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Today you’re in for a real treat…

I’d gotten away from the top 10 lists because there was just other information to cover, but after doing today’s Renegade Health Top 10 weight loss tips, I wonder why I moved away from them.

They’re not only fun to do, but they’re also REALLY helpful for you.

So be sure to catch this show and find out what exactly I think are the most important aspects of healthy weight loss…

(See if they match your own list!)

Go ahead and watch now…

Your question of the day: What tips have worked for you to help you lose weight?

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Jo Anne says:

    I started out with Green Smoothies and then eating “Raw til Dinner” I now fell satisfied and I am loosing my taste for cooked food. I am slowly losing weight but I feel so much thinner. My clothes fit better and I am not bloated.

    Thank you Kevin for this great site!

  2. Cindi says:

    My number one tip for losing weight is that if we realize excess fat is the result of waste accumulating on our body, we will realize that losing it is an elimination issue. We need to find the ways to help our body eliminate waste most efficiently which involves several factors you mentioned in your top ten. My husband and I have each lost 70 pounds by developing our understanding of this concept.

  3. Linda says:

    Thank you!!Getting started may seem difficult but staying the course can be more difficult especially when those you live with are not onboard. I used to walk and it was literally uphill. I kept it up for months, but started it for all the wrong reasons and my diet was not plant-based. It’s not easy lugging 400lbs. uphill. I got down to 375 and could not get past that plateau. It has been very disheartening, but I won’t give up. I;ve decided to dance the pounds away. I’ll let you know how it’s going.

  4. Sunshine says:

    I didn’t focus so much on losing weight, as much as eating 100% raw as much as possible and eating for energy, strength, and stamina. I have 3 kids I homeschool, one of whom has special needs. I know for me, when I eat to where I have my best energy, the weight comes off without me even thinking about it. And what those foods are change from day to day. I find that if I eat intuitively, then I have the best energy, and therefore the best day ever! 😀

  5. Joyce says:

    Consistent walking (daily) coupled with adding raw plant foods have been the two most valuable steps to losing weight and more importantly, MAINTAINING the proper weight for my age and frame.

    Encouragement, along with the additional information that you provide,is invaluable, too.

  6. pat kapsak says:


  7. Linda says:

    Calories in….calories out; cardio; strength training; the occasional cleanse as a jumpstart….but it all comes back to maintaining a little calorie deficit. Find an activity you really enjoy and do it!

    I’m off to have an evening cup of tea – great tip!

  8. Wendi Dee says:

    There were a lot of factors that went into my success with releasing 93 pounds and keeping it off (other than the raw food diet).

    I think the biggest thing that helped was that I finally said “I’m doing this for myself–I’m loving myself for the first time and nothing anyone says or does is going to stop me from doing this. I deserve to be healthy.”

    I’m sending lots of love and hugs to all those out there struggling with weight loss. You can do it, just go within and find the way that you know will work for you.


    p.s. Kevin, you mentioned something about Vit D deficiency. My results were horrible for Vit D. Other than getting as much sun as possible in dreary Pittsburgh, what do you recommend until I get to California?

  9. Paula says:

    I changed from eating meat to going vegetarian,

  10. Dr Sam says:

    The key is to focus on “building better health,” NOT losing weight. Excess weight is a symptom of poor health.

    If you become healthier, you will be your ideal weight.

    I have personally implemented this approach successfully with hundreds of people.

    hope this simple advice helps,
    Dr. SAM

  11. del says:

    Following Dr. Fuhrman’s book “Eat to Live” which I took out of the local library but eventually bought a copy of my own was the most important step for me. Letting go of 30 lbs and returning to my previous weight when I was on the varsity soccer team, way thirty years ago. I learn a lot of good basic information. It was easy to transition to nearly 100% raw vegan food lifestyle after learning the basics of good eating. His formula comes down to H=N/C which is Health = Nutient per Calorie. Nutrient Dense foods are the key. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables are the top of the top. Salad are the main meal. Have some but very very little nuts, seeds and avocados until the weight is down to were you feel comfortable.

