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In our interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens at the Tree of Life, we did talk about diabetes and founding eco-villages…

But this little gem (the clip you’re about to see) blew me away. 🙂

Sometimes the experts that I interview just channel some of the coolest stuff. This is one of those times…

Watch Gabriel in the flow right now…

Your question of the day: What did you think about the clip and what do you think about intentions?

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To find out more about Gabriel Cousens, please visit www.GabrielCousens.com

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. dg says:

    The last two shows you’ve been looking downward into the camera, and it’s kinda creepy looking up your nose. On the plus side though, looking up your nose was preferable to the spiritual tripe that followed.

  2. cathy says:

    Hello Kev
    Thanks for a great show. Gabriel is so down to earth. I enjoy listening to his advice. Did you ever get the other show from the other day working or was it just a dud? It happens with equipment. I heard alittle about the 80-10-10 today and I definitely need to heed the advice about cutting way back on fats from nuts etc. Hope you all our enjoying your trip!

  3. Dr Rona says:

    dig what he’s saying.
    very clear.

    very good interview; like his perspective on being One with God and being in the flow of It flowing and happening as it unfolds.


    dr rona

    p.s. will you and ann marie be in ca for the health freedom expo april 3,4,5?


  4. dromenon says:

    you can never broadcast too much gabriel cousens for my liking. you can tell he’s hooked up. i’m working with the idea he discussed now and i agree that the more i get out of my own way the more i’m in the flow. thanks, keep em coming.

    did you or annmarie see/hear about oprah today?? she and dr. oz did a show on life extension (i think that was it). one story they did was about a man named jim who had changed his life thru diet. he told oprah he was 80% raw food so there’s a good plug for the movement! she also did a story on david murdock who is 80+ years old and in great health. he also eats mostly vegs and fruits. i was not aware of his research center for nutrition, etc, in nc. i was wondering how long it would be before o got around to raw food. it was a gentle introduction for the general public. just like you two, she’s changing the world one show at a time.

    ps, your nose didn’t bother me at all.

  5. natalya says:

    According to what Gabriel Cousens was saying, probably, it’s true,that explains why I never could make a business plan for myself and I do not understand how other people do those plans: how you may know in details which way things will be unfolding for you in the long run and which solutions you may find(or what God may send you)to resolve something or overcome some obstacles or how soon you can accomplish something? In relation again to child birth, one woman may decide in her “business plan” to give birth in 2 hours, but it may take even 2 days to do so.

  6. Dustin Smerek says:

    Wow! Dr. Gabriel Cousens hits the nail right on the head. His speech is so true in the way my life is going right now. At first my intention was going raw and eating healthy but now it just comes natural. The amazing things that occur in my life would be impossible to predict or have intentions for.
    You just let go and enjoy the ride.

  7. thanks Kevin and Annemarie,
    for all the work you put in to this site!

    Some of what Gabriel said was confusing, but if you listen to it a couple of times it becomes clear!
    I am grateful for all that I have been given and that I continue to recieve!

    sheryl miller

  8. bryan&wendy says:

    basically, we use intentions to get to the point where we can cut off our internal dialogue and then we’re able to interpret the spirit.we started off reading carlos castenada almost twenty years ago and since then everything from abraham/hicks,gregg bradden , david wolfe,peter ragnar,and on ,and on is just building on the connection to the universe/spirit or whatever you’re comfortable calling it.we love you guys.

  9. Linda says:

    Many of your fans will not understand the interview you just had and what it has to do with the things you’ve been airing. A few years ago I might have joined them. Things of the higher order supercedes conventional thought. As a matter of fact thinking using pure intellect is sure to lead one astray. Intentions, that which we mean to accomplish. That which we may think about and plan. When we have reached a certain level of knowing, beyond pure belief, one knows that there is no need to intend for the thing to happen because everything needed has already been provided by the ‘great spirit’ or the universe, or whatever name you might choose to use. Things unfold for your ultimate good when you have passed beyond the need to plan and map out everything. “Before you have asked, it has already been answered”, or taken care of. It is totally awesome when you get to that place in consciousness!!!! Life takes on a whole new meaning. Kevin I applaud you for taking such a bold move. Those who meditate regularly and are able to truly go within will understand. It probably won’t be embraced by those who are not yet ready. There is so much to say but I can’t do it because so many are not yet there . The good thing is that one day they will be. It’s a process. Love to you and everyone. Linda

  10. Betty says:

    Gabriel is awesome, he’s so knowledgable and true.

