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We were supposed to spend the last few days at the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta…

But, as you know, sometimes things don’t go as planned. 🙂

We did get to spend one day there and what we saw was fun and educational… they do the whole deal over there… from living foods prep and demonstration to students, to colon hydrotherapy and more.

In this video, director of the Living Foods Institute Jane Holmes talks about how to control your emotional eating successfully and what factors in your life hold you back from taking control of your eating habits.

I think you’ll like it…

Your question of the day: What is holding you back? What did you think of the clip?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Elena says:

    Thanks for this clip. I did enjoy it very much. This happens to be a cetnral issue for me. I deal with emotional eating everyday, but this includes raw foods. I am High Raw, yet still find myself using raw food treats as emotional crutches.
    I am always seeking information for help in dealing with cravings, emotional and stress-based eating.
    i have read the Pleasure trap, and Neal Barnard’s book about Breaking Food Seduction. Of Course, I have ANgela Stokes book, Raw Emotions, too.
    I have also tried the tapping EFT technique and have had no positive results from that.
    Emotional eating is so deeply rooted that I haven’t found any method to overcome it. I know that I am not alone, but there really is no simple panacea resolving this problem. It probably requires many different steps of change and healing.

    Any other information that you would care to share with your fans about overcoming emotional eating, and over eating in general, would certainly be appreciated very much!

    Much love and thanks so much for all that you two do for all of us!



  2. The sound quality is not there. Love you two! Keep spreading the message!

  3. crow says:

    I thought she was great and WE all need to take advantage of the advice she gave us.

  4. Jenny says:

    Boring as hell! She was too slow in talking. I lost interest very quickly.

    I guess I’m too used to YOU Kevin and your energy when you talk.

    Sorry, she reminded me of some of my very boring instructors in College.

  5. Sharon says:

    This leaves out the fact that almost everyone with food cravings actually has deficiencies of amino acids like GABA or L-Glutamine. I really wish more people would take a look at the work of Julia Ross who wrote The Diet Cure. A craving can be killed in minutes. People who go in for marriage counseling who are ready to kill each other in the counselor’s office can often speak calmly within minutes of using amino acids. We put far too much emphasis on the emotional component. Our BRAIN runs our emotions!!! All the self-talk in the world won’t help if we have little spaces in our brain that neurotransmitters won’t cross to form proper connections!!!! A person who’s brain is properly fed will not experience emotional cravings.

    Both the above mentioned products are made from beans so they are vegan (read labels for capsule ingredients of course or just use powder).

  6. John says:

    Wow, she puts it in very simple words. Yet powerful ones. I am holding myself back. Well, and sugar 🙂

  7. Koa Sky says:

    I’m with Jenny. Anyway she’s not even walking the walk yet. No wonder.

  8. Jackie says:

    Yes, this was difficult to understand. But I did hear enough to get the jist. Did not hear anything truly enlightening. This is a huge problem for me in overeating. I would love to hear something that would help me “break through”.

  9. Jude Manche says:

    Sharon Thanks for your comments on Julia Ross. Just read her article on Fats and suddenly the light bulb went on. (I mean I understood her explanations – which I had trouble with before).


  10. Julie says:

    Sharon – I think what you say is right on and I would also like to learn more about it. Thanks and I will check out that book.

  11. Subee says:

    As a food addict (addict in general), I appreciate any dialogue/info/thoughts about emotional eating.

    But Kev, I have a question that is really impt. to me and I really, really hope you answer it because Ive asked a lot and u never seem to choose mine!
    So here it is, and I warn u, Im gonna be a bit “graphic” because I really want to see what your thoughts are about it:
    I have been eating mostly raw for three weeks tomorrow. I had a lot of mucous coming up since I started, but the past few days I had such a horrible cough that it keeps me up at night– hacking and getting all that phlegm out. And I got my period and it hasnt ended in 12 days! I have talked to some people who are into natural remedies and such and they say this is def. detox, but everyone else is like — you are sick. So the question– could these be detox symptoms? If not, why would I be so vulnerable/sick now that I am eating better than ever?

    Id appreciate what u guys think about this, and maybe anyone else’s input/experience because I really dont want to give up on eating raw, but it seems counterproductive to keep going if Im going to feel worse than I did before! (i rarely got sick)

    Thanks so much for your help.

