Can You Eat Nutritional Yeast When You Have Candida – The Renegade Health Show Episode #173

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I’ve been getting a LOT of candida questions lately…

Probably because I have it. 😉

Here’s the deal… I’ve obviously done a lot of research on it and I’m really excited about what I’ve learned. I’m also excited to put it together into a report for you as well… stay tuned!

But for now, I’ll just report on it during the show.

In this episode, I talk about whether or not you can eat nutritional yeast when you have candida, why I DON’T think the natural hygiene approach to candida is correct, why I put my juice through a nut milk bag and if raisins have more nutrients than grapes.

I get a little fired up today… check it out…

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. fred says:

    happy birthday!! Yes I can send annmarie a happy birthday.

  2. Deby says:

    Hi Ann-Marie; I hope Kevin is a good {un}cook and makes you something really special. Hope you have the BEST birthday ever!!! Best wishes, Deby

  3. DebB says:

    Happy Birthday Annmarie! I send you birthday greetings from across the U.S. in beautiful Washington State.

    I hope you had a great day ~ sounds like you’ll have a wonderful evening too!

    Best Wishes,
    DebB (Debbie) *Ü*

  4. Kathy Clayton says:

    How much weight have you lost since you are fighting candida? You look alot thinner, even with the weight filming puts on you. Also, how long are you doing this before you know the yeast is dead and gone?
    Just wondering….
    Have a great birthday Annemarie. Mine is Nov. 1. I was a Halloween baby!

  5. RY says:

    Annmarie — Happy birth anniversary!

  6. Linda Holloway says:

    Happy Birthday, Annmarie! Enjoy Kevin’s dinner he is preparing for you! You are so blessed!

  7. sonja says:

    Happy Birthday Annmarie! hope you have a wonderful day!! Enjoy!!

  8. Enzymeluv says:

    Lots of tidbits of info… You will have to request Anne Marie to make you a dinner on your 200 episode. By that time, your followers will be walking encyclopedias from all the knowledge you’ve imparted. thanks again…

  9. Shaun in Tucson says:

    Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, Annmarie.

  10. Carole says:

    Blessings for a long, healthy, prosperous life for you and yours!

  11. Dale says:

    Happy Birthday annmarie.I’m guessing it’s your 23rd?

  12. Wishing you an AWESOME Birthday Ann Marie.
    It was a pleasure to meet you back in Fort Bragg at the Raw Food Festival.

    Enjoy your evening with Kevin..

    Birthday Blessings, Marina 🙂

  13. Jon G. says:

    Happy birthday Emory!

  14. millie rivera says:

    Wishing you an amazing birthday!!!

    I met you Glen’s cafe at the David Wolfe event..

    Happy birthday xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  15. Elaine says:

    Happy Birthday, Annmarie! And many more!!!!

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    Happy Birthday Annmarie. Hope you’ve had a great day.

    Lots of Love to you,
    Cindy from Florida

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    Happy birthday Annmarie! Have the best birthday ever!

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    Happy Birthday, Annmarie!!

  20. Barbara says:

    Wishing you Happy Birthdayand abundant health Annmarie.

  21. Welmoed says:

    Happy Birthday Annmarie from Pennsylvania Dutch country. I agree w/Kevin, you should have taken the day off. On the other hand, if you love what you do (and I think you do!), then work may not seem like work and you’re having a good time anyway. And that’s what it’s all about. Well Kevin, since you’re always saying you’re not good in the kitchen, should we feel sorry for Annmarie you’re making her dinner or is it the thought that counts? Of course, you will have to let us know what you did make – maybe my husband can learn from you, since I’m the one trying to eat living foods so if he wants to do something for me then…..
    Thanks guys for being such an inspiration and I thoroughly enjoyed the Rawkathon and follow-up calls.


  22. Cherie says:

    Happy Birthday Annmarie. Take the day off silly 🙂

  23. Misty says:

    Happy Birthday to you Annmarie!

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    Happy Birthday Annmarie

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    You are both just super great. Annmarie happy birthday. Blessings and love to you both.

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  27. linda says:

    i have been told by my food coach that
    the way nutritional yeast is made there is MSG in it………just wondering if you have ever heard this……..guess i need to ask her how?

