How Do You Know if Your Food Has Minerals? – The Renegade Health Show Episode #405

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I always want to know if foods really have the minerals and phytonutrients that people say they do…

In this episode, we do a little scientific experiment with a light bulb and some popular mineral rich foods.

The foods we test are tap water, marine phytoplankton, coconut water, and two different greens products.

I think you’ll enjoy this episode, I know we did!

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What other experiments would you like to see us do?

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So here are my thoughts on the experiment:

In order of WOW factor (electrolytes):

1. Coconut Water
2. Marine Phytoplankton
3. Ormus Greens
4. Other Green Product
5. Tap Water

Now, we could easily test 100’s of foods and liquids, but I think this is a great demonstration to affirm that you can get minerals from a bunch of things.

What this doesn’t test is (1) what minerals are in the foods and (2) how the body absorbs the minerals that are in the foods. So this isn’t a complete study on what are the best mineral rich foods for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

BTW: Sunwarrior’s Ormus Greens is not yet on the market. It will be in a few months… we’ll keep you posted!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didnโ€™t change the way he was living โ€” he might go down that same path. Since then, heโ€™s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, heโ€™s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols โ€” including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more โ€” to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog โ€” which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Fun and very powerful show. Loved it. A lab coat would have been great ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lisa says:

    I understand you not wanting to embarrass the other green powder company, but if a product isn’t what we think it is, the people have a right to know! I hope I’m not taking it!!!

  3. Russ says:

    cool test guys. I’d like to see what some commonly made green smoothies test at. Kale bannana, apple or something like that. A lot of us are drinking smoothies everyday now, as you know.

  4. Dawni says:

    That was totally awesome!

    I am sending this link to my circle of friends.

    That fellow was so bright and light…


  5. Peg says:

    Definitely a WOW factor! Fun episode!

  6. raymond says:

    good researching you two!thats why i let everybody know about your sight.i can’t wait for the ormus greens.kevin there is one important show you should do. should let everybody know about is msm.the reason being 80% of the organic msm is no good.and you can go to any health store(definatly in michigan)and put it to the test(empty a capsule in a clear glass and if it floats,its no good or if little goes to the bottom.real msm will sink to the bottom and disapate while going to the bottom.and i can e- mail karl loren vibrant and i would bet he would assist you in letting everyone know the truth.but now that i’m thinking about it i’d bet your light test would work,what do you think?

  7. Sarah says:

    Great show! I would also like to see you test some green smoothies: mango-kale, and banana-spinach. I would also be interested in hearing more about rock dust to enrich garden soils. Like where to get it and what types you should look for or not….
    Thanks for all you do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Gerry Karr says:

    Well really Kev, this is as good a demonstration of pseudo- science as I’ve seen! You are measuring the electrical resistance of the water in using the light bulb, but the resistance of water is primarily dependent on the salt content of the water. So I think you are measuring mostly the salt concentration, rather than the total minerals in the food. And you are arbitarily deciding to use 2 teaspoons. If you used 3, the light would be brighter, and with 4 even more so. What is your reason for choosing 2?

  9. Yasmine says:

    This was fun !

    P.S.: What’s up with Army Wrestling? Are you wrestling in the army ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thank you … this was a great experiement…

  11. Chris & Sara says:

    Wow!!!! Truly Awesome show! This is the kind of thing that sticks in peoples heads…

    Thanks for shining the LIGHT on the subject ๐Ÿ™‚

    Curious what the distilled water with a pinch of sea salt would do?
    Spring water?
    Sea water?!?!?!?!?



  12. kim says:

    It’s interesting, but I wonder if it’s really measuring the health of the ingredients?

