Why Go Vegan with Madeline and Will Tuttle – The Renegade Health Show Episode #380

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The event at Ft. Bragg was awesome!

This week we’ll be bringing you interviews from some of the presenters that we met, so stay tuned. I even talked to Dr. Doug Graham about Candida directly so that will be toward the end of the week. 🙂

Today, we have Madeline and Dr. Will Tuttle who are fellow RV-ers traveling around the country spreading the word of veganism, conscious eating and more.

In this interview, I ask them the big question… “why vegan”.

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What amount of water do you consume on a regular basis?

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If you want to check out Will and Madeline’s art, music and ideas please visit www.WillTuttle.com and tell them you heard about ’em from us!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Henrik Petersson says:

    Seem like a very nice couple!

    I do think that a lot of vegans tend to forget that plants also deserve a lot of respect and need to be treated with love.

    As much as we don’t want to think about it, we ARE butchering plants, stealing their offspring and often making them suffer.

    What makes it more ethical than killing and abusing animals I don’t know, and that’s why I moved away from ethical veganism.

    Kevin: I remember in an old recording you said that you consume a little meat. Do you still eat meat? Either way, what are your reasoning behind it?

  2. Page says:

    Thanks for another great interview Kevin!
    I personally drink about 3 liters of water a day. As for our household use, I estimate we go through about 60 gallons a day, but we have been cutting back on our water use. I am very conscious of how we are using water.

  3. I use very little water on a daily basis. Probably drink between a half to a gallon a day depending on activity and weather.
    Use about another 2-3 gallons a day for the dogs water and minimal amount of washing.
    No indoor plumbing used when its just me here. Live in the country so easy to do.
    I can shower with a gallon of water.

  4. Alyse says:

    Another stupendous interview, Kevin, and these types of testimonials of love are what keep me on my vegan path.

    As for water, I consume about a 1/2 gallon per day, and use the least amount in the household as possible. The question was thought-provoking, however, as I know the sprinklers are running an inordinate amount of water. Thanks for making me more consciously aware!

  5. Anthony Michael says:

    another new age wackjob spinning his hindu pantheist jargon ad infinitum.

    I got news for this guy, there IS NO SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION WITHOUT JESUS CHRIST IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. And Jesus Christ is no pantheist animal worshipper like mr and mrs tuttle.

  6. Tandi says:

    Plants do not have central nervous systems and there IS a difference between a plant and an animal…high school biology??

    Yes, I do believe we need to have respect for the food we eat and have gratitude for where it came from but comparing plants to animals is nothing short of ridiculous.

    I respect those who state that they are not vegans because they don’t want to be, but rationalizing slaughtering animals because we ‘slaughter’ plants is appalling.

    I drink about 1/2 gallon a day which is about right for my size and stature [under 5ft. tall]

  7. Tara Burner says:

    Being vegan myself and familiar with The Tuttle’s and their work, message I personally am all for veganism on many realms.

    Yes some will say that yes vegans hurt plants, etc but there’s so many other benefits to being vegan…from the animal connection as the Tuttle’s discussed to the environmental benefits and just feeling more in tune and peaceful…it’s really hard to describe totally in words, something you have to experience.

    As far as the question of the day that’s posted asking how much water do I consume a day…probably 48 oz of water, then my smoothies, fruit juice, etc.

  8. crow says:

    drink about 2 gallons a day. When I take a shower I use the cold water to water the plants so it doesn’t run down the drain.

  9. CINDY says:


  10. Jeremy says:

    Some people do no want to eat flesh foods because they do not like the idea of killing animals. If you object to killing animals, then you should also object to killing plants, because it is a proven fact that they also have a consciousness, and that they feel fear when threatened and pain when harmed. What is the difference, then, between killing an animal and killing a plant for consumption?

    Sometimes people choose vegetarians because they view it as “more spiritual.” More spiritual than what? And by whose definition? Sometimes people use their vegetarianism as an excuse to ” look down” on others who choose not to follow the same life choice. On some level they believe this condescension elevates their own spirituality.

