How to Find a Holistic Dentist and Other Teeth Questions – The Renegade Health Show Episode #395

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Lots of questions from the last few episodes…

I can’t get to all of the tooth / teeth questions and E3Live questions today, but I do my best!

I think the most important thing to consider about teeth issues with raw food as well as any diet is to find a great practitioner who can help be your mentor. This is the best way to get anything done successfully!

Take a look, today I answer these questions…

What am I missing that I should be supplementing to have healthier teeth?

I have always wondered if raw foods and fruit are a natural diet for humans, why does eating this way cause our teeth to rot?

Thousands of years ago before toothbrushes, soap and dental floss how did they keep their teeth from rotting?

Would you mind talking a little bit about how to select a good holistic dentist, besides just looking up names on the web? What are some good questions to ask?


Your question of the day: What color is your tooth brush?

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You can get Tooth Soap here…

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Monika says:

    Kevin where are you now? I live in Beverly HIlls and would love to connect invite you to our place.

  2. teri says:

    my tooth brush is multi colors, sort of a clear and leafy patterns. I got the tooth soap and polish and I lov them , feels much cleaner softer less harsh. we lov to see Jonny 5 , presents a human quality like we were there at your house instead of just business. so keep the feline around to say ‘meowwww’

  3. Monika says:

    My phone is 310-562-8708 if you are close (Santa Monica, Westwood, Orange County give me a call please).

  4. Monika says:

    oooo and my toothpaste is brown …

  5. Alyse says:

    My toothbrush is purple (always purple Ü) AND Toothsoap is awesome. I have only used the little wax-like pieces of Toothsoap but just ordered your liquid. Can’t wait to see the difference.


  6. Rene Oswald says:

    I agree that an alkaline diet is very important for tooth health.

    Since the industrial revolution we have become lazy in our chewing, eating less whole foods, therefore leading to smaller jaw structure, poor alignment of our teeth and over crowding. Before that time we had wider jaws and we even had room for our wisdom teeth!

    Just like we practice weight lifting to keep our bones strong, we also need to chew well and often to protect our teeth. That is why it’s so important to chew when we are doing juice feasts or green smoothie feasts.

    I use an Eco-Dent toothbrush (blue in color) and I love it because it’s good for the earth! You can use this toothbrush forever, the head pops out of the handle, so you only have to replace the head when it’s time for a new one.

    Thank you Kevin and Annmarie (and Johnny 5–I love the Short Circuit movie) for all you do to help everyone!

  7. Debra says:

    It doesn’t make sense that we were designed to live in the tropics cause there are so many areas in the Northern hemisphere that have cold, hard winters. I am wondering what our ancestors in those areas did for food during the winter before the age of modern food production.

    I found an article about what the Nez Perce Indians did – they basically ate meat, roots and dried berries, seeds and nuts during winter months.

  8. Lisa says:

    My toothbrush is yellow.

    After the horsetail/glacial silt tooth recipe episode, and then the toothsoap episode, I started using the Kiss My Face organic olive oil bar with peppermint essential oil.

    Due to some moves, I skipped several dental visits. When I *did* find a new dentist, the dentist said to me, “Hmmmm…it looks as if you had some areas of decay, but it stopped and your teeth appear to have remineralized.”

    Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
    Oh yeah! Oh yeah! ;o)

  9. Patricia Sue McLarand says:

    Your becoming so bright and sunny looking you must be swimming among us dolphins too! I bought 25 toothbrushes all colors…from a dental. com site and share them. Smiles….

  10. Veronika says:

    My toothbrush is lime green. I’m excited to try the tooth soap – I tried it with Dr. Bronner’s hand soap once and my mouth felt so clean and less sticky than toothpaste. But I’d rather use tooth soap instead of Dr. Bronner’s since tooth soap is actually formulated to go in your mouth. =)

    Since you’re covering algae, I thought I should ask my question again so you know I’m still interested – are you concerned that vitamin b12 analogs in algae block “real” b12? I think you mentioned in a previous post that nutrition tests can’t tell if you have a deficiency if you eat a lot of b12 analogs, even though your body doesn’t absorb them. Is this accurate?

