Dr. Douglas Graham on Candida Part 2 – The Renegade Health Show Episode #384

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Today we have part two of Dr. Doug Graham’s interview on candida…

Many of you were asking about what protocol I took and I’ve already explained this in some videos, but I’ll review it next week for everyone.

I explored a lot to techniques. The main one that worked the best was similar to a Body Ecology approach without the meat.

I’ll explain more next week!

Take a look at Part 2 here…

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Brianna says:

    How does a person go about doing the 80/10/10 diet without meticulously counting calories from fat, protein and simple carbs, then making sure they fit this ratio? Is there a simpler approach?

    Also, maybe this is an silly question, but if you suffer from candida, do you want to avoid yeast?

    Thanks for the info. Love the show!

  2. Pamme says:

    I’m glad Dr. Doug mentioned the “weakest link.” I became very conscious of this after listening to Dr. Samuel Mielcarski (drsampt.com) at Raw Spirit Fest in Santa Barbara this year. There are 8 essential links in the chain of health: healthy food, clean water, clean air, sufficient light/sunshine, activity/exercise, good quality rest, cleanliness inside and out, and loving relationships with others and yourself. All these must be in balance for optimal health. Many people only focus on a couple of these, usually the ones in which they are strongest. But it’s important to work on those weak links as you can’t compensate for the lack in one essential by focusing all your energy on a few others.

    Thanks again Kevin and Dr. Doug!

  3. Liliane says:

    Great show Kevin. Dr Graham makes a lot of sense. It’s almost funny what he says in regards to peoples advice. I have very complex health issues. Many doctors have said to me, try this, you will heal.I have had procedures done, chiropractic, exercise,meditation, nutrition (about 75% raw), supplements, etc. There is no panacea.You often have to go way back to correct things. I liken it to to the adage, the straw that broke the camels back.

    I started taking systemic enzymes over a week ago & am seeing some results with it, including a bit of weight loss. This was due to your recommendation Kevin. I imagine the longer I take them the more good will come of it.

    Thank you again for all the great interviews & info you provide. You & Annmarie are such a blessings.

    Have a great week-end. 🙂

  4. HY says:

    Thanks for the info. It made sense. Maybe I can apply it. I used to eat so many nuts and seeds everyday and my performance was really poor. My attention span in high school was poor and I was always craving for foods. Both aspects were worse than most people in school.

    I’m a bit confused about nutritional typing in Dr. Mercola’s site. There are 3 nutritional types: carb, mixed, and protein. They determine your “ideal” fat, carbs, and protein intake and the alkalinity of the food. That would mean adjusting the intake of foods like meat, vegetables, grains, and fruits. People from the site have claimed to feel great after modifying their diet after taking the NT test. I know that our body does adapt to changes. What are your thoughts on nutritional typing?

    I still feel hungry in the morning especially between breakfast and lunch but in the afternoon if I delay my meals a bit, I’m fine. Does anyone have any ideas of how to stop the hunger in the morning?

    My breakfast consists of kale smoothie: fruit, spirulina, maca, chlorella, flax seeds, kale, swiss chard, hemp, brown rice, and pea protein, and seeds. After breakfast, I may drink blended kale.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I used to have candida but curied it with a low sugar (fruits) diet… It’s interesting what he says. Is this 10% thing just for candida because 10% fat seems a little extreme and cannot work for everyone… some people probably need to have more fat in their diet than others… Also some of the longest living people on Earth eat a high fat diet, ie the cretians and other form the mediteranean… This is interesting theory though.
    Sometimes people in the raw food world can seem a little obsessive though about how much fat or calories they are consuming and a lot of times that takes the joy out of consuming food or sharing a meal with friends or family.
    For me personally, my digestion always improves significantly when I’m sharing a great meal with friends or family and with good wine… like the french (Since I’m belgian and frequently go back to Europe)
    I think sometimes we need to be a little bit more “french” about things and enjoy quality and company and not try to micromanage things or stress if we go off a certain diet.
    well that’s longer then I intended, haha

  6. Charlotte says:

    wow I usually proof read btw

  7. Janett says:

    I have used Doug’s program with great and very quick success for candida, and know others that have as well. In reference to his total program for everyday use, I do better adding fresh green juices (which he does not believe in) and using green smoothies, as I feel I need those extra minerals to balance things out.

