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We’re in Bonasll, CA at Nomi Shannon’s house…

This morning I told her she was going to be on the show and we were going to discuss coconut oil for sunscreen, candida, her breakfast, blend-tec vs. vitamix and more.

(So back the the health info for all you wondering about where the show was going!)

We’re loving the weather, hope you’re loving the info! 🙂

Take a watch…

Your question of the day: What is your favorite nut or seed?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Bette says:

    Nomi said Traders doesnt have raw almonds. I thought the raw almonds from Spain are raw? eeeeek.
    Fave nut or seed…love pecans.yum

  2. Nicole says:

    I don’t eat many nuts anymore but before going raw I loved cashews. I’d like to try some raw Brazil nuts in the future, as I like their meaty texture.

    Also, maybe this is just my laptop, but I can barely hear what you are saying sometimes. I’ve got the volume cranked as high as it can go. I think it’s just if you are far from the camera mike. Does anyone else have this problem, or do I just need to invest in some extra speakers?;-)

  3. Laura Fox says:

    Nice one! I had the pleasure of finally meeting Nomi at ExpoWest and look forward to having her on Raw Inspirations in a couple weeks. 🙂 Rawsome!

  4. Laura Fox says:

    I am digging the subtle sticker on your laptop… pestides suck!! where did you get it?

  5. Regarding the coconut oil for sunscreen: I read on a blog quite a long time ago a man who had been using coconut oil his whole life. He was in his older years but I don’t remember the number now. He lived in Florida, said his skin was very healthy and brown, not wrinkled at all. Coconut oil was all he ever used as sunscreen and he was never burnt either.

    Last time I was in Florida I used this one:
    Never got burnt and it’s certified organic. A bit thick but it works well and is the only completely non-toxic sunscreen I’ve ever seen.

    Favorite nut: I rarely eat nuts but fresh macadamia nuts are awesome. Most of them are rancid by the time we get them:-(

    Pecans are great too.

  6. giselle cioraru says:

    Try ear phones

  7. Joy King says:

    Hi guys!

    I am about to embark on a tour in my RV as well!! I missed you when you were in Austin because I was moving INTO my RV! Hope to see you ‘on the road’ – I am actually going to some farms to volunteer.

    Anyway, favorite nuts – well, raw almonds – but cashews are also tasty – don’t eat many nuts these days, tho!

    Regarding volume – YES, please look into – your music at the beginning and is great but it BLASTS becuase I have to crank up the volume for your talking piece…it isn’t that your talking piece is too quiet (IMO) – it is the difference in volume between the 2 – my 2 cents…

    Mucho Gracias! Really enjoy your show – hope to catch you on the road!!


    In Austin, heading to AZ, CO & OR for phase 1!!

  8. Sydni says:

    this is our California source for truly raw almonds….excellent quality and best price.

  9. Chelly says:

    Nicole, I’m having same difficulty… no sound 🙁

  10. Ken says:

    Very hard to hear

  11. Amanda says:

    I would have to say cashews 🙂

  12. Linda says:

    Bette, raw almonds from Spain are really raw!! Nicole, I can hear the shows just fine, although I have to adjust the volume because my kids fiddle with every computer in the house.

    My favorite nuts are pecans. Fav seed is sesame. Thanks for all the cool shows, guys!

  13. Steve says:

    Kevin, Natural Grocers out of Colorado has raw Spanish almonds, I was going to tell you to stop and see them when you were in Austin, they recently put a store in Dallas,TX. A raw fooders dream come true for nuts and seeds. They keep the raw almonds, cashews, walnuts flax,etc in a cooler. What produce they carry is all organic and they have great prices. Also mail order out of CO.
    MY NUT OF CHOICE ALMOUND and seeds are sunflower and pumpkin.
    They constantly have speakers and you may want to check them out.

  14. Steve says:

    Forgot to ad the almonds will sprout and make great almond butter.

