Kudos to Paul Nison and Victoria Boutenko – The Renegade Health Show Episode #454

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There’s a buzz in the raw food world…

Paul Nison and Victoria Boutenko have both recently shared information that some in the raw food world feel is surprising. Some of you guys want to know our thoughts…

What does it mean to the raw food movement?

(I’ve noticed recently that Paul also has a surprisingly full beard just like me, LOL!)

Check it out…

Your question of the day: Did you raise your hand? LOL!

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Tonja says:

    Hands raised! Thanks for your healthy, reasonable, rational response!

  2. Dede says:

    Yep 🙂 – – I raised my hand (eeeeeasy question of the day 🙂 )…hugs, Dede

  3. Sara says:

    Yes! I did! 🙂

  4. Doug from Dallas says:

    Great show guys, absolutely raised my hand. Had a quick thought for 2010 topic. Since you’ve covered the Gerson DVDs, about a show around coffee enemas? Been exploring this one heavily lately, sounds like its worth a shot! Thanks, /Doug.

  5. KellyB says:

    Of course I raised my hand!!! 😛 My husband raised his hand too and he was across the room just listening!!

    I am happy to hear what your thoughts are on this subject. I am new to the raw food movement….about 4 months, but I have had a feeling I would never be 100% raw for the rest of my life. And I didn’t feel bad about it, but it’s still nice to be validated. So, thank you guys!

  6. Leam says:

    The pair of you are do delightful! I hope you don’t mind me saying that Annemarie’s eyes looked so lovely and mesmerizing in this video. Her skincare all packaged up looks lovely as well.

    Yes, my hand was way up!

    All the best ~

  7. Ron Williams says:

    Raised my hand. Just read Doug’s comment. I had cancer. Discovered Gerson Therapy. Got a set of all the videos they have produced along with all Gerson books. I followed GT for a few weeks, except for caffeine enemas. Just couldn’t make myself do that. Wife and I went to California and Mexico, met with Charlotte (LOVELY woman). Gerson Therapy works on all degenerative disease. GT is a focused expression of The China Study by T Colin Campbell. It works. Great if each of us could do GT for 30 day fasts once per year.

  8. Kathryn says:

    When you find yourself on the side of the majority its time to reform. -Mark Twain

  9. Connie says:

    Kevin! It was not necessarily the goat cheese that made you feel bad–it was because you ate the whole block! (Not saying I wouldn’t have done the same thing…just saying…)

  10. Toni G. says:

    I totally agree, it’s not all about being raw, in fact I just wrote about it on my blog yesterday. It’s more important to be unprocessed. If we can stay 100% unprocessed fresh living food, it doesn’t matter if it’s raw or cooked. It’s not about being a strict vegan. Just make sure you feel good. I raise both my hands!!!!

  11. Lois Kubota says:

    I raised my hand! We all have the same desire in life: to find hapiness. And happiness is found when you feel good, whether it’s optimal health or spirituality or relationships.

  12. Corrine says:

    I raised my hand 🙂 I learned that 100% raw didn’t work for me. I was putting too much strain on my adrenals. Adding a little healthy, cooked dish every now and then seems to be better on my body. I raise my glass of green lemonade every morning to optimal health!

    PS- thanks for putting the camera on a tripod today. Sometimes I get a little motion sickness when the camera moves too much during cooking videos,so then i just listen to the video if i cant watch it. i always enjoy them no matter what though.
    keep up the great work.

  13. Moira says:

    Of course I raised my hand! So glad that people are willing to be honest! Would you please do an episode on Aajonas Vonderplanitz? I know some people would not appreciate it, but I am curious and he IS raw!

    Thanks for all your hard work. I love how you enjoy what you are doing!

  14. David says:

    Yep, hand way up.

    I have found it helpful to pause when someone states an absolute (vi sharing an idea). Maybe it is a sixth sense smelling ‘fear’ or the sale of ‘fear’.

    People who share ideas ‘know’ that everyone is unique (be genes and by biography), and that information is just that – to be interpreted, applied and studied when the student is ready.

    There is at least one thing in nature that is constant: change. If you are stiff in your thinking it could lead to stiffness or resistance in life.

    I think this quote sums it up well (to which I added the ‘[absolutely]’):

    “Those who know, do not speak [absolutely]. Those who speak [absolutely], do not know.” -Lao Tzu

  15. christydarling says:

    Hi, My first video from you guys since I signed up for your daily e-news letter/videos.

    I’m about 8 months into doing raw food. I guess you can say I’m transitioning, but I’m definately 90% raw. I KNOW that I am on the right path for me and I am in the process of figuring out what My body needs. I am very grateful that I am learning to listen to my body speak to me and more greatful that I am learning to listen and follow through.

    I have to admit I get a bit confused with so many views of RAW, but am also glad that we have the freedom to find our own paths and applaud everyone on finding theirs and sharing their experiences with us. What I feel I can use from that I will and what does not feel right for me, I’ll tuck away in my memories and maybe it will be something I can use in the future.

    I was very anxious for instant health and while I know that all I am doing is good and useful for good health, it seems slow in coming, but now I know I’m in this journey for a lifetime and GREAT HEALTH IS ON THE WAY!

    Thanks for your impact on my journey, I do need good information and encouragment to stick with it EVERY day and you certainly provide that for me!

    Love and Blessings!

  16. May Blom says:

    Yes, I raised my hand! So true about how each one of us is different and has to keep experimenting as to what works best for us! Listening to our body really tells us what works and doesn’t. I know after making dishes with nuts over the holiday that my body really doesn’t do too well on fats. During the cold winter in Colorado I find the need for some warm dishes like soup, tea, and hot chocolate so 100% raw does not work for me but if it works for others that’s great for them!

  17. Dr Ritamarie says:

    I raised my hand.

    Thanks for exploring this issue…

    I do see people in my practice for whom all raw doesn’t work well, for whatever reason, and they do better when they add steamed greens or some lentil soup or quinoa.

    It’s not a religion. Cooked food is not poison. You have to figure out for yourself what works and what doesn’t. If you eat a food and you find yourself craving more and feeling bad afterwards, it’s a sign that that food doesn’t work for you…cooked or raw…like Kevin’s cheese experiment.

    I think its so important for us as teachers to keep it real. Right on! 100% vibrantly healthy all the time is what I’m after!

    Love, Health and Gratitude,

    Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

  18. Karen Pringle says:

    Hand up over here, I found after taking Pamela Master’s classes in Santa Cruz around 1986, the time I learned of the teachings of Abraham and after getting to know John Robbins, that I strived as a 20 something to become “pure” that was then… The closer I got to long term 100% raw and I did also a daily exercise, etc. reading, high spiritual values (never religious), I got quite etheric. This is kinda what I’m seeing in you Kevin. There are layers of the energy body and when mind and body are optimum it is harder to *resonate or vibes* the mainstream vibe. Does this make sense?

