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Woman sick on vegan or raw food dietI get this question often about being or getting sick on the vegan or raw food diet. This is a specific example, but it can definitely apply to anyone.


“I have a question. I have been eating raw for 1 year now When I am home it is 100% when I am at my father’s which is every weekend I stray a bit but I do juice everyday, eat sprouts every day, have bee pollen and jelly, take omega fish oil, e-3 live and some more.

My question is. This year I have had 2 very bad and long colds. I never get colds. Can you explain this. I have also gotten canker soars in my mouth which I have never had before.

I look forward to what you have to say.

By the way I have been listening to your teleconferences and they have been great! Thank you”


Thanks so much for your question/comments and here are my thoughts… 🙂

I’m not into a raw diet, a vegan diet or an Atkins diet or anything else, really.

I’m into optimum health.

What optimum health means to me is the optimum set of circumstances that will make me feel the best–personally–as well fit some of the common scientific parameters for optimum health.

Now what does that mean?

Here it is…

It means a simple mixture of what works. So exercise, dietary factors, water quality, cleansing, managing stress levels, supplementation and downtime (which I admittedly struggle with 😉 ) are all part of the equation. There are certainly more factors as well, such as satisfaction with your job, great relationships, laughter and personal growth.

These all can be measured in some ways scientifically and in other ways with just how good you feel on a regular basis (a 1-10 scale will usually do the trick).

So I’m not tied to any particular diet as being the best nor any panacea for success.

This is why I’ve always struggled to name the type of diet I personally have. I do what works for me when I need it to work for me. So sometimes that’s raw. Sometimes that’s juicing for a few days. Sometimes that’s some cooked food. Sometimes it’s cleansing.

It always changes and the ability to change has given me a freedom of choice that actually helps me make healthier choices than if I was sticking to a particular dogma (like I used to).

My mission is to eat as healthy as I can in the situations I’m faced with… it’s freeing to operate this way.

So with that said, let’s get to your question.

Sick is not good.

Many people might explain this as “detox symptoms”, but I tend to side with Dr. Mark Hyman who says detox should be easy and you shouldn’t have to suffer.

I think people easily pass of the body’s warning signs as “detox symptoms” far too quickly and go through unnecessary pain and possible harm.

For your specific situation, I clearly would need to know more about what you’re eating, etc. as well as I would recommend you get a nutritional profile test to see if all systems are working properly.

I used to think that testing was unnecessary, but the more I worked with people, the more I found that testing can give you a baseline to build off of and it can also address certain deficiencies that you literally might be able to clear up in 3-4 weeks. This could certainly save you time and money trying to intuitively find the right thing for you.

Canker sores are viral and I’m not sure what your sickness is (bacterial or viral) but it would certainly seem like you’re not getting enough immune support. Garlic, Vitamin C, MSM, oregano oil are clearly the first things that come to mind. Though of course it might be just a part of a larger puzzle… which is why I’m more and more excited about testing for issues instead of just recommending foods and supplements because they are known to work. To me it seems like that type of recommendation is losing its weight due to misuse and plain misinformation.

One thing I would check is to see if the bee pollen is affecting you. This I know through personal experience. I took it out of my diet and immediately solved some of my digestive issues that I now know were due to allergies to bee products.

Testing can be done via mail order or with a local Naturopath. I’ll be working with a few skilled people to bring this service to RenegadeHealth.com readers in the next few months, since I think it’s so valuable, but for now, I’d look locally and tell a nutrition specialist or ND what your issues are.

Whether or not it’s the raw diet that’s making you sick is truly up to you to find out. It might be or it might not… this is why I started off this post like I did. 😉

I will tell you… my 7 step system to optimal health breaks down much of the process for finding out what is the best holistic nutrition, optimum health and weight loss program for you… you can check it out by clicking here!

Also please feel free to comment on this post by clicking here and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. gary says:

    > but it would certainly seem like you’re not getting enough immune support. Garlic, Vitamin C, MSM, oregano oil are clearly the first things that come to mind.

    i would suggest that you read some more natural hygiene material. the above items are exactly what not to do, and indicate a misunderstanding of the cause of health.

    > Though of course it might be just a part of a larger puzzle…

    there’s no puzzle. pure raw whole fresh plants are the best starting point. from there, one can fine tune the diet and other factors, and take specific allergies into account.

    >have bee pollen and jelly, take omega fish oil, e-3 live and some more.

    stop taking the above, especially the “some more” part.

    raw fresh plants.

    the problem is that many people are simply unwilling to do that, and then blame the raw diet for their problems, while their diet is not optimal, nor fresh, nor raw, and is still causing their problems.

