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Before I answer your questions on recommended enzyme products and if colloidal silver can work for acne, I have to tell you this…

On the car ride back from the Berkshires this weekend, I was doing a lot of thinking.

I tend to do this, ya know. 🙂

Here’s the thing… there are some weird things that we eat and some strange things that we believe in the health world. In this episode, I want to know your thoughts on the things that I was thinking about on the trip home!

Go ahead and see what they are…

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Lana says:

    I think Stevia tastes pretty bad, to be honest…

    Kevin, great show! Could you expand a bit more on blue green algae supplements? I am on a tight budget and would love for you to prioritize the vitamins/supplements if I can only afford 1 or 2. Thanks!

  2. ambrosia says:

    i am with you, durian is something that smells so bad i can not imagine eating,…as they say the nose knows……not sure who thought it was a good idea….but i think whose who do like it also loved or liked blue cheese or other strong smelling cheeses and durian reminds them of it….

    chinese herbs have a long track record and it matters not that they arent into raw foods…

    many useful alernative approaches are not into raw foods but are still helpful to raw foodists..

    and lastly, i am with you again on stevia…i have tried several times to like it and have failed each time…only once was it somewhat fine in a herbal sun tea i had at tree of life….

    what is the wall walking exercise can you demonstrate it or have you already and I missed it????

  3. Deanna Dean says:

    Never tasted the first thing you mentioned so I can’t comment on that, but if you eat a miracle fruit first, it can make anything taste good.
    Provocative question about Chinese and no raw food-plus think about all that high fat Peking duck they eat too.
    I’m so glad you don’t like stevia. I thought I was supposed to and wondered what was wrong with me because to me it almost has a bitter taste not to mention the “after-taste.”
    As an aside, I listened to your David Wolfe Raw Summit interview and would like your thoughts on the supplement MSM. I know nothing about it, but apparently it can change lives.
    Thanks again to you and Anne Marie for all your hard work on our behalf. Best, Deanna

  4. Becky says:

    “stevia” Yes, it is bitter if you use a tad too much. The cure is learning what is your acceptable taste bud tolerance. A little is all you need, not like using white sugar. Much better then using the horrible synthetic sugars on the market. There is also a fruit juice one can use that I cannot think of that seems to be popular. I know when I use anything with sugar in it, my body response is like when I consume a coffee drink. Don’t like the feel so try to stay away from sugar products and fake sugars.

  5. Taina says:

    love ya kevin and annemarie!! I do like stevia in my tea and coffee and just added it to my blueberry pie instead of sugar. it is fantastic!!! as for straight out of the packet???? it’s ok.

  6. Taina says:

    I also have tried MSM and find that when I mix it with a drink it falls to the bottom and tastes like salt. Doesn’t mix well so I don’t continue to use it. Is there a better way to use MSM?

  7. Dawn B says:

    Dude, your video is gone.

  8. Dawn B says:

    Video is back, weird.
    It is completely insane for statin drugs to be pushed on kids. I’m appalled at the concept.
    Chinese medicine has pros/cons like all medicines, I’m sure. Especially since so much of it has to do with aphrodisiacs. At almost 2 billion people, I think they have the sex thing figured out pretty well. I’m not completely adverse to Chinese medicine, but if I can find a simpler herb mix, I’ll go with that first.
    I’ve never had Duria stinky fruit, but I understand it is one of those things that you either love or hate. I think the “custard” texture would turn me off.
    I do use stevia sometimes, but mostly I use raw local honey (and now agave) for sweetness. Stevia does have a little bitterness, but I don’t mind it. The thing I miss the most in stevia is the soft mouth-feel you get from honey, agave (and sugar).
    I’ve never taken enzyme supplements, not even sure what they are for.
    Colloidal silver has always made me wary, yes it is good for killing bacteria, but I just am not convinced that we should be drinking it. Weirdly, I quit having acne when I gave up caffeine. Well, except for a certain time of the month 😉

    Dawn B, Texas

  9. amy says:

    stevia – not supposed to be like sugar/ taste sweet. it takes the edge off of nothing. if you find stevia tastes bitter you added too much. it took me a while to figure it out. example i use 3 packets in 1 gallon of ice tea along with a litte honey and its great.

  10. Iso says:

    I enjoy stevia, especially the fresh small leaves. The refined, processed stevia extract can be too strong and can have an after taste. Grow your own stevia in your organic garden and eat it RAW for the best flavor!

    In South America it is sold fresh in grocery stores in small bundles – much like you could buy a small bunch of fresh basil or rosemary in a US grocery store.

