They Left Me Alone in David Wolfe’s Hotel Suite… – The Renegade Health Show Episode #133

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Yep, that’s right…

They left me alone in David Wolfe’s hotel suite…

With a camera. 😉

So what did I do? Well… what would you do?

I took the camera and looked in the fridge! (Of course, I’m a journalist of sorts, right?!)

And here’s what I found, take a look and snoop with me… 😉

Your question of the day: What do you think of the magic bullet blender?

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Some of the products mentioned in this video can be found at the Elements for Life website… click here to explore more!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Wendi Dee says:

    OMG I was cracking up when you took some of his dandelions to munch on!!! LOL

    I’ve never used the magic bullet, but I’m guessing if David is using it, it must work well and stand up over time.

    See you soon!

    Lots of love to you,


  2. Trudi says:

    Great Show! – Love to see the Avo walking the talk.

    I have a magic bullet and I love it for smaller after dinner desert drinks – chocolate banana smoothies.

    It works great.

    My friend made so much fun of me when he met me in Vegas and I was making my magic bullet smoothies. But it’s much easier to travel with than the Vitamix. First you don’t want to bang around the Vitamix when you’re traveling. Second that big old jug can be hard to clean in a hotel sink.

    Get a bullet it’s fun!

  3. lisa says:

    kevin, you are so funny. my parents have the magic bullet and they love it. the use it more than their vita-mix. i’ve aksed to use it for vacation, but their always using it! i think it would a lot easier to travel with.. i recommend it by the word of my parents..
    thanks for being

  4. Linda Salas says:

    Ahhh cool show, this one caught my attention, heee

    Well I have never tried the magic Bullet, but I got a tribest personal blender (for free at RSF last year!) which I guess is pretty much the same thing, and I LOVE IT, A LOT! I do use it every day, It does the job well and does a great job grinding nuts and seeds and easier to clean. I also prefer it for salad dressings and stuff in small volume that doesn´t need to e Vitamix-quality pureed, just because I can make small amounts and actually get them to blend fast (instead of just splattered all over the walls of the vitamix).
    It works.


  5. Lilla says:

    I love my Magic Bullet for quick lickity-split servings for 1. Sometimes my one serving recipes are too small for my HP3 Blentec and it won’t blend properly. That’s when the MB comes to the rescue! Great to travel with too. (Although I have been known to pack my HP3 in my suitcase.) LOL.

    Awww but I love both my “children” equally!

    Great video, Kevin!

  6. Cindy says:

    I have gone through 3 magic bullets (I think I finally learned my lesson!) The blade itself that is used for the smoothies has a rubber portion to it that fits into a hole in the actual “engine” (for lack of a better word) Those rubbers stoppers get ground up from the movement that the engine makes to turn the blade. The company has a “warranty” available, however, it gets monotanous having to return items etc just to get another blade – obviously, you are unable to use your magic bullet during this time as well! Unfortunately they don’t sell this item seperately.

  7. Ally says:

    Kevin.. that was hilarious. I think most people go through bathroom cabinets… I am not sure why.

    Anyway.. I was hoping you would pick up the salt shaker I saw in the background. I am curious to know if David uses the Original Himalayan Rock Salt.

    ps.. I have never tried the Magic Bullet but will keep it in mind if I plan to travel 🙂

  8. Dustin says:

    Great show and very stealth of you Kevin. haha! I owned a magic bullet and used it consistently for two years during grad school for morning smoothies. It’s great for on the go and the clean up is super quick and easy. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as powerful as the Vitamix and I would only recommend it for traveling and making smoothies that require ingredients that don’t need a lot of breaking down. You definitely can’t put whole apples and stalks of celery in like the Vitamix. My motor eventually burned up after two years of hardcore use. So my take is great for traveling but definitely no replacement for the Vitamix.

    take care buddy.

  9. sarah says:

    now i wish i hadnt given mine to our kids! it never occcurred tome to use it for travelling. anyhow our son and his girlfriend use th e magic bullet every day multiple times a day for over a year now and htey love it. this is a great travel idea!

