How is E3Live Harvested (And What is It?) – The Renegade Health Show Episode #393

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Last week, we spent a day at Klamath Lake…

Klamath Lake, if you don’t know, is where a specific form of edible blue-green algae grows and is harvested. The lake is pristine… with views of Mt. Shasta, Mt. McLoughlin and the Crater Lake basin.

In this show, Tamera Campbell (CEO of E3Live), talks about the algae called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae.

This is part one of two, so stay tuned for more tomorrow…

Your question of the day: Have you tried e3live?

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BTW: Please stay tuned… I’m working on an arrangement with E3Live to be able to let you try it as a special deal for Renegade Health viewers only…

More details to come soon!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. I eat E3Live everyday and love it.

  2. Lisa says:

    Awesome show! I love E3…just ordered 36 bottles! :o)

  3. Veronika says:

    Is E3Live a different company than Cell Tech/Simplexity Health?

    I’ve been really interested in trying it, but then I read this article about Cell Tech’s AFA ( and got freaked out. Kevin, maybe you could check if any of the references to the scientific articles are valid.

  4. freda says:

    Very interesting, I’ve been meaning to buy it and consume of it but, it’s kind a pricy, so I’m waiting till October, I’ve heard wonderful things about it especially when I attended a seminar given by Viktoras on Algae.
    Thank you Kevin for bringing this subject up.

  5. Eric J Shadd says:

    Hey Kev,

    As always, great video. Very informative so thnks for sharing.

    I have not tried E3Live but will do more research and may give it a try.

    Best, E

  6. Henrik Petersson says:

    Nope, I’ve never tried E3Live. Don’t even know if it’s available here in Europe.

  7. rodrigo says:

    very interesting,tks.

  8. Anthony Michael says:

    I was using E3 Live but it was in powdered form, great stuff, I found it really neutralizes the acid in your stomch first thing in the morning.. preps your stomach nice giving you a good balance nutritionally speaking.

    Maybe you could in future video explain what the nutritional benefits of E3 live are to those who have no idea what this is.

  9. Genevieve says:

    Very beautiful spot. So nice to see it. Yes, I have used E3Live a few times, mostly in the winter months. It is not always available here in Canada though — problems getting it across the border apparently. So when I find it, I buy a couple bottles and keep it in the freezer in smaller bottles, taking one out as needed (enough for a week).

    Thanks Kevin,

  10. Sandra says:

    Yes, I have tried it. I just started getting it. I keep it in my freezer and defrost a teaspoon or so in the morning. I am curious to see how it makes me feel as I continue to take it regularly.

  11. tessa nisbet says:

    i use ‘e3 renew me total body blend’ daily in my morning green smoothie ….it muscle tests great on me i wish i could say i notice something special but i take it anyway!

  12. Kaylani says:

    I’ve tried it but I can’t stand the taste or the texture.

  13. cacee says:

    Yes! I love E3Live – my family has been eating it for years – it is better than any other algae I have tried. Great to see it on your show!

  14. Joni says:

    Haven’t tried it yet, but would like to 🙂

  15. Genevieve says:

    P.S. I just read the article in the website recommended by Veronika (No. 3, above)and will re-consider ever buying E3Live again.


  16. cacee says:

    P.S. E3Live is not associated with Cell Tech/Simplexity like someone asked above – they are different companies altogether. Love your show – always great info!

  17. cacee says:

    From what I researched, Cell Tech got into lots of trouble for selling inferior quality algae and for being a multi-level, then to get away from their bad reputation they changed their name to Simplexity (possibly also changed owners). I only buy from E3Live for my family – their products are organic and kosher (so are held to a certain standard) and like she said in the video – they are picky on what they harvest and do lots of purity testing/cleaning/etc.

  18. Lisa says:

    Yes,I have tried E-3live.
    I felt more alert and energetic.

    I haven’t been using it lately because on 80-10- 10 we shouldn’t need supplementation.

    In the winter I think it might be a good idea .

  19. Russ says:

    Haven’t tried it yet but I wish you would have asked about sustainability. It seems like since they are harvesing it that it wouldn’t have a chance to flourish to it’s full extent.

  20. Mary says:

    Hi K & A, We’ve used this product for about 9 months – love it. We add it to our green smoothies each morning. Glad to see that others will consider trying it. We started out with the capsules and prefer and recommend the liquid. It has a wonderful, very high vibration.
    Keep up the great work!!!:)

  21. kate says:

    At $50 a bottle I will pass.

  22. ann says:

    Veronika, thxs for posting that article. Doesn’t look so promising. I hope Kevin takes note. i guess furhter research is needed. But at the end of the day why not just stick with Green barley Grass and Spirulina etc? I had previously read that it was better than Green Barley and nearly bought some but didn’t. There are many good and bad products in the health industry as in all industries but it does to research to find out whats good and whats not.

  23. June says:

    Thanks for the information! I will be trying it soon for the first time!

  24. pat says:

    Thank you KEV for the onsight tour.:’)
    Hands down a miracle of Hope @ Help to Humantiy.. Especially for those with weakened Costitution(DNA) and mental incompacities..
    “cancer survovir”

  25. Linda says:

    No! I’ve read about A. flos-aquae in various publications (through PubMed and others) and I wouldn’t try it. The migratory bird poop alone is enough to deter me! It is gathered near a bird sanctuary. The Klamath Lake product apparently has sickened only a few people. But, the potential hazard is real and there are so many other sources of healthy food.

    There are certainly less expensive healthy opions. I do use an inexpensive chlorella for detox. If I consumed a blue-green, I would go with spirulina (many more positive studies about it), although some non-cultivated strains have also been recently identified as toxin-producers under certain conditions. The cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) are a little too tricksie for me!