    >One thing I would check is to see if the bee pollen is affecting you.

    good point, and all of the other non foods as well.

  2. chrissy says:

    i’m new to green juicing. proud to say i finally hit on some recipes that are yummy! but i’m finding when i drink these juices, i get very cold! have others had this experience? i have a theory that my digestive system slows down when i drink these high quality nutritious drinks. maybe it slows down enough to make me feel cold? curious.

  3. I love Mark Hyman. He says that food informs the body. Gosh, it does that for bees, why wouldn’t food inform the human body?

    I couldn’t agree with you more. We were vegan for years and years – until my husband got very ill with an autoimmune disease. First thing we had to do? Get off the vegan diet. He’s better on an omnivore diet. Yes, optimum health!

  4. Rik says:

    May I suggest lots of vitamin c as a supplement. a good quality supplement with stevia as a sweetener and a naturally derived supplement rather than a cheap synthetic.
    Also, ensure you are getting enough sunshine exposure (Vit D)… Hope these two Ideas together with getting tested by a naturopath help.

  5. Sheldon says:


    I appreciate your response to this woman. Certainly the raw diet seems not to be for everyone. In fact when I tell people that I eat a raw diet they tend to look at me as if I were some kind of alien or someone possesing super powers. To me, now after 4 years on the diet, it’s just the way I eat, no big deal. So to me your ideas about health seem super complicated. I guess I’m just lucky that raw works for me. In addition about 3 years ago a friend turned me on to Vibe liquid vitamin supplement by Eniva. I’ve taken vitamins all my life but never felt a single thing from any of them. The first time I took Vibe I felt completely nourished and energised. That went on for about a week. I was so excited by it. Now of course it’s just part of my routine. My sense is that the raw diet tends to be missing a few key vitamins and minerals which the Vibe supplemented. Also, if you educate yourself about Vibe you will see that they make claims about the majority of vitamin and mineral supplements as being deficiant in quality as well as being toxic. I have no way of verifying their claims other than my own personal experience. Also, let me add that I have not been sick one day in the past 4 years and I work a very stressful 50 or more hours a week and get about an average of 15 minutes of exercise a day. So, my answer to this woman is to give Vibe a try. Yes I am a distributor but not active; sales is not my thing, but I guess I could help her out if she wants or she could just call the company direct.
    That’s my story. Stay raw. Take Vibe. Give it a try.

  6. rick says:

    hola from mexico.. just wanted to say your answer to the question is to me right on!! there is too much ‘my way or the highway’ thinking going on..it’s nice to see a balanced approach to health.. Untill we know what is in the soil that grows the organic foods – I suspect actually untill we are living on the land that produces the food that we eat we just don’t ‘know’ exactly how balanced our input is.. have very much enjoyed most of your podcasts – thanks for a nice job on getting the ‘word’ out there – even if it is a little confusing at times hearing one ‘expert’ negate what another has said..Bottom line ‘info’ is where its at.. know you are a busy guy but if possible check out our blog – maybe thru yahoo if it doesn’t link on this page.. heres to a better way of living and a better world- and thanks again for your efforts to make it so. cheers, rick

  7. Sandy says:

    A perfect answer Kevin. I agree totally with what you say. Optimal health is what it’s all about. Everyone has to find what works best for them. It’s a whole combination of things that lead to great health.

    I only started to recover from chronic fatigue when I got some proper baseline nutritional tests done and started to correct my toxicities and deficiencies.

    Before that it was like working in the dark.

  8. Judy says:

    One more possible cause of sickness, in spite of healthful eating, is the chemicals in the chemtrails that are being released all across this nation. Here are some informative sites.


    Read and learn.

  9. Daniel says:

    To Kevin and all who are reading.

    I’m writing this message while sick at home. I’ve been eating raw for a year now. I’m going on my 6th year being vegan. One thing I want to validate as true is that eating is not the only cause of sickness. Stress and happiness in your life contribute to your overall well being. It’s not just the health of the body but the health of our minds and the thoughts that go through it. It’s about being extraverted not introverted. Letting go of regrets and working towards your goals as much as possible in this hectic world. There are scientific studies that indicate sickness comes from the mind. This is something for all of us to learn about and to learn how to have a clear mind.


