Can Water Alkalizers Take Out Fluoride and Other Questions – The Renegade Health Show Episode #224

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Can water alkalizers take out fluoride from your water…

In this episode, I address this as well as an update for my candida challenge, how to deal with digestive issues with raw food, raw food and traveling and more.

I also spill the beans about where we’re going to be this weekend… maybe we can meet up with you. 🙂

Take a look…

Your question of the day: What type of natural itch relief have you used effectively?

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Bette says:

    Oatmeal.Soak in some water and mash into a paste.Spread on itchy area.It extensive itching,make an oatmeal bath and soak in it.
    Otherwise there is a perfect homeopathic remedy for the particular itch,you just need to match symptoms with the remedy.

  2. scott says:

    …glad to see that you are going to visit the ‘burgh and ….go steelers ! will you guys be driving the big green rig down?

  3. fred says:

    And if u read bette’s post you can also get colloidal oatmeal in packets from aveeno or some company like that. There isn’t any chemicals added or anything so its not gonna be harmful. And I was wondering, when I soak my rice before I cook it, how long should it soak. Ive read 4 hours to 48 hours and am kind of lost.

  4. Jenn says:

    For bee stings my mom always used Adolph’s meat tenderizer(mix with water to make a paste) and it helps draw out the sting. For spider bites I used black salve (there are non petroleum recipes out there).

    In the last year my go to for general itchiness(like that rash circle you had) is coconut oil. I wasn’t looking at in in that aspect but had simply started using it with brown sugar as a body scrub in the shower. A few weeks later(this was last winter) I realized I hadn’t needed to use lotion for awhile but BEST of all the few spots of excema I had(that none of the creams from Dr’s ever treated) were all gone and didn’t come back. I love coconut oil 🙂

    Itch from sunburn – fresh aloe

    Anything beyond that I think you need to match the treatment more specifically to what is making you itch.

  5. Anneliese says:

    Aloe vera gel works wonders on itching. Just put it on about 4 to 5 times a day and it should go away within that day:)

  6. Bernadette says:

    Dr. Mercola has suggested an inexpensive and effective way of relieving itching is to make a solution of Himalayan sea salt and warm water, soak a compress in it and hold it over the affected area.

  7. Elena says:

    Most of my life I have problems with itchy skin!!! This is my number one health problem.
    I was even hospitalized twice in my teenage years in a period of two weeks each time, because I caused piodermia (general infection spreading all over my skin) from my uncontrolable scratching!!! At that time they were treating me with the smae shit you are talking about – corticosteroids and antihistaminics, which help at the moment, but are very harmful, specially used in a prolonged period as I was. They are not eliminating the cause but shutting down your immune system which is reacting to something by ichiness, and destroy the skin ability to renew itself so it becomes thinner and more sensible. I thought I should write this first. Now, after I saw that I am not getting better i started to search for a natural way… first of all the stress is a main push button, so check for any unsolved situations that came about before getting the problem (if its more serious), then second realise that the skin is an organ which depends also on what you eat, exercise and on some daily exposure to sun. So after I changed my diet into a diet with no or little meat and diary products, and started realy eating vegetables, drinking (purified) water and fresh juices, whole grain cereals, and drink two tablespoons of mechanically made sunflower, olive or sesame oil, and some doze of vitamins, with more accent on A,D and E (cod liver oil is good for this). Also a MUST thing to do is NOT use any commercial or medical cream, or skin prodeuct which is not 100% organic. This regime reduced my issue to several spots on the skin which would start to itch when I get stressed. Now what I apply for the itchiness is Which hazel water (Hamamelis Virginiana) which is completely natural and helps in cleaning and soothing the most sensible skin, and after that I apply Extra virgin olive oil which I keep in a cool, dark place tightly sealed so it doesnt go bad and loose the effects of nourishing and providing the skin with oxygen (also fights with and kills skabies – skin parasites). All the things I mentioned are preventing the itchiness from coming in the first place, which can be caused by stress, dehidration, lack of essential, unsaturated oils that lubricate the skin, “skin products” we put on the skin, or skabies and other sorts of skin parasites.