    Basically, this product doesn’t meet my cost/benefit nor risk/benefit criteria. But, I have no doubt that A. flos-aquae is very profitable for those who sell it. If my whole family took this product, it would cost us over $600.00 per month–for 1 type of supplement! That’s a LOT of groceries.

    I think I’ll just have a green smoothie and call it good.


  26. Linda Miller says:

    Too pricey for me, regrettably.

  27. Andi says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I have not tried it and I’m not sure that I will. I’m kind of a “local” girl, meaning I try to stick to things that are growing around me locally. I am on the opposite side of the continent from that lake! I also feel strongly that this is a processed product and that maybe it would be better if used straight from the water, such as Thai coconuts and other items are best plucked from the trees/vines/etc.
    I am getting picky in my late 30’s…;O)

  28. Andi says:

    Oh, one more thought concerning the article posted by #3…I get the best veggies EVER from worm poop…just sayin…

  29. Mindy Go says:

    Would love to try it some time! But, as other viewers have said, it’s a little pricey for me to try.

  30. Rawbecca says:

    I tried it when I first went raw, about 5 yrs. ago and it gave me waay too much energy, at that time…almost like a stimulant, so I quit using it…however, I did try it at a Raw food restaurant last yr. and it had no effect at all.

  31. Irina says:

    Haven’t tried it, would like to, but the cost is a deterrent. I have been supplementing with Simplexity’s AFA. Kevin, I’ve read that AFA can develop toxicity under certain growing conditions – what are your sources saying about it?

  32. Sharon says:

    Yes, I have tried e3live. But mostly, I eat Cell Tech’s SBGA. I eat lots of it on a daily basis. In fact, I have taken it for 16 years and the most noticeable thing about it when I forget (on rare occasions) to take it, is that my energy level goes down. I rely on the stuff and have often wondered what would happen if Klamath Lake ever ran out of algae. Seems to be the only place IN THE WORLD it occurs. Now that e3live has gotten in on the act I certainly hope that the algae isn’t over-harvested. Is that possible? I’m looking forward to the second part of your show. I wonder if she could tell you the difference between e3live and Cell Tech algae. Cell Tech’s is freeze dried and e3live’s is frozen liquid (at least that is the form that I have it in). I’m sure she will say hers is better, but honestly, can she say why? By the way, I am NOT a Cell Tech distributor…just a happy customer.

  33. Deanna says:

    No, I have not tried e3live. I’m using using Spirulina and Chlorella right now from Matt and Angie’s place. I really enjoyed the video though and learned a lot.


  34. Rafael says:

    Yes I have. Amazing product. I especially love the new product E3 Brain-On formula.
    The effect are almost immediately.

  35. mary harris says:

    i used cell techs algae about 15 yrs ago and after consuming it for just 2 months i developed a severe intestinal problem- my colon has been spastic all those years. i have been trying to clear it up for that long now. i do not know if the algae was clearing out parasites because i had a colonic to try and help the problem and she said i had parasites.i was also wondering if e3 live is the same as cell tech. i did not read good things about cell tech. thanks for all your wonderful shows. sincerely mary

  36. Ineke says:

    I’m so glad this is on your show. Yes I have tried E3 live. I used it in conjunction with a raw food detox that I did. I don’t know whether it was the detox or the E3 live or the combination that gave the amazing results. At the time I was living in Ottawa (Canada) and E3 live was for sale in different health food stores. The price was also very reasonable!! Now I’m living in Colorado Springs and I find it frustrating that no health food store sells it. When I ask, nobody seems to know about it. Strange, since this is a US product. I usually would buy one bottle so I would really be happy if I can get it through you Kevin. It is a very good product.

  37. Carol says:

    I’ve used E3Live for a couple of years on and off. I’m a massage therapist & I know that E3Live helps my body to recover when I have done way too many massages. Also, I LOVE the Light cream from E3Live as a facial cream. I swear my wrinkles are disappearing. Also, Sometimes I will put E3Live all over my face at night for an hour or so. It is an amazing toner. It tightens up my pores and feels tingly. It leaves my skin feeling wonderful. If you buy E3Live online directly from the company, it is much more affordable. I, too have no affiliation with E3Live. I am just a happy customer.

  38. jackie says:

    I’ve never heard about it, so obviously haven’t used it. Very interesting show though, and the comments are also interesting. Not sure if I’d invest a hunk of money for it or not…I’m scrimping along and need to be choosy about what I buy.

  39. cacee says:

    I just ordered and it’s $150 for 4 bottles and they give you a 5th bottle & shipping free, so that’s $30 a bottle. For our family of four – we use a bottle every 3 or 4 weeks, so not that bad cost-wise, depends on how much you want to take.

  40. Brenda Rex says:

    E3 Live – Brain On….. Rock’n stuff!!

  41. Koa says:

    Yes, it would have been swell to have learned the differences among the various product from that great lake. I’ve taken Cell Tech/ Simplexity (they changed their name) for over 25 years and recently noticed a lightening in the color of the Super Sprouts and Algae product. I asked them about it and they said something about “filler” so I stopped buying it.

  42. Mike says:

    I love E3 Live! I’ve been eating it daily for many years. It is my # 1 superfood.

    Thanks for the great video Kevin! Klamath Lake looks like a beautiful place.

    Hi Veronika, in response to your question. No, Cell Tech is not the same company as E3 Live / Vision. That article you posted is about Cell Tech. It contains many incorrect statements.

    Some extremists call raw vegan superfoods “Snake Oil and Pond Scum.” They say that raw vegan foods like wheatgrass juice, spirulina, chlorella, olive oil, and E3 Live are “toxic pond scum and snake oil.”

    E3 Live is just like wheatgrass juice. E3 Live is basically grass that grows in water.

