How to Make Handmade Chocolates (Part 2) – The Renegade Health Show Episode #416

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This is part 2 of Jeff Botticelli explaining how he makes handmade gourmet raw chocolates…

Check out the intro to see where in the US we are right now… 🙂 Or, were… right now we’re off to Santa Fe for two days to relax a bit in the mountains.

Take a look at today’s episode…

Your question of the day: What are your thoughts on raw cacao or chocolate?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. RW says:

    Real Raw Chocolate without refined sugar is one of the best antioxidants available.

  2. Carole Cole says:

    I didn’t get part 1 of how to make the chocolate 🙁

  3. Tara Burner says:

    divine-that’s my thought! lol
    now if only I could get some really delish vegan goodies here in S. FL!

  4. Mary says:

    Loved seeing the Grand Canyon with y’all!! Very cool. Thanks for the wonderful look at how chocolate is made at
    Thanks Jeff, really enjoyable to watch you.
    Can’t wait to try them, Yum Yum:)

  5. Tommi says:

    Is there a ratio of cocao powder to cocoa butter? It think this was a wonderful series on chocolate, really enjoyed this. Thank you for all that you do.

  6. Aradhana says:

    Thank you so much for this show!! One of my personal favorites…Cacao has been one of my greatest teachers so far…been working/playing with raw chocolate for almost 2 years now, spreading chocolate love through my company Silvermoon Chocolate. Cacao is a sacred magical food that is an incredible treat, as well as a medicine-especially when combined with other superfoods and herbs. i think it should be prescribed by doctors instead of poisonous anti-depressant drugs like prozac, zoloft, paxil, etc…

  7. Cecilia says:

    Amazing Italian guy!! Such a great vibe, genuine and generous! Always thank you for sharing Annmarie and Kev! Gracias : )

  8. Rene Oswald says:

    Another great show! I so agree that we should consume cacao sparingly and reap the benefits. Too many people overdue chocolate consumption and have numerous negative effects, followed by addictions to chocolate desserts. I’ve worked with many people who are in very poor health from being glutinous with chocolate then not having an appetite for the nutrient dense foods they need to acquire optimum health. Eating more greens during the withdrawal from large amounts of chocolate helps tremendously. I suggest carrying a dried green powder like Pure Synergy with you at all times when getting through this period, the chlorophyll and magnesium help to overcome the craving for both chocolate and coffee. Carob is a wonderful substitute and can be used with cacao to get the benenfits of small amounts of cacao with the high mineral content of carob. I suggest using 3 parts carob with one part cacao.
    Check out for Raw Food Recipe Videos.

  9. Jaime Olivia says:

    Ooooooh… raw chocolate is SCRUMPTIOUS!!! It melts in your mouth and the stronger flavour is SO more stimulating! 🙂

  10. Mae says:

    Great show I love chocolate

  11. jes says:

    I think cacao is the world’s finest food. There are, however, a diverse amount of people each with a unique body and MIND. For some chocolate is fabulous, for others dangerous. One must assess for one’s self what to eat. I gather this because I feel great eating cacao and am drawn to everything about it. It’s history, it’s colour, it’s crunch, taste… how it invites me to feel and think. And I see others who don’t share my high perspective of it. To each his own, perhaps?

    Like with all foods, cooked, raw, processed, poisoned or not.. I bless them all. Everything I’ve ever eaten to everything I shall ever eat is all part of me and MY reality. Which is an extremeley unigue point of view. I think we could choose to drop mass agreeing on everything and perhaps just agree that we are all good and right.

    Love ya. Love the show. Thank you.


  12. Ramona says:

    I have been adding chocolate powder to my green smoothies for years. Even while there had been talk about chocolate not being the best food for you, I felt compelled to continue with it in my diet. I like the chocolate puddings made with powder, dates, vanilla bean, salt and a pinch of cayenne as a great dessert to share with others. I suppose it is my Mayan blood that calls for the continued consumption of wonderful chocolate. I have noticed however, that over the years, I now consume a lesser amount as compared to when I first discovered “raw” chocolate.

