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We were at Cafe Gratitude the other night and had a chance to hang with David after his talk about his new concept and program Longevity Now as well as immunity…

I was going to cut up this interview, but decided it was just too good and we’re givin’ you the whole thing. (First you get a clip and then below you can watch the whole one!) 🙂

So grab some of Philip’s raw popcorn and hang with us for an hour…

Full Length…

Your question of the day: What do you think about David Wolfe’s talk or what have you learned from David?

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BTW: Be sure to check out this special video on Immunity! Click here!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Patrice says:

    As I have an autoimmune disease David’s comments about that are of great interest to me and I would love to hear more on the topic, so I look forward to the full length version of this talk.

  2. Pamme says:

    Fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds!

  3. Cheryl Holt says:

    Cool talk & just what I needed. I am really excited about boosting my immunity. So the Wolfe’s recipe for that is very helpful. Could use some info on who some of the best Camu Camu berry vendors are along with those who make combos of said mushrooms. Many new words and much to learn on the tasty ways of consuming all of this. After all I do not wish to be sick nor rawtarded. : )

  4. Linda says:

    Interesting. I don’t know anything about camu camu berry can somebody share with me the benefits. Also, is there anyone who makes dehydrated mushrooms or is that a ridiculous question? I’m not crazy about the taste of them. What benefits do they contain?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

  5. Mary Ellen Bieber says:

    where do u get the zapper?

  6. Mary Ellen Bieber says:

    this is the third time i am asking where can u purchase the piece of equipment that u can tell if things are giving off emf? u had it on a show w/charlotte gerson & i asked then, so it is a long time that i have been trying to get an answer to that question. u also had it on another show where u tested things in your kale whale. also i would like to know where u can buy the film that she had in her windows to prevent or lessen the emf from entering to her home? i will not stop asking this b/c this is very impt for a very sick friend of mine who has electric sensitivities. the sooner u answer the better for my friend. she does not own a computer or cell phone. thanx.

  7. Ginny Fisher says:

    Awesome! I don’t do much with the mushrooms, except eat shiitakis occasionally on a salad. I need to do more with that. But the other 2 I have covered. I have a mixture I make and call pond scum. It’s a mixture of spirulina, green algae and 3 sea vegetables. I grind all these up together and use it in smoothies. I’m going to try adding some to my next raw crackers.

    And vitamin C I take twice a day every day. It’s one of those desert island things. I’d never be without it!

    Thanks for the info. As for getting sick, I occasionally feel a battle going on, but never really get sick. And I praise the Lord for that, and thank all of you for your wonderfully informative shows.

  8. donnasandy says:

    Hey Mary Ellen,
    I bought my EMF meter, the Tri-Field Meter, years ago from the Cutting Edge Catalog. You can find them online at cutcat.com

  9. Cindy says:

    A very good source of Camu Camu you can get from http://www.essentialrainforest.amazonherb.net

    Great show! Thanks so much Kevin and Annmarie.
    Have a blessed day!

  10. Quinny says:

    Kevin, if you don’t mind, could you post what David said in the video? Especially the things for getting vitamin C.

    Also, is there any difference between all the green algae thats on the market?

    I would also like to know where can I get the grounding zapper.

    Thank you.

  11. Corrinne says:

    A very informative video. I take camu camu, aloe vera and my herbs daily in my smoothie and now will definitely be adding the medicinal mushrooms. I also have watched David’s immunity video here: http://mylongevitynow.com and was truly amazed.

  12. Sahara says:

    I learned to stay away from MLM! Watch out people…

  13. Laura G says:

    Deer antler? How do you acquire that without hurting the animal? Gather ones that have fallen off? Then how do you know if that’s the case unless you found them yourself?

    I don’t quite understand the quote at the end. Does he explain it in the full length talk?

    Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. I love to listen to him. I’d like to know where to get the zapper.

  14. Rhonda D says:

    Wow thank you for that information from David, I will listen to the entire program later.
    Thanks again for such a great site.
    Rhonda D.

  15. jalil says:

    somebody asked where they can buy an emf meter.


    that is a great one, the one i’ve seen daniel vitalis use, the one i’ve seen dr. cassar use.

    and it is very cheap at vitacost.

  16. Barbara Weith says:

    Lots of good info there from David as usual–stirring up our interest.

  17. Mil says:

    Great talk! Looking forward to the full length version as I have learned a lot from David.

    David Wolfe has recommended this site to buy the zappers:


    The deer from the high quality companies are not harmed in any way. Actually, they are treated like kings, especially since the antler tips are so valuable.

