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I don’t usually get stumped, but this McDiet thing has thrown me for a loop…

For those of you who haven’t heard about this, a Virginia man named Chris Coleson has lost over 80 pounds eating only McDonald’s food.

Go ahead and watch the show now to see what I think about this interesting little story… (I also answer some questions about raw cacao and wood sorrel)

Your question of the day: What do you think about the McDonalds McDiet?

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Here’s a link where you can read more about it: McDonalds McDiet

Live Awesome!

PS. Thanks to Scott Colby for bringing this to my attention!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

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  1. Renée says:

    There are all kinds of unhealthy habits one can adopt that cause weight loss: drug use, extreme calorie restriction, eating disorders to name a few. This “McDiet” is just another example. Sure, the weight loss may have immediately obvious benefits, but the nutrient density of fast food is so low, his body is probably way into starvation mode, and his health could start going downhill at any time, and there could be long term affects that aren’t immediately apparent… Plus, I bet his body odour isn’t the greatest, either…

  2. Josh D. says:

    I don’t think the weight loss had anything to do with eating McDonald’s. If this guy was 80lbs over weight it obviously means that he was taking in to many calories, so when he cut back to 1400 a day he was sure to lose weight. I just worry that to many people confuse weight loss with being healthy. Just because he lost all that weight doesn’t mean he isn’t susceptible to all of the chronic disease that stem from low nutrition high fat diets. I would guess that if he continues on this McDonald’s diet for a long period of time, the weight will start to comeback and his health will deteriorate.

  3. Jacqueline Michaud says:

    Hi Kevin!
    I think that diet was sustainable for a limited time…but it is way too limited in food choices and calories to be maintained long term. Bet you in a year, that guy will be right back to his old weight…if not fatter!


  4. Linda Long says:

    I think the ability to cut back that drastically in number of calories is a success. I also think that the sooner he’s eating only raw food the sooner he’ll have a change to not have an MI (heart attack).

  5. Jonathan Silva says:

    That’s a cute kitty 😀

    McDiet, eh? I’m sure the BK Diet and the Wendy’s Diet will soon follow. I’m sure McDonald’s is loving the attention 😛

    If you lower your caloric intake to the levels he did (starve yourself) and exercise on a regular basis, you will lose weight. However, this seems like a pretty unhealthy way to lose pounds. He make look great, but the nutrient value of the food is lacking. No amount of weight loss will offset the fact that our bodies need essential vitamins and minerals that are simply non-existent in processed foods.

    You can “look” healthy and still be sick internally. That’s why people who look healthy also develop cancer and other problems. Our bodies need the right nutrition to prevent those issues.

  6. Danieal says:

    I think that this guy was so heavy and out of shape that cutting his calories to 1400 would have given him a weight loss no matter what. I also think that he is looking to cash in on this because come on who would keep their receipts just to prove it.

    Kevin can you talk about Chia seed and exactly what it is.
    Also how about a good raw hummus recipe for the next cooking segment.

  7. Debra says:

    My thoughts are similar to Josh’s. You can eat any diet you want at low calories and you will lose weight. That doesn’t mean it’s healthy. If he continues eating only McDonald’s as he has been, he will continue to be at risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other health problems. Let’s not forget: fried foods (like most of McDonald’s main menu items) are carcinogenic. Food fried at high temperatures creates acrylamides. Very scary stuff. And he’s eating this daily, or several times a day. He’s a ticking time bomb and the ticking will get louder. It’s pretty clear to me he must have did this for money. He’s gotta be tired of the food by now. There’s only so many things on the menu. Morgan Spurlock (of “Supersize Me” fame) did it for only 30 days, and his health deteriorated as they documented with the doctors in the movie. So, I really don’t get how they can successfully spin this as a good thing, with all the opposing evidence. In only 30 days, he experienced liver dysfunction, depression and other serious health problems. And that was only 30 days! Yikes.

  8. Paula says:

    I think either they paid him to do the ad to promo it, or yes he did indeed starve himself. Also there are too many ads out there for false adbertisments anyway. Anyone gullible enough to try it is stupid. Anything for a buck. I am not a true believer in this. GO NATURAL.

  9. Al says:


    My thoughts exactly. McDonald’s will milk this for all it’s worth, just like Subway did. Yet,out of the millions that eat fast food, only 2 have a story where they lost weight?! Excessively overweight people can lose pounds eating anything as long a caloric intake is limited. But there is a reason that McDonalds and the like are not full of thin people. And what are the long term health effects? For anyone with questions, watch Supersize Me, or read Fast Food Nation.

  10. Rev Bob says:

    The gentleman may have lost a number of pounds, but, was the food really healthful? You can starve yourself and have a low calorie count, but, is the food doing his body any good?