  12. kathy wenninger says:

    I think this was probably a very good message…but it was ERXTREMELY difficult to make out what she was saying! Is there any way to hear it better!!
    Thanks for all the great insights and information!


  13. FeralKevin says:

    I think Spirulina Crunchies are the worst! They just stick to my teeth like glue and I wind up brushing more out than I’m swallowing. I also feel like I’m not digesting them, and I’ve read many reports of Spirulina being not very digestible by people. I really want to like this food, but after numerous attempts, I may have given up. So anyway, I can’t imagine your cat liking them! 🙂

  14. Guenter says:

    Thanks Sharon, your comment was worth to open this link – I can’t think of anything else in this lecture

  15. esther says:

    I’ve found that focusing on my breathing helps when I have any emotional attachments come on. Taking very long inhalations and exhalations….


  16. Mary Artemis says:

    Wish I knew what was holding me back! Well, gettin’ better every day.
    Mary from Stamford.

  17. STeLLa says:

    So glad you had jane on there!!! oh to all the whiners JaNe RuLeS!!! someone said she’s not walking the walk because she said she’s 70-30. well lots of raw food leader got to together a couple of years ago at hippocrates in fla. Gabriel Cousens, Brenda Cobb, and like twenty others …. it was called the raw food summit & these leaders all agreed to encourage 80% raw & eating 20% cooked for a maintenance diet…so that has alot to do with Jane & brenda’s teachings. brenda cobbs healed/totally dissolve a breast & uterine tumor, eating 100% ann wig more style raw for quite a while. with colonics & enemas… but if someone is not dealing with an extreme situation well, 80-20 or 70-30 may be ok for them. matter of fact if someone is transitioning to raw and there over 40, i feel it’s VERY important to listen to yr body about how fast you go….and seriously consider adding colonics/enemas..esp. if U go 100%… & esp. if someone has been on the standard american diet for years & years. a detox can be really intense or even dangerous with out support. currently i am 95% to 100% raw because i feel it’s good for me. i went through LFI twice & i healed early stages of breast toxima too! Jane has helped me soooo much. I love her!!!! she was talking about how our healing is not just about getting out toxic foods but it’s about getting out toxic thoughts & limiting beliefs……brenda believes the emotional healing is actually the most important part of healing. i can testify to this too. they of course teach raw food preparation in the morning and the afternoon are about emotional healing.
    i’ve seen so many miracles there including my own. i have volunteered there alot…..
    i kno 7 people who have dissolve cancer tumors with the ann wigmore style of the raw food diet that i have met both at LFI & Hippocrates..

    i kno the sound was a little quite but u guys pobebly didn’t want to get up front & put the camera right in her face, being a little more incognito….i think jane is a dynamic speaker…she doesn’t always shout & if your healing actually in the room well, you don’t want to be shouted at every second….it’s nice she just like talks to you…she calls every one ‘angels’!

    when i saw VIKTORAS KULVINSKAS speak at the LFI @ the 10 year anniversary in sept. he said something to the effect that LFI is a great place to more quickly and less painfully go through the healing crisis when transitioning to raw & healing. he said all kindsa great things about Brenda Cobb & LFI

    thank for showing an LFI class…saaah-weet!



  18. Was it a man or a woman speaking?

  19. Agree with Stella Jayne is a wondeful human being,I met bth Jayne and Brenda when helping out at long beach covention center.I found them the least dogmatic in their teachings and not at all judgemental.
    I reeally dont think that someone has to be 100% raw to beable to talk about it ,I admire people who stay true what is the right thing for them.
    The one thing I wanted to mention is sometimes people who have alot of emotional stuff going on and then decide to go raw overnight can end up becoming more unstable.I think that going raw should be a gradual process after all if you think about how many years we have eaten certain foods it takes a while to adjust physically and emotionally.

    Elena I wondered have you tried energy healing? There is something deep rooted with the eating patterns I would be curious to know wether anything else traumatic happened around the time of comfort eating?

    Yes sounds like detox symptoms,it might help to go more slowly into raw that should help lessen symptoms.Other than that have you thought about getting a series of colonics? or at least some kind of bowel cleansing?