    I know natives that lived to 120 with a heavy meat diet, however with a more pure meat diet than todays meat. I’ll agree with one thing. The meats of today are not that healthy (hormones etc.). We need to eat more pure meats like Buffalo, Venison and Elk. Maybe I’m wrong, but one thing is for sure the human body requires flesh food to properly build itself and replicate its DNA. Think about the warriors and people of physical strength. ARe they vegetarians or meat-eaters?

    I believe its good to fast from meats every now and then to give your system a break. Thats my 2 cents for whatever it is worth…..if you crave meat it is for a reason!! We were born with omnivore teeth….

  11. Jann says:

    WOW, what’ up with that interview?? I usually enjoy your guests, but these people are W A Y, way out there. Let’s just say that I agree with Tandi and Anthony. Let’s not go off the deep end here.

    I do enjoy your show. I do my part to preserve this earth of ours. I don’t use much water during the day and only three gallons to bathe with.

    God bless you both,


  12. Deborah says:

    I was fortunate to be around the Tuttle’s almost 10 years ago when I had my sprout business,Living Greens, in Florida. I have his CD’s and some of Madeline’s art cards. They are a wonderful couple. Having eliminated red meat in 1972 because of cost., the improvement in my health lead me to self educate about our bodies. The more I learned about how our digestive system functions and then progressed to learn of the animals’ fate, I could not return to the SAD diet. When you begin to accept that everything is energy, you may then question why anyone would possibly want to continue to consume the flesh and secretions of abused animals, thus consuming that energy of violence?
    As far as water consumption, I drink approx. 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water per day. Low volume shower head reduces what is used for cleaning my outside. No lawn to water or anything like that.
    I am glad you interviewed them, they look great! Thanks, Kevin.

  13. Bonnie says:

    I found Mr. & Mrs. Tuttle very refreshing and inspiring. I drink about 2 1/2 glass mason jars of water a day. I’m guessing that I use about 3 gal. for a.m. shower. The toilet gets flushed about 6 times a day.

  14. Charlotte says:

    To Anthony Michael:
    Spirituality comes in so many different forms not only in religion which a lot of the time is NOT at all spiritual and is probably one of the most hypocritical institutions. No, I’m not against Christians at all just the narrow-minded assholes like yourself! It’s so disgusting to try impose your beliefs on other people like that; you must be a really unhappy cynical person to criticize someone who is obviously passionate about what their doing!

    Kevin, I was also wondering if you were a vegan (honey aside)? I wouldn’t judge you if you were not, I’m just simply curious…

    Also, it would be nice if you could do a show on genetical modified foods??

  15. jvastine says:

    Well I must add to this what quantum physics is revealing, which is everything including all forms of life, whether plant, animal, insect, aquatic, etc., were created by the self same intelligent energy that created each of us. We as a species must learn to reverence & respect all life & it is imperative in these times that we begin with the human species. After all, how can we be humane to any species if we have not learned to be humane to our fellow brethren. We are all a part of the human family! Then as we care for & nurture all life & express gratitude for that life which supports ours, there will be a dramatic shift for the better upon the planet.

    If you look into the research, you’ll find that plants do react towards an intent by an individual to harm it. If we treat plants that are food sources nurturingly, they will respond with greater nutritional value in return. Also if you look into the research you’ll find that we have a connection with plants. If you place the seeds under your tongue prior to planting, that seed will adjust the nutrients it produces to compensate for that which you lack. Also by the rinsing of your feet & socks at the end of the day with clean water, which is then used to water your vegetable garden with, the plants will adjust for the things that they detect your body is lacking. They somehow detect this from the miniscule sweat particles in the water. It seems there are far greater connections between all forms of life than we’ve been (min)led to believe.

    As for my daily water usage, it runs roughly 2.5 gallons/day, which includes that used for hygene, dish washing, & laundry.

