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Today, I captured Rick Dina in Santa Rosa to talk about the difference between the self-healing model and the medical model…

One of the questions he addresses is: “Is the medical model useful at all”

Here’s what he says about that. 🙂

Take a look…

Your question of the day: When has the medical model worked for you?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. RW says:

    The medical model has not worked very well for me. Last year I turned to a natural method to resolve health issues and I have been able to get off of blood pressure medication prescribed by my regular Doctor and I feel much better and have more energy.

  2. Susan says:

    I can’t hear rick very well, but I can hear Kevin just fine. Help!

  3. Tyra McMahon says:

    can you tell me what foreign proteins are? I am dealing with an auto immune issue.


  4. N says:

    It never had. I would even say it actually messed me substanitially.

  5. Ahntara says:

    I think Western medicine, the ‘medical model’ works well in trauma situations, orthpedic issues and diagnosis. For example, the advances in MRI, CT scams and safer forms of x-ray are amazing. Most other issues/situations are best dealt with via natural healing. I think it’s always best to incorporate both under the umbrella of a whole-health, whole-body practitioner. But, then, I’m one of millions of uninsured Americans, so I wouldn’t know about that…

  6. Geri says:

    I was born with club feet and had surgeries, about 4 of them and at 3 years old I was finally able to walk.

  7. Corrinne says:

    I was bouncing back and forth to the docs office constantly while they had me on meds and feeling awful all the time and just got worse. Since I got off all the medication,(took quite a while to do)I have never felt better! Supplements are so much better and there are no deadly side effects. I won’t even mention what I think of the FDA or Big Pharma.

  8. Kate Dixon says:

    There is a fabulous Product that our practice has come across that is known as an Alpha Glycan and it is able to repair the DNA in the body as well as reverse Genetic disorders. So I would disagree with Dr. Dina to some degree as far as the Medical Establishment helping with Auto Immune Disorders. I appreciate the Medical Doctors in the E.R. though….

  9. Sharon says:

    I’m just guessing since there’s no way to know now what would have happened but I think that if not for the medical system I may not have managed to give birth and have both myself and my baby survive. I’m not sure if that really counts for the question though since it was more of an emergency situation. We avoid the medical model entirely.

  10. Frances says:

    I had an ovarian cyst rupture, but I didn’t know what it was. I went to a clinic and the blood tests came back that evening indicating that I had elevated white blood cells. They called me, and I went to emergency and they couldn’t decide if it was my appendix or a cyst. I am thankful for the treatment because they might have had to operate. However, being constantly woken up for blood pressure readings, being in a strange place, not being able to eat, and sharing the room with a crochety old man didn’t help. Had I needed my appendix removed, their treatment would have been what I needed, however, there is nothing the medical community can do for a ruptured ovarian cyst, but give you useless pain killers that give you stomach pain (as opposed to torso pain ?!?!). Now I know that I have to address the emotions and ations underlying the cyst and stay at home and take care of myself. It’s a case of weighing the situation and using your intelligence: is this something I can heal on my own? Do I need this drug?
    I had a cousin who suffered from flesh-eating disease and it attacked his heart, and I am grateful that he received the medical care that he did, or he wouldn’t be a live today (he is just about to get married, and spreads joy in the lives of everyone who encounters him).
    When my mom gave birth to me, she used both the services of a mid-wife and a doctor. I think that’s the way we should go through life, using both holistic specialists and doctors depending on the situation.
    There’s my two cents

  11. Frances says:

    When I was born, I was jaundiced and blue from lack of oxygen. My mom was 35 when she had me. While she didn’t use an epidural, think that having medical support on hand gave us both added security to make sure that we’d both make it through okay.

  12. raw bloke says:

    This interview with Rick Dina is one of the more informative
    raw-related news videos that I’ve seen.

    For an idea of the high quality and in-depth nature of Rick Dina’s
    talks, people should watch this video here:

    Essential Facts About Essential Fats

    People following a raw food or regular vegan diet will learn a lot
    about how to meet their EFA needs in this presentation by Rick. A
    high fat diet is not necessary or recommended.