  11. Jennie says:

    McDonalds blerk! I think that if anyone reduces their caloric intake to 1400 calories that they are going to lose a bunch of weight. I would be interested to see what his average caloric intake was before he started eating only McD’s. I agree with Jaqueline that the food choices are very limited and would predict deficiencies if he doesn’t add more to his diet.

    Sorrel, I know this was not part of the question but I would put it in green smoothies. Yumm. Mango, banana, water and wood sorrel would be gorgeous! Also great in a green salad with a dressing of blended orange juice and pine nuts and salt and pepper. Delish!

    Jennie xoxoxo

  12. Jenny says:

    Changing the subject for a moment, Kevin, do you think it is a good idea for people to check their alkalinity levels and if so, how would we do that?


  13. Taina says:

    How dumb! Everybody knows you can not lose weight at any fast food restaurat. Way too may (not healthy ingredients) in them. Here’s my ??’s Where do I find seeds to sprout and also find barley ..beans? for breakfast and aduki? beans that are healthy for you. I’ve heard about sproutimg and ordered a book about sprouting but don’t know where to find the seeds. My goal this year is to be a vegan. Love your shows!! Very inspirational!

  14. Annie says:

    Wow… the McDiet. I pray people don’t start flocking to McDonald’s in order to lose weight. No matter how possible it may be to limit caloric intake at that restaurant, the additives are still toxic and the chain still utilizes unethical growing practices for its food. (Although I’m sure everyone reading this is aware of the dangers of fast food, Fast Food Nation is an excellent book that discusses the effects of fast food on farmers and growers.)
    I think the thing that really worked about his diet was that he only ate in a specific place, outside his home, so he wasn’t tempted to raid the fridge.

    Thanks, by the way, for the show in general. I wouldn’t have heard about this if not for you!

  15. Arthur Tanco says:

    This gentleman is fortunate to have pure determination to loose weight. Not because of the McDiet. One can do any diet to loose weight as long as they follow the principle of less calorie intake versus basal calorie requirement particularly if one is not into exercising. How long will this gentleman continue to be inspired to loose weight? He will surely gain it back the moment he looses his determination. If McDonald take advantage of this program, it will be another fad diet without the foundation.

  16. Donna says:

    OMG! Lighten up, people! The guy lost 80 pounds! And he did it at McD’s! So what? Some people use Jenny Craig, some get surgery. However they get started is great.

    It’s not my choice, but more power to him. He will probably move on to better choices, but he’s doing it in a way that’s manageable for him. So let it be easy! One step at a time.

  17. Gayle says:

    Does a McDonalds salad have anything in it besides iceburg lettuce, carrot shreds, and maybe one or two cherry tomatoes? Don’t see any nutrients there. And then add a hamburger patty!! Uuck!!!!!
    The pitty of it is that in order for him to keep the weight off he will have to continue to eat a very low calorie diet, maybe not quite as low calorie as he has done – but still extremely low. Don’t think that he will be able to maintain it. He already complained that he got tired of the lack of menu choices.
    Sad to say he will probably put quite a lot of weight back on after he stops being so restrictive. He will maintain it for a while just because of the marketing value of what he has done.
    He has done the public a very big dis-service by going public with this. But, I guess money talks. The Subway Guy is making a mint off of his weight loss.
    Sadly he could have done the same thing and never gone hungry if he had accepted a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle. You know that he had to be having some major hunger pangs while he was doing this. I appluade his self control, but it could have been better served in other ways.
    One day he will discover the error of his ways – but it may be too late!

  18. Lana says:

    Wow! More fuel to help McDeath. This to me is on the same lines as what you showed the other day about people wanting a magic bullit and not having to work at diet and exercise. They want to keep their bad habits, ie: fast food, and get results that they think “look” good.
    The saddest thing is most of these “quick” weight loss extreme “diets” are the reason for so many serious health problems. I should know, after Jenny Craig my thyroid died, after Atkins I lost my GallBladder, after Phen phen I almost died. And everytime I gained the weight I lost plus 20 or more lbs. HMMMM….
    How irresponsible of anyone to turn this into a promo for “healthy” eating. And to call himself “McFit” He’s thinner, but far from “fit” It’s obvious he is self promoting for the money. Be patient….the truth will be shown.
    To end on a positive note~ my raw food lifestyle revived my thyroid, healed my liver (which was damaged also after Atkins) and gave me back my life ! And a nice little side benefit is being 70 lbs lighter and looking younger than I did 10 years ago 🙂

  19. Diana Walker says:

    Hi Kevin
    Great video as usual (loved seeing your cat at the end!)