    And, I so agree with the earlier writer, AnneMarie looked so beautiful, especially today.

    the light in me shines to the light in you…all

  19. esther says:

    I raised my hand too!
    I also raised both my hands to not preaching one dogma! Yes! The world really is a better place when there are a lot of different perspectives to gather knowledge and grow wisdom from.
    Last thought is that Ann Marie you are a true beauty! Your constant smiling is very contagious as I wind up do the same thing every time I see you do it! You should start a raw models business! Kevin you’re a cutie too with that fab personality of yours! I really can’t wait to the babies you both make 😉
    in gratitude,

  20. Maria says:

    Of course!!!!:-)
    Annmarie you looked soooo beautiful today.

  21. Jessic a says:

    I raised my hand and waved at you as if you could see me. LOL. Great show guy. Annmaie you do look great and Kevin I love the beard it totally suites you.

  22. Jill says:

    Hi Kevin and Annemarie, I definitely raised both my hands! The show was so cute and awesome today! Annemarie’s skincare line looks so pretty all boxed up! I want it! 🙂 About 100 percent raw and the like…I think people should approach it however it is best for them, be it 80 90 100 percent raw or whatever! Like you guys said, its about feeling great all of the time and not being (insert term here)!
    Thanks for another great show! 😀

  23. Gupi says:

    Annmarie is SO sweet! 🙂

  24. Steve says:

    Thanks guys as always for your rational approach.

    In the end the only thing that will definitively tell us what works and what does is good research. We know what our theories and ideas are.. now its time to put them to the test with the scientific method!

    With no other agenda then to find the truth.

    Have fun guys!

  25. hyesun says:

    hurray for wanting to feel good all the time!

    moira, i loosely follow aajonus v – i try to eat my organic grassfed meat raw (i love the taste, actually!) when i eat it, which isn’t very often. meat is way easier to digest when eaten raw, and the grassfed organic stuff is really healthy. i eat at least one raw egg everyday. raw cheese and raw fats. and lots of raw wild alaskan salmon. pickled herring, anchovies, and sardines (all raw). when i eat this way i don’t have cravings, because i need animal protein. otherwise if i eat 100% vegan, i have lots of cravings and feel deprived and unsatisfied, and then i end up bingeing. i do drink LOTS of fresh veggie juice and do lots of blended and regular salads everyday too. 🙂 anyway, i admire paul nison for his honesty – i saw his video on youtube when he told the world he wasn’t a raw vegan anymore. and kevin and annmarie, i agree with you that’s it’s no biggie.

  26. Lola says:

    Raised both my hands too!
    About your goat cheese experiment…I agree that your problem might not have been the cheese per se’ but that you ate the whole block in short order. Some of us tend to be addictive personalities. I know I am. I’m glad I never got into alcohol and tobacco because I fear I’d be hopelessly addicted (though I intensely abhor those addictions). I have trouble having dark chocolate (60% cacao–and above) in my house because I just can’t leave the stuff alone!!! Milk chocolate never tempts me, but I easily overdo on dark. Unprocessed foods? YES! All raw? If it works for you. Doesn’t for me, though more raw in my diet has greatly helped. Love you guys!

  27. Bob Hedges says:

    Both hands raised! Even though raw food is the best kind of food to eat, the raw food diet is not the best diet for most people. There are many minerals in foods that people do not eat raw that the body desperately needs because of the mineral depletion of the soil. We need a wide variety of minerals. Also, many people do not have the body chemistry to properly digest raw vegetables. My website http://www.Re-Minealize.com talks about the importance of minerals and how to check body chemistry. As humans, we are “belongers” and sometimes get caught up in the “labels”. So being healthy and feeling good is more important than being “raw”.

  28. Karen Jackson says:

    Yep, I raised my hand. I also agree with you about Paul and Victoria. I’m just glad to hear someone else publicly come out and say so. All of you – Kevin, Annmarie, Paul and Victoria – are very admirable. We are so very lucky that you take time to share your knowledge with us. Thanks!

  29. Joan says:

    My hand is up too…I think that what we eat or not eat is an individual choice. We are all given the power of choice and should have the priviledge of exercising it. That said, I truly believe the body was not designed to eat flesh foods, but occasional eggs keep me satisfied – I definitely feel better staying away from dairy, other than occasional ice cream – my comfort food! I thrive on fruits & veggies, nuts/seeds and legumes, but sometimes just need a little something for a “treat”…I strive for mostly raw vegan, but don’t have a major desire to ever be 100% raw – but who knows, one day at a time…

  30. I raised my hand! Thank you so much for doing this show, you guys ROCK! I am so happy with the honesty and openness that we are seeing in our community, and thank you two for spreading it further. I wrote about my shift in diet during pregnancy which is up here for those interested : http://beautifulbabyrain.wordpress.com/yummies/

    Kevin and Annemarie have nailed it with their attitude of “it is not about raw food, it is about feeling awesome all of the time!”
    Love you guys and the work you are doing, Katrina Rainoshek

  31. Deborah Gordon says:

    Yup, I raised my hand! haha

  32. hugo says:

    i did
    but i had a date in it while searching about low glycimic diet,
    ye, we all have our experiece moments

    thanks annmarie and kevin

  33. Nicole says:

    Didn’t raise my hand, as I was typing with one and drinking tea with the other, but I gave an affirmative “um-hm!” to you;-)

    I think it’s sort of ridiculous how some people are upset and freaking out over Paul and Victoria “coming out” about not being raw/vegan. It sound silly just writing it!

    I think what you said summarizes the main point: it’s about 100% health, not 100% raw

    (or vegan, although I realize some people are inspired to be vegan for animal rights reasons not just health reasons, and I respect that.)

  34. Ray Deckert says:

    My hand is up. Since my teens,Ive been what I like to say a seeker after optimum health much like you, which has taken me down different paths ie, Paul Bragg,Bob Hoffman,Herbert Shelton and most recently I became a health minister with Hallelujah Acres two days after you were there. It seems that there are people on all different kinds of diets that who report good results.. Jordan Ruban makes a good case for eating some animal foods. For me , the hallelujah diet is a happy balance and I do feel good. Thanks!

  35. Cindy in Marin says:

    I raised my hand too! I tried raw goat cheese this week (only 1/2 block each time) and had no bad effects, first cheese in over 2 years! It’s so freeing to experiment what works best for me and even though I consider myself raw vegan for the most part, I still enjoy a simple steamed grain (or dare I say it- a taste of SAD food I’ve prepared for my family) from time to time on a really cold day.

    I’m finally starting to believe you can be very healthy without being 100% raw. It’s so easy to get caught up in the dogma like you say.

  36. Kim says:


    Very wise…..

  37. nick says:

    Hands up 4 me its not just about physical health but more important is mental health; That is part of the reason why I am not 100% raw. I like to enjoy a vegan meal with friends and or relatives if part of it is cooked it is OK. But I can not contribute to the exploitation and abuse of any living creature. I can survive fine being a vegan who eats mainly raw food. That works 4 me physically and mentally. What others do is their business I do prefer to support those that do not abuse or promote abusing other living creatures but in terms of being 100% raw or 75% raw who cares ?