  16. Irondoll says:

    “You’re that OLD!?” What that says is you’re too young to have knowledge and wisdom if we conversely apply that question to you and Annmarie. Actually, I do see you two as kids, and although you are babies in this movement, I still listen respectfully and rely on my saged wisdom and my ability to do my own research, and that’s how I judge if what’s said makes sense and is right for me. I became conscious of harm to animals when one day in my apartment in Brookyn Heights in ’82 (I’m that OLD!?) I was looking at a large lapel pin that had a picture of Elsie the Cow. I realized then and there we, as a society, were hurting a beautiful female docile animalm that had big brown soulful eyes and long eyelashes. See the move “Bless the Beast and the Children” where you will see how some “misfit” teenagers plan to free penned-up bison from being slaughtered. I saw it about a decade after it came out. Cotton sacrafices his life for the bisons.

    Re water, I gave my plants about a gallon today and do so about twice a month. I need to drink more of it, though.

  17. Pat says:

    Great show KEV..!!!

    Thank you so much for giving us a inside peak at the people and speakers at the vibrant Living Expo..
    It’s so exciting to me how This concsious couple actaully walk the walk and talk the talk and to help encourage others as well!!
    They actaully set the bar really HIGH for most of us!!!!
    With my massive garden that feeds many…Estimated 20- 30 Gallong a day .but I want too do better and eventaullt invest in a drip system..YAH!!

  18. carol clausen says:

    I would like to hear more about the feminine aspect of vegan ism as spoken of in the interview.

  19. Michael & Tracy says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,

    Cool show as usual, dude must have a digital piano in the RV? Trying to visualize that one 🙂

    On the topic of water, we have found this incredible “live” spring up in the canyon not far from us…if you have not checked it out before, when you come to Sedona we will turn you on to it….the water is incredible…



  20. Shanti Moon says:

    Hi Kevin,

    It feels good to know that people are traveling around to educate others about compassion not just for humans but also for the animals. I don’t understand why people bring up the lack of compassion for plants. Is it to justify the killing of animals or is it to say that we should not eat plants either?

    I do believe that when we take a green leafy plant or root form the ground we are killing, and also when we take fruit from the tree. With my human eyes, I can not see if each individual fruit has it’s own soul or life force. I believe we all are part and parcel of source or Divine Mother and Father. What ever anyone calls it it is all the same to me. I believe we are individual and one at the same time. From what I can see, animals seem to have more consciousness, or the ability to feel and express feeling than plants. I’m not saying that any one soul is more advanced. I think that all souls are pure beings. I do see that some souls seem more covered over than others, or are aware of different things. Maybe a breatharian is one of the most compassionate beings. I feel that even the molecules in the air have life force or a soul, and we are killing even when we breath.

    So, What are we to do? Everyone has the freedom to choose to some degree. It is hard to stop breathing without dying in a few minutes. We can live a long healthy life only eating plants. When we overeat we are killing more than we need and possibly causing ourselves to die sooner than later. When we eat meat we are supporting the killing of so many more plants that the animal needed to eat. It seems to me that by eating only a plant based diet we are causing the least amount of suffering. The question I have is, is that any better? It seems to be. It is my choice to cause less suffering this way. I am still aware that I am killing the plants for my survival and enjoyment. So if we are individuals making individual choices and at the same time connected to the same source or all one. Then every choice we make has some affect on everything else.

    For me that means to try to be aware of the source of all living beings, and to do my best to not take more than what I need. I Believe that I am an eternal spirit soul and that when I leave this body I take another body, and the body that I take depends on my consciousness at the time I leave this one. We are free to make choices, and at the same time experience the consequences of those choices, good or bad.