    Keeping track of my foods was an eye opener too. Focusing on Health rather than Lossing weight was key. For me developing a habit that would last a lifetime was more important than lossing the weight. Stay out of the center of the Super Market where all the process foods are. Health is in the Produces Section. If you what to produce results stick to the PRODUCE. Hang out there and spend less time in rest of the store. The rest of the time you save just in doing that can be spent in the sunshine and fresh air.

  12. fred says:

    This does not really have to do with weight loss but is the 80-10-10 diet based on calories or grams? For example is it 10 grams of fat or 10 calories of fat? I have never really been that overweight but running is a great way to keep the pounds off.

  13. Roberto says:

    do not eat sugar or flour

  14. FrankieClaire says:

    Eating primarily raw took the pounds away with no problems. Then adding daily walks finished off the last few pounds.

  15. Sparrow says:

    That woman in your complex is so awesome! Walking has been one of my big keys, too.

    Walking got me from 310 pounds to 253 pounds where I stalled out.

    So I added a low-fat whole-foods vegan diet (after stumbling across Dr. Barnard’s research in a medical journal) and it took me from 253 pounds to 202 pounds (in about six months) where I stalled again.

    So now I’m transitioning to a raw lifestyle and this morning I weighed in at 186 pounds and my weight is just falling off of me at a rate of three to four pounds per week.

    I kept the walking, I kept the vegan whole-foods. And though my fat has gone up a little, I’m trying to continue with lower fat. Some raw fooders seem to eat about 80% fat but Dr. Cousens (in his book “There is a Cure 4 Diabetes”) said that those of us recovering from diabetes need to stay more around 20% fat (Dr. Barnard had me at 10% fat which is easy with cooked vegan foods but really hard (at least for me so far) to maintain in a raw lifestyle)

    I really like what you often say, Kevin, about adding things to your diet/life. I’m all about “crowding out” the things I don’t want by focusing on adding the things I do want. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve never had to go hungry during my weight loss journey. You’d think all those people out there suffering because they’re starving themselves but not seeing results would just FLOCK to this lifestyle. Maybe we just need to keep talking about it long enough for everyone to get a chance to hear.

  16. John Hewlett says:

    I was 260 pounds, I stared reading books on health, first I went to a organic diet I still ate meat but free range same with fish and diary. I started walking every day. I stoped all fast food, process foods, after two years I went from 260 to 220. around the beginning of 2008 I saw a tape with David wolfe, I got inspired by the Vegan Diet, I stared educating myself by reading as many books as I could watching tapes etc,,, Since I gone to 80 precent raw Vegan diet I now weigh 195 and fill great. My goal ia 100 percent raw vegan diet. Education is the key, and one step at atime. Changing my life style have save my life. If I can do it so can you. Much Love John.

  17. alan says:

    Please help me ,I have been 100%raw for the last 7 weeks and have lost 12lbs .I am really enjoying the smoothies but am in a fiz !!
    Can you tell me if it is OK to eat lots of cruciferous veges(kale,spinach etc)raw and as smoothies or will I have problems with thyroid as they are goitrogens.Some books tell you yes to eat them and others say no.I an confused.Regards Alan

  18. …instead of CRAP FOOD…
    MAGIC chia seeds STOPS IT!

    a bakery DOWNUNDER
    puts them into breads
    sells the seeds two kg minimum TOO EXPENSIVE

  19. Just transitioning to raw fruits and veggies/ salad until noon and adding in good fats such as nuts, coconut, avocado, I lost my first 276 pounds in the first 3 weeks! Action is imperative for health though! Been doing yoga on for 3 weeks now. Love it. And, of course, rubbing shoulders with amazing folks like the Gianni’s… 😀

  20. Janet says:

    My best tip for losing weight is to have soup (and of course a nice big raw salad). Studies have shown that soup help you lose more weight. Next getting in sunshine a lot helps you lose weight. All that vitamin D keeps you strong too. My last tip for losing weight is to lift weights and do lots of housework where you are running up and down the stairs all the time. I just unpacked my winter clothes and packed up my summer things so I was up and down two sets of stairs all day long today.

