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This is a big question for anyone who comes up with a rash the size of Connecticut around a tick bite…

When I first saw the rash from the tick bite (I had pulled the deer tick off my leg about 3 days earlier), I knew what it was. Since I had already done research into treatments for Lyme disease in the past, I knew what the likely treatment would be as well.

I’m a (very) strong proponent of natural treatments, so I called and emailed a few experts that I know to see what they would recommend for natural Lyme disease treatment. I was not surprised to hear what they said.

Go ahead and watch to find out…

Your question of the day: Where do you draw the line between conventional and natural treatment?

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Please check out Dr. J. E. Williams by clicking here… his book “Prolonging Health” is a MASSIVE resource for anyone interested in natural health!

Live Awesome!

PS. Tomorrow is a very big day in the health world… stay tuned for an announcement midday…. 🙂

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Mark says:

    I had lyme some years ago and treated it conventionally. I was not too happy about this but thought it was the lesser of the two evils.

    Some months later, I spoke with a friend, a homeopath, who said that it could have been treated homeopathically. That would have great as long as it worked. I would be willing to try, but on the other hand, like you said, lyme, left untreated, can get pretty nasty.

  2. Jennie says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’d not heard of Lyme disease but it does sound pretty blerk! I personally believe that there is a time and a place for conventional western medicine. I have friends who would be dead now if it were not for anti biotics.

    However I do feel that this type of medicine is waaaaaaaaaay overused and definitely one of the less caring healing sectors out there and I definitely have a big lack of trust in the pharmaceutical companies.

    I’m not sure where I would draw the line. There are so many ways that it could be drawn.

    Good on you for doing what’s right for you. I hope you respond well to the treatment, which you should seeing as you’ve not had an antibiotic for 10 years.

    You are an inspiration. Thank you for all you do. And Ann Marie too!

  3. Pat Lee says:

    I am against pharmacutical drugs but sometimes as is the case with lymes disease or other very lethal bacterial infections antibiotics are needed. A lot of people in the old days died before antibiotics,The problem now is they are over prescribed and people eat them in their food if they eat conventional animal products. When they are truely needed they can save your life.

  4. Lehi says:

    I actually have a friend who got rid of Lyme disease naturally. I want to say he did it with diet and probably herbs, but I’m not 100% sure. I think what I’ll do is just e-mail him this video clip and perhaps he would be willing to share.

    As far as where I draw the line….if I have a broken bone or I’m losing profuse amounts of blood, I’d probably go the conventional route. Anything else (off the top of my head) I would try to treat naturally. Birth, for example, isn’t something I’d go to a hospital for. (I’m due in about a week and I’m looking forward to a natural home birth.) Even if I were diagnosed with cancer, I’d treat it naturally at first. Hopefully that would be the only treatment I would need. The list goes on: diabetes, depression, arthritis, ADD, heart disease, etc. can all be treated non-conventionally, in my opinion.

  5. Dora says:

    There is a time for everything and yes, there are times to proceed with conventional medicine. Those times are during accideents and other emergency situations. Or, as in your case when one must make sure to protect against a more destructive disease development. It is wise to use an approach of combined conventional and natural medicine. Go for it…just fortify your system to withstand the side effects of the antiboitics, take your own advice and proceed as ususal.

  6. Donna says:

    Hello, Keven: May I make a suggestion!!! If you want to rid it from the body altogether, I would suggest a homeopathic, Lyme. I have a very succesful protocol for this problem. All natural. I cannot put it on the internet, but if you are interested , please let me know. I have had several people using this program with great success. Donna

  7. Katy Brezger says:

    Having had all of the iotrogenic problems a person can have, I do not take drugs, none, even if they tell me it is safe, I go completely with natural medicine. A healthy person need not fear disease. Just like bugs are for breaking down and returning sickly plants to the earth so are germs and parasites the agent to return us to the earth.

  8. Alicia says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Lyme disease is no joke. The tests are unreliable and the medical community doesn’t really have an answer.

    I’ve recently made a new friend who has suffered from Lyme for 2 years and has been on tetracycline for those two years. His first symptoms included chronic fatigue symptoms such as brain fog and derealization.

    After two years on antibotics all of the other symptoms he developed are gone but the chronic fatigue and derealization persist. He’s chronically tired and needs 10-12 hours of sleep just to be semi-rested and function. He’s a brilliant guy. The kind of person that upon meeting, you instantly know he was destined for greatness and its very difficult and terribly sad to see him limited by this illness.

    Because of him, I have been doing research and have tried to pass on some alternative info. to him but he’s not ready for it. He’s been on antibotics so long, I fear he has or will destroy his immune system but its his journey to make.

    Paul Pitchford, in his book Healing With Whole Foods recommends Oregano oil and Garlic. About maybe a month ago or so, one of your readers here also posted about a nutraceutical made from Garlic which seemed very promising.

    The best alternative info. I have found so far though was by way of Dr. Mercola who introduced me to Dr. Klinghardt. Dr. Klinghardt is a German MD who has a Phd in neurology. He has 30 years of med pracice and 15 years Bb cognizant. I have an audio of his interview with Dr. Mercola and I would be glad to make you a copy if you are interested. You can read some info he has on Lyme at this link:

    Dr. Klinghardt has an office in Kirkland, Washington.

    Also, I might be mistaken but I believe Paul Pitchford had or has Lyme disease as well. I have been meaning to contact him but have not. You can contact him at The Heartwood Institute in California.

    Also, you might want to read the book “Lab 257” if you haven’t already done so.

    Take good care Kevin and please keep us updated.


  9. 4estgirl says:


    We’re in a forested part of northern Va. and deal with disease-carrying ticks on a near daily basis. My young daughter has had lyme disease and several moms in our natural families co-op are treating their children for tick-borne illnesses naturally. Here are some excerpts from my posts to our e-list – Lyme disease is a recurrent thread due to its prevalance in our area; perhaps some of the info will help you with your ongoing research & treatment decision making:

    For those who are dealing with Lyme in some form, or who would like to learn more and be more aware which may increase chances of protection or early detection; most of them have their own ‘resources’ page you can visit for addt. info: – alternative treatments for lyme disease – infoshare by late-stage lyme sufferer who came off antibiotics using natural treatments – non-prof discusses lyme co-infections, symptomology, recommended antibiotic treatment protocol, as well as immune support and complimentary natural remedies – lyme treatment w/focus on cat’s claw – haven’t tried this – integrative treatment of lyme by Rhinebeck Health Center & Center for Progressive Medicine

    There are many books on newly emerging and innovative treatments for Lyme – I search amazon for what I want and then try to find it through the library if I can. This one is supposed to be one of the most recent & comprehensive, w/conventional and alternative in-depth treatments (I’ve not read it personally but have seen it recommended):

    If you’re even suspecting lyme you might want to start using some of the alt. treatments from the articles right away to raise recovery odds or prevent co-infection complications.

    Some homemade natural tick & insect repellant recipes:

    5 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
    2 drops Geranium essential oil
    4 drops Lemon essential oil
    1 drop Peppermint essential oil
    1 Tablespoon Herbal Trim (this is a commercial product and you can omit)
    1/4 teaspoon massage oil
    1.5 ounces purified water (3 T.)

    Pour all ingredients into a 2 ounce spray bottle and shake to blend. Spray on exposed areas of the skin. This is also a very effective general bug repellant. Reapply every 2 hours. From “Is Your Home Safe?” by Larissa Jones.

    Also: – make your own insect repellant (various recipes, including one for ticks).

    And: – more repellant recipes to try.

    Good luck w/your treatment, and thanks for the shows 🙂

    4estgirl in Virginia

  10. GISELLE says:

    My brother is 50 yrs old & he had a heart attack a couple of days ago. He was in the hospital for a couple of days. They prescribed blood thinner. Is there an altervative in natural medicine for blood thinner that he could take instead? I also have a couple of questions for mike adams does he have an email where I can ask him something about his book? Thank You Giselle

  11. Jenn says:

    I’m torn when it comes to things like this, but my personal feeling is that it should be a mix of both. Use the best there is!!

    I havn’t had Lyme myself, but my mother has(she also had West Nile 2 years ago and lived through it thankfully) and I saw her deal with it and be treated by the Dr’s very nonchalantly(sp?) for such a dangerous(both of them) disease. Too often a drug is given but then follow up is minimum. My brother in law was also diagnosed, but followed the limited info from his Dr and months later is still having problem from Lyme(all in CT too)

    I think the BEST way to deal with it is being aware of the issue, get the best of all meds to deal with it and then keep up yourself for a few months to follow for optimal health!!

    You are on the right track it seems! Good luck

  12. I have a company you need to check out IMMEDIATELY. 800-800-9119. They have a product for Lyme Disease, alternative method. I believe it is called Bsaid but you would need to check on the product. They have great products!!

  13. Hey Kevin,

    Kick Lyme Disease’s Butt and keep on hooking us up with great health information.

    To your health,

    Kyle Battis CSCS, NSCA-CPT

  14. Dede says:

    Hi Kevin,
    As you know, my knowledge of natural medicine alternatives is very very little – certainly not as schooled as the people that have already posted…..but I know what I would do.

    I would take the antibiotics right away – and without fail until you and the doc agree it is not neccesary any more. Your body is sooooo healthy and “clean” that it will take almost no time at all for them to be effective and get rid of the lyme bacteria.

    Well – that’s what I would do – and – tho it is certainly yours and Annmarie’s call – – i really hope you decide to do the same.

    OK – I’m stepping down from my soapbox now – 🙂 Take care!! – hugs, Dede

  15. Jeanne May says:

    Hi Kevin…

    Sounds gruesome!

    My thoughts echo many of those expressed above… I’m all for natural remedies, and allowing nature to work her magic… but I also appreciate the power of traditional medicine. There has to be a balance… and I think we live in a very informed period of life where we can use both forms of healing. Throughout my life, I know neither traditional medicine or natural remedies give the complete answer… I use a combination of both and it works for me.


  16. Renee says:

    Have you seen a doctor yet?

  17. Becky says:

    I myself use conventional and alternative medicines as needed with the addition of prayer. I also research my ailments, especially looking for alternative ways to handle the situation. As for Lymes disease, wow, think I would use both and prayer.
    I do enjoy your emails and messages you give. Thank you, Becky

  18. Rene says:

    As long as you are taking antibiotics, be SURE to take lots of C every day!
    C can help the antibiotic to work better, and minimize the toxic effects.

    That said, I would suggest you look into MMS.
    I did a quick Google search, and found this:

    We use MMS for EVERYTHING, and recommend it highly.

  19. kat says:

    In the case of Lyme you’ve made a wise decision. One thing most people don’t realize is ticks aren’t the only thing you can get Lyme DISease from. I know far too many people who found out years later they had Lyme b/c it can mask as just about any DISease there is.

    On personal note i would only use western medicine for trauma or if i got bit like you did. I’ve heard too many horror stories not to. Years ago i got bit by something, never saw it and ended up with a very compromised immune system along with chemical sensitivities, and a grocery list full of illnesses.

