct. This man is bias in that he sells alkalinity. I agree that pH balance is extremely important but stress causes our body to become as acidic as meat. Why don’t we meditate. Some of the vitamin deficiencies caused by lack of animal protein can cause irreversible damage to the body. You SHOULD NOT post a video like this. It is unscientific. Both yourself Kevin and Anne Marie have a responsibility to your viewers to offer true, scientifically reviewed evidence. Your viewers trust you and posting this is dangerous. Am I mostly vegan, yes. Do I eat mostly raw food, yes…but to cut out meat entirely is extremely dangerous for your health. Don’t believe me, e-mail me and I can show you stacks and stacks of evidence.
    Sarah Hauch

  111. raymond says:

    primal diet: all organic;1piece of fruit or 1 salad a day,1 pound or more of raw meat(red meat,and/or seafood,and/or fowl),1/2-2 lbs.of raw fat(cream,unsalted butter,unsalted cheese,eggs,coconut,and 1-4 cups of raw vegetable juices.this type of diet,which aajonus vonderplanitz calls the primal diet reverses 95% of all diseases where medical treatment was!! wouldnt you want to know about this diet if you or a loved one was told they were dying? so their goes your meat theory dr.young. kevin now do you see what i’m talking about? when it comes to healing or curring yourself there are more than just one way to save or help you in your recovery.

  112. Tiffany says:

    Wow! I haven’t seen this many comments from any video yet. If he does nothing else, he is definitely polarizing. I think it would be beneficial to everyone here to begin eating good, clean live foods that match their metabolic (or nutritional)type. Hilary (#13) touched on this concept by talking about the Blood-type diet, but blood-type is quite acurate enough. Muriel (#44)posted about Dr. Mercola and metabolic-type and that is where it begins. We all have friends who have tried to lose weight. They find something that works for them and they feel great and then someone else does the same thing and either feels worse or doesn’t get results. It comes down to metabolism. I am a Carb type, so I can feel very satisfied and full of energy on vegetables and fruits and even some grains. I need to be careful of the types of proteins that I eat. My husband, on the other hand, is a protein type and feels undernourished and lacking in energy if he does not eat meat. So I make sure to have organic, grass-raised beef in the house for him and one of our three sons, and lots of fresh, organic veggies and smoothies for the rest of us. I’m not quite sure what I think about the mushrooms. Eating something that grows in poop kinda puts me off, but then I have read so much about therapeutic mushrooms as opposed to white button mushrooms.
    Heyward(#31) made me laugh right out loud! I love people who can be irreverent. And I thought that Andrew(#29) was right on the money. As far as finding what is right nutritionally, there is so much information that we can become seriously stressed and afraid and wonder which direction to go. So in light of that, I have decided to do what Katie McGrew does(#13) and rely on my Heavenly Father to guide me. He made all of us unique individuals and I completely believe that that includes our health and how we should eat. He will guide me as I continue to trust Him for my needs.

    Alright, that’s about all I have to say. I sure can see what most are saying about his bedside manner. He seems to like to hear himself talk to as Kevin asked his question and then we didn’t hear him again after that.

    Merry Christmas to all,


  113. Funny Raw Monkey says:

    Everyone is different! As for this mans views on things could use a bit of happiness. I do get drawn to the way people release information. Weather its true or not i do believe communication and relationships are also a huge factor of health. I like speakers like David Wolfe when he enthusiastically presents his information that leaves you with a mysterious kinda of twist to think about at the end like… could he be right.


  114. raymond says:

    thats called law of attraction(funny raw monkey) some people use it to hypnotize others i’m not saying davivd does that i’m just letting you know.

  115. sarah says:

    man has complicated life so much with so many conflicting views on what to eat and what not to eat that if we paid attention to everything written we would probabley end up starving ourselves for fear of doing ourselves harm. i think Dr Young probabley has some valid points particularly on meat, we have to bear in mind that out of mans greed he has ruined and contaminated the earth including the food chain. God created the earth to renew itself and for everything to be in harmony, so lets go back to the beginning and the basics. God made the earth and all the trees and plants then he made man, so he must have made man with a digestive system capable of digesting the food he made, right…(Genesis 2:9) The whole meat issue came after the flood and when man had sinned but was not Gods original plan on what we should eat. I trust my creator since he knows whats best for our bodies and it makes sense. Why do we complicate things so much.

  116. jared says:

    I believe Paul Stamets would disagree about the mushrooms. Do your research folks. Mushrooms have been used for good health for centuries. They are part of the system and health of are planet as are you. Mushrooms are experts at removing toxins from our environment, why than would they not be good at removing them from your body?

  117. Wabi Sabi says:

    Balance is everything in life.If you are going to follow such a strict diet all the time, you die before you become healthy.The problem is that people move from one extrime to the other extrime diet or life style.Learn from those who are living proof, those who become 100 years old or older.