    What he said was right, it’s just sometimes others’ layers of ignorance and ego are so thick they can’t appreciate what he’s talking about.
    The last part he talked about was awesome, sometimes you don’t realize that you’re being given everything you need already! 🙂 Loved the episode!

  11. krista says:

    I actually stumbled upon what Dr. Cousens said about intentions in my late 20’s. I was a VERY ambitious person, and in retrospect I can see that was not just to my detriment, but it sucked for my family too. Plus, it seemed every time I tried to make plans to do something, or set an intention (ex: I’m going to go to med school, do volunteer work, be a girl scout leader) something would inevitably happen and make it impossible for me to carry out my plan. Needless to say I became completely burned out and began to experience one crisis after another. So after 7 years “off” I changed my major, and decided to not make any plans at all..just go w/what was presented to me. I just couldn’t deal w/the stress of having almost every plan blow up in my face. Now I’ve suddenly found myself in my calling. No intentions/plans were necessary. I just do what I’ve trained to do (both in school and in life) and everything just falls into place. Extra money shows up when we need it, opportunities through school just pop up right when I need them to, that kind of stuff. Too bad I couldn’t have heard Dr. Cousens words of wisdom around 15 years ago! Would’ve saved me much frustration. Probably wouldn’t have understood him anyway. Oh, by the way, you guys ROCK! Thanx for doing what you’re doing! Lots of Love, Krista

  12. Linda Holloway says:

    For some reason, I’ve not been able to get your show the last couple of times. I really
    wanted to see Dr. Gabriel…

  13. marlene says:

    Gabriel made total sense to me. What I get from him is we try too hard to make something of something instead of just letting it happen. We are all here for a reason and we need to just enjoy every moment and not get so involved in the past or the future. I notice that you and Ann Marie are doing that now on your awesome journey.

  14. Muriel says:

    I think Gabriel is trying to tell us that we need to live in the moment.
    Intentions usually relates to the future and therefore we need to be aware of this.
    If we want to be Spirit led we need to be present to every moment as they unfold.
    Peace and joy are the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

  15. Season says:

    Wow, definitely blown away. This was so clarifying; an important detail I have certainly overlooked. I like the idea of intention setting being a good starting place, but then remembering that once things start moving, it’s time to get out of the way. I’m constantly striving to get out of my own way. I can totally relate to digging a hold for someone else and then falling in, and getting sidetracked by my own “plans”. Great, great! I think I will have to have a look at Dr. Cousens’ spiritual works. Thanks so much!

  16. Carl says:

    How refreshing to hear what I have been living for (lets say) a while.
    Just let it come to you. It is yours
    It will get to you when you are ready to accept it.
    This is any thing. Money Health Wealth (not the same as Money)or what ever your life needs
    You only get what you NEED!
    Thank you for all you do

  17. Zen says:

    I believe and think intentions are a function of love, creativity and spirituality. Just be careful about desires and believe in “detachment”.

  18. I love Gabrielle, what a great mentor. My son has Type I Diabetes, so we hope to go stay
    with Gabrielle sometime.
    Intention’s, see what 100% raw does to you?? (ha-ha)…Gabrielle is at a place of “Being”, and perhaps he had an intention in creating a healing place.
    Now, it is the “being in the now’, and not always knowing “how things will unfold” that requires inner Spiritual guidance. Gabrielle is so “in tune’, intention’s are not required.
    I think intention’s and “activating that Inner Guidance to the Divine” are still useful tools in “becoming”..or the “just being” and trusting in the process.
    Does that make sense? I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater…as the saying goes. Gabrielle is a great mentor and living example of “how to just be”!!
    Cheers Annette

  19. Laura Fox says:

    This is a fascinating topic and I feel Gabriel is right on. When we do Anchor The Dream Visionary Theatre Experiences, we are dialing in larger visions such as the ones Gabriel was mentioning … and then, the unfolding from the theatrical enactment of these visions can become ‘intentions…’, yet what seems to be HAPPENING, is, just as Gabriel has said, the overarching energetics of ‘what is ours to do’ comes to us and through us individually and collectively as the impulse of ‘what’s next.’ The more we can drop into this living space of ‘what’s next,’ the more liberated we’ll each become. This is next level, new paradigm living that takes us completely out of the box, into the moment, living the grandest adventure beyond our wildest dreams… as we each show up to do our part and shift it, baby!

