Help! I’m Having Trouble Pooping – The Renegade Health Show Episode #451

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Ever have a little trouble on the potty…

Here’s some advice that I give to a viewer who’s new to the health thing and can’t seem to “lay any cable.”

During this episode I also talk about Lyme disease books and resources, how to handle a hard health case, barefoot running and Annmarie’s Skin Care for babies.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What advice do you have for someone who has multiple issues with their health?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. RW says:

    Find a really good health practitioner and then get a second or third opinion from additional sources.

  2. Erika says:

    I think the Cousens Clinic in Patagonia may be a good place.

  3. I don’t feel qualified (or brave enough, I suppose) to give advice to people who have multiple health issues, but if I did I’d say, “go vegan and go raw!”

    Kevin, I’m delighted to know that you two run in Vibram Five Fingers. I wear mine all the time, and I want to get into running. I *loved* the book Born To Run, which covers nicely the benefits of barefoot running. Highly recommended!

    Thanks for your wonderful shows!


  4. Christine says:

    For those having trouble with their health, I email or hand them in person a copy of the Lifestyle Assessment Form. When they fill it out, we go over the areas of their life that they need to improve. Once they remove the source or implement the needed source, the problem, 9 out of 10 times will go away…There is an Acronym called NEW START(What we call the 8 Laws of Health)…N = Nutrition; E = Exercise; W = Water; S = Sunshine; T = Temperance; A = Air; R = Rest; T = Trust in God…I go over each law of health in detail…For anyone who would like to learn more about the 8 laws of Health, just google it…To have a good BM, 1 T. cold pressed Olive Oil is an excellent Laxative..take it by mouth or add it to juice…also, add 1 to 2 T. Flaxseed grounded to your food…can add 1 to your breakfast, and one on your salad or in your smoothie…

  5. Dede says:

    Kevin –
    a question that is off the subject – sorry:-). I read that its important to eat prebiotics (ie garlic, leeks and bananas)to support the correct balance of probiotics in your intestines. The article said that prebiotics are what the probiotics feed off of (live on)……..does that agree with what you have discovered in your research? AND – if its true – are there other prebiotics besides garlic, leeks and bananas?

    thank you-thank you 🙂

    Oh – and where are ya gonna be speaking on Dec 5?? 🙂


  6. Maria says:

    Perhaps you could try contacting the alternative clinics, raw community websites and so on asking if anyone has had similar health challenges to your partner. Chances are if you are the person closest you are also the last person your boyfriend will listen to! (At least that is often how it works in life!). But if you could find someone on his wavelength who has turned around some of the same issues and get them to talk to him it just might have a really different effect. It is getting the first drops of information through and wedging that mental door open that first tiny crack that is the hardest thing I think!! If you are persistent in your search I am sure you will find the right person to inspire him!
    Don’t know if that helps, just my suggestion. Sending lots of very warm wishes to the gentleman in question and

  7. Maria says:

    PS if I was dealing with someone with multiple health challenges and they wanted to imrpove their health through nutrition I would introduce them to as many different approaches as possible (ie not just 80-100% living&raw vegan but other people like John McDougal, Joel Furlham, Fred Bisci’s intermediate diet approach etc) until they found something they felt ‘clicked’ and they wanted to embrace for themselves. If they were on the SAD then, whichever approach they felt they resonated with, surely the only way is UP!!!!

  8. raymond says:

    that 65 yr old you were talking about with all the problems,i know its hard to suggest a protcool for someone with that many problems.he has too many toxins(free radicals) in is body and as you know there are alot of ways to detox the body but for someone that age i would look into oral chealation,i mean the testomonials from the 70 and 80 yr olds are incredible.what advice do i have for someone with many health issues!DON’T BE IN A RUSH.thats been my mistake.i was a drunk a drug addict,i smoked for 30 yrs and i was having alot of health issues(no insurance to see a doctor)so i had to research alot of information and weed through the misinformation.find out what caused your problem(how you got that way)detox your body and go from there.remember it took you years to get the way you are and its gonna be a while before you get better.and as long as your not in a last stage cancer(and if you are there is a couple ways to try and save yourself) you can heal yourself or at least try.