  38. Erin says:

    Yes! Kudos to Paul Nison and Victoria Boutenko! And to you Kevin and Annmarie. I think I often perceive an attitude in many raw fooders that all RAW is THE WAY, and that if you’re doing anything less you’re somehow less than them; they probably don’t mean to come across that way. From my experience and knowledge to date I believe high raw is optimal though, however I also believe the journey to that point is different because we’re all different. The way I see it, people need ultimately to discover by educating themselves and by trying different things, what works best for them. Regardless of what anyone else espouses and regardless even of what works for them, how you feel from something pretty much sums it up. I’ve found that when you go with what works natural changes, advances, and growth take place and it becomes a really fun, interesting journey that kind of takes on a life of its own. It seems that trying to make a formula up of what someone else finds to work or based on what someone else thinks is perfect or ideal is pretty futile and can get you stuck in a rut too. I know, I’ve succumb to that mindset. Instead I think it’s wise to take cues from one another, observe how WE respond to whatever we’re trying, and then build and refine our approach based on each discovery. That’s my approach so far and I’m much happier and feel much better for it. 🙂

  39. STeLLa says:

    YeS i DiD! LoLzzz!! you guys are soooo fun!


  40. steve says:

    I’m after 100% optimal health, too! But for some weird reason I didn’t PHYSICALLY raise my hand at that moment!

    Well I just “officially” did it!

    Thanks for all your work!

  41. kt says:

    Thanks, again, for a wonderful few minutes! I raised my hand. As for the content of this episode, you and AnnMarie have ALWAYS emphasized that it’s about what works for each individual, and I do love that about you two! I wish many people had the same approach, that is, appreciating that we are all different. I think it shows in the wonderful comments your fans have left, too, that many of them feel the same way. Keep the inspiration AND information coming!

  42. ron venne says:

    Nope. No need. I’m heading toward my 57th birthday and have yet to experience any sickness whatsoever. The older I get, the more amazing it is getting to be. I have many thoughts on the subject if you’re interested.

  43. I agree that it’s great that they dare to speak the truth. It can’t be an easy thing to admit such a thing while being a role model for so many people and having created a business around the lifestyle. But it sure is better to be honest in the long run.

    I mean it’s just a small change in practice really, but it’s a huge change in terms of mindset in my opinion.

    I’m not all that sure about the honesty in Pauls reasoning behind using dairy though. To me it seems like he got addicted to it and tries to defend his addiction.
    Knowing how highly addictive dairy, and especially cheese is, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case.

    What cooked food does Victoria eat by the way? I didn’t catch that interview.

  44. lala says:

    I didn’t raise my hand… but I screamed wwooooo!!! So… I use that word all the time too ;)… AWESOME vid!!! thank You!!! <3

  45. Guylaine says:

    I AGREE SO MUCH with what you said. We can bring raw foods to the level of religion and becomes inflexible. I’m not 100 percent anything. And I like it that way. I try to go with what makes sense to me. being vegan is more for environmental and ethical reasons. I don’t think I’d hurt myself with eating some organic raw cheese. I however do enjoy sunflower cheese when I want something cheesy. we have a responsibility to ourselves, for our words and the planet.
    There’s so much more than diet to health although diet is very important. I raise my hands for feeling great all the time. Stiving for optimal health includes body and mind, relationships, and self-development. Health is a magnificent journey into ourselves and into the wonder of nature.
    Kudos, Annmarie and Kevin. You’re doing a great job!

  46. Victoria says:

    I, Victoria, and my husband, Paul, are not 100% raw (haha) and yes, I raised my hand up as though you could see me.I’ve been “majority raw” for about 4 months now, love it, but hate that feeling of “failure” if I eat something I cook for the kids(who are majority raw too, but don’t juice-feast). I’m sure I will find my own way that makes me feels good all the time, whether it’s 100% raw or not.

  47. Brian says:

    I prefer optimal health but I find it very hard to consistently feel great even though everything is organic.

    Probably the best thing is to rotate your foods frequently. For example, alternate between the types of seeds and nuts everyday so that certain minerals like zinc and calcium are balanced.

    Very few animals (even monkeys) would probably avoid eating animal products and insects
    Humans and monkeys also have the taste receptor umami which detects the “meaty” taste.

  48. Rae says:

    Did Victoria say why she’s no longer 100% raw? Since she wrote her famous book about 12 steps to overcoming cooked food addiction, I’m very curious about her reasons. She has written a lot about the incredible health benefits she and her family have enjoyed, including Igor’s astounding endurance while performing pushups, so is she now saying adding cooked food has improved their health even more? I know that she is a highly intelligent and dedicated researcher, so it’s hard to imagine she has added cooked food without a compelling reason.

  49. Borealis says:

    Hand way up and a shout out, thanks for keeping things real, down to earth, and inspiring.

    Green Blessings & Peace! Linsay

  50. raymond says:

    i raised my hands.good show and honesty is what it’s all about.(except in tigers case,lol) that was’nt nice sorry tiger.lol

  51. Elena says:

    Yes! The best diet for each individual helps make that person feel great. We are each is at the helm of discovering what is ideal for ourselves, through trial and error. Thanks for sharing your goat cheese experiment. I know that cheese is addictive for me, raw or not, so I don’t need that particular experiment personally, I already know. I am still trying to upgrade my diet to one that doesn’t trigger my personal overeating tendencies.
    I aprreciated the many positive comments already made. What a great group of folks responding.
    And thanks to both of you lovelies, Annmarie and Kevin for sharing this with your passionate energy and desire to help people find their own true path
    diet-wise .

    Paul and Victoria are far from the only raw foodists that are not 100% raw.

    Since someone asked, I will say that I heard Victoria B state in a recent interview that she eat steamed kale a couple of times a month.
    Shea Lynn Baird organized 2 raw chef panels (among many other great shows) at Cafe Gratitude which were so informative. (Kudos to Shea.)
    Anyway, I only bring this up to share that several of these folks though high raw, still ate cooked food occasionally.
    Cherie Soria- Founder of Living Light Institute – she still eats plain beans prepared with love by her 90 something year old father on occasion.. For her it is a sacred communion between them to share this food from their culture. She also enjoys air popped popcorn a couple of times a month or so.
    Melissa “Mango” stated that she was eating raw goats cheese and free range eggs during her pregnancy.
    Gabrielle Brick – eats an italian eggplant dish cooked by her grandmother, and also eats cooked food for dinner at times when she feels cold. Like sweet potato etc. She feels totally fine.
    3 others from the raw chef panel also were not 100% raw but I don’t remember their names.
    Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida has also stated that he occasionally dines on up to 20% of cooked foods, particularly in cold weather or while traveling.

    Bless the food you eat with thanks and follow your bliss!

    Blessings to you both,


  52. Stormie in Bulverde says:

    I raised my hand. My two cents on raw food – Having the freedom to enjoy a little cooked healthy whole food from time to time probably helps most folks eat more raw foods anyway because they don’t feel bound and restricted. As we learn more enjoyable ways to prepare foods with out damaging heat we find that we no longer need some of the old cooked to death stuff we used to want to eat. Also, I only know of 2 other people in my circle of friends/family that eat much raw food at all. I think we need to consider the greater good and leave ourselves some options for times of fellowship with cooked fooders at a meal. It can be very offensive when someone has sacrificed time and resources to prepare a meal you won’t eat because after all it’s not raw enough or vegan enough. I watched the videos from the Vibrant Living Expo and was imagining a wonderful world where we all grow and eat organic whole foods and then it hit me; “what will happen if no one eats any of the animals?” That is a scary thought. Not saying we should eat meat, but WOW, it is a perspective that needs to be considered? I’m sure all the vegans purists have an answer. I’d love to hear about that on one of your shows some time.
    Thanks for giving me permission to enjoy my hot herb teas, Aaaahhh!

