Conventional or Natural Treatment for Lyme Disease? – The Renegade Health Show Episode #86

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This is a big question for anyone who comes up with a rash the size of Connecticut around a tick bite…

When I first saw the rash from the tick bite (I had pulled the deer tick off my leg about 3 days earlier), I knew what it was. Since I had already done research into treatments for Lyme disease in the past, I knew what the likely treatment would be as well.

I’m a (very) strong proponent of natural treatments, so I called and emailed a few experts that I know to see what they would recommend for natural Lyme disease treatment. I was not surprised to hear what they said.

Go ahead and watch to find out…

Your question of the day: Where do you draw the line between conventional and natural treatment?

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Please check out Dr. J. E. Williams by clicking here… his book “Prolonging Health” is a MASSIVE resource for anyone interested in natural health!

Live Awesome!

PS. Tomorrow is a very big day in the health world… stay tuned for an announcement midday…. 🙂

Kevin Gianni

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