  28. Judy says:

    Happy Birthday, Annmarie! Hope you enjoy your special dinner that Kevin is preparing for you. 🙂

  29. teri says:

    Hey girl what cha doing working on your birthday?? hope you have a great day and hope Kevin is a good “cook” raw food dinner! happy day

  30. Rev Bob says:

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y
    A N N M A R I E !!!
    and many more!

  31. Carole says:

    I hope this birthday has been and will continue to be as special as you are and never lose that smile.
    Many blessings from the Southeast coast of Fla.

  32. diane West says:

    Hi Ann Marie, just want tolet you know that you are a true inspiration to me, I love the chemistry you and kevin have and look forward to watching you guys together You always make me smile and giggle along with you. I wish you the best birthday ever!!!!!! love diane

  33. Deanna Dean says:

    Happy Birthday – You’re a beautiful lady who inspires us all out here. Keep up the good work and have many more birthdays!.
    Deanna from Florida

  34. Tammy says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Adding fat to the diet to combat candida makes sense to me because of the lauric acid in the coconut oil and monolaurin which the body makes from coconut oil. Both are helpful with fungal infection. They have been shown to provide anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties helping to provide a balance to gut flora. From my understanding, the yeast do live off sugar in refined carbohydrates and possibly in the di and poly- saccarides of grains and some fruit/vegetables.
    The only trouble with that is in the life cycle of candida. Yeast tend to curl up in a protective ball and remain dormant when there is a famine of the food they are needing. They can remain dormant for long periods of time until food becomes abundant. That is where the coconut oil/butter becomes helpful. Introduction of other probiotic species is also helpful. Katz’s book Wild Fermentation is really helpful in giving recipes for fermented raw foods which can add helpful probiotics to the diet. Plus it is food that is full of enzymes and easily absorbed. There is a great recipe for coconut kefir which is really beneficial to the gut. There is kefir starter available from Body Ecology. It may not meet all raw and vegan guidelines as it is started from lactose starters, but very powerful none the less. Not for all, but perhaps for some.

    Thanks for the show!

    Happy Birthday Annmarie! Tammy

  35. Annmarie…have a,
    HappyHAPPYHappy Birthday!!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  36. Samuel says:

    Hello Kevin,

    Natural Hygiene advocates to treat each person individually. People who don’t fully understand NH tend to attack it, or discount it.

    You are NOT feeding the Candida by eating fruit when cutting fat because the sugar is making it into your cells and not being trapped in your bloodstream where Candida is feeding on it.

    Although your symptoms may lessen when cutting fruit once you have a Candida problem, this is not addressing the underlying cause of the Candida problem, which is usually a poor diet and lifestyle habits to begin with.

    hope that helps
    Dr. Sam

  37. phil says:

    Regarding candida and the high fat/low sugar diet, I don’t know much, but here’s quote from a website I perused a bit over the past few months (not sure if I’m allowed to post this here, but it’s

    “Just don’t follow the traditional, or common sense, advice when it comes to Candida. It’s based on the idea that Candida eats sugar (glucose). Carbohydrates are broken down to sugar. So you should avoid carbohydrates. The remedy then is low-carbohydrate diet, which are always high in fat.

    The problem with this is that glucose is only an issue when it stays in the bloodstream too long (because of insulin resistance). With normally functioning insulin receptors glucose is quickly transported to cells and won’t feed Candida.

    To make matters worse these high-fat diets keep recreating the same problem over and over. High-fat diet -> insulin resistance -> chronically high glucose levels -> Candida and acne.

    That’s why many people can be on these diets for months, even years, with no apparent progress.

    With correct diet and lifestyle you can quickly bring your body to a condition where it doesn’t need to resort to Candida anymore. Usually this happens easily within two weeks. In a nutshell, you need low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, high-fiber diet along with other lifestyle factors that support health.”


  38. Tues says:

    Happy birthday Annmarie! We love you!

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  40. Maria says:

    Happy Birthday AnneMarie!

    Kevin, when I click on today’s show about
    Nutritional yeast there are several sound
    track at the same time. Please check out
    what’s going on.

  41. Ally says:

    Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio!