  20. Paula says:

    I think he’s great. It all makes sense when I think of the times I have gotten into a “project” without planning to, but my energy and excitement was driven by a higher power (which I recognize as God/the Holy Spirit)and I just couldn’t stop until it was completed. Thanks for sharing this video, Kevin.

  21. CINDY R. says:

    Sorry, I have to agree with dg on this one, except for the looking up your nose part. The camera angle was good and I was thinking that things looked better in the last few clips. Love you two! CINDY R.

  22. John Thornley says:

    It seems Gabriel should be grown up enough to know there is no god or spirit except in the mind. We are chemical and electrical beings, and forty percent carbon atoms. Everything has carbon atoms, or it wouldn’t exist. As Albert Einstein said; we are an accidental collocation of atoms.

  23. Doug Harrity says:

    I am slowly getting it. I was also blown away

  24. Dynamite interview. You both are doing such
    a great job! We appreciate what is unfolding
    with health renegade. I’m still digesting it. It’s surprising how as you change one thing in your life, there open up new dimensions you could never have thought of on your own. I truly believe in the divine.

  25. Deirdre says:

    That was great – he’s so right on – the real goal is to just be in the moment and connected to the Divine, and then whatever you do is going to be connected to the highest good. Most “intentions” are just us thinking we know better than Spirit how things should go, which ultimately is limiting.

  26. Eranah says:

    Sometimes we use tools like intention to acheive something, manifest a desire or need etc…but we actually stand in the way of ourselves and delay the “acceptance of what has already been given to us”. Listening to our internal voice is important, but sometimes their are subtle blocks we are unaware of, however if we seek we will eventually find!! Thank you for sharing this peice with us, but it was just a taste, we need more teachings like this!!! 🙂

  27. Jes says:

    I’m glad you recognized that as a gem. Thank you for sharing with us

  28. Kathy says:

    Interesting slant…I agree in principle with what Gabriel said and think that the message is indeed to live in the now and let God unfold unto you. In this now moment is the miracle of life, and love in it’s perfection.

  29. Jayne Eubanks says:

    For me it’s like trying to stand up from a chair. You don’t really have to think about it you just do it.

  30. A says:

    What’s with the comment by “looking-up-your-nose-spiritual-tripe” guy? Gabriel, Kevin and Annemarie are very connected to their beliefs and what they do–if you don’t like it, simply just don’t watch. Living a life that Gabriel suggested takes guts and being able to surrender to the Divine–what ever that may be. It’s not something everyone can do as letting go of control is scary and letting go of how you’re used to being can be terrifying, too.

  31. Allen says:

    Gabriel gave a great overview of how things manifest in the physical world, and how “intention” and “want” can get in the way of the flow of what Divine Will actually wants for us. Thanks Kevin.

  32. B. says:

    Wasn’t worth listening to.

  33. Sarah says:

    John 10:1-5
    “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear is his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.”
    There is only one truth and one truth giver.

  34. Bonnie says:

    Agreed! You have to meet God half way.

  35. Jo says:

    I interpret it as knowing everything we want, we are capable of having – we just have to get out of the way of our own negative thoughts. The universe is abundant. It’s better to just know you bring the very best each day to yourself. Living in that knowledge and letting go of every other thought brings you to a place of peace where all things are possible. We are creator beings, we create the world around us. If we think “we don’t” then we won’t. If we accept our divinity, we know the best will always be there with us. Enjoy living in each day, always see the best around you and it will be so. You won’t need to will it into your life. Connect with the bread that already exists around you for there is light in all things.

  36. Frank says:

    I’m really sorry, but i am going to quit watching the show.
    It no longer is only about a healthy lifestyle, food, etc. To me all this new age stuff feels like polution to my mind, and God (not some sort of abstract form, but the personal God of the Bible)) tells me in His Word that it really is polution. Sure it must feel good to hear this man-made wisdom, but i made the choice to listen only to God.

    I enjoyed your enthusiasm, learned a lot, thanks for that.