    I’m curious whether coca cola would conduct?

    btw enjoyed many of your videos yesterday: when you annoyed the neighbor exercising in your hotel room; when you snooped through david wolfe’s food in his hotel room…

  13. Paul from Oz says:

    Good fun, guys and very interesting, I do also enjoy the show regularly. Since Kevin does say to question everything I have to say something.
    You have to be careful with the conclusions from this experiment, because you don’t need minerals to make water conductive, you need Ions. Minerals are Ions but so are many other chemicals and organic compounds.
    Lets say you added Hydrochloric acid to water – the Hydrogen H+ and the Chlorine Cl- Ions would quickly increase the conductivity of water, and give a bright light but of course there are no minerals involved. This would also be true of many other organic and non-organic compounds.
    So I guess the conductivity might give an indication of mineral content, but there are other factors.

  14. Paula says:

    We need you to bring a light box thingy with you when you visit our group in NC. That would be a great activity!

  15. Amanda Thompson says:

    Keep meaning to ask about whether or not you believe one should use the apple core in smoothies. Some of the raw foodie sights I’ve watched do use the whole apple. I had thought there were toxins or tannins, not good for the body in apple seeds? Curious as to your research/opinion?

  16. Kirsten says:

    Where can a person get that contraption to do their own testing? Or is there a website that takes you through the steps of making one?


  17. Avi Saha says:

    That’s awesome, I’ve also heard of a measuring tool called the Brix Meter that apparently can be stuck into foods and test mineralization or something, i’m not too sure exactly what it can do.

  18. Tanya says:

    I love your theme music it puts a smile on my face, experiment was great to, how do you get your hands on one of those machines?

  19. I loved the experiment. Thanks!

  20. Judy Cummings says:

    Great demo – would be REALLY interested in a demo on absorbing those minerals. With or without enzyme supplements??? Thanks for the site.

  21. Elaine says:

    I’d like to have seen you try MACA.

  22. Fascinating post, guys!!!!! Did you try any spring water / mineral water? We’re curious if that would light up the bulb much more than the tap water. Again, this was fascinating. Thanks so much!

    Jim, Wendi, KDcat

  23. Blair says:

    i would love to see how alkaline water would hold up on the experiment

  24. sharon says:

    Fun show today!
    Paul Bragg says the minerals in drinking water do not assimilate, that we need to get them from vegetables and fruits. Do you agree with this? I also would be interested in more comparisons, like salt water, alkaline water, smoothies etc..
    and thanks for going back to the marine phytoplancton, I usually use a dropperful and was wondering how brite it would be.

  25. Debra says:

    Great Show!! Would like you to show us how to make Gold Ormus!!!

  26. Debra says:

    Who is making the Sunwarriorโ€™s Ormus Greens ~~David Wolfe or Elements for Life????

  27. David Smelser says:

    I would like to know the truth about what the purple coloration is in some of the really young coconuts.

  28. Sungriffin says:

    Thanks for showing this experiment. It has further supported my food for energy lifestyle! It is plain as day. WHich would you rather be a dim light bulb or a bright one? It is a choice. The body is the light bulb, the food is the light/energy. Thank you, thank you for this.

  29. Amy says:

    Hey Amanda T,

    Here’s one write-up on apple seeds…

    If you’d rather read a scientific study, they are googled pretty easily.

    I won’t panic if I eat one every once in a while, but I don’t see any reason to intentionally include them in my juice or smoothies!

  30. Caite says:

    Lots of opinions and input. I really like what you said about the importance of minerals in conducting the electricity in our bodies in order to improve a myriad of functions. Thank you for your dedication.

    On a completely different topic, do you know which foods or supplements help hyperthyroidism. I watched your show on hypothyroidism and cruciferous vegetables and so am thinking that they wouldn’t be effective except maybe in massive quantities.

  31. jackie says:

    Hi…and thanks for another interesting show! I’d like to know if all those gadgets I see advertised to shield us from harmful cellphone emissions really work (EMT’s? can’t remember exactly at the moment). I know some cell phones are worse than others, but do those protective shields or magnets you wear really protect us? It just doesn’t seem believable.