    Scorpios rock 😉

    Have a great day. Hey I am taking a 4 day weekend for my birthday. Kevin is right.. take some time off and celebrate YOU!


  42. Jan says:

    Happy Birthday Annmarie!
    I am so glad you were born!
    I really enjoyed the Rawkathon.
    I am going to kick up my health another notch as a result of what I learned!
    Thanks so much,enjoy your dinner and time with Kevin!
    You guys are awesome!
    Love and blessings,
    Jan in Colorado.

  43. Lynne says:

    Special Greetings Annmarie on your birthday!
    It’s always such a blessing to see your smiling face and the way you and Kevin complement each other in your service to others.

    May you have many, many more joyful years.

    God bless, Lynne

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  45. Rosemary says:

    Happy Birthday Annmarie from Rosemary, Calgary, Canada

  46. marilyn smart says:

    I really enjoy watching you prepare recipes. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Have a fabulous birthday and a wonderful year!
    Marilyn from Los Angeles

  47. marguerite says:

    Annmarie, Happy birthday !

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner with Kevin.
    Maybe someday he will give us the recipe ?

    Thank you for all you do.

  48. Beth says:

    Annmarie, Happy Birthday! from Northern Maine and you should do whatever YOU want to do on your day.
    I watch the Renegade Health Show every day.

    Kevin, I have severe candida, leaky gut, and very extensive food allergies. You are right about the fruit and sugar. I stopped all of it in June(’08) and when I did, I got a severe skin rash on my stomach and athlete’s foot, each twice since then. I have not “cheated”. I have an extremely restricted diet because I’m allergic to almost everything. I’ve lost 20 pounds since then and always have low energy. I was and still am a sugar addict. For me, it’s like being an alcoholic.

    I would appreciate any advice on these health issues. (email is There are no Natural Health practitioners here where I live and no health food store. I order things online. (We do have high-speed internet.)

  49. sye says:

    Hello Kevin. Happy Birthday Annmarie! Saw your show today and have the same question about Natural Hygiene asked before. I do have something to add. Doug Graham claims the reason it’s safe to eat fruits without fats, is that the sugar goes straight into your blood and nourishes cells, then comes straight back out if there is not too much fat in the blood. In this sense the candida doesn’t have a chance to grow because the sugar doesn’t stay in your blood long enough. He also claims that, most food, including fats, which have to be broken down into sugars have a higher glycemic load than most simple fruit sugars, which is different than the glycemic index. So the question comes to be something like is this really true. Did you ask Doug Graham about this?

  50. Jan says:


  51. Johanna Zee says:

    HI Kevin and Happy Birthday AnnMarie!

    I would love the opportunity to explain the science behind the Candida issue for you Kevin. In fact, I could write a book on the subject- oh wait, I did 11 Step Program for Self-Healing Candida –
    No superfoods, no herbs/products, and yes, lots of fruit.

    Candida albicans, part of our normal flora, is a self-healing mechanism, a sign our body is out of balance. Instead of attacking it, we remove the causes (fruit does not cause the candida overgrowth) and give the body what it naturally needs to thrive, and health will prevail. It doesn’t happen overnight, though.

    May I point out my friend Kevin that you have recently had a case of cystic acne, travel-related sinus ailments, and you still wear glasses- all which can heal naturally, but are signs of digestive impairment. I’d be happy to help- you do such amazing work- love your show (ignoring your comments about us purists:)) Your thinness may be related to leaky gut which stems from a change in the permeability of your intestinal wall (those Candida grow long filaments and burrow in!).

    Back to the science: Candida proliferates to take up the excess sugar in the bloodstream/intestines. Instead of focusing on the symptoms and trying to suppress them, Natural Hygienists look at what is actually causing the imbalance. Intestinal debris and metabolic waste are huge contributors. You can never rid yourself of sugar completely- your carrot juice and other veggie juices contain sugar. When you deprive yourself of fruit, which is the basis of our diet (provides the calories and the vitamins), you are essentially starving yourself. Your body has more difficulty healing because if you are not eating your calories in fruit, you are eating them in fat. Greens and veggies provide the minerals and protein we need, but have very few calories. Fruit is a basic need, as is fresh air, sunshine, exercise, etc.

