Natural Herbal Remedies for the Flu Season – The Renegade Health Show Episode #435

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At Stone Mountain this weekend, there was a Native American Pow-wow…

Cool, but sad at the same time.

When I think about the Native American history, I get pretty fired up. What was done to the native people of America, has been a dark spot in the history of the “new” Americans.

The Native Americans feel this way too. Here’s a t-shirt image that I saw that sends a pretty strong message…


If you are of Native American decent, please chime in to let us know how you and your families feel, would love to know!

Anyway, there was good here!!!! (There is good everywhere, BTW!)

We met a woman named Ila Hatter who’s been studying herbal medicines for 35 years.

In this episode she explains what was in the old SSS Tonic, how to boost immunity and what to do to prevent the flu with natural herbal remedies before the flu season arrives.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What is your favorite skyline?

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To check out more from Ila, please visit her site…

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Katrina says:

    My favorite skyline would be a mountain range of epic proportions, but if you’re talking cities I guess I’ll go with Chicago. It’s got great character and depth. Haven’t yet been to Manhattan so I can’t vote on that one. 🙂

  2. JT says:

    Gulf of Mexico.

  3. Alicia says:

    Very cool show!

  4. Kris says:

    Favorite skyline is Boston!! Thanks so much for this video–brought me right back to my childhood in Georgia. We’d make sassafras tea everytime we camped. Loved it.

  5. Marqueta says:

    This was a great, informative video. We live in Idaho and don’t have sassafras or spice bush, but we do have elder and sumac, which we use a lot for food and medicine.

    My favorite skyline is Philadelphia, since I lived there for 7 months. 🙂 Go Rocky!



    p.s. Your videos have really helped me re-program my pregnant brain to want raw foods again, instead of everything salty and disgusting! I really am grateful.

  6. Ahntara says:

    The Tetons, without equal. Just think of that scene from Forest Gump where he is running in front of the mountain range. Beautiful!

  7. Cathy says:

    Favorite Skyline Washington, DC

  8. Rose Vasile says:

    Vancouver, BC has my favourite skyline…mountains, water, variety of buildings and bridges.

  9. Joan says:

    The Chicago skyline from out on Lake Michigan…day or night!

  10. Dr Jerome says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I favorite skyline would be Vancouver BC just before Manattan, San Francisco and maybe in 15 years Portland OR, which develop skylines like Vancouver BC. Sorry I never be in Chicago. Frankfurt in Germany has a nice skyline, but it is restricted compare to US cities.

    Jerome from France

  11. Beth says:

    My favourite city skyline is London (UK) from the Thames.

    Another great show!

  12. Nadia says:

    I love the picture of fighting terrorism by the original homeland security. That speaks volumes about the truth of things.

  13. crow says:

    Many native people of America do not look like indians since many of our descendants were white. Love the tshirt and I do have one I wear quite often.

    Here are a couple of books I have used often
    for herbal advice:

    The Cherokee HERBAL, by J. T. Garrett

    In this rare collection of the herbal knowledge of the the Cherokee elders, author J. T. Garrett presents the healing properties and medicinal applications of over 450 North American plants. Readers will learn how Native American healers utilize the gift of nature for ceremonial purposes and to treat over 120 ailments, from the common cold to a broken heart. The book presents the medicine of the Four Directions and the plants with which each direction is associated. From the East comes the knowledge of “heart Medicine” — blood-building tonics and plants for vitality and detoxification. The Medicine of the South focuses on the innocence of life and the energy of youthfulness. West Medicine treats the internal aspects of the physical body to encourage strength and endurance, while North Medicine offers a sense of freedom and connection to the stars and greater Universal Circle. This resource also includes tradtional teaching tales to offer insights from Cherokee cosmology into the origin of illness, how the animals found their Medicine and the naming of plants.

    J. T. Garrett, a member of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee from North Carolina, is the author of Meditations with the Cherokee and coauthor with his son Michael, of Medicine of the Cherokee and The Cherokee Full Circle. As a student and teacher of Indian Medicine for over thirty-five years, he draws on the ancient wisdom teachings of his Medicine elders on the Cherokee reservation in the Great Smoky Mountains. He currently serves as the health director for the Carteret County in North Carolina.


    Indian Herbalogy of North America, by Alma R. Hutchens

    For more than twenty years this pioneering work has served as a bible for herbalists throughout the world. It is an illustrated enclyclopedic guide to more than two hundred medicinal plants found in North America, with descriptions for methods of use and dosage. Native American traditions are compared wtih tradtional uses of the same plants among other cultures where the science of herbs has flourished, particulary in Russia and China. Included is an annotated bibliograhhy of pertinent book and periodicals.

    Alma R. Hutchens, a close associate of the late herbalist N.G. Tretcikoff, has been a student and practitioner of herbal medicine for many years.