  53. Dawni says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie…

    You BOTH look happy and healthy!

    I actually jumped up off my seat with my right hand up and my left almost up (injured). Listen, I’ve written a bit about the extremism in the Raw community and so appreciate all 47 comments posted ahead of my own.

    Victoria eats some steamed spinach once a month or so…that’s it.
    I heard the interview.

    I had a lifelong cheese addiction and am happier without it for now. I did transition to raw dairy before eliminating it altogether. It’s nice to know there are raw options out there for dairy, if I should ever decide to I’d like to re-introduce dairy into my life.

    Optimum health is a layered journey — so many of you have said it better than I can. I feel that if I were in a pristine environment my body would give up the quinoa, new potatoes, and lentils that I add to my diet severals times per week. However, without a pristine environment a little mucous is protective.

    High Raw keeps me on track when I travel abroad. It can be challenging in some parts of the world. My emphasis is on unprocessed, organic food.

    For me, it is about optimum health so that I can fulfill my life’s purpose.

    Thanks for the exchange.. it matters. I hope we do some exploration on our food chain. Affordable organic food is something we need to explore and work toward, I feel.

    QUESTION FOR KEVIN — What are your thoughts about taking supplements to achieve a stomach pH of 2.0? I understand 2.0 is the suggested level. Is there a test for stomach acid levels?


  54. Marianne says:

    You two are just too cute. I love listening to your show. Keep up the good work.

  55. Joe says:

    Sorry, I think Paul Nison is awesome, but the only time I would drink goat’s milk is during foreplay.

  56. Linzi says:

    Question for Kevin and Ann
    What do you think of Doug Grahams diet advice? Do you follow it? What cooked foods do you eat and how much?

  57. Nancy Zare says:

    When I first began using quality food supplements, I was convinced that Everyone with a capital E had to do the same. How could a person enjoy good health unless he/she took these various essential nutrients?! I was taken aback when I saw people reject this proposition, yet continued to hold firm, even dogmatically to that idea.

    I have since mellowed and realized that each person is unique and has his/her own requirements for optimal health. I encourage individuals to keep an open mind and explore all possibilities. If one approach didn’t bring complete satisfaction and well-being, then do seek out other protocols.

    So the fact that these two gurus in the raw community are experimenting with other food choices takes courage. I applaud them.

    As for me, I recently made a choice to eat 100% living foods (this past July), and although I have given myself permission to eat other things, when checking internally I have declined. I prefer and choose to eat uncooked, unprocessed vegan foods for today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll change my mind. Happily, my body seems to be thriving and so I’ll continue to listen intuitively to what I need. I hope each person has the courage to follow that path. It’s not easy to stay open, to keep inquiring, to keep seeking. So much easier to make and adhere to rigid rules.

  58. Turil says:

    I think that no one is perfect. I think honesty is the only way to go. And I think that everyone should go completely raw with a truly high raw diet (100 raw, and only the HIGHEST quality raw foods) at least for a month, so that they know what it feels like. If you can’t keep eating that highest quality raw for any reason, that’s ok, but at least try it.

    I have a hard time staying high raw or even 100% raw, but at least I have a goal, and know that it’s the healthiest for me, because there simply is no scientific proof anywhere that cooking adds anything useful to food, and because I’ve actually done it and I felt more amazing than ever before. 🙂

    So do aim for a high raw diet (only the absolute best raw food going into your body), and then go lower raw if you need to. But at least AIM high, and be ok with wherever you land.

  59. I really appreciate his episode because, I struggled with trying to be 100% and couldn’t and would binge on junk and now that I focus on High Raw I can enjoy healthy cooked instead of crappy cooked. What was really cute was AnnMarie saying it’s about feeling good. Everytime I tried to get my Hubby to committ with me he’d say: “I’m committed to Feeling Good” and so I adopted that.


  60. Liz says:

    I thrive on a high raw diet but recognize that eberyone is individual in their dietary needs. I think that it’s important to always follow your instinct with food. People have different biological requirements for nutrition. Assuming that one diet would suffice for everyone is ludicrous in my opinion. That being said, I’d like to comment on dairy products. I have had a real addiction to them for a long time. Thankfully, I now am dairy free and want to stay that way. Dairy has casomorphine, a naturally occurring substance that encourages addictive tendencies. This knowledge has helped me “cut loose” of the dairy cravings.

  61. Suzanne says:

    My computer wasn’t working well, so I missed Victoria’s interview. I really wanted to hear what she had to say.

    Regarding the comment by Ron Venne as he approaches 57, “The older I get, the more amazing it is getting to be,” Ron, I love your attitude. I am 51, and the older I get, the more alive and aware I am, wanting to learn and experience so much more in life. Maybe it’s true that life begins at 50, or maybe we have just been through so many hardships by then that we appreciate life and the people in our lives more. My motto: Life is a journey … enjoy it. I would be interested in hearing more from Ron.

    Kevin and Annmarie, please keep up the good work. I love your smiling, radiant faces and optimistic spirits.

    Be well.

  62. OM says:

    Listen to the wisdom of your body and you will know what to eat and when. Needs change over time, you may be vegan 100% raw and then need to add cooked food or even dairy some years down the line.

    I had been raw vegan for several years and then while traveling I was sitting in a restaurant and I saw a man eating an egg and I craved that egg so badly. Didn’t eat one then but the craving kept coming up so finally did eat some eggs. No problem we have to be willing to change as our bodies needs change in order to be as healthy as possible.

    I find that I prefer a raw diet in spring, summer and autumn with some cooked food in winter. There have been winters when I have kept a raw diet with no problem but these days I like soup after my salad….all good.

  63. Michael T. says:

    Kevin and Ann Marie,

    I totally agree that we should eat what helps us to feel great. Thanks for giving us some words of common sense.

    Kevin, your experiment with goat cheese was poorly done. Combining cheese with cucumbers is terrible food combining. Your stomach probably would have been fine if you had a smaller amount of the cheese with lettuce and celery.

    Cucumbers are a very watery, semi-sweet fruit that digest really fast. They should never be combined with concentrated fat and protein foods, which need a long time to digest. If you tried to eat cucumbers with a lot of nuts you would also get an upset stomach.

    To give cheese a fair shot, try sprinkling some on your green salad some time (without cucumbers, tomatoes or peppers). Cheese can be a delightful addition to a meal if it is properly combined and eaten in moderation.

