Annmarie Tries Durian for the First Time – The Renegade Health Show #134

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I didn’t like it the first time I tried durian, so I just assumed that I didn’t like it at all…

Annmarie has never tried it, and after my less-than-glowing critique, thought she’d never try it.

So after an amazing lunch with our twitter friends Wendi Dee, Jim, Rawbin, BlaqBerry, and Katie Cat, BlaqBerry broke the news that she had brought some durian.

The rest is documented for the ages…

Take a look!

Your question of the day: What is your durian story?

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Thanks Wendi, Jim, BlaqBerry, Rawbin and Katie Cat for a memorable and exciting day! 🙂

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Live Awesome!

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  1. Dorian Valles says:

    I’ve never heard of durian let alone tasted it-but it sounds interesting to say the least!

    From, “Dorian” 🙂

  2. marguerite says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,

    Love to watch your shows !

    My first experience with the durian was when we were visiting the family of my husband who is born in Indonesia. I noticed a very unpleasant smell in the house and had no idea that the two big fruits that were sitting on the floor in the corner of the room were the culprits. Later on the fruits were opened and the whole family enjoyed eating it. So I tried it too and love it.
    In Indonesia it is forbidden to bring a durian into a hotelroom and also you cannot take it with you in a plane. You now will understand why.

    Love, marguerite.

  3. Vasana says:

    I’m from Thailand where durian is plentiful, but I’ve always hated the smell and taste. And the smell is powerful – it can reach a wide area quickly! One day at work, my Thai coworker popped a piece of dried durian candy in her mouth and the smell spread through the entire floor immediately. People started wandering around to find out “what died in the office?”!!!

  4. Laurel says:

    I’ve actually never heard of Durian so I don’t have an experience! I’m assuming its a fruit, right? Does it have a lot of potassium? What are the nutritional benefits :)?

    I’m not sure if I want to try it though because I’m not much of a banana person. I know its bad; XD I do like them green though! Anyway, don’t know if I’d like a banana flavor mixed with garlic he he. I’ll try it anyway if I ever see it though!

  5. Jos says:

    Delicious! I love durian.

    My first experience, was traveling in Singapore. We used to eat in the excellent restaurant in our hotel, and they used to serve it every night. We did not know what it was when the waiter ask us if we wanted to try it, but at the next table was a gentleman from Malaysia, and he advised us to try it as it was a very special fruit. We did and absolutely loved it, even our two young daughters loved it. Afterwards he explained to us all the folklore surrounding the durian and its bad smell. Lucky we tried it before being prejudiced against it!
    No need to say that during the following weeks traveling through Asia we never missed an occasion of having some durian and among them durian ice-cream which is also delicious.
    It is a shame that it is very difficult to find, especially here in the Arizona desert. Thanks for the tips on how to find the ripe one the next time I spot one!

  6. Ally says:

    I am so glad you did a show on the Durian fruit. I have seen these in Super Valu and have been wanting to try them. Thanks for the wonderful tips, now I have an idea of how to pick one.
    Will let you know once I try one. One question, how long does the fruit last after you open one? I don’t think I would be able to eat an entire fruit by myself and I doubt that any of my friends would be willing to try it.
    thanks again

  7. Mike says:

    Thank you for another great video.

    Where do you buy durian from?

  8. Bill says:

    Frozen Durian Ice Cream = YUM!!!

    My wife actually came home with a Durian last night. It was the best one that I had eaten. 🙂

    I have seen some of these guys on Twitter, will go in there now and have a play!

    Thanks for another entertaining episode guys.

  9. Welmoed says:

    Oh, I’ve been trying to find durian to try! Alissa Cohen shows it on her Living Foods DVD. I’m in Southeastern PA (too far from Pittsburgh) and have only tried in Wilmington, DE. I’m sure someone in Philadelphia has it, but it’s a big city 🙂 If anyone out there knows of a store/i-site that sells them, or I’ve heard it also comes prepackaged frozen, then please post it.
    Thanks Blaqberry for the Show & Tell (& Taste)!