  14. Lois Kubota says:

    SAN FRANCISCO. Picture the Golden Gate Bridge in back. It doesn’t get any better!

  15. Karen Jackson says:

    I would rather see some awesome mountains than buildings.

    I feel like you do about the Native Americans and can’t believe all the horrible things done to them. President Obama is appearing to want to make some amends.

  16. Cindy says:

    Any “natural” skyline – mountains, valleys, rivers, trees, etc. City-wise I would choose the Pittsburgh skyline with the Three Rivers.

  17. Dorian Valles says:

    LOVED this show!! So informative…thank you so much for choosing to film Ila and all of her suggestions/knowledge on natural, herbal remedies.
    My favorite skyline is Manhattan as well!
    Have a most wonderful and blessed day Kevin and Annmarie 🙂

  18. jane magpie says:

    Farourite skyline? Anywhere in Palestine with the beautiful green hills and even more lush green valleys before the concrete fortresses were built by illegal settlers form across the Israeli border, stealing the water and the ancient/500-plus-year old olive groves and citrus orchards, a bit like when the first settlers went to America committing an illegal and immorral occupation. We have the power to change this. The US funds the existance of this kind of Zionist Israel, it could not exist without it. Check out what it is really costing in lives as well as money. Then stand up for what is right and don’t let this injustice continue.

  19. Sarah Hauch says:

    Kuala Lumpor in Malaysia. Unbelievable.
    Sarah xoxo

  20. crow says:

    Ida is native. Just watched her video on her website. She thinks like a native no doubt about it. We natives would not think about taking a plante without giving back thanks to the plant.

  21. Leam says:

    Having lived across the Hudson River, I enjoyed looking out my window to see the Empire State and Chrysler buildings of Manhattan – although I could never get over how the skyline changed after 9/11. However, my favorite “skyline” would be looking across an ocean or great lake with nothing to see but water to the horizon.

    Really great show! We take a maintenance dose of elderberry everyday in cold/flu season.

  22. Karen says:

    My favourite skyline is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  23. taylor says:

    I just visited New York for the first time last month, and I’d have to agree with you two. I stayed up in Harlem in a building that I could get to the roof and look over Manhattan.
    So breathtaking.

  24. Veronika says:

    Thanks for the wealth of info! Makes me want to moved to the area. Yes, Elderberry is awesome. I’d have to agree that I’m partial to the Golden Gate skyline since I live here.

    Also wanted to mention how great the Howard Lyman (mad cowboy) interview was. He was really on the mark about everything and I appreciate that this info is getting out there.

    My dad is a research scientist and for years has been studying the prion proteins (mutated infectious proteins) that cause Mad Cow (BSE) & CJD. Everything Mr. Lyman said was true, and I just want to elaborate a couple things.

    The major problem is that these proteins are resistant to extreme temperatures (hot or cold) so you can’t kill the proteins by cooking your meat, and you can’t clean the surface of something with a disinfectant because it’s not a bacteria or virus. It’s a mutated form of protein, that infects other proteins by causing them to mutate. The proteins spread and are most prevalent in the nervous system, but they show up in the blood and muscle tissue (animal meat) as well.

    Another issue that Mr. Lyman touched on is that the main way to detect the disease is by doing a posthumous examination of brain tissue. My dad and some other labs are working on developing accurate blood tests so we can diagnose the disease early, and test both humans and animals without invasive procedures.

  25. Janet says:

    Pittsburgh is my favorite skyline!

  26. Bernadette says:


    Having lived for about 20 years in Asia, I must admit to be partial to the Hong Kong skyline – although Manhattan comes in a close second! – as far as cities are concerned.

    Bernadette (currently in Brussels, Belgium)

  27. believer says:

    so glad i just read what u wrote …thank u for speaking up 🙂

  28. Amy says:

    San Francisco, of course! Great show by the way.

  29. Gypsyboy says:

    Manhatan skyline at susnset looking westward from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. A beautiful red sky with the East River in the foreground, tall buildings and bridges. Endless adventures await…..

  30. The Las Vegas skyline is beautiful. You can look one way and see the casinos and lights. Look to the West and you see Red Rocks, Mount Charleston and the Spring Mountain range.

  31. Mary Ellen says:

    i think if u are gonna ask what is your favorite skyline, u should ask if that is in day or night time. doesn’t that make a bit of difference? i sure hope someone tries to make some amends to the native american people.

  32. Jasmine says:


  33. Barbara says:

    Interesting show and what a lovely woman.
    Always been fond of the Chicago skyline.

  34. Diana says:

    What a GREAT video, I love learning about wild edibles, food is your medicine, medicine is your food. I feel we would all be better off adding these thing as part of our diet and not just as a supplement. Ila seems like such a sweet gentle soul, I could listen to her all day.