  11. Sunnie Fernandes says:

    There is no middle road with the infamous durian. It is definitely one of those things you either love or hate. I happen to be a fan. Favourite food as a matter of fact. I’m not going to bother asking you if you have ever had it fresh since I have had both fresh and frozen and am crazy about both (although I have vowed to abstain til I can get it fresh again). In a way you are lucky not be be attracted to the fatty fruit.

    I am not a promoter of Chinese medicine. I believe in getting to the issue, not the symptom. You don’t have a headache from a lack of needles in your back.

    I’m glad to hear you don’t like stevia. Hopefully you don’t like agave, honey, or any other processed stimulants.

  12. Jenn says:

    The kids and cholesterol drugs I’m going to skip for now, the whole ideas make me sick that Drs’ will give drugs that young instead of addressing nutrition and diet!!

    Lol, I have NO idea who decided Durian was good. I saw it for the first time in person recently, had raw ice cream with it a few weeks ago(that was rough, put it in smoothie to finish it) but have seen it many times on the Travel Channel. If Andrew Z can’t eat it with ALL the weird stuff he eats on Bizarre Foods, I have doubts about it already!!

    Personally I do look at Chinese medicines, but I look at ALL cultures and pick what I think is good/relevant and don’t agree with all of any one culture/belief I have found so far. I think people tend to rely too much on who they think should be experts instead of doing all their own research and going with gut intstinct on what is right for them!

    Stevia..I have mixed thoughts on this. All the powders and processed stuff you get in the stores as sugar supplements I think taste gross and hate the aftertaste. However I have bought the dried leaf version and mixed it with herbs when brewing tea and it’s not bad.

  13. Elaina harman says:

    I have never tasted the fruit you mentioned and now do not think I will bother.
    I love stevia tea leaves with a acai and berry tea bag.
    I once thought that chinese food was more health than my regular “american” diet.
    so glad we have people like you blazing the trail, so please keep it up.

  14. Jessica says:

    I like stevia!

  15. Jan says:

    I agree with you, I hate stevia too. I bought some for my husband so he could cut down on his sugar. He told me to throw that junk in the garbage!!! The other fruit you mentioned I have never eaten. My husband and I both love your show,and we look forward to watching you every night.


  16. sharon ferguson says:

    I think durian is an aquired taste (like raw cacao), I haven’t had it much but I did find it edible. Interesting point you make about chinese herbs, I haven’t known any raw folks who were drawn to that system particularly. And yeah, stevia never really appealed to me either.
    I want to add to the acne question. I have found young coconut water to be extremely effective for this. Not cheap, and definately not convenient, I still feel it is worth it to learn how to open them (I can do it now with only three hacks of a french knife), and then drink one every day for a couple weeks. It works!!! I haven’t tried it with the tetra packs – Kevin are those pasturized?

  17. Lauren says:

    1. I also hate durian.
    2. Chinese medicine is mostly useless. They’ve come up with a few good ideas here and there, but as a system as a whole, it’s terrible–from the same system we get ridiculous ideas such as eating dogs that have been tortured to death in order to increase virility. It’s a false common sense analogy, and only an idiot would believe it. I find it very upsetting that MANY raw foodists have a complete disregard for science and believe things for spiritual and mystical reasons. That is the problem in a nutshell. If they actually bothered to think logically, we wouldn’t have this disgustingly massive following of things like Chinese medicine.
    3. Stevia is also pretty gross.
    4. I don’t see any reason to take packaged enzymes if we’re eating correctly.

  18. C. Tiemann says:

    I hate durian and stevia. The cooked chinese herbs (as prescribed by an acupuncturist or Chinese medicine doctor) I think are supposed to be like making your own drugs/medicine. Kinda like the drugs Kevin took for lime disease. Those were probably cooked herbs too. They cook alot of herbs in the Amazon Jungle too, like Cats Claw tea which some people have said it cured their cancer. Herbs from all over the world are cooked to make pharmaceuticals and we all know it is not a perfect system at all. I totally believe that we cannot count on the medical doctors.

  19. Leonardo says:

    This Durian fruit really looks like Jaca (Jackfruit). Jaca is eaten like crazy in Brazil; no wonder, it’s delicious.
    Well, maybe the Chinese, at some time, had some contaminantion problem and found that cooking eliminated that.
    Hey, I like stevia. I think the aftertaste compensates the fact that it is zero on the glycemic index.