  13. there are two things I cannot live without chilis and chocolates.
    thank you beautiful show.Keep up the fantastic information.
    Have to visit that raw chocolate factory.
    enjoy your rest in Santa Fe.
    love peace and joy.

  14. Marcia Perkins says:

    I developed my own chocolate truffle recipe which I will be happy to share. It’s easy and I make just enough to have one at a time. I melt (just until liquid) 1 tbsp. cacao butter. Then with the heat off, I stir in 1 tbsp. raw almond butter, 1 tbsp. agave, 1 tbsp. raw chocolate powder, and 1/4 tsp. vanilla. Add a few walnuts if you want it crunchy. Pour it into a plastic lid lined with saran. Put in the freezer. Twenty minutes later, you have a lovely treat. I will add that I often make Matt Amsden’s superfood shake for breakfast that includes the raw chocolate. It gives me a lot of energy and tastes delicious! Thanks for the informative video. I’m going to experiment more with the cacao beans.

  15. Sophia says:

    I think once and awhile some raw chocolate is good for you. I thought Jeff’s knowledge on cacao was very interesting. Thanks!!!

  16. Carolyn says:

    Great show! 🙂 Question. I have a bag of Raw Organic Cacao beans .. & would like to place them into my smoothies ….or use them as a snack.
    I presume I need to take off the “shell” before using them …
    how do I get off the “shell”? If I am eating them myself I bite into a bean which splits it and then I pick the inside out .. but I cannot do that if I am giving them to friends!! 🙂
    love & Blessings Carolyn

  17. Claudia says:

    If you get a chance, drive/walk/run up Upper Canyon Road in Santa Fe (and if you have time, go for a walk through the Audobon Centre and/or the Nature Conservancy Sanctuary at the top) — the trees are a beautiful yellow towards the top of the road! 🙂 Enjoy this lovely city!

  18. Wow. This 2-part series on chocolate-making has been one of my absolute favourite RH shows! Jeff’s respect and ritualistic approach to a FOOD?!? Man, we need more of that in this world. Such a joy to watch him speak.

    And, yes, I’m a cacao fan, but am noticing that I only like it when I make it or when it’s made from someone doing it from a magickal or medicinal perspective. The difference in how my body processes it is unparalleled.

    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Rite Food and Company

  19. I LOVE raw cacao… ( A nice treat is having almond milk or coconut milk with raw cacao, cayenne and cinammon) as a healthier version of traditional HOT chocolate.. YUM

  20. Michael says:

    Glad to see so many enjoyed this series. Jeff is a true artisan. Learning about his art was an inspiring and memorable moment. Only wish that others could have experienced the incredible aroma and energy of the room as I did..loved it. If ever the opportunity presents itself to witness anything like this, be sure to take advantage. Powerful if not intoxicating.

  21. Heyward says:

    “Bless that which you desire.”

    Kevin and Annmaire, consider yourselves ordained.

    The Grand Canyon?! Are you kidding me? I love your lifestyle! You guys go EVERYWHERE and I wish it was me. I wish I was following MY passion through the U.S. leaving youtubes in my wake. I wish I was traveling the world, meeting other passionate fascinating people; keeping an easy record of these encounters with my videos.

  22. Jesse says:

    I just had a question about vitamin D. I know its off topic but with the limited daylight in the northern hemisphere now that fall has set in I’m just wondering if you know of a good supplement? Thanks!

  23. Elaine says:

    I couldn’t have transitioned to raw foods without cacao. It has it’s place in the cycle.

  24. Didiydi says:

    Yes, agree about the transitioning. I also wonder how many of those little guys you still have in your fridge Kevin:)? Wish you guys have tried it on camera!
    I still wonder about chocolate. Bashar says we should not consume it, and there is no way to tell how it will affect someone long term…I also ate it a lot when I first tried it, but now eat sparingly. I think it helped a lot balance my magnesium lack.

  25. Spyros Pan says:

    This has been a very inspiring video to watch.

