Do Cell Phones Emit Harmful EMF Waves – The Renegade Health Show Episode #324

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Whether or not cell phone emit harmful EMF waves has always been a question of mine…

Since you can’t see EMF waves, you just never know.

After we met with Charlotte Gerson and she told us about the Electrosmog Detector, I was determined to get my hands on one.

It was hard, but I finally did… and here are some of the results of my experiment with it.

Take a look… this might shock you…

Your question of the day: Do you think EMF waves are dangerous?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Fran says:

    Thanks for doing this video, and it’s freaked me out!! The cell phone thing I’m not TOO worried about, at least it doesn’t emit too much if you’re not using it ..and I can always just keep it in another room. No more long phone calls though.

    The notebook on the other hand is VERY scary. I work on the Internet every day. I wonder if you could test the difference between working on a notebook that’s connected to a separate monitor, I guess getting the “working parts” of the notebook as far away from you as possible is helpful. Or maybe you need to make sure the modem is as far away from you as possible? With a really long cable? Not sure if that would work.

    Thanks again for another great video!

  2. Kevin – really interesting. Of course we still don’t know the effect (if any) of EMF’s. But it seems like something must be happening.

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. Catherine says:

    well… ooohhhhh … how does the detector work? … electro smog freaks me out…i’d love to take one in to my wirelessed workplace and see what happens there… have you tried that? Great post

  4. Mary Ellen Bieber says:

    i already do know that emf are a problem b/c i have a friend that is very sensitive to many things & emf is one of them. also she showed me written info that in sweden it is known as a real problem. they also have hospitals that when people are that sensitive they will not put them on an electric bed & put them in a different wing with all the right equipment. could u pleeeze tell me how i could get one of those meters? is it thru gersons institute? also could u tell me where to get that film that gerson had put on her windows of her house? i asked u that the last time u showed the video of her showing u her meter. could u pleeeeze answer me this time. i have waited long enuff for an answer. i’m sure many people will want to know this info as well. thanx

  5. Diane says:

    I wonder what it shows for land lines? And I wonder what it shows up for internet phone calls. I’d love to get rid of my cell, but now it seems impossible. I guess texting would give the same frequency?

  6. Banded Bonnie says:

    Thanks to your show previously on EMF’s, I already purchased a gause meter for $35, from a student science supply.

    It goes red line crazy near the left side of my MAC, near the DSL modem, near my verizon cell phone and within a 4′ radius of our microwave.

    We have high voltage power lines on our property line. The gause meter goes off when it is aimed perpendicular to the lines, even inside our 1920s built home.

    Experimenting with other things in the home, it makes me wonder if metal (objects, wires, amalgamem fillings) help to conduct these EMFs?

    The makers of our gause meter quoted research done in Sweden that correlated a fourfold increase in leukemia among children who lived near high voltage power lines. They also brought out that there is an increase rate of cancer of utility workers exposed to EMFs.

    Just because we cannot see EMR’s does not mean they do not affect us.

  7. Nina Boneta says:

    EMF’s do interfere with the body. I have thermal brain imaging pictures of what peoples heads look like after a 15 min cell phone conversation. The same goes for cordless phones, anything that is sending information! I actually experience weakness and become drained frequently because I can feel the negative effects of EMF’s just from electrical appliances being plugged in (I am very sensitive to the vibration of it). I just went to a talk about EMF the other day and learned about a company that sells products that protect you from such danger. They are called Bio Pro. They have an Ultra Harmonizer that you plug into a wall outlet that protects up to 60ft in all directions, as well as cell phone chips, and pendants that you wear to protect yourself from the outside world of Wi-Fi, satellites, cell phone towers, etc… It is important that people wake up to the dangers, they are affecting us!! Thank you for bringing this up. I am ordering my Bio Pro products soon, I can keep you updated. Let me know if you want more information about it, I’ve been doing my research.

  8. Roseanna says:

    I knew the waves weren’t good for surfing long time ago-I put the alterra(sp?) stickers on my stuff and my son’s ages ago – I too wonder if they work. I am rewiring my house, especially since I saw your gadget at work!! I’m also sending this to everyone I know. Thanks guys-you rock!

  9. Irina says:

    Hi guys, thank you for putting this information out there – this is something we all need to know (and hear). Dr. Mercola’s site sells air tube ear pieces for cell phones that he claims remedy the cell phone EMF problem, he also sells ferrite beads which he also says will absorb harmful EMF. Perhaps, Kevin you could test these devices and let us know if these gadgets work? I also heard from one EFT practitioner that taping a copper penny to the back of the phone reduces EMF – it is interesting to see what your EMF detector will show?

  10. This is a great segment! I’ve been meaning to get one of these myself. Some students of Dr. Diamond once told me that it is really important to turn off the printer at night and to be very mindful about calls on cell phones or cordless phones, and about working near computers as this all messes with your Life Energy and with your cell growth and functioning. The WHO (World Health Organization) says that it is looking forward 20 years and projecting that it will be dealing with a whole new type of prevalent illnesses stemming from radiation and EMF’s and microwaves etc. and that it is a huge concern. Thanks for showing your results and looking forward to more. I’d like to see the results when you have 10 or 20 people in a confined area all working on laptops or using a phone, so maybe you could go to an internet cafe or a school and do this. I once read a report saying that the health studies done had not yet looked at cumulative effects from cell phones, like multiple users in close proximity and over an extended period of time.

  11. Roseanna says:

    went on to the aulterra website and found even this in addition to my stickers:

    If you can’t live in a bubble, then Aulterra Enhance capsules are the next best thing. Enhance is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of heavy metals and other toxins on human DNA. A simple regimen of Aulterra Enhance can offer an important protective defense against powerful environmental toxins.

    Proper balance is important in all aspects of our lives. The proprietary Aulterra formulation is especially well suited to producing a free flow of energy throughout the body to open meridians and chakras for optimum healing and physical and spirtual harmony.


    Glad the Vita-Mix is o.k.!

  12. Rebecca Huff says:

    We gave up our cell phones over a year ago…it’s hard to get used to living without them, but it’s worth it. Now I guess I’ll have to figure out what to do about our computer, printer, etc. hmmmm…. can’t freak about everything. What about living near the cell phone towers, high power electric lines, on and on…this is OUR WORLD…

    By the way, my 13 year old wants to know more about your shirt, Kevin. She likes it but we can’t read the small print ;o)

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  13. Craig Allen says:

    It seems pretty simple to me. The cells of the body uses low frequency radio waves (a type of EMF) to communicate as proven in 1994.

    In 1994, Nobel prize winners Alfred Gilman and Martin Rodbell determined that the body’s cells communicate with each other by subtle low electromagnetic signals. These signals carry all the vital information that, through the process of transduction, are translated into biochemical and physiological processes of the body. EMF can potentially distort and disrupt these cellular communication signals resulting in abnormal cellular metabolism and consequently illness.