  8. Nathalie says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for an awesome 2 shows!
    I really loved watching, listening and learning about it all, although I personally do not have candida-overgrowth, but it was so much more than that!! 🙂

    What I have just found out is… that I have a hyPERthyroid thing going on, and I feel like I am exhausted at times from within. Then on other days I’m energetic as anything, so I know I am unbalanced!

    I would love to hear more on HyPERthyroidism and if it is different to balance between men and women… I feel so lost and somewhat scared after finding out last week about my acute situation, but I don’t want to feed it with fear!

    I’m a 28yr old female if that helps?

    Love your work; living your passion, and helping so many on your journey – thank you.

    Your aussie pal x (well, one of them!!)

  9. Cathy says:

    Is Candida the same thing as Small Bowel Bacteria Overgrowth? I have Gastroparesis(paralyzed stomach), and it has caused the SBBO. They say it is a nerve/motility disorder. The thing I’m struggling with is that they say I have to cut out all fruits for right now. For 4 months I have been all raw and consumed a lot of fruit along with greens, nuts, and seeds. But my condition did not get better, only got worse. My problem is I don’t want to go off all raw, but I don’t want to harm my body any more. I could cut out a lot of the fruit, but I can’t digest the veggies except for the spinach, and romaine hearts. I had to cut out my almonds and seeds about a month ago due to not being able to digest them.
    Any advice from someone that may know something about Gastroparesis or SBBO?
    Thanks so much!!

  10. Wendi Dee says:

    LOVED the interviews with Dr. D, Kevin! Thanks for talking with him. I think he was able to clear up a lot of misconceptions about the 80/10/10 diet in these short videos. I always enjoy hearing him speak.

    Lots of love to you,


  11. Kasey says:

    Interesting. It seems 80/10/10 is the healthiest, cleanest way of eating IF you have a healthy pancreas, thyroid, adrenals, and digestive system in general.

    He hinted that if you don’t have these things functioning well, you may need to fast in order to heal things up. Or as I read between the lines, you may need to avoid fruit until your organs are able to escort sugar in and out of the blood stream efficiently.

    I’ve tried the high fruit way, and it looks like I have some underlying issues preventing me from thriving on this type of diet, for now. I can’t wait until I’m ready for the fruit way again!! I’ve seen glimpses of it’s potential, and it comes with this feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. You just feel good about yourself for having the discipline to eat so pure.

  12. Sharon says:

    Wonderful interview. I’m glad he pointed out that the underlying issues need to be cleared up before the 80 10 10 will work properly. I feel great when I eat that way but it’s hard to stick to since I don’t always have access to what I’d need to eat for this.

    Cathy, I have only ever met one person with Gastroparesis and he got relief from using a magnetic massager. If it were me I would probably try EFT or find someone with a SCIO to help. A good chiropractor may be able to help too. If you’re lucky enough to be in Europe, try Vitametik. That would be my first choice. I wish there was a way to bring this over to North America.

  13. wendy green says:

    interesting…he certainly speaks with authority…so i looked up 80-10-10. i dunno kev, he promotes eating 4 lbs of cantaloupe for breakfast! and more pounds of another fruit for lunch. that simply is not sustainable, unless of course one buys all their food in a market. here at casa verde, we are working on self sufficiency. while we eat a lot of fruit, i would need a factory farm to keep ourselves eating dozens and dozens of pounds of fruit everyday…

    i am an “edenist”…not religious but biblical in the sense, i believe we should eat directly from the stem, limb and vine. i can see where 10% fat makes sense…if you had to shuck all the shells of nuts/seeds every time you ate, that would certainly limit the amount of nuts/seeds you ingested.

    but still, this idea of percentages doesn’t jive with me…too yang. do you think that is what the natural world considers? do monkeys think “too much protein today, better lay off”?

    so i guess, for me, it’s about eating intuitively (like monkeys) i rarely ask myself “what do it WANT to eat?” or “what SHOULD i eat?”…it’s more like “what do i NEED right now”. it’s uncanny, but i always “hear” the right answer. (and the answer is NEVER cacao, goji berries or maca) 😀

    side bar…yesterday, someone posted a comment about “floaters”…is this a sign of candida? if so, i have had candida since i was a child.

    sending toucan kisses from eden!