    Many of my clients tried the “no sugar, no fruit” anti-candida diet and were miserable, and started showing further signs of vitamin deficiency. Once on my program, they started healing. Real healing, not a short-term suppression of symptoms.

    When you stop putting in the processed junk and other non-foods like cacao, salt, nutritional yeast, etc, your body will cleanse and there will be no intestinal debris for the candida to feed off of. The fat in the diet affects the absorption of sugar by blocking insulin (and other hormone) receptor sites on the cells. Go figure. In nature, there is no almond butter tree!

    After I was diagnosed several years ago with Candida and lots of other related ailments, I thankfully found Natural Hygiene (after of course going the conventional/alternative routes) and developed a self-healing plan which includes much more than diet (because, really, its NOT all about the food). It works, but you have to try it, and be committed.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share. Keep up the great work!

    Johanna Zee,RN, PhD
    Hygienic doctor

  52. Valerie says:

    Bon anniversaire Annmarie !

  53. nashima says:

    Happy birthday Annmarie! Hope you had a wonderful dinner : )
    And maybe you can take tomorrow off?

  54. Mary says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNMARIE! Many blessings to you from Mary in California. (Great show Kevin,)

  55. Happy Birthday Annmarie!!!

  56. Monica says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Annmarie, Happy Bithday to you, Yeeeaaaahhhhh , and maby More.

    Love, Peace and Money a lots of Money.

  57. Jerome says:

    Happy Birthday Annmarie !!!
    I hope that you hve a great day.

    I have big technical problem to watch your ideo since you change your video system. My PC based on linus don’t like your new video system: pictures are very slow and the sound of one than 3 videos run at the same time. Basically I can not watch your show at all 🙁
    Could you come back to your previous system ? It works very good.

  58. Ms. Kaur says:

    Happy Birthday Annmarie!!!!!!!!!! Wish you much love success and happiness =)

  59. Kevin,
    Listen, I think you’re all washed up on this one. The candida issue that is.

    The issue is not the sugar, it’s the fat plus the sugar.

    Here’s the way it works (you wanted to know!). Candida is always present in our body. It’s a defense mechanism to help keep our blood sugar levels regulated. If our blood sugar levels get too high and our other body systems (adrenal and pancreas) don’t take care of it, candida starts eating the excess sugar. Hence the overgrowth.

    Not eating fruit doesn’t help the situation, you need the calories from the fruit to eat enough daily and feel satiated. Fruit is a natural food that we were designed to eat, and eat plenty of it – not avoid it. Avoiding it only masks the symptoms temporarily, not getting to the source of the problem.

    Now here’s where the fat comes in.

    Increasing your fat intake slows down everything (as you know). It makes it harder for your body to absorb and digest properly. And any sugar in a system with elevated fat intake will naturally spike your blood sugar levels, continuing the candida problem.

    And unfortunately, most raw foodists have really high fat intakes, sometimes more than those eating a S.A.D. diet. Now that’s sad! 🙂

    Having candida symptoms is a sign of your system being out of balance, possibly adrenal fatigue (going, going, going all the time) along with many other things. It’s also telling you you’re possibly on the path to diabetes.

    How do I know this is true?

    I also had issues with candida, unknowingly, for most of my life (even after being 100% raw vegan almost 4 years now). Only until recently, after learning about this concept from Doug Graham (author of 80/10/10) and then trying it myself, did I get relief from my symptoms, almost immediately. First, I went 7 days with no overt fat, and the results were just as he indicated. There were no signs of candida overgrowth, they went away literally overnight. Next, I learned just how much fat is in most foods. Without eating ANY overt fat, that’s no nuts, seeds, nut butters, avocados… nothing, I was still eating about 6% of my daily calories in fat. Adding overt fats normally jumps that to about 10-12% and if I do that regularly, signs of candida often appear. (and think about how much the normal American gets if I’m eating a 80/10/10 100% raw vegan diet!) And lastly, I learned that I don’t need much fat in my diet and how much better everything works, from digestion, elimination, immune system, energy, etc all have improved with low fat intake. I no longer have a craving or taste for additional fat and only have overt fat a few times a week, or every 2nd or 3rd day, and life is REALLY good.