    Do you have any clue what their secrets are? Those people can teach us everything we need to know to be healthy energetic through out our life.We just do not listing.We are looking for some kind of panacum, but ignoring to look at the real world around us.

    I’ve been living in Japan for 18 years and have figured out why Japanese people are the longest and healthiest living nation in the world.

    Besides do you think that those centenarians living in Japan follow Dr Young advice? Do you think the follow a raw food or vegan diet? No,never.They live happily,enjoying their food and life.

  118. For someone eating the perfect diet, there doesn’t seem to be much JOY of living! We would do well to check the state of our spirits as well as our bodies and be grateful and happy to be alive and well……….God will guide us the rest of the way to perfect health.

  119. Linda says:

    Dr. Young seems to be an over the top hater, which doesn’t help anybody. I believe that people desperate to get healthy may be very confused by Young’s opinions, some of which are not supportable and many of which are refutable just by looking around. If you want to die, eat meat? There are many centenarians who eat/ate meat daily. The longest living humans have been meat eaters. Vegan representation in the centenarian group is quite low and this is simply a fact. Why lie about it? If Young was correct, this group would be dominated by vegans, or at least vegetarians. Moderation in all things, including daily exercise, seems to be what keeps people living the longest. Calorie reduction as one ages also seems to be common among the long-lived. This has been observed amd written about many times. Just from these points, I believe Young is not credible.

    On a side note, stinkiness isn’t restricted to meat eaters! Microorganisms on the skin and in the gut cause a lot of stink (I’ve READ the science on this, maybe Young should.) Gut stink and bloat can be remedied by getting rid of Candida. Olive leaf extract, caprylic acid and probiotics will take the stink away in a week or less. Stay on it for a month and then just do the probiotics and the stink will stay gone. This remedy has been a miracle for me and worked way better than raw food for this purpose. Raw food alone just made the stinky bloat worse. I can now enjoy high-raw without any pain or stink!

    Kevin, I appreciate you and Annmarie, your loving light, tolerance, and search for the truth. None of that was in Young, and I’d prefer not to see haters like him, ever.

  120. Debbie says:

    To Linda, Obviously you haven’t read Dr. Young’s work? If you followed his work, you would understand that he is right on the money! You have to understand that Dr. Young has been studying the blood for more than thirty years and what foods do to the blood. He sounds angry because he is frustrated that people don’t get it! He is very passionate about his work. You really need to read his work, several times if needed to get it. He is dead on. I believe Dr. Young is one the most Brilliant Scientists of our time! God Bless him and his work and God Bless You Kevin for having him on. Would love to see more of him in the future!

  121. Lee Wenzel says:

    Dr. Young is right on! Meat and animal products were never meant for human consumption. Ellen G. White wrote about that in her book ‘Counsels on Diets and Foods’ which she wrote over 150 years ago.
    Thanks to programs like yours people will and are becoming educated. I just hope it gets to the hard hearted, stubborn, rebellious and block heads, like myself.

  122. jesus myers says:

    SORRY don’t agree with any of this and neather does my 102 year old grand mother who has eaten every thing he mentioned.Her words of wisdom are eat fresh local (organic now)and laugh your self old and happy


  123. Heyward says:

    While confessing my french fry addiction to Dean Martens, he said “Well, a fried food does inflame the tissue……sigh. Look, just send them love. When you find yourself eating french fries again, do it as lovingly as you can.”

    Eat your cacao with love. Eat your grass-fed bison with love. Eat your sprouted quinoa with love.

  124. Linda says:

    Hi Debbie. Thanks for the genuine concern. I appreciate it. I have read about Dr. Young and some of his work and don’t agree with many of his hypotheses. I was a nutrition and food science researcher for several years and he can’t prove much of what he is saying. Scientists disagree with each other all the time. It’s OK to disagree. Really.

    Young also comes across as a hater. He communicated in an abusive manner and I didn’t think that was appropriate. Young isn’t the only health advocate who gets attacked, but he is about the nastiest-tempered one I’ve seen. He might be for you and that’s great. He’s not for me.

  125. Kari says:

    Wrong! Blue-green algae makes me feel incredible. I just started taking it and it’s lifted my mood, given me more energy and increased my tolerance for alcohol, which some might not think is so good, but I like wine and don’t want to have hangovers. If he just tried algae he wouldn’t be nearly so dour because he’d be full of PEA. He’s the type of person that confuses people about natural health with his no protein no mushroom stupidity. Does he really think that people with lung cancer have lungs full of mushroom and algae? People with lung cancer have CANCER in their lungs. Usually from SMOKING not from eating reishi mushrooms.

    So dumb.

  126. Cindy says:

    After studying many of the greats in the field of nutrition, I’ve come to the conclusion that what is right for each person is based on their biochemic individuality. I test individuals that come to see me with their terrain, then recommend a diet based on their metabolic tendencies and their current state of health. Whether it’s raw, vegan, Weston Price, Paleo, Carey Reams, RBTI, BTA, Blood Type, vegetarian, Gerson, SAD – it’s all a spectrum, a ladder if you will that needs to be climbed slowly to help bring the body back in balance. I would rarely recommend Dr. Young’s strict alkalosis way of eating for anyone, but I would recommend people look at their live blood because it’s a valuable feedback tool.