    As far as skylines, anything not man made, nature can make the simplest things gorgeous.

    Thanks for another great clip

  35. John W Brown says:

    Sydney Harbour.

  36. chris says:

    without a doubt… NYC

  37. debbie says:

    The “Magic City” Miami Florida

  38. Sophia says:

    Thanks for the very important information- way to bring awareness to everyone!! Enjoyed this show a lot.

  39. Taina says:

    NAtural Beauty is best. That’s why I prefer the skyline in Key West, FL… especially when there is a full moon on one side and the sun going down on the other side. Awesome!!!

  40. Great show.Thank you. Love the Native American slogan. My sons are part Chippewa. I’ll have to show them this sign. Maybe look into the t-shirts.

  41. Peg says:

    Being a prairie person, my favorite skyline is wide open land–as far as you can see–grass, rolling hills, and a couple of trees.

  42. Subee says:

    We went to a pow wow this summer on the Shinecock Reservation and OMG the sassafras cold tea was sooooo good that I salivate just thinking about it!

    NYC skyline, pre-911, has to be my favorite– Def. has its own kind of natural beauty to it as most of us NYers have lol.

  43. Jan Cranch says:

    Mt. Rainier just “floats” above any skyline seen of Seattle, WA.
    Early native inhabitants thought it magical the way that it is visible, floating from any viewpoint. It is my favorite.

  44. joan gerber says:

    my favourite skyline is standing on the beach at fort myers beach, florida. look right (north) and on a clear day you can see the curve of the beach westwards, with sanibel and captiva islands, the causeway and the buildings along the shore. look left (south) and you see another westerly curve, with bonita springs and then naples. the best view of this skyline i ever saw was on a night when lightning was “playing” in the clouds to the south, and there was this incredible light show on the tops of the clouds above naples.

  45. Sarah says:

    I’ll have to second that: Mount Rainier… either Seattle or Tacoma is fine, just love the floating mountain! 🙂

  46. Laura says:

    I loved the show. Great lady.

  47. Jos says:

    Old World =Paris New World = Manhattan

  48. Jill says:

    What an awesome lady! I loved that show…very educational and interesting! Not having traveled to many cities, I would have to say Chicago’s is the best I’ve seen so far. Your nephew is cute 🙂

  49. Dawni says:

    Amritsar, India; Hong Kong; Luxor linger in my mind and surely spawned the creation of new brain cells as I felt a twinge of familiarity and wonder. The natural wonders are the greatest show stoppers for me with the clear blue pristine lakes in Tibet at 17,000 feet being the most deeply evocative in my experience.

    I am always happy to see the familiar Skyline of wee little San Diego.

    Loved the video of Ila. I could feel her wisdom and the solid ground of her being in this video. So soothing…

    I am of Native blood from all 4 grandparents. Not uncommon in black families to share a mixed heritage. Natural alliances for a variety of reasons among Indians and Africans. Maternal grandmother was on the roll as Indian and lived on what is now heir-deed lands. The family was appropriated land that can only be passed from heir to heir as a result of the Trail of Tears. Always a mixed bag and a tough history all around. Maternal and Paternal families went north to Michigan and left their lands to sharecroppers. I and all my siblings born in California are putting together this history and find it deeply impactful.

    Pow wow’s and sweats were a regular part of my life for 20 years, as I connected with Native people across the US. Now my passion involves connecting with indigenous people the world over to preserve their knowledge and experiences. I realize I/we lost the connection to the inherent wisdom of the natural world and our interdependence with all life. We’ve paid a high price for this disconnect.

    Love the show and the question!


  50. YES!! MT Rainier in WA state is the most beautiful skyline from all directions! And, when there are no clouds or rain, I get to look at it everyday! I am grateful!

  51. James says:

    To me she looks out of place at a pow-wow. Does she dress up in pioneer/settler clothes just to antagonize the Indians?

    Call it White guilt if you like, but out West in the 1850’s the Indians had two choices, either kill the settlers and get hunted as killers, or befriend them, help them and get over-ran. Neither route was very survivable for them. That’s sad. It’s the natural clash of systems, cultures, and technologies. It’s an inevitable result. Not right or wrong, but a natural result that we’ve seen happen around the world where cultures meet, change, and disappear. I hope they continue the best they can. Maybe the culture we have now can find some good things from the cultures of the past to cherish and honor to remember them in some way.

  52. Heloisa says:

    Rio de Janeiro, no question about that one.
    Adorable lady, wonderful teacher. Thanks for the show.

  53. STeLLa says:

    Right On, jane magpie!!! i like what she shared too!! XOXO
    nice show with the info on wild edibles in appalachia. ila was very interesting & knowledgeable! Big Kudos on yr ‘fighting terrorism since 1492’ picture!!!!

