Dr. Robert Young on How to Test Your Body’s pH Levels – The Renegade Health Show Episode #455

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Our friend Barbara came up big for us this weekend…

She managed to get an interview with Dr. Robert Young, author of The pH Miracle, for us while he was staying at her house for his event here in Connecticut.

In this first installment, Dr. Robert Young explains how you should test your pH and what levels your urine, saliva and blood should be.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What is your experience with pH levels in the body?

Click here, scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave your comments now!

To find our more from Dr. Robert Young and The pH Miracle, please visit his site… www.pHMiracleLiving.com

BTW: Tomorrow, Dr. Robert Young will share his thoughts on mushrooms, algaes and fermented foods… stay tuned…

Live Awesome!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. alice says:

    Dr. Young’s recommendations are great, I like his balanced style to diet. Thanks for the interview!

  2. raymond says:

    ph testing is very important,i’m gonna check his sight and hopfully i can buy these test strips.and that way it will give you an idea of what you need to work on.

  3. Maria says:

    Hi Kevin, you must have MORE of this interview to show us…pleeease??? Very interesting, I love learning…and I actually have some ph testing strips sat in my bathroom that I never use!!! I’ll be looking forward to my first pee tommorow:-)lol.
    Would like to know more about this guy, I have never read the book.
    Oh yea the question, hmm, I tried filling in the ph chart with those strips 18months ago, even got my flatmates at the time doing it too but it was too complicated – you had to keep testing urine and ph and it had to be so long after eating/not eating etc etc, first pee and 2nd in morn (but what if I went at 5am?)…we never mastered it and abandoned the experiment!!

  4. I just can’t take this guy seriously after his “Will it light?” videos.

  5. KC says:

    My only experience with Ph levels has been what I read about it in the book entitled “Folk Medicine: A New England almanac of natural health care from a noted Vermont country doctor” by D.C. Jarvis, M.D. (original copyright of 1958!). It is where I learned about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, which can almost cure everything, if you are inclined to believe Dr. Jarvis. I’m of course speaking a bit tongue in cheek, but I will say it has done wonders for me. Perhaps I should take a look at Dr. Young’s book and see how he has elaborated on Dr. Jarvis’s theories and experiments, or if there are any similarities at all (which it sounds as if there are). Thanks Kevin, for again introducing us to different topics and ideas (or in this case, updating us on philosophies that have been around a while)!

  6. Ron Williams says:

    I saw your subject today and thought “Great”. I have been telling my sisters about pH balance and how it works. How you pH at or above 7.0 will not allow cancer nor any other degenerative disease to survive in your body. I have studied this stuff for years and have a pretty good idea of how it works. I just thought Dr Young would explain it better and I could send this show to my sisters. Nope. I don’t know what language Dr Young was speaking, but it wasn’t Southern American English. Maybe you could paraphrase Dr Young’s comments into a language that my high school grad sisters can understand.

  7. Hey Everyone!

    Thank you so much for watching and thank you for all your support! You guys are what keeps us going!!

    Also not sure if you are aware, Kev didn’t mention it on the show (sometimes he can be a little shy.) Today is his Birthday!!! So lets send him some love and appreciation 🙂

    Much Love to all of you,

  8. Elena says:

    Reading Robert Young’s book is what introduced me to the realm of raw food.
    I find his research scientifically based which I appreciate.

    I tend to stay away from his top 10 acid foods, which include corn, peanuts, chocolate, viinegar and mushrooms.
    But I am not religious about it. In corn season I will treat myself to some corn here and there, and I use some raw apple cider vinegar now and then, and let’s not get into raw chocolate.

    OK so I guess I am not too strict about the list at all. But I don’t eat the other food items on his list at least.

    Thanks for the show.