    Today’s interview by Kevin raises the auto-immune foreign protein
    issue. A term concerning the body’s response to this is “molecular

    Tyra McMahon from comment #3 will find the below information useful.

    Anyone who has or knows someone with an autoimmune issue should read
    what’s below.

    Antibody cross-reactivity between myelin
    oligodendrocyte glycoprotein and the milk protein butyrophilin in
    multiple sclerosis
    by Johannes Guggenmos in the January 1, 2004
    issue of the Journal of Immunology found evidence that
    multiple sclerosis is caused from the consumption of cow’s milk – by
    causing attacks by the immune system through a process known as
    molecular mimicry.

    See Cow’s Milk Causes Multiple Sclerosis from Dr. John McDougall’s newsletter.

    This mechanism of molecular mimicry due to foreign proteins entering the body where they shouldn’t is thought to be responsible for rheumatoid conditions:

    Diet: Only
    Hope for Arthritis

    The sub-section titled Increased Intestinal Permeability is particularly relevant.

    Once the cause is removed, e.g. the cows milk or other animal products causing the introduction of foreign proteins, the problems often resolve after the body has had time to heal itself. This is seen time and time again in testimonial videos (see “Star McDougallers”) at Dr. McDougall’s site.

    It’s great that this came up in Rick Dina’s interview today, and the above information should help those interested learn more about the science involved.

    – raw bloke

    For the latest news and blog posts in the Raw Food world, visit:

    Raw Food in The News and Around The Web”

  13. Sue H. says:

    Medical model worked for: repairing the ruptured tendon in my husband’s foot, repairing my daughter’s broken and healed (in two pieces) wrist bone.

    Medical model seems to be the thing for emergencies, like a perforated colon with sepsis. In that case, people just used to die, but now they have surgery and come out ok.

    Oh, and I don’t think I would have wanted to treat my own ruptured appendix without the medical model.

    They are not much good for health promotion or chronic disease reversal.

  14. junglegirl says:

    It’s worked to guide me straight into alternative health care, for which I am deeply grateful. My mom’s knowledge of natural methods primed me for the shift, and repeated events with the medical model sent me Home. Thanks again, AMA, so much!

  15. crow says:

    The medical model worked for me because I have fibrous dysplasia and they transplanted some of my bones to save my leg. But natural medicine has worked much better for me. Having seizures, arthritis and a tumor in my leg which still had fibrous dysplasi. When my seizures were out of control and medicine couldn’t help after 12 years decided to wean myself off the meds after getting them somewhat under control with natural herbs. Continued to experiment and now the only sign I have is about twice a year my hand jerks. The arthritis was at a point that I was headed for a wheelchair so got a book on how to eat away arthritis and am doing fine today and the tumor in my leg has gotten smaller. Interesting that he would mention the antidepressive meds, because with the seizure med most of the time I was depressed, so they tried anti depressives which made the seizures worse and did not help with the depression. Today I do not have problems with depression.

  16. HY says:

    I had ingrown lower eyelashes which scarred my left eye and surgery was done to correct. Unfortunately, it was done a bit late and now I have 20/30 visual acuity. At least it prevented further corneal scarring.

    My right eye is now myopic and my left eye cornea is still a little scarred(without myopia). The near sightedness may be a way the eye compensates for the other.

    Any ideas to reverse the myopia in my right eye would be very helpful.

  17. Desri says:

    Hi – I am hoping it will do OK for me as I am about to go into hospital for a hysterectomy having failed to cure fibroids with enzymes and Myomin.
    If anyone has any advice on best ways to heal faster, clear the anaesthetic out of my system and prevent those hospital bugs (I am going armed with silver and really upped my intake of green smoothies, mushroom and hemp powder, bee pollen and tout la tralala!) I would SO appreciate it. Always great to have other peoples ideas.
    Love the show, you have it just right.