  10. Sue Rushford says:

    Ahhhhh, that was so scandalous – I love it!!!!! Well now we know he’s definitely not a fake – he walks the walk, baby! That was just so cool – that’s exactly the type of stuff I’m always curious about. Actually, I consume most of those products, but what I really want to know is why are so many 100% raw foodists literally rail thin, and I’m totally substantial – no longer fat, but definitely not thin – so I want to know what the heck do the SBs (that’s always been code for Skinny B’s) eat that keeps them sated/satiated?

    The Magic Bullet sounds like something you’d get at an adult store but yeah, looks awesome – might have to put that on my holiday wish-list this year. Looks like it might make a good gift, too – then again, I don’t know anyone besides those into raw foods who would travel with their own food.

    – Sue

  11. cindy says:

    That was great Kevin, really enjoyed that. I’m glad you thought of that. I hope you were able to get more footage of David while you were there. I have indeed used the Magic Bullet, and yes I did love it. Unfortunately my son also used it a lot for his ice cream shakes and I guess some of the cracks in the base of it got sticky with some spills and I could no longer get it to work. So I have a Tribest mini blender now and have had it for over a year using it everyday with no problems at all, but my son does not live with me on a regular basis so it has never been used by him.
    Hope you and Annmarie have safe travels and a great time. Do lots of footage for those of us who can’t be at the festival. Lots of love to you both.

    Thanks again,

  12. alan says:

    Hi Kevin,can you tell me the difference between Cacoa powder and Cocoa powder,Here in NZ we cannot as yet obtain Raw Cacoa powder but we have plenty of Organic Cocoa powder .Hope you can help.Regards Alan Cutler

  13. Melina says:

    haha Kevin, this is a hilarious episode and one of the best. Who doesn’t want to know what David Wolfe has in his refrigerator? I have not used the magic bullet really, but I know people that do use it a lot on travel and like it so, yeah it looks like it would do the job!

  14. Mary Jo in West Palm Beach says:

    Hey Kevin!

    I use my Magic Bullet every day to make my breakfast green smoothie. It is great to travel with also. It just doesn’t seem to work blending things that don’t have a lot of liquid. If you’ve ever seen the infomercial, I don’t know how they get it to make the salsa’s and dips. I’ve followed the directions and I always end up with either mush or it getting jammed up and not mixing everything. If anyone knows the secret for blending other things besides drinks, I would love to know!

    Mary Jo

  15. Melissa says:

    That was so funny! Thanks!
    ~ Melissa

  16. Michelle says:

    Love David and your snooping for a good cause reinforces why he is making a difference!

    Thank Kevin.

  17. Mitra says:

    I actually have a Magic Bullet and it is very useful. I do like it very much. It has made my busy life a lot easier.



  18. Mark says:

    Yes!!! I have a Magic Bullet and it works well. I’ve made smoothies with it at work, but I have never really tried to blend whole foods like I do in my VitaMix. My only complaint is that the cups that come with it are quite small, about 16oz so if you are shooting for a big “meal” you have to pack two cups with you. Other than that not a bad product.

    Thanks for the videos. Keep up the great work!

  19. Carol B says:

    We have had a Magic Bullet for 5 years and it was all I used for smoothies and dressings when I started raw last Oct. But when the green smoothie challenge started and I needed a larger amount we bought the Vitamix. I still use it for a quick small smoothie in the morning and for dressings all the time. We took it to Fort Bragg also and it worked out great.

  20. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Kevin!

    I have a magic bullet and it is so-so! Not bad for small amounts…but definitely not very good for grinding nuts…the ones on the sides will be a buttery mush while the center will still be whole…same applies for veggies and smoothies. However, it makes good banana milk and watermelon smoothies. I mean to try it for almond milk but didn’t get around to it yet. I got mine on sale for $29.00 so I consider it passable for the price. Don’t think I would travel with it though! Not worth it!


  21. Lindsay says:

    You ate his dandelion.. hilarious.
    I myself have never used the magic bullet set, but my brother has been using it for years and loves it. He’s not kind to his appliances and it has seen a lot of use and transporation, yet has held up admirably. It seems like a reliable investment.. I love that this is the third review from somebody who hasn’t used it… let us aaall by a magic bullet..