  9. Ang says:

    Spend 3 wks at Hippocrates Health Institute to learn the truths about your body and be fully immersed in healthy living. Seeing the benefits immediately is motivating.

  10. Jehan Sandra Salem says:

    Like someone that have been the last 4 months experiencing different health problems, one new and totally different each week, I will recommend your book and a book that I read in Spanish: “La enfermedad como camino”. The main point is that we experience in our bodies what we don’t confront in our minds or soul. And I founded really descriptive in all my symptoms and my personal, existential issues.

    Also I realized that as a person very tense and anxious many of my problems are related to this state, for example the ringing in the ears, the nearsighted vision, the dry eyes, the macular degeneration, the floaters, the hard expression in the face, the pain in the neck. I believe that all this things that we believe are only in our heads and we forced into the darkness or subconscious really need to express themselves in some way because those things are part of ourselves don’t matter what we chose.

    So I’m still looking a way for dealing with my several problems, I guess that’s is the first step, to believe that you need to address your problems (physical, mentally and espiritual) and have a system and for that your book is the best.

  11. Simon Willicome says:

    Address them one at a time!

  12. Stormie says:

    I really think that someone with multiple health issues needs to work with a natural health practitioner of some sort and address 1 thing at a time. The body seems to heal in layers and a practitioner could advise whether to start with the most effective or most urgent or most basic thing first. A practitioner can also monitor the process which will no doubt be long.

  13. John says:

    I wouldn’t say anything, I would listen to what they have to say. And I would lead by example. This method has gotten many of my friends and relatives to go vegetarian, and even VEGAN!

  14. Nicky says:

    Start with adding more pure water, meditation/sleep and find some support

  15. Jackie says:

    I too struggle with MS. I received some of the best advice from my Chinese acupuncture doctor. I keep seeking holistic healing solutions and if your regular doctor isn’t supporting you and helping you, then you need a new one.

  16. Jen says:

    In regards to constipation from an ayurvedic perspective:

    This is one of the problems with some people eating raw. Raw foods often promote vata in the system especially if the person is vata prone already. Some of the side effects of excess vata would be dry skin, restlessness, a spazzy personality, constipation, getting cold easily, and a difficult time getting the mind to settle down.

    Lots of warm to hot water would help. Also Triphala is most common ayurvedic formula for the gastrointestinal tract and will quickly eliminate most constipation.

  17. Amanda Thompson says:

    I am reading Barbara Kingsolvers’ book entitled, “Animal, Vegetble, Miracle”. It is not Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw based but very enlightening nonetheless. It is about a family which relocates from AZ to VA and from a city to a farm. For 1 year they agree to eat only animals, veggies and the like which either they grow or can find locally (as in local enough that they know the farmers name).
    This is in response to the vast amount of fuel oils used to grow/transport our foods. They decide as well to eat only in-season produce which eliminates fruits etc… Statistics are profound, such as “our generation is the first in U.S. history expected to have a shorter life expectancy than our parents.” And that, “if every person in the U.S. ate just one meal per day (any meal) of local organic produce/meats the fuel consumption could be reduced by 1.1 billion barrels of oil per week (barrels not gallons!) Very interesting. Makes one happy to be a raw/organic foodie!

  18. Brooke says:

    Over the last few years I’ve managed to stress myself into multiple health issues. I’ve had a troublesome autoimmune condition, anxiety, depression and disease in my digestive system. I found I needed to deal with the stress, anxiety and depression before I had the capacity to change my habits and in turn start getting better. I am pregnant with my second child and mostly symptom free, though doing my best to prepare for the coming onslaught. I can’t imagine many chronic illness sufferers without a depressive disorder whether as cause or symptom, but it is one of the biggest hurdles in attaining the health we so desperatly need.

  19. Andréa says:

    I work as a medical aesthetician and I use an infra-red blanket with my clients. This way they sweat out alot of toxins in one session. I usually start a person off with 2 or 3 treatments per week. At the same time each time they come we change their diet little by little. First eliminating all the 4 whites and after that we concentrate on adding healthy foods too their diet. people do better when you concentrate on adding things to their diet rather than always eliminating. As well, I start them doing major cleansings and I always start with an intestinal and colon cleanse. Working my way up their body as each organ responds. Nothing ever seems to get better until your intestines and colon are healthy and functioning.