  18. Pat says:

    My total cholesterol is 8.9 with proportionately unhealthy LDL,HDL and triglyceride results. Unfortunately these levels have persisted for decades despite my attempts to improve the situation via good nutrition and lifestyle. My mounting fears about risks for heart conditions and/or stroke etc led to getting prescribed Simvastatin 40mg which, over the past three months, has begun to improve levels. My Doctor has said I need to continue to get levels down further on this medication but has warned me even when levels are down to target levels I may have to use some strength of statins for long-term to maintain optimum cholesterol. I still hope to find a drug free solution – any ideas?

  19. Pat says:

    Hi, it’s me again. I won’t be able to join Rick and Karin Dina’s session (partly because of time difference in UK) but desperately want to know what nutritional or other strategy I can adopt to prevent formation of seborraic keratosis (liver/age spots). I suspect these are caused by some kind of imbalance which can hopefully be corrected. I’ve had some removed surgically. Although scars are left, I’d rather have scars than warts getting bigger and bigger and more and more scaley. Prevention would be better than having to have these surgeries. The warts don’t come back but others crop up in nearby or other locations many on my back where I can’t see what’s happening with them. I understand there is little risk of any being cancerous. Any prevention ideas, please?

  20. elaine says:

    could not hear Rick well. Something to look into for future videos??


  21. Rene Oswald says:

    Great interview!!
    I was the “Medical Model” for many years, working as an RN in the Medical World…the only time I witnessed true healing was in the case of injuries, such as broken bones. In the case of cancer, diabetes, cardiac disease,etc. the cancers would recur and the other chronic disesases would ensue unless the person made lifestyle changes. This was my story as well. I was diagnosed from a rare incurable auto-immune disease and was told I would have to take all the drugs that to suppress my immune system, as Rick described. I realized I was headed down a very scary path from all I had witnessed. This is when I learned of the power of raw, organic, vegan food and healed my body with all the amazing foods provided for all of us!You can view my full story at
    Thanks Kevin and Annmarie for all you do to help get the information to so many!!

  22. sanjula says:

    torn all the ligaments on my right foot. it was sewed together and a not usable ligament was replaced with an artifical piece so that I can walk stable now 🙂 only a fine lined scar is left

  23. Mary says:

    Foreign proteins can come from vaccines: embryos, eggs, monkey kidneys, etc.

    The medical model helped me when I went into preterm labor with my son at 26 weeks. I was able to carry him to term and he was born healthy. He did have PDD_NOS (autism) which I’m sure did come from vaccines. We have been using biomedical treatments (4 years) on him and treating allergies and most people can’t tell anymore, though he still has a couple of quirks. He still is chelating heavy metals and has allergy and digestive issues, but his DAN dr. said these should go away when the metals are out. Hopefully, it will be soon. We are using a new product that is pulling lots of metals out. See

  24. Meri says:

    I had painful tonsillitis 7 years ago and the doctor gave me antibiotics, which did clear it up. I made sure to dose myself up with probiotics afterwards and I’ve never ever had a recurrence of tonsillitis since.
    On the other hand, when a rib decided to try to detach itself from my sternum, the doctor told me I had rheumatism in my chest(?!!?). The osteopath sorted it out in the end. Previously to that I walked around with a partially dislocated pelvis for 3 months because the doctor refused to believe the pain was a not muscular problem. My boss at the time sent me to her osteopath who identified and corrected the problem. Thank goodness for alternative health care!

  25. Jamie says:

    My life was totally turned around by a hip replacement at age 48. Great surgeon. Wonderful hospital experience and after care. But, I also practice nutritional excellence (Dr. Joel Furhman). There are some great medical professionals, and, yes, there are lots of bad, if not toxic, therapies and treatments. But, that’s also true of many alternative health practitioners. What helpful to remember is that it’s not an either or choice. It’s about borrowing the best from what’s available.

  26. Rosa says:

    Winter 2000 I came down with severe pneumonia. I really thought I would die, but refused to let myself be taken to the hospital. I called my chiropractor/homeopath who told me I had to have antibiotics. Went to an open-minded MD who very carefully researched which antibiotic would be most beneficial for respiratory. She gave me the lowest dose possible for exactly one week, then we followed up with herbal/homeopathic/nutritional modalities. I was very fortunate to find this doctor, but do acknowledge that the drugs got me over the hump.