    Well – I totally agree with all those who say that he will probably gain the weight back, and even if he doesn’t, he is putting himself at risk with very poor nutrition.

    Even the salads at Macdonalds would be laden with preservatives and chemicals, so in my opinion there really is not one healthy item on the menu.

    I heard this years ago….”The more often you go through those golden arches, the sooner you will be going through those pearly gates”

    Hope everyone gets that joke…


  20. louise says:

    i can’t see how any food from mcdonalds could be healthy for anyone. yuk….
    how do you store your fruits and veggies to get their max nutritional value?

  21. Carlie M. says:

    Good gosh, Kevin…I wouldn’t eat McDonald’s on a regular basis when I was doing a “regular” diet…”everyday” eating habits !!
    I’m certainly NOT going to put that junk in my body now that I’m on a mission to get healthier!!
    First thought in my head was:
    “You are what you eat !”

    P.S. I’m ALIVE !!

  22. Laurel says:

    Disturbing! I’m wondering how he could possibly consume so little calories if he’s eating mcdonalds. . . unless he’s eating one meal a day!

    Cute cat by the way :).


  23. Lauel says:

    I think this man will keel over dead soon and then he will not have to worry about weight loss :>)

  24. Rawbin says:

    Since going raw, I’ve always thought that going to McDonalds for a salad was self inflicted cruel and unusual punishment.
    That said, I don’t expect that the McDiet will last too long and the guy will gain it back after his metabolism adjusts to his extremely low calorie intake.

  25. sharon says:

    I bet he’s got a bad case of hemmeroids!

  26. Lola says:

    Of course we don’t know what protein he had on the salads (grilled vs breaded & fried) or whether he used the dressings or not, as a way to determine how ‘healthy’ the meals were. I do think he was seriously one meal short and he should start incorporating a 3rd meal to help him maintain this lifestyle from now on. Time will tell on this one…

    Most of all I hope the man soon has a REAL and FRESH salad somewhere other than McDonald’s. It has been many months since I’ve ‘had to’ have a salad at McD’s and I can tell you – it is the most disappointing meal, compared to the fantastic produce we prepare ourselves at home. In fact, most restaurants cannot compare in quality to what we eat at home. I love vegetables, they get along well in any combination and are so easy to prepare!

  27. Dede says:

    Hi Kevin – – yes – I saw the McDiet online today – and hoped you would mention it today. It’s been good to hear everyone’s thoughts, so far.

    My first reaction was – what a awful example of how to lose weight.

    But then – when you read about it – he didn’t eat what Mac’s is famous for – Quarter pounders with the works, super sized fries, shakes and enormous cokes.

    He ate salads, grilled chicken, wraps and apples. To stay under 1400 calories a day, he must have passed on all the fatty dressings they offer.

    Although those foods are not prepared in a healthy manner and 1400 cal a day was a poor choice, I still think he might have eaten healthier in those 6 months than a large % of America.

    I’d have to give the man his due – he has a lot of pure willpower – that’s for sure. If you diet in a healthy way, your energy level increases and you start feeling soooo much better. He probably felt pretty lousy with so little actual nutrition – but stuck to it anyhow – misguided willpower – but still …..

    As to what will Mac’s do with this? – – well – I think that will be the REAL crime in this story.

    Have a great weekend 🙂 Dede

  28. rhyzome says:



    both sell barley, adzuki, and a ton of other sprouting seeds. you can usually find seeds at healthfood stores too, but they might have been sitting around forever. good luck.

  29. Bernadette says:

    I would bet this ad has come out as a RESULT of “Supersize Me”. McDonald’s definitely would not want to lose any business, so I’m sure its their intent to confuse people by playing devil’s advocate. They probably put this man up to the task. Unfortunately, too many people are going to get sucked in.

    1400 calories is very low for a man and definitely in the starvation category. Although there could be a bit of salad on his plate, the salt, fat and acidity of the hamburgers and other McDonald’s foods will outweigh any benefits provided by the raw food in his diet. He may be losing weight for now because of the substantially lower caloric intake than what he is used to, but once his body catches up with what is going on, he will plateau and probably start gaining weight again on the restricted calories because his metabolism will slow down. That’s what happens in starvation mode.

    In the meantime, his body composition will be much different than someone who has lost weight on a sensible whole food diet. He will be more acidic, nutrient deficient and have more inflammation. His stress hormones will be through the roof, due to the high salt and trans/saturated fat content of his diet and to his body being in “fight or flight” starvation mode.. not to mention the pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, acrylimides, etc… that he is ingesting.. all contributors to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and the like.

    Slim people do get these diseases and there are reasons why. They have to do with body composition and lifestyle choices. The McDonald’s diet is not a wise lifestyle choice.