    Re: Pond Scum.
    I would consider animal foods like shrimp, crab, and oysters “Pond Scum.” E3 Live is a vegan plant food similar to grass. I don’t consider raw vegan plant food “scum”, but I would call something like shrimp or crawdaddy “pond scum”.

    Another thing I like is that E3 Live contains PEA (which helps eliminate depression), and they have been able to extract stem cells from the algae and concentrate them in a unique supplement.

    There are a couple articles about E3 Live at


  43. Makorev says:

    Heard of it and researched some on it a while back. Sounds good with a real good recommendation from several sources. It is a bit pricey for me but would like to have the opportunity for a “trial”. Thanks for the info and view of this beautiful lake.

  44. sherry says:

    Some time ago vegetarian times put out a story about klamath lake algie at the time cell tec was putting it out it stated that the government oks 1.something percent of the poison to be left in.That is why people were getting such a great feeling from it. A lot of people quit using it. I personally won’t touch it with a stick.

  45. Abby says:

    Great video! Always wondered about E3Live. Cool~! Abby

  46. Irondoll says:

    Kev, I probably comment everyday. I think I need my own corner 😉 I remember winning an auction of many bottles of this product at the International Raw Food Festival in Corvalis in ’03 and was especially intereted in it because 1) Tamarin fed it to her infant (is she 8 now?) and 2) Fred Bisci endorsed it wholeheartely (I LOVE Fred !). Yesterday, a friend from DC who has lipadema told me she felt her best health when we worked together in SF, because I started her and myself on daily 1 oz. shots of E3Live and “motor oil” juicing, which we did for many months at Angela Trinh’s Power Source Store juice bar. Later, we bought bottles of the E3Live from Angela. My friend now wants to order it, since she can’t find it in DC and wants the two of us to support each other long distance taking better care of ourselves.

    I started my raw journey in ’81 in NYC, and last summer visited Perelandra Natural Food Store at my old Brooklyn Heights neigborhood only to find out they had no idea what E3Live was!!! Curses!!!

    Re Cell Tech’s super blue green algae, I was taking that in ’92 and attended an MLM talk where Viktoras Kulvinskas (blast from the past) was promoting it. I don’t recall if it made a difference in my well-being, but there seemed to be a couple of formulas.

    I keep a bottle of E3Live at my office freezer with a big RX on it, so it doesn’t get thrown away!

  47. Lizzy says:

    Hi Henrik Petersson

    You can buy E3 Live in Netherland, Amsterdam.
    See website for orders:

    Love, success and good health

  48. Didiydi says:

    I have been using it for a couple of months and I felt an immediate difference. I was sick with candida and weak, and it made me feel fantastic, clear and energetic, and I think it’s because the high level of chlorophyl. After a while I was not feeling the need for it so I stopped. Plan to buy again when I have the money.

  49. carol says:

    No I have not tried E3live. How is it used and what are the benefits?

  50. Dennis says:

    I have been taking AFA in capsule form for years now, 2-4 per day and can’t begin to tell about the benefits I feel I’ve received from it’s use. I am a 67 year old cancer survivor, which also lead me to become vegan, with the energy level, overall health and physique of a much younger man. For more information why AFA is beneficial and the science and research behind it’s effects go to:
    Kevin and Anne Marie I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your site and look forward to going to it daily. Great job. Thanks.

  51. sandee says:

    I have recently switched to E3Live and love it .

    I have been taking it for about 2 months and couldnt take it for a few days the energy level just dropped drastically.
    thanks Kev for all the GREAT Shows.

  52. Gene says:

    I’m sure this is a great product but the cost is crazy. You would think they are selling gold. I’ll stick with my organic garden greens.

  53. Jackie Ryan says:

    Hi You Guys,
    I’ve been into natural foods for years (like 35 years) and I have to say, some of these things that I’m finding in the raw food movement(I’ve been raw for about 8 months)are just not realistic for John and Mary Q public with children or not. Between the Tooth Soap and the E 3 Live, which I have tried there is no money left for food. I’m not sure what the solution is but I think we really want to make this lifestyle affordable to the masses. Maybe we could focus on that for a while.

  54. Jenness says:

    I too would like more information on the sustainability aspect of this product. What is done with all the water after processing? Put back into the lake? Used for irrigation?

  55. Beth says:

    Had not even heard of E3Live until today.
    What a beautiful lake and scenery.

  56. Brent says:

    E3 Live is great stuff! This product gets lots of positive support from Brian Clement I advise everyone to check out what he has to say about it. I do agree with other commenters that it is very expensive and will consider how much longer I will include this in my diet..going raw organic is costly! I cant get over how an organic banana is nearly the same price as a macdonalds hamburger!!

  57. Tyra McMahon says:

    tried it a year ago. Too stimulating for me. gave me insomnia. yes I only took it in the morning.

  58. Nick says:

    Yes, and it’s coming in clear why the chocolate bars are so ridiculously expensive in Canada: they’re priced for the US where I bet they’re reasonably priced, like all such products, generally. Making a smaller bar would help, i’d think, anyway. I do like the product, just wish it wasn’t cost prohibitive.

  59. Liliane says:

    Yes, I have tried it. Can’t handle the taste. Was told by someone at their booth recently that they are working on making it more palatable.

  60. Debra says:

    I bought a bottle at the first raw potluck I attended. It’s $30 a bottle and you can defrost and pour into ice cube trays to make a daily frozen dose.

    Nothing extraordinary happens but I will take it if finances permit and I feel that it’s something I need.

  61. R. MARIA FOX says:


  62. Alina says:

    Just wanted to clear some air here.

    First, I’ll say upfront that I am a Simplexity Health customer and distributor but I am not here to promote or defend my company, just share what I know and believe so you can make an educated decision.