    This is from my own personal experience and research on the internet, BUT I would be very happy to hear other succesful products for using directly on the skin, which can have more effective way of stopping the itchiness when it appears. That’s all for now, bye folks!

  8. Bentonite Clay (or clay in general) is good for certain skin conditions – very good for clearing up Poison Oak/Ivy (as well as other conditions). Clay assists the body in pulling out toxins that are already being pushed out of the skin. If you are working with dry clay, you must mix the clay with pure (not tap) water to make a ‘paste’ in order to apply it topically.

    Chickweed Ointment is GREAT for clearing up Excema.

    Comfrey Ointment stimulates cell growth, so it speeds healing tremendously

    Coconut Oil has anti-fungal / anti-microbial properties and can be used as a general salve for treating various fungal/bacterial skin afflictions.

    Food grade peroxide is also good as an anti-fungal / anti-microbial treatment…sprayed onto skin 3% dilution (be careful & use in small amounts – peroxide is caustic, especially in higher percentages or in large amounts). If used often & repeatedly, it will lighten the skin to a certain degree, depending on how often it is used. Be extra cautious around eyes & hair when spraying.

    I keep all of these wonderful things in my ‘medicine cabinet’ 🙂

  9. Kat says:

    Hmm, oregano oil…I will have to look that one up, never heard of using it. Aloe vera works great for itching, burns of course, and just general skin care. Witch hazel also gives immediate relief for itching; just moisten a cloth and apply liberally – takes the itch away immediately. You may have to reapply it several times, but it really does work. Baking soda and epsom salts can also be used for itching if some sort of poison needs to be drawn out.

    Have fun in Pittsburgh! 🙂

  10. Irina says:

    Homeopathic remedies and creams is what I use for skin conditions – they really work! If that fails, I go to my TCM herbalist practitioner and use the herbal cream that she prescribes for my particular problem.

  11. Rhonda says:

    Caproyl. Used both internally and externally, is a fantastic anti-fungal. I also mix it with some oregano oil as well. Great relief!

  12. richard mccarter says:

    i have had very good luck with DR SCHULZES JOJOBA&TEA TREE OINTMENT in the tube style with different skin problems and worked very well…..go to

  13. Itch relief:

    CALENDULA ointment or creme (it’s actually made fom maagolds) is an awesome for relief from itching.
    (way better than rolaids)

    but seriously, it depends what type of itch and where but topical, non-open wound, skin itching is often nicely soothed with calendula.

    my 2 cents.
    dr rona thau, bs dc

  14. Cathy Frank says:

    Peaceful Mountain Eczema Relief herbal blend cream is great.

    Cathy, The “Burgh” Go STEELERS!!!

    Maybe see ya at EEFC If you want to have some kind of Official Meet and Greet thing I could try to work that out with the Members services person or provide an e-mail address- just let me know. I’m a volunteer there for everything gluten free (I have two GF kiddos) so if you need any info there is a guide there we put together with all GF stuff by aisle… cool! I LOVE OUR COOP!
    I just discovered your show. GREAT stuff!! Have you named your RV??? ENVEGGANATOR – that was my idea, but now it just sounds to me like a really efficient food disposal. I liked many of the others having to do with RAWkin’ Roller etc.

  15. eve says:

    try GSE liquid /nutribiotic internally or teetree oil liquid externally.

  16. Danielle Hamilton says:

    I met Janis Hannesdottir at the New Living Expo in SF,CA. Her products are all natural and powerful Icelandic skin care line. I had a rash on my hand that itched and was driving me crazy. I could not get rid of it. She showed me her product Elixer of Minerals $33.00. The rash cleared up and the itching stopped immediatly. It’s a moisturizer so the skin heals very fast.
    You can check out her line at
    These are truly amazing products!