    EMF waves work just like waves in a pond. They can amplify, cancel, and distort one another. So just based on that alone I would say that yes cell phones can affect you.

    I would very interested to see a follow up video to the one above where you guys go and test all the different “EMF protection” devices (Qlink, Balance Pendants, etc) with your “smog” detector. There will definitely be a few there at the festival.

    Daniel Vitalis talks about wrapping his iPhone in the metal sheeting that lines the inside of microwave ovens in his bonus lecture of the Elixir Craft Mastery Series. I would definitely like to see the results of that test also.

  14. RW says:

    Could the testing device detect electromagnetic spectrum changes, because it’s possible that some people have reactions to different frequencies?

  15. Ashley says:

    It’s really weird because when my phone is by my alarm clock and someone calls…my alarm clock will make that same buzzing noise! That is super crazy though…kinda makes ya think twice about making a phone call! Thanks a lot! Haha jk. You guys are great, and you’re coming to Portland! YEAH! I already scheduled to come to one of your talks, so excited! 🙂

  16. wendy green says:

    yes. i actually live in a “dead” zone…so no cell signal here…but i imagine wi-fi is just as bad, eh? super show, thanks

  17. Stepheny says:

    Yes EMF are harmful to the body. My understanding is that some countries even list it as one of the most harmful and concerning pollutants. But the cell phone thing is scary because even if you buy a head set that blocks the EMF from going directly into your ear your entire body is still bombarded by the waves if your phone is within an arms reach.

    PLEASE DO LOTS and LOTS more testing with different technologies that claim to work so that we can make informed decisions instead of blindly believing their product protects us.

  18. Gayle Waxon says:

    Hello Kevin and Annmarie! Well, there is an item out there called the Energy Chips, it comes from the Aura Patches website, and we will get into those another time (they are AWESOME healing items!)Anyways, the Energy Chips are used to be put on your cell phones to reduce the EMFs that radiate from the cell phone. Here is the website:
    I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase a set and test it! For $49.95 you will get 2 Energy Chips. Talk to Sheila Moore, 619.280.2872
    and tell her that Gayle Waxon, from Seattle WA, recommended you to call and talk with her about it!
    Here is the description of the Energy Chips for the cell phone: Cell Phone Battery Booster Energy Chip (Pack of 2) – This chip is designed to increase battery power and reduce the amount of radiation the brain is exposed to during cell phone use. Studies have shown significant changes in brain activity when using a cell phone; the Cell Phone Battery Booster helps to reduce this change.
    I would love to see the test results of these Energy Chips with your EMF tester!
    Go for it!
    Thanks! Gayle Waxon, Seattle/Kingston WA

  19. Steve says:

    Kevin, I would love to see the test with an Earthfx Barefoot Pad! I think It really makes a difference. I got rid of my cell and refuse to use one and now I’m glad I did.

  20. Jalil says:

    I recommend buying a Trifield meter. It measures magenetic fields as well as microwave(what cell phones use)

    you can get one at vitacost, best price i’ve seen.

    Power supplies are bad, home audio equipment, alarm clocks are horrible, electrical wires in your walls.. (move your bed at least 6 inches from the wall)..
    i can go on, get one for yourself.

    And btw, the vitamix is horrible, Just don’t stand over it while using it. Daniel vitalis has done some videos on emf’s as well.

  21. Linda Miller says:

    I do believe the emfs are harmful. I would have to look up the details because I don’t remember but Hallelujah Acres told us health ministers about the harmful affects and told about the man who was asked to do the research on this. If I remember correctly, he had to go underground after he found out the info on harmful effects. I know that Hallelujah Acres cells Bio Pro chips that you can put on your phone and computers. In fact I have two on my monitor but did not put out the money for the two more needed for the computer itself.

  22. Tara Burner says:

    freaky! now I have another valid reason for not spending time on the phone! 🙂
    Enjoy the weekend!

  23. andrew says:

    All electronic equipment, plugged in, and or with batteries, and all electric appliances emit EMF’s, including cell phones, PDA’s, Blackberries, I-Phones, even some headsets. EMF’s are everywhere! They have become like air pollution-ubiquitous.

    According to Ralph Moss MD, anti-cancer crusader, he is sure they produce cancer. Check out his website for his expert insights, and his approach to this problem: Http//

    October 11, 2006 Jenny Thompson’s site HSI e-Alert, had an article entitled: “Step Away From The Phone”. I’ll just quote a brief paragraph giving you an idea of how far back this danger goes.

    “Microwave News obtained an internal FDA memo written in April 1993 that reviewed existing research on microwaves emitted from cell phones and concluded that the database of studies “suggests that under at least some circumstances these exposures do indeed accelerate the development of cancer by some unknown mechanism.”

    There a number of solutions:

    1. Keep all electric and electronic equipment unplugged and or away from you as much as possible when not in use.
    2. Find out about about and use EMF reducers. I’ve read about them recently on the net. But can’t find the link at present.
    3.Take anti-oxidants.
    4.Learn to live a simpler non-techie life-If that’s even possible nowadays!

  24. Marcus says:

    If you have low-end (computer) speakers that are not properly isolated from electromagnetic “smog” and a cellphone nearby, you can often hear the same kind of clicking that the Electrosmog picked up when you receive a cellphone call. Because of this, I often know I’m getting a call before my cellphone even rings! 🙂 As to whether electromagnetic pollution is harmful to one’s health, probably. But how harmful is it compared to other toxins/pollution in our personal environment? My guess is that it’s less harmful than many of the man-made chemicals we are subject to without choice.

    Keep in mind that even without all human-made electronics emitting electromagnetic radiation, we are always subject to the Earth’s magnetic field and other natural sources of electromagnetic radiation. The thing one has to wonder about is what frequencies cause biological damage — x-rays most certainly do, but on the other hand, sunlight has beneficial affects (i.e., we wouldn’t exist without the sun’s energy transmitted to Earth via electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range of visible light).

    Keep smiling and stay healthy,


  25. Cindy says:

    Wayne Pickering says that 2 cell phones in the “on” position facing each other with a raw egg between them, will actually make the raw egg a hard boiled egg within 1 hour.
    Pretty scary.

  26. John Thornley says:

    You might get the same sounds from Radio Waves, could you check that out? I know those types of waves are coming at us from way out in the Universe. Thanks for the show, John

  27. ron venne says:

    Hi Kevin and Ann marie,

    As sor of a neo-luddite, my exposure to cell phone radiaiton has been extremely minimal. But, needless to say, those that i love and care about do not share my innate concerns about the technology.

    So, I set out to find technology to ameliorate the detrimental effects. Check out Memon technology. Very impressive research support for it. Live blood cell analysis with dark field microscopy suggest protection. BUt after seeing your demo vid tonite, I’d be interested in seeing if the field effect is also minimized.

    As always, I enjoy your reports.