    The way things are in nature is not ideal for me. Like how no matter what we do there is killing. Even some animals are killing other animals. The other day someone I know saw his dog chomp down on a rabbit and eat it bones and all. On this same day someone put a bunny out on the side of the street in a cage with a sign saying “FREE” so now I have a pet bunny. Weird. If I wanted to eat bunnies I believe I would take the body of some animal that likes to eat bunnies. I think it is the business of a dog to kill. I think it is the business of a human to consider other options, to inquire about why are we here and why are we suffering. Science is trying to do this by creating so many drugs to stop suffering, and by creating so many things to make things easier, faster, safer. But still we are all getting old and dying, or sometimes we die before we are old because of disease or some accident. Science has not figured out how to stop death.

    From what I have heard the “rawfoodist” are at least trying to slow down death and keep disease at bay. I have heard it said that eating raw foods can reverse the aging process, but I have been around the raw food community eating raw foods for 10 years, and I can see that we are all getting wrinkles and grey hair. Maybe we are getting those thing a little later, but we are still getting them.

    I want to remember who I am and why I’m here. I want to be grateful for all that I experience and learn in this life time. I want to share Love and Compassion as much as I can with as many as I can, and I want to give thanks to source. That which everything comes form.

    Thank You for the opportunity to express myself, it feels so good.
    Thank You for everything you give us!
    That fees good too!

    Love to You!
    Shanti Moon!

  21. Whit says:

    Irondoll – I think what Kevin meant by that statement was simply that Will looks a lot younger than whatever he said his age was, and that you might be reading into it more than necessary.

  22. Corrinne says:

    Real nice show today Kevin. I enjoyed hearing them and their views. Charlotte’s opinion was very much like my own……..Live and Let Live I always say. I also take offense with killing animals, plus I feel so much healthier by not eating them. I drink 3 to 4 mason jars of water a day plus what I add to my smoothies and conserve with everything else

  23. Rafael Morales Jr says:

    Hello Kevin
    Iam down my spirit is not good today
    maybe I need to use more water.
    great interview.


  24. Brynda Bechtold says:

    Anthony,I, too, was a new ager, meditating vegan since 1971(I’m older than the Tuttles, but look younger!!). Had many “supernatural” moments w/God then in 1975 I read the New Testament and saw a different Jesus than I had been exposed to thru traditional churches. I have remained a nutritional,mostly vegan, truth seeking, health conscious Christian all these years because Jesus has shown Himself to be trustworthy and very real, continuously confirming that the Bible really is the bottom line. I’m glad that no one spoke to me as harshly as you before I saw the light as it may have influenced my attitude. Everyone has their own time, but the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to everyone’s spirit, it’s their decision at that point. We can never know what is really going on. Be patient, because what seems to be going on is not what’s really happening. The most important water I drink is LIving Water as in Jesus.

  25. Koa says:

    Yes, Irondoll. Whit is right.

  26. Brynda Bechtold says:

    Read the book from the 70’s “The Secret Life of Plants” by Byrd and Tompkins. Plants really do have an intelligence and awareness. We have machinery today that can see into our cells, nano, micro, whatever. So much is proven today because they have the evidence through quantum physics. The different lifeforms that we choose to consume have different effects on our bodies as well as the environment. We can’t expect everyone to be vegans or to even be anymore than a robot (plenty of those misguided souls around), so to each his own. I have different desires and goals and believe my diet and lifestyle affects these, but reality is not everyone “gets it” and they don’t want to.

  27. Danae W. says:

    Whether you agree or disagree with the interviews on this show, take some positive from it.
    Will and Madeline Tuttle’s interview is essentially raising awareness of over-consumerism (can I put those together?) and the unnecessary consumption of certain products.
    To live without the necessity of food companies and large scale corporations that use marketing and highly paid psychologists to target
    society to purchase without concern or regard to human health.
    The documentary, “FOOD MATTERS (2008)” is excellent in this regard.
    To better health everyone…

  28. junglegirl says:

    @Henrik: very good point that I have pondered for years and finally found an answer that suits me – for now. One reason is that it’s been pretty well documented that the human body seems to be healthier on plant based diets.