  32. kate says:

    Neat demo.. I was teaching my kids about blood today and that blood has electrolytes, and about how coconut water is better for replenishing electrolytes than Gatorade. How do you make that testing contraption?

  33. Kym Hutcheon says:

    Yeah, that was fun. You do say this does not test the actual content of the solution, just the conductivity, so it might be useful to show the result with a solution of ordinary table salt. It would probably be rather ‘illuminating’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As somone who works on a computer, I would also like to see a show on EMF blocking devices. Recently, a person mentioned the benefits of QLink and I’m also interested in EarthFX, for example.

    I imagine this could be kind of an expensive show to put together… but just some interviews with the product manufacturers would cool. Even talking to David Wolfe about his grounding ideas could be useful. (Although I do realise some people here are not so enamored of the guy…)

  34. simon says:

    cool … could you try it with revitaphi?

  35. Ang says:

    I would like to see an experiment where you show how much nutrients are lost when food is dehydrated..I find it hard to believe that food doesn’t lose nutrients when sitting in a dehyrator, when experts say that food loses nutrients as it gets old.

    Maybe a bit complicated!

    Would also like to see tests comparing bottled water to tap water, but as you aren’t in Brisbane Australia it probably wouldn’t be all that relevant to the situation here!

  36. heatherp says:

    Okay sorry to be negative but I work in a lab and you could put 2 tsp of salt in your water and get a connection. This experiment proves that there are metal ions (minerals) in the solutions but not what metals. Could be sodium, lead, cadmium etc but equally could be magnesium, zinc, copper and other good things.

    White lab coats!! What wrong with colours ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. marketa says:

    Fantastisk :-)))

    it shows that you are realy intressted in what you do,keep going it is inspireing.

    Thank you

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Marketa

  38. Kevin,

    This is likely the coolest Renegade Health show EVER!

    I loved it! Thanks for a great show.


  39. Pat says:

    The experiment was cool Kevin !!
    But does remind me of the foot bath sham..yes soaking feet in salt is good for the body, but it’s the amount of minerals “salts” in the water/ skin that change the water into those fasinating colors..

    EMF devices= almost worthless compared to the grounding device demonstarted by david wolfe..I think there is a utube video up on it…
    Basically whenever u talk on the cell phone make sure a part of your body is touching earth and the energy will flow to the ground..inside a vehicle= the worse ..

    Keep Up the great videos and The Brix meter is a handy device that measure ths sugars in liquid that is tested which can be very helpful to compare qauility of produce!!!
    Okay theres 3-4 shows in a few paragraphs..

  40. andy says:

    Could you pls put the linki where to get ormus greens

  41. Robert says:

    Great fun Kevin, but 3 persons above made some important comments.

    The bottom line: there is no point in measuring anything until you know the validity and reliability of the measurement tool.

    We have no idea what was measured in the experiments, other than that the water became conductive due to ions.

    As far as “testing the mineral content of the foods”……and taking it a step further, which is to make some sort of conclusion on the healthiness of the foods for consumption ..none of that holds the slightest degree of scientific merit.

    What the raw food movement desperately needs is correct scientific knowledge……otherwise there is no credibility.

    But it was fun!!


  42. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Hey all!

    Thanks for your comments ๐Ÿ™‚

    I want to be clear about this experiment.

    The comment I made in the end about “the next step is to see how these minerals are assimilated into the body” was NOT in passing.

    This experiment is just a way to show you that foods has conductivity as some of you have pointed out.

    In this case, we’ve used foods, so we know minerals are mainly causing the conductivity.

    It’s a fun experiment and on a serious note, it does speak on how your body can either be dim or bright with the right minerals. (Again, keeping in mind that we don’t know how these products / foods assimilate into the body)

    As for the green powders, we chose a common “dose” about 2 teaspoons (we didn’t have a tablespoon!). Same with the marine phytoplankton – a common dose on the second time around. As for the coconut water, we actually could have included more, ’cause who can only drink just 3 oz!!!