    A blood microscopist I worked with was trained by Dr. Young and there were two distinct impressions I got from his training with Dr. Young. 1) Money and ton$ of supplements for everyone; and 2) Arrogance. After watching this video, I can see exactly where this young man learned his bedside manner.

    Sad, because *some* of his points are valid for a portion of the population, but by no means everyone.

    Great job, as usual! Happy Belated Birthday Kevin!

  127. Lisa says:

    There is no way I could havew read through all these comments, but I’ll add one for whatever it’s worth.

    I just so happened to have finished reading the pH Miracle diet by Dr Young with the last two days.

    Here’s what I think: Conscious Eating versus pH Miracle Diet?

    Dr. Cousens wins in a heartbeat for thoroughness and scientific proof. Dr. Cousens promtes E3 Live without resignation. I’m going to do what HE says.

  128. Linda says:

    I love Dr. Cousens! Great message, meticulous research, loving spirit. He is a guiding light to the world.

  129. Carolyn McDuffie says:

    I loved your interview with Dr. Young and can whole heartedly agree with the alkline body. I’m currently drinking Kangan water which keeps the body in it’s proper ph balance. I hope to hear more from him and thank you for having him on with you ..


  130. Judy says:

    While I did find this interview interesting, I can’t agree with everything that was said. As an example I will tell of my father and his brother. My mother was extremely health conscious because she was a type 1 diabetic from the age of 18. She always made sure my father and I had a good diet of meat, grains, fruits and vegetables as is recommended for diabetics. And I continued to feed my father this type of diet after she passed away at the age of 70.

    My uncle moved to California and got interested in becoming a vegetarian for the last 40 years of his life. He did the blending and the juicing and was very healthy until he passed away at the age of 92 yrs and 2 months. This is great, except my father, who ate the meat, the grains and the mushrooms lived to be 92 years and 8 months.

    Now I try to follow a healthy diet of mostly raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds with a little meat and fish. I do this because I feel better when I add a little protein occasionally.

    I find 2 Timothy 4: 1-5 to be very interesting on this subject: It talks about the later periods of time when some will be “commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be partaken of with thanksgiving by those who have faith and accurately know the truth. The reason for this is that every creation of God is fine, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, for it is sanctified through God’s word and prayer over [it].

  131. zyxomma says:

    Wow. Who would ever have guessed that a guest on Renegade Health could be so polarizing? Btw, Dr. Young is a Ph.D. in molecular biology. My regime is so alkalizing that I can handle occasional mushrooms (I eat them as treats, always marinated in olive oil, salt, & fresh herbs), but I never eat meat or dairy. Most of my food is raw, organic, veggies (mostly green), & salad fruits (avocado, ripe pepper, olive, cucumber, tomato, okra). I do eat some sweet fruit, but not much. Sometimes a little sprouted grain, and sprouted nuts/seeds. No matter what you eat, remember that the first ingredient must always be LOVE. Health and peace to all.

  132. greg says:

    So I went to Young’s website and did some browsing, what is up with his 9,900.00 fee for a one day, yes ONE day session. Sure okay you get some blood work and some supplements (better attach a trailer full when I leave), and I’m sure a little of what he said on this video. Not to offend the Young followers, but this is the type of arrogance and greed that is fueling the current, failed western medical paradigm, hopefully your approach works a little better but My God, show a little compassion in your price, seems like you just want celebrities coming in to make you rich. Whats up with that?

  133. Grace says:

    Just three short months ago, information like this would have sent me right over the edge–in terms of confusion. One morning I woke up and literally felt like I was going to break down from all the conflicting information and decided right then and there, no more books/internet for one week. As the days progressed, I started to feel better and simply ate what I craved–predominantly whole plant based foods, cooked and raw. I’m tired of any label–100% this or 100% that. Never did me any good and I can tell doesn’t do anybody else any good either–not unless people are self righteous and think they’ve found THE WAY. That’s also very tiresome. I can see things with a clearer mind in a way I could not before. David Wolfe, Dr.Young, Dr.Gabriel Cousens, Dr.Douglas Graham, etc.–they’re all right and wrong AT THE SAME TIME. And isn’t that the beauty? We have to figure it out for ourselves. You can’t just ‘accept’ something because somebody says so. The second I stopped wanting someone else to give me the answers, is the moment I started to find them–with an open mind and heart. There needs to be some kind of mingling between faith and science. EXTREMES under any circumstance are never ideal and are a form of dogma. I think we should stop forming ‘attachments’ to information and try things out for ourselves and come up with our own conclusions. It is clear that the reason why some people agree with Dr.Young while others don’t is because we all experience things differently and similarly depending on our lifestyle and situation. Truths come in many forms and in different ways. We will resonate with that which is right for US.