  17. Dorothy says:

    I have in the past tried a couple of things, simple things, for foot itch. Put crushed garlic in a tub of warm water and soak feet for 10 min or so, a few times a day. It worked well, relief the first time, and no lingering odor, to me anyway…

    Recently I was using a scraping tool for dry skin itch on ankles and elbows, and I read somewhere, that salt water soak, with celtic sea salt, was better. And not to scratch the area…the sea salt and water did relieve it, and reminded me of the salt filters in swimming pools, much better than the chlorine filters in most of the communities in the SW.

  18. Patricia says:

    Naming the Renegade RV

    I think Bonnie Evoy hit the nail on the head with her suggestion of “Renegade on Wheels” in episode 219’s comments. It follows your on-line name.

    Linda B from episode 222 comment 145 takes it further with
    …Changing the health of the world one mile at a time
    check us out at

    This says it all for succinct marketing. The rest they can get on line. The world reference is acceptable since you are not confining yourself to the U.S. in your teachings.

    Health is what you are all about; don’t play games with the vege fuel names; you are not environmentalists.

    There have certainly been many imaginative names suggested that would be appropriate for individuals wanting to make a statement but yours is a business and as such you need to keep it simple. If you get too cutesy you can loose clarity as well as your credibility.

    Patricia of CA

  19. Allen Adkins says:

    Regarding a completely natural remedy for itching, my product which is Coral Sea Island Tamanu Oil is, by FAR, the best skin healing and anti-itching remedy on the planet, and works for most skin itching. It should be 100% pure, and not cut with anything else to be most effective. My company, Conscious Alchemy, imports the best from the Coral Sea area more or less due east of Northern Queensland, in the Coral Sea Island of Vanuatu. People can also get the True Tamani from New Chapter, which is fairly widely distributed.

    By the way, the Blue Mangosteen product that David Wolfe sells, is my product that I private label for them. I will be coming out with my own label products hopefully later in the year, including our Coral Sea Island Pure Tamanu, which is available from me now, just now in distribution.

    Almost everyone I know who uses Tamanu oil, loves it, and I have 100% consistent feedback that is works extremely well for everyone. It is known as the worlds best cicatrizing agent (rapid healing of epithelial skin cells – look it up…) and my experience only confirms this. Totally wonderful healing oil and every family and person should not be without it. It is without any doubt a must-have staple in every natural home medicine collection. A.A.

  20. louise says:

    Hi Kevin,Thanks for all of the emails that you sent out,I learn so much from you/your sites.I had a major surgery years ago,after the surgery I developed prolaps/coccyx bone on nerve pain.I have test/treatments/Per 2 Dr,s only another surgery might help.per 3 Dr,s don,t get the surgery ,that because of the last surgery+other surgerys that it would be life treatening.I haven,eaten meat,can goods,junk foods etc in years/all test come out ok,blood/mri,s etc.but the pain rob my energy day in and day out.I realy to live a healty life.please sent me your phone num.thank,s I would like to talk with you over the you said one day at a time,one change at a time.I thank you.from louise—please contact.reaching out,ps-I saw your videos/lots of wonderful information.

  21. Sari says:

    I think Aloe Vera Gel is great for all kinds of stuff! (sun burn, mosquito bites, etc). I use the “Forever Living Products” Aloe Vera Gel (and their Ale Vera toothgel). I think one should at least try it 🙂

  22. Janet says:

    Hi Kevin

    Camomile tea helps soothe and calm irritation both internal and external. You can drink it or make in a teapot, leave to infuse for a few minutes and add to bathing water or to sponge down in shower(cooled first if sponging) Tea tree oil is excellent for topical treatment of spots, bites, stings, fungal, bacterial and viral episodes.Hope this helps. love Janet

  23. Deborah Gordon says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Once I had this itching all over my body. I tried EVERYTHING. All kinds of anti itching creams, MSM, Eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, Anti itch soap, etc. etc. I tried elimating things from my diet thinking it was an allergy. I went on a green juice fast for 10 days. NOTHING WORKED AT ALL. Sometimes things would work for about 10 minutes. This itch kept me up at night and lasted all day long. Then I went to seen Fred Bisci and he told me to try colonics. I had this intense itching for 3 months. It was drivig me crazy. Anyway, I went for a colonic and the itching lessened by 80%, then I went for a second colonic and the iching was GONE and never came back. That was 1 year ago.