  11. LuAnn Agustin says:

    Howdy from San Diego!
    I have two brushes, one is wood handled with replaceable heads and the other is clear red. I use tooth soap.

  12. Victoria says:

    Greetings from Georgia. Great show! Just recently started watching your videos and I really like them.

    My toothbrush is white and flourescent lime green and I use Waleda’s Pink Toothpase with Ratanhia.

    What is the “horsetail/glacial silt tooth recipe episode” and the “tooth soap” episode? =)

  13. amy says:

    Just want to say I received my teeth soap and whitener today and LOVE it!! My mouth feels great – and I swear my teeth are whiter after just one use. Looking forward to the next couple of days using it!

    My toothbrush is white because I use the Sonic care.


  14. Hey guys,

    Kev, I love your shirt. I have the same one too! Organic clothing rocks! I also have purchased many shirts from and love them. Do you own any more? Where did you get yours? I currently have 14 and the number is growing. Thanks for the great info on teeth. Love your show, watch it almost every day.


  15. Truth Seeker says:

    I searched high and low for a holistic dentist in LA – not easy to find, and some of them are just not who I would want to see, for different reasons. I finally found my forever dentist in Dr Dian Olah (in BH but NOT charging BH prices…) – and oh how happy was I!!

  16. Mary Ellen says:

    OK….. I make my own saponified soap. How can I get a recipe for tooth soap???? HMMMMM??? Thanks a bunch!!

  17. lorrwill says:

    Toothbrush color? Well at least you didn’t ask, “If you could be any color of toothbrush what color would you be and why?”

    I change it so frequently that I had to go look.
    The handle part is lime green and white and the head is blue and white.

    Marry Ellen if you see this, email me and I will tell you how I made mine. lorrwill AT gmail DOT com

  18. I just bought a brand new tooth brush and it’s bright orange with a tongue scraper on the back. Pretty spiffy looking!

  19. Delaney says:

    Great show. I am jobless so I don’t have insurance right now. I’ll have to pay out of pocket for my cleaning so I might as well search for that holistic dentist now.


  20. Dawni says:

    My toothbrush is lavendar, orange and white.

    It seems it is time to add Tooth Soap to my list. The reviews are consistent.

    Thanks for an informative show. Weston Price Foundation has done fine work.

    Do you have any cultured vegetable recipes you can share or demonstrate?


  21. Geri says:

    light green

  22. jackie says:

    My toothbrush is blue and pink. I may order toothsoap from you next time, since it may be easier than ordering from their web site. I already had some, and tried to order the Osteotherapy with the special new toothsoap offer they had, along with the tooth brightener…I was Very Disappointed with their customer service….couldn’t order it on line since the special wouldn’t come up, and couldn’t get all 3 products from one web site. I tried calling but couldn’t get a live person. Then I sent emails, and the customer rep. said “sorry” they are out of it and don’t know if they’ll ever have the special again. Hello?? Is this my fault? They choose not to honor their specials? I know they just got a new shipment of the Osteotherapy (got email from Karen this weekend), so I don’t get it. I actually am so unhappy I may look for a competitor. And if you talk to Karen, please tell her to train her customer service reps.

  23. Cambrea says:

    My toothbrush is turquoise and white. Thanks for the info and for being you!

  24. Lisa says:

    Aloha from Hawaii!
    Obviously a great topic! This whole week has been amazing and has inspired me to take care of my own teeth. Visited a new dentist today after about 8 years of not handling some serious issues in my own mouth! Although we don’t have holistic dentists on Oahu, this dentist did not try to sell me veneers, crowns or teeth whitening first. He said my health comes first and so that is where he wants to start! It’s gonna be expensive but at least I now know where I’m at! What a relief. Thanks for all the shows and thanks all for the great posts. Somehow I feel supported!
    Let me know when you guys can make it to Hawaii!
    A hui hou!