  134. Connie says:

    Wow! Kevin, your head must be spinning. I gave up reading the posts thoroughly around #100. There are so many conflicting opinions and certainly a lot of churned up emotions around Dr. Young and his comments!

    All I can say is that I was thinking “wow, wow, wow” until Young said that fungi start growing in our lungs–that’s when he lost me. I’ve heard before that we start to look like the things we eat, but it did not help that he said that, too. Seems ridiculous to me–when we eat we DIGEST whatever it is. How then can things like fungus start growing in our lungs?

    I WAS going to check Young’s website but after that comment and after reading 100 posts, I think I will resist. I am already too confused about the various “superfoods” and so on. Methinks the best thing is to try to add as many fresh fruits and vegetables to our diets as possible and if that’s too much work, take Juice Plus (


  135. Brian says:

    I thought junk foods are the worst to eat. Vegetarians are healthier because a greater percentage make healthier choices like eating more greens and avoiding junk foods. Another problem is the HCA’s from overcooking out meat. Raw eggs can be an option too.

    You can get a hint of your pH by how tired you feel.

  136. Elena says:


    I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful post. I appreciate the wisdom found in your words when you comment on RHS. Thanks for taking the time to uplift the energy here.

    Blessings of peace and truth,

    Grace #133 – I resonated with your words as well, which I quote below:

    “The second I stopped wanting someone else to give me the answers, is the moment I started to find them–with an open mind and heart. There needs to be some kind of mingling between faith and science. EXTREMES under any circumstance are never ideal and are a form of dogma. I think we should stop forming ‘attachments’ to information and try things out for ourselves and come up with our own conclusions”


  137. Joan says:

    Thanks for this interview…it stirred up a lot of “thinking” on the subject…I didn’t find him angry, in fact appreciated his candor – I agree with Lee Wenzel’s post above! My goal is to follow a raw vegan diet for the most part, but enjoy a little variation from time to time when out with family and friends – I feel more energetic and “healthy” when I stay away from dairy, eggs, soy, wheat and of course, all flesh foods, as I have been vegetarian for most of my adult life – it serves me well! Keep up the good work, Kevin and Annmarie – we need a variety of speakers to listen to and find ways to improve as we continue on the journey to better health – I believe it is a “one day at a time” journey, that never ends! Not til death, anyway…

  138. Thomas says:

    Just because someone has a title or degree does not make them any kind of expert. Dig deeper. His degrees are all from an unaccredited on-line school. Pay the fee, get the degree. Not a real University.

    He does have an agenda, he is marketing his “products”. His books and retreats are what he sells. See his bio at wikipedia:

    “don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters”
    Bob Dylan said that

  139. Tonja says:

    His statement that vegetables contain minimal protein is technically inaccurate. Spinach is about 50% protein; broccoli about 45% protein. So calorie for calorie, these vegetables contain more protein than beef. Many other vegetables range from 20-40%, nuts range from about 5-15%, and most fruits range from 5-10%. Breast milk is 5-8% protein, so that gives us some indication as to what human protein needs are – it’s easy to get our protein needs from fruits, vegetables, nuts, & seeds.

  140. This is really interesting to me because from a vedic perspective, we should only eat foods that are in the mode of goodness. Fungi (darkness), meats(passion), and things like garlic (passion), and onions (darkness) are not supposed to be eaten, and that’s for spiritual health. Because these foods alter our consciousness, it is not recommended that we eat them. I suppose it would follow that they aren’t good for our physical health either. My spiritual master said that the raw foods diet is the best for spiritual realization, because it is the most pure and promotes good consciousness. I’m not sure if that also implies that it’s the best for our health too. It is stressed quite a bit that health should be maintained for spiritual realization. It is our duty to keep our bodies healthy as long as possible, so that we have enough time in these lives to obtain full self and God-realization.

  141. Robert says:

    I agree with Christie’s focus, but haven’t heard about the passion of garlic being too much for spiritual health. Passion! I’ve been eating a lot of garlic to knock down Candida overgrowth and have eliminated almost all sugars… and I think it is working.
    This guy, Dr. Young needs to lighten up, right or wrong.
    Keep on keeping on!

  142. Gretchen says:

    I disagree with Dr. Robert Young on this one. Everything in balance right? Elevated levels of most things in the body is detrimental. I know someone who eats raw animal products and is thriving. Also, fermentation has a long history in many cultures around the world. Fungi and algae in nature are key to the health of ecosystems (in the proper levels obviously). He seems to approach the subject very vague.

  143. brian says:

    Spirulina and chlorella are in my opinion not as alkaline as leafy greens because they are high in protein or because the servings are so small. That’s not bad considering they are complete proteins, high in chlorophyll, and they have some nutrients not readily available in greens.

    I think we should eat when we are hungry instead of according to schedule. If you have to eat, then high fat foods as they do not spike your blood sugar levels so much.

    When people criticize so many foods, it can do more harm than good as other people already do their best to eat healthy.