  24. Donal. says:

    ALUMINIUM is dangerous, ALUMINIUM pots and pans should be avoided, so an ALUMINIUM filter would raise concerns in my mind.
    P.S. Plant-based ALUMINIUM is a nutrient !.

  25. max says:

    this product available at www drwheatgrass com has been the best product i have tried for skin conditions..
    the link wheatgrassprofessional has a lot of good information…

  26. Denise says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Well, first of all I would recommend vinegar and put it on the itchy part. It also helps with musquito bites. Talking about musquito bites.
    As I understand it well, you said you had a round spot on your arm! Are you sure you haven’t been bitten by a bug. Overhere in the Netherlands we have bugs, they are called takes (I am not sure of the English word!) If you are been bitten by that, your immunesystem might be infected and you could get serious health issues over the years. Fatigue, your muscles will be less in function, blurry eyesight etc etc. I hope it is not, but if it will be, you will not notice it in the beginning and it will change you…
    Well, I cannot tell you from here as I did not see it, but even a lot of doctors don’t think of it (A friend of mine went through the whole cycle for 3 years, even MRI scans! and a natural doctor now concluded what it is)
    So now he can be treated finally in the right way…so make sure what it realy is.

    Good luck Kevin and I hope it does not make you scared 😀

    Have a wonderful day

  27. Donna says:

    Very good move Kevin, not putting the steroid cream on. The steroid cream can thin your skin. I have a itchy skin reaccurance every spring. All the dermatologist did was give me the steroid cream which doesn’t help and then you have to be extra careful in the sun ect…(living in Florida that is a hard feat). My fix, for my problem anyway is good moisture skin care with everyday skin brushing. Last year with just the extra care in moisturizing helped a lot and I didn’t get the itch as bad or as long. I just learned about skin brushing from Angila Stokes, and I’ve been doing that and good quality moisturizing every day. So, I’m hoping this spring the itch will not accure

  28. Nick says:

    Jewel weed works great and you can find it near your house probably. The funny thing is it usually grows next to poison ivy!!!

    Have fun in pittsburgh, I used to live up there, but now am in va beach. GO STEELERS!!

  29. Linda B. says:

    I must say Kevin that whatever you are doing, you look a lot better. The last couple of months you have looked a little ragged and tired and today you look just wonderful. So glad that you figured it out and are on the mend. Take care.

  30. Lyn says:

    I had hives once so bad that I would use the kitchen scrubber on my legs and arms. After going through medications from the doctor, I looked it up in Dr. Balch’s book. One of the things he mentioned was acidophilus taken internally. It was a miracle-cure! Of course, I had to change my diet drastically also to make the ‘cure’ stick. Now, whenever I feel itchy anywhere, I just pop one of these, and again instant results. (I use the non-dairy version)

  31. Stevie says:

    1) Homeopathic creams even stop poison ivy effects!
    2) Black drawing ointment (Dr. Christopher’s products) is amazing stuff for pulling out whatever might be trying to get out through your skin.
    3) Kill your parasites with black walnut hull extract, cloves, raw diatomaceous earth, or anything else needed to get rid of them and stop feeding them the junk food diet they require.

  32. Rachel says:


    you mentioned before that you teeth were after becoming a little bit transparent near the edges. has that changed since you have been eating and drinking lots of greens and using tooth soap??

  33. Madonna F says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I enjoy your show!
    I have a ‘psoriasis-like’ condition and have gotten the itchy red crusty stuff under control through diet (of course)and some really great things that have become my mainstays.

    100% pure Shea butter

    Magnesium oil – stings a little and works!