  14. Roseanna says:

    Great shows Thanks to both you Kevin as always and Dr. G, liked your post Pamme, am also wondering now about systemic enzymes and Cathy, consider the supplements of the superfoods David Wolfe talks about. I don’t even know if I have Candida but have friends who are truly concerned and will forward all this great info to them. Kevin, you and Ann-Marie ROCK!!!

  15. Naila says:

    Enjoyed the show. I was wondering whether the 10% fats includes healthful vegetable oils and fish oil? I’ve been downing a lot of coconut oil (and others) lately, and I’d hate to think I had to balance them out with a lot of carbs I don’t particularly want to eat. I also need to control candida, and have heard it’s good to avoid too much starch.

  16. Shashyk Sobe says:

    Awesome show! But i really cant hear the Dr. well.
    So i have a question for you!
    I been eating about 80% raw. The last 4 months i been eating a lot of fruits , like 20 oranges a day, or 8 apples a day , or 6 kiwis, or a whole cantaloupe.
    And is the first time in my life i have a fungus in my nails.
    Do you tHINk is some to do w the fruits?
    This is candida?
    Please help me !
    T\HANKS very much!

  17. Veronika says:

    Interesting. Although I don’t understand why fruit is so glorified – why not have 80% veggies and still have a low fat intake? Wouldn’t that solve the same candida problem if he says it’s about fat?

    I understand that every person is different and will need a different array of foods. I just don’t understand why high sugar. And why 10% protein?

    Kevin, I’m glad your older video about diets tells people that you have to try different things and see what works for you. Right now I eat mostly veggies, some nuts/seeds, and just enough fruit to get all the nutrients I need without excess sugar. Also small servings of cooked lentils ~5 times/week, and grains rarely. I also eat pasture-raised eggs ~3 times/week, but no other meat or dairy.

    The fruit I regularly eat is: acai, blueberries, apple, & watermelon (I pick one of those in a day, unless it’s an acai smoothie, then I mix it with berries and half banana). I also eat cherry tomatoes daily and technically they are a fruit…as are cucumbers I suppose…and avocados…ok where do we draw the line, haha. Oh, and I love squeezing lemon juice over veggies and in my spring water! Um, that’s basically it. When other fruits are in season, I’ll have a peach here, a grape there.

  18. eve says:

    Good interview. I liked the emphasis that no one thing is the total answer to optimum help and that high fruit and fats just don’t work well. I’ve struggled with candida for years and got the most relief from accupunture and chinese herbs and reducing fruits and nuts for awhile. I’ve been watching my diet and haven’t had it for about a year now even with the raw food diet and sometimes going high on fruits. I do stay away from cashews and mangos. I do have a few frozen mangos in smoothies from time to time. I haven’t eaten any cashews in a long time that I know of. I know raw foodist use it in desserts alot and I don’t use agave; mostly stevia and dates. It’s trial and error and education and the right professional help.

  19. Veronika says:

    To Naila – I was thinking about coconut oil as well. It’s supposed to be made up of fatty acids that are burned quickly by your body, rather than stored in your cells. So perhaps you wouldn’t count coconut oil in the calories, especially since it’s so effective at getting RID of Candida. I personally wouldn’t stop using it even if I did follow 80/10/10.

    I don’t know about fish oil and veggies oils though. I’m pretty sure Dr Graham believes in natural hygiene, which means eating only whole foods, not oils or powders and stuff.