  10. Dea says:

    Hi Kevin,
    it was nice to see this show, I have met Blaqberry and Rawbin, both delightful and look forward to meeting you, WendiDee and Annmarie at the Raw Spirit Fest.
    My durian story is that I read about it last year and was curious about it, I live in Italy and haven’t found it here. Last year I went to California for a seminar and was in SF for 4 days prior to my conference. So I headed for the first Asian Supermart closest to where I was staying. The guy at the veggie stand that the huge Asian supermarket helped me choose a durian. I took it home, and was in heaven, at it for 2 days straight.
    I got to try young coconuts too for the first time in SF. Loved those too. It was so great! Durian to me is subtle,complex and well almost…haunting. I love it. I was in NYC for 8 days in August, I went to Chinatown and bought a huge durian…my friends and family requested I eat it in the back yard…and now next week I will fly into Phoenix and hope to find some Durian to bring up to the Festival before I drive up to RSF in Sedona.
    Clearly I am a durian head. My experiences are few and far between but I love it and really enjoy it.
    Peace see you next week! xoxo
    Dea 🙂

  11. Louise says:

    That’s so funny. I just had a whole durian for dinner, and my boyfriend was covering his nose the whole time and opened the window even though it’s storming outside.

    I am in Australia, and went to buy one from an Asian supermarket the other week. A Chinese lady shopping behind me was staring as if I was insane. She told me she had never seen a caucasian person who like durian before. She was very impressed!

    I heard that in some parts of Asia there are restrictions against bringing durian on buses, in hotel rooms and offices, because it can be mistaken for a gas leak.

  12. Meri says:

    That was a really entertaining episode 🙂
    I have never tried Durian but I would like to. Thanks Blaqberry for the tips on what to look for.

  13. Lynn says:

    I had been hearing about durian on many raw food websites and in raw food books I had been reading. One day my dughter came home from school and said they had tried durian candy in her 8th grade class. They were preparing for a day field trip to NYC and were talking about some of the foods you can find there in little markets. I went as a chaperone on the field trip and was so excited as I set out to find a durian. I had to leave to group briefly to get to a market that sold them, then I had to carry it around NYC the rest of the day!! I did not have the vendor cut it, instead it was wrapped in newspaper, but even then the smell wafted through. Once at home I cut into it. I did the cutting outside, but the odor still permeated the air! We had several neighbors over, but no-one wanted to try it with me. I admit I did not like it. I tried eating it plain 3 days in a row, and I tried it in a smoothie. I eventually through the rest away. I am still so glad I did try it, it was like a littel adventure for me!!!!

  14. Cheryl Holt says:

    Great Show!
    I’ve never tried Durian. I have been reviewing the ones at the Asian Market by my house. A little nervous bout trying it…I remember what Kevin said about what he thought it tasted like, so it was great to see that he had a better experience this time.

    The Durian in the Asian Market here are Frozen and I am not sure how you would pick one except to let it thaw and see what happens. It’s kinda like a cracker jack box, what kinda tasting toys will come out of the durian. These are huge fruits! in addition, pricey per pound so I have not indulged.

    Any tips for picking one that is frozen, as I have never seen any fresh, would be much appreciated. For then we can have a Durian tasting party and that would be cool.

    Some people love Durian and consider it their favorite thing to eat. WOW what a mix of opinions.

    Many thanks to Blaqberry for the great instruction. : )

  15. Jenn says:

    I haven’t tried durian yet, but would try it at least once. Had seen it enough on the Travel Channel to know what it is, I did try Durian icecream once and wasn’t impressed at all but will hold judgement until I try it on its own and not mixed in something else.

    I am all for trying new things however, I picked up a pint of ‘ground cherries’ today at the farmers market in New Haven. Turns out they are really cape gooseberries. Very good!

  16. Mara says:

    I bought my first durian at an asian market for $25!! When the cashier rung it up she asked to make sure I still wanted it! On the way home it stunk up the whole car even though it was in a plastic bag and in the trunk. When I took it home I ripened it on the porch because the smell was keeping me up at night. One day it finally started to split and I opened it up. I was soooo excited to try it but it turned out to be a little bland. I agree with Kevin that it tasted like banana and garlic but with a little strawberry. That wasn’t a big deal for me since I love roasted garlic ice cream (The Stinking Rose restaurant) but it just wasn’t that great. I have a feeling it might have been a little under ripe even though it had started to split because the inside wasn’t that creamy. I had almost the same experience with cherimoya. Kind of banana-ish but not that great ripe or super ripe. I think I’ll spend the big bucks on my favorites instead like peaches, mangoes, papaya, and berries.