  25. Ann says:

    Love Johnny5 making an appearance on the show! Definitely a keeper 🙂

    Oh, and I also like that you took time to answer people’s questions. Q&A sessions connect your audience very nicely. Thank you!

  26. Erin says:

    I can only imagine how much a holistic dentist costs to fill cavities- I’m sure it’s worth it if you have the money, but I wonder if there are regular dentists out there (covered my health insurance) that don’t use mercury amalgam fillings.

    Meow, yes, please feel free to flash gratuitous shots of Johnny 5 on any and every episode. He adds a nice feline touch. Does he eat raw fish?

  27. Nick says:

    My toothbrush is brown, cuz it’s made from the wood of a pear tree. Then the bristles are natural too. It took me a long time to find my way out of plastic, with regard to my toothbrushes, anyway. The brush was imported from Europe & I had to go to the US from Canada to get it, sadly. Europeans are more worldlywise, as well as being more ecologically aware. After all, the industrial revolution started there, and it’s a smaller continent, making it harder to hide environmental damage. They have a far freer press & more democracy, in most euro contries anyway. Evidence for this is not only in an actually more fair & balanced media, but in taxes actually going to social programs, arts & culture. Our “arts” are more commercially driven, so our culture is but pap, pop bacterial culture, with emphasis on the cult aspect. But much of the time the colour of my toothbrush is the colour of the sesame oil i “pull” with. Check out oil pulling.

  28. Aggie says:

    Which one? I have all different colored handles with natural bristles in many places, my purse, my car, my travel bag, & my bathroom. I floss and/or brush without toothpaste most of the time.

  29. Connie says:

    I used to work with a woman from Ethiopia who told me they brushed their teeth by chewing on twigs–like you mentioned, Kevin. Then she told me something truly awful. She said in her culture having WHITE GUMS was considered beautiful, so they would deliberately bleed out their gums to get that affect. Ewwwww.


  30. Jesse Rosene says:

    I have three tooth brushes at the moment for some reason! Yellow and white travel brush…lime green for home..and I suppose the purple one follows me when I cant find the others 🙂 I love clean teeth. I’ll have to check out this tooth soap as I hadn’t heard of it until now.

    I used crest and colgate growing up, but have started using some kinds of ‘natural pastes’ such as the Crest owned company Tom’s apricot or ginger toothpaste. They are okay…I have heard also that using Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap was good for washing body, dishes, and even teeth. Reportedly one of the most useful items to bring along camping/traveling. Any thoughts?

  31. Jesse Rosene says:

    the mint castile soap, specifically

    also, any thoughts on wisdom teeth removal? Is it as necessary as it is made out to be? Why has it almost become a rite of passage?

    I am facing the end of dental insurance and am teetering between removing them for cheap and not agreeing with it…or paying for something worse down the road. If I do get them removed and want to avoid medications, are there places to buy natural painkillers sufficient to replace the typical perkiset/vicodin meds if necessary?

  32. Cass says:

    My toothbrush is blue 😀
    For cleaning, I like to use a quarter teaspoon of Dr. Christopher’s tooth powder and a quarter teaspoon of xylitol. I let it sit in my mouth while I read mail or watch the Renegade Health Show so that the herbs and xylitol can effect my gums and teeth. Then I brush – this makes my teeth wonderfully smooth.

    My son had early childhood cavities on his front teeth because of a candida infection we got while I was breastfeeding him and before I knew anything about raw food diets, etc. After lots of research, I came up with a protocol that stopped the cavities and remineralized his teeth. We used vitamin k2 drops, homeopathic calc phos, 2000 IE of vitamin D3 everyday except on sunny summer days, xylitol infant tooth gel and ozone applications on the effected teeth. I do try to get high mineral superfoods down him but it is hard. In 6 months, they were remineralized.