    The reason for this is that switching to a plant-based diet is a gradual step in not only physically evolving, but mentally and spiritually evolving as well. Plants do have consiousness; it’s in a lighter way and it supports our own growth to recognize this.

    People who are attracted to being vegetarian/vegan/raw/ etc, are intuiting the path of health. The path of health is the path of life force energy. And life force energy/evolution seems to be leading our bodies towards more light-filled foods. Meaning eventually, we will likely photosynthesize our nourishment directly from the sun and air. Eventually.

    As we move towards an awareness of respecting all life forms, our consciousness grows and our bodies shift to accommodate that. It’s an incredible experience, being a human.

  29. june2 says:

    It’s amazing to me that there are still some people who are wigged out by the vegan concept (Jann). I mean, this is a health show run by vegans, or near-vegans. The Tuttles seems like perfectly normal vegans to me. A beautiful, conscious, considerate couple very grounded in the love of life.

    I really enjoyed this interview and it is the perfect thing for me to show a certain animal-loving friend who is conflicted about the morality of meat-eating while being culturally addicted to it, but feeling the pull to go vegetarian. Thanks!

  30. sheryl miller says:

    Thanks for the interview!
    Everybody has their own journey to follow!

    I just take what I need from their opinions and continue on.

    It is always is interesting to find out where people have come from and how they started their journey of truth.

    from sheryl miller
    here in sunny but windy canberra australia

  31. Fiona says:

    Thanks for this interview Kevin, what beautiful souls! Regarding the comment about ‘butchering plants’, how can anyone suggest we are making plants suffer by eating them? When we pick fruits and veggies, the plant responds by producing more – nature’s way of saying keep doing what you’re doing. Killing an animal and eating it however produces violence, and detaches us more from nature.

  32. Jennifer says:

    Thank you thank you Kevin
    This is the post that my soul has been crying out for… placing diet within it’s philosophical foundation, the broad holistic spiritual view. why we are here? to connect with each other and all living beings in a loving, supporting and uplifting way. sharing, not imposing our choices. more of this please kevin, this is the necessary angle that embeds this lifestyle in its full and glorious context.
    WOw almost feeling a step closer to enlightenment, those guys are an inspirational couple and I will look them up
    Much love to you Ann Marie
    Summer blissings to all x

  33. Grace says:

    I enjoy reading other people’s posts especially ones whose ideas and beliefs are different than my own!! I’ve become conscious of not passing judgment or assuming my way is THE WAY. I still haven’t quite figured it out and I’m not sure I ever will and I’ve quit trying to find the ‘ideal’ prescription for life!! When people experience things for themselves, then it becomes ‘real.’ So, in that sense, I like to experiment and see and feel what the information is telling me instead of adopting a way of life because somebody else says it’s the way it SHOULD be. I don’t respond very well to ‘shoulds’ no matter how sane or logical they may appear. I can’t imagine eating a slaughtered animal, at least, not anymore, not when I had made the connection that it just isn’t right on soooo many levels. If someone chooses to eat meat–not of the SAD kind but of the organic pasture
    fed, hormone free kind, I don’t think these people should be lumped together with the ‘unconscious.’ I simply can’t ignore the extensive research of Weston Price. So even though I choose not to eat meat and find I’m better off adopting a plant based diet that doesn’t mean I’m superior or correct or ‘more enlightened’ or smarter or whatever the case may be. We all choose what we feel is right for ourselves based on our own unique experiences.

  34. Jeff says:

    Kevin, I found this info reguarding agavi that makes it confusing again to believe reports on the web. Let me know your thoghts on this. http://www.xagave.com/information.php?info_id=21

    sorry for bring up agavi again. I thought you put it to rest and it was settled once and for all but this reopens it again.

  35. Laura G says:

    Good one and very inspiring. I loved Madeline’s paintings.