  27. I used to get recurring urinary tract infections. Most of the time, I could clear it up by drinking massive amounts of water and cranberry juice. The last one I had was excruciating and despite drinking gallons of cranberry juice and water along with taking numerous herbal supplements to clear the infection, it only worsened. I feared that I would get a kidney infection. I went to my midwife and got a prescription for Keflex and it cleared up almost immediately. It was like a miracle. I regretted having waited so long to turn to allopathic medicine.

    However, I believe standard medical care is overused and pharmacological agents are tremendously overutilized. I believe most chronic conditions and diseases can be prevented by healthful living. Medical and pharmacological care has its place for special circumstances and can save lives when used judiciously.

  28. Joseph says:

    I don’t really trust medical professionals fully.
    My problems are numerous. I have liver and gallbladder problems. I truly believe these two things have almost healed themselves from a whole foods diet.
    Also have a history of seizures and high cholesterol.
    I do get blood work done twice a year to see if things are improving. Happy to say I am healthier now then when I started on this path to recovery almost 4 years ago.

  29. Joseph says:

    Wanted to mention your teleconference sounds wonderful.
    The problem I have is it out of allot peoples reach because of cost.
    Being on a tight budget I can not afford it.

  30. Shannon says:

    The medical model worked for me after both my son and my daughter were born. When my son was born I developed mastitis (breast infection) and antibiotics stopped the infection . Similarly, I had a series of UTI’s after my daughter was born including a very serious e coli infection which made me so sick I seriously didn’t care if I died or not!!! Again, antibiotics to the rescue. I would have died without them in both of these cases of massive infection so I have a lot of thankfulness to medicine. Childbirth is far less dangerous for women now that we have antibiotics . How many women died of puerperal fever prior to its invention!? Tons!

    On the flip side, I have also experienced dysthymia (mild depression) which is very umpleasant. I was able to relieve it by upping my omega 3/6 intake and had, within weeks, a wonderful “lift” in mood which has remained.

  31. Dawn B says:

    While I am not a big fan of modern medicine, both my kids would have potentially not made it into the world without modern medicine. With my oldest I developed a placental abrupt ion and he was taken via emergency c-section at 33wks. Granted my diet was deplorable then, because I never thought about nutrition or health at 23 and nearly lived on coffee and box foods. My daughter was also born c-section. I had wanted to go natural but when my water broke there was a tinge of green indicating distress. My newest baby (now 6wks) was nearly born at 32wks because I had preterm labor due to some sort of infection. I spent 3 days in the hospital getting various treatments to stop contractions. They didn’t stop labor, but it did slow it down and we made it to 36wks before my water burst.

    On the other hand…
    My husband has been battling an odd condition for about 10 yrs. He gets bruises that appear and stick around for months on up to a year. For the longest time doctors would say it was “erythema nodosum” which is a real non-diagnosis. But, as soon as they decided that was it, they would quit looking. I told him all that time that I thought he had some sort of nutritional deficiency. He finally found a dermatologist that took matters more seriously and she did a biopsy which indicated that the bruises looked more like some type of infection and not EN. Her solution was bactrim, and antibiotic. He took it for a month and the bruises subsided only to reappear a wk after cessation. Repeat. Then repeat a full 2 month course only to have them reappear again.
    He hears on NPR that honey has benefits and starts taking raw, unfiltered, local honey in his coffee and tea (with my instructions not to get it too hot) and the bruises start fading almost immediately. Now maybe he will start eating more raw, healing foods, I hope.
    He travels so is constantly exposed to fast food and restaurant foods. I told him to try to eat at least one living raw food with every meal at the very least. I still think there is an underlying nutritional challenge.
    The honey therapy hasn’t been long, but I keep being vindicated in my views lately, so maybe he and the kids will take it all more seriously.