  34. Michael says:

    Just a note about water ionizers (alkalizers) removing fluoride. The machine does not remove fluoride as it does clorine, however, since fluoride is an acidic mineral, when the water is separated into acidic and alkaline water, about half of the fluoride is removed to the acid water side of the output (which is the water that is not consumed). This leaves a VERY VERY small amount of fluoride in the alkaline water that you drink. There are pre-filters that are available to remove fluoride prior to going to the machine. Check with the dealer about that.
    The small amount of fluoride, (in my opinion), does not out-weigh the benefits received from drinking Ionized water.
    More info is available at . I highly recommend Bob McCauley’s book “The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water” (available there).

  35. Hi,
    I had a rash on my face this fall. I tried everything everyone suggested and it spread because, I think now I realize after the fact that I was literally further irriating it with too many different essential oils. I tried Oreganol, lavender oil, witch hazel, colloidal silver, coconut oil, and Bendetta lotion. When I finally just stopped everything and waited a while, it did go away, but it took a long time. I think face rashes are a little trickier because the face skin is so thin. I also agree that cacao can be very irritating to the body.

  36. Ineke Helby says:


    Just a little note for Carla. I always put 2 TBSP SOAKED flaxseed in my green smoothies. It acts as a mucelage. Just soak it briefly. I make my smoothies in the evening and keep them in the fridge for the next morning. They taste even better!!

    Thanks by the way for your update on candida

  37. MARY THOMAS says:


  38. Rawma says:

    Give Tea Tree Oil a try. It works wonders for us.

  39. aj says:

    GARLIC. Those round viral infections you get on your skin are also known as ringworm (sounds disgusting I know). I had one once and after consulting my Homopathathic Encyclopedia discovered that freshly sliced garlic applied to the infection for a few minutes a couple of times kills the infection like nothing else.

  40. Bette says:

    Hey you two.Just so you know.I am an artist.A muralist,canvas,faces,furniture,I paint lotsa stuff. Anyway,when you get to that point,maybe I can help somehow with the decorating of the new girl.Thats more of my support for you.Best,Bette

  41. nathan says:

    How about having a shave ? aloe vera gel is good for itches

  42. I use Young Living’s Lavender Oil. It is Awesome!

  43. Ellen Aitchison says:

    Hi, I found that soaking a cloth in milk and putting it on a rash will take the itch away. Years ago I had a poison ivy rash, and milk was the only thing that really helped.
    I would not recommend that anyone drink milk, just put it on a rash.

  44. Shelley says:

    Oh, let us know if you arrange a gathering in Pittsburgh. I’d like to be there!

  45. Gail says:

    Been listening to your shows and I think there great would like to know if these water ionisers really work and has anybody had success in using them.


  46. Katherine says:

    Are skin rashes usually linked to candida? i have had this one oval like spot just below my left elbow that is somewhat raised, very dry and always cracks. it has been there for i would guess maybe 4-5 years. it gets better and worse but never goes away. how did you know you had candida?

  47. Just had a run in with the non-indigenous
    pepper tree, here in Florida while clearing some land. It’s oils will give you an exact poison ivy rash that itches.
    This time, after cutting and bagging the pepper trees, I wash with baking soda, hands face, extremeties; then take a regular shower with sea soap. Above, gets the oil from the pepper tree off your skin. Then there is the issue with itching and skin eruptions. I’ve used a lot of stuff in the past and this time
    I went straight for pure organic lavender oil.
    I also only touch the areas that have the rash
    when bathing and to put on the lavender oil.
    That’s it!Don’t touch the areas. This works for me and when I was a kid poison ivy was my middle name. Also, keeping raw helps a lot, it keeps you more alkaline, and truly whatever you do run into healthwise, having a “green body” helps.
    Also, I surely hope that you and AnneMarie will come to Naples, Florida in your travels this coming year!

  48. Tanya Shubin says:

    Steam distillation will remove fluoride
    from any water.

  49. Buttermilk. I used to get REALLY bad poison ivy and after years of trying different remedies it was the first that worked for the itch. It’s kinda messy and you need to keep reapplying it every few hours.

    Itches are best treated internally. Homeopathy and liver detox!