    Simplexity, former Cell Tech, started harvesting algae over 25 years ago. Back then the technology was probably quite basic and of course all the testing wasn’t as highly developed as it is today. So, yes, a few people have experienced negative results from taking the blue-green algae but there were never enough evidence to prove that the blue green algae was toxic and the company was never prohibited from harvesting and distributing its products (and no one ever died from taking it; unlike so many pharmaceuticals that kill hundreds of people daily). Today the technology used by Simplexity is of top quality and is constantly being improved by the highly respected scientists that work with Simplexity.

    Testing is now done constantly: every new harvest is being tested right on the harvesting platform; then it is tested again when it is taken ashore to the factory; then products are tested again when they are bottled before being shipped to customers.

    Saying that Simplexity’s algae is bad yet E3Live’s is good is ridiculous – they harvest in the same lake!!!!

    Difference between the two? Simplexity dry freezes the algae right on the harvesting platform to avoid any loss of nutrients. E3Live first takes its harvest to the factory and only then freezes it. Simplexity dries algae at low temps so it is raw and its enzymes, minerals and vitamins are intact. E3Live freezes the water – and I think we all know by now that freezing raptures water’s cells and damages the integrity of the product. Also, when you buy liquid algae, you are mostly paying for water, and get much less algae compared to when you get it in powder form. In my opinion, huge waste of money.

    Personally, I started with E3Live several years ago and it made absolutely no difference in how I felt. However, when I started taking Simplexity’s algae within weeks I noticed that my skin felt softer, I stayed up much later and slept less, and I was feeling so much energy, I could hardly contain myself. When I work at New Life Expos in NYC, I sometimes spend 12-14 hours standing on my feet and talking to people, and yet I never feel tired, eat very little (no time, so I mostly just take my algae) and can go on and on like Energizer Bunny 🙂 People always comment on my energy level and my glow!

    If you take Spirulina and Chlorella, well, email me and I will send you scientific studies that show that wild algae is far superior than artificially grown Chlorella and Spirulina (which is also mostly grown in China and India, countries with horrible quality control and cheap labor; God knows how exactly they grow their algae).

    And my last point is Viktoras Kulvinskas, the father of the raw food movement, has been eating blue green algae for 20 years and he is full of energy, vigor, and, I hope you agree, one of the most brilliant minds in the raw food movement. Don’t you think he would have stopped taking the algae if he didn’t believe in it?

  63. Linda says:

    I take E3live every morning. I try to buy the mint flavor because the original does not taste as pleasant. If I cant get the mint I just put some fresh mint leaves in the portion I refridgerate.

  64. Angela says:

    Love it!! I take the E3Live Brain On every day!

  65. mac says:

    I only spend about $35/month on E3Live – which is for the Mint (awesome flavor!) This price is great compared to how much I used to spend on regular vitamins every month. I am actually spending less now! E3Live with Mint is awesome, but the original flavor is great mixed in my morning juice or smoothie. At first I wasn’t used to the fresh, green taste, so mixed it with juice, etc. often – completely covers the taste, but now I actually crave the taste and can drink it plain with no juice. When I don’t take it I feel sluggish. I used to drink coffee to wake me up mid-afternoon – but then wanted to lay off caffiene, with E3Live I don’t have the highs and lows during the day like I had with coffee – it’s just an even amount of good energy all day. I take some before exercising too and that’s been good for me. Love your show! Looking forward to an E3Live special deal from you too!

  66. Sharon says:

    I tried it at a health show in January and got almost like a caffeine buzz from it.

    A few years ago before I detoxed my brain, I used Klamuth Lake algae–again from a health show. I tried the powder and the capsules because the sales guy told me it was good for the brain and being the end of the show he gave me a supergood deal. It really was excellent for the brain. I remember one of my naturopaths in Germany selling AFA. AFA is very popular there for children with ADD. I even had a book about it.

    My experience was when I took it I could think properly and when I stopped my brain fog came back so it was definitely supplying something that my brain was burning up too quickly. This was one of the very, very few products that had any effect on me.

    Looking forward to the next episode and hope you get into some of the product details!

    Not to take away from this company which is quite ethical but for the people commenting about price you can buy AFA in bulk. I haven’t checked it lately but there’s a pet version. Don’t do it my advice but some people do eat it. It’s just a lower grade but if you can eat it straight from the lake I don’t see why the pet version could be harmful.

    Russ, I don’t think the lake is capable of running out of algae! Even if the lake were poisoned, it would still grow algae.

  67. Thomas says:

    Veronika, thank you for the link. I typed “cell tech algae” into Google and found a lot of info. Being from Oregon and realizing why Klamath Lake is not a favorite place for swimming I was a bit skeptical. It gets fertilized regularly by huge flocks of migratory birds. Thus algal blooms are frequent. It’s a bird watcher’s paradise.

    These articles were a bit alarming:


    So I think I’ll stick to “real organic foods” and Spirulina (from Hawaii) and Chlorella (from Japan).

  68. Aloha,
    I’ve been eating Simplexity Health (formerly Cell TEch) products since March 1987. If you go to
    and check out the algae scientists – you will find the answers to the rumors about toxicity etc about the lake and the algae. They are not employees of Simplexity. They made this video for educational purposes.
    See the from the lake to the door – to see how SPX – works with their products.
    SPX is the 1st algae company on the lake and is 27 years old. The former Mom and Pop owners when thru a bitter divorce and continue to battle.. thus the new owners. ..
    The algae is a terrific super foods. In my opinion the most SUPER food. It is
    raw, enzyme active
    the most nutritious food you can eat

    It is very easily assimilable – takes no energy to digest
    it is alkalizing
    it is WILD
    SPX is certified organic, kosher, and PARV
    (also it is an upper chakra food, mix it in water, and you’ll see green, blues and fushia!)