  10. TJ Allen says:

    I have only been sick once since I found what you can find on my web site in 1994 The only reason I caught a cold was a dentist needle into my mouth.
    I also suggest that you do a search for glycobiology immunity to see how many are studying the sugars that I am talking about on my site.
    I must also add that I have learned so much on the value of raw that if it wasn’t for my wife I would be completely raw now.

  11. Trisha says:

    Thanks again, Kevin!
    Loved your response. I, too, had awful, long bouts with canker sores after a year on a 100% raw diet. I guess I couldn’t absorb what I needed from what I was eating. Since being on a vitamin C supplement including lysine faithfully….no more canker sores. Hooray!! Still eat mostly raw and vegan but I include supplemental amino acids and vitamins now. I am an avid athlete and fitness competitor so I think the extra stress requires extra nutrition.

  12. Because exposure to an unknown pathogen requires your body to construct specific antibodies, having the symptoms of a cold are 100% normal in a healthy person. If you had a cold and didn’t have symptoms, that would be a problem because those symptoms are actually indications your body is fighting off an invader.

    It is an unfortunate myth that “healthy people” never get sick. That’s not what optimal health means at all.

    Thanks for the post Kevin!


  13. Nimisha Raja says:

    Absolutely right on finding your own path – each one of us is an individual. I was born and raised vegetarian, became vegan 10 years ago, and was doing raw/living foods for most of 2006. Since that long raw cleanse, I’ve gone back to cooked foods in the winter (I live in Toronto – brrrr), and mostly raw in the summer. Vegan and raw vegan work for most people as long as they get a good variety of foods and make sure B12 and Vitamin D are included. In the past 10 years, I’ve had 2 minor colds, and 1 incidence of flu.

  14. kath mark says:

    i have found that a 40% raw fat diet helped me with all kinds of problems. i eat mostly raw, but not vegan. raw grass-fed dairy, raw eggs, even raw fish and meat. i used to have hay fever, asthma, and flus, lung infections, and now i haven’t been sick for 2 1/2 years, and i work in an office where they all eat junk and get sick A LOT. i also had rashes that cleared up when i increased the FAT – raw butter, avocado, raw olive oil, raw cheese. google Aajonus Vonderplanitz – Primal Diet.

  15. althea says:

    I praticed 100% raw diet for almost 1 year wherein I brought most of my foods from a raw distributor. Although I felt energied I kept loosing weight & did not like being so thin. I think body-mind connection & a mostly live vegetarian diet may work better. Also transition is the key. Do not put undue stress on yourbody by making a 360 degrees switch to a raw diet.

  16. Mike says:

    I started changing my diet after troubles with acid reflux a few years ago now. Started with the random supplement route per recommendations from Mike Adams. That worked well for a time as far as my symptoms were concerned. Then I tried the David Wolfe style diet but was always sluggish on that. Then moved to 80/10/10 for a few months – lots of energy but consequences … too much weight loss and other problems.

    Now on a program called RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization). Makes the most sense to me but very hard. The diet is adaptive based on your individual chemistry which you can test for at home but not a great idea to do w/o an experienced consultant. It is not just pH … the test sees whether you tend high or low sugar, high or low pH, high or low salts, whether you are flushing correctly and protein utilization (protein in vs. protein out) and all the interactions in between these factors. Very clever system which I think explains why things work for a time. But if you can self regulate that may be a better option – the program itself is rather challenging and you may not want to see what lies beneath. Ignorance is bliss if you got hit by a bus tomorrow, right!

    Check out http://www.heavenlywater.com if you are interested … I think this Challen guy has the best grasp of the program currently. The original creator passed away a number of years ago.


  17. James Davis says:


    I think you’ve got it right. I respect you for not only posting the positive feedback but the negative also. In all things it’s all about balance.

    I love your blog,

  18. suzanne gascoyne says:

    I had undiagnosed celiac disease for years (an autoimmune disorder making it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients due to an inability to digest gluten). I had some pretty severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies and I had canker sores, too. Many people with celiac disease do. I’ve read that B vitamins are particularly important with canker sores and maintaining the health of the mouth. I also got a lot of colds and illnesses until I was absorbing more nutrients and vitamins. Try better vitamins and if that doesn’t help, perhaps you are not absorbing properly on this diet. Get a blood test for celiac disease.