    Live Awesome!

  43. Abby says:

    So Cool!
    Now how do we absorb these

  44. Abby says:

    So Cool!
    Now how do we absorb these
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  45. rose says:

    thanks. fun experiment, but i agree, try it with 2 teaspoons of salt.

    does this show that salt is important in our diets?

    i know my anxiety levels decrease if i drink salt water first thing in the morning, but i have been hesitant to continue this as i’m unsure if it is a good long term habit.

  46. natalya says:

    Where to get that Ormus Greens powder?

  47. Patty Foley says:

    Do your own taste test. Foods high in minerals are rich in flavor. If your foods taste like cardboard I can assure you that you are not getting the nutrients you need out of your food.

  48. Didiydi says:

    I love when you’re all fired up and excited, lol!
    The most significant thing about this video to me is the fact that we, consumers are becoming EMPOWERED. It is only a question of time when a reliable tester will be available to all, so we can test the quality of the food we buy. So all of you food producers and manufacturers, beware! No more spending our money on junk and lies.

    On the question of EMF devices and such, here’s an interesting video:

    Kevin, thanks for answering my question on coconut kefir! I took out my amalgam fillings three days ago, and Kevin Gianni answered my question:)! Life is getting good! Live awesome!

  49. Tonya says:

    Awesome experiment! The light has gone off in my brain – appreciate the science behind the nutrition.

  50. mike henderson says:

    Dear Kevin,Ann Marie and support team

    I think it’s a useful test to establish presence of minerals but I feel the real
    issue is ‘assimilation’.
    Is there a test than can establish whether
    minerals are either ‘ionic’ or
    ‘colloidal’-other than muscle testing which is
    perhaps too subjective.
    Then we could pin down the useful mineral content in supplements and foods.

  51. Lynn says:

    I absolutely loved this show. I think it was helpful in showing how minerals help our body to function at it’s peak. I read a comment about MSM powders above. I take MSM twice a day and would love to know if some are better than others. I’d hate to think I was wasting my money on a “not so effective” product. Perhaps you could check into that. Also, I’d like to see a show on zappers as well as EMF fields. I have a bed foot pad to keep me grounded as David Wolfe recommends, but I would like some more info on it if possible. I want to purchase a zapper, but am not sure which one to get as there are many avaible to purchase on the web, and that sort of “electrical science” baffles me. Keep up the WONDERFUL work you both do. I look forward to seeing you both everyday you are on!

  52. Sabrina says:

    My 9 year old sone and I loved this! I would love to have that lightbox in my house on the kitchen counter for the kids to test foods they eat! So, what is a good marine phytoplankton source and how about a good coconut water source. Thanks!

  53. Christa says:

    Interesting experiments! Interesting results,

    Could you put your tag line towards the top left of the page? You miss a lof of what happens because the tag line blocks the view.


  54. Marie says:

    I agree Heatherp I read a link from Food Navigator USA according to a study that was done in Costa Rica regarding foods grown rich in volcanic soil and extremely high levels of Cadmium. This particular study blood levels of Cadmium and Flouride was sampled in school children were considered high. These products should not be intended for use in children. Usually I agree for that children over aged two usually aged four start being given some nutritional supplements eg; multivitamins, D3, a animal based dha/epa but these can have issues too. Using the right ratio of dha to epa is important you can throw a delicate balance of epa off in children and adults as well. I think the greens powder for children is a NO. What if their not good excreters of heavy metals and their detox pathways are not cunctioning because they have a genetic abnormality.

  55. Mary says:

    Thanks to you both for all your informative shows. Much time and energy goes into making them and you both seem to enjoy making the shows and that’s why it is sooo good for us to watch them. We can feel your positive energy.
    Where can we get more information about the yoga swing with frame?
    Thanks again
    Lots of hugs

  56. apple says:

    thanks..the experiments are great …..keep doing those.

