How to Find a Holistic Dentist and Other Teeth Questions – The Renegade Health Show Episode #395

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Lots of questions from the last few episodes…

I can’t get to all of the tooth / teeth questions and E3Live questions today, but I do my best!

I think the most important thing to consider about teeth issues with raw food as well as any diet is to find a great practitioner who can help be your mentor. This is the best way to get anything done successfully!

Take a look, today I answer these questions…

What am I missing that I should be supplementing to have healthier teeth?

I have always wondered if raw foods and fruit are a natural diet for humans, why does eating this way cause our teeth to rot?

Thousands of years ago before toothbrushes, soap and dental floss how did they keep their teeth from rotting?

Would you mind talking a little bit about how to select a good holistic dentist, besides just looking up names on the web? What are some good questions to ask?


Your question of the day: What color is your tooth brush?

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You can get Tooth Soap here…

Live Awesome!

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