How to Quit a Nasty Habit and Formaldehyde in Young Coconuts – The Renegade Health Show Episode #155

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I got so many questions over the weekend I wanted to make sure we got to a bunch this week…

This episode ranges from how to quit a nasty habit, if young Thai coconuts are dipped in formaldehyde and if the Vitamix destroys nutrients and enzymes.

You’ll also get to see the view from the back of our condo into the Connecticut hills as the leaves turn.

Take a look (and go Steelers!)…

Your question of the day: Which logo do you like best and what suggestions do you have to make it better?

Option 1:

raw food health show image 1

Option 2:

raw food health show image 2

Option 3:

raw food health show image 3

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Dede says:

    Hey there – – well, you know I like critiqueing graphics 🙂 – so here goes…
    All three are great – very nice job. I chose #2 – great lettering style,nice color tones and very fun. Opt #3 would be my second choice – wonder what it would look like with a charcoal background like Opt 2?
    hugs, Dede

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Kevin!

    I like #3 the best, and I would put the fruits inside.


  3. Cherie says:

    You live in such a beautiful place, too bad I don’t live in CT. I like option #1.

  4. lorraine says:

    Option 1 is the best

  5. Andrea says:

    Hey guys,

    I prefer the bottom one. As someone with a lot of (book publishing) design experience, I’m more drawn to the simple lines–especially since there is so much visual imagery in the logo already. The background should be slightly darker and more dynamic so the main title is more legible.

    However, my seven-year-old son, Gilbert, likes the top one best. He likes how everything is so close up.

    You guys rock.


  6. lorraine says:

    Now that I think about it hear is my opinion:

    Option 1 could use a bit more fruit.
    Option 2 is the best background
    Option 3 the good thing is there is enough fruit.
    Over all I like the retro look in #1 but possibly using the background of #2 and adding more fruit.

  7. Mariela says:

    I like Option 3

  8. Emmie says:

    I like #3 because that looks like a container of agave, and we love agave!

  9. Melina says:

    Hey Guys,

    Hmm. I think I really like the first and last one, but its hard to choose. They’re all great.

  10. ray says:

    I like the first one

  11. Lori Coleman says:

    I think I like Option #1–I like the angles better. The coloring is okay- I would add a little more color to it–bright colors like reds and other contrasting colors.
    Have a great day! Oh, by the way, where are you moving too?

  12. Elaina harman says:

    I like option #2 but would like to see you somewhat larger and not so much the size of the tv or computer whatever it is.

  13. I like # 3 with a different background color

  14. Becky says:

    I like no. 2. I wonder if your web address would stand out a little better if it were written in the fading purples of the grapes in the other choices–maybe even the reds…

  15. Linda says:

    I like the font and style of option #2 but the larger picture of you guys in #1 and all the colorful fruit in #3. Sorry, no help at all I guess.:)

  16. DebB says:

    Yet another great show! I really like #1. It’s got a 50s vibe to it and I like the light aqua background color.

    I like that it’s got the largest picture of you guys. I didn’t notice the glass of green juice/smoothie in 2 & 3.

    You know – I’d like to see your sign off line, “Together we can change the health of the world, one show at a time”.

    You guys are obviously moving? *Ü*

  17. kate says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I don’t feel that the visuals really depict the idea of being a health “renegade”. It would be nice to see something that conveys your energetic/renegade personality and how you are different than other health experts.

  18. DebB says:

    I always think of something else after I post… in #1 (my choice) I think it would be great to have another pop of color in the fruits, with either the apple, the cherries and/or the orange. Great choices though! *Ü*

  19. Scott H. says:

    I like 1 the best

  20. Mara says:

    I like #3 best but I have one suggestion to improve it. I think all three need to be streamlined. Logos should be simple, graphic and easily recognizable. They’re all good they just need to be trimmed down a bit.

  21. Ron says:

    Option 2

    Cleaner crisper graphic presentation, more memorable.


  22. Nick says:


    i like option #1,

    the text needs to be changed at the top.

  23. Helma says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,

    l really like number ONE best…..


  24. Jenn says:

    Great view from the condo!

    I like #1 one the best, but wondering how it would look if title was a little higher(as if resting on the TV and not cutting across the top).