  32. Liliane says:

    It helped when I had a couple of kidney infections (38 and 35 years ago). Was strongly advised to drink a lot of water. Haven’t had one since.Also had to have a D& C when I was having a miscarridge.

    For the most part I stay away from alopathic medicine. I now have RSDS due to surgery. Was made worse after a small hand fracture.Had lots of swelling with the cast & so now have ulnar nerve entrapment. I am working with my chiropractor to heal up these and some other issues.

    Guess I was a bit of a sheeple. A saying I like is ” It seemed like a good idea at the time”. Live and learn.

    I so enjoyed hearing Dr Dina’s talks at the Raw health expo. He’s a real gem. Bless you Dr Dina. Thank you for the amazing work you are doing.

  33. Liliane says:

    I forgot to also say thank you Kevin and Annmarie for having all these amazing guests on your show.


  34. Rivka says:

    I would use the current allopathic medical model as it is typically related to trauma. I have never been the type to run to a Dr. at “the drop of the hat”. I have come to “know my body” and I listen to it. Allopathic physicians don’t typically listen to their patients as much as they do their Big Phara. Reps, with the free samples. Besides, I have found most allopathic physicians are content to merely manage a dis-ease. Yet, in truth, a “cure” comes typically by way of an optimumly efficient body [even the healing of a broken bone] which most medical practioners can’t even discribe much less offer.

  35. Sonia says:

    I agree with Frances. Depending on the situation, I will consult both an allopathic practitioner and a holistic practitioner. I will then do my own research and then choose treatment accordingly. Of course, if the situation is an emergency…appendix related, for example, or if an infection with high fever is present I will certainly choose to use conventional care in order to save my life and end the suffering. Then afterwards I would use preventive measures recommended by a holistic health practitioner. One health practioner is trained in diseases and pharmaceuticals and the other is trained in preventive and “health maintenance” medicine. In this toxic world we live in, we need both.

  36. Brenon says:

    A doctor set my broken collar bone years ago, and recently an inguinal hernia was repaired.

  37. Ladan says:

    I had an accident several months ago where a bone above my brow bone was totally broken..i had an operation where they cut from the top of the scalp and came down to fix the bone in my face so that i would only have a scar on my head and not my face..they fixed it perfectly and i am grateful everyday for their this kind of situation we need medical help, there was no other way to fix the dent in my forehead! however there have been other instances where i have resorted to food and herbs as medicine but not in that case.

  38. Chris says:

    Antibiotics is the main thing that has helped me.
    HOWEVER, I will say, had my immunity been functioning properly, I would not have to had to use them.
    Since eating a more wholesome diet, I have not had any infections or the need to use any antibiotics.
    I am strong believer that Nature has a way of “survival of the fittest”.
    Infection and disease is a way of weeding out the weak.
    Sorry if this bothers any of you.

  39. J says:

    Medical model useful: severe pneumonia with high fever and difficulty breathing and drowning in your own fluids and pus-antibiotics can be life-saving in that type of situation..but also use a high-quality probiotic simultaneously (including sac. boulardii)
    Gunshot wounds, stab wounds with bleeding, etc, fractured hip from trauma such as car wreck–I would let the surgeon repair my hip, heart, lungs, etc (forget the topical mushrooms on these kinds of things!:)
    Self healing most often for most chronic illnesses: diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, autoimmune diseases, etc….
    1) Correct nutrient deficiencies
    2) Eliminate chemicals and toxins (processed foods, sodas, etc are big offenders in this regard as well!); toxic metals, environmental…
    3) Treat chronic inflammation and immune burdens (due to #1 and #2)
    4) May need to also balance/address “interference fields”–bad teeth, bad root canals, mercury fillings (caution here), emotional issues, surgical scars, electromagnetic field issues (EMFs), etc.–#4 can be a little challenging, but do 1 & 2 for some improvement in most chronic illnesses.
    Best of Health.

  40. catherine says:

    The medical models always works for me by getting me the test results of what ever is not working so that I can go home and decide my own treatments. I have to know what the problmem is before I can find a cure which I always do.