    If weight loss was his only goal, then this man has succeded. If health and wellbeing are his goals, then he has not.

  30. Louann says:

    I, too, am surprised. Was he skipping the carbs,eg.bread,etc. In the picture,it is “just” lettuce and a meat patty. That looks like Atkins, don’t think?
    In any case, ANYTHING PROCESSED is not the way to a healthy life style. I expect that he will eventually return to his old habits and the weight comes back on…
    I’d like to see a follow-up in a year or so….

  31. Cheryl Holt says:

    Hi Kevin!
    Love your show! I feel sad that this man had good intentions but he does not know much about nutrition, he not only put himself at risk during the diet but also may suffer poor quality of life latter on.

    Anytime someone goes on a starvation diet weight loss will occur. However, this type of weight loss does not lead to good health.

    The body goes into a survival mode… slowing the metabolism and burning fewer calories. When the dieter (starver) returns to a normal caloric intake, rapid weight gain usually results.

    Daily caloric intake by the National Academy of Sciences for a 175-pound man is approx. 2,900. Chris cut his calories to 1400 per day, to unhealthy for a 276 pound man. What’s even worse is that he cut out the most important meal of the day breakfast.

    Based upon a few combos made up of the foods he listed that he liked and ate and the nutritional information provided by McDonalds, he would most likely not be hungry due to the percentage of fats, carbohydrates and proteins he consumed. Which for the 1,400 calories per day most likely averaged about 30 percent Protein, 40 percent Carbohydrate, and 30 percent Fat. Probably way too much protein on a daily basis.

    Daily protein consumption recommended is 5 to 15 percent maximum. The most likely intake of his proteins came from animal sources which lead to a high intake of saturated fats. Say, out of 50 grams of fats he consumed in one day maybe 18 were grams of saturated fats. Those fats are the one associated with heart disease, stroke, breast, and colon cancers.

    Osteoporosis and kidney disease has been linked to excessive protein consumption. If he was 276 pounds to start, he might have had high blood pressure. The combination of high blood pressure and the digestive breakdown of the foods he was consuming would put him at risk for heart attack and stroke right after eating. Well that’s just crazy!

    This is one of the reasons people are eating less and getting fat. With this mix of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, with severe calorie restriction you start to break down muscle instead of fat. It’s possible that Chris has more fat on his body now that he did when he started this as his body broke down muscle tissue first while he was in starvation/survival mode.

    I have not mentioned the long-term effects of eating at McDonalds…as far as the rest of the earth is concerned. People just do not know. Chris worked hard to get healthy by losing weight. If he had had the information, previously mentioned he might have opted for a much healthier way to lose his weight. Not that he would have picked a healthy non-processed organic plant food based diet. He would require much more information than main-stream America has time to listen to or read about to make that choice. If he had, not only would he have lost the weight he would have found tremendous health instead of sacrificing it.

    Speaking my mind….Cheryl

  32. Hi Kevin,

    as always I appreciate you show. You hit on something today that peaked my inquisitiveness (i.e. thought I’d ask you a question). It was regarding the use of Raw Cacao in the diet…you stated that it was a kind of stimulant and you’d use it less rather than more. I got the idea to use it from David Wolfe (actually from an interview you did with him that I downloaded for free…I hope David pays you something for the advertising you effectly provide for him). Do you have any feeling on suggested usage in terms of oz’s per day or week etc. I’m a very tall thin guy so I’m not using this as a way to curb craving (i.e. to lose weight…I actually need to gain some weight) but simply because David promoted it as one of the ultimate anti-oxidants on the planet and hence as an immune system booster etc. Right now I’m comsuming about 1 to 3 Oz’s per day and suspecting it as a possible cause of some afternoon moods I’ve had lately…the mood thing usually comes when have some in the afternoon…so I think I’ll stop using it then …i.e. but keep using it in my morning smoothies every other day.


  33. Tracy says:

    I think loosing 80# is a real accomplishment–regardless pf what he does with the info to share or promote later…just hope he can keep it off and that there are not bad chemical, and/or fats that will sneak up and get him in another way down the road.

  34. Heather says:

    Kevin, I think he is a McLIAR. I happen to be on a site the other night and wrote the calorie, fat, sodium content in a notebook to show my family. I literally wanted to cry as I wrote them. I could not believe I had fed this garbage to my children. I use to be very active and healthy. I was a competitive skater, i kick boxed and took karate. I loved weight lifting. I now tip in at 268. I have lost 40 lbs, but I am far from feeling human. 1 Mcnasty breakfast has 1240 calories, 71 grams of fat and 2250 mg of sodium. The wendies baconator has 1680 calories, 103 grams of fat, 1680 mg of salt. This is no drink, no fries. Nothing on my list has under 1500 mg of sodium. I have a pretty good knowledge of whole foods etc, but life and time got in the way and I found my family drowning in processed food. For this guy to even suggest that Mcdonalds and diet could even be used in the same sentence is signing someones death sentence. I have to find a way to undo the damage I have done to my children and reteach the to eat. I don’t want some yahoo telling them the Mcdonalds diet is the way to go.