  28. tb says:

    All you need are some of these chips on your cell phone – they will neutralize the “electropollution”:

    My naturopath told me about them, he tested them and they work, but you need 3 or 4 of them on your cell phone to get results.


  29. April says:

    I have Mercola’s blue tube. You guys should test that.

  30. CINDY says:


  31. Marcus says:

    I just did a quick search on PubMed and found a reference to the following review article that appeared last month in electronic format ahead of the print version :

    Johansson O. “Disturbance of the immune system by electromagnetic fields-A potentially underlying cause for cellular damage and tissue repair reduction which could lead to disease and impairment.” Pathophysiology. 2009 Apr 22.

    Here’s the first line of the abstract: “A number of papers dealing with the effects of modern, man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on the immune system are summarized in the present review.”

    I haven’t read the review article, but I’m hoping it explains by what mechanisms EMFs actually damages our health. This will allow us to find better solutions to help us circumvent the damage to our health.

    The abstract also references The BioInitiative Report: The site subtitle is “A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard
    for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)”

    Interesting stuff!

    Wishing everyone success and happiness in everything you do 🙂


  32. DonnaB says:

    Thank you so much for this info Kevin. I have always believed cell phones were not good for us but I tend to put my blinders on and ignore it, know full well I should not have it up to my head. I tend to use the speaker but it is hard for the people on the other end to hear you sometimes. I would like to know more about Dr. Mercolas solutions. Can you do that?

  33. Laura says:

    Thanks for showing this. Interesting to see that your Qlink didn’t touch the cell phone EMFs.

    Yes, I think EMFs are damaging. I am now looking forward to doing away with my cell phone as soon as I can.

  34. Sharon says:

    This is one of my pet topics. About 8 years ago I spent over an hour on a cordless home phone, chatting away in the nice sunshine in my backyard. Suddenly my head started heating up and ever since that time I’m really sensitive to cell phones.

    I wear a device on my body (something that looks like orgon) that basically neutralizes the EMF’s. Everyone in the family has a device glued onto their cell phones.

    At night I sleep on a magnetic sleep system. This too reduces the effects of radiation much like sleeping outside on the ground would.

    Cell phones are one of the worst mistakes that ever happened to planet Earth! Mine is off, mainly out of principle rather than danger since it’s protected, unless I really need it. I don’t give my number out to anyone unless I’m meeting someone in a different city. It’s strictly for emergencies or for contacting the family.

    Cell phone damage can occur anytime. You may feel fine for years and next thing you know you’ve got a brain tumor. Children should never use them since their scull is thinner and it heats up the brain faster.

    One of my friends works for a cell phone company in Europe. He said they are just a small degree (probably not the right word but I’m not an engineer and I forgot the term) away from microwaves. We do not need to microwave our brains!

    Use cell phones responsibly and put some protection on them.

    My friend had a company selling the protection devices and they work. Unfortunately she’s no longer in business but the manufacturer is.

    Kevin and Annmarie, would you like to sell these devices? Perhaps my friend can put you in touch with the manufacturer who is in the US. They don’t do retail.

    There is a lot of junk out on the market. Big name companies selling stuff that doesn’t work or that wears out quickly. George Carlo removed himself from one particular company due to that. He’s one of the world’s foremost researchers on EMF’s.

    Orgon is suitable and tests well too but the ones I have test even better. All I can say is BEWARE and BE SURE! Buy a device from K&A’s link above to test and make sure whatever blocking device you buy has a good return policy.

    You can also place quartz or amethyst on the worst spots on your computer and they absorb the radiation quite nicely. I have some at the base of my monitor. I won’t use a laptop unless it’s an emergency.

    One more thing that you should be aware of. EMF’s will react with metal so get your amalgams out if you plan on getting friendly with a cell phone on a regular basis. They act like antennae.

    iPhones are worst of all. They will interfere with other wireless stuff. Saw it happen the first week they came out at a seminar. Speaker was having problems with the mikes. He had to turn his new iPhone off!

    Don’t you just love modern living? Not!!!

  35. Heyward says:

    When I went to the living foods institute in atlanta, we muscle tested all the cell phones and there was ONE cell phone that passed the test (didn’t make our arms go down). I don’t remember the brand, I just remember it was a blackberry encased in something…and the guy who had it was named….Marty and he was a car dealer from the Hamptons.

    Is it harmful…well…yeah. So use an earthfx barefoot pad or just go barefoot and use it outside. That way you’re connected to the earth’s emf and you’re grounded. I love going to foxhollow farm and seeing maggie do business on her laptop while lying in the grass.

  36. H Man. That is scary ! Great show You rock !!! love you guys

  37. andy says:

    Kev, extend yr eperiment by putting this device to the microwave and cordles phone base.
    YOu will see the boise the same. I got this device too.

    Strangely enough it doesnt detect wireless signal in my university.

  38. Barb Caniglia says:

    Hi there,
    Loved your demo with the cell phone, and I have scientifically proven protection….a simple chip ($38.00) and it lasts for 3 years.
    It is a low nano noise technology…give me a call, I have some on hand.


    602.909.9979 (cell phone)

  39. Garvey says:

    There is a law of physics and electromagnatism that is concerned here. E1 – E2 divided by the power source and the distance equals the amount of EM energy that is potential in imposing an unprecedented force on our electro oriented physiology. It is proven in laws of physics – there is no question – there is only uncertainty in the amount of change such previously inexperienced phenom will actually affect us. Will our bodies accept and conform or reject the energies emmitted. It is foreign and an intensity we have not had exposure to so it is best to take precaution while we begin to learn more about the electronic age’s influence in general. Moderation still holds true as a rule.

  40. Sheralee says:

    Hi Kevin & Ann-Marie! That gismo was amazing for giving a reading of EMF effects! I have been learning a bit about this lately!!! I am a nurse in an Operating Room we have lotsa electro gear-yikes! An electronic engineer who tests our stuff yearly told us how dangerous cell phones are against anaesthetic machines as an example! They can alter the monitoring equipment so much that you don’t even know that an incorrect dose is being given as the digital readout remains the same but the pump system is altered in the dosage given of a drug!!! This is technicians admitting to this!!!
    I also learned that filter’s have been developed from a study done by Dr Magda Havas, PhD from University of Toronto Canada after putting radio frequency neutralizers in the electrical outlets in homes of people with Multiple Sclerosis their health and physical functioning improved phenomenally! I have MS and work with high frequencies all around SO…the aim is to eliminate these as much as possible! Thanks you 2 have an awesome time at Raw Spirit Fest xoxox Sheralee (New Zealand)

  41. Meti says:


    There is one thing that could be testet asap.

    I got at least positive results on muscle testing with this item. Just like what the people at the Freeshield site got.

    And the best thing is: it is free.

    Print out with the best colours you can and wrap it around your battery in the cellphone.