  20. lori says:

    nothing enlightening–do you have other sources for this HUGH problem? what about julia ross – the diet cure [amino acids or lack thereof] what are the key challenges if you’re over 70 years old?

  21. Don says:

    I loved my 10 day course at the Living Foods Institute. I wanted raw food classes with an
    experienced chef. I asked several graduates if they recommended the course, and every person said you will enjoy the “Emotional Healing” class with Jane Holmes. Sure enough
    it was one of my favorites as Jane is a gifted lecturer and truly an angel for many of her students. I left with a solid knowledge of raw food prep but most importantly the mental tools and attitude to keep myself (and help others) to remain healthy. Many thanks to Jane Holmes,
    Brenda Cobb, and staff for all they share with their students.

  22. Leam says:

    A talk like this is often better appreciated in person…too much chatter going on in the background…hard to hear her points clearly. I think, also, talks like this spend too long on negative examples and don’t get to positive ideas of how to change our thinking soon enough.

  23. Karen says:

    Hi – I didn’t care for her style of presentation. Also, having dealt with emotional eating for many years, I found the info she relayed to be too vague and too little in a plan of action. After all of these years, discovering that if I ate consistently during the day would help me not binge at night was a very useful tool that may be common sense to many, but was a big help to me. I’ve searched for help in the past and I got these vague answers, similar to what I witnessed above. Although NOT putting the food in my mouth is the simple answer, it is not helping me to just know that. I have and still do need a 1,2,3 step plan of action. I watched one of your recent tapes that discussed the top 5 reasons people are still not loosing weight and found that very helpful, esp the cheese bit. Concrete, specific info is what helps me most, not vague ideals.

  24. Erika Matt says:

    Answer to Subee’s question regarding the cough. I have Lyme disease and I had Bartonella as a coinfection. The co-infection was treated with Levaquin, which is the standard treatment. As a consequence of the Bartonella bacteria being killed I got a Herx reaction, which consisted of a terrible cough shaking my whole body. I think you are experiencing detox systems and things should slowly get better. Does anybody have a suggestion about how to kill Lyme bacteria when the Lyme has been chronic? What has been tried so far has not worked.

  25. Jill says:

    I thought that it was a very good talk and I wouldn’t mind hearing from her. I did what she told everyone else to do about the hand to the throat and what they said and I felt really powerful doing so! Thanks for a great clip and another great show!

  26. karen says:

    January through April I went completely raw.
    I gained weight during this time. I love Raw food but did not like the weight gain. Emotional eating is real for everyone. Everyone is a food addict it is a survival response.

    Animals in the wild are raw and fit but some are big and look fat like the Rhino. My ground hog in the yard is fat and he eats raw.
    We are all meant to be varying sizes.

  27. Jill says:

    Whoops, I meant to say “more from her” and thanks everyone for the different book recommendations! 🙂

  28. Elena says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Thanks for your suggestion around energy work.
    And yes, you guessed right, the issue stems from my childhood food experiences. Dinner time was an extremely volatile time because my Dad was very verbally violent in enforcing that I eat everything on my plate and ironically, I had little appetite as a child and hated all meat and milk my parents forced me to eat, and which my father believed that I needed to be healthy etc.
    Now as an adult, food has become something I use when I feel stress, lonely, bored, etc. I have been a vegetarian and vegan since I left home at 18, yet I have found food has become an addiction, a nd it doesn’t matter if it is raw food or not, I food is still my “drug” of choice, more than I would like.

    Thanks for mentioning the book by Julia Ross. I will look into this.

    Dear Kevin,
    Thank you again for sharing this clip. It felt good to hear Jane (Jayne?) sharing one of her methods for addressing regaining control over our eating choice. I am open to listening and learning from different kinds of speakers, healers, and teachers and I appreciate that you bring in such a wide range of information, and folks into the RHS program. Keep up the great workl!!
    ANy other information or education you can find that you can share with us about things (nutrients, healing methods, foods, etc) that may be effective in reducing emotional eating would be extremely appreciated by me and I imagine many others.

  29. Marie1225 says:

    I thought Jane Holmes sounded very realistic. She has found a way of eating that works for her body, and shes sharing it in hopes of helping others.

    Hey guys, are you still in Shelby, NC? Come over to Raleigh please, and email me :)Thanks as always you guy are great!