  35. Tracy says:

    just one more thought…maybe if he get rich promoting this diet with McDonalds then he can afford to shop at the whole foods and buy organic–then he can get really healthy and undo all the toxins…he could end up a thin ans skinny success story after all.

  36. A number of years ago I had a friend, Bob Huey, who would always cycle from trim to overweight. In fact he had two sets of wardrobe for his weight issues. When he would finally decide that it was time to lose some weight he would live for a few weeks on just junk food. He would go to the 7-11 store and buy a big gulp, some cheese crackers, chips, and maybe a candy bar. It worked of course because he was starving himself. We called it the “Oh Thank Heaven Diet”. Maybe we missed out on a marketing opportunity.

    On a side note about MacDonalds. When I was on the rowing team in college I had a friend on the team who became very sick. He was diagnosed by the doctor as suffering from malnutrition. Why? He was only eating at MacDonalds.

  37. Amie says:

    Wow Kevin, the piece on Good Morning America really INCENSED me! I think you were right about this guy having money on the brain. Why else would he keep a video diary from day 1 of his ‘McDiet’? My boyfriend suggested his new license plate shouldn’t say “McFit”; it should say “McBitch”! The man was motivated to ‘finally’ lose the weight because he found a way to draw attention (and $$) to himself while doing it. He did end up on national TV, after all. McDonald’s even CATERED his wedding anniversary!

    He said he ate apple dippers but threw away the caramel sauce; could he really not just go to the store and BUY a plain apple to eat? (And spare some landfills the packaging waste?)

    Disgusting. If he wants to play the numbers game (-80 lbs, -14 inches from his waist), I’d love to know his HDL/LDL ratio, triglycerides, etc.

    To lose the weight, he still had to eat raw veggies and fruit. I’d wager that he could have eaten twice as many calories on raw foods (no starving), and lost twice as much weight in that time, while also restoring his health, the health of the planet, and setting a marvelous example for others. As it is, he’s whored himself to an evil empire (pardon my French) and is encouraging others (even children, perhaps!) to do the same. If that’s the way he wants to roll, good luck to him. He’ll reap what he’s sown.

  38. Evelyn says:

    Hi, Kevin. Late to the comment, but my own thoughts on the matter are in agreement with those already posted here. It’s known that calorie deficit and eating the same meal constantly will lead to weight loss (boredom can be a useful thing sometimes). What isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article is how his blood panels look right now. Nothing on cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. that would show whether his diet really improved his cardiac health. He started to exercise too, which is a positive. But saving his cash register receipts? Pretty obvious that this was a plan to try to “cash in” ala Jared and Subway, doubtlessly hoping that Mickie-D’s would want to do a “me too” diet run.

    No thanks, I’ll stick with my whole foods. I like tasting the sunshine, not watery nutrient poor iceberg topped by a chemical concoction called “dressing”.

  39. Jean says:

    That diet was a no brainer everyone knows you starve yourself and you will lose weight. No matter what kind of food you eat. Cute Kitty Kevin. Hey my Question is what do you think of probiotics?

  40. Polly says:

    I think the McDiet is terrible. As I firmly believe that foods we eat are the building blocks of our bodies as well as the fuel that we run on, I find it frightening that a person could choose McDonalds to be the sole source of those building blocks! When I think of all the terrible saturated fats from the beef (as opposed to the omega-3s available from grass fed beef), the carcinogens, the lack of healthy organic fruits and vegetables that this diet would encompass, I am shocked that any inteliigent person would choose to eat it exclusively!. ‘Nuf said.

  41. Clevergrl says:

    OMG, the McDiet??? Give me a break! Yeah, I am in total agreement with most folks that it was more a question of reduced calories fueling the weight loss than the actual McDonald’s food. And I agree that all that McCrap he ate will catch up with him sooner or later. I personally think though that the calorie levels set by nutritionists or doctors or whatever may be off, or at the very least, not representative of every physique, metabolic type, etc. I think your body knows how much food it needs and, as long as you listen to it, you can give it adequate nutrients. I’d rather do that than fanatically adhere to a calorie count. When I tried to before, I found I made myself eat even when I was satisfied and when I wasn’t exactly hungry, just to get the proper number of calories. Just my thoughts.