    Also, our bodies tend to stop making enzymes to digest foods that we don’t eat for a long time. If you eat cheese on a regular basis, your body will make the enzymes needed to break it down. If you take a long break from it and then have it again, you won’t have the right enzymes and it will probably give you a stomach ache. So, when re-introducing a food you haven’t had in a long time, eat just a small amount at first, and over a period of time gradually increase the amount. That would give the food a fair test.

    Nice to see your smiling faces again.

    Michael T.

  64. Elaine says:

    Sure did have my hand raised!! I’ve been 60-90% raw for the past year. It’s working for me but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. I feel better than ever so I’ll continue on this path for now. To each his own……
    Great show again, Guys!!

  65. Jehan Sandra Salem says:

    I did raised my hand! I love you guys you make it look so easy. I hope I’ll meet you some day!

    Love to both of you. And sending a lot of patience to you mom, Kev.

  66. Mike says:

    So where is this that you heard that Paul Nison and Victoria Boutenko have said this?

    I know I will get bashed for this but when I was 100% and first getting into it, I watched and listened to the Boutenko’s quite a bit and you know what I found them really kinda wacky. I mean in one interview the daughter talks about when they started going raw and drank orange juice day and night and her brothers teeth, which had rotted away, miraculously grew back.

    Plus I don’t know anyone who is raw and that overweight.

    I don’t know why people in this post are applauding them when they should be outing them as snake oil salesmen.

  67. Joe (#46), LOVED your comment. That made my day.

    Kevin and Annmarie, I -started- to raise my hand and then thought, wait a minute, they can’t see me! LOL!

    Re: dogmatic approaches… You know, this is why I’m so interested in Daniel Vitalis’ work. He used to be a raw vegan for years and then realized that he needed to start adding back in some animal products. Of course, he really emphasizes sourcing and wild edibles as being crucial. (Meaning, he’s not advocating a Mickey D’s burger or anything. ; ) (For more info on his work, you should check out http://www.danielvitalis.com/ or search for him on YouTube. He’s got a ton of videos out there.)

    Thanks again, you two, for keeping this all in perspective.

    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Rite Food and Company

  68. Marie1225 says:

    Kevin and Annmarie,

    Thanks for saying those comments about Paul and Victoria. I watch Paul regularly, as I do the two of you. People can make a religion out of anything, and take their eyes off of what is truly important. On my own blog I made similar comments as you did in this video. I started out 100% raw vegan during the summer.

    I felt great, but was losing way too much weight. I added some occassional cooked brown rice, and steamed veggies. That has seemed to stabilize my weight. I’ll be honest though, the more raw I eat the better that I feel, especially raw greens. At this point I believe I am over my addicition to dairy, praise be to God.

    I’m not opposed to occassionally adding raw goat cheese or goat milk in my diet, but I can’t find it in NC. It’s illegal to sell here unfortunately. If it was available, I would consume it in very small amounts. Truly it would have to be in moderation. Kev, a block of goat cheese is definitely a lot. I could totally eat that much and more though if I allowed myself 🙂

    Thanks so much! Hope you are enjoying preparing for our Savior’s birthday!

  69. Page says:

    I raised my hand. That question was a no-brainer.
    I have become vegan, especially after listening to Will Tuttle’s “World Peace Diet,” but I am not 100% raw. I consume a large green smoothie every day and make sure to have raw vegetables with every meal. A balance of gently cooked and raw foods seems to working quite well for me.

  70. Dale says:

    Hands raised. I have been a vegan for 20 or so years and have tweaked my diet to “nutritarian” according to the teachings of Dr Fuhrman. However, I always tend to go toward more cooked foods and then the “addictions” come on. This is a continued cycle/circle. Dr Fuhrman teaches mostly raw (@ 80%)and vegan but sees the scientific benefit of some cooked foods. I have been 100% raw for two months now and my body says “yes”. I love it. However, I agree that it is a mistake to think 100% raw is dogmatically the only and right way. Everyone’s needs are different even though the human body has basically the same requirements each of us needs to tweak acordingly.

  71. Okay, I didn’t raise my hand, but would have if I thought you might have actually been able to see me. c:

    I am what I consider to be an “aspiring raw vegan”. I aim to consume as much of a raw vegan diet as possible, but do still have coffee and some dairy cream (for the coffee–I have not found an acceptable vegan substitute) every day. (It’s my one “vice”, but much better than a lot of other things I could be doing.) I also usually consume a steamed/roasted vegetable or brown rice at dinner from time to time, but subsist mainly on a diet of nuts, seeds, berries, greens, smoothies and other fresh fruits and vegetables along with daily supplements and “superfoods.” I am happy with where I am and feel that I am very near optimal health.


  72. Robert says:

    THis is a no brainer, but I think different questions can be asked to move us toward that end, feeling good all the time or better, a deeper level of consciousness of the energy that we are all a part of. Changing the health of the world, one show at a time. I love it; I think you (we) are doing it, but what is health? Wellness? Do we (in this greater raw and/or vegan community have the same notion of health? How deep, how wide?
    Keep up the good work!

  73. Jenna says:

    I was having panic attacks and spaced out on raw vegan I now feel great adding a raw egg yolk a few times a week.

  74. Claudette says:

    Yes!!I raised my hand,and I’m sure everyone is looking for the optimal health.Thanks for sharing about we don’t have to be 100% raw to feel good.

  75. Jan says:

    I think that honesty is the best policy.
    Great show! We must do and consume what works best for our own body! Needs are changing all the time just as every day is a change to be lived. I do know that my health has improved since changing my diet to more raw.
    I continue to make changes. Mostly trying to avoid the chemicals, additives these days!
    Off to the Farmers’ Market I go!

  76. Willard Bee says:


  77. John says:

    Lol, I raised my hand. I really enjoyed this one, thanks!

  78. Brent says:

    check out Dr Stanley Bass website, offen its not the food we eat that can cause problems, its the combination..:o)

  79. Bette says:

    I raised my hand!!! Pick me pick me. Ooops you werent picking anyone…hahaha

    Anyway I never beleived in percentages EVER. I always new it was about eating the highest raw and listening to ones body.

    This week and last, I have wanted a ton of cooked squash..oh well I go with it. I see massive detox as a result!! yup!

    Anway it changes me not what the “masters” do. I do what I do and it works for me. thnkx you two!

  80. Nikki says:

    Dear Annemarie & Kevin

    Merry Christmas to you both and thank you for being a consistent voice of enlightenment, encouragement and liberation :))

    Thank you also for keeping it real, I am 80-90 % raw, and often do juice fasts of 40 day+ however wasnt raw initially. I can tell you the information you provide and knowledge you share was fundamental in my transition towards a raw food life style.( so give yourself a pat on the back folks muah!) I also raise my hand in not being a 100% raw advocate. We are all individual unique beautiful beings of love, who need to be nurtured with love. The path to that is individual to each one us.

    Now please guys wondered if you could help. I have been eating raw cassava. In fact I make this beautiful sweet with raw cassava and coconut. I recently checked on the internet to see if there were any other raw cassava recipes and discovered all this information about toxins, and cyanide poisoning. Which of course terrified me. The information online seems to be contradictory (suprise suprise!) So I was wondering if you guys could advise at all.