  22. Guylaine says:

    Wow, I am impressed by so many bottles. Raw food diet being quite sophisticated. I really don’t think we need so much specialized foods to be well nourished. Fresh greens are more valuable than any of these products. But this is my humble opinion.
    I have a magic bullet and I love it. I use it mostly to grind nuts and seeds. It does a big quantity in a snap time. Great also to blend small quantity like for a dressing or a nut cream.
    Kevin, you are bold! 🙂

  23. Jenn says:

    I’m laughing because I talked to my kids today(Ok, my students but at 7th graders they end up more or less mine for the year) about how science is really just all about knowledge so anyone nosy is good at science.

    You just proved me right, that and this was an amusing episode. Hope you got your work done after sneaking around the kitchen.

    I don’t have the Magic Bullet but I do have the Power Chopper, which is basically the smaller knockoff(fewer accessories). I love it for making quick things and it is better for travel. If you have the small cups they will chop up nuts/seeds OK, and are great for making dressings for 1-3 person salad. The larger cups make an OK 1 person size smoothie, and good with fruits(fresh or frozen) but not so great with veggies. Not sure on the Magic Bullet, Power Chopper comes with a larger blender cup as well. If you keep the blades sharp and do veggies first, it might be OK. I have made some good veggie soups in it, the one thing I would say these blenders aren’t so great at is leafy greens…but for travel mine is great 🙂

  24. Denise says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Great video!!

    I’ve had my Magic Bullet for 4 years and love it! I use it every day for my morning smoothie. I throw in some ice, goji berries and variety of fruits and berries, powders. Everything grinds up great. I have taken mine on vacation as well with no problems. The only issue was it being too small for making smoothies for me and travel friends, they all bought one when we got home, they liked it so much!

    Thanks for all you do.

  25. Kathy Clayton says:

    Good Show! I have a Bullet and use it everyday! In the morning for a fruit smoothie and later I grind my carrots in it and my nuts. You have to pulse the Bullet. Some folks don’t use it the right way. Also, after you put in your frozen fruit and then the rice milk or whatever, you something have to shake the drink and blend again. Works for me!


  26. Bea says:

    You crack me up, I love it! I’ve used my parents’ magic bullet and it seems like the perfect tool for traveling. I was surprised to see so many things uncovered on the counter and in the fridge…

  27. Mike says:

    Best Episode Ever

  28. ambrosia says:

    aloha kevin…

    we travel with all that and more….
    super foods make up the bulk of our luggage…if we have room left over we take a few clothes…we have a tri best personal blender
    we love it…comes with lids and various size blender units and very powderful….definately a must
    a vitamixer would be way to heavy and big for traveling….by air anyhow….
    enjoy your travels see you in sedona

  29. Larry says:

    Hi! I actually find that very bizarre.
    How can anyone be healthy eating all those powders and things in a bottle?
    Seems like the opposite of natural to me!
    There must be something very lacking in what he eats or he wouldnt need all those herbs and “superfoods”

  30. Kathy says:

    Great show Kevin! I bought a Magic Bullet while waiting for my 20amp Blend-Tec to arrive (after my 25 yr old Vita Mix finally needed a rest) and on the 2nd use the plastic spindle attached to the motor broke! Poor quality of parts led to no longevity. I was hoping it would be the smoothie maker the kids used in my absence but no such luck. We were just blending some local frozen peaches and OJ as a fun summer treat. Sorry, I am not a lover of this product. If you are using it for easy smoothies with little fiber then it will last but in that case…why bother?

  31. brandon says:

    im glad to see he is using the elements for life products they are certainly the best ever!
    if anyone is interested in trying them go to

  32. Al says:

    I have had a Magic Bullet for several years. A great blender. Can’t handle the really big jobs, but is an excellent smoothie mixer. Easy to travel with. Buy one.

  33. SabiOne says:

    Damn, that’s a whole suitcase by itself! I brought around 30 lbs of various foods and superfoods with me to Afghanistan. I brought a magic bullet as well. I used the bullet for about 4 months… hardcore usage. I was grinding veggies and juicing through a nutbag. It’s still working fine. Make sure you don’t grind up the rubber seal, it can get twisted into the cup when you screw the top on sometimes. I use a blendtec now. I did bring the bullet to combat with me, but I don’t use it very often because of time constraints and inconvenience of cleaning it. Most everything I consume here goes into my mouth mono-style which is working out really nicely and simple. However, I do miss blended drinks! I have been doing avocados like a mad man whom they call avocado 🙂 I don’t do any sweeteners here either… resting heart rate is down to around 45 now. Can’t wait for the day when I can be a normal creature of the earth and roam with the wild.