    You’re very healthy, your body will heal quickly. I believe you made a wise decision and am glad you caught it so quickly! Be well! Thanks for a great show! k

  20. Bridgette says:

    Hey Kevin,
    You have some great advice here……I believe in following your intuition…..what does your body and soul say for you to do……I think you are doing it and then you believe in what you are doing……don’t second guess…..know that what you are doing is going to take care of the problem and you will be clear and free of any dis-ease very soon………Trust your inner voice and don’t let “fear” get in ur way…. : )

  21. zoe healer says:

    Read “Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Miracle Cure that Medical Science Has Never Revealed!” by: Martha M. Christy. & Trust your body’s innate intelligence. Enough said. zoe

  22. Annie says:

    Ditto the posters above. Lyme is no joke. I’m glad you’re taking the course of antibiotics. I hope you’re doing the full 30 days if not 6 weeks. You should also be tested for co-infections like babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, bartonella, mycoplasma, STARI, tularemia….

    If it were me, I’d also follow some of the alternative protocols for approx. 6 months after as well to be as sure the Lyme spirochetes are gone. Some people battle it for years if it really takes hold.

    Don’t forget to protect your gut during treatment with probiotics and lots of fermented foods. Pepita/sesame yogurt (cultured off kefirlac) is yummy.

  23. There are 2 protocols that I combine with great sucess for my clients with Lyme. The first was developed by Dr. Lee Cowden MD and involves the use of Nutra Medix herbals. There is an exact protocol for this program, and the other is the phosphlipid/ fatty acid program of Patricia Kane in Havereford PA. If you would like to get more information on these protocols, please give me a call at 512 280-9621. Neither involve antibiotics…and can be taken in conjunction if you feel it would give you more peace of mind. When using probiotics…I prefer human micro flora products. Many blessings…wishing you radiant health. Meridian Grace ND

  24. Andrea says:

    I work in the medical field but still have a strong leaning to natural health, and have even found a doctor that does both…great as I can also use my insurance.
    What I want to say, is that I once read an article about Dr. John Bastyr. You may know that he started the John Bastyr Naturopathic School in Seattle…at one time the only accredited naturopathic institute in the country, and maybe still so. This article described someone who was explaining a number of different more natural treatments that were used on someone who I believe had pneumonia or some other respiratory infection but was not getting well. Dr Bastyr’s response to it all was…why didn’t you try an antibiotic? The theme of the article was that different treatment are appropriate for different conditions.
    I wholly support your use of antibiotics,especially for the reasons you describe and that you are adding the natural remedies along with it. The best of both worlds. Good luck.
    By the way, I happen to work in an Infectious Disease dept in one of the major hospitals in Boston.

  25. When treating Lyme, I often combine the work Of Dr. Lee Cowden MD utilizing the nutra medix herbs…and Patricia Kane and her phosopholipid/fatty acid detox work. If you would feel safer combining anti-biotics that can be done as well. I always start with human micro flora probiotics along with antibiotics in continuous small doses. When done with the antibiotics, I then recommend very high doses. If you would like to speak about this in more depth. Please feel free to call 512 280-9621. Many blessings and wishes for radiant health. Meridian Grace ND

  26. Karen McCoy says:

    There is no ‘line to be drawn’. There is no separation. Use both. Use neither, but don’t make it either/or, or we’re no better than the people who are adamant that alternative is best, or that only allopathic will do.
    No separation, only ‘expanding to include’.

    karen mccoy
    personal trainer and nutritionist, BC Canada

  27. linda says:

    hi kevin…..

    please give jim walton for allimax nature’
    antibiotic a call……….he has a product
    called allimed and it is from the allison from garlic… itis grown in spain organically and harvested and freeze dried right away.
    you can look on for information re this divine product. you can tell him linda from florida told you to call if you like. i found this when a friend was dieing from c-dif. she can no longer take antibiotics which caused the infection in the first place. levaquin was the antibiotic that killed the good flora in her colon despite pro and prebiotics orally as well as enemas 3x a day using probiotics. i know several people i have referred to jim and they have suffered for many many years from limes disease and this allimed had made them 99
    5 better. jim and had test run in texas i believe using it for limes disease. itis also taking care of MRSA and other infections.
    hope you wil at least contact jim and talk to him. 312-421-6132.
    my friends doctor told her if it was not for me finding this my friend would have died…and now when she gets sick the doctor says just used the allimed.
    good luck thisis nothing to fool around with
    as you know.

  28. linda says:

    one more thing……….i had the bacteria helicobacter pylori. and did not take any antibioics but the allimed and pro and prebiotics form allimax and my body is now clear of the h pylori.

  29. KO says:

    I agree with you about the use of antibiotics for lyme’s. The affects of the bacteria are severe and chronic if not put in check immediately. There are times when the conventional approach is the best………not often….but sometimes. And of course pumping up on the probiotics to keep the system strong. Love your information! Good job! KO New Hampshire

  30. I have gone back and forth in my mind, and unless I got specific proven natural treatment, I may be more likely to take the antibiotic in this case as well as use what ever knowledge you can find out. You have to do what’s best for you at this moment in time.
    Get better quick!

  31. Allen Adkins says:

    Hi Kevin – I highly recommend checking out the hormesis healing stones from Jay Gutierrez ( ) as they will completely take care of your tick bite or any possible infection from the bacteria that causes Lymes disease. The stones cure cancer, as well as effectively take care of the toxin from Brown Recluse spider bites etc. You owe it to yourself to call him… and then make up your own mind. His number is on his website and here it is as well :
    Jay @ 303-475-7202. He is available usually after 6 pm Colorado (Mountain) time… Aloha and blessings, Allen

  32. Dawn B says:

    I think there are some things you just don’t take chances with. A friend of mine has a grown daughter with an enlarged heart and many chronic problems from untreated Lyme disease (15+ yrs ago).
    I wouldn’t trust bubonic plague or a compound fracture with just alternative medicine either, unless the doctors all dropped of the planet or something.

  33. Elise says:

    I am a little confused. Did you say in your video that you positively had Lymes? Did you have a blood test for it? I would only treat it if the test was positive. Doxycycline is a powerful antibotic and so I think I would have a positive test before I would subject my body to this antibotic.. I have heard that most ticks do not carry the bacteria for Lymes.
    Maybe you know this already, and I am sure your doctors know this..

  34. RawGuy says:

    Hi Kevin,

    First I trust you’re well and get over this asap.

    My personal opinion is I wouldn’t use drugs unless it was an immediate life or death issue. I believe that’s where I would draw the line. I’ve given in to ‘antibiotics’ in the past by well meaning relatives, friends and doctors, but paid a high price. You only need to take antibiotics once to spark an entire slew of side effects that may haunt you in the future. I’ve spent years trying to figure out health issues I’ve had since and only now found relief. To me it’s not worth it… too high a price to pay.

    Here’s how I look at it. If my body is natural, an incredible temple provided to me, why should I look for man made toxic chemicals to combat something there is a natural alternative for? There are some great links to natural sources to treat in the comments here. (thanks to those that posted!) Of course, if my limbs are barely hanging from my body in an emergency room, I think that would be ok since it’s an emergency, life or death situation.

    The second way I look at it is that I personally feel if I build my own immune system well, issues like these and other bacteria, viruses, germs, invaders, etc will have a harder time affecting me. In my experience I’ve found this to be true.

    That’s also why I choose a 100% raw and organic diet. I do know that many including yourself don’t follow that. I look at the fact that our environment today is filled with so many ways to knock our immune system that one of the only ways to keep a strong immune system is to keep our systems as clean and free of blockages to health and healing as possible. Cooked food is one of those that attack our body as well (just look your white blood cell count after eating cooked food) so keeping a 100% raw diet in my opinion is one of the best health defenses.

    In my experience, I’ve been blessed with benefits that I can’t imagine and want to stay on a 100% raw diet because I not only feel better every day, I enjoy it and find it to be one of the simplest and fulfilling ways to live.

    I appreciate that many think 100% is not for them and respect that. We all pay a price for our decisions in one way or another, just depends what price we’re willing to pay in my view. It’s been said often that if you ‘think’ you can’t do something, you’re already correct, you can’t.

    All the best on your journey Kevin and hope you overcome this challenge quickly.


  35. Dave says:

    Now is my chance to speak to the overall message of Raw Food and Alternative Healing. Consider that a truely healthy body does not need Alternative Healing but is capable of “healing” itself. And also consider that bacteria and virus live in healthy bodies without negative symptoms. For example, many many people have the bacteria responsible for strep throat in their body without having any symptoms of strep their entire life.
    The way a person can not need Alternative Healing is by maintaining the alkaline design of the body in which bacteria and virus cannot overgrow just like mould and fungus cannot grow in such an environment. Healthy red blood cells thrive and reparative work for things like bug bites, even with the introduction of a virus can be taken care of without any medicine of any kind, conventional or “alternative”. Taking acidic antibiotics is only a choice for me in a life or death situation after some type of massive external disturbance such as a car crash. One reader suggested “Even if I were diagnosed with cancer, I’d treat it naturally at first. Hopefully that would be the only treatment I would need. The list goes on: diabetes, depression, arthritis, ADD, heart disease, etc. can all be treated non-conventionally, in my opinion.”
    However, only an acidic body would ever do cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. These are simply symptoms of over-acidity and can be “treated” by simply respecting the alkaline design of the body.
    Which brings me back to Raw food. Raw veggies and raw low sugar fruits are the most alkaline foods of all. HOWEVER, being “raw” does not mean alkaline. In fact, raw fooders could be just as sickly as many that eat a SAD if:
    1) they consume only small quantities of green veggies and low sugar fruits, which is the majority of raw fooders i have ever met.
    2) they do not chew their food extremely well (equals a sore jaw often since our jaw bones are no longer up to the tast – compare to a chimp) and/or they do not blend their veggies to break down the cellulose and thus release the nutrients and “digest” the food.

    OK well that was a lot and i likely ruffled lots of feathers, but food for thought.

    Take your antibiotics, but get yourself alkaline and you wont have to worry about the question you pose.


  36. Dave says:

    This is to Giselle;
    Eating alkaline raw veggies and low sugar fruits will do the same thing without creating a more acidic environment as blood thinners do. Blood thinners will only help ensure your brother will face more and greater health problems in the future.
    Get him eating raw veggies and low sugar fruits and have them blended as often as possible and he will no longer need blood thinners or any other meds they will end up prescribing to him after his next health challenge. Better yet, get him on this plan and he will not likely have a “next health challenge”. I have seen this many times with people i have worked with. Read “The PH Miracle” and focus on raw food. Green food and green drinks are the key (raw, of course)!

    All the best to your bro.


  37. Ken Rohla says:

    Kevin, I have two natural protocols for getting rid of Lyme disease in a few weeks. It is not that hard to get rid of if you know how and what to use. I’ll see if I can contact you through your contact page, or if you actually read this, you can contact me via my web site, There are no “incurable” diseases, only incurable people. You absolutely do not need pharmaceuticals to get rid of it. Also, the conventional information about the nature of Lyme’s, how it is spread, how widespread it is, etc. is incomplete at best, and I’ve found, simply not correct. There are at least 16 different strains of Lyme disease. You can identify which ones you have with various quantum energy devices on the market.