    I would like to learn a little bit more on the ratio between the cacao powder and the cacao butter…In general terms I come up with my own ratios after experimentation but a starting reference point would be sweet. By the way Cacao butter is very difficult to find in Greece.

    I really enjoyed the energising part of the process with the wavy flowing hand motions and the whole positioning on the food preparation.

    As for raw cacao, I am using it in smoothies (frozen bananas, apple, pear, nut milk -any-, dried figs, dried dates, lucuma and raw cacao…) and I am loving it. One pint of it feels like a proper meal. I usually drink one of pint of it before my usual 70km Saturday bicycle ride and it just keeps me going.

    However, I feel Raw Cacao also is a very strong stimulant and I try to avoid it after sunset.



  26. louise says:

    I’m trying cacao for the first time ever. I purchased my first bag of cacao nibs about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been putting one tablespoon into my smoothies (not everyday) and I have made a trail mix that consists of 2 tblsp of the following ingredients: cacao nibs, raw pumpklin & sunflower seeds and gogi berries. I snack on this throughout the day when I feel hungry. I can not say that I feel cacao as being a stimulant, but maybe I’m not eating enough of it. I’m a chocolate lover from way back and the talk about cacao intrigued me but also made me feel just a bit cautious about it. I typically do most everything in moderation so I don’t think I’m over doing it. I’d love to know how much is too much. For now I’m enjoying the discovery
    and learning of so many new foods. Thank you for enlighting me.

  27. Jill says:

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about raw cacao but have never used it myself.

  28. Toni Kaste says:

    I have many allergies, but raw chocolate is one of the foods that my body is fine with and I love it too! I think I would say watch out if you crave it too much(you may have a allergy/intolerance) and watch overdoing it it also has caffeine and theobromine(which is the reasons it can be toxic to dogs!)

    I have just ordered(right before you aired these shows!) raw cacao butter and am eagerly awaiting it so I can try my hand at raw chocolate making. It was like you had these shows just for me! Thank you!

    Enjoy chocolate…in moderation!


  29. Jense Anjali says:

    Jeff is a real blessing. I learned a ton just listening to and watching him. Thank you!

    I have been in and out … up and down … around and about in my relationship to chocolate and then raw cacao. The medicinal and ritual message that Jeff imparted is facilitating a new evolution around my relationship with raw cacao. It’ll be fun to see where it leads. Once place I feel it will lead is to a visit to his shop!

    Hey, enjoy that canyon … Wow! Blissings!

  30. Beth says:

    I’ve enjoyed this two part series. Jeff had some profound points.

    I enjoy raw cacao and raw cacao desserts, especially during the cold and darker months. I find my body calls for it during the winter – except if I head south or to the tropics and then my body does not want/request the raw cacao.

    Interesting how the body works, and reveals its needs.

  31. OrganiKooK says:

    I would love to be able to make my own chocolate like that. My husband and 2 boys are absolute chocoholics. I get them dark chocolate w/out dairy, but they wolf it down like there is no tomorrow. It would be nice to make them a chocolate like this that they would learn to savor. People, and we are all guilty of this at times, rush too much through our eating and don’t really get all the subtle nuances of flavor in our food. Enjoy your travels and keep up the good info!

  32. Koa says:

    Response to “jes”: VERY WELL SAID.

  33. I really enjoyed watching the process of Jeff’s chocolate making. He puts so much knowledge and passion into each batch.

    Btw, was that a Quantum Balance crystal that Ann Marie was wearing? If so, I have the same one. Got it a Raw Spirit east and have been wearing it ever since.

    Can you also address how to supplement Vitamin D for us northeasters as the person asked above? Thanks and much love to you both!

  34. Chris & Sara says:


    Cacao is our little treat. 🙂 I love it because it is not so filling and I can just crack a piece in my mouth and let it melt…. mmmm.

    We have recently tried it with Cherries. WOW what a combination!

    I have never thought to make our own…. gotta try that!!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Jeff is awesome~Wonderful shows!!!!