    Also if you could you do a show on raw and arthiritis or rheumatoid arthiritis I would so love you like at 50 times more. (not that is a bribe of course Haha).

    Still loving you both anyway. Well done annemarie with skin care range.

    Hugs and love to you both,


  81. Sandy says:

    Yes, My hand went up. I have to say, I agree with Guylaine, if we are not careful, we can turn the Raw Life Style into a religion. This is great news about Paul because that is exactly what I had thought he had done. He seemed like a Raw Militant and came across quite overbearing and fanatical to me. I avoided anything associated with him. Maybe Paul will enjoy some raw cacao some day too. Wonderful news! Glad to know Paul is really human.

  82. Noelle says:

    Hi Linzi Its interesting you mentioning Dr. Doug Graham. Before I knew Victoria was eating cooked food, I happened to come across a blog that mentioned that she has recently put on excess weight and doesn’t “glow” like she used to. My first thought was for Kevin to put together a show which brings the two together. As I am a huge fan of Dr. G, I thought he may be able to help.

  83. sans says:

    Good show! It doesn’t matter what diet you choose, it’s making conscientious food choices. Know where your food comes from (support local farms), eat when you’re hungry (true hunger), and share.
    I love how the Renegade Health Show has evolved with it’s content. Kevin & Annmarie (& J-5) are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  84. Heyward says:

    I put my hands up
    They’re playin’ my song
    The butterflies fly away…

  85. Rosa says:

    Hi Kevin & Annemarie-
    As always, great show. Great attitude.
    You know I find it interesting that I just recently (finally) sat down to read The Essene Gospel of Truth-Book 1. I was so excited as I read what Jesus was describing (colonics, sunshine, breathing, raw vegan) or so I thought until he is quoted as saying, “and the milk of every thing that moveth and that liveth upon earth shall be meat for you…..But flesh and the blood that quickens it, shall ye not eat.”
    Well, my brain just hurt trying to think about that. Here I have been told that all animal products cause acidic pH, but this quote is from “the master”.
    Then these well known raw people come forward & say they are no longer 100% raw….so maybe there is somethig to this quote from Jesus?
    Still processing. All thoughts appreciated.
    Also, wanted to comment on the not being able to buy raw milk dilemma. Someone I know told me she bought a share of a goat and since she owns said goat, she can consume its milk in whatever form she desires and it is legal. So, others might want to approach their local farmers & look into a deal of this type.

  86. Janet says:

    I raised my hand. When I was at the Raw Spirit Fest in MD I was watching the Raw Divas prepare a meal and I was asking questions on the recipe because of food allergies. A lady in the audience said “I am 100% raw, what about you?” with the entire audience looking at me. I confidently replied “No I am not. I am rawer but not 100% raw nor am I a vegan. I am learning new things by being here”. And with this all were quiet. I don’t feel the desire to be 100% raw nor 100% vegan (but I do love my veggies/fruits a lot) and eat some cooked foods as well. I wish people would stop trying to make food a contest or a way to separate us as a whole by issuing an “I am better than you thing” statement. Why do I have to live by another’s food code other than my own? If I am healthy that is all that matters. It was like that Polander all fruit commercial where the Southern fella ask “Would you please pass the jelly” and the rich lady passes out and the announcer says something like “it’s Polander All Fruit…but don’t you dare call it jelly”. You would have thought I broke the 10 commandments by saying I was not 100% raw or vegan! Sorry but I am not into raw foods snobbery. I am what I am and that is good enough for me.

    We can help each other improve our diets, Rarely though does anyone ask “what concerns to you have in your diet” before they issue their raw foods edicts and I have heard it on all sides from meat eaters to vegans and all proclaim to be “it”.

    I for one am glad that Victoria and Paul have stated their truth. I don’t think that most people do and they lie to gain “friends” and I think that too few people LISTEN to other’s needs. We are all egocentric in terms of having ourselves as a reference point for everything we experience. It is hard for us to be anything else. However, we might gain more insights into the world if we gave the spotlight to another from time to time.

    I applaud you Kevin and AnnMarie for taking the raw foods movement and making it fun and full bodied like a good wine. I like your no snobbery shows. You are informative, pleasant, and caring. Thank you.

  87. Debra says:

    That people would be freaked out by someone eating raw goat milk or steamed kale says more about the extremism within the raw community than anything else. I agree this is a dangerous mentality because people could damage their health trying to eat according to dogma vs. what actually produces health.

    I imagine people adjust their diet as they go through various stages of healing and detox. I like whatever I want and learn for myself if it does or doesn’t work.

    (Rosa – there are a lot of ‘new age’ materials like the Essene Gospels that try to remake Jesus as some sort of yogi/natural health guru. This isn’t consistent with his ministry in the Bible. For example he specifically told his Jewish audience that what they ate would not make them more pure spiritually because he wanted them to ‘get’ that spirituality was a matter of the heart. That’s not to say that he would have been opposed to healthy eating; it simply was not his mission on earth.)

  88. Althea says:

    Hands raised for Optimal health. Thank you Kevin and Ann Marie. Love, Althea.

  89. Wonda says:

    Great vid! Very encouraging to those who are struggling with being 100% raw. For myself I am happy with 90%. It is far more convenient and doable for me.

    Note: Dairy cheese of any kind still contains cholesterol.

    You both looked happy and healthy. God bless!

  90. Mary Kay says:

    Of course, I raised my hand.

    I have learned a LOT from raw vegan forums/sites, you guys etc. But I have never been a 100% raw vegan except when cleansing. I am, however approx 95% raw.

    I raise organic chickens, for meat and eggs. I help some amish slaughter them, and won’t allow the chickens to see the others being slaughtered, etc… eat raw eggs, drink raw milk (which I’m cutting way back on), and do eat a small amt of meat, which must be sustainably raised in order for me to eat it. I do want to eat more meat.

    I too, would like to hear more about Aajonus Vonderplanitz, but have a hard time believing EVERYHTING he says (like he remembers when he was two days old and came home from the hospital….)

    I do not believe being a vegan is natural….But how can you argue with someone who will not eat animal products for moral reasons? You just can’t!

    Do you know what the Native American term is for a vegan/vegetarian?

    Bad Hunter.


    Mary Kay, the omnivore with a conscience

  91. Mary Kay says:

    Another one who has fallen off the “raw wagon” is Frank Giglio.

    I think the raw vegan movement is extreme…to be a vegan is extreme in my opinion, to be high raw is not extreme…..My opinion….

    Anyway, it’s kind of like Atkins, who I also believe was extreme –at the other end. The thing we learned from Atkins was that refined carbs are BAD.

    From raw vegans I have learned that high raw and lots of greens is GOOOOOOOD.

    I also am believing in the whole pH thing and monitor my pH.

    Do all of you?

    Mary Kay again….sorry, I talk too much…

  92. Mary Kay says:

    Big mouth that I am….just saw Wonda’s comment…..Your body makes hormones from cholesterol. 80% is made from your body. You can still be a vegetarian/vegan, and eat too many refined carbs and have high cholesterol. My dh is a vegetarian and his was higher than mine.