  20. Jennifer from the UK says:

    Deeply appreciating DOug’s reasoned, calm perspective, reminding us that overall health is the big picture, this is to be truly holistic. I have had swinging blood sugar levels, I am stabilising these through rest and working less, thereby allowing my adrenals to recover. A bonus consequence has been that my creative libido is resurfacing which is giving me deep satisfaction and boosting my wellbeing ie health further. SO important to broaden out beyond dietary concerns and to seek to balance ourselves in all areas of our lives.This makes utter, utter sense.Thankyou Kevin

  21. junglegirl says:

    Isn’t candida an “underlying issue”? He never did address that directly, unless I missed it. I suppose that is how one sells books – which is how he makes a living, and that’s fair enough. But I was waiting to hear specifically how 811 heals candida contrary to mainstream beliefs regarding fruit consumption, etc.

  22. Mitja says:

    Thanks so much, Kevin, these series is very valuable!

    Please ask the good doctor what happened to his finger.

  23. Jennifer says:

    Hi Kevin,

    This 2nd interview has really helped me understand candida better and about how other organs also play a roll in health. I am wondering if I have underlying issues as I do better on lower fat but, still can’t get rid of it. I was alcoholic and have 21 years clean and sober but, still have this issues. High Raw for 1 & 1/2 years. Could you tell me what type of blood work and testing I might want to have done in order to find out?

    Thank you so much,

  24. Carachi says:

    Thanks for a great show! Very claifying!
    It turns out I was right in my suspicion: 80/10/10 is truly GREAT – if you are young or male and healty. 😉

    Very good to get this sorted out! I like the idea of the diet, but realise it is more an aim than a diet for me just now.

    And I join in the praising: Thanks for your great work!

  25. Carachi says:

    Thanks for a great show! Very claifying!
    It turns out I was right in my suspicion: 80/10/10 is truly GREAT – if you are young or male and healty. 😉

    Very good to get this sorted out! I like the idea of the diet, but realise it is more an aim than a diet for me just now.

    And I join in the praising: Thanks for your great work!
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  26. Rafael Morales Jr says:

    Hello Kevin and Annmarie
    Great show and good source of iformtion.
    Thn you
    Rafael Morales Jr

  27. diane West says:

    I have to say I was leary of the diet in the begining, but ive tryed every diet out there over the years and util I found the 811 way and stuck with it for almost a year, I got fantastic results, and went threw alot of healing. Dr. Doug really knows his stuff, you just have to have faith and be ready for the change, because its a whole new way of looking at things, but I have to say its worth every effort you put into it, phycially, mentally, emotionally uplifting and incredibly EASY way of life, once you get the hang of it. you need to unlearn all the dogma that youve been taught as a child, And live by natures laws.

  28. sherry says:

    I don’t have any major health issues.
    Had candida years ago.thought maybe I still had it.
    I have gone 95 percent raw and hope to be100%
    in a few months.

    Thank you for this info. I don’t have to worry
    about it any more.

  29. Ineke says:

    Interesting. I have an underlying candida issue as well. I used to see a MD specialised in environmental medicine. With supplements and the inclusion of lots of raw foods and detoxing with raw foods I got it under control. The fruit theory of Dr Doug does not resonate with me. I also don’t think it is sustainable to eat all these tropical fruits in the winter time when you live in a cold area. At this point I tend to stick with low glycemic fruits and lots of veggies in the juicer and the blender. Donna Gates and the Hippocrates approach make much more sense to me.

    And I also tend to agree with Charlotte from Belgium (BTW I’m from the Netherlands) that raw foodies often are too obsessed with everything. I’m giving a toast (in silence) to you guys tonight with a good glass of red wine and good food!! Cheers

  30. Thomas says:

    You can get some info on Gastroparesis at:

    You can also search the site for many people’s experiences with a variety of ailments and cures.

    Nathalie, they have a lot of info on hyperthyroidism as well.

  31. Charlotte says:

    Why thank you Ineke from the Netherlands!! I’ll join you in toasting right with my glass of red wine!
    Sante et bon appetit!