  9. Heather says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I read Dr. Young’s pH Miracle for Weight Loss book last year after having a live blood cell analysis which revealed an acidic condition in my blood. I took it to heart and became conscious of eating more alkaline foods but didn’t start using pH strips until recently while working with a holistic physician. My urine tests proved that I was still very acidic. Since then I’ve been taking Dr. Young’s pH salts (pHour Salts) and my urine tests have improved tremendously. Before my morning pH would consistently be in the 5.5 to 6.2 range despite the highly alkaline dinner I would have the night before and the 7.0 or higher reading at night. The salts have helped a lot, but I’m also making an effort to get a good night sleep and reduce stress, worry, and negative emotions which cause further acidity.

    Thanks for all the great work you do!

  10. KC says:

    Kevin! Happy Birthday!!!! What did you do to celebrate?
    Also off topic:
    OMG, I have to say that if you who are reading this haven’t seen episode #100, it is a MUST SEE! And Kevin, will you please re-address the #1 most healthful thing? This is such a critical issue, and I struggle with it so much. I simply don’t know (or cannot see) what mine is! Can you help me learn how to find/define it? How’s that for a queston or topic?!

    Again, Happy Birthday!

  11. Erina says:

    I do beleive alkalizing is the key – I expirement with the ph strips often – i’d say I eat 90+% raw, and I put agreat ammount of attention on eating alkaline foods and/ or balancing acidic foods with alkaline foods -I’m amazed At how sensative my ph levels can be, I’d like to know how persistent your effort has to be to maintain an efficient ph level – shoud it take weeks month years or days to acheive homeostasis – depending on diet, genetics, stress levels, pregnancys etc.??????

  12. bethany says:

    This is soooo awesome that you actually got to talk to Dr. Young! He is absolutely brilliant. The pH Miracle book never leaves my side for long when I’m home. It has so much information and the science is fascinating. I read it over and over again. It really works. He is the one “doctor” I would really trust when it comes to wellness. He does live and dried blood cell analysis and the blood doesn’t lie.
    Thank you *Thank you* Thank you!

  13. bethany says:

    Great to have Dr. Young on for your birthday and an early “gift” for my birthday too on the 13th. I guess you can tell I’m a big fan of his!

  14. Peg says:


    Love your shows–I have two of Dr. Young’s books. The first one I got when my eye doctor recommended it (awesome eye doctor). I soon learned that when I increased the alkaline supporting foods, I really felt a lot better–more energy, improved blood sugars, etc.

    Love your shows–always inspiring.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!

    Thank you for posting this information on pH testing. I have Interstitial Cystitis – a chronic, incurable bladder disease and it’s imperative I avoid all acidic foods and maintain a very alkaline environment in my body. pH strips have been my friends for a very long time. 🙂

    Thanks again!!

  16. Cindy in Marin says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!!!!!!!!!!

    I try never to miss a show and I learn so much!

    Haven’t tested my PH for awhile, but when I was 100% raw, tired and anemic, I remember my Ph was too high, that little strip was a deep blue. Now that I allow myself some steamed foods and more variety, I feel so much better, gained a couple of lbs. Now my curiosity is piqued to test again.

  17. john says:

    Dear Kevin: Enjoyed your exclusive video with Dr. Young he and his wife are truthful and honest, sincere well meaning and very knowledgeable people who know the facts of what blood should be using dark field microscope,saliva,urine analysis.I purchase his book years ago believe it is named : “Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired” —EXCELLENT book. BUY IT-PEOPLE when illness comes you will be glad you have this book.In the book he charts out vegetarian certain foods to consume and other foods to avoid. This man knows blood and what it should be like, unlike many other very good people in the health movement. Dr. Young is a master at what he does. Kevin thank you for taking the time and doing the leg work and interviewing of Dr. young,you are very Privy to of spoken to this very fine man, as well as you and your wife Ann Marie. Thank you Kevin and Ann Marie,for striving to bring the truth to All of God’s creation who reigns above the heavens. God bless both of you.

  18. john says:

    PS. Kevin happy birthday to you,and many more to come! It’s my mothers birthday today to since 1924.