    I eat a small amt of meat, but eat spoonfuls of my own raw homemade butter, drink whole milk, make my own yogurt and kefir, and last I checked my cholesterol was 153.

    Mary Kay…I’ll shut up now.

  93. Rhonda says:

    I raised my hand. I believe that any stringent diet plan can loose it’s value as it becomes so all encompassing and rigid. Food is to fuel our bodies. Whole food, unprocessed, raw and cooked foods and smoothies each day is what I strive for in my daily life. I don’t care for the weak or emaciated look which can be under nourishing the body. I think that 1200 calories is for someone who is counting their calories to diet their food intake. It think it is important to have a variety of foods to meet one’s own nutritional needs. This is my opinion based on my own studies of diets. Moderation is key.

    I like your skin care line Annmarie.


  94. FeralKevin says:

    For many people, if not most, the thought of feeling good all the time goes against deep cultural paradigms and religious memes. Most people think suffering is life, with a occasional momements of doing what you want or feeling good, if ever at all. Think about how much suffering is in the world, I think that’s it’s accepted as “life.” We need a major transformation of consciousness for this to happen, and I think our health and food is a great place to start!

  95. Yep! We raised our hand…like immediately. We have been trying to go 100 % raw for a few months…and have not been all that successful I wouldn’t say we are not successful….but transitioning. I am glad that the pressure to be 100 percent raw is off…it is seeming to make it easier. We may be 100 percent raw…that is our goal…but it is nice to know we don’t have to be…if it is not good for our bodies…we will see!

    Thanks for being honest and pioneering and all the good stuff that you two are doing!

    God Bless
    Hope to see you in Louisville, Kentucky sometime!

  96. Brenda says:

    I raise my hand and vote for feeling good all of the time. 🙂

  97. Jane Gudge says:

    i think kevin and annmarie are a true delight and have pitched their image and role perfectly however as someone who is so inflammatory about other high profile raw vegans he chooses to disagree with (and whom i dont think i have ever been harsh with him or his ilk) i think mr nison is very fortunate to be treated so generously and tolerantly, i have noticed a number of other previously ott rvs who are now recanting however slightly as though this a virtuous act
    although a long term rfv i dont think raw foodism is the be all and end all for most folk, i just resent the money grubbers changing tack when their income isnt as great as they desire and are looking to widen their market or am i being a little harsh?

  98. KC says:

    Hand raised! In fact, I will raise BOTH, just to be sure! 😉

  99. Frank Giglio says:

    I saw my name in the comments so I figured I would add my 2 cents…

    So, yes, I raise my hand!!

    AnnMarie mentioned wanting to feel good all the time, and adding animal products to my life has allowed the quest to continue.

    Since March of 2009, after nearly 4 years of a strict vegan and raw diet, I decided to re-introduce animal products back into my life..

    What I discovered was mass amounts of nutrients in small portions of food. I immediately began to feel re-energized.

    Finding my way up to northern New England, meant that I now had access to high quality, local, and organic meat, butter, milk, and eggs. All these finds, raised and produced sustainably and ethically by passionate farmers, who care very much about the environment and their animals. No factory farmed food consumption here….

    For me, High or All raw vegan food consumption for a few years was the perfect solution to detoxify, and raise my level of consciousness after years of poor eating habits and destructive behavior to my body.

    Now, I eat the foods that heal and nurture my body, without any guilt, shame, or fear!

    Love you guys!!

  100. alice says:

    I definitely raised my hand,
    GREAT show, love your perspective, very balanced and logical attitude about food. Thanks for keeping it real!!!

  101. Ricki says:

    Sorry I am so late in answering for comment I just seen the e-mail. I didn’t raise my hand, I thought what’s the point you can’t see me! But your comment on cheese where you said you got sick on the cheese is because you were not used to it. I don’t know if you know this but the stomach has a coating when you eat meat, cheese,and other processed foods they end up in the intestines and stays forever. This makes a coating at which it is very hard to get out. It rots there causing the make up of blood cells very week and sickly cells. Cheese is mold which makes sickly cells, can also make the environment of your body acidic,(this makes your body open for dis-ease). Yeast turns to fungus, fungus turns to mold, and mold is the back door to cancer. This is the reason for eating raw, green leafy vegetables and grasses which safeguards against yeast,fungus, and mold. This means that a greens diet generates healthy cells in your blood. I am sorry but I have to look at it at cellular level. This tells you what certain foods are doing to you. Promote2life@yahoo.com

  102. Sock says:

    i raised my hand! thanx for being fair, honest and humble with your show. i dig it.
    also someone way above mentioned coffee enemas. i’m interested to hear thoughts on this, as I did my first one two days ago, and felt hyper sensitive afterwards. it was comparable to the feeling i get during my fasts.

  103. Rawbodyweight says:

    Stress is the biggest problem with people’s health not being 100% raw or not. A person on a high raw diet and little stress is going to be healthier than someone 100% raw and with lots of stress. I have experienced both aspects.

    I believe 100% raw is the go for optimal health. But not if you are stressing about it.

    If you are battling yourself to be 100% raw and it is causing you stress, you WILL be healthier being high raw instead. The chemicals produced by stress cause more harm than the one cooked food meal ever will. Trust me.

    For me I have attempted 811rv, and high fat raw. I believe 811rv is the better way to go, but with upping the ratio of fat and protein slightly.

    I focus on excess greens above focusing on excess fruit, unlike many 811rv. I also include some protein powder or algaes and some herbal medicines, and a up fats more in winter to probably 20-25% of calories consumed. Under 10% as recommened in 811rv over sprint/summer/autumn.

    To me this is why 100% raw is extremely hard to work. its achievable with effort but not with modern agriculture and relying on farmers market and store bought produce that you are unaware the quality of its source.

    Modern farming (even organic) has depleted soil of trace minerals, and largely these nutrients are only being replaced by N-P-K fertilisers that have the minimum minerals needed for growing the fruit or vegetable. For us to be healthy we need all the trace minerals as well. Its very hard to get all nutrients being 100% raw due to this problem.

    Livestock have eaten grass that is on land that is not overfarmed by crops. Grass also uptakes all 92 minerals. Therefore it is possible that animal products contain some trace minerals that help health and that explains why some raw food people feel ‘better’.

    However, it is possible to simply get these minerals by including some produce that contains trace minerals. You need to source farmers that use rock dust (up to 50-60 minerals) to fertilise, and also diluted oceanwater (has all 92 minerals) fertilisers. I use both on my home garden. You can also grow your own 92-mineral wheatgrass at home by fertilising with dilute oceanwater at 1:30 part ratio.

    I don’t do the wheatgrass all that often, or at all these days – thats just a preference. But the biggest change I have made is the inclusion of sprouted buckwheat that has soaked in dilute oceanwater. I eat a lot of this food processed with fruit and greens.

    I also include small amounts of protein powders just to be covering my bases.

    I found the biggest problem on high fruit was lack of minerals and brain neurotransmitter precursors like Choline. This explains why fruitarians often become crazy.

    Focusing on greens, minerals, vegetables. Sprouted buckwheat and increasing a small amount of protein powder (and foregoing some of the 811 dogma) on top of high fruit has allowed me to succeed and feel rebalanced.