  15. Pat says:

    My fave nut is almond and we, in San Francisco, can get them raw at the Alemany farmer’s market….yes! I do love cashews, too, but I was told they are a legume. BTW, my first raw book was Nomi’s. I bought 6 of them and gave them as gifts….!

    PS Next time mic yourself, ok? Thanks…

  16. sonja says:

    I love all nuts put most of all pecans! I do like cashews, they make very nice addition to various dishes. I like a combination of pecan and apple!

  17. eve says:

    Sound was very low on this episode; hard to hear and understand. Otherwise, keep up the great work and visits.
    My favorite nuts are macademias and pine nuts.

  18. Sparrow says:

    Right now, flax seeds are my favorite, but they’re in high competition with chia seeds, another big favorite!

  19. Karen says:

    Chia Seeds! You can make the best pudding with them. I do love almonds too ~ One of my favorite snacks. To hear you are in Bonsall makes me homesick. I lived in Solana Beach, Ca all my life before moving to Seattle in 92. Bonsall is my Sister’s hometown. She trains horses in Temecula which looks like you’ll be there also. Enjoy the weather….it is cold here ~ no coconut oil for sunscreen needed in these northern parts.

  20. love almonds and pecans. I used Nomi’s book alot when I had my raw food kitchen in FL. It has wonderful recipes. The one she spoke of with sunflower seeds is very versitile. Packed full of wonderful information. Thanks for featuring her today, she is chock full of knowledge!
    People that have a hard time hearing, I put on my headset and could hear them better, but, take them off before the music comes on.

  21. Pery says:

    Kevin, thanks. I love all kinds of fresh raw nuts and seeds, particularly walnut and pumpkin seed. Please use a mic, or be close to the mic, I can hardly hear you.

  22. Mary Ellen says:

    yep u are correct about having a difficult time hearing what kevin says, so i always use a headset, but the music is way too loud. the music sounds like it could damage your eardrums when u are wearing a headset. glad u mentioned yacon not being good for candida. what about lo han, is that ok to have?

  23. Laura says:

    If anyone HAS to be in the sun continually throughout the day without shade, this sunscreen looks safe. It’s organic, TRULY natural. It’s made with some edible ingredients. Check it out.

    I haven’t tried it yet. But I very well might be in the sun all day everday this summer and this is my first choice to try this year. I’m not a sunscreen wearer but if I’m in danger of getting burned, I want something without the petrochemicals. This looks like a good answer to that.

  24. Dewey Fish says:

    There is a new Technical Process that Steams and Drys In 3 Sec’s and does not hurt the almond…

  25. natalya says:

    It’s always interesting to listen to interviews with Nomi Shannon and Victoria Boutenko, but I keep asking myselves why do they look so overweight if they are on healthy raw food lifestyle?

  26. Melody says:

    My favorite nut is the almond, my favorite seed in the sunflower.

  27. Here in Israel, almonds are unfortunately imported from California and they are obviously NOT organic, which is a shame, since they can be grown here. In fact, we have so many different climates here, especially since this is such a small country that we can grow almost anything. Israelis eat sunflower and pumpkin seeds right out of the shell here, I see it on the buses and they are put out in bowls on Sabbath tables as part of the meal. Unfortunately, they are salted. I enjoy pecans, and the seedpacks that I prepare best.
    By the way, I agree about the volume—I have mine cranked and can hardly hear your show. Really enjoyed what I could hear, though.
    Chana Rachel Mark

  28. Carol Kraft says:

    I love pumpkin seeds and cashews(reaction if eat too many cashews!)
    Sunflower pate sounds yummy. Will try out

    I have to jack up the volume too when you speak but need to quickly turn down when the very loud music follow(scares my cat every time!)

    ON a political note I hope you guys are following 2 importants bills on “Food Safety” going thru congress and senate within 2 weeks.
    If passed as is this bill will be detrimental to organic growing both commercial and private. They are trying to force insecticides and pesticides on all growers in the name of food safety. Check out You Tube videos for bills HR875 and S425. Canada has its own version going on thru C6 bill.
    I know you don’t like to watch the news but this bill will directly affect your lifestyle so worth paying attention to.
    Take care

  29. Steve says:

    Pecans, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, love ’em all – especially if they’ve been refrigerated and are cold.