  19. Ricki says:

    Very good show! I found that it is so vital to my health. Ph had aided in helping to overcome a blood disease A-plastic Anemia. I had other things that it totally aided for to. I try and tell everyone of this miracle that God has created through Ph. The road to hell is acidosis, and disease. The road to health is Ph.
    This is so awesome! I thank God for Dr. Robert O. Young, who has taught me a different way of living to achieve the results that are needed. Thanks so much for inviting him to speak. Promote2life@yahoo.com

  20. Ellie says:

    I have no experience with this, however, just wanted to thank you tremendously for bringing this information to the program. I hope to get some of those strips soon!

  21. Cindy says:

    Hey Kevin

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Many Blessings and Thanks for all you do!!1

    Cindy in Jacksonville

  22. Ricki says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!
    From: Promote2life@yahoo.com

  23. Vita says:

    Happy Birthday to YOU, Keven!

    And many moooore (which l am sure you will with your health practices!

    Many blessings, and keep up the good work! We love you, and Annmarie, too, she is definitely your better half! 😉

  24. cindy says:


  25. Sharona says:

    I have 2 of Dr. Young’s books, plus 2 of his wife Shelley Redford Young’s recipe books (containing both raw and cooked alkalinizing recipes), all of which I’ve read and use. I’ve endeavored to follow a number of his protocols, but continue to have issues with acidosis, as well as being underweight. Dr. Young offers a number of products to assist with alkalinizing, a few of which I’ve used. At times my struggle with acidosis has been overwhelming (and stressful), at which point I’ve stopped testing my urine and focused primarily on destressing, exercising, and eating healthy, mostly raw. Dr. Young also recommends and sells products which alkalinize and oxygenate water, but I have not at yet made a decision to invest in one (partly because it’s a significant investment, and partly because my family thinks it’s not effective). I’m planning to start testing my pH again with renewed interest. Thank you for this interview.

    Kevin: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Have an awesome year ahead!!! — wherever it takes you!


  26. anasha Sol says:

    beloved Kevin
    happy birthday to you….
    may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you keep been inspired,may you keep stay the loving guy you are, and much more….
    I greatly appreciate you, you have a good heart, and a beautiful life companion….love to both of you, and have a great celebration.
    and again thank you for keeping me inspired.

  27. Robert says:

    I’ve done pH testing and was in the lower ranges (6-6.8) and have been trying to increase my mineral reserves. 7.2 just now! Will retest in the morning.

  28. Robert says:

    Oh, and Happy ‘nother trip around the sun, Kevin!

  29. monica says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!

  30. Sandy says:

    Question… if you’re receiving an acid ph reading and you bring it back to an alkaline level… and you’re able to keep the alkaline level, is this victory? Will any previous tissue damage begin to repair and continue to repair? Or are you just avoiding further damage? Thanks!

  31. Jo says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin!!!! Interesting show today. Will check out Dr. Young online.

  32. JoyfullyRaw says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin!! This planet would not be the same without you. Living your life’s purpose is so inspiring. You and AnnMarie show me that over and over again. Many blessings to you on your birthday and always.

    ~~ Colleen ~~

  33. Cindy says:

    Dr. Young, I believe, has done much to expose the importance of body pH. I used to have one of his microscopist at my center, who overcame a debilitating disease, but then went too far and became too alakaline and the dis-ease process begain to reappear.

    Many raw foodists would come in with 7.0+ pH – felt terrible, had intense cravings that they were mentally forcing into submission. All because they were trying to achieve 7.2-7.5+ pH. Remember, you need acid to make a spark. 🙂

    You can have alkalosis just as much as you can have acidosis. The pH swings throughout the day based on anabolic and catabolic states (which cycle every 24 hrs), so within hours your range can move you in and out of “ideal.” The ideal range for urine pH is 6.5 – 7.0, but it’s relational to the saliva pH. I’ve seen people be disallusioned as to their “ideal” pH when in fact the body was so acid, it was alkaline only because it was pulling calcium out of the bones to alkalize and neutralize the acid! It aint’ because they are deficient in Fosamax. Say Hello to Osteoporosis!

    If they went by the “number” you would see that being alkaline in that state is not necessarily a good thing. Bone loss is common today because of the highly acid state we are in. You get someone who eats marginal and they say they have a pH of 7.25, they are in big, big trouble chemically but somehow feel comfortable because Dr. Young says anything above 7+ is “ideal.”