    Infra-red blankets are sold on the internet and are very inexpensive. Super easy to use at home.

  20. Amanda Thompson says:

    I would like to encourage the person who wrote in having trouble pooping. Not a subject openly discussed but proper elimination is very important to the bodies health. All my life I hated pooping and only went every 2-3 days. I altered my habits and now regularly move my bowels 2-3 times each day! I realized, after deep self examination that my repulsion stemmed from early childhood memories of diapering and potty training comments like, “ew you stink!” I felt ashamed and embarrassed to go! I began early holding it in. Now I force myself to stop whatever I am doing when the urge to purge strikes me or I begin popping wee gas bombs, and go sit for as long as it takes to relax and go. Since I’ve included a large smoothie most days for brkfast (fruit or buckwheat groat porridge) and often a green or veg smoothie at lunch, I never experience constipation like I suffered previously, all my life! Best wishes!

  21. Jenny says:

    As a former Nurse I have to say that the best solution for constipation is……….CARROTS!!!! Carrots push all the backed up sludge right through so nicely. Of course staying 80-100% Raw Vegan DOES help too. I do an every other day switch with my breakfasts. One day I have a nice green smoothie that include two carrots, a banana, any greens that I may have on hand for salad, flax seed oil, a banana, a handful of goji berries, spirulina, bee pollen, hemp protein powder, maca, lacuma powder, and a little agave necter, and 2 cups of water. When this is all blended up it makes 1 liter of smoothie that I drink over 2 hours. On the other days I have cooked oatmeal with some raisins, goji berries, a mashed banana, some almond milk, and a litte agave or honey, a little maca powder and lacuma powder. I had that today. I went to the BR twice in the morning and once alittle after noon, AND by 2:30 I went again and passed WHOLE goji berries!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I call that a very healthy and clean intestinal tract. I’m very happy about this as my later father died of Colon Cancer with mets to the liver. My father was always under alot of stress, and had a lifelong problem with constipation.

    As far as the 64yo gentleman, I agree with Kevin. He should go to a retreat like the one Dr. Cousins runs. It would teach him alot and guide him on the road to recovery.

    Again Kevin, I love your videos and look forward to them everyday. Thanks so much for doing what you do…..and COME TO PHILADELPHIA!!!!!!

  22. nick says:

    Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute has a very good detox program. It is fairly easy and inexpensive to continue the program @ home the combination of Wheetgrass, sunflower and buckwheat sprouts are alot more powerful then anything I have seen or tried.

  23. Heyward says:

    Sweet Enola Gay…you mix flaxseed oil and 4 apples? Yikes. I only do that when I want to recreate the train crash scene from “back to the future III.”

    Mebbe I should increase the greens level…

  24. Nicole says:

    thanks for talking about barefoot running. kinda spooky coincidence since I was just researching it myself and wanting to try it. I remember running around on the lawn without shoes and it felt like flying; now I feel like my feet are cement blocks, so I hope going shoeless brings back the pleasure!

  25. Ann Marie Huntington says:

    Hymalayan sea salt in a glass of warm water takes care of any constipation and yes carrots too

  26. Jen says:

    Jenny, I don’t understand. You’re passing undigested food and you think your digestive system is working properly just because you’re not constipated? Come on now, you’re a former nurse. Loose bowels like that where you’re eliminating 4 times a day like you were saying isn’t healthy.

  27. Veronika says:

    Here’s my question in case you don’t have it on your document: What about B-12 analogues that are in algae products? I read on your blog that B-12 tests can’t tell the difference between the real B-12 (which is absorbed by the body), and the analogues (which block b12 absorption). Should we be concerned about this, or is there research showing that this is false?

  28. Lolita Hanks says:

    I recommend that people review all available information on their condition. Then you have to evaluate if the treatments available are reasonable, what is the rate of remission if there is one and what are the costs, not only financial, but physical and emotional.

    I always recommend using the most conservative measures if the issue is not a serious one such as cancer and work your way up. Too many people I see are dealing with a food intolerance of some sort. Sometimes removing the offending food and some gentle supplementation is all it takes. If you have a serious illness like cancer, throw everything at it, hopefully alternative first to boost your immune system not tear it down.
    Lastly, realize typically there is no one solution for what ails most of us. It is a combination of stress elimination, nutrition, supplements, alternative treatment such as chelation, intravenous vitamins, glutiathione, acupuncture, etc.