    On another note, got a question for you Kevin: what do you think about ayurveda and dosha balancing in relation to raw foods? I ask because based on their principles, some dosha types aren’t supposed to eat food raw much at all. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

    Keep up the good work, Kevin! I’m starting to look forward to your show every day!!

  42. Alissa Benjamin says:

    I think enough said on the McDiet above. I have a question completely non-related…What is the best way to cut up fruit with a pit in it? I am juicing now and find that fruits with a pit are a big pain and take a long time to add to my green smoothie’s and juices in the morning.
    Also I would love to see a show on how to make raw bread or bread stick – to have with pate’s and dips.
    BTW – very cute cat!

  43. Janice says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Wow! I bet this guy is loaded with perservatives! Can you imagine? His pesticide levels are probably off the charts also. Another thing, do I really believe him? He probably would’ve been better off with a fast. Starvation with such unhealthy food choices as his only nutrients is a scary thing. I hope this doesn’t turn into a full blown advertising campaign encouraging others to join suit. I highly doubt this will influence anyone with any nutritional sense at all. Nice cat by the way!

  44. Pat Fox says:

    Hmmm, let’s see. Burgers made with God knows what; and we’ve seen some of the slaughterhouse footage. Then there’s the nutritionally lame iceberg lettuce sprayed with preservatives so it ‘looks good in the display case’, the obligatory two? cherry tomatoes, a tablespoon of ‘other veggies’, and some high fructose corn syrup and chemicals disguised as dressing. Top it all off with a VERY IRRESPONSIBLE dose of greed and you have the McDiet. YUMMMMMM! Back in the seventies they had a short-lived ‘chocolate cake diet’ too. Yes, that’s right, just chocolate cake. And yes, people lost weight. Jeez, enough already! Pat Fox

  45. Joey says:

    As far as the McDiet goes, I think its one of those things that make you go “hummm!

    Call me a skeptic, but I think in the long run this will affect his “all round” health. Ok, so he lost some weight, nothing wrong with that, but there is something not right about eating this type of food as a way to good health…it just rubs me the wrong way. I want to know what the long term affects of this will be. I wonder how much fresh fruit he eats, and what about ruffage, you certainly can’t get that from much of this food. I guess time will tell!

  46. Nessa says:

    I think about the other person that only ate Mcdonalds for a month. They ended up with a liver that resemble an alcholic. Not only that he has consumed high fat sodium foods. I think he is just as unhealthy as he was before his “make me famous diet”
    He needs to go at least 85% raw and choose fresh organic raw foods that will give his body what it needs. Live foods live body.

  47. Sally says:

    I applaud Chris Coleman for knowing the importance of losing inches on his waist and dropping that weight! McDonald’s would certainly not have been my first choice, but whatever works for a person, is sometimes the best medicine. Now that Chris is at his target weight,(although missing alot of nutrition) the goal would be to keep the weight off and tone up! We know that as soon as he starts eating normally again, the weight will go back on.
    Chris needs to be educated about the benefits of Raw foods and healthy choices. I ate in McDonalds most of my adult life until 6 years ago, when the light was turned on in my own head and I discovered the important choices that I needed to make and why. Most people are not educated in this way.
    I have been teaching Raw Foods in my community ever since I discovered it’s benefits. Why not get Chris signed up for your email list?
    Sally Miller, Eats of Eden, Charleston, WV

  48. Jeanne SDR says:

    Well, I know this is preaching to the choir,’cuz you guys are on this site in the first place, but here goes… I think Lola and Cheryl made some insightful comments (as did most who pointed out that less calories in than spent equals weight loss). We here on Kevin’s site (THANX Kevin!) are privileged to be aware of a world of knowledge concerning what our bodies need for fuel, not merely what information has a good profit margin- namely the SAD that most people “know.” We know, for instance, that salad made of iceberg lettuce doesn’t fuel our bodies, and isn’t healthy eating. Do most people? We know eating a rainbow of fresh, whole fruits and veges makes us healthy, vibrant,alive. Do most people? Do you use the food pyramid to determine if your diet is balanced? Do you even eat from all the categories in the food pyramid? Most people do. Then there’s what’s in your frig and what’s available in the fast food world, as Lola pointed out. The two don’t look anything alike, do they? Recently I was on an unexpected road trip, code for not-prepared-for it. I had to eat at a fast food restaurant. Ugh! The closest thing to edible, was an iceberg salad. I couldn’t get Kevin’s “Raid” video out of my head- I think I could taste the pesticides! The rest of the week was similar. I was bogged, exausted, irritable, hungry,… and so glad to get home to a green smoothie!