  34. Bill Murphy says:

    I have never heard of the Magic Bullet here in Australia but we use our Tribest personal Blender regularly at home to make salad dressings and dips. We also use it to travel with instead of our Vitamix.

    Check it out here:,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,623/category_id,23/manufacturer_id,0/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,49/

  35. Louise says:

    You are so cooool!!!! you got to be in his room! The GURU of RAW! that just blows my mind. that was totaly awesome. I would be in heaven if I was to ever meet him or even you and Annmarie. good going keep up the good work

  36. Michelle D. says:

    Woah! I totally use the Magic Bullet several times per day, and couldn’t imagine traveling w/a big ol’ blender. The MB is definitely the way to go.

  37. Mary Ellen says:

    glad u showed us everything he takes. also glad u cut your hair. i think it looks better that way. could u pleeeze describe what revitaphi tastes like, as i could not make that wonderful meeting in white plains. maybe i can make the next one. hopefully it will be closer for me.

  38. Nikki says:

    That was freaking funny – I loved your snooping, your energy and how you ate his dandelion greens! Too funny. I also like seeing that he actually uses all that stuff (as well as the rockin’ Magic Bullet – the worlds funniest infomercial!) since I ordered a bunch from sunfood recently. I think the Magic Bullet would be great for travel. I have the big ol’ blender which takes up most of my counter and I cannot imagine traveling with it.

  39. Carrie says:

    I bet David is going to live 250 years at least 🙂 It seems like he is almost only living on special stuff. Who else could afford that? Is being raw only possible with all this special stuff?

  40. Cheryl Holt says:

    OH! Kevin! Snackin on the dandelions!
    That was by far the most amazing covert operation I have ever been privy to witness!
    Amazing stuff on those counters with a great mix in the fridge.
    The Avocado man has some great stock!

    This was truly a great show.

    I’m thinking you may be onto to something here that could blossom into a regular show. Just change the raw food celebrities each time. You could call it Covert Kitchen Adventures with Kevin! Or bring in Annmarie for The G’s Covert Kitchen Adventures!

    I’ve never used the Magic Bullet but my son and his girlfriend love theirs. They mix a lot of smoothies with it and got a great deal on it, I think on E-Bay. Everyone’s comments were great. I wasn’t sure what to take up to the RSF with us to mix in and might just have to take a Magic Bullet to try. I have been toying with the idea of keeping a magic bullet at my place of work for smoothies. After the reviews here, that is what I plan to do.
    Really Good Show! : )

  41. Kat says:

    Hehehe…Kevin you are too funny – that was so much fun!! Thanks for sharing that little sneak peek (and the sneaky bite of dandelion green) with us! 😉 Hmm…you never said what you were doing in David’s hotel room in the first place!

    I don’t have a Magic Bullet but I want one for traveling! I have never packed my VitaMix to take on a plane – it’s scary how our luggage is so abused by the handlers – I don’t want my VM to get smashed! So I always just improvise and try to find fresh fruits and veggies to eat – but I always miss my smoothies! Gotta get one of those…

    Thanks for a very creative, entertaining and informative show, as always!! 🙂

  42. kanti says:

    Love it..use it for dressings and night time chocolate pudding…
    Chocolate Silk Decadence:
    1 avo
    2 T. cocoa powder
    1 tsp. vanilla
    1/4 cup maple syrup
    dash of salt or shoyu
    1/4 tsp. cinnamon
    water just to blend
    Add more cocoa if you like it more choclatey!
    Unbelieveable but just like chocolate pudding!

  43. Vera says:

    The Magic Bullet is totally awesome! I’ve packed it in my pack and went biking/traveling with it. It does a pretty good job on blending greens, not as good as the vitamix, everything else is not prob, fast, easy to clean up, even blends ice in like 20 secs. Sometimes if I am in a rush I just grab the whole container just put one of those screw lids on and go. The magic bullet is pretty magic!
    Awesome vid, as always, thank you! I felt all sneaky watching it.