    Question for a fellow poster here: Henrik:
    What exactly do you mean you moved away from ethical veganism? (No judgement, just curious what you meant.)


  36. GoRawMe says:


    Thanks for introducing Will and Madeline. I found them sweet and enjoyable. Loved the peek at Madeline’s art! Also loved seeing a peek at downtown Fort Bragg – I’ve been curious about the place.

    Great question for the day … and I’m not sure (which is sad). I drink 64 oz or more of water per day. I don’t water plants, but take 1 shower per day (I turn the water off when soaping up my body and hair); I wash plenty of dishes; and currently use a flush toilet (not my optimum so we try to only flush when solids – but I know it’s still a lot of flushing).

    Thanks to Will for getting me back in touch with how I use water.


  37. Claire says:

    Yes, I love this episode. I am an artist and it is true, when you stop using animal products, your mind does become clear and as an artist my creativity had moved to a higher level I do create more from a place of peace, and the art does reflect more beauty. And Yes I do feel my connection to a higher power more intensely, The creator never meant for us to eat anything but a plant based diet.

  38. Linda says:

    Great interview! I actually met the Tuttle’s back in Feb. at Hippocrates Health Institure in FL. Will played the piano beautifully while we were all eating supper and then spoke with his profound message. Seeing Madeline’s art up close and full size was amazing.

    As with the above comments, there were a few even at HHI who were not comfortable hearing the inspiring message yet. Most of the group, including myself, were captivated.

    I can’t say I’m vegan yet. Not even always vegetarian yet, but I love to here these kinds of inpiration to let me see the direction I want to go.

    Thanks Kevin!

  39. Karolina says:

    My family drinks a lot of water. I drink about three gallons a day. We are happy owners of Kangen Water.

    Great day to all!


  40. Kathryn says:

    I’m curious how one can talk about consciousness and yet live traveling around in a “gas guzzling” RV? I’m not attempting to judge I seriously want to know. Personally I’ve done my best in recent history to eliminate car travel and fuel use (as well as consumption of other fossil fuel products) to make a stand against war and the violence that occurs over oil. Perhaps they use soy diesel?

    As for water, I honestly could not tell you an exact amount as I focus on conserving every bit that I can.

  41. simon says:

    Wow that guy is 56 years old? He looks 40! Great show… I guess it is alway difficult for people who have gone off ethical veganism (towards unethical omnivorism???) to digest truth and beauty when it looks them in the face.

    Also, i’m ashamed to say that i don’t know how much water I use. I’ve never even thought about that!

    thank you for the show
    Simon, Belgium.

  42. Charlotte says:

    Hi Simon from Belgium! Are you a french speaker or flemish? I’m a french speaking Belgian, although I live in the States now.

  43. Amy says:

    What beautiful people…..inside and out.

  44. Cindy says:

    I drink about 94 ounces of water a day

  45. Eric says:

    These comments on veganism are crazy – it’s a good discussion to have, though. I don’t think anyone would say it is unethical for a cat or tiger to consume meat, I think sometimes the militant vegan movement forgets that humans could be and once were actually part of an ecosystem. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t want to self identify as vegan anymore even though I consume a plant based diet. Our focus should be living in harmony where we live. I think the people being interviewed expressed a message of love and compassion and didn’t seem judgmental at all, it was very nice to see.

    I don’t know how much water I consume – I’ve been trying to shower less and I’ve started to collect my own spring water – can a raw diet improve body odor? I think this has improved since I went raw.

  46. Henrik Petersson says:

    Laura G: Well, it’s about doing things for what I believe are the right reasons I guess.
    Even though I truly feel for the animals being abused and used, and I want it to stop, that is not the reason I don’t eat meat or dairy.
    I feel like a hypocrite saying that I’m vegan for ethical reasons when we treat plants the way we do.
    Life feeds on death. That is the bitter truth, and something I just have to accept.