    Of course, these biological terrain concepts are a little much for most people. Eating greens are a great disease prevention method. And if you watch this information and began to become aware and take your pH readings, you are ahead of the curve. You will learn much about your body as you begin to track your pH readings. But if you are trying to balance dis-ease condition, then be sure to explore a bit more deeper than Dr. Young’s philosophy.

    Kevin, always great to bring us great content, whether we agree or not. 🙂

    Blessings and Peace

  34. Guylaine says:

    Great interview as usual.

  35. Rita says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Happy Birthday. I enjoyed today’s program. I have been trying to raise my ph. I was taking a product to do that, but instead, it raised my blood pressure very high. I wish I knew why. I know I have more studying to do…

  36. Marie1225 says:


  37. Jill says:

    That was very interesting if not a tad confusing. I have never had any experience with testing the PH of bodily fluids, it sounds like it would be a good thing to do and I had no idea that acidity causes so much havoc in your body! Happy Birthday too! 🙂

  38. Helena says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!! Thanks for the interview with Dr. Young, I am looking forward to part 2 tomorrow. Kevin I always enjoy and learn so much from your shows, you are awesome! Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  39. Michael T. says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin!

    Thanks for all the good work you do, bringing so many interesting people into our awareness.

    I am familiar with Dr. Young’s work. However, I believe he is deeply mistaken about a few things.

    His main error is in believing that the pH of the urine reflects the pH of the tissues. This makes no sense. The urine is what we are eliminating, and does not reflect the condition of our body’s tissues. We keep what we need and eliminate the rest.

    Obviously, the pH of the urine will almost always be more acidic than the pH of the tissues. Our metabolism generates acidic waste, no matter what we eat. The acid waste is easily eliminated in the urine, and there is no problem.

    This is why people can eat a diet that includes meat and grain and still live to be 100 years old. The acidic breakdown products of this diet are easily eliminated in the acidic urine. There is no acid build-up in the tissues, as long as we drink enough water.

    If the urine pH were the same as the tissue pH, we would all have died a long time ago. Remember all the junk food we ate as kids? We produced a lot of acidic urine and survived just fine.

    Dr. Young is correct when he states that our blood pH must be maintained at right around 7.3. To do this, our bodies dump excess acid in the urine. This is the way our bodies were designed. There is nothing wrong with having acidic urine.

    People can go on severe diets of mostly green vegetables and force their urine pH up to the level of 7.0, but this is really not necessary. Of course greens are good for you, but you don’t have to live on them to the exclusion of just about everything else.

    As long as you are drinking enough water and eating a variety of foods, you will likely live a long and healthy life, and your urine pH could be “acidic” for your full lifetime of 100 years or more.

    And there is no reason to buy a machine for thousands of dollars to “alkalize” your water. If you really want to drink “alkaline” water, just get some potassium carbonate or other alkaline mineral and put a little into your water until it reaches the desired pH level. But I really don’t believe this is necessary. Just eat a good, healthy balanced diet and don’t worry about pH.

    Michael T.

  40. Rachel says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for all you do.

  41. Happy birthday Kevin-what a year you have had and I know you have an exciting year ahead, keep manifesting and sharing. Love to you both.

    Ph testing is awesome, we continue to learn more and be fascinated…

  42. Ed says:

    Balance is great, but Birthdays just keep adding up up up.Have a great one Kevin. The PH miracle by both doctor Youngs lets everyone know oxygen carrying capasity is the primary benifit but logrythems are hard to shift. As a beer-drinking semi meat eater I know people with healthier lifestyles than mine.The friends I speak of ran into a problem before they reached the optimal PH. Their primary health provider is a holistic D.O., and backed them off the P.H. protical they were on, telling them that their cell wall integrity was a problem caused by their diet.I jumped to the low mineral assumption and they told me I was full of beans.I you have seen this problem come up for others could you shed some light on this topic? Thank You, and again celebrate every day as another year. Procrasitination that I practice leads to regreat which I can’t have in my life, so I denial issues. working on it…..