  25. Sunshine says:

    Option #3 would be my choice. Nicole does a fantastic job and is such a sweetheart! 😀 I am SO glad you put that to rest about the coconuts (we feed a family of 5 raw and are constantly buying cases at a time of those!)! 😀

  26. Kevin says:

    Hi Kevin
    I like option #1.

  27. Al says:

    As always, thank you for the info. I like option # 2 – simple & straightforward. Excellent combination of colors as well.

  28. Louann Lampa says:

    I am having a hard time to decide which one I like the BEST. They are all nice, though the 2 with more color look friendly/more like cheerful food. I guess the one I like a bit more is #1 because it is simpler and cleaner as it is also a bit funkier and off-centered as you are in a good way!

  29. Wendi Dee says:

    Jim says he likes the top one the best because even from far away, it’s easy to see everything (he was looking at it from across the room, giving his opinion).

    I like the third one the best (and completely dislike the second one).

    If you go with the first one, the font at the top doesn’t really match the feel of the rest of the logo.

    For the third one, maybe the font for the show title could be in the brown color to make it stand out a bit more?

    It will be fun seeing the changes!!

    Lots of love to you,


    p.s. You now realize, I’m sure, that Annmarie was right about your image not showing up very well on the video. Wives are never wrong, Kevin. 😛

  30. Roger says:

    I like option #3 the best. The TV set looks nicely balanced between the beautiful array of avocado and fruits. Keep up the “fantastic work” in educating the public about health and exercise!

  31. MINDY says:

    #3 is the best logo!
    live awesome
    live rawsome
    mindy – ageless raw beauty

  32. brian says:

    Option #1

    I read that vita-mix is better than a juicer since it breaks down the cell walls better and you would be able to extract more juice. The faster the blender, the better.

    Blind Guru explains about the blenders:

  33. Kristina says:

    Thanks for the answers and I like number one and I also like the other responders idea of the fruit inside and maybe some other unusual fruit (lychee, durian etc) Also have you or anne marie personally ever had one of the organic thai coconuts?

    Happy Day

  34. Monika says:

    I like option #1 the best but they’re all great!
    maybe adding a red apple on the table would make it a bit more colorful.

  35. DonnaB says:

    Kevin and AnnMarie,
    It all depends on how you want to be portrayed.

    If you want to be portrayed as the Jetsons, go with #2. It has clean lines and it is easy to read. The lettering is great but the TV needs to be larger.

    If you want to be portrayed as “Ma and Pa” by Whistler, go with #3. It is very linear, predictable and a little boring.

    If you want to be portrayed as a young energetic couple, option #1 is your best bet IF there are some CHANGES made. The lettering is very Medieval in shape as well as all those flowing things..and not indicative if a NewAge company. Also the bananas need to look like they are not dancing and possibly the table moved down a hair.

    A choice like this is important because this can either intrigue people or turn them off.

    Good Luck with your choice.

  36. debra says:

    I like the simple elegance of #2.

  37. Ildiko says:

    I like #1 for sure, don’t care too much for the second one. #3 would be my second choice.
    Great show!

  38. DAPHNE says:

    NUMBER ONE!!!!

  39. Lindy says:

    OPTION 2.

    I like the way the green pops on the black.

    I also like the overall clean, contemporary
    look and feel.

    Not fond of the retro 50’s look of #1 and #3 for the contemporary concepts of the show.

  40. stacy says:

    option #1….your faces are bigger.

  41. Janet says:

    #2 was cool….kinda retro Jettsons look! If the graphic on #2 were bigger so you could see the TC graphic part better I would give my thumbs up for this one. #1 was also really good.

  42. Deirdre says:

    I don’t really like any of them, mostly because the caricatures of you and AnneMarie just don’t do you justice. You are both so much more attractive than that — why put an image out there that detracts from what you have to offer?

  43. Denise says:

    Number 3 is my choice!

  44. Liz says:

    NUMBER 3!!!!!!

  45. Dorothy Clark says:

    Hi Kevin and Annemarie
    I like No.3 altho all are very nice and creative. Enjoy all the videos!

    Dorothy on October 6. 11.09 P.M.