  17. Linda says:

    Haven’t had durian (but have seen it in Asian markets in Queens). I bought some fresh fruit in Merida, Venezuela last week that I had never heard of or seen before (I’ll check my photo log and get the name) and it was beyond bad. Once cut, it smelled like very rotten cheese and was one of the few things that I’ve not even been able to keep in my mouth and swallow! I’m told that old locals blend it for breakfast (a smoothie?!) for it’s purported health benefits. Maybe it’s part of the folklore that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”…’s too short – eat cantalope instead!

  18. Dominique says:

    Hi guys!

    I love your show, you are doing a fantastic job! I never tried yet Durian but here’s a recipe of chocolate Durian ice cream. Maybe Annmarie would like to try it. Here’s the link:

    Also, if you can watch the next document concerning the Monsanto company, you will find many frightening information about this monster that is Monsanto. The document is called: “Le monde selon Monsanto” (the world according to Monsanto). Marie-Monique Robin, a french journalist traveled the world during a year and a half finding people who had, and still have, huge problems (personnal health, environmental problems, money troubles and so on…). I don’t think that this precious document has been translated in English yet, but please look for it, you will be a new person.


    Dominique :o)

  19. Guylaine says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie,
    Great show as usual.
    I can buy durian here in British Columbia for 90 cents a pound at Superstore. For me durian is a special treat. I can buy 2 or 3 at a time and always people ask me questions about it.
    My kids love it too. It is a fatty fruit with lots of flavor and fortunately does not taste what it smells. I would consider some day to go on a durian monomeal as a raw food cleanse. That would be an heavenly cure.
    As for the mosanto movie you can watch the trailer in English at:

  20. del says:

    Durian is like eating pudding in the locker room after a awesome game. It taste better and smells less as you eat more of it. And according to my asian market Mr. Wu it has some aphrodisiac like properties. So watch out. My wife bought some frozen durian chucks a while back and got very ill from that batch and we haven’t had it since then but It’s still worth the experience. Love the explaination on picking out the best durian ever.

  21. Monica says:

    Hi, my experience with Durian it was in Thailand I loved, is one of my favor fruit ever. I love the small and flavor,mmmmmm, it’s sooooo good.


  22. GISELLE says:

    never heard of it

  23. del says:

    Question: Kevin & Annmarie is Pure Coconut Water that comes in a container from Whole Foods pasterized?

  24. sunnie says:

    I have it weekly and have not had a bad experience yet. My usual is a cup with a shot of fresh ginger mixed in but my absolute favorite is ice-cream.

  25. Jonathan Silva says:

    That’s awesome you had everyone in the show! I’ll have to try it out for myself sometime soon 😀

  26. Linda Loo says:

    Hey Kevin & Annmarie

    You guys are awesome! I was wondering when you’ll post a video on Durian and the next day, I see it in my inbox!

    Durian is one of the best fruit – both in terms of taste and nutrients. In South East Asia, it is termed the King of fruits. The ones available in Thailand and any part of Europe are actually varied versions of the authentic ones originating from Malaysia and Singapore. The ones we have here are sweeter, creamier and richer.

    If any of you have a chance to travel to Asia, be sure to try out the durians whenever you see them for sale! The closer to Malaysia and Singapore you come, the better the durians!

    A super durian smoothie can be made simply from blending some durian flesh and raw cacao powder with some ice. Don’t worry bout the portion sizes, it is pretty difficult to go wrong with raw foods!

    Cheers To Abundance, Love & Joy


  27. Maria-Pia says:

    Hi Kevin

    You may be aware of Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods fame. He can eat almost anything: reindeer, turtle, stuffed pancreas etc. He is able to stomach anything except one thing….Durian!! That is his nemesis.

    On the internet you can find a video of Mr. Zimmern having a 100% raw meal at raw food chef Ani Phyo’s house. He was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. During the meal, Ani Phyo tried to sneak in some durian in a smoothie she made him, but he instantly recognised the smell!

  28. nick says:

    Way back in 1990 I spent 6 months in SE Asia. When I arrived in Singapore the air was filled with the stench of I knew not what. Then I heard a shipment of durian was responsible. Yeah, i was put off taking any part in but for some durian ice cream. Oh yeah, I got as far as touching it to my lips, but no further would i let it in.

    Cut to today. i just tried it for the first real time, but up here in Canada. It wasn’t so pungent. I believe I cheated in a way. This was a nice entry level experience. No doubt it wasn’t let to tree ripen, but maybe even force-ripened somewhere along route. That’s something to have a show about right there. So I’m pretty doubtless. I know I’d like it fresh, pungent and so on, now having got past its otherwise unapproachability

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