    Ken Rohla

  38. Kevin,

    A year ago I was knocked down pretty hard with bacterial pneumonia. I know this is not the same thing as Lyme’s Disease. I was so very sick (my father had to drive me to two doctor office visits) I chose to take the antibiotics. The doc said I was so ate up with infection he wanted me to go to the hospital. I said NO WAY. After antibiotics were started I was feeling much better within a week, by the way.

    But, I knew what those antibiotics were doing to me. They are not discriminatory, they kill everything in your gut. I done a couple of months of probiotics too. Later, I stumbled onto Kombucha tea.

    I ordered a starter here kombuchaamerica and began making and drinking it. This is way cheaper than buying probiotics at the health food store. It’s fun, easy, and economical. I have been drinking this stuff everyday for 9 months and have not been sick with anything, not even a cold this winter. I also started drinking raw milk (for the added strains of different good bacteria) about this time too.

    Fermented foods and beverages help replace the good bacteria in your gut too. And of course, you have to feed this good bacteria (with prebiotics) to help it grow and spread to keep the bad boys from over taking them.

    Prebiotics are found in raw fruits and vegetables. I regularly eat 3 to 5 servings a day (sometimes more) and I take this supplement Juice Plus to boost my intake further.


    My Water 4 Life

    P.S. I love your newsletter! I am a big fan.

  39. Dorothy Clark says:

    Dear Kevin: I believe I have Lyme disease contacted 10 (?) years at the cottage. I
    didn’t know at the time and it was not treated. I have developed a lot of arthritis, frozen shoulders etc. Do you know of anything I can do now? thanks, Dorothy

  40. Jonathan Silva says:


    I would definitely try some natural methods posted above. Personally, since the disease is pretty bad if left untreated, I would try the alternative methods along with the conventional method at the same time. This will probably be your best bet and would give you the best results in my opinion.
    It’s not like you’ll be taking the antibiotics for life, so you should be alright.

    As far as drawing the line between conventional and natural treatments, it’s very hard to say. Cancer and diabetes are both life threatening but they can both be treated naturally. And the conventional methods of treating those ailments are even more life threatening than the ailments themselves most of the time.

    Taking antibiotics probably won’t threaten your life like chemo or radiation would. I guess it depends on the nature of the disease, the severity of the disease and whether or not the information is available to cure the disease naturally along with comments from people who have actually tried those natural methods.

    Keep us updated on how your treatment is going and how you’re progressing! Take care!


  41. Janice says:

    Sorry you’re having to be challenged this way.
    First off, any path you choose for yourself is the the right one since this is your journey. I drink calcium bentonite clay every day just to stay healthy,and also use it for other medicinal puposes such as in poltices and such. It cleans my body of any infections due to bacterias or parasites. Maybe you could consider using it? I have had great success, I even used it on my grandson’s chicken pox which completely healed in two days! Keep us posted, I’m sure with all the caring thoughts coming your way from all of your readers, you’ll heal quickly. All that good Karma will come back to you!

  42. Linda says:

    Take the antibiotics! As you know, this is a very serious condition that needs to be addressed immediately and potently to avoid lasting unpleasant consequences. I admire your adherence to a natural lifestyle and homeopathic remedies but sometimes the responsible reaction to a medical threat needs to be to deal with it early and as completely as possible with antibiotics. My very best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, L.

  43. Hillary says:

    Hillary on July 1,2008
    Hi Kevin,
    I’m sorry to hear about your Lyme disease, my neice also was bitten this past weekend!!
    Has this happened to you before,if so what did the doctor treat it? Kevin, because doctors are not all knowing I would think all natural treatment would be the answer. Things usually happen in three’s not four’s like in the 2 weeks you & Annmarie worked through!!! Kevin & Annmarie, continue with your research into this disease because the patient knows best 100% of the time.
    Please let me know that you are in the best of health & that both of you are well!!!!!!!!

  44. Kevin, you really are a character, but a good one. I will not bother to give you any more information on your unfortunate Lyme Disease.
    I have been reading all of your faithful fans’
    advice, and more would be more confusing.
    I would like to ask you if you would wear one of my T shirts with a real weird character that I have copyrighted with a logo about environment? Please answer this, and if you would like to receive one, I will send it.
    I hope that you read this.

  45. Jim Igo, PT says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I grew up on an Indian Reservation & frequently came home w/ tics embedded in my skin,as well as my sisters brothers, cousins, etc. None of us ever contracted lymes symptoms. We were told by my uncle to use a hot match to burn the head out. We did not always do that & still no symptoms. Maybe it had something to do w/ heredity, as I also was never allergic to poison oak.
    I have practiced strict natural hygiene since 1971. Generally speaking putting mud or baking soda on any insect bite immediately after being bit helps draw the poison out. I knew of an old White woman who was head of an autobon chapter who died of lymes.
    Best Regards, Jim

  46. Malia says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I agree with your chosen path of treatment. You are very healthy and will come out of this just fine because of the healthy way you choose to live your life. I know you believe in the mind-body connection as it relates to our health. You have so much going for you: You obviously enjoy your work-even when several things go wrong you never fail to send a video. We feel your enthusiasm for life and your love for your wife. You lift us up. As you reach us daily we will be watching and hoping for a speedy resolution to this. We have never met, but you seem like my most enthusiastic and knowledgable health-focused friend. You not only teach us about health – you also show us how to “Rock On”. We treasure people like you cheering us on every day. We’re here for you too.

  47. K. Pirelli says:

    Kevin sometimes we can say what we would do and then when it happens to us we change our mind. I have some very important info. for you. Please go to the web site I sent you and click resell, it’s free and I DON’T MAKE ANY MONEY FROM IT. Please get the book and DVD with your order. This stuff is really inexpensive. In the book he tells you how to make it in your own kitchen. I will quote part of the page on Lyme. Chapter 10 page 7,…The information I recieved back is that everyone who has lyme and who is taking MMS is experienceing improvement.” I hope this helps.

  48. Astrid says:

    Sorry to hear you have to go on antibiotics, but sometimes they can save your life! Here’s a suggestion for next time you’re out in tick-infested areas. Use something I found called “Cedarcide,” an all natural anti-tick spray I found for my dogs. Nothing got rid of ticks on my dogs (Frontline…tick baths…that sort of thing) until I researched and found this stuff. It’s safe enough to use on humans as well and would be something you spray on yourself before jogging as a preventative–just smells like cedar. Do your own research at You shouldn’t ever have to go through this again. My dogs don’t have to be systemically poisioned any more–and I don’t have to get mosquito bitten either. I have no connection to this company–I’m just grateful to have found it. I wish you a speedy recovery & glad you found it in time.

  49. Richard says:

    Kevin, sorry to hear about your predicament. Tough call, neither alternative is perfect so you doing what you think is right is the best option. Best wishes for a speedy recovery my friend.

  50. Richard Gomez says:

    “if it comes from nature, then you must use nature itself to defeat it” someone once told me that, seeing that you know much about eating healthy and know what certain foods/herbs does to your body, i suggest you drop the pharmaceuticals and go the all natural way. rather then taking something that your not completely sure what the pills may contain, when some have been known to be empty sugar pills just to make some cash, aka “cheap pills”, some pharmaceuticals are experimental with out notifying you, so be careful

  51. Jerusha says:

    Living in New Zealand, I have never even heard of Lyme disease, but am facing my own dilemna of conventional versus natural treatment, as I have had two excruciatingly painful attacks which have now been diagnosed as gallstones. Always one to seek out natural remedies first, I see that many who have taken the natural “flush” remedies, have suffered more attacks while undergoing that treatment. Also, it seems that one has to continue those treatments as the gallbladder keeps on manufacturing stones. I have no idea where to turn for advice?

  52. Lola says:

    Last Friday I had an ‘Apicoectomy’ which is an endodontic surgery to remove the tip of a crooked root in a tooth that needed a root canal. The Dr. wanted me to start antibiotics the day before and continue for 10 days after.

    I questioned the ‘requirement’ for this and if I could hold off unless I developed an infection afterward. The office was somewhat aghast that I asked this, but the Dr’s response came back that I could. (which he then forgot the day of the procedure!)

    His assistant tried to intimidate me saying ‘the mouth is a really dirty place’ and ‘you know this is close to your brain’. And the prescriptive rinse was a ‘MUST’ (yes yes I have no problem using the rinse, LOL). My plan was to drink aloe juice frequently and continue eating as healthy as I have been.

    It is 4 days since the procedure, I have almost no pain left and certainly no sign of infection. I am so happy that I made my decision and so far I have had a successful result.

    Now then, my choice was to not take something I didn’t need, unless I needed it. Regarding Lyme disease, I know that antibiotics have been successful treating it so I would be more receptive to it. I don’t know how much time a person has for research once they know they probably have it, but if there was some window of time, I would want to look at natural methods too.

    Then again, it was my idea not to shock the pool this year since we were filling it with completely new chlorinated municipal water – and it developed an algae/excessive PH problem, LOL.

    Good luck with your treatment and thank you for sharing your personal story!!

  53. Gayle says:

    Hi – if it were me for sure I would be on Natural Cellular Defense and Agarigold ( and use a zapper like crazy. And maybe MMS too. Those are just my quick thoughts. The first 3 things I do every day. Haven’t tried the MMS for anything yet, but I ordered it to have on hand for emergencies.
    Healing thoughts and Blessings to you. Thanks for all you do for the world.

  54. Anne says:

    Kevin – you have a great website and great information. Thank you for your time and effort to help us become and stay well. I would draw the line at ‘whatever feels right for you, after you do your research’. I have not had antibiotics since I first attended a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, some 13 years ago. She mixed up Chinese herbs for me for everything I have suffered from that, from a Western medical point of view, would have required antibiotics (abscessed tooth, bacterial infections, for example). BUT, if she ever thought that a pharmaceutical antibiotic was absolutely necessary, I would trust her judgement and also follow your example, i.e. probiotics for sure. You caught this early, you are very healthy and I feel certain your body will get back to its natural state very quickly after you finish the antibiotics. All good wishes, Kevin and greetings to Annemarie.

  55. Karen says:

    Great subject and comments too! How about next discussing tetanus?

  56. Rawchi says:

    I would use an all natural approach. The MMS is good but the Bob Beck protocol is the best. It will kill all microbes including cancer & HIV.

    Bob Beck’s 4 step protocol contains the following 4 devices:

    1. Colloidal Silver, easy to buy or make.
    2. Blood Electrification with a silver pulser, can build your own
    3. Ozonate water. You have to make it just before use, can be made with aquarium ozonator, or purchase from other places.
    4. Magnetic Pulser. Build your own or purchase.

    This is one of many site explaining the protocol:
    You can purchase the devices here:

    There’s some good videos on YouTube also.