  19. del says:

    Great question and great response! It just so happens I had a sore throat the other day, after not having enough sleep and sick people running around me with colds. I haven’t been sick in over a year since going raw. But the point is this, I don’t even consider this being sick. In the past a sore throat like this would have surely turned into a full-blown cold, I have no doubts about that. I respond more quickly to environmental stresses and toxins since going raw but the flip side of it is that I also shed those toxins a lot more quickly too before they have a chance to settle in. I would have to say I’m totally convinced that raw vegan foods are huge part of being healthy, for me. Sleeping, exercise, thinking positively and being in nature are certainly a huge part of that too.

    I think the important thing is to listen to the body whisper it’s wisdom and respond appropriately and keep to your values, whatever they are. Get the nutrient rich foods in you. Raw foods that are fresh, ripe, organic and nutritious can’t do anything but help you rid the body of toxins that are continuously bombarding us every day. If it’s healthy and natural good things can’t help but come from that. Believe it and you’ll certainly see it.

    I’ve been drinking pretty much raw-ligiously, green smoothies with lots of kale, collard, spinach, romaine lettuce blended with blueberries, bananas, mangos, apple and even superfoods like cacao, gogi-berries, maca, spiralina, hemp seeds, avocado. I drink about a two or three quarts of this everyday. Shifting the greens and adding lots of variety. I have a huge green salad sprinkled with some raw walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds all organic whenever I can and eat sprouts like broccoli or sunflower sprouts and some seaweed. It’s just the beginning of my exploration too. I’m learning more everyday and it feels great! As I always say, “Greens are the answer to nearly everything ailing people and planet!” Eat, drink and plant more greens! Be green, do green and have your greens! And you’ll have awesome health as well.

  20. helen says:

    Hi Kevin;

    From personal experience in dealing with the emotions it might not be the raw foods causing the problem it may be an emotional problem which allowed his body to attract a cold or it may be a parasite problem holding the emotions in causing the cold but like you say Kevin testing is what enables a person to find out the real problem..thanks.

  21. Connie says:

    Kevin, I really appreciated this post and agree whole heartedly, especially about the labeling of ourselves, why bother? Labeling, IMHO, only causes unnecessary division.

    I also appreciate all who took the time to write and restore my belief that we are all in this together and can, for the most part, agree to allow ourselves and others to follow our own paths, together.

    I will be posting a link to this article on my blog.

    Big Thanks for your Big Thinks!

  22. Susan RN says:

    Dear Kevin, thank you so much for this post. It is fortuitous to me because I have been so very ill all winter. Raw vegan 18 months, not using supplements yet. B12, only sporadic. My h&h slightly low but ferritin perilously low. Going to be checked for celiac, even though I don’t eat grains. Raw has made me feel better during the good times than I have ever felt in my LIFE. I also have some ethical concerns over eating animal flesh. What’s a girl to do? Keep wondering what is up with my body. What is it telling me? If it is suppressed rage, then I must have a mountain of it. (read that chronic sinus/bronchial/asthma probs are first-born, over achiever, repressed anger types…hmmmm) I love your blog, and your thoughtful answers and the other replies. Together, it’s so encouraging! Keep up the good work.

  23. travis says:

    raw vegan works great for me. haven’t had a cold in a long while. stop taking fish oil. i’ve heard of people eating fish on a raw diet and ending up with mercury poisoning. you could be detoxing a bit. it depends how you ate before. i sometimes get rid of a lot of mucus because i used to get lots of colds and have ear nose and throat problems. my other question is what does your raw diet consist of? i can tell you an omnivore diet is not good! meat, bread and dairy will make your body acidic and therefore a breeding ground for disease. alkalize yourself with green juices. try to have 500grams of greens a day. greens smoothies help. eat low fat. too many nuts won’t do you good. they are fine for transitioning but after that you need to eat more fruit and greens. A cold is technically a good thing if your body is getting rid of mucus. read about the mucusless diet it may help. maybe try a fast.

  24. Ann says:

    ive been vegetarian for 4 and vegan for 2-3 years now.
    A few months ago I decided to try out the raw thing, so i went totally raw food, at first still abit of cooked stuff.

    I was always fine on the vegetarian/vegan diet, it worked well for me and i never got sick, or very rarely, not as much as on the omnivore diet.
    Anyways, I started the raw diet and gotten really weird symptoms! Yellow skin, black stool and major diarrea attacks, a weird skin infection, rashes etc… The other raw foodists said it was detox…
    At first I believed it, but I mean, when you rbody responds so heavily trying to alarm you, its pretty ignorant to ignore it (which I did). i also gotten thinner even thou I kinda ate none stop, because I just eat alot. I gotten to 57 kg for 1m76 as a female. I also gotten more acné on my face. After some months people on desteni forum http://www.desteni.co.za pointed out to me my recent infection was due to my believes regards healthy eating. it made sense and I started eating more cooked again and feel much better this way, also regards my skin and eyes and especially when its cold its so nice to drink something warm 🙂 it is not easy to deprogram myself from the believes I have inserted into myself, but slowly and surely I am getting there 🙂

    So really, it is about finding out what works best for your body, and what your body (and not your mind) really requires. Kinesiology is a great tool to discover this, althou I am still working on the basics and havent been able to test it clearly.