    I’m neither saying that the following foods are necessarily bad for you nor giving any opinions but a lot of “health experts” say so.

    For example:
    -Fruits/grains/root vegetable(CHO’s induce high insulin levels which speed aging)
    -Nuts/seeds(high fat, protein, acidity, arginine, too much copper, omega-6)
    -Leafy greens(oxalates, cultivated)
    -Meat(acidity, high protein)
    -Coconuts(saturated fats)
    -And so on.

  144. FeralKevin says:

    One ridiculous and easily disputed claim after another, accompanied with a clear misunderstanding of what a mushroom is, what algaes do (they photosynthesize with light, uh, like plants) with hints of a disdain for the natural world (it’s dirty, decay, right?)
    This guy doesn’t look healthy physically, and exudes a bit of a slimy arrogance at the same time (not good “energy”). I cannot understand why his following is so big. Wow. Wow.

  145. Melina says:

    One thing that perplexes is me is about how Dr. Young says probiotics are bad.In the past I had asked his center for more research or an explanation as to why this is and all they could offer is to say that you are made of meat and probiotics break down meat so they will break down your intestines. I asked them if they have done tests to see if their protocol heals leaky gut. They told me there is no test to test for that. I said yes there is it is called an Intestinal permeability test. That is were the conversation ended..

    I look at Donna Gates who is apparently about 63 or 65 and she looks to me like she could pass for being in her 30’s. This make me think that the right kind of probiotic rich foods and also soil microorganisms are actually quite beneficial. I would be curious to hear your perspective Kevin since I think you were able to tame your yeast by eating raw saurkraut and coconut that correct? I personally have not been able to get rid of my yeast entirely by just following the ph miracle program strictly for several months. It has helped with the yeast some, but not entirely.

    I also highly recommend the book Traditional Foods are Your Best Medicine by Ron Schmid. After being raw vegan for 2 1/2 years I realized after reading his book that I probably needed some quality animal foods. I was doing Hippocrates Health Institute style raw veganism with 20 percent cooked healthy foods. I have been having raw goat’s milk from organic grass fed goats(hard to find-most goats are largely grain fed), raw butter from pasture fed cows (it is golden!), high vitmin cod liver oil,eggs from organic pasture raised chickens (they are totally different from even regular organic eggs-the yolks are bright orange which means they are really nutrient dense) and also some wild elk meat and wild fish. I am already feeling a lot better.Weston Price did some amazing helpful research! My ph has remained alkaline even with these changes..

  146. Ann says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I love your second video with Dr. Young. I am intrigued with his opinions — and his warrior nature.



  147. jodie says:

    He is VERY right. If you study some basic horticulture including the probiotic balance in soil and plants favorable PH then what he is saying will make perfect sense to you.
    A probiotic is a living organism that supports other living organisms, it is not a fungus which assists in decomposition. Sea vegetables also are not a fungus and are chlorophyll (closest to human blood form)rich so therefore they are good for you.

    Awesome speaker, thank you Kevin.

  148. Joelle says:

    I am told there is difference between fermented which is bad for instance vinnegar dries out the blood, and cultured. I make my own sauerkraut because my natural heath practioner uses it to treat candida and all around health. But Young isn’t talking about a hundred years old he is talking about immortality, meaning the bodies natural structure and how it works and how to fuel it to retain this natural alkaline structure. Sure eat meat and proteine, live happy and die at seventy, eighty, a hundred. But eventually your health will decline and you will die. For people who are interested in achieving greater health and vitality as they age than those should follow what he says. Wow I was blown away!

  149. Joelle says:

    Hey Kevin is this information in any of his books? I am so blown away I have never heard of food being discussed in this manner. I know that there was a time when all humans lived agelessly, they still died but didn’t age, so it must have something to do with their diet. I would like to learn more about it? It sounds wonderful and true, and I wish to eat a diet that would allow my cells to be in vital health and not die. So again. Wow! And also it’s interesting to remember most of the health information that we have are just from a few generations where people ate proteine and lots of meat, so maybe it’s time to change our way of thinking.

  150. I actually liked the interview. My heart 100% agree with what he was saying about meat and dairy eating. People really stink from the meat and dairy, because they stuff themselves with pathogenic bacteria. If some vegetarian stink, then, I guess, that person is still filled with the old matter and needs deep cleansing. But I really didn’t understood why probiotics are bad to consume? I really feel good if I am taking them, especially if I am getting cold or a flu (what happens less and less since I eat more and more raw food, almost 100% right now).There is always fight between something good and evil in everything, so to fight bad bacteria should be existing some good bacteria equally strong or even stronger then the bad one and if our bodies do not have it why not to add it from outside? May be it could be some extra interview why Dr. Young think that people should not eat extra probiotics?
    I always liked the mushrooms. My grandma lived in a village and it was basic food for her family. There are different kind of mushrooms: poisonous, medicinal, regular, may be there some others. David Wolfe is screaming about benefits of medicinal mushrooms for improving immunity and longevity.I would guess, that not mushrooms eating causing cancer, but some kind of mushrooms are starting growing inside of the person, because something is not functioning right in his body and mushrooms are only trying utilize that matter somehow (but I am only guessing, I am not a scientist).
    I never liked the algae or seaweeds, because thought that if God created people to live on the ground, then He provided everything on the ground for them. But I guess, people lived always around some water sources like springs, rivers, lakes, etc., so they could collect some of that from the side of it. I went with the flow and eat chlorella tabletts almost everyday and feel very nourished from it, benefits are amazing right now (I do not know about the long run). But may be wheat or barley grass juice is actually more beneficial for people then algae?
    Thank you for taking this interview, Kevin, I hope you can arrange some more interviews with this doctor for extra explanations.