  57. Kimberly says:

    HI Kevin,

    I would definitely check out Samento that is TOA free. It is also known as CATS CLAW, and is very very good for Lyme Disease. You can do a search on Google for it.

  58. Lori says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I had not treated my family for over 10 years either with conventional medicine. We took care of everything with herbs and a good diet but, I have had some health problems with my Thyroid and have had to go on some medication, boy was that ever hard to swallow! Ha! Well, sometimes we have to go the medical route and pray for the best! I pray you will be fine and the great thing is that your immune system is very healthy and will be able to fight this off well!


  59. linda says:

    So sorry to hear about the Lyme Disease. I would definitely go traditional on this one. I take no drugs or supplements, but I’d be at the doc as fast as I could get there if something like this happened to me. I am severely allergic to yellow jackets and you can betcha I carry my epi-pens with me. And you can bet I’ll be at the ER if I do get stung after I inject myself. Hope you do well, Kevin.

  60. Cathy McFarland RN, BSN says:

    I’m an RN, who works in a Westerm medicine setting. I do not entirely believe (actually, mostly) in treating everyting, symptom, cause and side effect, with a pill. I myself do not take any pharmacuticals (right now) BUT I would, if I were in your situation. I think you made a good judgement call based on the seriousness of the situation. Healthy prevention is best but in your case, too late for that.(Not your fault, certainly) There are many situations where western medicine is good, more where not. Antibiotics for serious situations, like yours. vaccines for tried & true things like smallpox and polio for example. I respect you more for the choice you made. It is a mistake to be closed minded and you have shown that you are not. Good call! BTW I have learned so much from you. I became a raw foodist about 2 yrs ago and your information has helped me imensly!! Thanks! Cathy Mc

  61. kanti says:

    Dear Kevin,
    I had Lyme’s disease. (I was bit in the stomach while gardening), and week later came down with fevers unlike the flu. My doctor prescribed antibiotics which almost killed me (as I was already ill with chronic fatigue syndrome…I know its hilarious…)but after taking the drugs I could think for the first time in 10 years so I decided to go to massage school so I could get regular massage and learn something new. I also went to Optimum Health Institue to cleanse and really get well, which is what I should have done in the first place! So I got so well, they hired me and so many great things have happened as a result of the blessed little tick, so don’t worry. You’ll be fine since you are already so clean!
    Love, Kanti

  62. Yogi Suzi says:

    Hi Kevin.

    My lymes, perhaps in my body many years, got very obvious and severe in the spring of 2007.
    I had to take charge, take responsibility, as any and all visits to mainstream professionals sent me into a worse state of health right away.

    It came down to attitude and personal power.

    Lymes has been the largest physical challenge I have ever personally dealt with. I used:

    Electronic frequencies like Rife, a Zapper, a magnetic pulser. I used medicinal mushrooms, liquid zeolites, basically David Wolfe’s SITS program as much as I could. I would happily speak to you more on this if you like. Come by the Wild Bar booth at Raw Spirit Fest if we don not speak sooner. Kevin, my case of lymes was and is very serious. The antibiotics only drive the Lymes deeper into the body. I do use herbs, on and off, to zap the critters.

    E-mail me personally if you have questions. Overcoming lymes was one of the more difficult tasks of my life, and I feel empowered and not so bold to say I am completely over it. I may treat it lightly for life, yet it will not cripple me.

    I must add one more piece. My lymes went undiagnosed for many years, maybe 15 or more. It was too late for antibiotics. Antibiotics may be more effective when a person first is first aware that a particular bite carried lymes. There are no cut and dry answers.

    Here is to your success!!!! Yogi Suzi

  63. Lian says:

    I believe anyone would have the best success following Rawchi’s advice–colloidal silver and ozone. The whole Beck protocol is probably the best.
    If it happened to be a spider bite, you will be interested in the following treatment:
    Good luck!

  64. Colin Smith says:

    Miracle Mineral Solution (supplement) is`a product that is worth checking out for body pathogens. It has been available in Australia since late 2007. Two products are mixed together in the correct ratio, and then allowed three minutes to activate. There is a correct procedure. It was initially invented to treat malaria in the South American jungles. The inventor tested it on himself. his name is Jim Humble. His name and product are becomming well-known on the net in healing circles.

  65. Hi Kevin
    Its lucky you caught it early. You have a much better chance of curing it with antibiotics at this early stage. They are not recommended for late stage Lyme as they can drive borrelia into its cystic stage. I only found out I had Lyme 2 years ago. I was bitten by ticks many years ago but don’t remember getting a bulls eye rash but only 50% of people do. Lyme can lie dormant for years until the immune system becomes weakened.
    I do not have many of the severe symptoms that many late stage sufferers have which I put down to all the detox I have done over the past 20 years. I recovered from chronic fatigue after going on a strict detox program for 6 months.
    You cannot go wrong with detox. We all need it these days. I highly recommend it.

  66. Richard says:

    In certain circumstances I believe the natural approach is . How ever the true medical way is most times better because they have been tested. Until I see more prof that the natural way is better I will put them in the category of OLD WIVES TAILS.
    sTay strong

  67. Margot says:

    Lyme desease is no joke. Neither is antibiotics. I see antibiotics as a blessing and a curse at the same time. They do a lot of harm, but at the same time they help you, in an agressive way, to get rid of your problem. We take it only if there is no other option.
    In this case I would treat it conventionally, but also go to my homeopath. She can help me to treat the damage done by the antibiotics.

  68. abraham says:

    1.from seeing the picture of your leg it looks
    like a “tropical sore” and therefore i would recommend antibiotic, to avoid poisoning.
    abraham lev
    from heart to heart health inst.

  69. Gail says:

    Kevin I think you have been very sensible. There are so many things to be taken into consideration when deciding natural or conventional and a person’s belief in and trust in the conventional system is important. You are healthy and strong and probably have a good chance of overcoming it naturally but anyone not in such good health and less inclined to eat healthy foods is probably better to go the conventional way as they would probably fail the natural way. You’ve summed up the options and made a value judgement based on your own knowledge and experience and decided to take both treatments alongside each other. It’s good that you even considered it, as the majority of people would just go conventional and not know there are some dangers or a choice.
    Be guided by soul

  70. Linda Miller says:

    Kevin, several years ago my husband pulled out a tick from edge of my ear. The next day I had a red line working down my neck. He made me go to emergency care where the doctor was not sure if it was Lymes or not because of where it was located. She gave me a real strong antibiotic, probably what you are taking. I became so constipated from that medicine that I was in pain, and it messed me up for a long time. Now, I would know to take lots of probiotics. If there were alternatives I would want to check them out and take them too, but I may still end up take the antibiotic as well. It would be a really hard call for me. I’ve been told that colloidal silver is like a natural antibiotic. I wonder if that would work as well?

    Also, I have a friend who got Lymes but she was first diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She did find a more alternative doctor who told he he thought she had Lymes. It started her in a treatment that included antibiotics but also several other natural remedies like garlic, probiotics, etc. She found carrot juice helpful. She had also purchased a hyperberic pressure chamber. She, at one point, was about ready to go to a nursing home, and the chamber was a real life saver for her. I just got an email from her yesterday saying they couldn’t find any of the lyme organism in her body! And it been 2 years, 7 months since she found out she had lymes. I will forward your email to her, and perhaps she will make her own comments.

    I pray for wisdom for you and speedy recovery.

  71. Meri says:

    Wow, who knew Lymes was so complicated? Good luck Kevin, I’m sure you will recover quickly and completely as you are already very strong and in excellent health.

    As for where to draw the line…I’d like to do more research before deciding how to treat lymes if I had it myself, but sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time to mull it over. Maybe it’s best to do SOMETHING to start with rather than contemplate it for too long and end up with complications. Maybe there are fool proof natural treatments for lymes that are guaranteed to work. I don’t have that knowledge, but I think your approach of combining conventional and natural will work out due to the fact you are already in excellent health and you will no doubt be able to deal with any negative side effects of the antibiotics quite quickly.

    I usually avoid drugs on principal and I suffer very seldom from any health complaints (except minor things). The one area I get stuck is period pain. Usually in the first few hours after I get my period I develop agonizing cramps. I do not handle pain well and usually resort to pain killers. I hate to do this but I don’t know what else would stop the pain quick enough. In fact last time the pain killers didn’t even work and I didn’t know what to do with myself. That was very unpleasant. I never suffered with this problem until a couple of years ago when my health had gone down hill temporarily. I believe that my body is not in it’s natural balance and that’s why this problem developed. My health is a lot better now as I have been working on raw food to varying degrees for about a year and a half, and I’m making a concerted effort with my fitness and stress control. I’m hoping over time this will rebalance my body to eliminate this un-natural menstrual symptom. In the mean time I’m keeping the ibuprofen in the cupboard unless someone else has a better alternative?

  72. Sylvia says:

    You seem to understand your own needs and I applaud you for that. For myself, I view conventional medicine to be used in an emergency. Perhaps yours was not an emergency now but it would become an emergency later on in life. You have chosen good protocols and yet I believe it is not complete. My suggestin for you is to consider therapeutic essential oils, which are taken internally and applied topically. I would suggest the following:
    1. Inner Defense 2 at am 2 at noon (take your probiotics at bedtime)
    2. Single oils of Blue Cypress, Melissa, Oregano, Thyme, Clove,
    Blended Oils of Melrose, Thieves, Exocdus 11
    Drop the single oils and or blended oils into a 00 size capsule and ingest 3x daily
    4.Digestive enzyme Polyzyme
    5. Immupro at bedtime

    I also live in a tick infested area and there is much misinformation abounding about the isuue. Perhaps more on this another time.
    I am a Natural Health Consultant of 31 years, Registered Aromatic Health Practitioner and currently working on my DNM- Doctor of Natural Medicine.
    Not bad for being 61 years young and having been given 3 months to live 10 years ago.
    My health and life saved without any pharmacueticals but being armed with truth, faith and knowledge that the body is an amazing gift that knows what to do when given the right tools and the time and effort required to allow it to do its work.
    Thanks for now. Be blessed
    I welcome inquiries.
    I welcome inquiries

  73. Susie Beiler says:

    I have a colleague who treats Lyme homeopathically with tremendous success! I would probably use acupuncture and essential oils to treat myself.
    Be well!
    Best, Susie

  74. Sherri says:

    Kevin…this is a very impt topic…when to choose conventional vs alternative treatments…I am a Holistic Podiatrist,incorporating both conventional and alternative treatments in my practice. I feel that the majority of people are trying to navigate both worlds, with all of the information that comes out daily from both sides…my personal belief is that anything that is an emergency nature ie trauma the medical community is most skilled and it best first line of defence. Afterwards alternative treatments can be incorporated to speed up healing tremendously as well as supportive to the whole body, mind, spirit. As far as Lyme’s disease, my Mom was one of the first group of people to contract it over 20yrs ago when it was not well-known, she was subsequently misdiagnosed for a long time and has gone through all of the various debilitating stages of the infection…she is 66 now and suffers from arthritic symptoms as well as many neurological symptoms. I believe
    that there is nothing that is good or bad (drugs, surgery, herbs etc) in this world it truely comes down to what you believe is best for YOU. Thanx for sharing this topic will all. Good Luck with your chosen treatment and Be Well!