  43. Karen says:

    Happy birthday dear Kevin, happy birthday to you!

    I tested my saliva a few times, and I remember that I wished it was more alkaline, but today’s show was an inspiration to do it more often. Thanks!

  44. Irina says:

    Happy birthday Kevin!!! Hope you’ve had an awesome day!
    Have not had a meaningful experience with measuring ph levels – I find this topic too confusing and full of contradicting advice, except for maintaining optimal ph for the blood that is.

  45. esther says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!!
    Keep up the great work!
    Dr. Young is new to me. Thanks for the info!


  46. Christie says:

    I agree with Michael T. and do not fully trust Dr. Young and his motives. I am leery of authors with testimonials, and I have also read that his credentials and education may be oblique. Testing your pH constantly seems unnecessary and seems to fall in line with weighing your self compulsively. It also seems he is using scare tactics, making it seem as though you are on your death bed if your urine is acidic. Ultimately, all I can take from this man is what I already know, that eating an alkalizing diet with adequate amounts of clean water is essential for health and longevity. It seems most everyone is onboard with Dr. Young and it would be nice to hear some objective views.

    Thanks for all the info!


  47. Deanna says:

    Happy Birthday Kev!!! Mine is coming up Sat. I’ve done some Ph testing in the past. Interesting topic. I have read other books on the topic.


  48. Dawni says:

    Hi Kev…

    I have studied and followed Dr. Young’s protocol and ultimately ended up here exploring High Raw and honoring the wisdom of my body.

    I am after optimal health and feel there are numerous factors involved with realizing a radiant, vital physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.

    I value Dr. Young’s contribution and am still exploring…

    Nice hearing him again and happy to know that I have moved forward with the fruits from his work as I continue my inquiry of what foods and activities support my body. You, Kev play a key role in that quest.

    Happiest of birthdays to a true gem of a guy~


  49. Bernadette says:

    Hello Kevin,

    Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
    Bernadette (Brussels, Belgium)

    PS Have not yet tested my pH – projecting to do so in the very near future

  50. Ruth Daber says:

    I am bias in this matter because I spent a lot of time with Dr Young and also educate others within the findings of his research.

    His book The pH Miracle is called so for a reason… people experience miracles.

    More research needs to be done continuesly… Dr Young in my oppinion is on the right track and needs all the support he can get for his work to help more and more people.

    I personally have experienced the vanishing of headaches, weight loss, better skin, sinuses cleared, I can breathe through my nose now; just to name a few.

    I observe how my body does when I increase raw foods within the pH Miracle diet and outside of it and would agree with most suggestions fully. There is of course an individual preference and need of each person that takes tweeking of aspects.

    I read the pH Miracle 5 years ago and it changed my life in many ways!
    I am very grateful for Dr Young’s work!

  51. Irlanda Borquez says:

    Hi Kevin, Happy Birthday, my question is a simple one, are spinach alcalizing or acidifying because some texts say one thing and others say the opposite, thank you.

  52. Leam says:

    I really enjoyed this show – as well as the many thoughtful comments weighing-in with another perspective.

    I used pH strips a number of years ago after reading something about bringing alkalinity to the body. I never quite understood the numbers and where exactly my pH level was at. I thought his explanation was really comprehensive.

    Thanks, as always, for bringing such interesting information to us all!

  53. Jan says:

    I enjoyed this very much and wish to learn more!
    I especially want to learn more about diet to keep the body in a better Ph balance for optimal health.
    I wish to find out how to get the test strips so I can test myself. Thanks so much. I knew
    already that disease processes enter into the body when ph is too acid.
    Just how to I eat and what do I eat to keep it from doing this?

  54. Brianna says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!! You (and Annmarie) have literally changed my life. I am so greatful… Your outlook on life and health is truly inspiring. You are such a blessing to all of us 🙂 Thank you so much!