  50. Mary says:

    Jewel Weed it grows along creek banks mostly in the summer when the posion oak / ivy is out you can use the sap from branches and apply to aid in getting rid of the rash. I live in southwest VA. It’s all over the place. Medical significance and phytochemistry
    The North American jewelweeds are often used as a home remedy to treat bee stings, insect bites, and particularly Poison Ivy
    Toxicodendron radicans) and Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) rashes, but this seems to be based on little else but superstition. An oft-repeated folk saying, “Wherever poison ivy is found, jewelweed grows close by”, is not true. Poison ivy grows in a wide variety of habitats, while jewelweeds are restricted to moist bottomlands and valleys with rich soil. The reverse is often true on the other hand: wherever jewelweed is found, poison ivy is usually close by.

    The Orange and the Yellow Jewelweed (I. pallida) have been subject to various scientific studies as regards their alleged effect against Poison Ivy contact dermatitis. Save for one study conducted in the 1950s[2], no significant and lasting antipruritic effect was found compared to other commonly-used treatments[3].

    Check this out for more info
    Love the internet!

  51. Michael says:

    While steam distillation does remove fluoride, clorine and other impurities, it also removes EVERYTHING beneficial to your body from the the water (most importantly minerals).

  52. Smith says:

    I had a serious infection from a spider bite. I put a drop of North American oregano oi on a bandaid (reapplied new bandaid with oil twice a day) and the infection disappeared within 3 days. I would have put calcium bentonite clay on it too, but I didn’t have any with me. I had a friend who had a circular rash on her arm…something like ring worm. I applied oregano oil the first day and covered with a bandaid. The second day I used calcium bentonite clay and covered with a bandaid, then later in the day applied some fresh aloe. Then at night I covered it again with oregano oil and a bandaid. Third day was all oregano oil and it was almost completely gone by the 4th day. Just continued to use oregano oil until it had disappeared altogether.

  53. Laura says:

    Hey Kevin-
    I’ve used coconut oil for itching rashes and it’s helped to calm the itch and even appeared to help heal it. I also add lavender oil in addition on top of the oil but even just the coconut oil relieves and soothes the itching.

  54. Susan says:

    Xango has been working for six years on a Clean, Green and 100% toxin free skin care line. They launched the line last November. Its call Glimpse. The effectiveness on the skin is phenominal from itchiness to Acne and everything in between. And it’s all focused around the pericarp oil of the Mangosteen fruit. Please view great photos at;

    If anyone needs more info, please email me at and I’ll get you your questions answered.

  55. andu says:

    itching could be sign of exhausted adreanals, so need some kind of adreanal support.

  56. louise says:

    hi Kevin,no aluminium baking soda works very good for me when I have an itch.also I mix baking soda with distilled water to make a paste, rub or lay paste on itchy place,put cheese cloth over baking soda to hold paste in place, to keep paste from drying out, dab distilled water on it.I-leave paste on itch fore 15 mins 3 times a day. also I put Baking soda,very little,in my shoes. it helps with foot/shoe odor/itch.-above works very good fore bee stings,it worked for me.blessings,peace and love to all-from louise

  57. louise says:

    Hi Kevin-here is some name,s for your S-R-V.-here i go.#1-renovate-#2–rejuvenate-#3-Get On BOARD. K&A,s Raw Food Family.#4-The Renewing Health Hunter,s, The Raw food Way.-From Louise with Love, to My Renegade Health show me if you like any of these,Thanks

  58. Maria-Pia says:

    Hi Renegades

    This may be a little bit too much information for some, but I do have a cure for a particular itch that is specific to ladies….(if you know what I mean!)

    Live goat’s or sheep’s yoghurt used internally. It works miracles!! Of course, a healthy diet is key to maintaining health in that area but if you are looking for a quick fix, yoghurt is the way to go.

  59. Mo Green says:

    PSORISIAS Itch driving my husband to destraction!He cannot sleep at night and needs help. He take Embril shots twice a week. It doesn’t seem to help much at all. What natural can he do to get some sleep at night and to stop the itching. Also to heel the sores. Mo

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