    Viktoras and I tour the company facilities regularly and have followed the company for 2 decades.

    We offer a 90 day money back guarantee… if you want to try it … we will work with you.

    We LOVE it and eat it every day!

    Yes it is marketed by word of mouth – so you can have personalized attention with it –
    AND you can also work and earn a significant income by sharing it – it’s a great opportunity to have “right livelihood” helping people.

    Every body needs it!

    There is enough algae to feed every one in the world! Get it! Eat it! Try it for yourself!

    Blessed Be

    Thanks Kev and AnnMarie for bring more light on the light!

  69. HOw nutritious is this algae. – See references on the bottom.

    Our wild Super Blue Green Micro-ALGAE HAS:

    More chlorophyll than wheat grass juice (5.2mg for chlorophyll in wheatgrass vs 8.2 for algae)

    22x more iron than spinach

    9x more beta carotene than carrots

    10x more protein than eggs
    4x the protein of almonds
    2x the protein of hemp seeds
    3x more protein than steak
    20 x more protein than broccoli
    10x more protein than tofu

    6x more antioxidants than blueberries

    6x more calcium than milk

    5x more fiber than oatmeal

    More chlorophyll than wheat grass juice

    22x more iron than spinach

    9x more beta carotene than carrots

    20 x more protein than broccoli

    10x more protein than tofu

    More B12 than spirulina

    6x more antioxidants than blueberries

    6x more calcium than chocolate

    5x more fiber than oatmeal

    Now THAT is a “superfood”!
    These are comparisons by weight…
    Here are the actual weights/measurements and the sources (all algae numbers are from our site)

    more chlorophyll than wheat grass juice
    6.8 mg vs .42 mg (Dole website)/5.2 (undetermined source on wheatgrass juice site)

    22 x more iron than spinach
    .6 mg vs .027 USDA SOURCE

    more beta-carotene than carrots
    1523 IU 162 IU (NIH) SOURCE

    6x more protein than eggs
    75% by weight vs 12% (USDA) SOURCE

    6x more antioxidants than blueberries
    Company ORAC table

    6X more calcium than milk
    8.1mg vs 1.3mg/gram—(NICH) National Institute of Children’s Health

    Table 1. Nutrient comparison of 1 oz (28.35 g) of wheatgrass juice, broccoli and spinach.
    Nutrient Wheatgrass Juice Broccoli Spinach
    Protein 860 mg 800 mg 810 mg
    Beta carotene 120 IU 177 IU 2658 IU
    Vitamin E 880 mcg 220 mcg 580 mcg
    Vitamin C 1 mg 25.3 mg 8 mg
    Vitamin B12 0.30 mcg 0 mcg 0 mcg
    Phosphorus 21 mg 19 mg 14 mg
    Magnesium 8 mg 6 mg 22 mg
    Calcium 7.2 mg 13 mg 28 mg
    Iron 0.66 mg 0.21 mg 0.77 mg
    Potassium 42 mg 90 mg 158 mg
    Data on broccoli and spinach from USDA database.[3] Data on Wheatgrass juice from indoor grown wheatgrass

    20 x more protein than broccoli
    65% vs 3.3% (

    10x more protein than tofu
    65% vs 6.6% (

    More B12 than spirulina
    3.7mcg/g vs 2mcg/g (LifeSearch Universal; shows 0 B12…)

    6x more antioxidants than blueberries

    6x more calcium than chocolate
    8.7mg/gm vs 1.4 mg/gm

    CARROTS: 162 IU of beta carotene/gm ODS/NIH SOURCE
    Eggs: 6 gm of protein/47 gram of weight
    Milk CALCIUM: 1.3 mg/gram NICH (nat’l inst. Of children’s health)
    CALCIUM Sesame seeds: 9.7mg/grm vs 8.5 mg/grm/algae
    Carob: 3.5 mg/gram
    Cacao: 2.72 mg/gm—algae has 1.8 mg/gm
    6x the ORAC of blueberries/6x more antioxidants than blueberries
    260 ORAC/gm Chocolate ALGAE 125 ORAC/gm
    20 x more protein than broccoli
    65% vs 3.3% (

    10x more protein than tofu
    65% vs 6.6% (

    3x more protein than steak
    22–27% protein/steaks

    5x more fiber than oatmeal
    5-8% fiber by weight vs 1% by weight for oatmeal
    ALGAE HAS 60% protein; 5-8% fiber

  70. Opps – I cant get the references to post up on here..

  71. Cindy says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,

    This is Cindy from E3Live. We are thrilled about all the positive feedback from your listeners and thank you so much for having Tamera on your show! We also appreciate the questions and comments that are coming in about our E3Live AFA – sustainability, purity, toxicity, and more – it gives us a chance to educate people and clear up any confusion.

    I will answer a few questions from your listeners: Sustainability is never a problem. We harvest less than 1% of the AFA growing in our lake. We harvest in very specific locations to get the highest quality bloom. For us, quality means everything! While harvesting, we are not removing water from the lake. We are removing the algae from the water. Just to clarify an earlier comment – there are no harvesters that do drying on the lake.

    We test every batch for purity, we meet and exceed the standards set for us by the USDA. We are also closely monitored by Oregon Tilth for our organic certification as well as meeting all Kosher requirements.

    Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates have been using AFA clinically with their patients for more than 25 years each. They are truly the foremost experts for its clinical use!

    We are in no way associated with Cell Tech/Simplexity.

    We are happy to answer any additional questions your listeners may have – they can visit our website and contact us by phone or email. I can understand wanting to know all the facts before consuming something new – I did the same before sharing E3Live with my friends and family. We are happy to provide an audio CD and written materials for further education at no charge.