  18. John Thornley says:

    Your all real young and nice people. I went to seminars like this up to my ying yang when I was your age. Every thing in this life has an opposite, positive and negative, hot and cold, male and female, etc.
    I haven’t been sick for about 20 years. This auto immune talk is okay if you want to be entertained. Just juice, make smoothies, eat raw foods and breath clean air when ever you can, and you’ll be okay. We’re all going to perish; being healthy and not materialistic before that happens is the way to go.

  19. Turil says:

    I’m curious about the concept that one should eat regionally, to be more intimately connected with one’s place on the earth. Not for political reasons, but for health reasons. Eating what’s here, and making use of what the earth has specifically offered me, right where I am, seems to be the ultimate in natural health. As opposed to having exotic things flown across the planet in an artificial machine. 🙂

    Do you folks know of anyone who’s promoting/researching wild local foods, and how they can provide the same beneficial effects of the more exotic foods, such as those David Wolfe promotes? I’ve heard that one of the Boutenko (sp?) sons does this sometimes, but I haven’t seen much online from him, and wish I could find out more. I am at least grateful to know that purselane, a local “weed” in the New England area, is one of the highest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, so I can at least have a free, local, green source of my Omega-3’s in the summer, as opposed to buying expensive chai seeds (though I’m trying to grow them in my garden this year, for the first time, we’ll see what happens!).

  20. jeremiah says:

    Waaahooo! Go ann-marie with the vibram five fingers! Best shoes ever!

  21. Trudell says:

    I’m with John on this one. “Just juice, make smoothies, eat raw foods and breath clean air when ever you can, and you’ll be okay. We’re all going to perish; being healthy and not materialistic before that happens is the way to go.” All these ideas that we can somehow improve on nature seem naive. Pld fashioned in a funny twist. Isn’t it time to think and be outside the box. Walk barefoot. Live in beautiful surroundings. Eat raw. We don’t need all these “things” to be okay. David talks about giving himself every advantage with gadgets. Isn’t it just another form of consumerism with a nice face and great hair? Be kind. Loving and open amd watch what happens. None of these gadgets come close to improving a life lived authentically.

  22. Trudell says:

    And I forgot…when your young cocnut has purple flesh and pink juice, I’ve been told by importers it means they are really quite “young”. They’re infant coconuts on the way to becoming youngsters. You don’t need to throw them out.

  23. Zsuzanna says:

    I stand by Trophic brand vitamins, and they have a whole series of medicinal mushrooms available.


  24. Marilyn berg says:

    kevin… It is no wonder the raw food community is confused. Fruits and vegetables seeds and a few nuts and pure water are all we need to survive. Everything else is just for someone to make money off of. Fred Patenaude is the only one that keeps it simple. I enjoy your video’s and have read High Raw and thought you did a great job, please don’t CHANGE.

  25. Deirdre says:

    I’m with John, too. I met David in ’97 at Lazy Acres Market in Santa Barbara and saw him there again in 2007. He is an amazingly entertaining speaker and a well-informed person and I would go hear him speak again given the opportunity, but I think it gets a little too far off course to talk about using deer antlers for better health. Not only are these and other non-abundant items TREMENDOUSLY expensive but it requires meddling with nature a bit. Deer antlers serve other purposes for other animals in the wild once they fall off a deer’s head, and creating a market for them just invites trouble with scalpers and such.
    Nature makes our food for us and we were designed to eat these foods in their most natural form. Striving for food that is intensely nourishing is a great goal, especially by growing food in our own backyards, but buying bottles of deer antler powder and other odd and unnatural items seems to go against the philosophies that David and his friends had first put across in their book: Natures First Law, The Raw Food Diet.
    Best to keep it simple. Fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, exercise, sunlight, rest, spiritual balance, harmony with all living things. These are what we need, not powders and extracted ingredients. That sets up a pyramid business model just like our capitalist economy, and we all know how ultimately destructive that has proven to be.
    I think David has a lot to share. I just wish he would get back to the basics. Too many people are still needing to hear his original message: Raw food is our best medicine.
    Deirdre Braddock
    (24 years on raw foods)

  26. Frances says:

    Ya, I find this information interesting, BUT I am concerned about all this talk about superfoods and “magical” devices that will clear my magnetic field while balancing my taxes. I’m not disputing their effectiveness, but so many of these super foods are found in other parts of the world, so how do we know about responsible/respectful business and environmental practices. Plus, these aren’t an excuse to live an unclean life, just ’cause some mushroom will clean up your lifestyle “sins”. I’ll also add here that I was on the a Vega discussion board on bee pollen and there is much dispute that it’s wide health claims are actually true. I’ll leave it at that since, as a vegan, I don’t touch the stuff.
    That being said, what David said about using your own discernment and only going onto these things if nothing else is working is a fair point. There are people out there who are really sick, and I would prefer they look at natural routes that may require this plant from Africa or that mushroom from South America (you get my drift).
    Look, I’m not trying to be preachy, but I buy Patenaude’s argument that we should all start with vegetables and fruits, some nuts and seeds. And that device he was talking about? Can we start with taking a barefoot walk on “our mother” and work on breathing / yoga / meditation /prayer / etc? I know we live in a crazy electrical age, but if a trditional diet can heal (most) bodies which are constantly being bombarded by chemicals, why can’t traditional techniques help cleanse our minds/hearts/souls/bodies too?