    Get the Love Tester free too, and put that under computer/laptop/modem/anywhere you want to try it. I have one wrapped around my water filter under sink and so on.

    My personal belief is that there is always a solution to every problem.

    So, the evolution of the technology is going to happen anyway. Then its better to focus on finding finding solutions to solve the problems.

  42. Meti says:


    Sorry for the double word “finding”. Didnt notice it before I hit the submit button.

  43. Gudni says:

    I have heard from someone who works with EMF pollution that putting crystals by electric devices, magnifies the EMF. What I worry about is the fact that when I started to use cellphone than I felt some pain in my ears, heating and other strange feelings at the side of my head. But not anymore. I think that is worrying because when you are not sensitive to it anymore than it might be doing more damage, or at least you do not realize the harm anymore. At least that is my theory.

  44. Christina says:

    Hello everyone,

    Has anyone ever heard of MEMON? It’s German and supposed to neutralize EMF. It’s just one device, big as a large pencase, that you attach to the incoming electricity cable and that works through the whole electricity-network. They have a four in one that protects against emf from all devices in the house that are attached to the electricity-network, from frequencies from outside the house, from bio-magnetic fields and improves airquality (negative ions)
    They also have a water transformer that sounds really interesting, and that you also attach to the incoming water:
    According to them you can get your sensibility to EMF tested, or the effect it has on you specifically, by doctors who do electro acupuncture tests (vega etc…), or kinesiologists …

    Just in case it might interest someone… 😉

    (the principles:

    And thanks for the show. I enjoy it and learn every day!! You’re even popular in Brussels 😉

  45. Rega says:

    Fran, it’s not the notebook doing the sounds it’s the modem. If you have a mobile modem then just buy a usb cable extender.

  46. kristine says:

    I notice that if I’m on the phone a lot the inside of my ear will hurt and often I will develop a headache. I used a headset for a while but that really didn’t seem to make a difference. Now for longer calls I use the speaker phone and just deal with the lower quality of hearing.
    I also sit at work for six hours with my feet on or very near the desktop computer. I had magnetic insoles that I would wear but I lost one of them a few months ago. I have been really struggling with fatigue and I wonder now if this is why. I’m going to order a replacement set of magnetic insoles from Nikken and get back on track.

  47. Henrik says:

    Hi Kevin & Ann-Marie

    Thanks for all your sharing.

    Have you try this one?

  48. Matthew Lake says:

    I hardly ever use a mobile phone myself, however, I’m undecided whether they are actually dangerous to our health in the long term. So basically I don’t worry about it at all and just get on with life. We are always getting hit by low dose radiation everyday causing damage to our DNA, every calorie we consume cuases molecular damage to our body, the air we breathe gives us life, but at the same time it kills us.

    Technology is going to be more integrated into society during the 21st century, we keep our technology close at the moment, but I feel soon we will integrate and enhance our bodies using the technology we create (think chips under the skin monitoring for cancer cells, virus, bacteria, given us real time stats on body chemistry via wireless signal to a pda). So if people are worried about a mobile phone now, can’t imagine what they’d be like with that scenario! :p

    Yes it’s ok ask questions, but I wouldn’t go over the top and reject technology that is pretty safe.

    As I said I’m not a phone user, I rarely ever carry a cell phone. However I’m not yet convinced they will affect our lifespan or alter our health span in anyway that would be significant.

    This is my opinion, theres just not enough evidence out there yet to suggest we throw away our phones. The best hting to do though is not talk on it for hours everyday! lol.

  49. Marty says:

    hi Kevin and Annmarie,
    I too believe emf’s do affect us.. I know I could hardly use my cell phone because it hurt my ears. I bought those stick on decals from Tree of Life and my ear does not hurt anymore. Is that great or what??!!
    I loved the episode with Charlotte Gerson. I can’t imagine how she isn’t just rageful about her Father’s experience. Bless her that she continues, and helps us all with her knowledge. Thanks for your sharing.

  50. kate says:

    I keep telling my husband that all the hours he spends on the computer are not good for his health, so maybe now he will believe me when I show him this video. I have been researching emf detectors since Charlotte’s video, but I don’t know which one to buy. Does the popular Triband meter show frequencies from cell phones and laptops? I know it does the electric and magnetic frequencies separately and quantifies them (on a scale) and I like the fact that I can see numbers, so I can really compare different “hot zones”. Can anyone that has this device let me know? Thanks! I teach, and my school has just gone Wifi, and I’d like to know how much emf there is and also it is old and probably has lots of “dirty electricity”.

  51. Katie says:

    WOW!! Thanks so much for doing this. I am sending this video to my husband. He LIVES AND BREATHES on his cell phone AND Blackberry AND computer.
    Many Thanks to you Both 🙂

  52. Janice says:

    Hi Kevin ,

    I have a cell Sensor that I had purchased on the web and it works very similiar to the detector you were using but not quite so easily. I put a cell chip on my cell phone from biotech and it seems to have worked according to my cell sensor device.
    I believe that EMF’s are harmful, especially since we are exposed to them everywhere.
    I have purchased a pendant that I wear and it seems to have helped my energy levels allot since I work under florescent lighting and in a room with many computers and printers.
    I really enjoyed this episode and am looking forward to more concerning this topic!


  53. David says:

    I wonder if there are “Natural” areas on the Earth that emit similar levels of EMT. Not man-made things. It would be interesting to coorelate health of anyone that lives in such as area compared to others living no where near natural or man-made radiation.

    My thought is that in a natural environment, no one would be exposed to this level of EMF on a regular basis. Therefore, exposure to man made EMF on a regular basis is likely not compatible with our nature and probably harmful to our health in some way.

  54. Autumn says:

    Unfortunately I’m not surprised of what this demonstration shows. I have been considering for some time to get Dr. Mercola’s headset or maybe it’s an earpiece along with the ferrite bead. It would be great if you could test those products like those before me have mentioned.

  55. maddie thunderclap says:

    i was bedbound a lot 95%of time and husband bought me a laptop. i began to have severe pains in my thighs really deep.i got a lung infection and didnt use computer for a month and pains went but returned once i started using it on my lap again.use amethyst chunk and keep computer at my side.

  56. jason says:

    Your meter seems rather limited in use. Sure, it tells you when there are EMFs present, but it doesn’t tell you of what type or frequency range. A lot of things fall under the electromagnetic spectrum. Since the meter obviously doesn’t detect visible light (an EMF), and light falls near the middle of the spectrum, then is your meter reading all the stuff on both ends of visible light?

    Are EMFs harmful? Yes, many are, but not all. The color blue is not harmful, but gamma rays definitely are. UV is questionable as whether it’s harmful, beneficial, or both, but it certainly can be said to have an effect on the human body. Infra red has therapeutic uses.