  37. Sue Healy says:

    Hi Kenin and Anne-Marie,
    Thanks for this clip. Gabriel articulated things that I hadn’t consciously realised I was thinking but I know he’s so right. Our intentions are a great starting point but they are limited by our human awareness, understanding, ambition, fear. Of course the good stuff is in there, too. Not all human characteristics are negative or limiting. BUT, if we leave that starting point behind and let ourselves be wide open to what unfolds then great things happen. I’ve consciously practised this with regard to my work with clients (if I decide what I think should happen in a session then it’s far less effective than if I just go with the flow, allowing the client to lead me but also being open to the information and nudges and prods that seem to come from nowhere) but less so in my own life,I think,so time to let go.This is great timing for me so thanks again.
    Sue x

  38. jodie says:

    Thank you Kevin and Ann Marie. It’s so hard to hold a spiritual thought in the dirty overcrowded city I live in right now. Gabriel reminded me of discussions that we had at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks CA. I love the idea of letting go of intentions, it so makes scary business meetings easier to get through when I realize that whether things work out the way I want them to or not, really has little to do with me – that thought takes the edge off my nerves 🙂
    I loved seeing Gabriel again 🙂 he’s so radiant!

  39. kristine says:

    I Love this! Just what I needed to hear right now. Confirms so many things going on in my life right now. I’m saving this video so when I get all tangled up I can watch it.
    I’ve been less and less enthused with all the the law of attraction stuff out there for the past year. I have felt led to write a book that’s been hounding me for years. I’ve felt torn between committing to this or another idea I’ve had for a spiritual center for equestrians. The book was not my idea but that is what is flowing right now. I’ve had to set aside some of my ideas and allow this to just flow and do the legwork to get the book out into the world. I’m still in the beginning stages but this interview really helped me see that I just need to get out of the way, put my other ideas out of the way and just let this happen. Thanks!

  40. Fiona says:

    I too believe Gabriel is referring to accepting the present moment, as this is life and by allowing ourselves to consciously flow with life, we open ourselves up to unlimited possibilities.

    I got caught up with all the mind technologies that are out there, ie set your goals, plan and work hard to achieve these goals, however now I realise the ego sets the goals, not your true Self. Life leads us to our purpose, if we are humble enough to listen and pick up on the clues it gives us.

  41. Elana says:

    I much prefer when you stick to topics about living raw, raw foods, recipes, etc. I know having a spiritual path is part of living awesome, but I get that juice from different sources.
    In other words, thanks, but no thanks.

  42. Nigel says:

    Hi Kevin, (my 1st post ever) Wow, I see what you mean about being blown away. I bet you had a pretty intence visit. Part of Gabriel’s interview reminded me of the four stages of learning as taught in Joseph O’Connor’s book on NLP. Apparently we ‘travel’ from Unconscious Incompetence to Conscious Incompetence to Conscious Competence to Unconscious Competence. I’m sure the doctrine of simplicity was in there too, or maybe even the Japanese Wabi Sabi. Really interesting stuff. Personally I’m convinced that we are ‘designed’ and ‘created’ to live and eat in a certain way and that ‘modern life’ seems to be at odds with this design. Hence all the modern illnesses. I’m now hooked. Thanks.

  43. texmex says:

    BOF I didn’t like this interview as it seems to fly pretty high. I disagree with most of what was said. letting go is one thing but why do anything then?

  44. victore says:

    Acting on God.s will leads me down the path that He knows is best for me whether I see it or not. He wants us to walk in peace, joy and love. The key is distinguishing my will from the will of God. Acting on what I want (my intentions) leads me down a road that may not be in my best interest for peace and joy. But notice both paths DO require ACTING.
    Are we supposed to just vegetate and let anything that happens to us, happen? Where do you draw the line in Gabriel’s philosophy? Even HE seemed a little confused trying to answer some of your questions when you tried to tie him down to practical applications. God gave us minds to think and free wills to act. Again, the key is syncing our will to His.

  45. Misty says:

    Hi Kevin and Annemarie,

    I think the show was awesome! Thank you for sharing it with the world. You both are an inspiration to me. I am currently trying very hard to transition to a raw foods diet and this clip with Dr. Gabriel Cousens is certainly a powerful motivator.

    Thank you again!