  33. Lana says:

    My toothbrush is red!
    Kevin, I must thank you for telling folks just because a Dentist is listed on the website does not mean they are necessarily good and then for telling people to ask those key questions. I would like to add that after many attempts at finding a true holistic dentist that people really need to understand that there has become a holistic-washing, like green washing. Dentist claiming to be holistic and yet only telling the patient what they want to hear and not following such protocol. Then charging a higher a price. My best friend is a dental assistant and just had to quit working for a dentist because he was doing that very thing and she could not consciously be a part of it. And I have gone for first visits to several such dentists and when I asked simple questions like, how do you feel about fluoride or what are the practices you have implemented to call yourself holistic, I about fell off my chair at the reaction and/or the answer.
    I would say be very insightful and cautious when looking and don’t be fooled by smooth talk and fancy office equipment.

  34. Didiydi says:

    I am in the process of removing my amalgam fillings. Someone recommended me a dentist specialized in it, but I also did a thorough research on internet. I found 3 recommendations from different people, even from, although he’s in London, UK. So I would recommend you do your internet research- if you listen to your heart and intuition you will easily recognize whom to trust.

    In addition to your answer Kevin, to the person who asked a question on why raw fruits and vegetables would cause teeth to rot. I remember her comment on the thread, and it seemed to me then that she misunderstood when reading about people’s experiences, that in fact it is the high FRUIT diet that can be dangerous. And that even on high fruit diet problems can be avoided by paying attention to drink smoothies within 15min, wash thoroughly afterwards any sugars etc. Also not to forget that today’s fruits have been high bread for sugar, and are much sweeter than 100 years ago, hence more need to pay attention.

    And my toothbrush is pink:)!

  35. Page says:

    I also use a Sonic, so my brush is white with a pink band. Hub has a yellow band on his brush. I love to floss. Flossing makes my gums happy. :)!

  36. Deborah Gordon says:

    My toothbrush is purple. My favorite color.

  37. Irlanda Borquez says:

    My toothbrush is recyclable, is white and blue and you only change the head, is awesome.

  38. Genevieve says:

    Three toothbrushes: One electric with a circular rotating head and it’s pink. One white Sonic electric, and a yellow regular plastic toothbrush. Great idea someone had about wooden toothbrushes with natural bristles. Kevin, why don’t you look into having these made and selling them? They’d be a hit!

    Denists are expensive in Canada and we (as a family) do not have dental insurance although some do. Any dentist I’ve tried to discuss mercury amalgam fillings with has gotten all flustered and angry with me. I actually told one that I did NOT want a mercury amalgam put into a little filling I needed in the back, and guess what? He put it in anyway!! Can you believe the gall? I made him take it out and replace it — and thought he was going to yank my tooth out in the process!

    I’ve had several root canals and hate it … but what can you do apart from having tooth pulled?

    I have tried the “stigs” on the teeth (got some in Algeria) and they work wonderfully in cleaning the surface of the teeth as well as keeping them whitened. They don’t floss for you though.

    My Calilou sends greetings to your Jonny5.

  39. Paul Mountjoy says:

    I live in Saudi Arabia and there they still use a twig from a tree to clean their teeth. I use it too, they call it a miswak. It contains natural antibacterials and is pleasant to use. Very cheap too! Oh so the color of my brush is brown.

  40. Mirjam says:

    A comment from someone in “worldly Europe”, though I doubt we are more “ecologically aware” Nick. I just read in the newspaper that we here in Holland are way behind, compared to neighbouring countries, in organic produce. My electric toothbrush is white (since brushing electrically my teeth feel much cleaner and my gums are healthier too) and my paste is pink! It’s called Paradontax, it tastes salty and doesn’t foam, and since using it I can’t bear “regular” pastes anymore. Am very curious though about the toothsoap, will try in the near future!