  151. Vaughn Sadekni says:

    Don’t really agree with him on this one because I dropped so much weight and was extremely weak. I think we need to look at the cultures where the people live the longest. Sorry to say but most if not all are not vegan at all. It also depends on the person a well. Some people may strive for very long periods on a raw vegan diet, but for some other some type of animal product may be required (and that doesnt mean only meat!) He says that he approves of a low protein diet and that honestly doesnt click with me. Protein is the building block for muscle tissue. If want to eat very low protein say goodbye to your muscle mass and dont even try to go outside during the winter time. Humans long ago consumed about 30% of their calories from protein and they were rugged, strong, and able to cope with what ever mother nature had to dish out. These are my personal thoughts of course 🙂

  152. Mina says:

    Folks… this man is almost 60 years old!!!

  153. Brent says:

    loads of mixed information out there, i tried 8/1/1 didnt work for me. Veg and fruit only diet 100% raw became too skinny and weak. Meat good or bad? was he talking raw or cooked? Grains good or bad? sprouted, cooked or fermented what is best??

  154. Dennis says:

    I enjoyed (episode #456) very much. It would be great to have more information in this area that Dr. Young was addressing. Maybe a link to articles or books. It would even be nice to have a series of interviews with him so he could give more in depth information.

  155. Pep Perrine says:

    Dear Everybody To fine truth lets all start by not being so felley touchy, remenber-Wisdom is to high for a foll!!!!!!!

  156. Sheilah Renaud says:

    Need more info! Donna Gates of the Body Ecology Diet has been my source of info this year, although I emphasize raw food and dairy still makes my eyes watery and red. Thanks Kevin and Ann-Marie

  157. Ricki says:

    Hi everyone,

    I really don’t know why people can put Dr. Young
    down like that. He has plenty of proof on what he says. You only heard him twice. These videos are not long enough for all the information there is and there is a lot of evidence what he is saying is the truth and nothing but the truth. It starts in history in the 1700’s and the proof goes as far as today. You make comparative comments, do you give proof of your comments? Dr. Young who is a microbiologist,nutrition, Biochemist, and has been studying this most of his life. I feel that you have judged him wrongly.

    Dear Dr. Robert Young

    We would like to share a pH Miracle with you.

    We have a son born 06.06.06. Until he got his first vaccination, about three months old, he was a very happy, peaceful boy ,who smiled a lot and slept the
    whole night from the day he was born.

    From the moment of vaccination his life changed in a dramatic way. Ten minutes later he had very high fever and then
    the game was on. He got ear infection right away, and they started to give him penicillin. The next 2 years, he was always sick. A runny nose and a high fever all the time. Some days were without fever, but always a runny nose. We decided as parents not to give him any more vaccinations after the first ones. Around that time we start to noticed that he was slow to develop, and he did not start to walk until he was 16 months old. He was always weak in his upper body and powerless in his arms. He had diarrhea many times.

    About three months ago he was diagnosed with Autism. And the doctor told us, that there was very little we could do. Perhaps with a lot of practice and speech therapy we would be able to make his life more easy for him. He said there is no cure for Autism.

    At this time our son could not say a single word. He had a lack
    of understanding when we talked to him. He did not follow instructions. For example, he did not mind staying alone in a dark room (by his own choosing). He did not mind other children, and did not participate in games with other children.
    He seemed to be alone inside him self.

    We did not want to believe that there was nothing that we could do to heal him.

    So than we started to search for information about Autism, in any way we could, on the Internet, by books etc.

    We had some knowledge and interest about nutrition and physical condition. The pH of food was one of the things we had been looking in to.

    We made a decision that it would probably be best to start him on a pH Miracle Diet. His Mother, Helga, made the decision to start to change her diet two weeks prior, so
    that she could be able to guide the rest of the family through cravings and those things that include changing the diet of the whole family.

    We took a roll of garbage bags and took every acidic food and drink from the kitchen that would be harmful to our body’s. We took foods that included gluten, sugar, yeast, all
    processed food, bad oils and fats, dairy products, and fermented soy products. As you can imagine, there was almost nothing left, and Hlynur (the husband) began to worry, and said,
    “we were going to starve to death :-).”