  46. Steve says:

    Kevin & AnnMarie –
    Sorry to read the posts above from people who aren’t as tolerant of people different than themselves, or arent’ ready to accept that not everyone agrees all the time.
    I applaude you both for having the guts to present alternatives in all areas of life. It is interesting to learn as much as possible while we are here on planet earth and make our own decisions. Keep up the good work you are doing. Travel safe, and be sure to get some rest when you can.
    – Steve
    Austin, TX

  47. Ginny says:

    Always love listening to Gabriel!! Thanks for bringing it to us. As for the spirituality, I’m an evangelical and believe that Jesus is the ‘Way, the Truth, and the Life’. I think all of us are looking for and striving for a way to fill the God shaped whole in our hearts. My prayer is that we will look toward ‘the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world.’

  48. bruce says:

    Happy is the man who knows he is doing the right thing for the right reason are you are being led from one thing to another by the Spirit of God. And you know absolutely it is God’s will

  49. Kendra says:

    I agree with Frank. I didn’t know how to put it into words so , thank you Frank. I believe in the Holy Bible and there is only one way to Heaven and that is from Jesus. You ask Him to forgive you your sins, He does and you live as He says to live. Then you never worry about the future, the past or anything that comes your way b/c you are in God’s hands. Even if it means dying or being ridiculed for what you believe to be true! Now I have enjoyed the show up to this point. I am trying to feed my family healthy foods but not an unhealthy mind. Thank you for what I got from you but I also no longer want to watch this show!
    Have a Blessed Day and talk to Jesus:)
    Kendra Miller

  50. Connie says:

    This was very confusing. I found Gabriel hard to follow and actually didn’t listen to all of it (very unusual). However, I think he was trying to say that once you have established your own personal relationship with God and have learned to “walk in the Spirit” then things “just happen.” You are led from one task to another, from one lesson to another, as you obey the Spirit’s leading. I’m not sure what “God” he is following, though, so I’m not inclined to call him one of my mentors.

    I, too, have noticed a trend away from healthy foods in this forum and have considered discontinuing my involvement as well. But I’ll give it a little while longer because I have learned a lot here and do appreciate what Kevin and Anne Marie are trying to do.


  51. Will says:

    Kevin & AnneMarie,

    I’d be careful posting much of this new-age psychobabble that mentions the divine or god. First, most people are neurotic about their spirituality/religion and you risk losing audience. Second, I have watched many people in the Raw / Live food community online slowly go loopy trying to put a divine reasoning behind what they do, or rationalize it by being “true christian” or some non-sense. Everything that is who we are in the here and now (our health, our family, our economy, our environment) is complicated enough for anyone person without bringing in the supernatural. I kind of agree the Dr. Cousins on intention, though he really is paraphrasing Yoda’s “Do or do not. There is no try.” Please you guys be wary when people start to mention any kind of divinity or god. Simply because there is no repeatable, tangible phenomena to point to that is agreeably supernatural and divine (it’s all mental or internal). Therefore everyone has a different idea (visually, logically and emotionally) of what someone means when they invoke the divine or the spiritual. So people tend to either hear what they want to hear, or they hear something that seems false. Sorry this is so long winded, this is an itch I’ve had with the wellness community for a long time, and I really enjoy RHS and don’t want to see it get preachy and weird like so many health gurus out there. You guys are awesome.


  52. Sean says:

    Hi Kevin and AnnMarie, your show is always great inspiration. I just wanted to comment on the Idea that some people said about this show sending the wrong message, in relation with there connection to god & the holy spirit; It’s seems to me that what this episode is saying would strengthen your relation with whatever religion it is you pursue, it shows me that you should not get caught up in planing all your moments because some of the greatest are unsuspected. So in other words god already has a plan for you with all of his children, but we too often get all to concerned with ourselves not realizing what we are missing out on if we just do as comes naturally to ones self or gods master plan for you.