  55. Brianna says:

    I forgot to mention what my experience has been like with the pH miracle: It’s been amazing. I’m not exaggerating. I had such terrible trouble with my skin (for the past 10 years) and I tried going raw for a while to fix it, which made it worse than ever. After doing some research on RHS, I realized (because of Kevin’s past skin problem) that I may have a Candida problem. So I did some MORE research, found the pH miracle- bought it, and I’m in the first week after the cleanse. And guys, my skin hasn’t been this clear for months. AND I’m medication free!! I didn’t think it was possible. This ties into why RHS has changed my life- you guys…are…awesome!

    oh, and P.S. I’ve done some serious skin care research in the last few years and I can’t wait to try your skincare line, Annmarie. It looks phenomenal- I just have to save up for it!

  56. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! God bless you and your lovely wife. You both are doing such a good job. You are an inspiration to a lot of people!
    Thank you so much!

  57. Rafael says:

    rawsome interview. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Peace

  58. Alicia Harris says:

    I read a book entitled “The Doctor who Cures Cancer” by Kelley Eidem regarding Dr. Revici who discovered that cancer exists in an imbalanced body, be it too alkaline or too acidic. The goal then is too maintain a balance. He also said that the urine PH fluctuates during the day from slightly acidic to alkaline. And it is this fluctuation that determines if you are healthy. Individuals who are sick are constantly in one state or the other. Dr. Revici also found that surgery causes your body to become alkaline. It is for this reason that people who are acidic and have surgery have a greater chance of survival than those who are already too alkaline. The surgery would then throw the body way off and cause the cancer to spread that much faster. It’s a very interesting read. So, needless to say, I’m confused about all the contradictory information.

  59. nancy says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy 2 U…and many more…..I have read Dr. Youngs books – some info I find helpful, some I do not. Truly sounds like a lot of work and expense ~ I much prefer utilizing the info I get here. I don’t want to make eating and being healthy such a tumultuous event..I want to learn to listen to my body and respect those requests. There’s a saying…Keep It Simple Silly! Nancy

  60. Grace says:


    Thanks for the ph show. Pay no heed to comment #4….the “light up” show was one of my faves! The kids got a kick out if, too.

    Even if some can’t see the bigger picture, every one of your show carries with it a blessing. Someone’s life may need that precise bit of info at that particular moment – even if it’s only one person.

    Cheers and hope you plan on coming up to BC one day!

  61. Wonda says:

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY…..God bless you!

  62. Brian says:

    Very useful information.

    I was surprised that this morning, my pH was about 5.8. Probably I ate too many beans and sunflower seeds the night before.

    Does anyone know what the morning pH is for the average Americans?

  63. Eve says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEVIN, and many-many more!

  64. Genevieve says:


  65. Sean says:

    Hmm my expierence with pH in the body has had a tramendous impact on my life, and in part with great thanks to you. If everyone is doing like you reccamend and incoperating more fruits and veggies into there diet, they are akalizing.I almost forgot pure water distilled by you or the earth, then recharged & arranged by the sun, as been very enlighting expierence.A book I have read and reccamend is Secrets of an Alkaline Body: The New Science of Colloidal Biology by annie and david jubb. Another subject of my expierence has been Fermented foods like kefir & sour crout, they have made a big difference by helping break down and prevent the build up of acids, at least I would like to think so. I almost forgot to mention that my expierence with PH started with gardening and nuturing my plants spicific levels; thus turning my thoughs inward to my own health and PH. It all starts with pure sunshine, pure water, then pure nutients,and I musn’t forget the last essential is pure love for what you do.

  66. Muhamad Al ktifan says:

    Thank you for the interview . Kindly help specify the final outcomes that viewers need to abide by or to be advised to follow.
    Sorry to suggest an example :
    cancer exists in an imbalanced body too alkaline or too acidic.
    We have to maintain a balance or try keep it alkaline or acidic.
    The urine or blood PH determines if you are healthy or not.
    If the interview could be more brief stating only the findings as seen by the interviewd.
    Details could cause confusion.
    Thank you again for your huge efforts and sorry for any misunderstanding and inconveniences.

  67. Gayle says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!

    I also tend to agree with Michael T. I have read the pH Miracle, and use the test strips. My flatmate uses them also, but does it mostly for fun, to watch the colors change on the strip.