  44. Lori Coleman says:

    Hi Kevin,

    This was my favorite show so far! It was very exciting to be in David Wolfe’s hotel suite!
    I guess we are all a little bit curious by nature! That was fun! I would like to know more about the marine phytoplankton & Island Fire!


  45. Denise says:

    I don’ have a Magic Bullet, but am wondering if it’s better than the Tribest, which I purchased for traveling. The Tribest just isn’t strong enough — cant’t blend nuts decently for nut milk,nor even blend some rather simple veggies. I’ll get MB if it is stronger than the Tribest….

  46. rose says:

    MB sounds like a great travel idea. i once shlepped a glass blender to the other side of the world, only to discover that the friend i was staying with had an ok blender.

    what better endorsement than DW travelling with one.

    if i see MB on sale somewhere i will defo get one!

  47. rose says:

    ps- that was a fun episode. i’m sure DW gave you permision afterwards to put that vid up!
    skin looking great kevin…
    i never realised anne marie was so fit and toned! wow. you are such a lovely couple!
    i enjoy these videos and your company each day!

  48. Meri says:

    What a great show. I admire your sneakiness Kevin! I don’t have a MB or the Tribest personal blender but I am also thinking about getting something small for travelling purposes. Smoothies are the best way to stay satisfied when there’s not a lot of great food around.
    I’d like to ask about superfoods. I am big into superfoods, probably because I started out my raw journey reading David’s books. I’d consider them an essential part of the raw food diet in order to get a full spectrum of amino acids, minerals etc. However, I have noticed that there are many raw foodists out there that don’t use superfoods and mainly just eat fruit and salads, plus a green smoothie here and there. I’d like to hear about what renegade health readers are eating and whether superfoods are part of their daily diet or not? I thought everyone was on them but I’ve just realised that’s not the case so I’m interested to know what proportion of the raw food community are using them and not using them, and how different (or not) are the experiences of these two groups?

  49. Mary says:

    I have been using my Magic Bullet daily for several years. I find nuts grind best if they are dry — and sometimes I shake it while it is blending to move things toward the blade. It holds up better, I understand, if you do not run it too long, so it does not overheat. My daily batch of salad dressing is done in seconds in the bullet. I made smoothies in it when I was only making small batches daily. Now I use the Vitamix for the gallon that I take to work every day.

  50. Jean says:

    Kevin, what a great show, I am sure David will get a kick out of it. I would love to know where to get those things like the fire water and other things you showed us. You said something about blank for life but didnt catch quit what you said. So please Kevin do a show on where are good safe places where to get this stuff. Good reputables afforadable places.

  51. Elaine says:

    Sneaky,sneaky, sneaky ! You rival the butler in that Adam Sandler movie Mr. Deeds !!! Loved the show. I believe we all look up to David W. and it was great to actually see some of his products…I was writing as fast as I could. Then proud to know that I use so many of the same items. Many of which I started on because of YOUR show ! Thanks for another outstanding video.

  52. Janice says:

    Please tell us you had permission to be the snoop! When having guests, they are always told to help themselves in our kitchen and pantry.

  53. Andrew Norris says:

    Sue said, “The Magic Bullet sounds like something you’d get at an adult store”. Well I hope nobody gets confused! lol

  54. Andrew Norris says:

    You can take off my “lol” Kev, it does not seem right to laugh at that one 😉

  55. Andrew Norris says:

    leave the message up though – it made me laugh – make make others 🙂

  56. Monica says:

    Make a list on your website of what David Wolffe had in his fridge! ha. That was your best episode! So many bottles! How do you travel to other countries with so many breakable items. I carry my spices,ginger, neem and green pills when traveling. Thank you for posting info about Argentina. I am visiting for four months, and it’s been much easier since that episode-THE episode that got me interested in your show. Thanks. Ciao!

  57. Jessica says:

    That was an awesome show! i agree you should sneak into other fridges and show us what they have!!

    I love my magic bullet blender too. My favorite appliance ever. I just got a second one, as the frist one died on me (after about 4 years of using very often) I highly recommend it.. and around christmas time, the infomercial sells 2 for 1 🙂

  58. Selah says:

    So many things to consider! Is there ONE place online where you can purchase all these products at a reasonable price??? Or is there a list of say “Top 10” best places to buy organic/raw health foods? I’m in the middle of the Indiana farmland and do most all my ‘healthy’ shopping online, except for seasonal local farmer’s markets and such. That Island Fire stuff sounds AMAZING!