  20. Michelle says:

    Stevia is ok,a little bitter. I think I remember Mike Adams suggesting to mix it with xylitol to combat the bitterness. Chinese medicine has a lot to offer. Developed over centuries it takes into account what is happening with your whole body, not just the isolated symptoms eg if your body is too cold it will prescribe heating herbs like ginger. It also looks at balance and the way energy flows, as most disease is caused by contractions within the body ( often from the mind- stress) creating blockages of energy, densities which eventually manifest into some physical problem. Eating living, high vibration foods, keeping your thoughts positive, exercise will help energy flow.I think its worthwhile to consider any health system, take what suits you, and leave the rest. No need to criticise, every culture has its ups and downs, including ours!
    I live naturally, do not take over the counter drugs, but thank doctors for saving my life when I had a brain haemorrage. So even western medicine has its uses,- use not abuse
    I wish you peace Lauren.

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you so much for your advice on acne for my sons. Much appreciated.
    I’ve never heard of durian & I dont think much of anything Chinese to be perfectly honest. I have 1 Stevia tablet in my coffee (I think any more than this would taste gross). I use it only because its a healthier alternative but not for any other reason.

  22. Meri says:

    Ok, never tasted durian but I’m intrigued by everything I’ve heard about this fruit and would love to try it so I know what all the fuss is about. I have weird tastebuds and tend to like stuff other people hate. Your description is not appealing though Kevin!!

    I really know very little about chinese medicine so I can’t provide an informed opinion on this. Need to get hold of some ho shu wu/ fo-ti (questionable spellings there!) to try for prematurely greying hair. I plan to combine that herb with ormus minerals and a high intake of greens and cacao as I believe this is a mineral issue that I’m having.

    I live in the UK where stevia is nowhere to be found, as far as I know. If it’s got a bitter taste though I bet I’ll love it 😉
    Weird tastebuds, you know.

    More questions like these please Kevin, I like to know your opinions and discuss controversial issues. 🙂

  23. Celine says:

    What’s your typical raw day like??? (food-wise)…

  24. Celine says:

    What is the ideal Raw plan for Diabetes???

    Thank you

  25. Elena says:

    1. Durian – Yuck! I was sorry I spent 30+ dollars on one to find out how inedible it was for me…

    2. Chinese Herbs- Personally, I can’t understand the draw to these. I have a couple of friends who swear by them. Those folks also say they could never eat a raw food diet, and ask me where I get my protein from, so……
    I do think that many health conscious people who are in the mainstream get drawn to them through naturopathic and acupuncture advice- that is how my friends became devoted to them. They were prescribed by both of these practitioners. It could be that just like pharmaceuticals, folks are looking for an alternative “medicine” to help alleviate their health issues and Chinese Herbs are a more “natural” seeming medicine. From what I have seen and smelled of them, they have no appeal to me at all. Give me a green smoothie, please!!! lol

    3. Stevia – No thanks. This certainly is an acquired taste. Once again, for the health conscious mainstream folks looking for alternatives to the truly poisonous non-caloric sweeteners. Stevia is a seemingly healthier alternative to saccharin/aspartame with a similar unnatural taste and unappetizing aftertaste.

    4. My questions: Do you take probiotics and blue green algae as Viktoras recommends? which brands/sources? And do you take Probiotics an hour before meals, if indeed you take it?
    What are your most recommended
    I am considering adding supplements but am simply raw right now.
    Thanks for all of your inspiring work on this site and for putting so much good energy out into the world. I appreciate that you share the informative video clips of others in the field as well. You are providing a wonderful supportive and inspiring place for health renegades! lol
    Peace and light,

  26. Elena says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry to have asked the redundant probiotic question. I just noticed you addressed a bit about probiotics on June 24th show.
    All the best,


  27. Michelle says:

    I assume you are asking me? I’m into green smoothies at the moment eg bananas,pears, kiwi etc with filtered water and lots of salad greens like baby spinach,kale, rocket, parsley etc blended into a green drink.
    I’m also enjoying goji berries,seeds, raw nuts and cacao nibs in a mix. Lots of sprouts and any organic vegies I can get my hands on. Winter down here in southern Australia, so not a lot growing locally.Being very cold, a root vegie, garlic soup will often warm us up.Not totally raw, but using local, organic foods to lessen carbon consumption is also a consideration.
    Nothing like home grown veg that you have nutured from seed,and then enjoy the vitality of chemical free, less traveled, produce. there is nothing better than seeing your 2yr old sitting in amongst the peas, eating more than he’s picking.