    Today, Helga, is giving our son alkalizing vegetables, and is using many methods and to do that. We love our new super alkalizing pH Miracle food.

    After three weeks, on the new pH Miracle diet, our autistic son was able to assemble 2-3 words in a sentence. He started to follow instructions and he started to understand what we
    were talking about. The diarrhea also stopped.

    Today, 2 1/2 months later, he tries to say everything that we ask him to say. He participates in games with other children and he seeks for them to play with him. He goes to sleep by himself and says goodnight. He has started to try to
    sing along with songs. He looks into our eyes and finally he is present.

    There are so many things that we could share about our son’s pH miracle transformation.

    People in kindergarten, friends and family are amazed of our son’s pH Miracle changes he has shown for this short period of time. Last but not least, Helga has lost over 20 pounds in the same time 🙂

    We have attached two photos of our son. The one with the dolphin was shot before the transformation, and the other was shot today eating a cucumber.

    Best regards,
    Helga and Hlynur
    Mobile 00354-6154070 and 00354-6158910
    Skype: gudrunoghlynur


  158. Sean says:

    Wow, I have read all the comments and am literally amazed at what I have discovered. Thank you all. I never imagined all the answers I was looking for could be right her. special thanks to Melina (#145) for her ability to seek justice for friendly ferments.
    After first watching the video I felt hopeless, thinking about how much enthusiasm I have for fermented foods. Then after reading Jordan’s post (#65) I thought you know what this guy is right, I just need to listen to what my body is telling me a little more and not take it so critically, After all I truly do feel that friendly ferments have keep my immunity stronger.
    I was not so inspired by Dr. young’s words of wisdom, even though I know, everybody has there own way of saying things. I just didn’t see the inner light that he talked about. when hearing Kevin or Ann Marie talk I see all kinds of inner light, and it shines through to me. I did not feel his connection to the people. I am sure he is a good person, but if he truly intends to heal he needs to start with the soul.

  159. Sean says:

    I thought about the video some more, and it occurred to me that his time was short so he probably wanted to be as direct as possible with his message and not emotions get in the way of that;although, sometimes compassion helps us, the viewer understand your intentions.

    I was very pleased to read the comment before mine what a way to end on a positive note. If his words were good enough to help that family he is making a difference,yet I still have questions unanswered. Overall I have gained more from the diversity of ideas that the doctor has stirred, then I have unanswered questions, so maybe I should be thanking his for his boldness. In this case I think controversy was a good thing.

  160. Roxie says:

    Everyone – please help raw food chef, instructor, lifestyle counselor, and author Elaina Love try one more time – they are at the end of their rope! – to save her child’s life with alternative/raw methods by donating to help him go to the Hippocrates Health Institute for 3 weeks! Click here:

    Please read my facebook note for more information!

  161. Mark Sturgess says:

    He as a way of talking that does not go down well! Extremist comes to mind! When you tell people not to eat somethink because it grows under a rock or on decayed bodies, which shop bought mushrooms do not by-the-way! Animal fetus is used to grow a lot of organic vegtables so may be we should avoid these toCommon sence is what is needed, the meat thing i can see, but even that i would not put it like he has. After all the oldest person that we know that has lived was a Frence woman aged 122 & a meat eater! It’s about balance, common sence & what is right for your body. What is good for one is not going to be the case for everyone. People with nut allergies is a good exsample!

  162. Debbie says:

    Wow! Great interview. Sure makes you think. I’m 100% on board with no meat. I am going to have to do some research and look into some of what he said as I enjoy spirulina, chlorella and kelp and dulse. I love my seaweeds & sea vegetables but worth looking into reconsidering. I am also a fan of Donna Gates. It would be interesting to hear the 2 of them discuss probiotics and fermented foods.
    Thanks for posting this & the previous interview. Very interesting!

  163. Jeni says:

    Hi Kevin

    I like most of what dr young states BUT I have 1 question over vit B12.Which I thought was grown on decaying matter ? – where is the best place to get absorbable B12?
    Some algea like spirulina has some protein is this not allowed?

  164. mountainbutterfly says:

    Protein, like Dr Y said, you don’t need much, just look as vegetarian animals that graze on greens to get their muscles. So maybe greens provide sufficient amino acids for human flesh and bone formation…hmm? Mushrooms, never been attracted to their color, scent, or shape, ugly little low-growing-life forms! Now I know why. Algaes, I would never swim in the rotten waters and suck off the algae from where is grows…eww! So why would I take a pill form? Just simple common sense here folks. Truth will set you free, but sometimes it will make you angry first.
    Great information, thanx Dr Y & Kevin!