    I really enjoy your show (have been watching for a while) – you both are such fun and I love your positive energy!

    Kindest regards,

  72. Tired of disinfo says:

    LOL! @ “There is no boating at this part of the lake”. But there IS boating allowed on Klamath lake. You can hear the horn of a boat on the video! Contamination in any “part” of a lake will eventually travel.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      (1) It was a train.

      (2) Boaters generally do not want to clean green slime off of their hulls often. This has left the lake virtually empty. We were there in the middle of high boating season right before Labor Day. The only boat we saw was the E3Live harvester.

      (3) That link you sent says virtually nothing.

      (4) Contamination on any part of the earth will eventually travel. Do you live on a street with cars that drive by? LOL 🙂


  73. Fran says:

    Wow, so much misinformation but there are a few truths in spots as well. AFA is AWESOME! Cell Tech did become Simplexity Health, there is a stem cell product made from AFA extract and their are nearly unbelievable things being said about it.

    Continue to do your own research but don’t give up on the first pages of your search…dig deep and find out for yourselves which product is right for you.

    Simplexity Health has a product an all-natural stem cell proliferation product with years of scientific research behind it. This product that is supported by original research papers was formulated by leading university researchers (Dr. Paula Bickford, Dr. Paul Sanberg and others who are world-class stem cell scientists. Their work was and continues to be funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Veterans Administration, and other government sources.

  74. Martine says:

    I’ve tried it and I love it. It gives me great mental focus. The only thing is when I stop taking it I get withdrawals??? Headaches…so I stopped taking. The same effect as when I stopped drinking coffee. It doesn’t seem right to me. I wonder if there’s a reason for that.

    Thank you for all the great videos that you send out!

  75. Geri says:

    I tried this and I can’t take it. It makes my stomach upset. I can usually take just about everything. When I forced myself to take it, it actually took away my monthy cramps instantly. I just can’t drink it.

  76. Geri, I had the same reaction to kelp the first time I tried to eat it, for such a long-time vegan the fishy taste was too much. But the next day it tasted much much better, I think my body just needed a few hours to realize that yes, this indeed is food. It help me to realize that the “fishy” taste of fish actually comes from the algae and sea veggies that fish swim around in and eat. I still don’t like the taste and will disguise it any way I can. I ate Cell Tech algae for several years, and loved it until they started adding tableting agents and fillers. The effect of the product on my body just wasn’t the same anymore, and it cost more.
    With E3Live being frozen, I’m not sure it is still a living food (although goldfish can certainly survive being frozen outside in a pond all winter so maybe…) Had never heard of it before but will definitely try it if and when I can afford to do so. While I know from experience that by eating Klamath Lake Algae practically eliminates the need for much food, this doesn’t happen overnight; after how many generations of putting so much increasingly bad crap in our bodies how could it?
    I’m sure eating foods from so low on the food chain can only be beneficial; the higher on the food chain we eat the more of the basic building blocks have been consumed. Single celled foods contain all the basic building blocks for all forms of life. And no matter how you look at it, life did begin in the water.

  77. This was such an informative video! Tamara was so well-spoken. I’ve always wanted to know more about this product and how it was harvested. Thanks, you two!

    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Rite Food and Company

  78. myra says:

    I use E3Live-Brain On & LOVE IT!!!! My brother is friends with Michael & Tamera for many years so we have a “special” connection with them. It has tremendously helped me with my allergies & and a suppressed immune system which I developed as a result of a moldy office environment. This resulted in courses of steriods & antibiotics for many months culminating in a 4 hr sinus surgery (under a general anathesia) to get rid of the mold. Not only do I feel E3Live help rebuild my immune system & helped with “airway reactive asmatha” that I developed as a result of everything I went thru— a blood test showed my B12 off the charts & my doctor wanted to know how it could be so high- they had never seen that before (because I was eating alot of raw foods) and that I attribute to taking 2 ounces every day for about 8 months. It “opens” my lungs & airways & makes me feel great! I highly reccommend it! Myra Atlas

  79. Lydia Rose says:

    Nope :0)

    ~~ Haven’t Tried It yet, But Would Love To!

    ……….Does It Taste Like Spirulina??

    And Is E3 Live A Supplement Or A Yummy Food?!!

    God Bless you Dudes! Xx x

  80. Courtney says:

    my family and i have been taking powdered spirulina in smoothies and in sandwiches (raw almond butter and honey/jam for years. wasn’t until your “food we’ve omitted” show that i connected mild headaches with spirulina (even my children had complained about it, but i never made the association).

    as much as i’ve loved the positive effects of spirulina- i’m very much looking forward to trying E3Live! been seeing it in the stores for years, but the price (and that it was packages in plastic) always disuaded me. watching and listening to Tamera was enough to sell me on the product. she looks very healthy and of strong mind and body!


  81. Eileen says:

    Tried it after hearing someone rave about it… felt queasy, tried again, thought I was gonna puke…and I have a pretty strong stomach!

    Finally I decided hey, wheatgrass is actually pleasant! by comparison, anyhow.

    I can see that this CEO is sincere in backing her product. I just can’t agree with it.

    Sorry to say, I found the scientific data against AFA/BGA rather compelling… ( )
    There may not be many reported cases of health problems with AFA products, but the risk/benefit and cost/benefit ratios are discouraging. There are plenty of good grass-based green powders out there, wheatgrass is readily available where I live, and I see no significant advantage to algae products. It’s important when comparing nutrients to look at the quantity one would normally consume, rather than an “ounce vs. ounce” table, which can mislead. Not everything that grows should be eaten or eaten live, and not every reference to “scientific data” should be considered suspect. That’s simple common sense. We each have to make up our own minds on this one…

  82. Robert says:

    Not very affordable for the average person. This appears to be the major downside. From the E3 Live website it seems that this product costs $120/month per person for the very small daily dose that they recommend.