  41. Mary says:

    Medical model worked for me this past March when my cat was having a seizure in the middle of the night, I did not put the light on and just went to pick her up. My thumb ended up in her mouth and I got a very deep bite, upper and lower. I ended up with surgery two days later as the infection (cat’s have a virulent bacteria in their mouths) was doubling and soon tripling the size of my thumb.

    A guy who ended up in surgery from a cat bite right after me didn’t get into the doctor as quickly as I did and he lost his thumb. So I’m happy to have gotten in there and still have a thumb.

  42. Cathy says:

    The medical model only began to work for me once I took responsibility for my part in my health. Now I am a partner with my doctor. I do my part by eating right (raw), working out and keeping my weight down. My doctor does his part by monitoring my health (blood pressure, cholesterol, bone density, etc.) and, when necessary, prescribing mediation. For example, last year I got a bladder infection. I spent weeks trying all sorts of natural cures. Nothing worked and I began to get blood in my urine. The doctor took a sample and prescribed a short term antibiotic that cleared it up. I took probiotics after to restore my good bacteria and didn’t need to go back to the doctor for another year. When I went in for a check-up a couple of weeks ago, my doctor said I should be teaching her nutrition class.

  43. Nadia says:

    Not for me being a healthy 24 year old, but a lot for my 81 year old dad. Their only good at surgeries and lab exams.

  44. scrunchiiface says:

    For most things I use food/rest/herbal teas, but if I ever get hit by a bus then fly me to the closest level I trauma hospital.

  45. Jenny says:

    Kevin, thanks so very much for this wonderful video w/Dr.Dina. He’s a GEM, and so very correct about the medical profession.

    I was an RN for 26 years and worked in a University hospital and saw some real miracles performed on patients. I myself had suffered all my life of debilitatingly painful and heavy menstral cycles. When I was 26 I was introduced to Motrin, by my GYN and it was a God sent. I relieved the pain and reduced the flow. But I had to take so many so often that I developed terrible reflux and had to begin Prilosec. At 40 it was discovered that I had large uterine fibroids (grapefruit size). I had multiple myomectomies by an infertility specilist. I was fine until age 49 when my menses were very heavy to the point of my needing two ER visits. I bled down to a Hemaglobin of 6.9! I even developed “Pica” which is abnormal need to eat strange things. I was eating ICE constantly. I was also missing alot of work and very close to gettting fired for poor attendence. After the last bout of bleeding, and ER visit and 3 units of blood, my GYN wanted to put me on Hormone therapy. I was livid and insisted on being admitted for a total hysterectomy w/BSO,(Both overies and fallopian tubes removed). I was working in GYN/Onco at the time was very aware of all the Cancers out there. My doctor wasn’t too happy with my decision, but DID perform the surgery after getting another 2 units of blood. It was the best thing I every did. I never took any hormones. I did take some soy pills (estroven) for a little while but then stopped after news reports linked soy to breast cancer.

    I have now been 95% Raw since the end of May, have lost 30lbs. and feel really good. The only problem I am desperate to elimate is my chronic Dysthymia. I have been putting flax seed oil in my smoothies every morning, but I think I will be adding more B vitamin supplements to my arsenal of morming vits.

    Kevin, thanks again for your wonderful show, and please come to Philadelphia for a lecture tour!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Gina says:

    I had surgery on a spastic heel in 1964. The reason it was successful was because it was companioned with chiropractic care and the constant vigilance of my mother while I trained my foot to be straight when I walked.
    The medical model has killed 2 friends and attempted to overdose my son with pain killers when he broke his right femur at age 2. We stayed by his side the 5 days of his hospital stay for fear of a repeat. Reading and singing put him to sleep for hours, drugs made him writhe and moan in pain for hours. I wasn’t knowing at the time about herbal, nourishing pain killers and healers.
    Drugs don’t HEAL anybody, they force the body into unnatural submission making it poisoned and weaker in the process.

  47. sharon says:

    Eyedrops to control glaucoma. Oh, how I wish there were an alternative/natural approach for glaucoma.