  54. Page says:

    My favorite skyline is line of towering cypress trees in the Okefenokee Swamp. Sometimes they are graced by Red-Shouldered hawks, sometimes Sandhill Cranes, sometimes Great Egrets, sometimes Barred Owls…the list is endless.

  55. eyla says:

    The show was really interesting.
    The info was great.

    I found the comment ‘I don’t believe she is native american’ a bit jarring,

    Our culture is so white-centric, and assumptions regarding someones cultural background can be very offensive and hurtful.

    It may not be offensive to the person you spoke about (Ila), but to many others, it could be.

    I know this comment wasn’t made with any intent to be insulting,
    however, our words and actions are powerful, they can solidify and continue ideas of what is ‘normal’ or ‘the norm’, and through this, we could be perpetuating prejudices. We need to be aware of the impact our words/assumptions could be having on others,even if we didn’t intend any harm.

    This is not an attack, as I have a great deal of respect for you and your show. We all have the potential to say something like this, no-one is perfect, self awareness is the only way to right this and it’s hard.


  56. Bette says:

    My favorite “skyline” of all times is the view of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Colorado! Of course, you two know how I feel about that. I told you my thoughts of Boulder and Colorado at the Bonobos event! Seems you have taken a liking to it there too!!

  57. Sheilah Renaud says:

    There is no video posted in the “window”….technical problem??

  58. KC says:

    Chicago, no question about it! Get on a little sail boat and go East into the lake about a mile,then look back… beautiful, peaceful, quiet. Very soothing

  59. Dee says:

    Loved this show, what great info.
    Favorite skyline – Seattle on a clear day when you can see Mt. Ranier.

  60. Danae W. (British Columbia, Canada) says:

    Vancouver, BC! Big city meets mountains and ocean. Next, San Francisco.

  61. Mae says:

    Chicago Skyline

  62. Mary Artemis says:

    Left my heart in San Francisco and Manhattan. It’s a tie. although I’m always a Yankee fan (for my little brother). Cool Show. I’m off to researching the website and order some “limbs” and “berries” to make teeeeaaa!

  63. jaclyn says:

    I’ll have to go with my city of birth on this one- Chicago! 🙂

  64. ROB says:

    HONG KONG. Not my favorite city but a very dramatic skyline.

  65. LOVED this show! Such classic wisdom that you don’t get to learn about commonly. Thanks, I really enjoyed it. 😉

  66. Terresa says:

    Vancouver , BC. my favorite skyline.
    Great show,checking out her website now.

  67. Judith Haines says:

    Pittsburgh, PA is the most beautiful skyline. If you haven’t seen it you’re missing something incredible.

  68. Brigitte says:

    Many big cities have grand skylines, but Chicago by far is the prettiest when viewed from out in the lake or near the Planetarium. Unlike San Francisco or New York it has beauty and grace and isn’t so jammed together thus making it look peaceful at the same time. However, it is hard to choose just one place on earth since there are so many spectacular locations. Diamond Head near Waikiki Beach on Oahu is always cool and love driving over the causeway near Clearwater Florida near sunset with the water and pink-tinted clouds all around and the wind blowing through my hair!

  69. Carol says:

    When you come down the hill from Marin county, just before going through the tunnel, there is a glimpse of San Francisco, during the day, with all the sun shining on SF that makes me KNOW that I’m in the right spot at the right moment.
    Vancouver is great too.

  70. Connie says:

    Great information! My favorite skylines (I have 2) are Seattle driving north from Oregon and Chicago. Awesome. Hope to find other favorites! Keep up the great shows and I’ll keep watching, and thanks!

  71. alice says:

    The Adriatic Sea, does that count as a skyline? Or does there have to be a city on it?

  72. John says:

    Ila was great, I really enjoyed hearing her knowledge.

  73. flo says:

    favorite skyline;

    a most ordinary, unglamorous, best of usa city :
    waynesboro va. as seen heading west on I 64.

    brief but breathtaking view of appalachian
    mountains & valley….

  74. Mark says:

    Hi guys,

    I was going to buy and download the tape, but when placing the order it ask for my infomation which is not a problem, except there is no England or United Kingdom in your list 🙁

  75. Raumati Beach on the Kapiti Coast of Aotearoa, New Zealand. :o)

    Although, I reckon Metallica said it best that one time back when I was a teenager, “where I lay my head is home…”


  76. sherry says:

    I am part 1/4th chinook.My ancestors were the main traders for the west coast.I am very much into herbs from any where.

  77. jane says:

    I have just been learning about TAR SANDS, the latest exploitation of the earth and the First Nation People. As you were so impressed with the Native American History I think it is important that you look at this huge issue and bring it to public attention. Just ‘google’ No Bloody Oil, or Tar Sands, or No H2Oil and find out what we are part of if we, each one of us, don’t do something soon in fact NOW.

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