  29. Having trouble eliminating is often a sign that the bowel isnt functioning optimally and so the first thing is to check that we are feeding our selves in a way that supports a healthy bowel.I also find things such as slippery elm which coats the intestines is useful short term,any kind of candida issues I find Pau darco good ,aloe vera especially the whole leaf.However to go the an energetic perspective bowels relate to the second chakra,the second chakra deals with our creative/sexual/emotional energy.The lower chakras also tend to relate to survival issues.If we are not using this energy we will get constpated.For example if we feel like we are not moving forawards with our work/creative project.if we are have trouble with our relationship etc.
    The first thing I do before I work on a client is to listen to them.Quite often people do not link what is going on with thier bodies to what is going on in thier life but to me its all connected.Quite often I already know the issue before they even get to it.We can not just expect to make everything better with foods alone as this is just one component of wellbeing.

  30. Amy Jo says:

    I would tell them to get as far away from their conventional doctor as possible! Seek out an alternative, open-minded Naturopathic Dr. or go to the Gerson Institute. Seek the Lord for answers as well, be willing to look outside their box. Radical changes are often times needed and if they are willing to do whatever it takes to get well…they will.

    Thanks so much for your show. I have enjoyed learning from you guys over the past few weeks…was thrilled to see that you had met with Charlotte Gerson! YAY! I was introduced to the Gerson Therapy throught the “Beautiful Truth” documentary and have since purchased a few books and other documentaries on the subject. AWESOME information about natural healing and living!

    Blessings to you guys!
    Amy Jo

  31. Kevin and the Renegade Health Viewers,

    Without fulling knowing exactly what all the problems and symptoms are, it’s tuff to recommend an exact program but no matter what the issue is, if there are health issues and multiple health issues, there is most likely a toxic colon.

    Intestinal toxemia is a MAJOR contributing factor in many dis-eases and can manifest as multiple dis-eases depending on the individual. Also, with intestinal toxemia comes vitamin and mineral deficiencies, an overloaded liver and adrenals, possible hormonal issues due to liver malfunction, blood related issues, ph balance due to the extremely acid by-products caused by bacteria and the purification of food. Since intestinal toxemia can cause such an impact on the blood, it can affect any organ or system and can even cause extreme metabolic disturbances. In most people who are experiencing any dis-ease or symptoms in the body, their bacteria profile is much out of balance, giving way to intestinal conditions like an overgrowth of candida and an under functioning immune system. The by-products created from these bacteria in the colon are extremely toxic and poisonous to the body.

    Most people today have a sluggish colon and some degree of intestinal toxemia without even knowing it. If you are not having a bowel movement approximately 1-2 hours after a large meal, you are experiencing some degree of constipation. If you have ever eaten processed foods, eaten when distressed, eaten foods in the wrong combinations, you can be sure that you have some level of intestinal toxemia.

    With intestinal toxemia, it has been suggested by Sir W Arbuthnot Lane that bowel troubles have a reflex effect upon specific organs in the body via nerve pathways to remote parts of the body. Through the neural-arc pathway, many symptoms seemingly unrelated can be tied to a malfunctioning colon. There are no pain receptor sites in the colon so many times the colon uses the neural-arc relex to signal trouble in the patient.

    The bowel associated neural-arc pathways are created in the body during the embryonic stage of development. The organs (lungs, heart, liver, stomach, gallbladder, trachea, larynx) and limbs bud out from the bowel thus creating a nerve pathway connecting all of these organs to the bowel.

    How the neural-arc reflex is activated

    The diverticulum of the bowel often acts as a collection point for debris. When food is not properly digested due to improper food combinations, distress when eating, eating foods that are hard to digest, eating processed foods etc, these pockets can fill with undigested food particles. In the moist, bacteria laden condition of the bowel, this food stagnates and ferments becoming an irritant to the colon wall. This irritation causes reflexes and signals to be sent via established nerve pathways that affects distant and “unrelated” organs and body parts.