  59. Alicia says:


    Ha! That’s exactly what I would do if I were left alone in David Wolfe’s hotel room. 😉 Great show!

    I use a Tribest personal blender and I absolutely love it but I only use it to make fruit smoothies. I’ve never tried using it for nut milk and veggies. I’m also wondering if The Magic Bullet is more powerful than the Tribest. The Tribest blends frozen fruit really well. Made lots of Sunwarrior protein smoothies with it during my trip this past weekend.

    Can you tell me about the taste of the Revitaphi? I’m having a hard time with the taste of the Vitamineral Green cause of all of the sea veggies in it. I can only use a very small amount otherwise the taste is just too strong. 🙁

    I LOVE the haircut btw! Personally I like the clean cut look in a man much more than the hippie look. 😉

  60. Patti says:

    Myself and a friend use the majic bullet. She has been through 4 of them and I have been through 2. They are about $40.00. If you don’t use them on a daily basis its ok but when you do they break pretty easy. I think I need to get something alittle more durable.

  61. Alicia says:

    Oh! and I was so glad to see David was drinking Mineral Springs cause that’s what I have been drinking lately. W00t! 😛

  62. Penni says:

    Way to snoop it out, Kevin! So how does he get through the airport with all of that stuff? I’m guessing he either ships a box to the hotel where he stays or he packs an extra suitcase. I do a fair amount of traveling and I’ve never been that well prepped and prepared.

    You probably need a kick back from the Magic Bullet people because you probably just sold a 100 or so by your stealth reporting.

  63. Dawn says:

    Cute show 🙂
    Did the small round fruit turn out to be a crabapple?

  64. Jennifer says:

    Loved the show! You cracked me up! Good to see people walking the walk not just talking the talk.

    I have a magic bullet that I have used for a few years. Great for smoothies and travel. It also comes with multiple cups/containers that we use in our house to each make our own drink. Not great for large quantities. It is very quick and easy and easy to clean. Definitely worth the money.

    Thank you for always putting a smile on my face!

  65. Tom says:

    I’ve used one for about 4 years. Then I replaced one of the blades and the gasket kept coming out so I bought a full sized blender. It doesn’t crush ice that well unless it’s full of ice, but overall, it was a good blender. The motor is still good and my wife still uses it to grind coffee and make food for our baby girl. It will serve you well for traveling.

  66. del says:

    First time I heard of the Magic Bullet. But my wife says they sell it at Bed Bath and Beyond. And knowing David “Avocado” he is certainly beyond the beyond… and I mean that in the best way ever !!!

  67. Chad says:

    I find it interesting that the David Wolfe link on this article goes to Matt Monarch’s RawFoodWorld…

  68. Margie says:

    YES, I have a Magic Bullet. It is excellent to chop up or blend small quantities of food. I use it to mix up my Sun Warrior protein and flax oil for an after workout drink. It is also very easy to clean. My VitaMIx is still the star of my kitchen, but sometimes the Magic Bullet is more convenient.

  69. Carole says:

    Great show Kevin,
    I love my Magic Bullet. I’ve had it 2 years and use it every day for small smoothies and use it while traveling, it’s just the right size and weight and easy clean-up, too. I bought it at Target for $59., sometimes on sale for $39.

  70. This is a message to alan from NZ, a company called pure wellbeing ( imports raw cacao from Australia under the brand Loving Earth

  71. Christy says:

    Great show Kevin!

    In response to the ones asking if everything he eats is out of a bottle, remember, folks–he is TRAVELING! I bet if you raided his kitchen at his house there would be a lot more natural food. Hey–why don’t you do that? Go raid his HOME kitchen! That would be an awesome Renegade show.

    Never used an MB, but I have been resisting buying one. Now I think I will. If it works for DW, it’s good enough for me!

  72. Gillian Earle says:

    I have only recently come across your website and think its great – the world needs some renegades! I’ve been using the magic bullet for 2 years now (and made the recent beanless zuchini tahini dip in it – delicious) makes great nut milks – and gave my blender away. Thanks for all your work.