  32. Lauren says:

    Still can barely hear Doug…

  33. Jo says:

    I too have “underlying issues” with low adrenals, hyperthroidism, possible intestinal bacteria and now leaky gut syndrome. I was just told by my acupunctarist to lower my fat AND fruit intake as my candida is revealing itself again, after last year’s “cleanse” . I guess the cleanse didn’t work well enough, cuz it’s back. I struggle with hunger and reach for the nuts, tahini, and know that I’m most likely way over 10% some days. So now, I’m trying to lower the fat, nuts and I’ve given up bananas, mangos, etc.. for now.
    I have too many health issues and LOw blood sugar issues to even think about a fast. However, I do enjoy my green juices and feel full after those. So, my intuition tells me that I’m on the right track. I am losing weight without the fat though- and sometimes feel lightheaded. I’m 5 6″ and 145 lbs. 46 yrs. old female. been 80-90% raw for 2 years. I think intuition plays a very big part in this! Listen to the body and your health professionals that you trust and health will happen in time.

  34. Cathy says:

    Dr. Doug is certainly correct in that the problem lies in the inability of insulin to transport sugar into the cells due to fat in the cells blocking the entry. What worries me if this is the problem, jumping into a high fruit diet immediately could cause some real blood sugar issues. A low-fat, low-fruit diet would seem to be a precursor to a low-fat high-fruit diet in order to give the cells a chance to clean themselves out before subjecting them to all that fruit sugar. Once the cells are clean of fat, I’m sure Dr. Doug’s diet would be fine.

  35. Amelina says:

    Great. So what the heck do we do if we’ve got “underlying issues”? I’m sick of trying to get things to work and they don’t. I thought the raw food diet was supposed to help you heal, but my bowels won’t tolerate a lot of vegetables and apparently high fruit is no good if you’ve got compromised adrenals or anything else out of whack. Fruits are the easiest whole foods for me to digest.

    Oh confusion.

  36. Angelique says:

    Thanks for these interviews! I had a light bulb moment while watching, made some dietary changes, and sure enough, I think my acne’s finally on the run. Hooray!

    A new question for an upcoming show: I have slightly high blood pressure (high b.p. runs in my family). I’ve been veg for about 17 yrs and high raw for about a year. Any additional recommendations for how to lower blood pressure? Thanks in advance!


  37. Brian says:

    I heard that insulin speeds up aging which is why many people recommend more energy from fats and protein instead. But I’m assuming that your cells would absorb sugar more efficiently which means less insulin is needed if the diet is low in fat at the same time.

    If I follow the diet, would it increase or decrease insulin production and if so, would the extra insulin speed up aging?

  38. Michael says:

    Someone may have mentioned it, but when you plugged Dr Grahams website perhaps it could be mixed up with another. There IS a foodandsport.com; but it’s not Doug’s site, which is foodnsport.com. I realized after tracking it down that you seem to say “n’ sport” in the vid, but when I went to read more about these things I got a different site. Just a note; THANKS for the, yet another, top interview.

  39. Helen says:

    Seven years ago I had terrible, debilitating migraine headaches – often 1-3 times per week. I was diagnosed with a bad case of Candida Yeast Overgrowth. With no money for special herbs and supplements but with the support of my husband, we did the humble “beans and greens” diet (only beans and greens, nothing else) for a whole year and my condition improved significantly.

    Today, I am headache free and so thankful for natural ways of dealing with health issues. We now eat mostly raw and exercise 3 times per week which helps a lot. But the biggest surprise to me was how the headaches completely went away when I finished cleaning out my life (physically, spiritually and emotionally).

    The pinnacle of this process was totally surrendering my life to God and then literally cleaning up all the messes in my life. I have tried quite a few things but this has given the most significant improvements in every area of my life. I now have more peace, joy and happiness – not to mention good health – than ever before.

  40. Jax in UK says:

    To Amelina – I too got confused when I read a lot of literature on Candida, one book would directly contradict another leaving me absolutely confused and a bit stressed as to how to rid myself of systemic candida.