  48. Rev. John says:

    Howdy–I don’t have much use for Doctors or their pills, but back in my biker days, in the 70’s they were real heplful in digging out a bullet, and stitching up knife wounds. I have been practicing and teaching nutritional healing also various forms of energy healing since those days. My wife now doesn’t do anything without having her Doctor ok it, and yes she does have some problems. Have a good one–Rev John PS everyone have a look at the Hoyt Team on u tube, real inspiring.

  49. suzanne says:

    To Liliane w/RSDS. Look into mirror therapy for RSD or hyperbaric oxygen (flooding the body w/oxygen) to heal yourself. You can google both of these in connection w/RSD (now called CRPS – chronic regional pain syndrome). Also, physical therapy/exercise to reestablish normal brain pathways.

  50. zyxomma says:

    Like many others here, the allopathic model has only worked for me diagnostically. I was grateful for the MRI which gave me a complete list of the injuries I received in an accident (and for which I paid completely out of pocket), especially when the orthopedic surgeon said, “This is not a surgical case.” I’ve been in physical therapy since. My relationship with the medical model has mostly been antagonistic, however, as I do with all sentient beings, I wish them health and peace.

  51. Bette says:

    Medical model mostly worked very very poorly for me.

    Have had very lil medical assist…good thang.

    Husbands foot under lawn mower, the amazng surgeon sewed it up and even connected right nerves back together…imagine that.

    Self treat model creates a thriving aliveness for me.

  52. As far as orthopeodic surgeries, life saving surgeries, I am good with that. But, we lose people like Micheal Jackson every day because of the “medical model”.

  53. Cindy says:

    What are “Foreign proteins”, where do they come from an how do you get rid of them?
    I would really like to have more info on this as i have several “Immune” issues like Chronic fatigue syndrome and recently was on prednisolone to kill off my immune system to try and help me fall pregnant. It didn’t work.
    Thanks for any replies and answer you can give.

  54. Kym says:

    As many people have pointed out, standard medicine is useful for dealing with trauma. Unfortunately, much of that trauma occurs as a result of the standard medical model in the first place. The other area where the standard model is invaluable is in the area of diagnosis and research. By way of example, the major steps forward in brain imaging technology in recent years have led to significant progress in psychology. Inegrative medicine is where we need to focus. Natural solutions based on rigorous scientific investigation.

  55. Donna Walter says:

    Medical model for Kidney stone lipotripsy worked for me with some modifications. I had time arrange care for my dog and do the evening before Prep. No sleep that evening because the Pain from solutions was worse than the kidney pain. Return for followup films a week after procedure, I bought great natural products for clearing out. Perfect X-ray. This was a small step but a monumental shift to self-healing seventeen years ago.

  56. Jessic a says:

    I have had stitches a few times, a serious infection and I also like to get tests done to see what the results are so I can tell my naturopath or work on things myself.

  57. Pat says:

    CHEMOTHERAPY saved my life:=)

    .Id be dead already at 3o years old, of testicular cancer, was coughing up blood dying quick..can spread to the brain basically overnight …similiar to lance armstrong…(HE WAS EVEN LATER STAGE THAN ME)
    Im very grateful that chemo worked for me as from what I know it only works miracles FAST for about 8-10% of all cancers TYPES…
    I’m still a dedicated Live raw foodist cause I’m taking no chances and it helps qaulity of Life in so many Ways.
    Keep all your options open!!! no matter what …It;s not worth dying over a certain belief system..SEE a Doctor get 2-3 opionions or more, and do ur reserach!!

  58. DIdi says:

    I am thankful for all models of health creation, optimisation and restoration. Be them orthodox medical, acupuncture, chinese medicine, naturopathic, nutritional, homeapathic, shamanistic, mystical, social models, intuitive and anything else that exists that l haven`t included.

    The onus is on each and every one of us to take responsibility for own health and well-being. Enquiry through information gathering from many sources is the way l go. Then looking at the benefits versus the risks.