    X-rays are probably more dangerous than radio waves. Your meter reads radio waves, but since x-rays fall on the other side of the spectrum from visible light, will it read those? My guess is that microwaves are more dangerous than radio waves as well, although radio waves are far more prevalent (for now) and omnidirectional (many microwave towers need to be line of sight in order to work, so you’d be ‘safer’ if you weren’t standing in the path of the radiation).

    Are cell phones harmful? Most likely. But, I had come to that conclusion long before seeing your demo.

  57. Heather says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie, Loved this on EMFs! I’ve been studying them for awhile now. There’s this guy named Roy Riggs, from the UK, who we learned about from a woman who works with people who have serious illness, autism, etc. She’s had great results teaming up with him…because she’s found that people can only heal so much until they fix the EMF issues too.

    His website is:

    Anyway, he has several products he recommends to protect from EMFs, cell phones and Wi-Fi. Many of the products are sold in the UK, but one of them looks interesting — if you live in an area where there is wi-fi, you can put this net over your head (looks like a bee keep’s hat) and it’s supposed to help. He also recommends Barefoot technology, like the Barefoot Earth Bed, that you put at the bottom of your bed so your body can heal without being subject to EMFs while you sleep.

    The third thing he recommends (I don’t think it’s on his website, but he came to the US to work with people I know) is the Stetzerizer Filter — you can plug them into your outlets around your house (like near your computer) and they block many of the EMFs. You can get them at

    There are paints and other things you can do too…but if you test your house/RV first, you can decide what you need for your particular situation. I’m getting the Stetzerizer filters and the Earth Bed based on what I’ve heard from friends about the results.

  58. Beverly says:

    It is pretty scarey-and you didn’t even check the microwave ovens that beam at us from every direction. I have heard that the waves emanating from the rear and sides of microwaves are even worse than those coming out of the fronts, and for those of us who live in apartments where our kitchens butt up against our neighbors, we could be getting bombarded from more than one direction.

    The same ferrite blockers that Dr.Mercola features are available less expensively on ebay. I got 5 of them-the least number I could get-on an auction along with housings for them. When I used an ear piece for the cell, I strung 3 of them in series up the cord. I made presents of the other 2. I am wondering whether surrounding the whole phone with them might be useful. I pretty much always use the speakerphone now, but as you demonstrated, I probably cannot get far enough away and still hear for that to be very effective.

    Like others, I work on a laptop all the time and it is always set up for WiFi connection. When at home I do use an external keyboard, set up about 3 feet from the screen. That makes it only about 2′ from the machine itself, but still better than hanging over it.

    What do we do. To keep up with “real life” these days, most of us are dependent on these things. Are we all going to have to walk around in space suits if we really want to protect ourselves? What, if anything, can we ingest to support our systems in fighting these these bombardments? Do sea veggies work as well against them as they do for issues of radiation?

    Generalized comment-oi vey!


  59. Gaya says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for the show. Gabriel Cousens is a huge fan of tachyon-energy. There are some devices that use this type of protection. Maybe you guys would be interested in trying this with the detector? Thanks again and many blessings.


  60. Gaya says:

    Based on Nicola Tesla’s research, a Tesla shield (usually built into a watch) works to “transform harmful ELF signals and provides an enhanced body electric pathway for the harmful frequencies to use in bypassing the body’s nervous system.” There is more about this research on the website: Maybe this can be of assistance to some of you out here in computer-land. Love n bless!


  61. Gaya says:

    Based on Nicola Tesla’s research, a Tesla shield (usually built into a watch) works to “transform harmful EMF signals and provides an enhanced body electric pathway for the harmful frequencies to use in bypassing the body’s nervous system.” There is more about this research on the website: Maybe this can be of assistance to some of you. I would love to see this tested. When walking around Raw Spirit Fest, you may encounter someone wearing a watch with two vertical watch faces within an oval casing. This is a Philip Stein watch, and these watches normally carry within them 2 Tesla diodes, copper-colored chips that one can see on the inside of the watch, where it comes close to the wrist. It would be interesting to see if the watch helps with EMF when the wearer receives a call on her/his cell phone. Enjoy the Fest. I love Raw Spirit Fest. Such a joy! Love n bless!


  62. Thomas says:

    Apparently the wireless technology and anything using microwaves is more dangerous than household electricity.

    Two important pages to see:

    These people make the instruments and have some good answers.

  63. Chelsea says:

    I’ve always thought cellphones were harmful. In addition I recently saw a want add for wireless-free housing posted by a woman who’d been electrocuted (not by the wireless, but it made her sensitive). Apparently she couldn’t live in the vicinity of wireless because it severely affected her health. Now, I know most people haven’t been electrocuted but I still thought that her situation was revealing.

  64. Chana says:

    I am all too familiar with the problem of electromagnetic fields. I am one of those people who hear or feel them almost constantly
    About 14 years ago my agency required us to use a cell phone. The 1st time I used it the entire side of my head became hot and painful.
    Needless to say I did not use it often as it caused so much discomfort. When our lap tops went wireless, I could hear a pitched squeal, even from a distance of a desk away [5 feet?],
    The cell phone I am required to use in the office, I have put a Biopro chip on, and it seems to make it tolerable, though not correcting it completely. But what do I do about all those cell phones that are “on” in the subway, bus and work? My daughter has a wireless here at home, and there have been times I have awakened at 4 in the morning, when she “is on”, to hear this noise.This has caused an enormous amount of stress for me. There is also a hydro pole outside my apartment window, next to a Bell box that has wireless equipment. Has anyone got any ideas?

  65. Lois Kubota says:

    I noticed than when my blackberry is getting an email in the car, sometimes it interferes witht the radio. What does that tell you? How do we deal with this in today’s world when everything is required instantaniously???

  66. Laura Sutton says:

    Anyone interested in living emf-free, via non-electric living, might want to buy our 8.8 acres of paradise down in Costa Rica. Just eat the fruit right from the tree, bathe in the river, and go to bed when the sun sets.
    love y’all!

  67. Tomas says:

    Sorry folks, but there is no place in the universe that is free from emf! The earth itself has a huge magnetic field and we are constantly bombarded by radio waves from distant galaxies and stars and our own sun. If you believe that natural radiation is ok you can still not avoid the man made stuff anywere on this planet. You are bombarded constanly by signals from gps satellites, military spy stellites anywhere you are on the planet and if you live anywhere near civilization your body is constantly penetrated by radio, TV, Cell phone towers, and other signals too numerous to mention.
    That said I personnly try to avoid long conversations on the cell phone and junked my cordless phone because the signal strength from a close source is magnitudes stronger than that from distant sources. You don’t know for sure if you might be one of those unfortunates who is sensitive or what the long tem effect might be so it does not make any sense to take unnecessary risks.

  68. Hey Kevin and Annmarie!


    That’s about all I can say. And I’m in the camp that everyone seems to have joined for more testing. Would love to run around our apartment or house with one of these and see where the various issues are…

    And then figure out what the solutions are.

    Thanks for the video.