    “The bowel can affect your liver, your kidneys, and your feet. The bowel can affect anything. Anywhere. Any time. People are suffering from conditions they would never in their wildest dreams think could have anything to do with the bowel.” – Dr. Bernard Jensen.

    Autointoxication is another great cause of dis-ease in the human body. It occurs when the body absorbs too much of its own toxic waste. The main cause of autointoxication is intestinal toxemia.

    “All maladies are due to the lack of certain food principals, such as mineral salts or vitamins, or to the absence of the normal defenses of the body, such as the natural protective flora. When this occurs, toxic bacteria invade the lower alimentary canal, and the poisons thus generated pollute the bloodstream and gradually deteriorate and destroy every tissue, gland and organ of the body.” – Dr Lane.

    “I believe that when the bowel is underactive, toxic wastes are more likely to be absorbed through the bowel wall and into the blood stream. The blood then circulates these toxins to every part of the body and deposits some of them in the tissues. The greatest amounts of toxins are retained ion the constitutionally weakest tissues. If any other elimination system is underactive, more wastes are retained in the body. As toxins accumulate in the tissues, alteration in cellular function take place, especially in the tissues in which toxins have settled. In addition, digestion may become poor, with the partially digested material adding to the problem because the body cannot make tissue out of half-digested nutrients. When a person reaches the degenerative-disease stage, it is a sign that toxic settlements have taken over a specific part or parts of the body. This is the time to consider detoxification, the cleansing of the body tissues. The body can be overwhelmed by toxic accumulations as a consequence of fatigue, poor circulation , or improper diet. As a body becomes increasingly toxic, proper oxygenation cannot take place in the tissues. Without oxygen, the body loses energy, and the tired body continues its downward spiral.” – How a Toxic Colon Affects the Body – Dr. Jensen’s Guide to better bowel Care.

    Many dis-eases and unrelated bowel conditions have been cured with proper bowel detoxification. This is done through colon hydro therapy, colonics or enemas. Other products like bentonite clay combined with psyllium husks, flax seed water, chlorella, liquid chlorophyll, and digestive enzymes can be added for additional benefit. Once the bowel is completely cleansed, one should be tested to identify nutritional deficiencies and have them corrected with whole, raw plant foods and juices. Whole food vitamin and mineral concentrates can be taken at this time as well. They will now be able to be fully absorbed. Probiotics should be added to the diet, the more the better until a bacterial count in the stool produces the correct ratio.

    One can go about healing in many different ways like a change of diet, adding herbs and supplements to the diet as well as exercising. All of these changes can add benefit to a persons health and wellbeing, but nothing has been shown to have more of a dramatic effect than the cleansing of the colon. A proper diet will eventually cleanse the colon but it may take years, often allowing other dis-eases to take hold of the body before this process is complete. I can personally testify to the health rejuvenating results of a proper colon cleanse. Once all bowel toxins are removed, the toxin level and heavy detoxification schedule of the elimination organic is lifted, creating a space now filled with its normal health promoting duties. The highest levels of functioning are the first to go when over loaded and overworked. When we have no additional toxins to burden our bodies with, when stop surviving, and start thriving.

    Fatigue, Nervousness, Gastrointestinal conditions, malabsorption of nutrients, skin manifestations, endocrine disturbances, headaches, arthritis, lower back pain, allergies, asthma, eye,ear, and throat diseases, cardiac irregularities,kidney disorders ,indigestion, sinus problems, cataracts, tumors, boils, and acne are conditions that have been proven to be helped or cured with proper bowel detoxification.

    Kevin, I hope this rather lengthy response will help educate your viewers to the importance of a healthy, properly cleansed colon and how I believe it is the root of nearly all dis-eases in the body.