  21. Becky says:

    I haven’t lost weight in about 7 years. I have been gaining steadily. lately about 15 pounds per year! I find it hard to do what I know I should be doing–what I did when I lost weight (I thought for good) in my later 30’s. I felt so clean inside! and looked my best ever on the outside! I ate at best 90-100% raw, no meat, dairy, sugar, flour… and exercised daily–not anything vigorous, but some workout for 45′-1 hour on average. I also had a group of friends who were like minded–at least in the same ballpark–we all began with Fit for Life and some of us went further with Natural Hygiene.
    Somewhere I opened Pandora’s Box and the stress, age, compounding factors of the last few years are very discouraging…
    I have been trying, but I can’t seem to make any changes that stop the gaining trend or to keep up my attempts at changes, like no flour or sugar, that do keep me from gaining.
    I am interested in testing. I think I may have thyroid issues, exhausted adrenals and some liver and other digestive issues like the gluten sensitivity. Who do I contact for reliable help? My doctor calls me a “healthy woman” because I don’t have extremely abnormal lab results and because my BP looks “normal” I know it has risen 20 points and all my labs have taken a dive. And this “healthy woman” is 70 pounds overweight and experiencing lots of body aches and pains…
    I live in southern California.
    I also think I need a good amount of support till I can establish a routine that works for me and my life circumstances.
    Congratulations to all of you who are experiencing success in your personal health goals!

  22. change your mindset!

    Visualise your self looking the way you want to be!

    One step at a time eventually becomes the end!
    keep moving forward!
    create a nice day
    sheryl miller
    Canberra Australia

  23. Vickie says:

    The Master Cleanse took away my cravings and helped me to eat healthy. I now drink green smoothies and stay away from processed, sugar laden, fatty foods and eat at least 80% raw!

  24. Margit says:

    Becky,there is a company that does extensive blood tests.Go to and check them out.
    Good luck.

  25. Meri says:

    Great show. I thought the weight loss top 10 was fantastic. Lots of really useful and effective strategies. Thanks Kevin.
    I find that the thing I must do when trying to lose weight is exercise. It makes me feel better psychologically, ups my energy levels and makes me feel more inclined to make good food choices so I don’t undo all my hard work from working out. Diets alone never do it for me.

  26. Will says:

    I have been trying, but I can’t seem to make any changes that stop the gaining trend or to keep up my attempts at changes, like no flour or sugar, that do keep me from gaining.
    I am interested in testing.

  27. Ana says:

    … Hi, Kevin+AnnMarie.
    “some” time no speak…I’ve been back to the UK and Spain for a week, didn’t have time to log onto Renegade Health.
    Hope life is beautiful in beautiful Connecticut!
    Great vid! Agree with a question Alan posted above about Cruciferous vegetables, would love to know.
    also, when you mention having tea before bed, which type of tea would it be?If I have tea before bed not sure I would be able to sleep, …depending on which type it is. Please guys let us know.

  28. Ildiko says:

    Great tips, love the number 1 the most, because sometimes it does feel like a huge struggle and we forget to smile.
    For me the best thing was is to walk every day. Used to have an hour break at lunch and made a point of walking the first half an hour and only do my errands in the second half. Walking has flattened my mid section too amazingly.
    Secondly, going whole, vegan foods is totally essential in my opinion. Avoiding all processed foods and sugars also helps a lot.
    I will try the tea, although my evening cravings have gone down a lot.

  29. ida margrethe says:

    Great tips!
    I’ve never had a weight problem, but i have had some minor fluctuations in my weight.
    Eating more raw vegetables helped me quite a bit once, when i were stuck in a rut, and also walking is a huge thing.
    i walk everywhere now, and my fellow uni students think im a bitt off when i walk (or skateboard) to uni, which takes about 40min on foot (15-20 when skating).
    I reckon people underestimate walking, it clears your mind and gets ur ‘juices’ flowing.

    other than that, i think cutting out ‘heavy’ food is a good option. Like bread, cereals, pasta and stuff like that.
    And dont get me started on meat!

    One question,
    where can i go to get ‘tested’? i have no idea where to look at all..