  75. Donna says:

    Antibiotics have been used to cure nasty (not to mention deadly) things like pneumonia, TB, and strep for years. Don’t be afraid of taking them when you need them.

    Conventional medicine is good. If you have a heart attack, who are you going to call? Our job, and the function of natural medicine, is to prevent the heat attack in the first place by taking care of ourselves.

  76. Evelyn says:

    I’m a “use the best of what’s available” approach and agree with your decision to treat this with the hard-hit approach of antibiotics. You are fortunate that a generic antibiotic will treat the illness; I’ve had to pay for prescriptions costing over $100 for serious infections when my daughters were small.

    I do my homework. I had a rare form of cancer that even with the most “hard hit” after treatments of modern medicine (chemo and radiation therapy after surgery) is little affected. However, there was an herbal alternative based on oriental research (they take their mushrooms seriously in Japan and China) and, with my doctor’s okay, added that to the treatment methods recommended, which were based on ramping my immune system to fight any recurrence. Blending the best of both is possible. My doc observed the effect of the herbal addition on my outcome and just shook his head and smiled. His exact words to me were, “Just keep on going whatever it is you’re doing.”


  77. Joe M says:

    Hey Kevin, I live fairly close to you in Dutchess county NY and got Lyme for the first time a week before you did! I had a rash on my leg. I went through similar “thought war.” Hadn’t been on antibiotics in years.

    I upped garlic intake and was feeling fine, but then about four days later got another tick (had taken another hike) + rash on the other leg. Decided to do doxy (cost $18) + Florastor (the doxy shouldn’t touch that).

    Hope you do well. What are you going to do about sun exposure while on the doxy?

  78. Paul says:

    I don’t think its either/or. Conventional and alternative methods compliment each other. They both have a place. I would do the same as you in your situation and I normally avoid the use of antibiotics if I can.

  79. Barbara says:

    I have had Lyme disease a little over two year ago. I was treated naturally with success by a health practitioner with homeopathic drops. It took 3 months to put the disease in remission. It came back about 6 months later and it was again successfully treated with homeopathic drops in. I am checked periodically to be sure it is still in remission which it is. The natural doctors are learning now that Lyme disease can be dormant for as long as 50 years before becoming active. Scary huh?

    Another natural remedy can be a natural remedy called MMS. Although I have not taken this for Lyme disease it would be advantageous for you to look into. A free book can be found at I would highly suggest reading the free book before using the product for your peace of mind. A second book is available for instructions on different diseases. Lyme disease is listed in Book 2.

    Good luck, Kevin

  80. dee says:

    Western medicine DOES have a place, and this is one of those times. Natural remedies do work most of the time & as a preventative measure they are superior. However, if you have a condition (as in your case) in which you have no idea how long it has been festering, anti-biotics are a must because they will get through your system immediately & do the initial heavy lifting until the natural protocal can take effect.
    Take your anti-biotics as prescribed & then continue with the herbal supports for the long term.
    Best of luck & be careful in the woods!

  81. Mary Ellen says:

    so sorry to hear about u having lyme disease. that’s much worse then your other problems of late as they r so easy to fix. do something QUICKLY. u do not want it to lead into other problems (there r so many ailments that it causes). since u do not know 4 sure if natural would work, do some of everything, as long as they do no conflict w/each other. something is bound to work.
    pleeeze re-send this episode b/c there is NO video clip in it. good thing u got to health info before lyme problem. really looking forward to it. just in time 4 my birthday which was july 1st. thanx

  82. Sally says:

    Hi Kevin,

    So sorry you got this. I have been in the Holistic Health field for 16 years, and 4 1/2 years ago was prescibed strong Proteolitic (protein eating) Systemic enzymes. I was fasting at The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center (Gabriel Cousens place) …. If you call the Company (World Nutrition) tell them you want a CD.. Dr. William Wong claims that these enzymes literally break throug the protein wall of the Lyme virus (taken in therapeutic doses)as well as Herpes etc..I take them for immune health still.. they’re phenomenal….Tell them you’re a health practioner and or ask for Amanda Miller and you can get them using my name at cost (they’re not cheap $92 for 240).. or you can call me in NH Sally Negus 603-858-2830.. You are the 5th person I’ve heard who has gotten Lyme in two weeks !?

  83. Mike Henderson says:

    Kevin you seem to be a really well informed
    health aware person but I am conscious that you are running a business and what people who
    arrive at your website need to ask is to what
    extent you are playing them along!!!
    To be more positive ,nature always has an answer and you need to address the politics of
    health for example how about the Beck protocols currently promoted and explained by
    sota intruments on google video and
    check it out,there is also the work of Dr david Jubb and I could go on and on maybe
    you should do a JV with one of the more
    established gurus

  84. Alicia says:

    I just realized I failed to finish my thoughts and completely answer your question above.

    I think you’re smart to take the antibiotics and catch this early. Indeed you are very fortunate to be catching it early.

    I don’t take drugs and very few supplements but sometimes the line definitely has to be drawn. You know my parasite story! You better believe I took those drugs! LOL

    I would love to know your findings as you do more research.

    Be well,

  85. Mary Ellen Bieber says:

    sorry to have bothered u about not being able to see your video clip. i found out the problem it is w/firefox, b/c i just used safari & i can see your video clip. i can only view html & not regular view, don’t know if i’m also having a problem w/gmail but at least i found out y i could not see your video clip & now i can & u have enuff on your plate, so never mind just take care of yourself & do it QUICKLY.

  86. Robin says:

    Hi Kevin,
    My husband & I both had Lyme (him much longer than me) and we went through 2-2 1/2 years of various antiobiotic series. In fact 3 years ago I was going from my bed to the couch, then back to my bed. My husband was wondering if life was really worth it or not. If it was not for our chiropractor supporting our major organs with homeopathics during that time I am not sure what shape we would be in. I started making a lot of changes in our life -food, water, oxygen therapy, far infrared sauna, hot tub (those bugs hate the heat), Quantum Biofeedback, EFT, and now even Touch for Health. All of these keep us healthy – now we just need the wealthy added to that and we have it made. Even though we both had health insurance many of our treatments were not reimbursed and we spent most of our life’s savings getting back to health. I never want to go back on the antibiotics again! If you have done your research then you know why Lyme is called the great imposter because it mimicks so many other things. Also, if you go the antiobiotic route there might be the candida issue. Many people also may never get symptoms until there is a trauma/accident that weakens the body. I have a transcript from the big lyme conference from last year if you are interested. Lots of good info. A conference where my Lyme Dr. spoke just transpired at the end of June.

  87. Deirdre says:

    Hi Kevin – just wondering who the “experts” were that you consulted about natural remedies, and if they included Stephen Harrod Buhner, who has written a lot about sacred plants and plant medicine. His theory, as I understand it, is that wherever there’s something that’s a threat to humans, such as ticks that have Lyme Disease, plants (usually ones that humans consider “weeds”) begin to grow that offer an antidote. I’m not an expert on his work, but if you don’t know of him, I think he definitely would be worth looking into.

    While it’s true that the effects of Lyme Disease can be severe, isn’t it a given that the vast majority — if not ALL — the people who have gotten it since it was discovered were NOT raw foodists? So, who’s to say that any of those side effects would have happened to you? Even though people ate better in some ways when Lyme Disease was discovered (i.e., no pesticides), that doesn’t mean they were raw foodists, or had a good alkaline/acid balance, or anything like that. The only people that raw foodists can compare themselves to in terms of how exposure to disease might affect them are other raw foodists…

  88. Kadi says:

    I do not want to downgrade your decision the slightest. It just struck my head immediately how many health advocates downplay the Big Pharma (well, I havent even visited US for years, I have no clue what’s going on over there:), brag how one could cure even cancer… and then to be on the safe side they turn to the pharmaceuticals themselves (I certainly would have – even if I normally avoid them). Just that young men should not be bragging about their good health (“haven’t been using pharmaceuticals for years”… isn’t that the case with most young people?? It sure ought to be). It is only natural that young people do not need any help with their health. Disease is supposed to be for the young and elderly only, isn’t it?
    But it was definitely brave of you to do this show – knowing you’d get at least one comment like this.:)

  89. Amanda says:

    What a great topic – though I am sorry that it came about due to your own experience. I am all for taking the natural route when appropriate but there are definitely times when conventional medicine is the best answer. It sounds like you made a well-informed decision. My grandmother had Lyme Disease that went untreated for a long time and she suffered for years. The medicine finally worked but she endured a lot of unneccessary suffering b/c she didn’t address the issue right away. The important thing is that you found it right away and took action based on your own research as well as recommendations from a DR. Conventional medicine is not evil…a lot of people suffered and/or died before modern medicine. Good luck with your treatment!

  90. Dr. Jeff Echols says:

    Hi Kevin,
    It’s interesting to hear your Lyme’s story, I have gone thru exactly the same thing. I am a chiropractor and nutritionist who typically shuns conventional treatment but everything pointed to AB this time. I’m also taking the echinacea and probiotics as well. My symptoms were that I was inordinately tired. I went to see my Dr. who used AK to diagnose the condition, followed by a blood test that confirmed it. I have been on the AB’s for a couple of months now and I’m feeling better. BTW be sure to get the pill all the way down. I had one break open in my esophagus one night while sleeping and the next two weeks were most unpleasant. I found that swallowing it with yogurt is best. Hope this helps. Kick it’s butt Kevin, Jeff Echols, D.C.

  91. Rawbin says:

    We live in the “Lyme-Belt” of Southern Maryland. Just in our little neighborhood alone we have 6 different homes (that I know of so far) who have one or more family members diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Each year I get one or two tick bites and each season I meet up with someone who has just been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Both our dogs have it. I have since found that you can vaccinate your dog but not humans. I watch carefully for the target sign for Lymes, but haven’t seen one yet. I switched to raw food to avoid antibiotics when possible, but I’ll take no chances. I’ll use the prescription if I must.

  92. sari halevy says:

    Dear kevin
    With all your connections and friends and information,i am sure you can find a natural way to cure it.
    i would not go to the conventional way on this at all.
    this is my speak of mind.
    with affinity

  93. Sonia says:

    Conventional medicine defiitely has it’s place in this world. It should only be used when there is no other safer alternative and, hopefully, for only a short period of time.

    Whether you fight any disease naturally or with conventional medicine, the key to survival is the same: A strong body (immune system) and mind (spirit)as a whole.

    To keep that immune system as strong as possible, Echinacea is probably a great idea, but don’t stop there.

    I read an article of a woman who did a specific colon cleanse that actually helped her lyme disease that she had for years when not even conventional medicine worked. The cleanse is Colonix. I’ve just started it and it is amazing! It includes probiotics and most importantly a Toxinout program that after you’re done with the antibiotics will remove any residual left in your body, including any other unwanted poisons hanging around in there.