  57. CINDY says:


  58. Ronald says:

    Just buy the quality products and the others will just disappear!!!

  59. I’d like to see you hook Kevin up to an electrical source on his left hand while holding a light bulb in his right hand. Feed him a variety of different foods and flip the switch to see which foods he eats make the bulb light up the most. Now that would be entertaining! :^)

  60. Jan says:

    Interesting experiment.
    I would like to see tested a traditional grown apple, organic apple, and a dried apple.

  61. Angelique says:

    Fun test! Would love to see how fresh coconut water and boxed coconut water compare.. (like brands Zico or VitaCoco)

    Thanks for all you do!
    Looking forward to many more shows.


  62. Dawni says:

    This experiment makes the point intended. What we ingest has conductive elements of varying degrees.

    Sodium and other minerals are salts. Within our bodies it is the cooperation between our electrolytes that create generative power to move fluids in and out of cells. SALTS are prime meditators of life.

    Science brings us limited yet useful information. And I enjoy this kind of experimentation.


    Remember there is a great deal that we have yet to measure. We simply to do not have instrumentation sensitive enough to measure subtle energy nor do we understand the quantum world well enough to properly set up those experiments. There is impressive progress everyday in this realm and I am utterly fascinated by it.

    As an electrical engineer who specialized in Power Plant construction, co-generation and distribution — I am always humbled by the truth that our understanding of electricity is still consider theory. We understand the effects (connectivity/conductivity) of electricity not its source. Forever humbling….

    Our experiences with the foods we ingest are apart of the information gathering process. This is the beauty of what Kevin brings to us!

    Love to all, Dawni

  63. PE says:

    If anyone takes comfort in D Wolfe’s notion of grounding as a ‘cure’ for EMFs, imagine what’s going THROUGH YOU to earth. How much comfort there?
    As for minerals in foods, USDA has all sorts of data for a dozen minerals. Doesn’t tell organic from poisoned, but it’s a start. Oh, and disregard the Spirulina data– looks spurious.

  64. Jasmine says:

    did you use an organic young thai coconut or a conventional one? I heard the conventional ones were irradiate which supposedly kills the nutrients and enzymes? please clarify! thx

  65. Denise says:

    I’d be curious if there is a difference in the amount of light you get between the fresh coconut water and some of the boxed coconut water products on the market right now, like VitaCoco, etc. BTW, I love the Renegade Health Show. Keep up the fabulous work!

  66. Karolina says:

    Thanks, great show!!!

    I would like to see experiment on alkaline water.


  67. Genevieve says:

    Fun show! Kevin, it would be a shame to have you wear a lab coat and cover up those gorgeous arm muscles.

    I would be interested in hearing more about the various waters too.


  68. Ed says:

    Hey, good day, love the risk taking, I don’t believe that the health food store lab was going to publish the results, so the concept translates well. I can’t bitch about light being shined. all the best.

  69. Larry says:

    About the Brix meter, it measures total dissolved solids, including vitamins and minerals. A simple experiment is to blend some crystalline vitamin C into a glass of water and test for the Brix level. So, when you measure the Brix of a piece of fruit, you are picking up sugars as well as nutrients – a general measure of the nutrient richness of the fruit and ultimately the soil in which it was grown.

    More on Brix meters can be found at:

  70. GW says:

    The whole thing sounded more like a commercial for Ormus Greens than a proper experiment. Sun Warrior is a company that you are a part of right?

  71. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    GW, if this was a commercial for Ormus Greens, don’t you think we would have had it come out more favorable for that product? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Clearly the coconut water and the marine phytoplankton lit up the bulb more.

    We’re not a part of the company at all.

    I do like the product though and we will see it through the store when it’s ready…


  72. Would love you to try fresh (within 15 minutes) wheat grass juice, fresh pineapple juice, fresh watermelon juice, fresh apple juice. Yes, we are just testing salinazation, but it sure turns on the children and the athletes to drink their coconut water, doesn’t it?