    When you take their recommended daily dosage, you hardly get any nutrients. Check out the get microgram levels of nutrients that we should be taking in at milligram levels..they have a breakdown of the nutrients on the website. The reason you hardly get any nutrients is because the daily recommended dose is so low. The reason the daily recommended dose is so low is because if they recommended taking more, it would become even more expensive!

    Spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, spring mix, etc. will give you a lot more nutrients, because you are going to eat a much larger quantity of them.
    Let’s say this algae is 5-10x more nutrient dense than the leafy greens above, but if you eat 5-10x more leafy greens than the algae, you will take in the same amount of nutrients.

    And when the amount of algae you consume is only one teaspoon…you would only have to eat 5-10 teaspoons of leafy greens to get the same amount of nutrition.

    It doesn’t matter how nutrient dense a food is……if you are only consuming a tiny quantity of it, you are only going to take in a tiny quantity of nutrients. Again, look at the nutrient breakdown on the website…..look at their recommended daily dose……then do the math…….see the microgram intakes of nutrients……then look up how much of these nutrients we really need in a day…..and you see the product doesn’t do the job from a nutritional standpoint.

    It looks like the product could possibly have a lot to offer if a person took a sufficient daily dose of it, but this might cost you $500/month for one person.

    Also, many of the comments above state that this product gave the person almost instant energy…….and their energy levels dropped very quickly (e.g., within 1-3 days) after stopping consumption. There is something wrong with that. That implies Stimulation….not nutrition. It is not normal to drop your energy levels right away if you decrease your nutrient levels (except total calories consumed)

    Something is up with that


  83. Jason Arno says:

    Have never tried it but defiantely would like too!

  84. junglegirl says:

    With algae’s, what someone told me and I’ve found to be true is that generally, the worse it tastes in the beginning, the more your body needs it. Do what you need to doctor the flavor and eventually you’ll be eating it out of the jar with a spoon – loving the taste! That’s where I’m at with it, yikes…!

    Also, the headaches people get from spirulina are because you MUST drink LOTS of extra water when you eat spirulina. Or begin any healthy regime, for that matter.

    Spirulina detox’s your body and lots of water is crucial to wash them all away – otherwise – headaches. I’ve experienced this too. Try it, and stay healthy! The algea’s are too valuable a source of nutrition to leave them out of the diet because of simply mis-understanding how they work.

  85. junglegirl says:

    Also, for people experiencing too much energy – hello? Adjust your dosage! We’re all different. You must take responsibility for knowing how much is best for you personally. Expect the dosage to shift over the long term too, because it generally will. Good luck!

  86. mindy says:

    I used it after hearing about great experiences and reading some literature in stores in FLA. I bought a supply and used it steadily for 6 months, without any noticeable results. It was no problem for me in taste, a bit of a small hassle to defrost and use, and expensive (though my first supply was a special deal). I used both Brain ALIVE and E3 alive, and though Brain alive was more fun to eat, no results from either. I like JAMETH SHERDIAN’s prducts : his spirilina, and his Vitamineral greens better. More positive change in feelings of energy and health, and a vibrant desire to keep taking them.

    So I feel like “the emperors new clothes” I just see E3 as loads of great talk, but no benefit for me. I have health issues that weren’t benefitted and I understand everyone is different.

    I am not against it, but for the money I want to have tangible/feeling benefits.

  87. Jeanine says:

    WOW! I just loved that interview. She has such an awesome reputation in our town for being an honest person, an awesome employer and she walks her talk. I’ve never met her but I see her with her children and what a loving soul she seems to be! I would love to work for her company but they don’t have many job openings because people that work there love their jobs and don’t leave the company! So now I’m studying to become a nurse. I live in Klamath Falls for the past 5 years and I got hired by Cell Tech which is now Simplexity. Well folks I read all the comments and boy are people misinformed. Don’t mean to be a downer but hear this. I was on the Simplexity harvest crew and they layed me off 3 years ago and they have not harvested since. I can see their harvester from my living room window and it hasn’t moved since that day. Another thing I want to clear up for you is that they have no ability to dry algae on the harvester! Where ever did that come from? More lies from that company? I did my research and the E3Live group is the only company that has a freezer on-site and does their own drying. Everyone else has to transport it to other cities for freezing and to dry! And by the way, why are people from that Simplexity company stepping up on an E3live blog anyway? Are they trying to piggyback on the reputation of an amazing company? OK, enough said. There is plenty of mis-information on the internet, including the quack watches and people that have no idea about the algae or what they are talking about. sometimes it seems a bit laughable to think that people even take scientific papers as the gosple. Since my background is science I will tell you there is as much quackery in scientific published papers in the medical and scientific world as there are anywhere else. I did my research thoroughly. Looked at the pros and cons. Guess what? I could find nothing supporting the claims that this algae is toxic. On the website it shows the algae is AFA. I researched this too and there is absolutely no toxicity in AFA! People are getting their facts confused thinking all algae is the same. Listen to what the lady said! There are 1000s of species of algae. Do your research people! In fact there have been people eating and consuming the algae since 1978 and there is not one reported death or illness. Come on people! It’s time to wake up. Don’t degrade something that helps people so widely. I don’t think that Hippocrates Health Clinic and Dr. Cousens would continue to use E3Live with their patients if they didn’t have facts and clinical experience behind them. Kudos to Tamara for sticking with what she believes and I can’t believe she would feed anything to her children (or any child) that is harmful. I looked at their website last night and I see that she has fed it to her children since they were born. I think I will go to their office and get a bottle of E3Live for myself to try. I’ve been away from the algae since I was layed off and have not consumed it since. Thank you for the awesome interview Kevin! You renew my energy and made me aware that health and beauty are at my back door! As for the price? Totally reasonable I feel. people go out to eat or have a latte every day and spend at least 5 times more money and think nothing of it. I see on the E3Live website that they have a guarantee that you feel the difference. How can anyone loose? I looked at other companies websites too and no one offered that kind of a guarantee. Again, it speaks highly of E3Live. They are doing everything right by being fair and honest. They raised the bar in the super green foods as I see it.
    oh yes, one last thought for the day…..I’d lay money on the fact that E3Live has testing results on every batch. OK before I signed my name to this statement, I just hung up the phone to them to ask their hours and asked if they had it. They said yes. They test every batch for safety and toxins, the same as every other food in a grocery store has to do.
    They are regulated by the Dept. of Agriculture Food and Safety Division. They get inspected by the state of Oregon and by the FDA appointed inspector. Enough said! Im going to go get my E3Live now!