  47. Michael T. says:

    Here in Hawaii, we have lots of wild chickens roaming around the yard and nearby woods. They eat bugs and dig around in the compost pile, and they lay eggs. I eat their eggs. My waste products go into a leach field, and the macadamia nut trees pull my waste products and make nuts, which feed the bugs, which feed the chickens, which feed me. Around and around, in a never-ending cycle.

    When my body dies, I will be buried in the orchard, and I will feed the bugs my body.

    I could choose to only eat the nuts, but I prefer to eat some nuts and some eggs. I see nothing wrong with this. If no one ate the chicken eggs, we would soon have a population explosion, with hundreds of chickens who would starve to death due to lack of food. So, eating many of the eggs helps keep the population in balance.

    I am not at all advocating the factory farms that are so common place today, but if you have access to wild animal products, go ahead and eat them. You are helping to keep animal populations in balance.

    Think about what happens when there are no wolves or mountain lions in an area, usually due to ranchers killing them. The deer have a population explosion, and during the winter most of them starve to death. So which is worse: killing and eating some of the deer, or letting them starve?

    Nature is all about cycles of life and death, and we humans are part of that cycle. I believe there is nothing wrong with eating animals and eggs, as long as the animals are living free.

    And if God intended for us to eat only plants, we would have several stomachs like cows have, and we would chew our cud.

    Michael T.

  48. simon says:

    bonjour Charlotte, vraiment je suis maltais mais j’abite a bruxelles depuis un an. mon partener est Liegeois.


  49. TRISTAN says:

    “I do think that a lot of vegans tend to forget that plants also deserve a lot of respect and need to be treated with love.

    As much as we don’t want to think about it, we ARE butchering plants, stealing their offspring and often making them suffer.

    What makes it more ethical than killing and abusing animals I don’t know, and that’s why I moved away from ethical veganism.”

    You are killing many more plants as a carnist because the animals that you are cosuming also killed plants before they are consumed also the very nature of flesh based agriculture is harmful not only to plants, but to other non humans as well. The U.N. report “Lifestocks Long Shadow” very clearly delineated the land degradation, forest fragmentation and eradication and water consumption that flesh based agriculure is responsible for.Flesh based agriculture has introduced species that are not native to the area, for example, Hawaii’s “wild chicken” population. Some of these introduced species have destroyed both native plants and non humans. It is also responsible for the extinction of many forms of fruits. There use to be many different types of potatoes, apples, oranges, etc. that have declined since the advent of ranching. Flesh based agriculture is of course responsible for the eradication of wolves,bison,etc in the last century and any other being that threaten “the livestock.” So that also has to be taken into account when consuming flesh.
    I absolutely agree that plants have intelligence and it is a shame what mono- culture has done to plants as well as to our diet. I try to minimize suffering to all beings as much as I can by not consuming non human flesh/secretions and only eating the “fruits” of plants whenever possible.

  50. Marlene says:

    Your guests on this show is too weird. Animals are not beings, only people are. We do not get connected with them spiritually. If you want to get connected, look up, to the one and only God, Jesus Christ.

    Please have only health related topics.

    I rate this show a thumbs down.

  51. Henrik Petersson says:

    Marlene: Too bad you’ve never been able to connect spiritually with another animal. It’s a beautiful thing really.
    But I guess you feel just as bad for me, because I haven’t been able to connect with the god you refer to.

  52. Tiff says:

    It’s been two days since I saw this and I finally have a chance to sit and write something.

    This interview really really touched me. I have been vegan yesterday and today as a result of this video. There is truth in what this couple says and I finally feel empowered to face up to it. I ordered a book a few months ago called “Yoga and Vegetarianism” about the ethics of being vegan from a yoga philosophy perspective, and I haven’t had the courage to read it because it is sometimes hard to face up to Truth when it means big changes. And very hard to face up to everything being different than it seems, although that is something I get more and more comfortable with, being a parent in this larger society of pervasive horrible parenting. I don’t know what will happen since I didn’t anticipate going vegan before seeing this video. just two days ago. That day, before I watching this video, I ate an entire package of organic goat cheese. I will now pick up the book and see where each day brings me. I am really hoping to stay vegan after the consciousness shift I experienced watching this video.