  32. Bianka says:

    hey kevin and annmarie,
    i really need advice. Ive been following just about every the raw food guru (you guys included of course 🙂 ) and what i found is a bunch of mixed messages. Each raw foodist seems to have a different approach to eating/which way is best. I also just read many of Frederic Patenaude’s articles and he promotes a low fat raw diet with a lot of fruit. IDK if i would be able to eat and not get bored off just eating fruits and veggies and close to no fats or seasonings. raw recipes are so fun…but i did put on some weight lol. ahhh. my brain feels like its going to explode.
    so what is your take on this guys? what do you guys eat in a typical day???

    have a wonderful day C:

  33. rainbow says:

    my bowels never functioned well for the first 33 years minus 3 weeks of my life. then i became vegan, and the bm i had on the morning of the fourth day was literally close to orgasmic, and now every day i acknowledge my gratitude for my functional bowels. but when someone needs a quick detox, i recommend the traditional medicinals tea called ‘smooth move’. it’s very pleasant tasting, and works quite well. brew the tea per the instructions, have one cup at night before sleep, and in the morning your bowels will function quite nicely. for someone who is extremely backed up, two cups might be in order, but that might cause some cramping. i’d say try one cup, and if that doesn’t work, try another the next evening. it’s all natural plants, does a good job, and works fast. and stop eating cheese and any other animal products!!!

  34. Not much to add to your answer Kev, I agree that with something that complex going to an alternative healing clinic is ideal as most practitioners there are equally versed in alternative and conventional medicine so they know the contraindications very well. On more basic level- few people can go wrong with the following; increase clean water intake, increase fruit and veggie intake(even if you only like 2 or 3 initially), do some sort of exercise no matter how small(even better outside), even if only for 5mins. The Noblerex K-1 can be a good start. I often have extremely deconditioned clients practice standing up from lying on the ground in both a supine and prone position. For most people over 65 this is all they need for a fitness program initially. I’ve even encountered deconditioned 20yr olds who have a really difficult time with this one. If some one can implement those three simple changes consistently for a year they will be a new person. Even more so these simple changes naturally lead into bigger and better things.

    My humble opinion on the constipation issue; fecal matter is still mostly water even though it appears solid. You can eat fiber till you are blue in the face but it won’t do much good, in fact it may even plug you up if you are dehydrated on a low level. If I don’t have at least 4-5 bowel movements a day I know I’m not drinking enough. This is why it is a good practice to try to drink 1L of water within the first 30mins of being awake, and especially before breakfast. It will get things moving and it will help catch your body up after not being able to consume water for 8hrs. Lastly, often if there is a significant change in my diet or daily schedule (i.e. day shift to night shift, or dramatically increase veggie intake) I will often plug up. A mild herbal laxative is all it takes to get back on track.

  35. rose says:

    multiple health problems-

    clean up your diet, even if its not high raw
    digestive enzymes

  36. Ruth says:

    Having worked in a well-known colon irrigation clinic, I know that the first thing to do when constipated is to look at water consumption. 2 litres of water ( as good as you can get) per day is very cleansing. And it does have to be water- besides anything else you might drink.

    It can be difficult for some to conceive of drinking like this, however, should this be the case, try it for a week or two and see for yourself.


  37. Toni Kaste says:

    For the person that asked about MS
    Read “The Ms Rocovery Diet” by Ann Sawyer.

    Also see my blog at

    I am fairly young and doing my own protocol at home for Lupus but I would agree for a 64 yr old they are set in their ways and need a total diet makeover that they may not want to continue…but once you try a diet change you can feel sooo much better.

    Many of my Lupus symptoms have gone away!


  38. For constipation, I take the “water cure”. 8 oz water every hour until the dam breaks. It might take 2 days.
    For the boyfriend, first what does HE think? Does he WANT to be healed? If he is in agreement, do the clinic routine. If he is in denial, or doesn’t want to be bothered or take responsibility for his health, here is how I handled my “non-believing” husband.
    Each morning hand him a green smoothie: “here, drink this.” In a week, add a dinner savory smoothie served as soup. Each day serve some raw veg dish. Add a raw dessert. Gradually eliminate dairy by OFFERING AN ALTERNATIVE, no nagging allowed.
    By going gradually, there is no healing crisis, and at about 50% raw he will begin to notice the benefits.
    Now 6 months later my husband has decided to lower his cholestoral on his own initiative and has reduced his cholestoral intake to 100 units / day. He even tells his buddies he is feeling better. (His buds are all sick old men who admit they don’t want to be bothered…)

  39. Jill says:

    Hi Kevin! The book by Bryan Rosner is called “The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments: Defeat Lyme Disease with the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine” Hope this helps! As for the question of the day…I can’t really think of an answer, sorry!