  165. Cherry Tye says:

    Wow…so many good reads and so little time. To save time my thoughts were identical to #11 by Greg. I have only one additional thought. Maybe mushrooms are like holistic type medicines where you use something that is not that good to combat something that is much worse. Meaning they are good for certain moments and not for long term use. We truly are all quite different in how our bodies simulate things but it really grabs my attention when someone speaks from their own experiences like many have here. It is their experience and I want to hear it. I must share one more thing that is rather ironic. Yesterday evening I ate a portabella mshrm w/pesto on it. Suddenly I just didnt feel quite right. I had been noticing this for awhile. Dont eat them often but when I do it is the same experience. Could just be my own body or that type of shroom but I determined I must listen to the show today. Sounds like confirmation. I enjoyed the PH show much better. This didnt have alot of support as has already been mentioned. And I think Kevin is right…it would turn the paper red…the doc has no sense of humor!

  166. Angie says:

    I am not in favor of huge amounts of meat, nor am I suggesting that meat is the most ideal food for frequent consumption – far from it – but there are a few things I’d like to address here:

    1 – Things like coffee and diet sodas are much more acidifying to the body than natural/organic/grass-fed animal protein (actually more than conventional meat, as well).

    2 – The statement “Meat has absolutely no nutritional value” shows either a lack of education or intentional ignorance that is prevalent in vegan/vegetarian ideas & discussion groups. For example, ground beef has in varying amounts: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, calcium, sodium, manganese & folate.

    3 – The diet for immortality? Interesting idea. I’m just wondering – has this been proven? 🙂

  167. Andrea says:

    These short interviews don’t do justice to what Dr. Young has to offer (but THANK YOU Kevin, since we wouldn’t have known about him except for your show!). We just watched a 7-part You Tube lecture that Dr. Young did in Omaha, and we STRONGLY encourage everyone to watch this – he goes into much greater detail, and some of the things he said here (which I didn’t get) became clear after watching the lecture excerpts. His views on basic functions (such as the “digestive” system) definitely challenge old concepts, but make sense – and his credentials and research certainly are not to be dismissed. (BTW – for the critics, you’ll see a younger, more “compassionate” Dr. Young in the Omaha lecture.)

  168. linda says:

    anyone want to know more about animal protein, and how it affects us,with scientific proof should read ‘the china study’.

  169. Sheilah Renaud says:

    I keep watching this particular video…just don’t know what to think about Bragg’s Apple cidar viegar as recommended by Donna Gates…and doesn’t Dr. Young list fish as a positive for the body on his website?? and what about cacao??? David Wolfe’s great highlight product! He should be very careful to not interject so much attitude in his speaking…that could polarize people who otherwise might be open to these new ideas….if he’s a micro-biologist, I tend to believe his concepts. And his eyes look so clear!!! He says “no” on tea….green tea???

  170. Shaun says:

    Looks like Mr young like most Vegans needs a big cut of steak!!! He full of shit!! As someone whom was raw vegan for 8.5 years he is like most vegan extremists in that he is in an extreme-mist!! and can no longer see things clearly – the truth is slowly coming out about raw vegans/vegans – longterm conclusions extremely depleated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep looking for that life saving product that’ll solve all your problems!!

    Go and bite a cow on the arse! Shatter that insanity Veligionism. If someone a doctor in mainstream – their bad, though if they’re a doctor and they promote raw etc they’re gods – yet they too are succeptable to Mass indoctrination – purhaps more so !!

    Shaun Jensen

  171. Troy says:

    Mr. Young’s presentation was professional and informative. I don’t understand the negative feedback from some of the viewers. He has a digust for acidity as much as alkalinity. Isn’t that what we are all trying to become? I think the renegage health website is dynamite and will spread the word to friends and family. It’s good to be open to all points of view. Keep up the good work.

  172. Wil says:

    Like others, I don’t have an extreme view either way. Too much of anything is not a good thing; moderation is key.

  173. Robbie says:


    Some of you vegetarians are so F’n weird. Get a life and remember the golden rule, everything in moderation. That applies to what we would normally accept as good too.
    100% of something good, is bad.
    If all you eat are organic substances grown from the good earth you will be hurting yourself.
    If all you eat is meat you will kill yourself.
    If all you digest is water you will die before your time.
    If you live in the gym all the time you will do more harm than good.
    If you walk the outback, or hike your fav mountain but do it to excess, you will die prematurely.

    However, all of the above in small samples are quite good for you. Get it?

    Variety and moderation of everything should be our life saving words. Elders from all over the world know this truth. So learn it and learn it well before it’s too late. Live it, learn it, and love it. Love Life!

    Get a life freaks.

  174. Thrillhouse says:

    Firstly, protein is responsible for the majority of cell functioning. Other than the commonly referenced muscle building and repairing, it is crucial for proper cell function and DNA replication. So for Mr. G to say that about protein is preposterous.

    Secondly, he comes across as quite angry and almost as though he has a score to settle with someone. Maybe he was just in a bad mood but blaming the individual (“Have you ever heard of exercise?” or “Get off your lazy ass”) and blaming in that way helps……nobody.

    I cannot get on board with what this fellow is saying. This is a great example of the misinformation that is being spread to people. No wonder food is making people anxious. As Michael Pollan has said: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly vegetables.”

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