  25. Zeke says:

    im a recovering vegan… just started eating eggs and meat again about 10 days ago.

    i was strct vegan for almost two years. 90% raw the first year, with the other 10% being beans. only about 25% raw the second year.

    well, after the first year i came down with pneumonia. then pleurisy. then ‘viral syndrome,’ which was basically the doctors way of saying ‘we dont know whats wrong with you.’ after about 3 months i started to feel a little better..not good, but ok enough to function. but my back hurt everyday. turns out i have scar tissue and displaced ribheads in my back.. a result of weak muscles.

    i tracked every single meal i ate and was aware of my macro and micro nutrients. they all exceeded the rdas…of course i was supplementing b12.

    anyway, i got sick in jan 09, and never really recovered. months and months of feeling weak and sick. about that time i introduced brown rice, pasta, more beans, and cooked vegetables into my diet. i also used hemp, pea, rice protein powders, flax seeds and oil, and of course plenty of nuts and seeds. basically i did eveything right on the vegan diet. i suffered for the first 4 months of this year, basically went to work and then straight back to bed everyday. it wasnt until may that i started to work out a little bit, watching my protein very closely, getting all the vegan sources possible…i was even able to build a little bit of muscle in my legs and chest, but hardly any. and guess what, i got sick again last month. really sick.

    so that was it. i was sick of being ill. i started eating eggs, and now im back on meat, and im feeling a little better already, although my stomach has been tied in knots. its getting better everyday.

    i was hardline, hardcore vegan for political, moral and health reasons. but the fact is i am limited to what this body can and cant do, and despite my moral objections, i must consume animal products to be healthy and strong.

    the raw diet is potentially dangerous, and so is veganism. obviously factory farming is awful, but all i can do is amake an effort to buy grass fed meat that lived a happy life, from local farms.

    i went through a lot of illness as a vegan, and i too fell into the ‘detox’ trap. ‘my body is cleansing itself’ looking back i cant believe i was so naive.

    for those of you who are saying that ‘being healthy means being sick’ shame on you. youre disinforming people and spreading dangerous propaganda. guys like tim van orden who say ‘you dont need protein’ used to be very inspiring to me. i used to be an avid distance runner(unitl i got sick) and i was so excited about ‘running raw’. then one day i woke up and i could barely move, and was hardly able to walk for 3 months. needless to say, guys like tim werent around to help me then.

    if you feel sick, something is wrong. do not go day after day feeling ill and convince oyurself that youre ok. if you are financially unable to see a doctor like i was, make a decision to eat some eggs or fish, bc if you try to sustain yourself on a vegan diet without any kind of medical evalutaion, youre going to be sick for a long time.

  26. elam says:

    Thanks for this information. I tried vegan, raw food for many years, was always cold here at seven thousand feet in altitude where i live, where the winters are 6 months long. i also looked like crap, like i just got out of a concentration camp and was told it was just a matter of time until i felt better, it was detox, blah, blah, blah. I gave it up, eat lots of raw but also cooked food and grass fed meat and eggs from free range chickens and raw milk and i am so healthy and happy and am never cold! the idea that emotions were causing my problems is total BS too. It was simply my body saying: Give me some dense food, something warm and with fat.

  27. Chris says:


    I’ve been vegan for 25 years.. mostly raw for the last two. I can tell you that you go thru layers of detox.. or periods of detox – where your body is cleansing out stuff deep in the cells that it cannot get to when you’re eating cooked foods.. you feel better when you go back to what you used to eat – – but you’ve also stopped (or slowed dramatically) the cleansing process.
    Viktoras Kulvinskas, pretty much the modern day father of the vegan/raw foods movement back in the 70’s suggests that people get tapeworms behind their eyeballs. You have no idea the type of poisons you have in your system – until layer by layer you clean them out. Its your choice.. In 25 years I was sick MANY times.. clearing poisons out of my system. It is sooooo worth it. Stay with it if you can. You eat more until nutritionally your body catches up… and yes, you’ll be colder in the winter… because you’re giving up your fatty stores of animal fats.. but with nuts and tahini and such you can maintain body warmth. Now I never get sick anymore.. I have no fear of contracting any disease.. I take care of myself.. That is my wish for all of you also. Read also about Storm and Jinjee.. Learn.. there is much information out there for you.
    All best to you