    The medical model assisted my sister when aged 18 months when she developed Status Epilectus to later limit its effect to the level of brain injury that she remains with.
    My parents are Catholics and would much preferred her to be alive than otherwise.
    So for families that support members with disablity the medical model can can be a Godsent.l suppose it all depends what level of health and well being you start of with in this world.

    For myself when my sutured wound on my hand refused to heal, the addition of anti-biotics
    was the difference to hastening healing.

    A couple of years ago l was experiencing fatigue that persisted for about 6 months because l was going to push through what l believed to be mild depression by adjusting my mindset and using St Johns Wort because l am a great believer in self-healing.LOL.
    It wasn`t until l went to the Doctor & requested the tests that l discovered that l had a disease called Barmah Forest Virus, a mosquito-bourne disease that results in fatigue & some other symptoms which didn`t appear in me. Finally with an accurate diagnosis l was able to adjust my self care with supplements,acupuncture and most importantly self sanctioned rest so that now am in excellent health.


  59. Eric J Shadd says:

    this is a great vid Kevin! Fantastic. I would say the medical model is necessary but not sufficient. There are certainly aspects we need, especially the testing. For me personally, I have not had very good experiences with the medical establishment. As a matter of fact, they caused many of my past problems. That said, we still need them. In the end, I support options, education, freedom of choice, and freedom of speech.


  60. Anabel says:

    Broken bones and some appropriate surgery as well as emergency care by the established medical system are much appreciated.

    However I am very skeptical of many drug (medications) and have refused conventional treatment on occasion.

    On one occasion a doctor admitted he did not know what was causing my symptoms. I respect the fact that he did not put me on any unecessary drugs or treatments. The symptoms cleared on their own after I moved away from the area.

    Be well,

  61. Anabel says:

    Oops, I meant the treatment of broken bones. 🙂

  62. Mary says:

    I couldn’t have healed my own ruptured appendix or my dislocated hip without the “medical model.” For other needs, I integrate both medical and self-healing, although I’ve never done it alone. I believe in and require divine intervention.

  63. Jeni S says:

    Hi Guys

    The medical model is best for blood testing and for broken bones/ligaments etc,.. The rest of the time I have been over medicated and under doagnosed and still trying to beat the problems.

  64. Judy says:

    I believe all forms have their place in our society. The most important thing is for each person to be informed about thier own body. I have a serious autoimmune disease for which I am taking a drug called Low Dose Naltrexone. By it’s action it causes the body to produce more endorphins, which in turn boost the immune system. However, many of the doctors that are now recommending this drug are also advising people that they need to change their diet also to get maximum effects. Plus there are also many natural herbs and vitamins that can help also. I do believe my problem was started by a virus that my immune system wasn’t able to fight off. By taking a multiple approach to my illness, including a mostly raw diet, I’ve been able to see a 90% reduction in symptoms.

  65. Christine says:

    I am a nurse, and I can personally tell you that the Medical Model is not the answer…The answer is in eating the natural food that God has given us as well as Exercise, Water, Proper Rest, Trust in God, Abstinence, Sunshine, Natural Remedies and Fresh Air everyday…I have seen meds kill people…They say that Medical Errors/Drug Medication is the 3rd leading cause of death..I tend to disagree…I believe it is the #1 as do other health professionals…Many have died from heart attacks as a side effect from the meds…I could go on and on…

  66. Christine says:

    The Medical Model has worked for me when I needed to know the results of lab work and in getting a diagnosis…that’s it…I remember one time I was in so much pain in my chest/rib area, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t fracture a rib…They said it was just bruised..that is all I needed to know..they then tried to make me feel guilty for refusing pain meds and I told them no thanks, I would go home and take some cayenne pepper…told the doc that it works like Morphine and he said I was ridiculous/silly/wacky, etc for not taking the meds…I then informed him that I was a nurse and as a patient, I had rights to refuse meds without being criticized and belittled for my decision and that he had no right to call me names..He was so shocked when I told him I was a nurse and from then on he didn’t try to talk me into taking the meds

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