  53. Heather Hemphill says:

    It is so interesting to read all the posts. There are so many levels of understanding or misunderstanding. I enjoy the direction that you are going and applaud your choice.
    I have come to understand our life and reality comes from all our parts and you can not separate our mind and how we create our reality from what we ingest or chose to think or act upon.
    Dr. Bruce Lipton, Bill Harris from Centerpointe Research, Dr. Joe Dispensa and many others are correlating what the bible told us long ago. What you think in your heart so shall it be. We create our reality by how we think because how we think preceeds how we act and how we act brings to us that which we have first created in thought.
    Intension is the direction we give our higher self. It depends on how clear we are or how much we get in the way by emotional issues or blocks or distractions just how quickly that intention can be carried out by our deeper order.
    It is all about being conscious enough to know ourselves and understand what gets in our way. Be that in the line of health,wealth or happiness.
    🙂 Heather

  54. Elena says:

    WOW!! What an incredible response from all of the Renegade Health Supporters. Gabriel struck a very deep chord for many of us! Thank you, Kevin and AnnMarie for providing us with such illuminating moments that remind us to be inteh present and to flow from a place of gratitude for what is as we move to meet the unfolding in our own lives! The two of you are certainly great examples of living in the moment as you move from one incredible experience to the next, all the while, generously sharing your incredible journey with all of your devoted Renegade Health fans!

    many blessings to you, both! Namaste!


  55. kali says:

    Hi Kevin & Annmarie,

    I agree with Sean above.. it’s exactly what I was thinking! Why would this info interfere with anyone’s religious beliefs?
    YAY GC and yay you! I loved this video! Well, my motto IS, “go with the flow!” : )

    happy wednesday!

  56. Monica says:

    Well I think abaout this subject is all what happen in life is depence of your state of mind and your spiritual evolution, all is matter,just let it be enjoy the journey.


  57. h says:

    religious folks can be so hard to listen to/like. sorry, but all the haters just sound just so silly. I used to be one of you, then I woke up. These messages are needed. The old school ways are over! keep it up guys, the world needs more of this!

  58. Pamela W says:

    Sorry to have missed you guys when you were in Austin (it was our Spring Break and we were out of town visiting family). Hope you enjoyed our bluebonnets!!
    What Dr. Cousens says puts me in mind of Dr. Henry Blackaby, who said, “If you want to be [in the will of God], find out where He is and join Him”. Go with the flow–with appreciation!

  59. Michael T. says:


    I agree with Dr. Cousens on many things, and I enjoyed the segment on intention and being in the flow. However, I also believe that this segment was off-topic for this blog.

    Isn’t this blog supposed to be about health and raw food nutrition and exercise?

    A discussion on spirituality is just going to cause discord among your listeners. Some will like it, some will hate it, but the point is, it simply doesn’t belong here.

    There could have been many on-topic things that you could have talked with Dr. Cousens about, such as the need for B-12 supplementation, eating a lot of nuts and seeds – doesn’t he eat too much fat? Does he have high levels of ketones in his body? What does he think of the 80-10-10 approach? What kind of yoga do they do at the Tree of Life, etc.

    I would appreciate your keeping the shows on topic. And, if you think this show was on topic, I would like to hear why you think so.

    In general, I enjoy your shows, and my “intention” is to continue to watch them. (smile)

    Michael T.

  60. Donna V. says:

    i didn’t find it to be too new agey– i think he was just basically saying, “let go and let god.” Moving ego out of the way is not at all in contradiction with the bible in fact its a central idea. Folks get so darn uptight sometimes and miss the big picture– ya just gotta let them be where they are and keep moving with what YOU are called to do. Learn and grow, learn and grow. 🙂 Removing spiritual matters from physiological ones is a false model. We are both. Peace.

    PS: I followed Dr. Cousin’s 30-day raw program and indeed my diabetes was reversed. Have since had a relapse into unhealthy living/eating so am heading back towards what works. I’m thankful this life saving info is available.

  61. sara says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,

    Great interview. Wow. We love how you always know how bring in the many aspects of health, not just food. You are an amazing interviewer as well. And by the way, I absolutely LOVED the intro shot, with the blue sky behind, surprised to see one of your viewers complain. I thought it was an interesting view. You look good, too. And Annmarie, you are such a doll. You have totally been growing in front of our very eyes. (Not physically) but in front of the camera. Love to see you opening up. I know its hard, but you are doing amazing, Keep it up. We love to see both of you.
    Cant wait for the many things that you will discover and share. How exciting that we can never predict or plan… I love it!!