  46. crow says:

    I like the 1st one. With all the color,
    fruits and veggies.

  47. Irina says:

    Number one.

  48. Elaine says:

    Option # 1…..definitely! Interesting lines and composition.

    Don’t like the contemporary style of #2, plus your pictures are too small.

    No way #3….too boring, too balanced, too amateurish.

  49. Ron says:

    I think option 2, (nice clean looking logo) but I’d use the colors that are in one just on the TV set on #2’s TV, and perhaps a touch of color behind the two of you in the set…

  50. Ida says:

    I like number 3!

  51. Phil says:

    I like #3, however I think you need to add a Vita Mix Blender to the image.

  52. Jerome says:

    Bonjour Kevin,

    I like the first one.
    Great job… I love your show and it is live !!!

    the French scientist on the bike in POrtland

  53. Mark says:

    my vote is for #3


    I have a question about PH balance…
    I have been measuring my PH for a week or so
    and I am in the lower range of the “Healthy Zone”. Not bad but could be better.
    Do you have any recommendations for raising ones PH? What to add to my diet, and also what should be eliminated?

    Thanks guys!

  54. Anne says:

    I like number ONE very much, but I would change the lettering along the bottom ( to the lettering in number TWO.

  55. Jacqui says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Great show. I like the picture on no 1, the logo on no 2, and the colors of no 3. Some of us are real hard to please heh.

  56. Roy Wilhite says:

    The characatures are garish. It would be much better to use actual photos, updated yearly.
    The title is easiest to read in the second one, although I not thrilled with the font. You want the title, and the web site name, to pop out and be very clear and legible from a distance. The title in the first one is obscured by the extra lines, is too small, and hides as a border of the screen. Be careful not to have other lines or objects running through the scripts, or using gray lettering.
    I’m not thrilled with the idea of the computer monitor, or especially the TV screens with rabbit ear antennas, and definitely not the puke green color. I would ditch the screen idea. Keep it simple. Use your real faces, as large and close up as possible, with the title and the web site in very readable and obvious fonts.

  57. linda says:

    i like the #2 one because of the black background..
    the contrast of bright color with the black stands
    out and speaks BIG 🙂 they are all wonderful but the second one looks so professional with a touch of whimsical:)

  58. linda says:


    how do you open a coconut ……….i avoid them because of not knowing how to get them opened. maybe you could do a show with a demo on this………

  59. Lyndel says:

    I have to say none of them do you any justice.
    They do not depict what you have to offer.
    I agree totally with Donna B

    Good Luck
    Keep up the great work, we love it and support your every success.
    Please don’t run with any of these

  60. Karri says:

    Number #3 really caught my attention!

  61. tiggsy says:

    I like option 2, but i think you should use a real photo of you 2 to replace the cartoon. Dunno if i’m typical, but that cartoon had this annoying effect on me… (especially in option 1)

  62. claudia says:

    i like #1….but with a font change

  63. Margit says:

    I like #1.Could change the font a bit!

  64. Meri says:

    Option 2 is nice, but I think the TV screen could be a little bigger so we can see the picture. Also, I like the way the web address at the bottom of option 3 is really bright and clear. Maybe that could be incorporated into option 2?
    Lovely view by the way, and Annmarie was right – you were very dark at the end there Kevin 😉

  65. monica says:

    Number one is the best logo.

  66. jeanette says:

    I pick #1 because it is bright and simple.

  67. Pamela says:

    I like number 3.

  68. Riiiya says:

    I like #1!!! perhaps more fruit would be a good idea!

    #2 – i think the screen is way too small. too much empty space (?)

    #3- too much space at the top of the picture..

    just my humble opinions 🙂

  69. Linda says:

    #1 I think is best!

  70. bernice says:

    None of them.
    They don’t have an organic or natural feel at all. Would turn me off if I didn’t know you. Sorry…I think you can do better.

  71. Stephanie Alberts says:


  72. RY says:

    You went about the process backwards. First you decide what image you want to manifest: You need to ask if you want to promote Kevin and Annmarie, The Health Renegade Show, or a general nutritional show? Then you develop the logo around dominant theme.

  73. john says:

    did not receive option one, only 2 & 3

    Thanks, john

  74. Tuesday says:

    option 1 and then 3. not a big fan of 2. you guys are silly!