    All this is not to say that there isn’t an ulterior motive- I think there is. Money. I agree with others that this is an answer to the “Supersize Me” movie. Whether or not it is orchestrated by McD’s or not will probably not be known. If not, the Mc Diet guy is obviously hoping to cash in on his success. Unfortunately, too many underinformed, gullible people, looking for an easy, fast fix for an unhealthy body they’ve taken a lifetime to develop, will probably turn to this Mc Diet.

    Aren’t you glad you know what you do about food?! Fruit and veges do a body good – pass it on!
    Jeanne SDR

  49. Lauren says:

    I just saw some ridiculous article in a British popular magazine that wasn’t quite the McDiet, but it was all about how to lose weight whilst eating “all the unhealthy food you want,” telling readers that “losing weight doesn’t mean eating boring salads all the time.” I quite enjoy my salads, as I know how to make them properly, so that they are delicious…anyone eating a “boring” salad needs to learn to stop using iceberg lettuce…

  50. lisa says:

    woah.. i would have to say i agree with all the other people. i think that the weight loss is a positive, but the fashion it was done in is scary. after all that i’ve learned in the past on health and continue to learn with the help of you and the others on this blog, i hope this man seeks the same support in a healthy way. because god knows he’s going to need it! i feel greatful to be where i am and a part of all this. thanks for all the incouragment and seeking the answers to all our questions!! peace and love

  51. Jim Labadie says:

    Have you ever heard of the Bionic Burger? 10 year old McDonald’s hamburgers that look like they’re brand new!

    Watch this:

  52. Jenn says:

    I think it is great he lost 80 lbs, and although I would never take that method I question just how healthy he is even with losing the weight.

    I have been eating more whole foods/raw and while I might not be losing weight so fast(thryoid issues too) I am healthier than I have been in 2 years and have lost 6 lbs this month sticking to whole/local foods. I just feel sorry for the others that believe in this McDiet and try it themselves!

  53. Wendi Dee says:

    Aww…cute cat!

    I don’t know what I think about the guy and the McDonald’s diet. I didn’t hear about it before seeing your video. I guess I don’t really think much about it…it will be one of those fad diets that eventually fades away. Because, let’s face it, it’s not a healthy way of eating.

    I’ve missed you and Annmarie, Kevin! I’m super busy these days, but I do try to catch up with all that’s going on with both of you as time allows.

    Lots of love to you both!


  54. Jenn says:

    PS – and yes many schools are now out 🙂

    For me that is a long awaited summer break(I teach 7th grade science, yes I might just be nuts but it’s never boring) and means I will be around more than less as I take this summer to really get healthy and focus on healing and sticking to whole/local foods.

  55. Tina M. says:

    wasn’t there a skinny guy in Super Size Me who lived on burgers ? i can’t remember the details..he didn’t eat fries though? this is basically your low-carb diet which does work (i had tried the atkins diet about 7 years ago..Eek.. it did work..lost some weight..but i naturally LOVE fruit..and missed biting into an apple LOL)

  56. Steve Mackel says:


    Way to go! Look at all the comments. I am reposting this on my site Jared was out of my mouth before you said it. Good for the poor (smart) fellow. Keep it up.

    Steve Mackel, Co-founder

  57. Meri says:

    Oh my goodness, the volume of comments on this topic is incredible! Kevin you really asked for it when you encouraged us all to comment more!! 😉
    Do you think people are uneducated enough to actually start a McDiet trend? I really hope not and if there are really people out there who think it’s a good plan to follow then Dear God save us all!!
    The people commenting know better than to copy this dangerous diet but what about the rest of the population? Particularly the segment of the population that eats fast food?
    I wonder if McDeath payed that man to pull this McDiet stunt? Just being cynical I guess but I don’t trust them AT ALL.

  58. ida margrethe says:

    McDonald diet?
    wow what have the world come to! just a stupid excuse for ppl to eat maccas and ‘stay healthy’, thats my opinion. and the fact that that dude probly will get famous and rich from it. money makes the world go around, unfortunately.
    hadnt heard of this ‘diet’ till now, Kevin, so i thank you for that!

    LOVE cats, miss my cats so fun that ur cat said hello.

  59. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Thanks for all your thoughts 🙂

    It’s hard to not applaud someone for losing a bunch of weight… though knowing what I do when it comes to dieting… usually crash type diets like this (where someone eats much less calories than they should be) fail in the long run. They usually gain the weight back or even more.

    I read around and this isn’t the first time someone has done this… most likely Jared inspired… hoping that McDonald’s will pick them up as a sponsor and pay their bills.

    Pretty smart on Chris’s part if you ask me! 🙂

    If anyone can find his email address, please introduce him to this site!

    Live Awesome!

    PS. Your questions from this thread are answered in episode #81!