  69. Sharon says:

    yikes! Yes, I do believe EMFs are harmful and all around us. I am now not quite so thrilled about my new iPhone. As others have said I would love to see you do a test of the different devices out there to combat EMFs. There are so many. How do you know which are the most effective?

  70. Alyse says:

    Yes, EMF’s are dreadfully harmful! I’ve seen it myself (check out YouTube and had my own kids test this out, by placing popcorn kernals on a table with two cell phones, and having one phone call the other, the kernals ACTUALLY COOK AND POP. So what do you think that is doing to the cells of our body??? Based on my business model, having a cell phone is imperative. What was REALLY helpful in your demo was seeing if the EMF decreased with the headset….not so, and I was unaware.

    GREAT SHOW, and keep up the great work!

  71. Thomas says:

    You should read this info concerning electrosmog from the people who make the device:


    Yes, I will try this test of integrity once again.

  72. Thomas says:

    Now it’s #38 and awaiting permission.

    Yesterday it was #33.

  73. mary kay says:

    Thank goodness we rarely use a cell phone. We got one for emergencies and pay $100/yr.

    I don’t even know what WiFi is…LOL

    Yes, I believe these waves can be harmful. We have an electrical outlet by our headboard, and I’m asking dh to disconnect it.

    Thanks for your quirky experiments!!! I can totally relate to you guys. Feel like you’re my close friends!

    Love you,

    Mary Kay in Ohio

  74. Cynthia says:


    I believe that EMF’S are extremely harmful to everyone!!
    I am really freaked out about this!
    I cannot believe that anything that is electronic is good for us no matter what it is.
    I can hardly use my cell phone, when I do my ear gets very hot and burns, I feel little shocks in my ear ( kinda like static shocks)and a lot of pain, and then I get a headache. Now I have ringing in my ears almost constantly every day. If I sit on the computer too long it triggers a migrane.

    Thanks for the great video, you guys are awsome!!!!

  75. Sue Rushford says:

    To Cynthia (post #39) – just wanted to add I used to get painful little shocks in my ear when I was on the treadmill with my headphones plugged in.

    Yes, I 100% believe EMF waves are dangerous & that they are emitted by cell phones, computers, and lots of other things. I wear a Q-Link and have been meaning to get the one you stick on your phone – but thinking that might not even help much. Meanwhile, I use speaker phone & try to stay as far away as possible. If I really have to hear & put it to my ear, the area gets warm, i.e., my brain is frying – that last thing I need!

  76. Carolyn says:

    Please do try it again with a bip pro chip
    on your phone and bluetooth so we can see
    if they actually work! or NOT….

    THANK you..we need to know this stuff!

  77. Geri says:

    I only use my cell phone in an emergency. When i do it is on speakerphone. I never use the microwave either! I unplug everything we aren’t using. Only 1 house phone. an extra to this is cheaper electric bill! Do salt lamps help with emf’s? thanks

  78. Lillian says:

    Yes, I believe in EMFs, but what can we do about it. I dont use a mobile phone, but my husband and my daughter do, what can I say to them. Also what about the computer and other electrical devices. Please let me know, what would you do, when you find out.

  79. SHERRY says:

    Hey there! Great show! I am curious, if using cell phones are dangerous, then what are the effects when we get an MRI or worse yet work with MRIs (MRIs probably have an ultra high EMF rating)? I used to work with MRIs and since I stopped working with them I feel alot healthier. Hope it does not have a cumulative effect like x-rays. Thanks Sherry

  80. Rhonda D says:

    Yes I EMF’s are harmful.

  81. Lucas Plumb says:

    Hi Kevin & Annmarie–I saw you at RawSpirit this weekend, and also appreciate your research about EMF’s. I wanted to tell you an interesting story about something that happened to me on the way down to RawSpirit. After leaving Santa Rosa, I had been driving for about 2 hours with my (new) I-phone ear-piece(s) in and doing some talking–although not all the time.

    In San Jose, I started getting a vibration in my eyesight that interferred with my vision–it was kind of a white/light rippling light. At first it was in the middle of my vision field, then as the minutes went by, it started to become a cresent shape and spread to the periphery within about 10-20 minutes. It was pretty scary!! A little later, it happened again, but not so intensely.

    I have used a Treo for years without those kinds of symptoms, and I’m sure they are just as bad, but wanted to add this story just in case anyone else has had these kinds of symptoms. I would greatly appreciate it if you could research/test any units out there that protect against EMFs with cell phone usage.

    Thank you again for all the work you do in this area on our behalf!

  82. Madeline says:

    Hi all, one question. Is there any thing that can be used to minimise the risk of using these emf emitting devices.

  83. Alena Liska says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Yikes. I just know ’cause how I feel when I’m around cell towers, especially WiFi stores, librarys, etc. EMF is more distructive to young children (womb also) and other young people, because their brain is not formed. So, I have extra BioPro chips to sell (bought for myself and family and have a few extra.) Will mail you one if I had your address.

    Some people use copper mesh around their computers, but when you have wifi on in your house… it is like you have a cell tower in your home!!! Good luck with that one.

    The BioPro chips are made from NASA equipment prototypes that boosts your human “signal”, energy patterns, your human frequency to buffer the assault which is 100,000 times greater than my grandparents had to deal with.

    If you come to Seattle they have blanket WiFi…. no getting away from it then, except moving.

    AND It is being proposed that we WiFi the whole US… if that happens, I’ll have to leave or get sick/die.

    Google the rates of disease around Cell towers/ WiFi, esp for kids.

    Love and Light

  84. Denise says:

    EMFs interfere with your immune system and disrupts neural pathways. Keep in mind that these waves are all around us, go through walls and bodies. The detector works great but you’ll find that the EMFs change throughout the day depending on the cell/ internet and wireless activity in your area so keep checking. The problem arises when people are exposed to it constantly without a break.

  85. Bob says:

    These are scarry times we live in. We are surrounded by these waves 24/7. They say that if we could see emf pollution we would not be able to see each other. That is how bad it is. With all the new devices and wireless coverage we are establishing it is only going to get worse. Check out this emf site and see the research and the tools to prevent the waves from harming the cells of the body. There is also a great water product that helps repair the damage done to the cells.

  86. Wendi Dee says:

    Whoa!! I knew it would be bad, but when you put the detector behind your back and had the phone in front of you…WHOA!!

    Thanks so much, Kevin and Annmarie, for doing this show! I’m going to insist that Jim and KDcat watch it later today!

    I’d love a follow-up on anything more you learn about all of this. Jim used to think I was crazy for insisting the alarm clock not be near the bed because of the EMF, but I think he’ll finally believe me!

    Lots of love to you,


  87. Pamme says:

    I, also, would like to see you guys test some of those chips and magnets. Thanks a bunch and great seeing you at RSF in SB!