  88. Gazelle says:

    My husband and I have used E3 Alive for the past year and have definitely noticed a difference. Our skin is much smoother, pores tighter, and skin glows. We have more energy. We take 1-3 Tablespoons/day. Sometimes we skip 1 or 2 days. We take it for the minerals and chlorella.

    We sometimes give a bit (1/2 tsp) to one cat (Persian) who seems to benefit from it immensely – more energy, brighter eyes, smoother coat. The other cat (Norwegian Forest Cat) becomes sick on it.

  89. eve says:

    What’s the difference between AFA and Marine Phytoplanton? Is one different from the other?

  90. johnnie says:

    Just wanted to say Thank you to Tamera and micheal and all the staff at E3 live for such a wonderful product.About six years ago e3live gave me the opportunity to bring the e3live into Canada and wow what a 6 years it has been.All the health food stores from coast to coast and all the practitioners and doctors and juice bars and athletes and yoga you name it thank us for bringing this amazing product into our country.All the testimonials and all the smiling faces from little babies to grandmothers and grandfathers and cats and dogs and horses from steve molitor our number one IBF pro boxer to NHL hockey players like Glenn metropolit and andrew ference to pro golfer on PGA tour Andrew parr continue to call me for more and more AFA.
    This company is amazing.I love e3live.Ive yet to see any product that produces more testimonials and results,im blessed to be working with you.Thanks and thanks and thanks

  91. mike says:

    i have trued it. wish i could buy it but right now i can not 🙁

  92. nadiya says:

    I have read some of the tweets and want to respond. I have been using this product for 2 years and have to say it is the most inexpensive fabulous, life changing product I have ever used in my life!!! A pretty bold statement but it comes from a person who has been in the health industry for 40 years of her life. My parents have a store in Ohio and I have used all types of supplements but have never and I mean never felt anything that has worked so fast and consistant that I have felt amazing every single day I have taken it. I feel uplifted focused, energized, happy and well, totally and nutritionally satisfied, the 25.99 I could spend on a 50 day supply of flakes to mix my own e3live drink per day is totally affordable to every lifestyle. I haven’t taken any multi vitamin etc in the 2 years only 1 tablespoon of e3 live and I have not had a cold, flu sinus infection nothing in 2 years. That is amazing coming from someone who always had sinus infections at least 5 times a year, strep throat 2 times a year and numerous colds and flus all in one year. What a savings for me. I know this product works not only for me but for my 3 children 28, 26 and 21. My daughter and her friends all take the ReNew me blend product that has the e3live in it, the brain on (which gives you the higher mental clarity and great brain function) but the MSM for joint and muscle recovery she is a runner and walks a million miles at her campus, cayene pepper good for blood circulation and purifiying your blood as well as all your vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace minerals and your omegas. That is the difference between your barley grass, wheat grass, and your spirulina you get the higher brain function and omegas with this Afa blue green algae product that you dont get from the others. The frozen is an awesome product but it is pricey but delicious and convenient. I have seen it in Michigan from anywhere from 26.00 for the Plain unflavored to 31.45 for the flavored nectar or mint and the Brain On which gives you the extra Phenalaynim for clarity of mind for 31.45 or you can always order on line and these bottles are a 32 day supply per bottle. I love love love this product there is a product and great price for everyone to get in on and be able to use this for their whole family. Keep the doctors away stay healthy during the cold and flu season and feel happier less stressed your everyday life. What are you waiting for treat your self, family to a perfect green superfood that does so much for so little, money and amount of product you need to feel good in 10 minutes after you take this product. I live it and use it and recommend it to everyone I see and meet, I also represent this product for the state of Michigan and am very knowledgeable in how to use all of our products to meet everyones needs and teach them how to use them to the best of their life style. Don’t just take my word use it yourself. our company so strongly believes in the benefits in so many areas that we offer a money back guarantee, if you do not see the wonderful benefits of this fantastic life changing product. Go Green that is where it is all about right now to keep you, your family and friends healthy for life!!!!

  93. franswami says:

    E3 works wonders, I have dosed BrainOn to depressed people and seen a one day turnaround, even from people who have been depressed for months. Thanks for posting this interview, and asking all the questions I would have asked!

  94. Danny says:

    I don’t like how the E3 Live rep dodged the issue of toxicity in her response. I just read this on Wikipedia:

    “Microcystin toxin has been found in all 16 samples of AFA bacteria products[10] sold as food supplements in Germany and Switzerland, originating from Lake Klamath: 10 out of 16 samples exceeded the safety value of 1 µg microcystin per gram”

    There’s more on Wikipedia about hepatic and neurotoxity of Klamath Lake sourced AFA. How is E3 Live testing for this?

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