  73. Ken Roetman says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I travel with the Magic Bullet everywhere I go. I have only used it for my shakes but I have to tell you it rocks!

    If you travel with it and if you’re like me, a person who brings way to many clothes be careful of the weight. Everywhere I have gone it seems to be that extra 3-5lbs that’s going to put you over the luggage limit.

    Pack fewer clothes and bring your Magic Bullet!

    Ken Roetman

  74. Joanne says:

    great fun show kevin….

    the magic bullet is good for smoothies and i make a great salad dressing in it……

    soaked sunflower seeds
    flax or olive oil
    braggs or soy sauce
    fresh ground pepper
    celtic sea salt
    a couple of cloves of garlic
    a big chunk of peeled ginger
    and the juice of a couple of limes
    or lemons

    blend it up and voila’….yummy dressing in less than a minute.

    thanks for always providing a healthy
    dose of laughter to my day….you guys are AWESOME !!

    You know who else i think is awesome…..Jack Johnson…just got turned onto his music and can’t get enough….the guy has brought a new level of love and joy to my being…check out his album called
    “in between dreams”…it’s amazing….

    peace to everyone out there in computer land


  75. Julie Czachow says:

    Kevin, what a good idea to check what’s inside the fridge. I always want to know what health leaders really do eat. It’s great to see that David Wolfe walks the talk, plus it gives me more ideas om how to work more rawfoods into my busy life. What a great idea for a show… Anyway, I have a Vita-mix and a magic bullet and use the bullet every morning for my smoothies. It’s takes less clean up, very little space, and holds just the right amount. I find the Vita-mix too big to use for only one person. Again thanks for the show. Julie

  76. Wendi C. says:

    I love the magic bullet I had my first one for 4 years burned it out and bought a new one last year. I made all my baby food in it I also make my salad dressings in it, its nice when I just want a small amount or I’m traveling. If I’m making a small smoothie for myself its faster and easier than cleaning my blendTec

  77. Gus says:

    The Magic Bullet is da bomb! I’ve been using it for over a 6 months and have made almost everything that can be mashed up and blended! Makes for easy cleanup too.

  78. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’m using a magic bullet. It is good for small quantities, not for your big green smoothie of the morning. Good power in it and also have a cover to grind the grains. Interesting if you have another blender (larger) that is not as powerfull as vitamix and still combine bot types to make all it do.

  79. natalya says:

    I had magic bullet, but it burnt. If you blend something in it over a minute the engine will burn out. I am not getting another one

  80. Rupert the bear says:

    The magic bullet is magic. You don’t need a coffee grinder or any other small gadgets for your finer blending. The MB is small, powerful and comes with a set of twosizes of containers(cups) so you can do anything from small doses of your favourite blends, salad dressings, herb mixtures, tonics and with the larger cups you can just attach them and do smoothies right in the glass. for about 4-6 people (one at a time) I use mine to blend up flax and other seeds for smoothies or other treats. I usually think those adds are cheep gimics but my wife purchased the magic bullet and it was everything they said it would be.

  81. Melanie says:

    I like my magic bullet for small things. But, I love my vitamix blender more.

  82. Thanks for posting this… interesting stuff as usual.

  83. Michele Deradune says:

    One thing a lot of people overlook is that it is NOT good to eat homogenized fats — that is, even good fats should not be blended, or blended as little as possible.

    So here is my suggestion: combine all your salad dressing ingredients (or other ingredients) in blender and blend, then pour into another container and STIR in the olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil, grapeseed oil or other good quality oil you are using in the recipe.

    Here’s to your Health — and thanks for your great website and video shows, Kevin!! AWESOME.

  84. Victoria says:

    The Magic Bullet was too small for our use in the RV. We are a family of seven. When I make smoothies or green drinks it’s usually for everyone that will drink one. The Bullet may be a good purchase to take if travelling by air. I would and have made room for the Vitamix in the RV and roadtrips in the Suburban.

    The Bullet requires some adjustment in what you can blend compared to the Vitamix. It just isn’t as durable.

  85. Elizabeth Williams says:

    I have had a magic bullet for many years and I use it every morning to make my smoothies, I took it with me when I traveled to Florida, it is great to travel with as it is smaller and lighter than a vitamix.

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