  88. Jen says:

    There is a headset called a Blue Tube (not Blue Tooth) that says it minimizes cell phone radiation emissions. Here is the website:

  89. Banded Bonnie says:

    Two years ago, my 50 year old brother died of a stage IV brain tumor. He used a cell phone when they first came out (these emitted higher radiation than the newer ones today). He was on the road most work days selling oscilliscope equipment.

    I asked him which side of his head did he use the cell phone on? He answered, his right side…the side his brain tumor was on. Enough said.

  90. Christy says:

    I have gone through two of the Mercola air tubes. I loved it and the sound was great, but they fall apart within minutes. The earpieces come off so easily. After the first one broke, I ordered another one and it didn’t even last as long as the first one did. I was so disappointed in the quality. I hate it, because I consistently use over 4000 cell minutes a month as a real estate agent, and we don’t even have a home phone anymore.

  91. Nina Boneta says:

    I bought a Bio Pro Universal Chip for my cell phone and I got and Ultra Harmonizer which plugs into a wall outlet and covers a 60′ radius. Both of them are great! My boyfriends apartment is filled with EMF’s, wireless internet, satellites, a music studio full of powerful equipment, and he’s got electrical cables right above his bed. Every time I stay over I feel so drained, I can’t handle all the electro pollution. So last night I decided to test out the “Ultra Harmonizer” in his apartment and music studio. It was miraculous. Being that we are both hyper sensitive, we both felt grounded immediately. Also, when we woke up this morning, I felt like I slept better than I have in months! I couldn’t believe it. That was with appliances all plugged in too!! Your body actually feels stronger with this protective technology because your bio field is not being bombarded with harmful EMF’s. I can’t wait to buy a pendant and more chips. We need to protect ourselves!

  92. Danny says:

    I found a product called the Bionic Band, that seems to help with strength and balance. I think the EMF’s scramble the protons in your body and the imprinted metal in the band unscrambles or aligns them so they are working together.You can learn more about it from their web site, . I hope you get a chance to watch the video’s I posted below to see it being tested. I was in the company’s office and they were testing it on water. At the time they had altered the waters pH up to about 8.2. They sell wrist bands and ankle bands and pendants. I think they will also imprint your jewelry/metal, if you asked them to. If you are interested in trying the Bionic Band out you can order off their web site using this number, 10611. I would like to know what other people think about this product. Thanks.

  93. Flavio says:

    There so much electrical-magnetic power around us (irgg I saw your San Francisco experiment. This city is nuts 🙂 )

    Anyways, Nokia is making a phone that can be rechargeble harvesting all the power that you just showed… check it out:

    Wireless Power Harvesting for Cell Phones

    Nokia hopes to create a device that could harvest enough power to keep a cell phone topped up.

    A cell phone that never needs recharging might sound too good to be true, but Nokia says it’s developing technology that could draw enough power from ambient radio waves to keep a cell-phone handset topped up.
    Credit: Technology Review

    Ambient electromagnetic radiation–emitted from Wi-Fi transmitters, cell-phone antennas, TV masts, and other sources–could be converted into enough electrical current to keep a battery topped up, says Markku Rouvala, a researcher from the Nokia Research Centre, in Cambridge, U.K.


  94. Mary says:

    You asked. We answered.

    EMFs are harmful. It didn’t take a “smog” detector to prove it, but it was an interesting (and noisy) demonstration that I feared was melting my earpiece and ear drum while watching it!!

    Looks like you’ve got a job on your hands, Kevin & AnnMarie. There’s lots of junk for sale out there, too. Unplugging everything at night–especially if computer is in the bedroom–is a good first step toward protection, I believe. Clean living is helpful. Drinking thyme tea and giving yourself a splash of apple cider vinegar before and after mammograms and other X-rays is one easy, helpful and cheap protection.
    Thanks much.

  95. Lauren says:

    Or get Skype…I guess seeing that the wireless card still caused your device to go off that might not be the end-all solution, but it seemed less loud than the cell phone…plus you can get a hands-free headset for Skype on the laptop that will put you farther away from it than the cell phone headset.

    PS…long-time viewer–been there since day one and the original Raw Summit; just a different email address. Hackers and such.

  96. Paul says:

    Couple of companies are quick to jump on this and advertise their products by writing their own anecdotal stories & try to scare people into impulse purchases, you guys just make it more confusing for consumers who then decide they have to wait for a more credible source to convince them.

    I mean really your phones made popcorn? REALLY! you tried it? didn’t happen to have, lets say.. a microwave under the table??

    I’m worried about this stuff too, but barely use any wireless stuff. please post some numbers and facts on your websites and not just that it harmonizes the air.

    Thank you

  97. Georgina says:

    Yes, I believe EMR are harmful….however we love all luxuries of wireless, cell phones , cordless phones , laptops better signals with
    wifi. So there is a price to pay. Saying all this we also want our health not to be compromised. Couple of years ago when I was looking into
    studies upon studies of case studies of how harmful it was I looked into Biopro a company which explains a technology that can help
    towards this problem and still be able to use your appliances with peace of mind. I use there pendant and it really does work to strengthen my body to be able to handle the emf better. I work with a lot of computers. I can still enjoy my health and do my best to do what I can with the world we live in.

  98. Sam says:

    I’d too like to know how a BLUETOOTH HEADSET at maximum distance from the cell phone measures up during a call?

  99. Bob says:

    Check out this Emf information site;

  100. Cyndee pack says:

    I bought the Bio-Pro chips for my daughters and granddaughters phones as soon as I heard about them (about a year ago). I also bought an EMF detector and have been testing all sorts of things at home and work. The EMF detector only beeps when I hold it directly against my cellphone that has the chip on it (when it has an incoming call)…far safer than without one in my opinion.
    My BioPro website is: if you are intereted in orgering any (I do not actively sell them…I decided to become a distributor to provide them for my friends & students who understand the dangers of EMS and want to protect their family…)
    I highly recommend that you purchase one of the detectors and do your own testing.

    Take care. Cyndee

  101. The phone/popcorn thing was a viral marketing campaign. No truth in it at all… you can google it and you’ll find the true story.

  102. Vickie says:

    Hi kevin and Ann Marie, I have been cleansing and eating 80% raw for about 6 months now. I love it! I have lost weight and am working out regularly. I am 58 and probably in better shape then I was when I was 20! My question is: what can I do to get rid of the gas and bloating that comes along with eating more raw/fiber. That is my only concern with the way I am eating right now. Any suggestions (natural of course) would be greatly appreciated!!

  103. Hi kevin and Ann Marie, I have been cleansing and eating 80% raw for about 6 months now. I love it! I have lost weight and am working out regularly. I am 58 and probably in better shape then I was when I was 20! My question is: what can I do to get rid of the gas and bloating that comes along with eating more raw/fiber. That is my only concern with the way I am eating right now. Any suggestions (natural of course) would be greatly appreciated!!