  75. Charlotte Cormier says:

    Kevin and Ann Marie,

    Definitely Option 3, the softer colors are much more welcoming and one is more liable to concentrate on you than on the logo which IS WHAT YOU WANT isn’t it? Voilà, my choice! I will be prparing your pear and parsnip dish for a pot-luck this coming Friday! I let you know how it went! Thank for being there! Charlotte Cormier Moncton New Brunswick Canada
    handy to Maine!

  76. Joey says:

    I am a professional artist and I say 1 is the best. Its big, bold and you and Anne Marie looks so cute together.

  77. Karen Jackson says:

    I’m glad I don’t have to make the final decision – I like them all!

  78. patricia says:

    number 1, it is more spontaneous, your images are larger, the two of you ARE the show, like the colors much more, what I would recommend is to transfer the web address to the bottom right, drop the table or get rid of it and fill the lower left with a larger variety of fruits and add some vegs., also change the script style.
    for no. 2 I don’t like the dark background, or the dominating acid green screen, your images are much too small. as for no. 3, again your images are too small and it just looks too planned and balanced which for me is bland, you’re not bland, no way !also the print needs to be raised higher and made a color in order to stand out better.

    number 1 gets my vote

  79. Amy says:

    I agree with Riiya. I prefer #1 with maybe an apple added to the table.

  80. A'amina says:

    Wow! lots of responses…
    I like #1… might be better w/o blue shadow on teeth… would really like to see it w/charcoal background like in #2.

  81. Stasi says:

    …as they are, I like #3 the best.

  82. Debbie Lee says:

    I like #1. Need a pineapple or a vase with a flower on the table. I always have a bowl of fruit on my table.

  83. Claudia says:

    I like #1
    My suggestion would be using the #2 background & TV colors plus white lettering since you won’t be able to read if you use the #2 background, add more fuits/vegetables and put a chef’s hat on Anne Marie since she does the cooking. 🙂

  84. Holly says:

    I prefer #1,
    I would change the Font type and style used, the website link is a bit lost with the dark table behind, and it isn’t sitting quite right on the page.. It’s partly the tv being cut off on the right.

    I think #2 looks too corporate.
    I think #3 needs re-working, as the text isn’t too clear, and I don’t like the layout.

  85. Jennifer says:

    I prefer #1. Number 2 looks kinda “sci-fi”. I thinks thats due to the antenna on the TV, but otherwise love the colors, the font and layout of #2. I wonder what #1 would look like if the TV was a little smaller so the font was on top of the TV. Love all the fruit in #3, but don’t care much for the layout.

  86. Estrella says:

    I like #1 with a change in font at the top for The Renegade Health Show. The flowy curlique writing is hard to distinguish and for a logo you want instant recognition. I might add a pop of red on the table (i.e. apple, strawberry, or tomato). I love the container in #3. Too cute! I imagine for most it’s agave, although for me it’s raw honey. I also loved DebB’s suggestion of adding your signoff line. #2 is my second choice, but I think your pics/the TV needs to be alot bigger.

  87. fred says:

    I think #2 is the best and would attract the most people because it is kind of modern or something like that.

  88. Cindy says:

    I live option 2. It looks more professional. Option 3 would be my second choice. i really did not like the writing on option 1.
    Good luck with the decision.

  89. sarah says:

    i like #1 best, and #3 2ndbest, and #2 the least.
    it’s hard to read the font on the top of #1- unfuzz it. luv the large image of you both! you could make it pop with a brighter color background. luv the extravanza of greens, and, inside or outside the tv, some fruit is good.
    change the mustard-looking bottle in #3 to a bottle of something raw-looking. and put a dark vibrant color in the background at the top, like a blue.
    #2 has fun font, luv the tv color, but you’re both WAY too small!, it minimizes you, and the image is so freeking mainstream and unlike you – since you are helping us get away from the current misinfo brainwash out there.

  90. Trinity says:

    First I want to say I love your show!

    Then…I like the retro look of #1 and #2, but don’t care for the lettering of “Renegade Health Show” on either.

    Love the colors on #2. Maybe the TV could be bigger?