    And by the way, I eat lots of fruit, about 2/3 of what I eat in volume every day and haven’t had ANY signs of candida since lowering my fat intake. In your view, I guess I’m throwing fuel on the fire, but it ain’t burnin!

    In fact, I just had a wellness check and blood work done for fun and curiosity, and the naturopath I saw said she ought to put all her patients on a vegan raw diet based on my results. But of course that won’t help her business, she wouldn’t have many patients! 🙂

    So personally, I can attest to the fact that it’s not a sugar issue, it’s a fat plus sugar issue.

    Before you throw it out because it may not make ‘sense’ to you logically (not everything always does on the surface, right?), ‘try it before knocking it’ as they say. If you study the subject (do you have the 80/10/10 book?) it’s easy to understand. The worst that can happen is you can start eating more fat again if it doesn’t work for you. Nothing lost, except maybe your candida symptoms. 🙂

    Hope this helps you and others in this same situation. It was a blessing for me!


    P.S. Now I can’t say this will work for everyone because sometimes it may not. If you have a high fat intake and don’t have signs of candida then you don’t have to worry (at least not about candida, but perhaps other issues), for now. But if it shows up one day, this may be worth considering. Bottom line, high fat intake is just not good for your body, but not everyone believes that (or wants to admit they eat a high fat diet)!

    P.P.S. Happy Birthday AnneMarie!

  60. Sandi Miller says:

    Happy Birthday Annmarie!

  61. Sparrow says:


    I’m not a hygienist and I’ve never had candida, so this is just from what I’ve read, not from personal experience.

    My understanding of why hygienists say to just cut fat with candida is because fat slows transit time in digestion. If you eat sugars with fat, the fat slows them down and they hang around in your blood stream and the candida has plenty of time to eat the sugar. But if you eat sugars without fats, they are quickly pushed into the muscle tissues and don’t hang around for very long in the blood stream to provide a meal for the candida.

    Again, this is just from what I’ve read, but this is also why I, who am healing from diabetes, am currently eating fruit without fear, so long as I remain low-fat in my diet. I hope that I haven’t been told erroneous things that cause me future harm and I hope that I am not telling you erroneous things, but this is just what I have read in my research.

    Be well and heal completely from your candida!

    And, Annmarie, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday!!! May you have many joyous returns of the day!


  62. Anne says:

    Happy birthday Annemarie, hope its been a great day!

  63. Simona says:

    Happy Birthday, Annmarie!!!

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  65. Celine says:

    Divine Love
    Celine (Belgium)

  66. Jim says:

    Happy Birthday… two are the greatest!!!

  67. kali says:

    Have the happiest most fun b-day WEEK, Annmarie!!
    Diane (kali)

  68. Luke Mckeown says:

    Hey Kev! Love your show – heres the deal with fat, candida and sugar….. Fat blocks glucose from entering the cells – causing sugar to stay in the blood. High sugar in the blood feeds the candida massively. Candida is there as a defense mechanism when blood glucose levels get too high infact. So removing fat allows glucose to feed your cells rather than remain in the blood – the candida will than die off because theres isnt an excess of sugar in the blood to feed the candida. You cant survive eating no sugar – every cell in your body runs on glucose my friend. I hope this helps and feel free to e-mail me back more questions. Im pretty sure Dr. Doug Grahm has loads of success testimonials of candida sufferers using this method.

    Have an awesome day! x x

  69. Raluca says:

    I guess a late “Happy birthday” wish is still welcome, since this means that not only yesterday, but also today, somebody is thinking of you and somebody is wishing you well, health and hapiness! Lots of love to you! My life has changed since I’ve found you two!

  70. Janice says:

    Happy Birthday Ann Marie!!!!
    This is YOUR very own personal holiday so I hope your celebration is joyous. I know we are all grateful that your are on our planet earth so thanks to your mom as well!!!

  71. Karen Jackson says:

    Wishing you a wonderful B-day Annmarie! You’ll have to report on Kevin’s dinner for you. I always enjoy seeing you on the daily telecasts – what a beautiful smile you have!


  72. nicole says:

    happy birthday Anne-Marie!!!!

  73. nicole says:

    oh got a question… what if I test positively for candida but exhibit no symptoms at all?