    I have a friend who is in cancer re-mission (3rd year), read Dr. Young’s book (about a year ago) and now believes that taking the green powder in water and eating mostly raw will cure him completely. A live test study I can actually observe, and not read out of a case study. If you take green powder in water to force your pH level higher, is it beneficial? How much of it is psychological? If you want a green powder in water to cure your cancer, is you belief system strong enough to cure it?

    I’d like to thank your viewers (this time Alicia and KC) who suggest books to read on this blog. Some I have already read and some I have checked out from my local library.

    Thanks for sharing.

  68. Cindy (Sydney, Australia) says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin.
    Loved the show but got a bit confused at the end. I have always wanted to but never have tested my PH. I will look into buying the strips. I wanted to mention that I have been under the care of a naturopath for the past 4 months or so and been ona restrictive diet (no wheat, gluten, meat, sugar, processed foods, dairy etc) and have not gotten the positive benefits she predicted. She also has had me drinking lemon juice in warm water first thing every morning (to cleanse liver & helps bowels) and made sure to tell me to brush my teeth straight after. I have been having terrible trouble with sensitivity and pain in my teeth for the past few months and thought I had a cavity. Yesterday I was shocked to learn that i have eroded away alot of the enamel from my teeth and the “cavity” is actually an unprotected nerve canal ending that has been exposed due to me brushing away the enamel and causing a concavement in my tooth. It turns out that the acidity of the lemon juice softens the enamel & brushing straight away is just wearing it away. I thought I was doing something “Good & healthy” for my body and instead I have caused another problem. This healthy lifestlye is such a challenge and it just goes to show that what is good for one is not good for another. it also shows that you cannot always trust what the “experts” or “professionals” ,that we turn to, all the time as they can be wrong. All we can do is listen, assess for ourselves and try different things and trust our own instincts and intuition. I am upset to have caused myself this major problem with my teeth but i put my trust in what the naturopath said so this has been a big learning lesson for me.
    Thanks again and have a wonderful, fantastic Birthday. Best wishes from sunny Sydney, Australia.

  69. Connie says:

    I homeschooled my kids for several years and one time we needed pH strips for an experiment so we hunted high and low for them. Could not find them anywhere! I’d like to try again now since listening to Dr. Young. (Must listen again, sounded so important.) I recently read an article that is being circulated by email that explained how one could drink specific amounts of baking soda dissolved in cool water to deal with various health problems. That sounded so simple and within my budget, but I am wondering if it is really true. Could it be so simple? Is there a danger of overdoing it? I would really like to hear more about this!

    Thanks, Kevin, and HB.


  70. Rosa says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

  71. Rich says:

    Hey Kevin, this was a great interview and lead me to wonder what are your and all you out there’s thoughts on Kangen water filters that supposedly keep your Ph balance right. I’m curios to try one but the prices are pretty steep. Do these or similar filters have any benefit toward Dr. Young’s philosphy? Thanks.

    Also, where do we get these test strips?

  72. Page says:

    I test my urine every morning, first thing. I had a lump in one of my perotid glands that, since I’ve been eating more alkaline food, has disappeared. Eating a vegan, raw foods diet is the best way to eat an alkaline diet.

  73. Ann says:

    Dear Kevim,

    Your PH Miracle show rates right up there with my very most favorite show, your interview with Charlotte Gerson. Thank you.

    I love the videos because I can listen to them while I prepare food or do dishes. I adore information. Thank you for sharing in the wonderful video blog medium.


  74. Gloria says:

    To Cindy in Sydney: I have practised the pH Miracle protocols for over 8 years now with excellent results and have been drinking lemon in warm water in morning and any time of day I’m not drinking Green drink for over 20 yrs without any problems! Sounds like you should dilute lemon drink more. I cut 1/2 whole lemon & pour hot water over in mug.
    May I suggest that you read The pH Miracle and follow the protocols. You appear to have deleted a no of acidic foods but have you :
    1) Done a thorough cleanse to get rid of all the old decaying waste?
    2) Drink 2+ litres pure filtered water daily?
    3) Eat lots of organic, mostly raw salad veges?
    4) Take high quality nutritional supplements to ensure you get sufficient nutrition to heal your body?
    5) Exercise?