    This is literally unlike any other cleanse. It works with your body naturally, the way it should be done, and it is simple, and pleasant, NO running to the bathroom, and actually tastes great!

    The point is, an important part of healing is doing a thorough tune up of your body. Even if you are regular, a cleanse once or twice a year is still vital to keeping your immune system at its best and getting rid of the Lyme disease. Plus, it will help your body heal from the damaging residual effects of the antibiotics that you may or may not realize are there long after you’ve stopped taking them.

    At least go check out the website and read up on it. I’m not sure the exact address, but just Google Colonix and you will have no problem. Dr. Natura is the name associated with the Colonix. Hope you find this helpful!

  94. Robert DeCarlo says:

    Except for Broken bones or large open woonds requiring stitches I definately go the natural route.
    Every durg made comes from a natural substance and usually without any side effects.
    You have been given some really good options from other people in this blog and I would try some of them.
    Also because of your healthy lifestyle your immune system is better able to handle this problem that most other people.
    What ever you chose I wish you to be well.

    Bob D

  95. Danielle says:


    I honor you for doing your research and making a decision that you feel is in your highest good. I feel that if we make choices, not out of fear, but out of a place within we trust to be the best decision, how could there possibly anything but a positive outcome!

    I’m glad this came up and would love it if you or anyone would like to comment on my situation, if I may (you do say speak your mind! so I am). Thanks.

    For the past few years I practiced veganism then slipped into raw. Loved it! It’s been a challenge and so along with reading, listening to you and others, and studying the ways of a raw lifestyle, I was back and forth from vegan to raw to vege, you get the picture. Well, just about three months back I battled with some chronic IBS which rapidly changed into ulcerative colitis and until I finally surrendered because my body was literally dying; completely failing, I was completely against hospitals and western medicines. Looking up at the Serenity prayer after yet another long night of fever and sweats and excruciating pains, I said to a friend, “Okay, I’ll let you take me to the hospital.” Being hospitalized for eight days for the first time ever besides birth, and on IV meds (I too, hadn’t been on antibiotics for a long time, maybe over ten years). The process brought me to Grace, but also so that I would learn to live life in moderation and to listen more to my body. I may have been eating healthy foods, but the way I was going about it wasn’t healthy for my body, obviously. I’m not opposed to the rx nor to non-vege foods, but it’s all a process. I prefer vege/vegan/raw for optimal health for my body, but I have to move slowly back there. I feel that the western approach humbled me, and helped me to recognize all ways of health. My preference would be to treat the colitis (dr also thinks its chrohns but I don’t agree)with the rx they gave me and continue to wean off them and introduce the natural approach which is what I’m doing, with the guidance of a naturopath and intuition.

    Thanks again for listening and allowing this space for speaking our minds. God bless!

  96. I think pharmaceuticals have a time & a place, but not first place. They do miracles when you don’t have other options. It’s the overuse that makes people even sicker.
    In your case, I would recommend the drugs b/c you don’t want rheumatoid arthritis… I have it & am working on getting off prednisone, that my naturepath prescribed. My body needs it while I am figuring out food sensitivites, diet, supplements, etc. As much as I hate taking it, it has given me my life back. I know that it is temporary, so that keeps me going.

  97. Jennifer Moore says:

    Kevin, I live in Maine and we have deer ticks everywhere.

    Despite a healthy living foods diet. I think that lyme disease is not something to take any chances with. When I pulled a deer tick off of my body more than a year ago I sent it in to IGENEX and sure enough it was positive for lyme. I spent the next 23 days on antibiotics feeling like hell but I did not get the chronic disease.

    In addition to my own adventure…
    My dog has gotten lyme disease, my nephew got lyme disease we think after visiting us and wandering in the woods. My dad got it in Massachusetts, and my uncle also got it too. In the case of my dad, my nephew and my dog a round of immediate antibiotics did the trick, in the case of my uncle it was left untreated and now years later he suffers from a series of chronic health issues all caused by the lyme.

    I also have a friend who grew up in CT and has pulled many a tick off of her head but much to her chagrin she has never been treated for lyme disease, however she is heavily medicated for fibromyalgia, thyroid disease & mental health issues. I have always suspected that the core of her issues lies in a case of ntreated chronic lyme disease.

    I don’t know if in your travels you have encountered the article in Yankee magazine that speaks about the origins of this disease. It is a scary and amazing thing to learn about.

    I am grateful to see you are choosing to treat this disease aggressively. I know too many people who have become seriously debilitated by untreated or inadequately treated lyme disease. Another thing I was taught is that large quantities of fresh grated garlic daily is also very helpful for dealing with lyme disease (as well as all kinds of other illnesses and as a great natural bug/tick repellant.
    Good luck!

  98. Margaret Wilkinson says:

    Kevin sorry to hear that you have this problem.

    I certainly favour the naturl approach with the help of the Lord.
    I had arteritis, not arthritis. Arteritis is infection in the arteries, very, very painful
    and not able to move or walk properly, and I was told by my doctor that if I didn’t take the steroids (17 daily)that I had a 50, 50 chance of going blind, and that I would have to take them for 2 years.
    I decided that to trust the Lord Jesus Christ was a more sure way for me. I had acupuncture for the pain, I stopped counting at 72 needles on my first visit.
    Eight weeks later I was almost back to normal, a few more weeks and I was normal again.
    I thank God that there are ways other than the conventional treatment.

    Looking forward to your healing being manifest.

  99. Clare says:

    Get well soon Kevin!

    Whenever I get in trouble like that, I go to Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. at God’s Herbs, 730-C Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33953, (941) 766-8068 (phone), (941) 766-8067 (fax). He’s one of the greatest healers of all time and wonderful herbalist. He wrote the Detox Miracle Sourcebook.

    Best Wishes,


  100. Kevin, we have spoken before when I lived in CT and worked for Stand Firm Fitness. I am now in AZ. I contracted Lyme in 2003 when I lived up in Kent. It was six weeks before I found out. I then took the same antibiotic you are taking (but only for ten days at that time) and went to Dr. Brad Harding in Kent (an alternative as well as regular MD) and he gave me some herbs to help it all along. I thought that was the end of that. However, for the next two years I had recurring symptoms every few months and by 2005 I was really concerned because I was hearing noises in my head – scary! (Amy Tan, the author, had hallucinations.) Anyway, at that time I came across the program you know about, Isagenix. The cleansing I did with them has completely cleared everything up. I am still using the products, of course, and I think the herbs in the cleansing product probably managed to dissolve the hard lignan coating around the spirochete eggs (that hatch and give you the recurring symptoms) and they were then killed off. Anyway, I am just so glad to be rid of it now. Reading more about Lyme since then I have realised what a very nasty disease it is and you can get it as many times as you are bitten. There are six or more different kinds of Lyme and the wife of the park ranger up in Kent had three kinds at one time and was in hospital for months. Plenty of people are in wheelchairs or have lost a lot of brain function. Be very aware of recurring symptoms Kevin. If you are on the antibiotic for several months (ugh!) that may take care of the eggs, but I would much rather use the cleansing herbs. Get back on the 30-day Isagenix program when you’ve finished your antibiotics and make sure it’s all gone! Very good luck to you. Sandra Hucher

  101. Dr. Princetta says:

    Call Bill McFarland at 334-493-0420. He has an excellent protocol that always works for Lymes and is based on Mild Silver Protein

  102. Collin says:

    Hi there Kevin,

    I like your show AND your style !, keep it up.

    I Think specialized chemical drugs can be a good thing. The name chemical does not imply they are a bad thing, after all even natural product consist of many kinds of chemicals in a different package. You have to be care full about what they are targeted for of course. I believe there are plenty that are safe if used wisely like many basic vitamins like basic C + E. Best would be the whole foods containing these of course but most don’t eat enough RAW or even fruit regularly.
    I am at the moment using specialized chemicals to bind with Mercury and Lead that remain in the body after my amalgams were removed. These are much more effective than any natural means i have tried and i am recovering quite nicely.

    Good luck fighting Lyme.



  103. Hey Kevin!

    That’s crazy stuff. Glad you noticed right away (or relatively right away)…

    We had a neighbor who suffered (and still does) from untreated lime disease. He discovered it years later when he started having a hard time walking up and down stairs, and later, when he started just having a hard time walking… period.

    He went the natural and prescription route, and is still dealing with a VERY SLOW recovery process.

    So, I think you’re smart to use every means available to you to treat a disease that you just don’t want to mess around with.


  104. Ann says:

    I have had Lyme for 17 years. I did not get diagnosed and treated initially though I had a bullseye rash and all the classic symptoms. By the time I was treated it had gone from a simple to treat infection to a way complicated disease.
    After a few years it went into remission for about 10 years but came back with a fury that caused me to come as close to death as I want to come for a long time. During the ten or so years of remission, I had herbal and homeopathic treatment to try to clear what ever remained. I thought I was clear until it came back.
    Given the 20/20 hindsight, if i had the chance to teat Lyme for 10 days with an antibiotic at the first signs, I would have jumped at the opportunity. But 17 years ago there was very little research based info that could support a decision one way or the other. Today there is a reasonable amount of experience by those treating and those who have been treated to unequivocally say Do THE ANTIBIOTICS.
    But… Lyme is only part of this. There are other infections that are spread by ticks that have devastating additional disease processes.
    They include Babesiosis, Bartonella, and Ehrlichiosis. It is my understanding that these bacteria and parasites can be treated initially by Doxy. But do some research to see what you should be on the look out for and in the meantime see what you can do homeopathically and herbally to keep these buggers at bay. Stephen Buhner has a great book Healing Lyme, Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme and it’s Coinfections.
    Also I would suggest that after the initial round of antibiotics, which given the fact that you are taking them at a time that has shown a great cure rate, that you then go on to taking herbs and homeopathics to clear the energy around the disease process.
    And keep up on the probiotics. Also a good liver cleanse after the antibiotic is necessary, but wait until you finish the doxy so you don’t loose the the efficacy of the drug.
    Good Luck!

  105. Molly D. CMT cHT says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I don’t have time to read the other comments on this post, I am running- I do know that you DO NOT WANT to suppress lymes disease, which is what happens if you treat it allopathically. I do know a Dr who is local to me that can and does cure this once and for all. Tests your blood and there is not spirchete left. Cured. He has cured two of my immediate family members and my best friend. Hmm… I’d better not post his name and number without permission, so I will email you with this info. The treatment costs about $400, last I heard and has been effective with everyone I have ever referred to him. It is simple and only takes a couple of weeks, Well worth the minimal cost for the health return

  106. Kat says:

    Good call, Kevin – I’m so glad you decided to take the antibiotic. You’re right, Lyme Disease is nothing to mess around with. I know someone who contracted it, and the results were not good as you said; he was very sick for a long time. There is a website he recommends for information and support (I have no affiliation with this organization, but it helped him):

    Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. (LDASEPA)
    The LDASEPA, an affiliate of the national Lyme Disease Association, is an all-volunteer non-profit organization aimed at improving the lives of people suffering from Lyme and other tick-borne diseases and preventing new cases through education, support, public information, research and partnership with organizations with common goals.