    God bless you,


  30. Marie1225 says:

    Hey Kev and Ann,

    I asked before, can you please specifically tell us what you two do when/if you get sick. I understand it doesn’t happen very often. There are those of us still do get sick though. Its kind of difficult when you’re non raw children are sneezing and coulghing on you. So please could you address that?

    Thank you 🙂

  31. Dawni says:

    Thanks Kev:

    Did anyone try that technique that JANE shared of placing your right hand over your throat while making your declaration? It is powerful for hearing your own voice resonate in your body.

    I enjoyed Jane’s sharing. it was perfect for her audience. That is so critical — that we have differing voices, with different backgrounds to help uplift us all.

    Now, I can sense why you changed your plans and that makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing this clip.

    You know — a real turn off for me and downright heart breaking in the raw food community are the few who decide who is or is not valid, worthy, or real. This cruel, acid dripping criticism is damaging but most of all to those who spew it.

    In the late 80’s, raw was really getting going in San Diego. I struggled with it and finally walked away due to this kind all of or nothing positioning. No one ever aimed any criticism at me. I was quickly adopting raw on my own and thought it would be easy since I had been a vegetarian for more than a decade. It was a digestive challenge for me. It is so much easier now with all the information available and the idea of smoothies and such…

    I don’t want to be apart of that kind of mental environment. It is abusive and toxic. It undermines the benefits of a raw food lifestyle to walk with such animosity and recrimination of others. I found some early raw fooders to be self-punishing folks who projected volumes of judgment and criticism upon others. Zero compassion.

    Several who felt they were models of health — died sudden deaths and I remember praying deeply for them. For they were more harsh with themselves than anyone. Some of these more parochial types are still in the community.

    I do APPLAUD candor, transperency, and truthfulness. And have found we can accomplished that without attacking others.


  32. Carolyn says:

    That was an awesome clip, thank you for sharing that. She is a very gentle person, I can tell, and I could have listened to her speak longer. I’m a newby raw/vegetarian, so it’s all new to me right now and I could really relate to her about making excuses and coming to terms with taking responsibility for what goes in my body. I like your website.

  33. Judy Cummings says:

    Interesting comment about Julia Ross – wonder if the Braggs Amino Liquids do the trick as well? Guess I need to read up on what Julia has to say now.

    As for this clip – boring, boring, boring with no new information. Learned more from the comment on Julia Ross than I did from Jane.

    Keep working for us – you two are doing a great job!

  34. Suprchica says:

    The talk was ok, hard to hear/understand. The message got across though. “I’m willing to change” is hard for some people to say outloud and I think this is a good exercise to get someone started in their journey to change. On another subject, I’ve been meaning to ask Annmarie whether or not she uses daily sunblock or just her wonderful line of oils? I’d like to switch to a natural ingredients product and stop putting on all kinds of synthetic junk on my face. Thanks and blessings to you both!

    Suprchica 🙂

  35. Sharon says:

    Judy, I personally find Bragg’s to be highly addictive. It will get me eating cooked food in no time flat. Most people will need at least the amount of amino acids that fit into a capsule. Some fermented superfoods (grains and beans) will have enough amino acids in them to fill up the brain since they are very concentrated and absorbable.

    By the way, Julia Ross does recommend foods that aren’t on a vegan diet. I just want to make clear that I don’t promote her food choices but only the use of the amino acids which can be nicely combined with a vegan diet.

    Subee, I have a vague recollection of reading a post recently from you about thryoid. Is that correct? If that’s the case, I’m guessing you have mercury overload and are detoxing WAY too fast!!! I’ve been through this and if you like you’re welcome to email me: It took me years of experimenting to finally get healthy. 100% raw made me sick and I think was a big issue in slowing my thyroid down. Now I can eat 100% no problem but I needed to clean up my body properly first. Colonics were not enough. My liver was really damaged and couldn’t get the toxins out. Too long a story for here.

    Erika, do you have a zapper? Kevin and David Wolfe have both talked about the Terminator zapper. You can wear it 24/7. I’m not a Lyme expert but you’re welcome to email me for a list of recommendations for cancer. For Lyme you’d add the zapper and some homeopathy which of course should be done by a proper homeopath or practitioner who would test the remedy to make sure it’s the correct one for you. You might want to check out homeoapthic Ledum. I met someone who’s friend had a really good response with it to Lyme but homeopathic remedies are often quite specific to the person rather than the disease–unless it’s a nosode.