  40. Diana says:

    Hey Jordan
    I loved your lengthy post, you summed things up nicely.
    By the way, What do you call a tree in Saskatchewan? – Wishful thinking 🙂
    The photos on your website are great, keep up the good work.

    Question for Kevin, what does it mean when someone is always getting sores and cracks in the corner of the lips?

    Love the shows and love gleening from all the great people who reply, terrific bunch here.

  41. Joan says:

    Simplify your diet/life…eat fresh fruits and veggies – no cooking and preparation other than washing and slicing etc. required…juicing and green smoothies to pack in more nutrition and living enzymes…then the bowels will do their job…watch the fat, even good fat – there is such a thing as too much of a good thing! Enjoy the simple things in life!!!

  42. Leam says:

    I agree with an earlier post that first the person must want to make the needed changes for themselves. I have a family member with multiple health challenges that I try to take the gentle approach that you mentioned. They were told to lower their triglyceride level so I’ve given some doable suggestions that I’m amazed they are actually following. I think that when someone has always believed that the SAD is healthy and doctors always know best it can be challenging to uproot them from this mindset unless they really want to change.

    I also find bowel function to be an interesting subject. I agree once again with another earlier post that fiber is great but there must be water to move said fiber through. I like chia seeds for this because once hydrated they hold so much moisture in the gel. I also find that Vitamin C keeps things moving also.

    Thanks for a great show as always!

  43. Dee says:

    I agree with the people that have said this is the boyfriend’s issue and therefore, his decision. But if willing to go another route, also look at the energetics of this person, what are the emotional, mental and spiritual components of the physical manifestation of the illness. So, I would also look for a good healer or healers that use with energy medicine to work with this person. This could include acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, etc.

  44. Nick says:

    I see it’s an enticing subject. So much input I’m adding to. But I have a different approach, then so believe I might actually add something.

    This might sound silly, but on that poop Q I think it’s a lot like plumbing. Y’know with the elbows & sharp dips the stuffing has to get around. So it’s easier to clog than we seem to want to think. Then maybe the rest of our systems, e.g. our blood, are similarly susceptible. Then squatting & eating smaller amounts is called for. People switching to less processed food, more organic & higher raw diet often believe they need to eat more, but the food is more nutritious & more nutritionally intact, so they don’t. Basically, the more you eat the less you $#!*. Then caloric restriction has also been found to extend the lives of laboratory rats. Since we all got ears noses & throats what’s good for the goose is good for gander.

    If that’s not enough try squatting. But squatting is worth it for many more reasons, that are not only good but foundational. Not only does it work the legs getting down there, into a squat, and back up, but it stretches the spine & poises the bowels for easy evacuation. Furniture toilets, like all western furniture, put us aloof of the ground, atrophying our legs. Of course we should lift the toilet seat and squat standing on the toilet rim. This trains the balance. It’s not hard, really, and there’s usually something to hold onto in bathrooms. Toilet seats are angled inwards so careless men’s pee will drain into the toilet. But what does this do, but squeeze our butt-cheeks together when the weight of the body bears down on the toilet seat.

    Then too, we can scrap & start over with a sea salt flush: 2 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon of sea salt in a quart or WARM water. Our stomach needs the warmth for processing & is jarred (disrupted) by cold. Afterwards (after all the squatting’s over) take a good probiotic to help replace the babies that went out with the bathwater.

  45. Wonda says:

    I like what Christine said and I also follow the eight laws of health that she mentioned and I often recommend them to others with good results.

    To alleviate temporary constipation I recommend (if you can tolerate a little bitterness) you cut up a little aloe vera, place it in a quart jar and cover with water for a few hour or until it becomes gelatinous. You can then strain and drink some of the liquid as is or with a little juice. Prunes also work wonders…even though there sweet. Of course a plant-based diet is best!

    Frederic Patenaude actually believes that it is a high fat diet that causes constipation and candida and based on my own personal experience I am inclined to believe him. I eat tons of fruits and watch my fat intake and I never have any problems with BM’s.

    Thanks Kevin…good info!