    I’ve had quite a few ticks latch onto me in my life, as I like being in the woods – only one sort of serious incident, though, that turned out fine thanks to a natural remedy. When I was a kid, I had a stripe (of poison, I assume) from a tick bite going from the bite all the way up my leg. My mom had me soak my leg in epsom salts and warm water for several hours, which apparently drew out the poison; it completely eliminated it.

    Anyway, again I’m glad that you’re being cautious with this, Kevin. Thanks for sharing with everyone!

    I love your show!! 🙂

  107. airyn says:

    I would like Molly D CMT to email me with the contact of the “lyme doc” you know. Does he have great success with mycoplasma as well? Also another blogger above here name is Donna. You talked about healing it homeopathic. my email contact is

  108. Bernadette says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for remembering us on Canada Day. That is so like you to think of others when you are facing a situation yourself.. and I, along with your other posters, would like to wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.

    I believe there is a place for conventional medicine as well as natural medicine and I believe optimal health care comes from a combination of the 2. There is a difference between disease processes (such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease..) and being inflicted with an infection due to ticks, where the sooner you nip it in the bud, the better off you will be.

    Disease processes are often a result of lifestyle..taking a long time to come about and taking time to cure. Adopting a healthy lifestyle to avoid disease processes is what you try to teach us through your website and for that I am very grateful. But for emergency situations such as what you are dealing with, emergency remedies are required.. and we must go with what we know is a proven cure. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough research and education proving natural cures work in this situation and I would never use myself as a guinea pig to find out. I want to be around to discover all there is to know about great health and I would like the opportunity to have it.

    Unfortunately thus far, conventional and natural medicine have been 2 opposing fields.. and we all know optimal solutions can never come about when 2 forces oppose each other they way they do. When medical health professionals, researchers and educators open their hearts and minds to combining the 2 approaches and finding the best solutions possible, we will all be better for it. My only wish is that it will happen in my lifetime.

  109. Ron Strauss says:

    I was bed-ridden for 3.5 years. I spent thousands of hours researching Lyme. I am well. My research and story is too long to write here. I eat a 100% raw diet with at least 2 quarts of Victoria Boutenko style green smoothies per day.I would suggest no taken more than 2 or 3 rounds of doxy.

    Look into Nutrasilver — the most powerful colloidal/ionic silver I have found. Also MMS (chlorine dioxide). They are doing MMS intravenously now at the Hitt clinic in Mexico. You can order the DVD, the book by Humble and the product from

    Rife technology is one of the key approaches to dealing with Lyme. I have a vast storehouse of info on all of this and c an make specific recommendations. Email me and we can set up a phone call if you like.

  110. Michelle says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Wow what awesome responses!!! it’s great people are really waking up to some of the issues. I used to not treat people prophylactically when they got bit by a tick – low risk, etc. But after seeing a few people with really chronic problems I’ve decided a short course of antibiotics is way better prevention than dealing with the issues down the road. That being said, if someone has full blown Lyme I would go with alternative approaches if there are no catastrophic issues to be dealt with first, ie cardiac issues, because main stream medicine just doesn’t have a clue with chronic issues for the most part. Great to hear of all these other doctors out there doing good works for the alternative world!
    Cheers to great health!
    Michelle Hemingway MD

  111. Louise says:

    Dear Kevin
    Sorry about this trouble. Even though I prefer natural remedies, I beleive your case might be different. That’s very serious all the side effects you mentioned. Sometimes it is necessary to take the regular medecine to avoid further trouble. My own family doctor is an alternate medecine as well, and I wouldn’t hesitate to follow her advice if my life depended on it even when I’m very much anti-drug. In your case waiting and trying alternative medecine may just pospone the inevitable. I have heard that olve leaf extract and colloidal silver kill any bacteria, I would not use it alone, especially since your trusted sources recommended the antibiotics in this case.
    Be well
    P.S. I got bitten 4 days ago by something, I thought it was a mosquito. It swelled and was as big as a small egg yolk. I applied h2o2, usually it stops the itching. Didn’t work for 2 days. Since I’m learning EFT, I did 3 rounds before going to bed that decond day, it was gone in the morning. I don’t know that it would work for you, this is energy medecine that stimulate healing.

  112. Beth Sturges says:

    Hi Kevin, so glad you were willing to put the Lyme information on your daily show. I totally concur with your use of antibiotics to treat Lyme at the outset. If it gets into your system, as it has mine, the symptoms can be quite debilitating. I have had chronic lyme for about 22+ years and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia for the first 17 years or so. Once diagnosed with Lyme (having 5 bands on the Western Blot) I went on the standard antibiotic tx for 9 months along with a good probiotic, but had no results. I then decided to go the natural route, which will take longer but have started down the long road of improving my lifestyle choices one step at a time as well as taking a homeopathic.

    I am so thankful for this disease in all it has taught me about my pattern of pushing through life at top speed and living with a general sense of urgency, which seems to be typical of people with this disease. I have learned to slow down and to love and take care of my body.

    I am interested in Alice’s mention of Dr. Mercola’s interview with Kr Klinghardt and his protocol. Any further focus on this topic would be appreciated. I think there are more people suffering from undiagnosed symptoms out there than we think. Thanks. Beth

  113. Jean says:

    Hi Kevin, I have too friends with lyms one has had it for twelve years plus and still going on antibotics. she is forgetting things and cant keep a job she is sick all the time. I listened to a guy by the name of Doug Kaufmann he came to our town to lecture about FUNGUS Kevin and he said lyme is a fungus and cna be cleared up ASAP by using a drug by the name of Nystatin and also some alterniteives is Garlic,Caprylic Acid, Pau D Arco. These would clear it up. Go to his Web site You can even talk to him. And by the way Please don’t think about havein a baby now I herd it is transferable to kids. I dont know if it is from the Mom haveing it or if the Dad can also give it to baby, but I wouldnt take a chance. I know a Mom who had it and had kids and they have it.
    Take care Kevin and keep us posted.

  114. Jeni S says:

    Hi Kevin
    You have a mountain of support and alternatives already. My question would be how many blood tests does the doctor do? can they actually pin point where the bacteria is in your system? does it show if your white blood cells are actualy fighting the disease?

    If you take the antibiotics for 3 weeks is there any sort of intermitant blood tests done to see how effective the drugs are?
    and do the tests show whether your system is actually fighting it?
    If you taek echinecea at the same time will the antibiotices wipe out the effect?

    I would take dr richard schulze echinecea ( he has the strongest on the market )and his supertonic first plus raw garlic, and then have a blood test to see if there is any active bacteria left first.
    Good luck whatever you decide.jeni

  115. mary says:

    Hi Kevin, sorry to hear about your situation. Here at the clinic we see many patients with Lyme that have had it for years, but with yours being so recent doing the round of antibiotics & probiotics, I think you have a good chance to kick it out.
    This is also for Molly as she mentioned a dr who has a cure. MOLLY PLEASE SEND ME MORE INFO.

  116. Hi Kevin,

    I have just got information from a very expert on naturopath medicine. He is sure, that antibiotics are no help in this case! Because most people get in very different time steps again and again the symptoms (as Sandra Hucher mentioned – 12:16 above).
    He advises a combination of MMS (chlordioxid), native collostrum and Treasure Tea + Pure Camu (from Amazon Herb Company).
    Particularly MMS is good for all bacterial diseases inclusive malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis. Jim Humble writes so in his ebook about MMS.
    This solution is more efficient and much more health friendly!
    Make the right choice Kevin!

  117. Ben says:

    first post… love your show dude… i was diagnosed lyme about ten years ago… here’s the best description I can give of what happened… I was incredibly weak for awhile, started taking doxycyclene and amoxycilin and got way worse, literally tossed my meds out the window, started feeling better and I guess I just stopped thinking about it, then went to college. I’ve been raw for almost 4 years and feel great… and this is the most ineteresting part… I’m a hiker and I pull ticks off the back of my leg all the time. We’re talking after every hike, just about. So, who knows!

  118. Pete says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Sorry I don’t have a cure or even know too much about Lyme disease. And I guess it’s a bit like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. But for future’s reference and for the reference of the readers I can give you some info that will prevent not only Lyme but any transferable disease caused by biting or sucking insects and internal parasites to for that matter. And that’s by keeping your Copper levels adequate. Bitting insects do not like copper or animals on soils with adequate copper levels. My consultant Pat Coleby has written many books on Farming Naturally and advises having Copper Sulphate out as one of the free choice licks made available for cattle to consume as they need. But for us humans who only have one stomach, “St John’s Wort” is naturally high in organic copper. This would be a much safer method.
    Good Luck with your ailment.
    Regards, Pete

  119. airyn says:

    For the People like Molly and Donna that claim “CURES” of Lyme. Please state your contact information. Life goes by top fast for secrets and money alternative med loot hustles. let’s get everybody healthy NOW.

  120. Sigrid Marshall says:

    I’ve looked at some of the many emails you have already received regarding lyme disease. I have just recently become acquainte with the following website: and read a testimonyof someone who had lyme disease and got help through this protocol You’ll have to go on his site as it would be too lengthy to explain. The procedure IS NOT lenghty though, and very fascinating to say the least.
    I’ve enjoyed getting info. from you.
    Best wishes!
    Sigrid Marshall
    I sent our email address earlier for the Book Review Information, but I believe I typed in .com instead of .net. I am interested in receiving the book reviews.
    Thank you.

  121. del says:

    My motto is “health and safety first, everything else is second.” I would do pretty much what Kevin is doing. Do as much research as possible on natural methods, then all options, then choose a course of action and just go for it. Your body will follow what it needs to do. It has the wisdom to heal itself. You are just there to assist as best you can. Whether it’s natural methods or otherwise. You got to follow your gut feelings. After all the research you just got to for it. Most people think it’s the thinking mind that decides but actually I think its the thinking cells in every part of the body that are doing what it needs to do. It probably goes even deeper than that. Who knows.

    Lyme Disease is very real concern since my professional life is spent a lot outdoors. I take precautions by using preventive measures first which includes Permanone on my clothes. Last up to six weeks and several washings. Deet on natural fibers for short term use. Don’t use on synthetic clothes. Then I use natural repellents on skin. Thoroughly washing every body fold in the evening is critical if you’ve spent anytime in the outdoors. Even walking around the yard. Usually a tick takes 36 hrs or so to setting in. So you have time but don’t go to bed without washing yourself first, no matter how tired you are. You can use a needle nose tweezers and pull gently but firmly on the head of the tick if you find it It’ll let go. Just be patient so you do become one. That’s a joke by the way. Keep your sense of humor always. I then identify it to make sure it’s either a dog tick or deer tick. Check the photos on the internet and use a magnifying glass. If it’s a deer tick or any tick I use scotch tape and fold it back on itself and perserve it. I put the tick in an envelop with the date, time, and where I was bit and if it was engorged with blood or not. I wash the area. Up my echinacea, garlic, kelp, camu camu and any other immune building herbs and vitamins I can think of. If a rash or a bulleye occurs it doesn’t mean you have lyme disease but then again, preventive measures are probably in order. I believe the ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take what you need to take for as short a time as you have to. It’ll save you a lot later. Waiting until it can be detected means it’s build up in your system quite a bit. I would rather nip it in the bud than have to go through months of agony. I haven’t taken antibiotics in over ten years either and spend a lot of time outdoors both professionally and for the simple pleasure of being in nature. Nature is the ultimate healer and it’s not to be feared but loved.