    Chris and Sara

  62. sara says:

    PS. I think if some viewers may “discontinue their involvement” over one interview that they may not have related to, that is sad for them. Think of all the great info to miss out on. I love that you cover the stuff most people are afraid to talk about (gas, religion, making money, etc) 🙂 Its great. Dont let those people deter you from posting great info, that not everyone will agree with. We all need to loosen up and be able to take info in, and not let it disturb us soooo much. If you dont agree, so be it. Move on. I dont think the negativity is necessary.
    Kevin , follow your heart and post ALL great info. More people appreciate it than dont.
    Ill send some love to Connie~

  63. Jeremy says:

    Honestly, in my opinion, if anyone is so offended after watching an episode that talks indirectly about religion, is a person who probably isn’t ready for what is discussed on this website to begin with.

    I will have to admit, there is something distant about Gabriel Cousens. I think he is greatly in touch with himself but greatly out of touch with the general public. Try to keep him off his mumbo-jumbo next time!

  64. Joann says:

    Bruce Quote is beautiful and says it all. Thank you

  65. paul distefano says:

    I find the topic of intentions incredible. I happen to be a competitive pro cyclist and a lot of times I get caught up in the intention of winning races, and this really puts my ego into play, putting that in the way of what I need to do. I may race in 20-30 races in a season but I may only win 3-4 in a good year. I use to set goals of, I would like to win this race or that race, but now it’s more about being active and being present so as to react to situation in every race, and not to limit myself within the confines of what my ego says I can do or should do, but instead allow myself to be present and act totally in each race, and each moment. The intentions aren’t there anymore it’s more like a blur. cycling is such a painful sport and so much of the time you ask yourself to do things that you say to yourself “no, I’m at my limit.” but you do them anyway. On a spiritual level it is an act of both faith, and presents. There is no intention just action and reaction… I think when we put intention on something then we allow choices, and when you have a choice of today or tomorrow we so often say, “oh, I just don’t have it right now, maybe I’ll have it tomorrow.” The fact that your saying that means your not present enough to react to the present situation. I very interesting, and these lessons are across the board. Thanks for that insightful interview.
    Paulie d.

  66. CarlK says:

    Everyone is spiritual, it doesn’t matter if they think they are or not. We are all spirit, soul and body. We can’t live in health without taking care of all parts of our being. The down side is that there are positive and negative spiritual forces. And I do agree with a few of the posts that Jesus is the only positive influence and you have to be careful getting into some of the new age teachings. But at the same time we all live together and have to love each other so I’m open and understanding to others views and just pray that as they start to open their minds that it will be open to positive influence and not the negative ones. There are alot of nuts out there on both sides of the fence, so all you can do is ask the one true God, to help you to see the difference. I’ll keep watching Kevin, because I love your energy and dedication to what you are trying to do with your life.

  67. Carole says:

    Oh for goodness sakes, the Renegade Health Show is a moving raw feast, to steal liberally from Ernie H. This delightful couple is reporting on what is out there, and the gist of some of the comments is censoring in tone. Kevin is enthusiastic about everything and I don’t know why he would change his M.O. on this particular stop.

    Keep on keeping on.

  68. Martha says:

    kevin and Annmarie,
    I wasn’t interested in Gabriels subject matter so I didn’t listen to all of it, but I’m not going to quit listening – this is your show and you put whatever you want on here and if it doesn’t interest some – ok, maybe the next one will. I personally like the raw food and exercise subject matter.

  69. Connie says:

    Ginny, if you see this–your contact e-mail doesn’t work, and I so want to chat with you! Please fix it!!!


  70. I agree with Carl K. Each of us has our own set of personal beleifs. And we should not tresspass upon one anothers territory. But rather be just a little more considerate of each other. On a personal level it’s important what each of us believes to be the truth, but beyond all else it’s vital to our existance that we learn to live in peace and harmony one with another and as my mother used to say “don’t wear our feelings on our sleeves.” so that we don’t easally take offense at every word that is spoken by another. Also she used to say ” If you can’t say anything good then don’t say anything at all.” Love is stronger than death, and death is stronger than life, and it is sad when mankind divides amongst themselves. Our bodies are a mear vehicular servent to carry out the will of the spirit, and try as we may, we cannot separate one from the other. Both the body and the spirit need continual nourishment for without it both become weak and sickly. There must be a balance between the two if we are truly striving for total health and well being. Just as Carl said We can’t live in health without taking care of all parts of our being. A multiplicity of
    blessings be upon you and Annmarie, and yes even Johnny five. Live long and prosper my friends. Shaloam!