  104. Angela says:

    This was a great video. I’ve often wondered about the EMF that I am exposed to in my own home, mostly from my wireless internet. I will look into getting one of these devices.
    I just watched the first of David Wolfe’s Longevity Now videos. I was wondering if you could do a follow-up experiment on using the cell phone while grounded (barefoot on the earth) and testing the EMF compared to what you found inside the RV? That would be extremely interesting. I had never heard the grounding theory for protection from EMFs.

  105. Kadi says:

    I believe EMF is harmful. And my dh will certainly receive a gaussmeter for a birthday or Christmas before we get around to buying our own home. Which means some time soon.:)
    And it will be definately a gaussmeter, rather than simply a smog detecter – I believe it’ll give me more information.
    I’ve been thinking of this Salt Lake City product: Trifield Meter®
    Love your shows, Kevin!

  106. Cathy says:

    I found mobile (cell) phones extremely detrimental to my health. I started to get really and I mean, REALLY bad headaches, even texting was out of the question, I would notice this horrendous ache go from my hand up my arm, into my head and resulting headaches, along with this dull ache in my texting arm. Since giving up using mobile phones altogether, about 3 years ago, my general health has improved DRAMATICALLY. I even tried one of those anti-emission hands free headphones…did not work even though suppose to be like 99% effective. I would say without a shadow of a doubt, mobile phones are nasty and I would say to anyone, get rid of them. I think I am classed as over sensitive to EMFs, I don’t know of anyone personally that has the same problem as me even though they will concede that their head heats up and they get odd headaches etc.,but they just carry on using them.

    I also cannot use a walkman/ipod (etc), they too give me headaches..and I believe they interrupt your higher consciousness, keeping your head occupied with stuff when peace and quiet is the key !

    So many people using mobiles, gosh knows what the long term consequences are..I wonder also if there is an increase in brain tumours these days, and in the future ?!! Mobiles are also just a fienish way of the Powers that be to keep a track on you, big brother is here !

    My 2 cents.

  107. joe says:

    I to am over sensetive to cell phones. My friends and my Doctor thinks I crazy. It started with the switching from ear to ear to offset the aches on the side of my head. Now it doesnt matter what I do. From the first phone call of te day I feel a pressure on both sides of my head. It gets worse over time. I have to figure out a way to run my bussiness without it. That going to be a challange. I also am struggling to have a second child and I think the phone in my pocket for so many years was not a good idea. I wouldnt mind being a part of a study to prove cell phone are bad.So, yes cell phones are like women, cant live with them and cant live without them. good luck every one.

  108. Joni says:

    Really great show!

    Yes Anne they do say to wear a headset BUT the only kind is the hollow tube or air tube headset.

    I’m like you–worried. I have a site too–check it out

  109. Linda Grace says:

    I know four people with brain cancer, all use or have used cell phones. I get pain in my head if I put my cell phone to my ear. I sell RF3 air tube headsets (they carry a one year guarantee). The radiation will still go up the wire – but over 99% of the radiation will stop at the air tube, preventing it from reaching your head. You must keep your phone as far away from your body as possible. DNA has found to be damaged by cell phone radiation, forming new damaged cells. Boys – don’t carry your phones in your front pocket!

  110. Sara says:

    I think this article made some interesting points, I read a textbook directly related to this topic, its called Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics by Ramo, Simon, and Whinnery, John R, and Van Duzer, Theodore , I found my used copy for less than the bookstores at

  111. Michael Tiramani says:

    It is obvious that EMF waves are transmitted, but the question is what frequencies are emitted by cell phones? Basically in what spectrum do they fall under? Because if it was not for emf we would not be able to see anything, all objects emit some sort of emf on the range of 400-700 nm which is seen as visible light(or the colours of the rainbow). The word “radiation” is misunderstood by too many people. And the key too if cell-phone emf is dangerous or not depends on the frequency of the waves they emit. Once that is done more detailed studies can be pursued. One thing is certain though science will eventually find the answer, if a significant increase in the % of people diagnosed with brain tumors is recognized (unfortunately) in the future. Cell phones will be the first ones to blame which could hide another important source. One thing is certain though, always keep a critical eye on the things you are told, never believe something 100% until you have done your own research. However i really appreciated the video.

  112. Victoria says:

    Do landlines emit electronic smog also? tv’s, computer monitors, refrigerators?

  113. Ted Neff says:

    Hi K and A,
    Great video demonstration. From reading all the posts seems like there’s a need for more information/education. I’ve been testing homes and offices for electrosmog for over 20 years. The problem is getting much worse. The amount of e-smog is all pervasive (even living inside the earth won’t help – that’s the place where we “ground” electrical systems!) It may account for the high MS rates here in the Northwest… (more moisture = more conductivity)

    Re: the last post, land line phones emit zero EM fields. Make sure to get one that does NOT need to be plugged in for a power source (one’s with answer machines, etc.) Besides, in a power outage land line phones work.

    A person actually needs three meters to test for electrosmog – a gauss meter for EMFs, a GS meter for dirty electricity, and an RF (radio frequency)meter for wireless detection.

    The most common solution for bad EMFs is distance – moving away from the source of the EMFs. For dirty electricity the solution is installing GS filters in the outlets in the home/office/school. For RF and microwave pollution it’s about removing wi-fi systems and using shielding (paints, fabrics and other materials.) Your neighbors wi-fi and DECT phones are polluting YOUR home environment – shielding is your best bet.

    NEVER use your cell phone while in a car – the roaming function and the car’s metal encasement means the power needed to reach the cell phone is EXTREMELY high.

    Phone texting is much safer than talking on a cell phone – just remember to extend your arms away from your body when texting. Children under 18 should use text-only phones.

    Most studies on the safety/danger of EMFs are funded by the power companies and the cell phone industry – thus the science has been systematically tainted (think big tobacco and how for decades they created doubt about the dangers of smoking.) The so-called $cientific re$search is being bought and paid for.

    EMF blockers, pendants, etc. do not block EMFs – they may have some effect on the body (I need to see good research to prove even that.) I have tested many and they do not reduce the EMF. I wish they did! They may work on some subtle level, I just haven’t measured it or read any legit science on them.

    Avoid DECT cordless phone systems. Do NOT buy compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) – they contain mercury which will end up in the enviroment, and they create much more dirty electricity than old incandescent bulbs do. LED lights are much cleaner and energy efficient.

    Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!


    P.S. The Vit-a-mix probably puts out EMFs – try a gauss meter and see!!

  114. Austin says:

    Kevin, Do you know anything about Earthcalm EMG protection products?


  115. Caroline says:

    Yes, i do believe they mess with us. More than we know. My mother “has” on the computer and cell phone all day all the time. then, she goes and gets into bed and keeps the television on for a few hours. i think this will be a good thing for her to see and experiment with.

    Thanks for the show guys!

  116. Caroline says:

    *has to be*

    and she puts the television on to relax, which i understand.

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