  30. Eating raw foods and practicing capoeira regularly.

  31. marlene says:

    After reading everyone’s comments my suggestion to those of you that are having a hard time is to not focus on “losing weight”. That’s a turnoff, a chore, something you really don’t want to have to make an effort to do, but know you should! Just take a real look at yourself and decide that you want to enjoy life, feel happy, feel good about yourself. And how will you do this? Pick one thing and go from there and see how it makes you feel. Don’t beat yourself up if you ate something you know was “bad for you”. Just focus on wanting to feel good and things will just start to happen for you. There are so many resources out there, you’ll find the right way that fits you best. Good luck and as Kevin says “smile”, you’re on your way to good health!

  32. Diana van Loo says:

    Hey Kevin, thanx for the tips! (can always use more ;-D)
    I lost weight by adding muscle doing weight training, and creating a calorie deficit, by eating better foods and cutting out the freaky sugar.
    Now I am trying to incorporate lots more raw food like salads. I’m good on fruits these days (about 2-4 servings per day).
    The thing I struggle with most is, getting the fluids in… I’m sort of stuck at 2 liters per day, not too evenly spread during the day…
    Right now I have a flu… so more raw food needs to come my way I guess ;-S

    thanx again

  33. Jenn says:

    Great show, I missed the top 10’s and this was a good one. Look forward to next one 🙂

    For myself, cutting out processed carbs and a lot of grains as helped. Anything in my house with corn syrup or soy(except the littlest bottle of soy sauce) was packed up and donated this summer. My goal at first was just to eat more naturally, it was a few months later I learned about raw. I do eat more raw and natural now, which helped drop 20 lbs over the summer and I’m just really getting back to it again now.

  34. Nikki says:

    Great show as usual.

    I’ve lost 80 lbs thus far by eating vegetarian initially and transitioning to a high raw all vegan diet about three months ago.

    Weight continues to disappear with little to no effort, just by eating healthy, juicing, drinking smoothies, eating tons of fresh raw foods and dehydrated crackers and breads, with loads of fiber (flax seed!). I do yoga, walk and meditate.

    I include many superfoods in my diet like cacao, maca, hemp seed, goji berries, green powder, barley grass juice, camu camu – all incredible foods.

    I’m not quite to my goal but know that within the next 9 months I will get there, safely, without drugs or surgery and with a whole new lease on life!

    Thanks Kevin and Annmarie for your incredible show.

  35. Tina says:

    Where can you have the kind of testing you recommended done? I live overseas, but my husband and I are planning on being in the states next summer and would like to have as complete a medical workup as possible while we’re there. We’ll be in the Kansas City area, the Washington DC area, as well as the San Francisco Bay area. Thanks for any recommendations!

  36. sonja says:

    Atkins worked for me, for a while. I lost weight steadily over 6 months, eating salads, meat, fish and vegetables. I really enjoyed the idea of snacking on olives. I went off the diet, and put all the weight back on and some. I missed eating fruit. Also I had reached a plateau and I did not lose any more weight. I am eating bread, which I guess is the biggest problem. I love it, and I have too much. I try to limit myself to 1 slice a day. Then get into real trouble when making cakes. I only use organic material, so is kind of healthy, but I admit it is too much sugar. I tend to have an apple now if I feel hungry, sometimes 2 if they are small, AT NIGHT.

  37. Thanks for sharing this nice blog. I believe reducing carb intake and doing aerobic exercises are keys to successful weight loss.

  38. kelly says:

    I love getting your email. I wish instead of having the video you would have the reading of the show. It is hard sometimes to take your ideas with you. There are times I wish I could print out the information and read it later. Is this possible.

  39. Katherine says:

    I had the opposite problem to bad relationships. When I finally found someone who loves me for me and comforts me and makes me blissfully happy, I gave up the restricting, dieting, compulsively excercising…and gained weight. The happy ending to the story though is that I feel better than ever even though I am not “skinny” anymore, and I have finally learned to love my body and give it what it wants and needs. I totally think anorexia and compulsive overeating are both psychological diseases at the root and cant be fixed with a vitamin. We have to want to live first before we can do what it takes to live well!

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