    Hi Ross!!!

    Nice to see you all together in our old state! 🙂 It looks chilly up there brrrr.

    Love you alll~~~~


  35. jane says:

    very pleasing to watch.
    i wish to say no matter what other folks opinion is ie
    dont eat this
    that is bad for you
    it is only opinion, well founded or otherwise
    so, if you desire to taste, try or consume something it might be worth trusting yourself before anyone else
    and yes i am seduced by jeff and his creation

  36. Debra says:

    I just loved listening to Jeff talk – his respect and reverence for chocolate as a medicinal plant was really refreshing. I liked his point about savoring small amounts rather than gorging on it more for the sugar buzz.

    I’ve never heard of someone talking about receiving guidance from a food but since God created it I can see where he would want us to understand how to best utilize it as a health benefit and blessing.

  37. Marie1225 says:

    Hi Kev and Annmarie,

    I still say raw or not, chocolate is a treat, and it should be treated as such. Whether it has vit C or anything else such as antioxidants, there are still unhealthy parts to it.Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff, but for the most part I am trying ot stay away from it.

    I’m with you guys, Kev and Annmarie. There are so many other healthy raw foods that we can eat, which contain antioxidants and vital nutrients without the toxic stimulants. Paul Nison doesn’t touch chocolate. I’m a big fan of what he does with raw food and health as well as the two of you.

    On a side note, Jeff Botticelli looks really talented, and his chocolate looks delicious. I do not have relationships with my plants or food though. I have relationships with people. I do not feel energy or vibes from plants either. He’s a little out there for me.


  38. I love chocolate…dark chocolate. I ate it for years. I consumed about 2 pounds a month. But, I must of screwed up something with it. If I eat even a tiny 1 inch square I have a pancreatic attack that lasts about 6 months. When I see other people eating it or when I smell it, I really need to leave the room. I have an addiction to it and it can kill me.

  39. Tina says:

    I was lucky enough to find that place my second visit!The chocalte amazing!Bought alot even my daughter not raw she couldn’t get enough.My favorite was coconut sprinkle on top.
    Yes I Love Chocalte,but it has to be made low sugar, and i enjoy herbs in them.Like the sacrate Heart! (David Wolfe site)sells them!

  40. brian says:

    I am uncertain if raw cacao is healthy. Maybe there are certain alkaloids which build up in the body or excesses in certain minerals. The effects may depend on your existing diet.

    Many people consume lots coffee everyday and they do not seem to suffer. That makes raw cacao seem unhealthier than coffee.

    You said you get migraines from spirulina. Do you still get them?
    A person can overdose on beta carotene from spirulina and get liver toxicity.

    Is it possible to accumulate certain minerals to toxic levels from superfoods?
    eg. iron overload

  41. i think cacao is wonderfuly delicious but extremely toxic TO ME. makes me paranoid and gives me the worst anxiety. 🙁
    i still give in to it from time to time

  42. Kat says:

    I love raw cacao, but like Kevin I used to put it in a smoothie every day, and I think I became really addicted to it. I began having heart palpitations, anxiety and jitters, but I didn’t connect the two until Kevin did the show about raw cacao depleting his minerals and leading to adrenal fatigue. I stopped cacao to see if it was causing my issues – after being in denial and whining about it for a little while. Sure enough, my symptoms completely went away after several weeks without cacao. I occasionally eat a tiny amount if someone serves it, but I don’t buy the powder or nibs anymore.

    I have replaced the cacao in my diet with carob. Matt Monarch had some silky Italian carob that was absolutely amazing! He no longer carries it and I’m currently looking for a good replacement, so if anyone is familiar with this carob and knows a good source for something similar, please let me know!

  43. Laura says:

    Cacao is very much a stimulant for me. It’s fun once in a while, but if I get too much caffeine I get cranky and irritable.

    However it is wonderful to see how much love this guy puts into his work.

    I had to laugh when he said he’s had chocolates in his fridge for 6 months or more. No amount of chocolate would last that long in MY fridge.:)

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