  28. morbidangel says:

    haha, i laugh at the ones who promote eating meat. i have been vegetarian from 6, vegan from 18 once i taught myself, and raw vegan for the last 3 months again, it came up and i evolved.
    read reasons we dont need meat by Peter Cox. Shame on you who push eating meat to ‘make the body healthy again’! what an absolute shame and misinformation YOU are spreading. raw is how we were meant to eat, from the start. we came from chimps. try and kill your own meat with no weapons, ie your ‘carnivorous’ teeth, all those who decry: we were meant to eat flesh!! no can do! only true carnivores, ie dogs etc, who can rip into a living animal and reduce it to food instantly, can do this. remember, they also have a short intestinal tract that is made for fast, efficient extraction of nutrients from this, we have kilometers, making it the most INefficient extraction system for meat! dont believe the hype that the meat and dairy Livestock system would have you believe you cannot live without it. we were not meant to eat it. yes you shed lots and lots of toxins, however long it took for you to accumulate them is how long it will take you to remove, from deep within your cellular and fatty tissues. and just think: its not only one toxin everyone is bombarded with, look around you. cars and smog, mobile phones and electromagnetic resonance, petrochemicals and plastics that leach into us, chemicals in our everyday cosmetics and household use, etc etc. its utter crap that people blame a natural diet for disease! they’re the ones who think everything in moderation, each to their own path etc etc to justify their actions or lack of. we dont put sh!t in our cars and expect them to run very long, do we, but we do that to our body and look for fast, quick, easy short term solutions without thinking we are also a very specific machine and also run on certain fuel. keep on the raw diet, avoid the moderation sheeple and know you are going to get there. supplement with barley grass, vitamin c and herbs and you will get over it. the sludge in your body won’t disappear overnight but it will happen.

  29. Dawn says:

    Morally and spiritually I am keen to stay vegan but I have to say, I became chronically ill with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities and hypoglycaemia AFTER I became vegan, despite taking multivitamins, B12, Vitamin D etc. I tried the Gerson Therapy – it made me worse, I tried a regular grain based vegan diet – it made me worse, I tried the raw food diet – it made even more hair fall out, my teeth rot more and caused flesh and muscle wastage – even though I had loads of vegan protein sources. Because of my beliefs I am still trying to find a way to make a vegan mainly raw diet work for me at the moment but I don’t think we should reprimand those who eat organic grass-fed meat to preserve their health. There is a huge difference between short-term detoxing and chronic illness. If someone’s hair and teeth are rotting, if their flesh is rotting (as happens with some raw vegans) – they are ill, not detoxing. Where are all the healthy raw vegans who have lived to a ripe old age? I don’t want to live for hundreds of years but I want to have some quality of life while I am here and I think those who would encourage others relentlessly to stick to a raw vegan diet even when they are clearly in a terrible state of health, are just as unethical as any factory farmer or big conglomerate.

  30. maylen says:

    I stopped eating meat and eggs in september , did 2 months of raw vegan , I got a kidney infection and dediced to go vegetarian , my acid reflux continued….a month ago i started feeling really bad, persistent low grade fever so went to the doctor , he told me I had bronchitis(my first ever!)…..I decided to go raw vegan again and now i have a terrible cold and an ear infection , the first weeks i felt tired so I incorporated cooked beans like lentils, chickpeas , just at lunch time I eat something cooked , the rest of the day is raw…..despite my diseases I have energy now that i incorporated cooked beans .I couldn’t go back to eat meat /eggs/milk …..i can’t stand the smell.I try to have my sea vegetables everyday I know they taste kind of weird but in a smoothie is ok.
    I really want to stay raw vegan, not because is good to my body but because i really like it.I have tried every “diet” out there and none worked for me ,i always felt like i was dietting but now raw vegan has become a lifestyle for me ….
    I believe we are not meant to eat meat but is also true that 80% of raw vegans are low in B12 ,making mandatory to supplement.
    If raw vegan is the truth, why do we have to take Vitamin D, B12 , zinc pills?
    Right now I am taking Vitmin D once a week indicated by the doctor , last blood work showed low levels.

    I support raw foodism but i see flaws.

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