    Love all the fruit on #3, though.

    Nice work!


  91. Donna says:

    I like #3 the best.

  92. Jos says:

    I am an artist and I think graphically the number one (1) is the best.

  93. Guylaine says:

    I like # 1, the table and the fruit. I don’t like the background, would prefer #3 for background. Second choice is no #3. i don’t like #2, too square.

  94. Pixywinks says:

    I like option #2, but would like to see the pic of you guys bigger and I like the pic in #1.
    But overall, I think the type in #2 has a very energetic feel and you are really an energetic duo.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    Pixy Lisa

  95. Susan says:

    I like option #1. The teal color is very refreshing and it caught my eye. I would like to see more color on the table (fruit). A watermelon slice and a nice red apple would be a yummy touch. Perhaps a few veggies would be good as well.

  96. Rachel says:

    I like number 2

  97. JOANNE says:



  98. Simone says:

    Love #3, the other ones seem a bit too “childish” or “cartoon” like…

  99. Alissa Benjamin says:

    Like #3 best but thing you should have the artist do a few more sketches for you. Like the fruits and veggy’s around you both. If you decided to go what you have here…than go with #3. #1 lettering is too flowerery and the #2 looks space age. #3 looks more like your person style.

  100. Laura says:

    I like Option #3 the best.

  101. Barbara says:

    I like them all! I prefer #1 image of you and Ann Marie with the back ground of #2

  102. Michelle says:


  103. Hello Kevin,
    my favorite is #1. I would improve it with: the font without “scratchwork”, the tv a little smaller and some more nutrition items, maybe also a running shoe.

    Go on with your awesome work!


  104. Hey Kevin!

    Glad the acne’s cleared up. That’s pretty cool that you diagnosed and found a solution on your own. Wish more people were like that, and took the time to figure things out.

    I like #2 the best.



  105. Mary Martha Pazos says:

    Hi, Kevin.

    Where would you use the logo? You are already using the cartoon image of yourselves on the blog, followed by the title. If this logo is to replace the current one, why repeat the title? If you plan to use it elsewhere, it would be nice to keep it simple. All three are very busy. And why just fruit outside the “box” (avocado is fruit)?

    Of the three selections, #1 is the only one that doesn’t dwarf you. If you must use a screen, why not make it bigger, and perhaps have the fruit and veggies spilling out, like a cornucopia of good things reaching out to the viewers?

    For my tastes, #2 used to be considered modern when I was a kid (50 years ago), and #3 is too straight-lined.

    Anyway, we all love you and your wonderful output. Anything you choose will be well received. Why not go with what feels right to you? And if none of them feel quite right, do something different. If you can’t make up your mind, ditch all three, break the mold, and do something entirely new.

    Thank you for what you do.

    Mary Martha

  106. nicole says:


  107. Jia says:

    Hi Kevin… I watch almost all your shows. I always learn something. I was diagnosed with lymes desease on 9/11! I already had it for 7 weeks. So I am on a heavy course of antibiotics. I have very little energy. I have only 3 more days on the antibiotics which will make 4 weeks in all. I am thinking of going to Optimal Health in San Diego to do a cleanse. I would stay 1 and up to 3 weeks. Part of me feels I am so week, I should not cleanse but build and the other part of me knows I have to cleanse and get my body back in balance. I am 90% raw for over 2 years and vegan for 23 years. Do you have any suggestions as I have been very weak and unable to work for over 2 months now. Love, Jia

  108. Jia says:

    Hi Kevin… I really do not like any of the logos. Too cartoonish. I think going a very different direction would represent you better. Jia

  109. sonja says:

    Hi, I am sorry to say I like neither of them.
    i guess out of the 3 no 1 is the best, it could do with more fruit/ vegetables, the lettering should be different…It conveys this has to do with health…(so does no 3) not really visible with no 2.
    Great show, really love your enthusiasm!

  110. Scott says:

    When I was at the last Raw Spirit Fest, I saw David and Katrina of speak. David said something like that in his (juice feasting) opinion, using a high speed blender does not destroy the enzymes/nutrients because they are being released into the water/juice that is in the blender. It is the oxidizing of the nutrients/enzymes that causes them to disappear. Food for thought..