  28. debra says:

    If you’re in the middle of the jungle and you find a ripe Durian -Yum. Otherwise, most tropical fruits, even bannanas usually don’t taste as sweet and juicy as when you and them are in their native habitat.

    My husband, who I must admit chews his vitamins and herbs to aid assimilation, loves stevia. He’s been using it since the ’80’s when it was first marketed as part of a facial mask by “Sunrider” because the FDA hadn’t approved it yet for consumption. I’ve never enjoyed it. I don’t have a big sweet tooth unless there’s cacao around and then a bit of agave makes the cacao go down.

    The mind can justify anything! Our beliefs and our actions, as you know, are not always logical. Some chinese herbs are very effective -but you have to know what you’re getting. Some contain ingredients of questionable origin and quality. In my experience -I’ve been a vegetarian and off again, on again, raw food vegan since 1976, when I’m sick or in pain, I’ll try anything before going to the doctor -but I’ve also learned that sometimes, allopathic medicine saves lives. As always, balance is key.

    Many thanks for what you do to raise consciousness in the world, dear Kevin and Anne Marie!

  29. rosemary says:

    hey yo.
    durian, i fell in love with it last year and then fell out of love after eating too much of it and i made me illlllll!!!
    Chinese herbs, well i guess some of the powders are raw, we can learn alot from Chinese herbalists who look at body energy and use a much more wholistic approcah than western medicine, which is why it may seem preferable to a lot of people who gravitate towards Raw food, but i do have doubts about the source of many Chinese products and their standards of production.
    Stevia – i agree, yuck. perhaps if we were given stevia from childhood it may taste normal, kind of like liquoirce, but it is such a green, cold sweetness that it seems so wrong to me as well. very good for one’s blood sugar though so perhaps better to take in capsule form, defeating the object of it’s sweetening properties.

  30. Karen Jackson says:

    I use stevia, but in small amounts – like in my smoothies and oatmeal. It is bitter if you use too much. I was at a festival and got a sample of a new soda made with stevia and it tasted horrible. It’s nice to know that it doesn’t spike my blood sugar though.

  31. Julie says:

    Sorry guys! I LOVE stevia! I had a horrible addiction to sugar. Wouldn’t touch artificial sweetners with a ten-foot pole. So stevia has been a lifesaver for me. use too much though and yuck. you have to learn just how much to use.

  32. Gina says:

    I agree with you about Stevia, the stuff is rank and I can’t understand how anyone finds it palatable as a sweetener.

  33. Sweetgrass says:

    Stevia makes my stomache turn. Just the thought of it makes me feel ill.

  34. Richard Gomez says:

    lol just wanted to say, i love the funky music in the begining and the end of this show, always makes me giggle, oh and i wanted to know, where do i post my questions for this show, if i wanted to ask one or if i wanted to express my opinion about certain things? just here?

  35. Julie Czachow says:

    I’ve never tasted a durian and have never seen one at my local Health food store.
    I don’t know much about TCM but being vegan and almost raw foodist I’d think I would go to an alternate medicine first then my doctor. As for stevia, just a little is enough. I can’t have any of other sucroses because of my concern for my dental health, i.e. cavities & having health gums, or maybe you have a better way of taking care of this?
    Children should not be on prescription drugs when diet & exercise can help this problem, just get of the junk & couch.

  36. Lauren says:

    Michelle, I do not deny that the Chinese have perhaps come up with a good idea or two. But the things within their system so not work for the reasons they claim are the reasons; it is merely a coincidence that those things work for them, as the real reason that ANYTHING works is scientifically verifiable, which Chinese medicine is not. There is no evidence whatsoever for energy meridians, etc.

    Of course there are flaws with our culture’s system. There are flaws with just about every system, agreed. That is why, as I said before, critical thinking for oneself is crucial.

  37. sarah says:

    here is how we have used stevia and it doesn’t taste bad and in fact you cannot taste it , besides a sweet taste.:
    1. in this hot summer weather, i have made some divine lemonades and limeades with a bit of stevia in them and YOU CANNOT TASTE THE STEVIA. sweeten it by the dropperful til you get it the way you want. in fact these 2 drinks have been enjoyed by everyone we know and they never suspected stevia is in them. this recipe also works for margaritas.
    2. our neighbor, who likes a slightly sweet iced sun tea with a splash of lemon, is now a stevia lover and advocate and regularly makes it with stevia now.
    SO- we are thinking that stevia with lime or lemon WORKS, taste-wise.
    3. my husband is a biggggg time sugar addict beyondo what you mite even tHink anyone could be, and, in spite of our ever increasingly healthy raw lifestyle, he was unable to clear up some crazy skin conditions that he has been working on healing for 6 years now…
    when , in addition to our lifestyle changes, he GOT OFF ALL SUGARS, INCLUDING LOCaL HONEYS AGAVE AND ALL SOCALLED GOOD FOR YOU SUGARS via stevia, his skin conditions went away after about 9 months. i am greatly siplifying this, but i am saying that stevia CAN help and CAN taste good in SOME things. thankyou god for stevia is all i can say.
    however, too much stevia can taste NOT good to me, and usually i dont care for its taste.
    so….to answer your question, my husband likes the taste of stevia.
    4. he makes a large thermos of hot tea to take to work every day and now it has stevia rather than half a jar of honey in it. this thermos is a fantastic teapot, and he is a master tea blender/ maker. he has managed to find delicious ways to make teas with stevia that really taste good not just to him but also to me and i am not a sweet or stevia person.
    so i think stevia IS do-able.
    hope this helps some people who really need it.

  38. Bernadette says:

    Leonardo was right.. the Chinese are obsessed with contamination in their food and therefore cook everything. They also believe some people need warm foods and do not do well on cold foods, such as raw. You would never see someone in China eating a salad for instance.. it is not a part of their diet. However, ‘rural’ Chinese, the people in the China Study, do eat a lot of steamed and cooked vegetables, fish, rice and very little meat and dairy, and are among the healthiest people in the world. T. Colin Campbell, therefore, believes strongly in a whole foods diet but does not necessarily believe it must be completely raw.

    When Chinese medicine is a part of integrative medicine, then I think they do have some very good success with curing cancer and other diseases. I took a Chinese herbal remedy for a urinary tract infection once and it was gone after one dose. I thought it was amazing. I believe in their approach to unblocking energy flow and, logically, I can see how this may very well affect a person’s health. Everyone seems to have one particular weak spot in their body where diseases manifest and unblocking the energy in that area does seem to produce beneficial results. A very good friend of mine works at an Integrative Chinese Medical Clinic and they have had huge success in helping people heal. Energy is a part of our being, we are not 100% physical, so I don’t believe that just concentrating on the physical realm is going to constitute a complete cure.

    As far as stevia goes, there’s only been one I’ve liked the taste of but it is highly refined and therefore, I don’t use it much since its probably not the healthiest food to eat. It has no bitter aftertaste like the rest I’ve tried, however, and I’ve tried many. I mostly use agave now, and primarily for drinking tea because I need a bit of sweetness in it, but I don’t use it very often. I eat a lot of fruit, so that seems to curb my sweet tooth for the most part.

    Durian is a fruit I’ve never tried and probably won’t. From the description people give of it, I don’t think I would like it and I have a policy.. not to waste my calories on foods I don’t particularly like. 🙂 There are plenty of substitutes that will provide the same nutritive value.

    I read about colloidal silver being a great antibacterial agent but when I saw the clip on the blue man, it scared me away from using it very often.

    Being someone who has had acne most of my life until I initially started on superfoods, cut out dairy, added more fruits and vegetables to my diet, increased my alkalinity, and then became vegetarian and raw, I no longer have an acne problem. People have been asking me for years how I keep my skin looking so healthy and I truly believe it is due to diet and the fact that the only thing I put on my face is raw coconut oil.. no chemical creams, no parabens, etc… The change in my skin is one of the reasons I believe I am on the right track with my diet and health. It is a good way to judge how you are doing because it is one of the major organs of eliminating toxins and if it is clean and clear, you know that’s probably what your body is like on the inside too. 😉

  39. Kalavati says:

    Re stevia, I used to use it sparingly, but I found it would cause low blood sugar! I’d get shakey and need to eat anything, fast. Did research and sure enough, for some it does do this! I didn’t mind the taste,I used the white powder,and I used so little. I put it in a plastic bottle with a tiny opening and tap a tiny amt. out for tea or whatever.
    Re durian, I like it, just don’t breathe it in. 🙂
    Re enzymes, I think these are the most important addition to the diet. In my research the lack of these seems to be the major cause of ill health. I mix a bit with lukewarm water and let sit for 10 min. up to an hour, they multiply! Best some time before a meal and before bed to do the work on the colon while it isn’t so busy.
    Blessings, Kalavati

  40. rose says:

    i like durian. maybe if you try it 20 times or more, you will aquire a taste for it!

    just because chinese medicine is wrong about some things, raw food, unethical animal medicines, doesn’t mean that it is all wrong.

    liquid stevia drops, such as ‘vitality works’ brand, tastes great when combined with other sweeteners. no more than 2 drops for a small recipe.