    Although the audio was low on today’s episode, the show today was great as usual.

    Good information presented in an easy to understand & entertaining format.

    DON’T STOP or change a thing about your shows.

    The varying topics, recipe’s, exercises, interviews, Q & A, Etc., all keep me tuning in.
    I look forward to finding out what new & different information I’ll be learning from you guys each day.

    Keep on ‘truckin’!

    – Steve
    Austin, TX

  30. Nancy says:

    Pinenuts and pecans. Nomi’s teleseminar just a little over a year ago when she interviewed you as one of her guests was what brought me to your web site Kevin, thanks for having her on your show. She is responsible for my watching your shows!!

  31. Patrick says:

    Fresh Young Green Coconuts..YUM!!

    Idea for Next ? of the day?

    Whats your favorite coconut recipe?

  32. My favourite nuts
    macadamia, pecan, peanuts please get closer to the camera I could hardly hear Nomi!
    Thanks for the info
    canberra australia

  33. Joann says:

    Good to see Nomi. I got her recipe book a little after it was released – one of the best. I also have her Video series. I love all nuts – pecans and cashews the favorites. Love pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

  34. cathy says:

    Hi my favorite nuts are walnuts and pecans. I also like almonds.
    Kevin with your candida do you not believe in Dr. Graham’s solution of eating all those fruits?
    Too many raw foodists are taking in too much fat from nuts and seeds.
    About the show sound it was plenty loud for me. I have my computer hooked to my 63″ tv with loud home theater speakers. I crank it up! I would figure the laptops just don’t have much loud sound to begin with.
    Peace out!

  35. Zen says:

    Neil Diamond- “Candida…”

  36. Sylvia says:

    I think I LOVE all the nuts, seeds not so much…give me a pound of any nut and it’ll be gone in minutes and I know it’s not a good thing, what can I say…I’m nuts about nuts 🙂

  37. Kurt M says:

    I can’t hear you.

  38. Eva Rawposa says:

    What a tough decision! I don’t have nuts all the time, but they sure do come in handy! I have to vote a tie between almonds and cashews, both for what I can do with them.

    Almond milk is so yummy, and I love the cookies I can make with the pulp.

    But making ice cream with cashews has been a life saver. How could I possibly want any ice cream other than raw when raw ice cream can taste SO GOOD!?

  39. Rhonda D says:

    Ok I will have to Ditto that on not being able to hear anyone. 🙁

  40. Al says:

    Favorite seed is red quinoa. Sprout it & use it in salads or raw vegetable dishes. Use it to make rejuvelac. If you are not 100% raw it can be heated to use in warm dishes, soups, or mixed with honey, raisins, berries for a good breakfast. Full of fiber & protein.

  41. Heather Hemphill says:

    I would love to have access to raw almonds. But I live in Canada and have not been able to find them anywhere.
    About sunscreen: I have subscribed to numerous health sites, blogs and newsletters for years now. About 10 years ago I read a study done on Vitamin C cream. I do not remember the details but they took a number of women and had them use their favourite face cream on one side of their face and a vitamin C cream on the other side of their face. After a time there was a noticeable difference.
    I am 52 now and I have been using the vitamin C cream that I mix myself for the last 10 years. Not only has it made my skin look younger, it faded freckles and age spots, smoothed lines etc. I don’t just use it on my face, I use it all over, everyday.

    I have found that it makes my skin much more resistant to sunburn. I used to be very sensitive to the sun and even 15 minutes would show up very pink. Now I can manage much more time in the sun without the negative effects. And if I do get more exposure than I intend, I use the cream and it takes the pink away very quickly.

    The recipe they gave was one tablespoon of Glaxal Base or the base cream used in prescription creams and 1/4 teaspoon of powdered Vitamin C. I mix up about 4 tablespoons at a time and that lasts me about a week and a half. The fresher the mixture the better it is. But it does need overnight to disolve the C before use.