  41. Aggie says:

    I found that the closest dentist to me from that web site is a 6 hour drive. That’s pretty far to go for a dentist. At Iwas able to at least find a mercury free dentist. I don’t know about holistic.

  42. Charlotte says:

    mine is electric and blue. BTW, my cat sleeps on his back all the time with his legs wide open and his arms stretched out. It is the cutest thing!! I call him my little caesar b/c he looks like caesar after he gets assassinated and he sprawled out in a dramatic pose, haha.
    I’ve read that this is typical behavior in male cats and it’s called a pose of conifidence. But I have a feeling my cat likes to do it for attention as well.
    Yes film jonny 5 more he’s so cute!
    Good Show!

  43. Jeannie Gardner says:

    What do you think about the UV wands fighting agains the flu virus. How effective do you think they might be in preventing less illness in the work place?

  44. Chris & Sara says:

    I want the brown wood toothbrush> I have always hated that ours are plastic, and didnt even know there were other options. (Although I have heard of the stigs lol!!!)
    You guys should totally sell the wood brushes!
    Ours are pink and blue~ Sara/ Chris


  45. Courtney says:

    My electric toothbrush is white with a rim of green

  46. Dede says:

    YES – Kevin – you are sooooo right – INTERVIEW for a dentist – – interview SEVERAL dentists… and then select the one that is not only knowledgeable but also communicates the best with YOU.

    I’ve done it..(several times because I relocate to new parts of the country a lot)…and it has always been well worth the little extra effort and time I spent – worth it in terms of care ….and in $$$’s as well. 🙂

    oh – and my toothbrush is white with a blue band.

  47. Rawkeena says:

    There is a fantastic book by Hal Huggins called “Uninformed Consent” which Is required reading by my holistic dentist in Calgary Canada.

  48. HY says:

    I use a white tooth brush. I looked at my teeth in the mirror and I start noticing that my cavities are becoming smaller and my teeth aren’t as sensitive. I do not use tooth paste because it coats the teeth therefore less saliva would nourish it. All I do is brush with water.

    It is a good idea to clean your teeth after eating sticky or acidic foods.

  49. Tandi says:

    Thank you so much for answering more questions on dental health, the information you shared was enlightening. My toothbrush is blue and white.

  50. christina says:

    make sure to find a dentist who is aware that replacing amalgam by the white fillings easily causes the tooth to die. I had to experience it myself to know and really not happy about it :-(. Better if the dentist doesn’t live too far and can make time for you so you can go back easily if there should be a problem or necessary adjustment.
    Very scared for my teeth right now. very stressed too, which is also very bad 😉
    Will try the toothsoap!

    PS thanks for the nice comments on Europe 😉 and thanks of course for your show

  51. Dev says:

    Kevin, I wanted to know what is your opinion on good grown using hydroponic technology?

  52. hollerlouderdude says:

    Hello People,

    Trying for tips about what is the best tooth whitening products to use?

    It is very hard to come across the correct information as far as I can see. One place tells you one thing and a different place tells you something totally different!
    And, I thought the best thing to do is get real feedback from you guys as you possibly have personal experience re these things.

    All feedback will be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance people.

  53. soslowdude says:

    Yo Peeps,

    Trying for information about which are the easiest tooth whitening goods to buy?

    It is difficult to source the correct information as far as I can see. One person tells you one thing and a different place tells you something totally the opposite!
    So, I thought the smartest thing to do is get real advice from you folks as you could have personal experience about this area.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance guys.

  54. Eric says:

    My toothbrush is blue – and much cleaner now that I’m brushing with soap.

    By the way, please answer this question: I looked at the ingredients in tooth soap and they are the same as Dr. Bronner’s soap, give or take a few herbal extracts depending on the kind you get. Is there any reason I should pay $25 for that small bottle instead of a fraction of that for Dr. Bronner’s?

  55. shila says:

    Hi Kev and AnnMarie,
    Loooove your shows! Thank you so much for inspiring us all!
    Much Love

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