    I’d like to see Kevin do an interview with someone to show the listeners how to make homeopathic remedies. Homemade, using local ingredients can be most effective.

  36. Didiydi says:

    this clip was amazing synchronicity for me. I just came home after a very stressful evening at work and the message in the clip for me was- learn to say no. very profound. thanks for sharing.
    for people who didn’t find she said anything meaningful it’s a worthy reminder that this was just 2min clip out of something that is probably a lot longer. it did work for me.

    About emotional addictions, i heard they are actually created (brain is wired) during stressful birth and the first year of life, and that there is an amazing ceremony that helps rewire the brain in the positive way, it’s called Iboga ceremony. haven’t tried it, but plan to.

    for me healing my food addiction was a long journey and i’m still on it, but a lot stronger and less addicted, was a combination of many meditative therapies, group work, therapists, hypnotists, a lot of self-healing. Learning to finally validate my emotions and realizing if I’m not there for myself was crucial. Now I am working on becoming aware of self-sabotage, why and how I do it. But also believe the quality of food is important, and it definitely affects my moods.

  37. Trudy Lane says:

    Had a hard time hearing her, but what I could hear I agreed.

  38. My cat and dogs love to eat chlorella and spirulina nuts. 😉

    I am an emotional eater. I eat when bored, nervous, talking on the phone, etc. I liked the exercise and I did it with her. I felt more empowered. Maintaining that power is the dilemna….to do it everytime…all the time?

  39. Hi you all,

    hmm interesting posts today.

    We have been high raw for 6 weeks now, and it has been such a journey for me in terms of meeting my “food demons”.

    I was not overweight, used to eat what I wanted when I wanted, a fairly healthyish home diet relative to SAD (or SNZD)…but going high raw, initially aiming for 100% was a rational, mental choice which I am finding to be challenged daily by something deeper and out of my conscious control somewhat.

    Today I tried to describe to my mum what I am experiencing, and it was only THEN that I understood the magnatude of what it is we are undertaking.

    I realised that is akin to somebody who is trying to give up cigarettes being surrounded by positive cigarette advertising in all forms of media, being surrounded by plates of cigarettes on offer throughout the day, being offered cigarettes many times a day, being given lovingly hand-rolled cigarettes by people who they care about (and having to find a tactful way of saying no thank you), not being (or being!) invited to parties where everyone who is there is a smoker……


    I base this on something Victoria Boutenko said (apologies I can’t find the reference right now so i may be misquoting but this was the jist of what I got from it) about if it was only willpower alone that was needed it would be easy to be 100% raw. But SAD food is addictive, therefore it takes more than just willpower.

    SO! the journey continues. I am excited about becoming MY OWN master in the context that I find myself in, and about the rewards that come with that. If I can master THIS, imagine what else I can achieve right?!

    Kudos to all in this boat. Its a very exciting place to be.


  40. Oh, and…

    with regards to Homeopathic remedies….

    I would advise against taking something that someone else had success with for the same condition….as part of the very basis of Homeopathy is treating the INDIVIDUAL, not the condition.

    So for example, two people can have a cold virus and get totally different remedies. In fact 300 people could have a cold virus and get different remedies!

    There are a very few remedies that can be almost specifically indicated for various conditions, but I really recommend taking homeopathic remedies under the guidance of a trained Homeopath.

    Apart form anything else, the consultation process can be extremely therapeutic and enlightening.

    With regards to making your own homeopathic remedies I would not really advise that either. Making Mother Tinctures can be fantastic and is great to do, but the process of converting them into homeopathic remedies (potentisation) is fairly complex and specific, and the potential impact on the remedy-maker is actually quite intense.

    I’m not sure how it is in the States, but sometimes Homeopathic Pharmacies are happy to receive substances to make remedies from for individuals…

    Hah long posts today. Sweet dreams everyone,

    (Homeopath (heh, obviously), Registered Nurse)

  41. jackie says:

    The sound quality wasn’t there so am skipping this one, but thanks anyway.

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