  73. brian says:

    It’s probably easier to judge by using an ohm or TDS meter

  74. Lisa says:

    We love coconut water around here but….what about the irradiation that they have undergone coming into the country. Doesn’t that negate the mineral benefit?

  75. JoyfullyRaw says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’d like to see the difference using green or red whole food supplements in tablet form (maybe you could dissolve them in distilled water)compared to a powder or liquid whole food supplement.

    Keep bringing the light!


  76. Diana says:

    That was great! Another fantastic Marine Phytoplankton product that is 100% PURE, organic and comes in a freeze dried powder is Gesundheit Marine Phytoplankton. I take it and it is so fantastic!! Check it out at

  77. Doug from Dallas says:

    Absolutely agree on the BRIX meter experiment. Get one an compare produce, non-organic vs. organic, and find the most nutrient dense foods. /Doug.

  78. Doug from Dallas says:

    Would also be great to see the foot-bath experiment. I’m starting to believe the salt theory, and recently started incorporating SOLE (himalayan salt solution) into my diet each morning, easy to do. Need a few more weeks to confirm anything.

  79. livingandlearning says:

    Hi K&AM,

    Is there a “proper” place to post questions that aren’t directly related to the day’s video, cuz I have two! ๐Ÿ™‚

    QUESTION #1:

    Would you please tell me how you decided which strain of chlorella (chlorella pyrenoidosa) to offer in your store?

    There are different strains of chlorella that all have benefits slightly unique to each strain. From what I have read, the chlorella sorokiniana offers the “highest” benefit to health but of course it is scarcer therefore, more expensive. There is Chlorella vulgaris as well . . .

    So, was it just an availability/cost::benefit ratio decision? Will you elaborate on this please?

    Enjoy your daily show so much. Thank you both for the great effort. ๐Ÿ™‚

    QUESTION #2:

    WHO certifies the chia seed sold on your site as organic? WHERE is it grown, GMP? etc.?

    Thanks so much.

  80. Bob Hedges says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Your testing only shows the conductivity of the solution not the mineral content. Salts will conduct electricity and things like calcium will not. The best way to test the mineral content of food – fruits and vegetables – is to use a refractometer, which tests the sugar content of the juice. The mineral content is in direct proportion to the sugar becasue of the process of photosynthesis. It would be impossible to measure the mineral content of a green powder with a refractometer or a conductivity test. Really, our main concern should be the mineral content of fruits and vegetables, which is easy to measure.

    I enjoy your videos. You are doing a great service in educating people about real nutrition and what the body needs to stay healthy.

    Stay Healthy!
    Bob Hedges

  81. Marissa says:

    Great experiment ๐Ÿ™‚
    Give my regards to St. George!!

  82. Lyds Frith says:

    That’s Really Fascinating!


  83. Dorothy Silva says:

    Great show. I was so impressed with the coconut. I love them but worry about the irradiating and formaldehyde.
    All the experimants above, I would love to see.
    The apple one, himilayan salt, green smoothiess, boxed coconut juice.
    I appreciate these shows very much, thank you!

  84. im sure this has already been suggested but what about freshly squeezed organic lemon water? or like.. freshly juiced vegetables and fruit?

    and experiments not regarding just electrolytes would be rad! i have no suggestions at present time tho, but im sure theres heaps to look into!

  85. Etejal says:

    Awesome experiment!

    Kevin, Before I order your Super Delicious Smoothy powder I would like to know how much LIGHT it gives…….

    Thanks and Have Blissful Day!

  86. Smita says:

    wow how cool!! thanks!

  87. FeralKevin says:

    that was awesome!

  88. angela says:

    Is it ok to add Ormus and /or marine photoplankton to or green juices for added benefit or should we only use fresh organic by itself?

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