    Charles Premoe

  71. Nancy says:

    There is a saying, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all the time.” There are two broad types and one is judgers who plan everything and who like there to be just one best way to do anything, and the other is perceivers who are in the flow and go with the flow and like to keep their options and choices open. It has to do with the way our subconscious mind stores time. Sometimes people change from being a certain way to being the other. That being said the essence of Zen is “Whatever is, is.” When the student is ready the teacher appears. Keep on keeping on.

  72. Mrs. V. says:

    Greetings all, this is a response to what Sarah commented (from March 25, 2009 12:15 am), where she wrote, “There is only one truth and one truth giver” (and also quoted Bible verses from John 10:1-5).

    If I may, I would like to also add a couple of other verses that would explain further what and Who exactly she meant by that comment, and pray that it would be helpful and a blessing to some (including Kevin and Annemarie–I’ve been praying for you two!):

    John 14:6
    “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

    John 10:25, 27-30
    “Jesus answered them…My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. I and my Father are one.”

    GOD (Heavenly Father) = JESUS CHRIST (Lord and Saviour) = The Way = The TRUTH = The Life

  73. Ron says:

    It’s easy for Gabriel to free his mind of work-a-day dulldrums. He has tons of volunteers/subservient’s to handle all those worrisome things for him…

    It seems very contrary to Kevins well organized toolbox style.

    Gabriel, like many other guru like icons, almost seems to be worshipped by his followers. He seems very much in this for the big bucks! Perhaps that’s why he separates the Gabriel from the deep spiritual self, as if Gabriel is a totally different being…

    I have no problem with Gabriel’s spiritual outlook, but it’s odd to hear him constantly refiring to himself in the third person or as another person all together!

    Just speaking my mind, not trying to be offensive… I see often that actions, and body language, can speak louder than words


  74. Ron says:

    I don’t get why some viewers want to dictate what is or isn’t SHOW worthy. You aren’t chained to the thing watch it for what is good for you. When you see something that is not of your belief, don’t watch.

    Peoples spirituality, or none of the above, is their business and we ought to be tolerant enough to leave it at that, being content with our own beliefs, and happy if their’s makes them content!

    There are great things to be learned from this show, they won’t likely mesh with all of us!

    When I voice my opinion, it is just on what I perceive to have seen and heard. I present it as opinion not omnipotent fact….


  75. Nelly says:

    I tend to disagree with Dr. Cousens, and think that there is no such thing as “zero intention” and that there is no such phenomena as “god”. “God” is just an imagination; that’s why there are so many different “gods” are out there and names for them (like universal spirit and so on…)

    As for “intentions”…there always will be intention in our minds of some sort, otherwise we are thoughtless, emotionless and completely brainless creatures. We always intend something and this manifests in our subsequent actions. We sow seeds – our thoughts – and reap results from our mental activities.
    And it’s this Energy of Thought that inevitably puts us into action on one side, and brings about the right circumstances, people and resources into our lives on the other side.

    Keep up with your shows, guys…any subject, whether it’s raw food, exercise,”god” or money – pondering about it all keeps us Fully Alive, Present and Knowledge Powerful.

  76. Eric J Shadd says:

    Totally right on!!!! He nailed it. But you do have to start setting intentions and then it hits you and you move more to being in the flow.

    Have the best in the flow day ever!


  77. This is great.. Gabriel is right on… There are two comments that stand out, one was “dig the hole for someone else and you end up falling in it” and the other was “pls give the bread that has already been given”. These are both deeply profound…
    I enjoyed fasting with Gabriel, Shanti and Rev Michael at Agape last month.. I look forward to visiting the tree soon…

  78. Sharon says:

    I also believe in the God of the Bible and His savior Jesus to be the only true path.
    However – I believe in using the shopping cart appraoch with everything else. As you move through the store, you put into the basket what you like and you leave the rest out. I would hate to see control over content or the loss of free speech in any venue. These are precious freedoms and should be cherished. Everyone has the right to put their ideas out there and also to disagree. I think it is posible to respect someone and simultaneously disagree. Thank you guys for all you do and presenting what you find!

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