    I now purchase the creams that I use from the farmers market, like the goat milk cream, johoba oil and beeswax creams etc. and mix the different creams together to get the textures that appeal to me before I add the vitamin C but wow I have to tell you it has been a godsend to my skin.

    Just thought you might enjoy knowing about it too.

    ? Heather

  42. Tracy says:

    I like a variety of nuts! A handful is just the thing when I am hungry and away from home!

    Naytayla, don’t be so judgemental towards Naomi. You don’t know what her life has been like or her issues. As we age, this health thing isn’t so cut and dried. What worked for you when you were younger, doesn’t necessarily work when your older. And it’s HARD to figure out!–Personally, I have given bith to seven children over a 17 year span. I went raw after our 4th was born. I definitely had positive results, but 5 years ago I crashed my metabolisim by running twice a day at 7500 feet elevation (where we live). I was trying to lose weight that wouldn’t come off. Now, I’m despretely trying to find the solution. Currently, I am looking at David Wolfe’s mineral supplementation. And I just ordered E3Live. We are all so different and our bodies need different things. Please keep that in mind when judging how others look even though they are raw. I so long for the body that shows how I honestly eat! It just hasn’t happened yet and at 46, I am getting a little worried that maybe I’m chasing something that isn’t attainable. Give us older women some grace.


  43. Katherine says:

    Hands down pecans!!!!!

  44. Kerry says:

    I like all kinds of nuts, especially almonds. I wish you would do something about the SOUND. I have the volume turned up as high as it will go and I cannot hear what you or your guests are saying. Thanks

  45. Linda Miller says:

    Tracy, have you looked into bio-identical hormones? Great book is Ageless and Breakthrough by Suzanne Somers. There can be a connection.

  46. Charles Long says:

    Pecans are the tastiest.

  47. donna harris says:

    it has been brough to my attention that the sun is better for you between 10 and 2 when your shadow is shorter than you . you get the beta rays then ,which vit D3.

  48. Kevin, you’ve got to do something about that volume differential between your video intro on both ends of the video and the video content. I had to turn my volume down at the intro and then I could barely hear the video so I turned my volume back up, then at the end I forgot I had the volume near full and the closing theme song came on and I about blew my eardrums out. This has been going on for awhile now. Keep up the good work. My favorite seeds can be found in any can of deluxe mixed nuts (without the peanuts). Good eating, drive safe and have fun… Bill Farver

  49. dede says:

    Tracy – I agree – – very well said. Nomi looks beautiful.

  50. I hate that they can label pasteurized / irradiated almonds raw.

    Ironically (but true), I noticed a burnt cashew in my “Whole Raw Cashews” I bought from my local health store (in Honolulu). Should I write the store a letter or a comment card? The cashews aren’t roasted, they taste like raw cashews, but they’re not as white as raw cashews usually are. There is a picture of it on the website link of my name.

    And my favorite nuts are probably pecans.

  51. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the show!
    My favorite nut is almonds, favorite seed is hemp seeds!

    ******KEVIN, I was trying to get the free copy of your new book HIGH RAW that you offered and I am not being sucessful, PLEASE tell me what I need to do to get it, THANKS!!!
    Warm Aloha’s,

  52. christine says:

    sunflower are amazing because they are so cheap and versatile! i love dehydrating them with spices, or making pates, or sprouting them.

    i would love to try hemp in shell.

    and pumpkin seed are a close second.

  53. Rozia says:

    Coconut Oil is useful for health.

  54. Detail about coconut in this post is very lovely and good.


  55. Mary says:

    The best time to be in the sun is between 11 and 1:00 p.m. per Dr. Joseph Mercola ( Contrary to ‘belief’, this is the most beneficial time to absorb vit D from the sun, NOT before 10:00 or after 4:00 when the sun’s rays are weakest. Check out his comments…

  56. Melissa Sharp says:

    I use coconut oil all the time for cooking and an occasional hair mask. I’m going to try it on my skin this summer now too!

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