  27. Mary says:

    A direct quote:
    “Words alone cannot express the state of perfect health I have been privileged to attain by eating 100% raw plant foods. To experience the life force flow with such intensity that it sends electricity throughout the entire body causing the skin to glow is proof that supernatural transformations are possible.” David Wolfe

    Yes. As humankind continues to dirty the planet, we must evolve to defend against it. Yet..these words in 1996 mustn’t be discarded. Mr. Wolfe’s supernatural transformation continues, not because of him or any commercial device, but because it is supernatural.

    Peace and long life.

  28. ida margrethe says:

    Antlers? I’d rather be without, I don’t even a bit believe that we need something from animals to keep us energetic, healthy or on top of our game. Let the poor animals keep their antlers.

    And i agree, with the whole ‘back to the basics’ eating.
    I must admit I DO eat superfoods and supplements, but I’ve cut down because of the huge carbon footprint they have (as everything else..) – picked in the tropics, sent to the States for processing & packing, sent to NZ for repackaging and then shipped to my door by airplane and then two different sets of trucks/cars..

    Yes, back to the basics, and yes, what happened to that man who was on the front of a book called Natures First Law, the book I still refer to as ‘the book with the naked hippies in an avocado tree on the front’ ! Haha

  29. Nancy says:

    I am truly disturbed to hear David Wolfe say that colustrum does not hurt any “thing” and that it is on the border of the vegan bubble.
    Colostrum is made within the first 24 hours from mammalian mothers. Bovine colostrum is stolen from male calves who are not even allowed to suckle this nourishing fluid. I saw a calf get shot when it tried to suckle his mother’s colostrum.
    I speak out for that calf and so many others I was not able to rescue.I am disgusted to hear this expert waffle on ethics. COLOSTRUM IS NOT VEGAN.

  30. Heather says:

    I have veered far, far away from the ‘we need superfoods’ medicinal thinking. The only thing any superfoods ever did for me was speed up my heartbeat, make me anxious and unable to sleep, break me out, and mess with my digestion! Think about it – would you be drawn to eat some raw seaweed or algae by the seaside? Or antlers? Gold? Silver? Not so much. Keep it simple for optimal health. Lots of fruits and greens, some nuts and seeds. Too much supplementation just taxes the body more – your body uses energy to get rid of those ‘extras.’

  31. Mark Powell says:

    To Linda, who asked about where to get those mushrooms.

    Premier Research Labs, created by Dr. Robert Marshall, has what I (and many other professionals!) believe are THE purest, whole food supplements on the planet (and no, I don’t sell them or have stock or friends in the company!). I mean, these are crazy pure! Raw, low-temp-dehydrated, “beyond organic,” excipient free, cell-resonant, no-toxic tagalongs. As my father jokes, “carried down from Himalayan mountains on virgin donkeys,” and, “choruses of angels burst into song when you open the bottle.” That kind of pure. They’re really beautiful! My clients ACTUALLY feel big changes from them.

    You can get them at Patrick Timpone’s site (where you can ALSO download free podcast interviews with tons of raw food (and other health) experts (including David Wolfe AND one Kevin Gianni!).


    You can also read about them in a little more detail here:


  32. Susan Bessette says:

    What is all this schmaltzy talk about going barefoot to connect to mother earth? Every time I go barefoot I get chiggers, ticks, mosquito bites and poison ivy.
    I haven’t been sick since taking spirulina for the last 15 years.
    My new raw food exploration, for only 2 months now, is yielding tremendous results. It is dissolving pain and joint swelling I didn’t realize I had – as it came on gradually over the years. I feel better than I have for 2 decades. What a “miracle diet.”
    P.S. I, too, find it funny to hear talks about longevity given by folks younger than my children. But keep it up, I tune in daily.
    Peace and health.

  33. Lauren says:

    lol…you ask what we think about David Wolfe…he’s excellent at being charismatic and probably a great salesman. But he has also the uncanny ability to pretend he knows what he is talking about when he really doesn’t know anything about real science. It’s quite frustrating to listen to him. I am not a fan of pseudo-science. He uses jargon that most people don’t understand, and it impresses some and irritates those who actually know what those things are.