    Best of health to all.

  122. Barb Madson says:

    Hi Kevin: I know you will quickly recover from the Lymes disease. One year ago, I contracted Lymes after being a 95% raw vegan for 10 years. I was embarrassed to have succombed to the bacteria laden deer tick because I never get anything. I totally agree with your reasoning on taking the antibiotic along with probiotics. I am also a certified herbalist and a RN but knew the risks of the lyme complications far outweighed any risk from the antibiotic. Like you, I haven’t taken an antibiotic for 30 years. The person who commented on blood tests is not aware that lyme disease does not show up on a test for possibly 6 months after a bite.I support you all the way. Love your show and your recipes. Barb Madson

  123. Darlena King says:

    Hi Kevin…. I understand, more than I wish what you are going through…. I am an avid reader of your blog and love it… I have been 75% raw for several years and recently was diagnosed with Lyme Disease also… however mine is fairly advanced. I am making progress with my treatment…very slowly. I have never taken an antibiotic in my life (at least to my knowledge) so that part is rough… I agree with combining traditional treatments with natural… Please read the book “The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments” by Bryan Rosner…. he speaks of two alternative treatments that you can use in conjunction with your antibiotics. Please know, if you are not seeing a doctor that specializes in Lyme that it is a whole body treatment, which includes a different diet than what you (or me to a degree) are used to. No sugar ever, including Agave and honey…. only small amounts of fruit that has low glycemic index.. No calcium with Antibiotics… it blocks them.
    You are welcome to write to me if you have any questions… I have learned quite a bit so far….

  124. Hi there Kevin! Sorry to hear what you’re going through, but you’re definitely on the right track. The beauty of being an Integrative Healthcare Practitioner is that we combine the science of Western Medicine with the wisdom of Eastern therapies. It is not ever one thing that will make the patient symptomatic, and hence, not one thing that will make them better either. I agree with your treatment protocol, as I work with people who are suffering from severe diseases that manifested from unknown, undiagnosed Lyme from years before. It’s nature’s worst punishment, and it’s forever, so there are no trophies for this kind of heroism. I use different modalities to treat people, but the most highly effective technologies come from a Japanese company now located in Irvine, that is the world’s leader in wellness, and I am working with over 15,000 doctors and nurses from all over the globe, doing the same. We treat professional Olympic athletes, including America’s most decorated gymnast, as well as baseball players, hockey players, boxers, etc, anyone who requires quick repair and regeneration. Please call me as there is something else outstanding for your treatment, a liquid dietary supplement, approved by the FDA, however presently in the non-disclosure phase, and I am working with doctors in New York and California as we speak. The premise of this treatment is cellular regeneration, with the main focus on cancer and AIDS patients, and the results are beyond remarkable . I would be happy to share this with you if you give me a call. In the meantime, do not discount the power of water, which is one of the most potent Detox agents anywhere, if it is the right mineralized, pH balanced water to pass through the cellular membrane in order to properly hydrate a body that is at least 75% H2O, in every single cell! I noticed you are talking about water, and informing the public about the best means out there. Please call me as soon as you are able, and the very best of luck to you and yours, Sincerely, Rhonda
    Rhonda Shuter R.N.
    Integrative Healthcare Practitioner

  125. ida margrethe says:

    wow, hope your a bit better now kevin, sounds pretty serious.
    i never really take any drugs, if i dont HAVE to. (compared to my friends who takes drugs without even blinkin)
    a few years back i went to a homeopath with a serious problem, after being told by the doctors that they didnt know what i had, then they gave me some pills and told me to take them and see IF they helped, and if NOT they were gonna try something else. thats just not good enough for me.

    i was just wondering what kind of natural treatment there could be for small aches like headache or tummy cramps?

  126. Jenna says:

    Hi Kevin –

    I suffer with neuro-Lyme and would like to warn you that experts agree that the Lyme spirochetes are becoming more virulent and 21 days of Doxy may not be enough. I know several people who took 21 days of 200 mg/day for 21 days and felt fine but then a few weeks later had full-blown cases of neuro-Lyme, and at that point most doctors are unwilling to treat.

    It is a fact that you can be infected immediately following a bite as a vet I know experienced when a dog infected with Lyme shook during an injection and he got the needle in his arm and came down with the rash almost immediately.

    It is also a fact that your CNS (central nervous system) can be infected within 24 hours of the spirochetes entering your blood stream.

    I have sources for the above info and much, much more on my website at

    Another natural healing remedy you will be interested to know about is salt. It will kill off parasites that harbor the spirochetes allowing the abx to get at them better. The salt also kills the actual bacteria. Don’t use sea salt – use Himalayan salt. sells 1 gram capsules for easy dosing. See more info on the protocol on my website.

    You are lucky to catch it early! Good luck and God bless!

  127. Michelle says:

    I believe there is a time and a place for conventional medicine and I agree, that seeking conventional medicine treatment was a good move for Lymes Disease. I don’t believe I would seek natural treatment for a broken bone or an appendicitis. I have currently found my self in a situation of if I should seek conventional or try natural treatment. I have a recurrent brain tumor. I have been trying to eat raw foods for months, but never could get into it until now. I am eating raw as the alternatives offered by conventional medicine is scary.

  128. Amy S says:

    How do I find out from Molly D (comment posted on July 2 at 1:32 PM) the name and contact information of the Lyme doctor she mentions? I am suffering from Lyme, and have been for several years, and would appreciate being able to communicate with Molly. I would, of course, keep any information confidential.

  129. kirstensafron says:

    hi kevin, somebody here has already recommended dr. klinghardt, just to reassert that, he is incredibly experienced and well informed in the area of lymes disease, and uses both natural and pharmaceutical approaches, go to protocol to read his articles. i wish you well……..

  130. Trish Berenato says:

    I have been a victim of Lyme’s since about 1990. I am being treated with antibiotics now for the third time after several remissions. So many vegans are attributing their diet as the “edge”. I have used supplements and have followed healthy diets. I sit in amazement of my husband who is a smoker with a horrible diet and has not had to see a doctor in more that 20 years. He is an active woodsman that just puts iodine on his many tick bites. It is all a matter of luck.

  131. Morgaine says:

    Michelle July 7, on Brain Tumor. Contact my brother with same situation. He is very well versed on this subject and can offer years of reading/research in this area. Put my name in the heading so he will not think it is spam. Best of health for you.

    On Lyme? thank you Kevin for having this place for people to connect. I wish there was a way to weed out, those looking to make a buck…I am so tired of follwing dead end trails. And spending a fortune on bills and snake oils.

    Listening carefully to suggestions and feeling what might be right for me. I will say, I went from bedridden, to driving again and caring for myself in my own home, by narrowing my diet down to veggies, veggie juice, water, Salmon and some chicken. I cheat now and again.

    I cut out all sugar, including fruits. “NO SUGAR OF ANY KIND!” No birch sugar, agave, honey, and all of those natural goodies. NO SUGAR! That is basically my diet.

    I am taking Ionic Silver 100, because I have used this product for years, not pushing it. Lomotium, Herbalist Alchemist(strong anti-viral/anti-bacterial)and a clove of fresh pressed garlic daily. Lowered my BP med by this dramatically. Lyme has wreaked havoc with the heart.

    There was a time, I felt even better recently and it may have been the green drinks? Several that I use. I should start charting all that I injest to make correlations.

    Will just say, that I have been on many ambulances and in many emergency rooms, fearing stroke, heart attack. CAT scans/MRI’s and tired of being poked. Recently diagnosed, could not take the drugs.

    Oh. Including a bit of cocomut oil as well. A few more things. Considering the MMS and absolutely, in the process of reprogramming, “I feel so sick.” Which I do, but many symptoms have subsided. Had many and more of the classical ones.

    No longer hiking, biking, kayaking. skiing and all of those outdoorsy things that I so cherished. You know the tune.

    Wishing all the best of health, and full recovery from this terrible burden that we have carried. Much Love…:)

  132. Karen Jones says:

    Well, I can say I’m in the Doxycycline club too. After working all summer as a camp cook I returned home. Only too get more and more tried. The headaches just wouldn’t go away. my neck was so stiff I couldn’t turn my head. Then I saw this huge red itchy spot on my right breast. I never saw a tick. I went to the doctor and they said it was a skin rash. Also they said there’s no Lyme’s here in north carolina so I’m ok. I’ve been sick for 5 weeks now. Pain in my joints, headaches, mind in a fog. I went back to the doctor and now on Meds. Not feeling any better. 2 days ago my face went into Bell’s palsy’s for a day. Then the doctor called and said the test came back and I don’t have Lyme’s. OK, now want am I going to do. I going to keep taking the Doxycycline for the full month. Eat raw garlic, and as much raw foods as I can. I walk my dog with my 3 year old. I just have to keep going. It’s really hard, I can’t go back to work. Chefing is hard work when your not sick. Hoping to get well soon, How do You feel now Kevin? Hope better then me.

  133. Karen Jones says:


  134. Rhonda says:

    I was reseraching Lymes and came across this one. No details of my 3rd stage lymes but will tell you the natural remedies that have worked for me! Cat’s claw liquid or capsule. found at any vitamin store. I tried antibiotics tons of test, many doctors, naturalist etc.

  135. Annie says:

    Thanks for this site. I am dealing with this exact question right now, having been bitten by at least four deer ticks in recent weeks, feeling lousy, awaiting results of test for Lyme. I don’t want to undermine my own immune system but not sure if I can handle this naturally. Appreciate all the suggestions about natural remedies.

  136. Michelle says:

    Fantastic site!

    I am a huge advocate of alternative and natural healing methods. That is the path I have taken with my health (Pure Autonomic Failure) and would encourage anyone to take when dealing with challenging health issues.

    BUT there is room for balance and I think in this particular instance we need to temper our passions with common sense. I believe that using conventional treatment in conjunction with a healthy diet (whole foods only) to support the immune system as well as supplementation with healthy probiotics is the appropriate treatment. Once an individual has completed the medical treatment a full body detox will support body balance and a return to complete health.

    Thanks for all the great information,

  137. K. Pirelli says:

    My website has changed,from the comment on July 2, 2008. To get the MMS Miracle it’s I hope you can try it. Feel free to contact me and I will share what happened to me.

  138. Andrea says:

    I came across this website in search for “alternative” treatment. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few months ago after thousands of dollars in tests, having been sick for almost a year prior. I have been the route of antibiotics and was feeling better. Now the same symptoms are returning – the worst being neurological. I used to believe “natural” medicine was for the birds. I am now more than willing to try anything to feel better as conventional medicine has failed me.

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