    For me high fat gourmet does not work at all long term, but I do it every now and then for celebratory purposes because we all deserve a treat every now and then.

    Choline and amino acids from animal products are WHY these raw fooders do better having some animal products. Its why high fat can make people feel well since there is also more choline, fats and proteins, but the high fat will make the person constantly be sluggish.

    To summarise, succeeding 100% raw is achievable without animal products and without cooked and without high fat raw, but only with knowledge and a little effort.

  104. Irina says:

    I raised my hand to feeling good all the time, to balance, and to having the good sense to adapt when something stops working.
    As for cheese, Kevin, maybe you will give it another go some day – in small amount, truly raw, unsalted – quite different from what we normally expect cheese to taste like, but quite good for you. Doubt you could eat the whole block of that though – it’s another experience.

  105. Ellen from Davis says:

    Kev and Ann,

    My hand went way, way up! Thanks for this level-headed, clear-eyed, encouraging message; I agree with others that such flexibility, openness and healthful perspective is sorely needed within the raw/living foods community.

    I’ve been struggling with being high raw and not feeling anywhere near optimal health, and thus wondering: would I do better on raw if I cleansed more, ate fewer fruits/dried fruits, cut the fat, stopped night eating, slept enough, what? It’s hard to isolate the single or multiple factors that keep one from optimal health. I’d like to stay high raw and vegan, but if I can’t do so and still heal my adrenals, thyroid, etc. etc., I guess I’ll have to go back to some proteins like eggs or fish. Any thoughts on adrenal/thyroid/blood sugar repair and raw veganism?

    Thanks again – you are a beautiful couple, inside and out.

  106. Ellena says:

    I raised my hand! I too have recently realized that 100% raw is not for everyone. The more raw we eat, the better the hubby and I feel. However, there are some grains, legumes and vegetables we like to have in our diet but eating them raw really doesn’t satisfy our palate. Even when its in a really good recipe. My own thought was that if it cant be eaten raw without being thrown into a vitamix to process it then it proabably should be cooked. Just my own thought, since back in the day they didn’t have a vitamix. just saying. Of course I use my vitamix all the time, but only put stuff in I could eat raw anyways.

  107. Jesse says:

    Yes Jah I raised my hand. Good God I want to feel good all the time. I am asking so I will recieve. So I will give thanks and praise to the lord and I will feel allright. All the time……Singing One love…..One heart…

  108. Teresa says:

    Awesome job, just what I would expect from you.I first heard about this from someone who repeorted it with a condensending attitude, kinda tattle tailing on them. As i expected, you handled it so well. Eating raw is about health, not eating raw!

  109. James says:

    Show us their pictures and we’ll tell you if they are being as healthy as can be.

  110. Everybody wants to feel great all the time. I personally do not believe that raw food eating can harm anybody. It’s all related to what you are actually eating, the proportions of fat, proteins, etc. Also switching back to animal or cooked food is based on old addictions to that kind of food, but not because people really need it. So mainly, I think, it’s related to the mind set.

  111. Lorna says:

    Kevin, re the cheese incident. Through having undiagnosed coeliac disease I have damaged my digestion so much that starches in grains and root veg (and even nuts!) and lactose in dairy products were not being digested.

    The starches (disaccarides and polysaccarides) were being fermented by bad bacteria causing bloating, candida like symptoms, toxicity and extreme cravings (and terrible armpit smell- didn’t you mention about yours in a video once?). No wonder 801010 felt so good (for a short time).

    I now eat a lot of raw (and super raw, thank you Sally Fallon) and cooked veg with small amounts of very ripe fruit, meat, fish, butter and eggs.

    So many people who are attracted to raw have poor digestion. It is worth checking out what the problem is as a compromised digestion makes it hard to digest any nutrients.

    If you could face trying dairy again, try butter or an aged parmesan. It doesn’t make any difference if it is cows/goats/sheeps as the latter two are low casein – which is an allergen – not low lactose which is what you’re testing.

    And my final say is that I think the Weston A Price book Sally Fallon mentions is essential for health seekers. It is so vital to understand fat soluble vitamins.

  112. Katherine says:

    I want to feel good all the time…I also understand that life is not about what I want or what you want, life is about what IS. Many easterners believe that birth itself is a form of disease, caused by a lack of understanding or enlightenment. If so, maybe we are lucky to have the chance to dispel ignorance and feel purposeful. Loving all things and doing the least harm is my goal, and that includes not trying to harm myself by expecting that I will never harm other beings!

  113. Trudy Lane says:

    Yes I raised my hand, I feel better when I eat totally raw, it depends on what I eat cooked that makes the difference.

  114. Paul says:

    Check out “Is Cooked Food Poison?” on http://www.beyondveg.com/tu-j-l/raw-cooked/raw-cooked-1a.shtml

    The other articles on that site are well worth reading too. Also am reading the Okinawa program. There is something to be learned from the older generation of Okinawans who do not eat 100% raw food but are the longest lived and healthiest people on the planet. As you guys say its about the best way to be healthy and feel good not being dogmatic about raw food.

  115. Kim says:

    As a brand new raw foodie (I’m in my second month!) I was very dissapointed to hear that Victoria is actually not 100% raw 🙁 I’ve purchased 4 of her books on transitioning to raw foods/green smoothies, and she never mentions ONCE that she occasionally eats cooked food. She gives off the impression that she is 100% raw, and her whole business is based on that notion – which is why I followed her and decided to become a 100% raw vegan myself! Now I am confused and don’t know where to take my new raw vegan lifestyle – cause it has been difficult to make the transition from the SAD diet. Just thought I’d give the raw food beginners perspective.

  116. cherie says:

    This is not nice of me to say, but Boutenko is easting more than raw vegan and more than steamed spinach twice a month to maintain a weight of at least 200 pounds.

  117. Kathy says:

    Yes, I raised both hands!!! I sure enjoy you both so much. Thanks for using good sense! I just saw a movie here in Portland, Oregon that was called “The End Of Poverty” if you folks get the chance please see it. If we all continue to learn & use wisdom and good sense we can change our world for the better. You can view the trailer at Theendofpoverty.com

  118. My hand went up, too! Thank you for giving some attention to what really matters about natural diet and health.

    It’s unfortunate that the “100% Raw” thing gets so much energy. It brings out the competitive and judgmental side of human nature–not our highest potential! Besides, isn’t the official definition of a “raw food diet” 80%+ raw food?

    Allowing oneself the psychic space to live supply in the world is a great way to reduce stress and increase joy! If that means all raw one day, blessed be. If it means a clean cooked meal another day, blessed be!

    So many nutritional counseling and raw coaching clients arrive at my doorstep (or telephone line!) confused by dogma that doesn’t resonate with their body. How easy to forget the goal is “Progress, not Perfection.”

    Once we have the information about why raw foods are beneficial, let’s honor our body’s inner wisdom and the truth of our own personal path, day to day, as it evolves.


  119. Katie says:

    Hands in the air!

    I think most people wouldn’t feel too great if they ate the whole block of cheese!! How about trying again and just having a little bit, like one portion?? :o)

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