  34. Dede says:

    Loved the wolf howl, Kevin :-)…hugs to all three of you – Dede

  35. rainbow says:

    excuse me? colostrum is in the vegan bubble? doesn’t hurt anyone? huh? sorry folks, but ya gotta be kidding! colostrum is the first bit of bovine mother’s milk, which is stolen from her and her babies, so some silly humans can think they are living well and taking care of their skin. it’s a product of torture and abominable abuse, and anyone who advocates torture is not someone whose info i will rely upon. it turns me off completely to hear such things. all for the humans, and who gives a hoot where is came from? sorry folks, not for me. i’ve been vegan for over 22 years, and do not use such products of torture. please don’t advocate for them. whatever their supposed benefits, the vibration alone would make me sick.

  36. Gen says:

    Hi Kevin thanks for the teaser, can not wait for the full video. I wanted to add in here. Everyone is commenting on David talking about deer antler and barefoot technologies and such and even superfoods. I understand that most of your audience is been in the raw scene for a while. I ask that you keep in mind that you may not have been sick in a while alot. I have been watching a lot of David Wolfe lately and love his message. I believe though that alot of his messages are aimed at people that are sick and not on the raw diet yet or just beginning. You have to have a place to start and if eating goji berries (which do grow here in the states) can help someone get to the raw diet and better health then let him help them. You all have a fairly good idea of what works for you and what your body is saying, but for city folks that grow up on McDonalds, they may need this start. Just some food for thought. Pun intended. =D

  37. Suzanne says:

    I agree with John Thornley, Trudell, Marilyn, Deirdre, Frances, Ida, and Nancy: Back to the basics! Keep it simple!

  38. Denise says:

    frustrated, this video also does not work on my computer????????????????????????

  39. Linda says:

    Like many charismatic speakers, alot of style , little substance. He certainly over states the roll of grounding to the earth in preventing autoimmune diseases. This relates to the misleading conclusion that EMF are the cause of the autoimmune diseases and the effect of EMFs on the immune response. The science here is still very limited although there have been personal interpretations and conclusions made about the limited data guised as systematic literature reviews. The issue of EMFs is still important and needs to be study, but to make such conclusions especially espousing a device to counter such effects is irresponsible when there is even less data on the efficacy on such devices and there is clearly a financial interest. Unfortunately, there is not one cause to the more than 80 autoimmune diseases and the interplay of genetic and environmental factors are complex.
    There are established benefits for strengthening one’s immune system and there is evidence for the properties of the mushrooms as he discusses -reducing stress, improving sleep quality and exercise are probably the most important things one can do and can be done for free.
    I wish a more balance picture was presented for the many claims that are made by the likes of David Wolfe and others.

  40. deb says:

    Another latest, greatest, “technology” from David Wolfe. What a salesman! Kudos to his charisma and slick tongue. And who is this “we” he’s always refering to? Let the buyer beware.

    There’s many economical ways to supplement a vegan diet and maintain health. You don’t have to keep spending money.

    Drink pure water. Know where your food comes from. Sleep well, stay active, enjoy nature, and spend time laughing and crying with friends and family.

    I know. I’ve been a vegan for 30 years.

  41. Samantha says:

    Love IT!!! I learned that David Wolfe is super passionate and helps support this movement with his energy….Inca/Goldeberries are may favorite things in the world and if I want a super pick me up I eat a Raw Chocolate Bean whole, bitter and crazy good!
    Walk in Beauty all Beings of Light!

  42. Beverly says:

    I watched the long video, which was obviously not full length since it ended abruptly, and found it most interesting. I wish for a couple of things:

    1-the option to see it in print. I know there are programs that will automatically translate the verbal to the written, although I don’t know if there are any that don’t have to be “trained” or that can deal with the poor audio quality

    2-a glossary of the less common foods/terms/whatever that are mentioned in various videos. With some interviewees they do not enunciate sufficiently clearly. In the case of this video there were a few foods with which I was not familiar and I have no clue as to the spelling, so looking them up ain’t an option.

    I would also REALLY welcome information for those of us who are both city dwellers who not only can’t raise our own food and are bombarded with constant virulent pollutants, but also cannot afford even to purchase organic foods, much less some of the extremely expensive things that have been mentioned. I know a fair amount about nutrition, but I can’t afford to exercise my knowledge in my daily diet. What are some ways I can improve my lot while eating what I can afford rather than what I would like?