  46. Subee says:

    Sorry, Im not going to answer the question but I felt compelled to share something so amazing, so simple that I heard for moving your bowels daily. I heard it on an alternative health radio show– the dr said she saw wonderful results with her patients who are constipated with this very basic ayurvedic method- Every morning, before consuming anything, drink two full 8hr room temp glasses of pure water. Then wait.
    I was skeptical, but omg, this totally worked for me! She said the reason is that with an empty stomach (the earlier u eat the night before the better) from ur sleeping fasting allows the water to pass directly through to the intestines and colon and flush them out.

    Good luck!

  47. Subee says:

    oops obviously I mean 8 oz glasses of room temp water!

  48. Wendy says:

    I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. My Dad drinks a tall glass of apple juice at night. Also, consider reading a book called Uninformed Consent.

  49. Shannon says:

    I don’t think you can really tell other people what to do with regard to their health, other than to say something along the lines of, you know, I had a similar problem, and here’s what worked for me….

    I used to make a bread that was in a raw food cookbook (can’t remember which one) it was so effective at moving things along that I ended up calling it “Purge Bread”. It was basically a combination of ground flax seeds, apples, almond meal and a few other things. it was positively dangerous. Surely there are kindler gentler ways to release excess matter.

  50. alice says:

    I would advise getting to the emotional root of the problems (ie what benefit are they getting from keeping the problem, why did they attract it to themselves in the first place? etc) My favorite healing tool is EFT!!!
    For pooping exercise is great, fresh vegetable juice is like liquid plumber, also, an ayurvedic remedy is warm water with some fresh lemon.

  51. Veronika says:

    @Bianka – check out Kevin’s previous videos about different takes on raw food and what he eats on a daily basis. There were 2-3 videos made in the last 4 months or so.

    Hope that helps!

  52. Dede says:

    Suzanne – thanks so much for your comment……”The lower chakras also tend to relate to survival issues.If we are not using this energy we will get constpated.For example if we feel like we are not moving forawards with our work/creative project.if we are have trouble with our relationship etc.”….this rings sooo true for me – thanks so much..Dede

  53. Robert says:

    I like Nick’s post above. My wife and I got a laugh out of the imagery in his post. Makes sense even if it is comical against the modern constructs of convenience living.
    Thanks Kev & AM. Keep up the good work. Like Roseann Rosanna Dana used to say, “It’s always something!”

  54. eve says:

    Try Magnesium Powder. “Calm” makes one. Also,
    Castor oil stomach Pack and massaging the intestines from right to left.

  55. Carol says:

    First, I love how honest you guys are. It is very refreshing.

    Secondly, depending where the boyfriend is located, I can recommend an excellent Dr. in Manhattan named Dr. Kamau Kokayi. He is a Yale Medical school graduate who went on to study homeopathy, acupuncture and Chinese herbs. He has miraculous success in curing all kinds of illnesses including MS.

  56. Carol says:

    Happened to just find this link after my previous post:

  57. KC says:

    My first comment, with all the meds (OTC and prescription) that folks with multiple issues often take is, are you drinking enough water? I don’t mean juice, or tea, or soda, or anything but H2O. My healthcare practitionor’s first recommendation to me was to take my weight in pounds (let’s say 100 for the sake of the example), divide it in half, and that is the number of oz. of water I should be drinking daily (50 oz in this example). Again, that’s JUST H2O, in addition to whatever else I choose to drink. Also, I am to drink 8 oz of water for each 8 oz of caffeine I drink, in addition to the total amount. In many cases, what one eats is a lot less “binding” when one is getting enough H2O!

  58. Joelle says:

    Yeah again for the person suffering with bowel troubles I recommend a product called the Herb Cocktail. It is a natural product from a Canadian company called Avena. Researched by scientists it is formulated to work with the electricity of the body. You take one tbsp. in the morning and one at night with fresh squeezed orange juice. There are capsules and a powder which is more potent. It works to cleanse the entire body and targets the colon, emptying it of all the backed up undigested food that has been breeding inside your colon walls since you started eating solid food and resembling a black tar consistency. My friend who is a health practitioner tested every product that she could find out on the market and she recomends this one to everybody and the best part is that it starts working right away. The ph# is 1800 207 2239. It is on sale until the end of Dec. and if you use my member # you can get the discount. It is 3819

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