    And to top it all another book would say not to get stressed and to relax and be kind to the body………typical!!

    In the end I decided to relax and just go with the book that made most sense and would be easier for me to follow, and stuck to it. Then I discovered raw nutrition and have found that it’s managed to quell all the debilitating symptoms I was experiencing.

    So I want to say to you to not get wound up with it and go with your intuition, common sense and what will be easier for you to stick to.

    Good Luck
    Jax @ http://www.rawinuk.com

  41. FeralKevin says:

    Hundreds or thousands of cultures for thousands of years that have had fat as a large portion of their caloric intake. Way more than 10%. To condemn fat like this is to really throw the baby out with the bathwater. Our ancestors knew what was up.

  42. Declan says:

    Hi Kevin & Anne Marie ..

    I have been ill with Candida & a host of other issues for 22 years. Been to hell and I’m not even half way back.

    I have read and listened to every nutrition theory out there and I’m pretty sure now that RAW food is what people should eat at least 95% of time whether thay are healthy or not.

    Seems to me that foods that are bad for you can’t be eaten raw .. like Pizza (raw flour?), Popcorn (raw corn?) Fried Rice (raw rice?) etc etc

    It was only when my body totally gave in and would not hold down grains or starch without waking up and vommiting at 3am and it contining for days on end did I finally say no-more-grains .. enough is enough.

    I stll crave bread like nothing else though. Seems from what I have read that the Opiate content of bread is sky high.

    Anyway, here I am on the verge of going 80-10-10 and I’m worried.

    Why? Well, what about fatty acids I’m thinking and B12 and will this diet sustain me into old age?

    There’s a guy called Tim VanOrden (RunningRaw.com & also on YouTube) who seems pretty healthy on a very similar diet. He disagrees slighty with Dr Graham but he’s impressive nonetheless.

    My main question (yes, I have one :)) is that of all the medical information that I have consumed over the past 22 years, one thing sticks out and that is that it is the Liver produces 90% of a person’s Blood Fat each day and that only 10% at most is got from diet, so how could eating fat make as much differnce as Doug suggests?

    Even the top cardiologists that prescribe Statins day in day out confirm that 90% of a perspn’s Blood Fat is produced by the liver.

    And isn’t candida in the Gut anyway primarly?

    I think Elain Gotachall’s (Breaking The Vicious Cycle) advice and theories made more sense in that STARTCH from grains feeds Candida and fruit doesn’t as it’s digested quicker whereas STARTCH hangs about.

    Anyway, love the blog and .. who knows, maybe someday I’ll post a message saying I’m well again.

  43. alice says:

    Excellent information, thank you!
    And too Declan try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a way to heal the underlying emotional issues to your physical ones. I’ve had miracles with it!

  44. Declan says:

    The following study would support Doug’s therory but saturated animal fat the worst culpirit it would appear.


  45. Abu says:

    What is up with his pinky on his right hand?? Its all bent and stuff.

  46. B says:

    Thanks everyone for your input. I was just curious if anyone had any experience with cream of tartar as a part of a protocol for candida.
    I’ve heard it has been safe and effective for some people.

  47. Sue says:

    He has candida so wrong its scary.

  48. Sue says:

    The pinky could be a sporting injury but I’ve seen another vid and he looks as if he has arthritic fingers. He is not aging very well and I think its probably from all the sugar and minimal fat in his diet.

  49. Inga says:

    Sue, what so scary? My candida is looking half that scary after a month of following Dr.Graham’s high fruit low fat diet.
    And commenting on someone’s age and injury is simply unethical, imho.
    I believe one can only talk about
    “aging gracefully” being the same age at least. At my 35 yeras age I don’t think I’m even entitled to judge somebody his age.
    Did you even read his book? It doesn’t sound that scary at all, especially to those he helped.
    Sorry, if I hurt you feelings.

  50. Pary says:

    What is 811??????????????

  51. Ben says:

    To be honest all the information on Candida can be quite confusing and a lot. Sometimes intuition does play a big role.

  52. Sophie says:

    Great info from Dr. Graham. S

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