  53. Peter says:

    Consider becoming a fruitarian. Eat the fruit and plant the seed. In this way, you may consume the life force and yet take no life.

    As for water, I require NONE for my personal consumption. I haul my own water. Therefore I am ACUTELY aware of it’s value.


  54. Thank you for the nice interview, Kevin. The Tuttles seem like extraordinary people who are doing their part to leave this planet better than how they found it, which is my personal goal as well.

    I find it interesting and saddening to read the debates people bring up about plants vs. animals; veganism vs. omnivorism; spirituality vs. materialism. It seems that people have strong opinions about their diets.

    Personally, there is only one thing that I truly strive for: to know the TRUTH. There is only one truth–that which is honest, real, clear and perfect. I have discovered that as I continue to seek and find the truth about my physical and spiritual body, I have become a more physically and spiritually fit person. I believe that the “shift in consciousness” that inspires one to choose veganism is a path to overall enlightenment. The seemingly simple choice of diet is not really just about food, it is an inseparable part of a parallel journey toward spiritual evolution.

    ~*~ Namasté ~*~

  55. Breeze says:

    They get IT and they are sharing what they have learned all across the US. Thanks Will and Madeleine!

    More on the feminine can be found on their blog via VegInspiration:

    “The inner feminine is our intuition, our sensitivity, and our ability to sense the profound interconnectedness of events and beings, and it is vital to peace, wisdom, joy, intelligence, creativity, and spiritual awakening. With every baby calf stolen from her mother and killed, with every gallon of milk stolen from enslaved and broken mothers, with every egg stolen from a helpless, frantic hen, and with every baby chick killed or locked for life in a hellish nightmare cage, we kill the sacred feminine within ourselves.”

    You can also join their Facebook group:

  56. ida margrethe says:

    What lovely people!
    One things I cant get my head around is how can people live on the road like that for so long? I would LOVE to, but where does the finance come from?

    I’m not a huge consumer of water at all, shower probably 3 times a week, and i use a bucket in the shower to catch unused water which i tip into the washing machine..

    Great show!

  57. Amanda says:

    Wow! That was an amazing interview and those are amazing people! I am already vegan for so many reasons and they gave me at least one more! Also, the way they explain things is so well done. I plan on showing this video to a few other people. Thank you so much and keep up the great work! 😀

  58. Nathalie says:


    Firstly I will acknowledge this show and the Tuttles as beautifully intuitive and inspiring souls 🙂 I loved hearing your values and about your journey, x

    Thank you to all of you, for sharing your wisdom, your path and your voice towards what you truly believe in.

    I’m a little taken aside with a few comments given above, however that is their path they are on, and I can only accept them for where they are on their journey now.

    I believe that a raw vegan diet is an amazing spiritual experience that can uplift you to another level of consciousness that is so rewarding in itself!
    I never understood or believed like so many here talk of in their own comments, and I feel I need to travel back there to empathise with their comments today.
    However, my opinion is that when you experience a vegan lifestyle yourself, you are the only one that can truly answer if it is right for you then. Without experience, how do you really know?
    By guessing??

    I don’t want to banish people’s opinions, although there are some above I felt distaste with, but thats their taste, and I choose to be amongst like-minded souls myself. It’s so personally rewarding sharing each others inner-gifts with organic people!

    Although there are a number of people I would like to acknowledge for beautiful posts, I would love to acknowledge Fiona with her comment, “When we pick fruits and veggies, the plant responds by producing more – nature’s way of saying keep doing what you’re doing.”
    Also green-leafies in my backyard grow only when happily picked and appreciated!

    And also, Tiff… awesome, your message is so uplifting and happy 🙂

    Nat from Australia
    xpeacex to you all.

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