  43. Nick says:

    Fine to mention the good-for-you products, but I would have preceded this with the basics that do come prior. What’s the difference between his suggestions here & those of doctors? OK, these methods are obviously WAY healthier, but they both amount to what you can take so you can carry on “business as usual”. Except for the one suggestion of ground connection, those products work for the already relatively healthy. But for those in need of remedial measures I’d’ve suggested the real basics in our hierarchy of needs we ALL apparently take too far for granted. Yes, air is on top of the heap, fresh air & attention to breathing that interfaces mind with body (the basic meditation instruction). Next is water & most everybody is to a degree dehydrated. We do tend to habitually take water for granted–just look at how we’ve yielded to desertification/deforestation, 4 instance. Yes, we can see what we’ve done & are doing to our bodies & selves by looking “out there” acknowledging what we’ve for too long done to Earth & our world. Most consider that base (of thirst quenching) is covered by drinking diuretics, which yield diminishing returns (drink so much & pee so much more). So 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per quart is my understanding of oral rehydration (add a little natural potassium source &, say, a little maple syrup, then you got a natural version of Pedialyte, a product for rehydrating babies). Then sleep deprivation is the first line of torture, yet we all are generally sleep deprived, happily applying this upon self. B4 artificial light we went down & back up with the sun, heliotropic like a sunflower, giving us a relative hibernation period over the winter. Studies find we average about 10 hours a night, ideally in two episodes. Any less & we suffer increased motor error, more difficulty solving problems & diminished creativity. Read Sleep Thieves by Stanley Coren for references. Then food runs a distant 3rd in our hierarchy of needs to air & water. If we take better general care of our body & being then this frees our body to heal the specific problems. It’s easy to become a foody, much harder to make lifestyle changes. Dropping these other degenerative habits of lifestyle would augment the benefits of eating right & staying in touch with Earth, not doing so would be a drag on those benefits. Also look up & give a chance to “oil pulling” & the sea salt flush as what will, in good part, take care of auto-intoxication (along with exercise that increases sweating & breathing) since a near all raw food diet is an eliminating/detox diet. & that’s just a start, but ‘nuf 4 now, eh.

  44. connie says:

    I think it is way cool that David quoted this: the ark was built by amateurs, the titanic was built by professionals! Of course the ark worked–the amateurs that built it had help from the Master Architect! 🙂

    If you want to see a picture showing the approximate dimensions of the ark (it did NOT look like a little round tub), you can link to it (and also see my project version) at this page of my website:


    Have fun!


  45. Betty says:

    What wonderful news from David as usual.

    Help please. My granddaughter has been born with cystic Fibrosis, and David mentioned places to obtain quinton. A health shop in Los Angeles and a practitioner named John Levi. can I have any more information about this product etc? I actually live in Australia.

    thank you for bringing this info to us.

  46. Mark Powell says:

    Okay, this is a highly unhelpful, irrelevant and off-topic post, but I have to say it: Every time I hear “Longevity Now” it makes me think of George Costanza’s father screaming, “Serenity Now! Serenity Now!”

    I know, I need some kind of serious help. A whole team in Vienna, working ’round the clock on my case…(another Seinfeld reference…somebody stop me…)

  47. Barbara says:

    I can actually help answer one of the questions above! I occasionally take Dr. Weil’s immune support supplements – a combination of medicinal mushrooms! I get them from amazon.com because they cost less than from Dr. Weil’s site. Hope this helps! 🙂

    I really like David’s raw food message & enjoyed the videocast but some of the comments frustrated me – I am strongly opposed to consuming colostrum & his explanations don’t always make sense – this is the first time I’ve heard him so not sure if he was just having a bad night? Anytime someone uses excessive analogies instead of hard facts/science to back things up, I start to question the message….(sorry about the negative comment!!).

  48. Kat says:

    Love David Wolfe, don’t love his latest endorsements of very cruel products. Ethical vegans have made a lifestyle choice based on not thinking it is ok to hurt other animals to take care of humans. We strive daily to yes, make those choices and stay as true as possible to our chosen path. If you get right down to it, every breath you take destroys life, every step, and then there is the battle being waged inside us that keeps us alive (immune system)…but we’ve made the choice to stop causing harm to sentient beings. I used to love David’s teachings for including this ethical thinking. So for me, no colostrum, no deer antler, no fish extracts….and yes, I have autoimmunity that may kill me. But I won’t choose my life over another’s.

  49. marv says:

    I’m not very sure of this longevity thing. Actually, I think it’s superficial every time someone makes a mention of this. If this is for real, I wanna see more facts and not some sort of analogies supporting other analogies. I mean, if you are to tell me this cherokee scrub is cool. Speak of solid proofs.

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