  111. marlene says:

    I like #1 best!

  112. Agota says:

    Dear Kevin,

    You are so enthusiastic, so full of knowledge. These logos do not represent neither when I look at them.

    You can show happiness, fun of life other ways. Your present logo is better.

    But this is only my opinion. I think it matters what resonates with you.

    But it is certainly a great way to see how many people go to your site and to get more email addresses. I will keep this business strategy in mind…

    With Loving Care,

  113. Marji says:

    Hi there,
    I wanted to thank you for your show it is great. And to vote on your logo . I think all three of them are great but I like # 1 best , the only thing I would change maybe would be because the tv and the background are both light maybe darken up the back ground just a tad. I also like # 3 . But I think I like the first one the best. A note to the artist ,since Iam one . This kind of thing is really touchy . I hope you are ok with everything enough that it doesn’t hurt your feelings. You did a great job.

  114. Carolyn says:

    They are all great but I prefer No1. colours great … and close up makes you “feel” you are part of the graphic !!! 🙂
    with Renegade Health SHow graphic not so “curley” use a more “modern” look in lettering.
    blessings to you both

  115. Janice says:

    I like the first one hands down, maybe make the title a little bolder. I like the coloring, grey is so grey in the others.
    I have a question though, why the tv set???
    I would think a setting in nature would suit the two of you better? Also, where are you guys moving to?? You Rock, thank-you for what you do!
    Health is Wealth ,

  116. Patricia says:

    #1 is the better of the 3; I just know that your creativeness can come up with something even more expressive and down to earth. You two are awesome.

  117. Astrid says:

    As a former commercial artist: #3 is the easiest to read and connect to. Flip your portraits so that the ‘characters’ look in to the logo instead of out and away from it (as it’s shown in the first logo) and you could even increase the size of the cartoon versions of yourselves as the human image is what people connect with most. Also do something to highlight the name, “The Rennegade Health Show” like use the strip that highlights the web address.

  118. Audrey says:

    Oct 11 – You are both so cute, and #1 is the cutest of the logos and has a bit more character.

    (How come you’re renting your condo? Where are you going to go? What a fabulous view to look out on every morning).

  119. del says:

    I like them all. I like the images of the fruits and veggies in the first and last. The first two logos are quirky and fun and represent the show. It reminded me to the Jentson a little. Futuristic family. Like you guys. Love that show. I might be dating myself a little on that one though. Anyhow all of them are great. I would have a hard time picking one. But if I was force to pick one I think the second middle one. The name of the show and website are easier to read.

  120. Valerie Rios says:

    Hi, I like # 1 except it looks like Annmarie has a blueberry stuck on her tooth. I had to look twice to see it was only shadowing.

    I like # 2 because it’s modern, sharp and clear.

    I like # 3 except the white lettering gets lost. And the bottle could be mistaken for butter. Better if it was a fruit or kale leaf.

    So, in order with adjustments: 1, 3, 2
    without adjustments: 3, 2, 1

  121. Catherine says:

    I like #2 the best, because it’s simple. The others are too “busy”.

  122. Eileen says:

    I like option 3, but the background could be more interesting (maybe the blue from #1, or a slightly blue-er gray, or slightly darker blue-gray.

    Im not sure where you plan to use this logo, so that info might influence the comments. If its a book jacket or TV show intro, I think Id prefer a real photo.

  123. Kat says:

    #1 – I like the pretty blue background and the larger picture of you two; I don’t care for the lettering or the fact that your web address is messed up by the table leg.
    #2 – I like the lettering style & the abundance of fruit & the bottle (I’m guessing it’s agave nectar or honey; kind of looks like a mustard bottle, but it’s cute).

    I think you need bolder/brighter lettering for your title and web address so they will really stand out.

    So…#1, but add more fruit, etc. and make your lettering bolder/brighter.

    Good job so far – can’t wait to see the finished graphic. 🙂

  124. valli says:

    hi kevin

    option 3 ! has an *is*ness 🙂

    i agree with mara about logos. the green tv and yer smiles is upbeat already without the added expressionism in options one and two.

    question — how do you quit when your friends smoke?

  125. Jill says:

    Obviously this is an old episode but I like number 1 the best 😉

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