    Been reading Doug Grahams insight about the way the fat keeps the sugar in your bloodstream longer and so your body creates more insulin… but I’m not 100% sure which approach I plan on taking yet, or even if I should do anything if not exhibiting any symptoms. What do you think?

  74. Leonardo says:

    Hello guys!, Annmarie and Kevin!

    Kevin, about your pimples and candida… I’m sure I have it (candida). Why? On a diet of only fruits and vegetables (including olive oil), no nuts, I still have them. After reintroducing rolled oats (long grain, the really thick ones) and eating them with bananas, the pimples have receded, though the “scars” remain (you know, red spots where they were). That’s how it is with me. I’m 21 years old and since I was 16 or so, my face has never been clean.

  75. Heidi says:

    Happy Birthday Ann Marie!

  76. Alicia says:

    OOPS! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!! What did ya get? What did ya get? 😉

  77. Cindy says:

    Happy Birthday AnnMarie all the way from Sydney, Australia. I hope you enjoyed your day (even if it was training clients which is enjoyable to some people) and the dinner your wonderful husband prepared for you. What a nice guy.
    Kevin, thanks for answering my question about straining green juice on today’s show. I really appreciate it.
    Also, I bought a book by Sherry Brescia “Great Taste, No Pain” re:Ph balance & food combining, and she states that fruit should always be eaten alone and on an empty stomach or at least 3 hours post eating. Something to do with how quickly fruit digests and if eaten with other foods it tends to slowen its digestion and the fruit rots while waiting to digest behind the other foods in your system. Not sure if it helps you but thought I would pass on this info. I try my best to do it and sometimes get heartburn, which ironically is one of the things it should stop. I’m not sure how it affects the digestion process if it is combined in a smoothie, but her smoothie recipes only allow fruit & fruit juice. Have a great day guys and thanks for this wonderful site I am learning so much.

  78. Estrella says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Annmarie!! May your spirit be nourished and your dreams fulfilled… And may you be showered with smiles and living in laughter.


  79. Kay says:

    Happy Birthday Ann Marie!

  80. Andrew Norris says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  81. Nick says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Ann Marie !!!!!!!!!!!

  82. marlene says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you have a fun party tomorrow. Wish I lived closer to you so I could personally wish you a happy birthday! Hope you had an awesome day! You sure do deserve it!

  83. Gayle says:

    Oops! A day late – but you are not forgotten. Happy Birthday Annmarie – hope that it was a great day. You should have taken it off – because it is “Your” day.

    You both are wonderful. I truly appreciate the videos. They make my day.

    Gayle from Las Vegas, NV

  84. Julie Boolie says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I have candida, and I also eat a raw food diet. I know when the candida is aggravated, as my skin breaks out. For me, I cut out all fat and ate fruit and my skin broke out. However, I know that I can be eating a raw anti-candida diet (following Body Ecology Diet-sprouted buckwheat, some seeds, cultured vegetables) and my skin is completely clear. I understand what you’re saying about nutritional yeast; however, when I eat it, and change nothing else in my diet, I get a small breakout. When I exclude it again, it stops. This suggests to me that it’s not okay to eat on at least phase one of anti-candida diet. Mushrooms have never been a problem. (Bee pollen is, just as a side note, and because it took me a while to pinpoint it)

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    I love nutritional yeast, for for others out these fighting the candida monster, pay close attention to your diet.

    Thanks, and your show is constantly enlightening.

    Julie Boolie

  85. Suzanne says:

    just doing some research of my own on candida. i imagine you’ve learned more since this post but i thought i would add this link:

    happy very belated birthday annemare!

  86. Angela says:

    wanted to comment on the fat v sugar a s the culprit for candida…
    as a medical student i know that while sugar is needed to give the body energy and allow it perform all its functions (and preferably complex sugars), in excess, the sugar that the body doesn’t need, it turns it into fat.
    So I would understand that it is the sugar (in excess) which is the main culprit of both candida overgrowth AND an excess of body fat (not necessarily that fat causes candida but they do occur together, due to too much sugar in the diet).
    Hope this helps…
    and thanks for the opportunity:)

  87. Chantel says:

    Info on candida.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=646dbdd0cedd2082&biw=1204&bih=646

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