  60. Roberto Crespo says:

    this guy’s McDiet is McCrap.

    Like you said, kudos for losing the weight, more fat bastards need to do the same in this country but this isn’t the way to do it.

    I bet the guy would save a ton of money if he bought bags of pre-mixed salad, apples, and chicken breasts, and I guarantee it would all taste better.

    What next…the Taco Bell diet???

    Here’s to life,


  61. Sarah says:

    First of all, I think it’s awesome that the guy had the motivation to get healthy and to lose some weight. However, I do agree with mot of the people that there are better ways to get fit. With all the attention he is given he probably will have a hard time realizing that natural foods would be much better for him in the long run as far as cutting the chance of getting cancer and other chronic medical problems. For example, the meat in the salads (even if it is grilled) is probably completely processed and full of cancer-causing agents and isn’t organic. So eating it everyday may not be so great on his body or his pocket book.
    BUT… if he is going to eat that kind of food anyway, I’m sure the salads are better than the big Mac.
    As far as advertising goes,yes I think companies like McDonalds are going to take full advantage to suck people into their products. I saw an interview on the Today Show and the guy said he often takes his kids to McDonalds that’s how he came up with the idea… so I wonder how much money and how many calories his kids are eating. Will they grow up to eat healthy, natural foods?… probably not.
    Props to the guy for losing 80 pounds and lowering his cholesterol, though. Now he just needs to turn his motivation to better sources of food.
    Thanks Kevin for helping spread the word through your blogs, facebooks, and other web sources to those like this man who probably dont know much about eating natural, raw, and healthy foods!

  62. Linda Bruce says:

    I have a one word commit————BULLCRAP

  63. Nancy says:

    I would like to eat healthier. I have two teens and a husband that are not interested in the food I want to bring in. They bring in food and I just do not seem to be able to resist them! You know the chips, breads, cheese… Ahhhhh! Any thoughts about how to resist these foods when they are in my home. It would be easier if the whole family would be on the same diet!
    PS. The MC diet is like any low calorie diet. You can lose weight, but it is not especially healthy. I had a friend who lost weight restricting her calories but only ate candy bars for dinner.

  64. While some people think it is a terrible thing to lose your weight by eating Subway or McDonald’s, I don’t think it is too bad of a thing. It is just a means to an end.

    What I find wrong with this is the media’s need to sensationalize everything these days. This story is no different. Instead of focusing on people who have learned to shop, prepare and cook their own food, all of which are skills they can pass to their children so they won’t have to deal with their own obesity crisis, they find the one guy out of millions whose weight is actually reduced from eating at McDonald’s.

    I promise that it will give many false hope and as they flock into McDonald’s at lunch to order the “salad shaker” or “healthy wrap” their eyes will once again draw towards the crappy food that has made them obese. And the downward spiral continues.

    I promise.

  65. Pixywinks says:

    It said in the front of the video that he was 42. He looked about 62 to me. When he finishes his diet he will probably look about 92…or dead.
    Poor misguided chap.

  66. RobinLoretitsch says:

    There is a McDonalds Diet Book coming out Friday August 8th. It is true, you can lose weight eating only at McDonalds and it is healthy as well.

    It is called the “Downsizing of America, How I lost 20 Lbs in 2 months eating only at McDonalds.”

    Are you ready to get that beach-ready body you’ve been dreaming about?

  67. Leslie says:

    I love kombucha, especially after working out.

    the mcDiet is a lousy idea. some people are so lame.

  68. Charles says:

    Nobody is paying attention. It isn’t a fired food diet. It would work at any restaurant.
    He ate only SALAD, Grilled WRAPS, FRUIT, and the occasional burger without any bun.
    All Salad and fruits also kills no animals, and none of it is fried.
    NO RANCH DRESSING. People that eat everything including salads slathered in Ranchdressing eat as much fat as if you ate the Big Mac.

  69. Susan Bessette says:

    It’s a hustler’s world out there and I can’t be concerned with other people’s motives or actions. If I were king I would eliminate all McDonald’s et. al. and sugar products because they are poison and killing us.
    However, what I learned is that I can go to McD’s with the family and be sociable and eat and not make a scene with a holier-than-thou attitude. I can indeed venture outside the house and survive, and preach through example.

  70. Sherri says:

    I am very happy for the man, good for you sir, having said that, I think McDonalds sucks. Can you imagine how much it cost to eat that way? For a fraction of the cost, he could have made his own simple food. I think Kevin makes a valid observation, Jared like, isn’t it? Oh well, to each their own. Great show, thanks.

  71. DELANEY says:

    You can lose weight eating anything, if you restrict calories. Just sad that McDonalds will benefit from his “plan”.

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