  41. sonja says:

    Re acne I find it very strange that my son who eats a bad diet, as far as I am concerned, does not suffer from acne at all, albeit a spot once in a while… While I when I was young, had an excellent diet, lots of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, still got acne pretty bad compared to him. So this not eating chocolate etc does not seem to hold true for everyone. I think it has more to do with your hormones, and your emotional state..
    I have never tried stevia, I was going to buy some, but might be better off not going for any sweet substitute at all, and just stick with fruit when I want something sweet.

  42. Tracy says:

    Just had to put my 2 cents worth regarding stevia. You have to buy the more expensive brand, otherwise it is soooo bitter! It goes best in chocolate things otherwise I will use 1 packet of stevia and some agave. That seems a good mix where you don’t notice the stevia aftertaste.

  43. Shari says:


  44. Lauren says:

    Kalavati, enzymes are simply proteins and are not organisms; therefore they will not spontaneously multiply no matter what you do. Modern and unbiased studies have shown that most of the enzyme theorists in the raw food world do not have enough evidence to back up their ideas to the extent to which they do. Enzymes are in fact important, but other aspects of the raw food diet are far more beneficial. Be careful which studies you trust and which research you listen to. There are a lot of dodgy studies out there, and as much as I hate to say it, there’s a lot of misinformation floating about the raw food world.

    There are many VALID scientific reasons to eat raw. No reason to pretend that enzymes is the big one, when it’s hardly noticeable as far as impact when compared to most of the other benefits.

  45. Isabeau says:

    “stevia”, I have a stevia plant and the leaves off of the plant, “raw leaves undried”, taste awesome. 🙂 I can not stand the dried stevia though. lol

  46. Stacy says:

    That’s funny! I asked that question about durian, myself. I have not tried it, yet, but I am curious. Seems that everyone thinks it tastes different. Some say onion, some garlic, etc.. I happen to love those things. Maybe it depends on our DNA? Like cilantro? I was told that your DNA determines whether or not you will think cilantro tastes good to you or like soap (as it does to me).
    As far as chinese “medicine”~ they will eat ANYTHING and everything, so you gotta figure that they would stumble across a few good things for you eventually. But I don’t put much stock into it as a whole…
    STEVIA! LOVE IT! Just take it in small doses. Call me wierd, but I don’t like agave nectar, so I prefer stevia. And I couldn’t believe it, but my mom and her husband tried a nibble off a leaf and liked it, too.

  47. Teresa says:

    The lady who asked a question about acne.

    View Dr. Mark Hyman on You Tube, he covers information to help.

  48. mindy says:

    first, yes, i think that durian tastes awesome and it is like the smell of skunk that i don’t find offensive
    it is a great high caloric fruit and also higher in fat and good after an intensive workout
    next, as for stevia, i use it and am very happy with it
    i am a chef and teacher in the natural foods industry and i only use a couple of stevia products on the market that are of better quality
    i met james a may at the natural product expo west and he brought it to this country and gave me a book he wrote called, the miracle of stevia
    it is a very amazing leaf that has medicinal properties, both internal and external and is also rich in vitamins and minerals
    now, onto the products i do use and yes, less is more, don’t use too much or whatever you are using it for will taste bitter
    do not buy the white powder, it is denatured and processed
    you can get the green organic stevia powder from frontier or ask your health food store to special order it for you
    if you can get the actual leaves, you can steep that in your water and it tastes delicious
    the other product i use is the dark liquid concentrate not the clear (as that is denatured, as well) that comes in a dropper bottle and uses the whole leaf, but it is not raw and comes from the company wisdom herbs
    i hope this helps those who want to know more about it and the book i mentioned above has amazing info and testimonials and also shares how the fda was trying to ban it eventhough there have never been nor are any side affects to it
    mindy aka ageless raw beauty

  49. chris says:

    Stevia in my opinion tastes awful however Durian I think is absolutely wonderful. There is a freeze dried product which is worth getting and the smell is not too heavy.

    Not that interested in medicinal mushrooms though I’m sure they have some benefits.

  50. Yvette says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! You are too funny, Kevin! I just asked you to tell me what Durian tastes like a few days ago when you go on your trip and if you liked it…now I know! I don’t like Stevia either and I don’t know too much about Chinese herbs.

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