    We have all pH Miracle supplements in NZ if you’re interested.


  75. zyxomma says:

    As a holistic health educator, I’ve been recommending The pH Miracle for years. When I worked as a colonic hydrotherapist, I had most of my clients (most of whom were acidic) read it as a first step to becoming healthy. Dr. Young and Shelley rock! Many of my clients were basically healthy people who just needed a little more education. For them, I recommended following the pH Miracle program strictly for five days a week, with a 2-day (consecutive) “weekend” during which they could eat and drink what they liked. With a few rare exceptions, their weekend choices changed as their bodies became accustomed to feeling well. Instead of drinking a pot of coffee, or having bacon and eggs for breakfast, they found themselves craving salad and avocado! I always shared my live food recipes with them, recommended restaurants and shops where they could experience gourmet live, organic cuisine, and gave them my recipe for what to keep on hand when they were hungry OR thirsty: alkalized, blessed water with slices of cucumber and/or lime and/or lemon. Yum. Happy (belated) birthday to Kevin, and health and peace to all. Blessings to Ann Marie, Kevin, and Robert and Shelley Young.

  76. greg says:

    So I went to Young’s website and did some browsing, what is up with his 9,900.00 fee for a one day, yes ONE day session. Sure okay you get some blood work and some supplements (better attach a trailer full when I leave), and I’m sure a little of what he said on this video. Not to offend the Young followers, but this is the type of arrogance and greed that is fueling the current, failed western medical paradigm, hopefully your approach works a little better but My God, show a little compassion in your price, seems like you just want celebrities coming in to make you rich. Whats up with that?

  77. Rich says:

    I know what you mean, something has to change to do with this health revolution being being aimed at the rich. You see it everywhere, the most obvious being the cost of organic fruits (think whole foods). I’d like to see some videos explaining this!

  78. Rich says:

    I know what you mean, something has to change to do with this health revolution being being aimed at the rich. You see it everywhere, the most obvious being the cost of organic fruits (think whole foods, 8 dollar pineapples, 10 dollar watermelons, etc). I’d like to see some videos explaining this!

  79. Mark Brend says:

    in english please!

    what is my HP doing, when and why?


  80. David says:

    This small comment, which is meant in an absolutely constructive and friendly manner. This measure of the acidity/alkalinity of water is ‘pH’. pH. pH. It is not Ph or PH. There is actually debate about the origin of the term, some say is means ‘power of hydrogen’, others say it was invented by a French scientist who called it ‘puissance d’hydrogen’, where the French work puissance means strength. The theory of the chemistry of water, which includes the auto-ionization of water, acids and bases, neutralization reactions, and buffers is actually fascinating. I’ve been a chemist for more than two decades and I still get excited when it comes time to try to help a new batch of students understand it.

    Best regards, David

  81. annie says:

    I drink lemon juice in a cup of water every time I eat to keep by ph levels. Is that wrong? your thoughts Kevin.


  82. Ross says:

    Hey Kevin

    Great work on the vids! It’s awesome to hear some more folks spreading the good work about the alkaline diet. I love this approach to health so much because it just makes so much sense!

    I’ve got my own interview with Dr Young here in case you are interested:


    And, Annie – yep, this is a good idea. While you might think that lemons are acidic (citric acid) they actually have a very alkalising effect on the body once consumed. In fact – this is a really important point to note with the alkaline diet – it is not the acidity or alkalinity in the foods natural state that is the most important, but its acidity/alkalinity once metabolised by the body.

    Lemon is very rich in minerals that are highly alkaline once metabolised and is also very low in sugar, meaning that it has a nice alkalising, cleansing effect on the body.

    I hope this makes sense!

    All the best

  83. Garry Noah says:

    I drink kangen water, (alkalanized,electrolytic, structured water). I have done so for six weeks.
    My gout is gone, my esophageal reflux is gone, my blood pressure is down, my weight is down!
    I expect more long term results as my experience with kangen water increases.
    Garry Noah

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