How to Trust Vegan, Raw Food and Health Information on the Internet

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I recently got this question in an email and I think it’s important to address how to trust vegan or raw food or any health information on the Internet. (Let me know your thoughts and your own personal and trusted health resources with your comments! Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to add your comment)

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your effort to bring people back to be “living” again. I truly appreciate your effort. When I saw those poor cows mutilated on recent news… I thought what was I thinking for all these years…. I truly felt pain in my heart.

I am dying to ask you this question. I cannot keep wondering any longer. When I started to research on good rebounder, somehow landed on this website called **** [Sites are anonymous] and somehow it took me to this **** website. So I started to read about this person or group of people. It took me a while (reading every single word on this website several times) to understand who & what they are but I am a way beginner in rawfood so a person like me, this website was rather “deep” and “shocking”. In this website, they promote a blender by Waring Pro 3+HP. But others promote Vitamix… You use Vitamix as well…I am saving my money to buy blender but don’t know which one to buy. Also… these people say no need to take supplements. They don’t believe in vitamins. They also say carrots are bad (organic, non-organic, hybrid) so they don’t eat them. They eat wild carrots… Juicing is absolutely bad for you… Even can cause illness (sometimes cancer) if you juice and drink it.. Is that true? This is scaring me a little since I only have juicer right now and that is the only way for me to make veggie juice.. But I don’t want to make myself ill. I found Mike Adams last January ( was a turning point of my life) and ever since I found him, I have done juice fasting twice and been almost 80% raw and no pharmaceutical pills whatsoever. But this site took me to a whole new level.

Like to hear your thoughts…Jean

My comments:

Hi Jean,

I can only speak from my own experience in this case on many levels.

I use and recommend the Vitamix because it has a great history of reliability and it makes incredible consistency of just about everything.

I have not used the Waring Pro 3+HP, but once you get into the high powered blenders I can’t imagine there’s too much difference besides a few features.

The key to getting a good blender is really spending the money for something that isn’t going to break. We’ve been through 3 cheap blenders, so the last time we bought something we made sure it would last.

The Vitamix has a 7 year warranty, so that speaks pretty loudly about their product.

As for the site you visited, you have to do your own due diligence. (Yes, even with mine!)

There are many sites out there that talk about health and wellbeing as it pertains to raw food/veganism. Some have amazing information, others do not. Others have pieces of great information mixed in with fallacious claims. This is the benefit and downfall of the Internet world.

Here are some guidelines that I follow when it comes to holistic nutrition and health in regards to your questions and comments above, you can agree or disagree…

(1) Supplements – There’s plenty of discussion on whether supplements are good for you or not. That was part of the discussion that generated over 100 comments on this blog recently. Jonny Bowden, who I interviewed recently, put the supplement issue into perspective, by saying (paraphrase) that ideally we wouldn’t have to supplement, but that doesn’t leave us any protection from our unnatural surroundings.

Here’s an actual excerpt from his discussion!

Do we need supplements? No. We also don’t need indoor toilets and we don’t need our cars. There’s a lot of things that we don’t need in order to survive. I think what everyone listening to this call is interested in is not what I call, minimum wage nutrition, what we need to stay alive, what we need to fend, nutritional deficiencies like Beriberi, scurvy and rickets, which we really don’t see very much. So we can get enough B vitamins to stave off Beriberi and enough C to keep scurvy probably with meals at McDonald’s.

So if, however, by “need” you mean what is going to give us optimal health. What’s going to really give us that super health, that extra level of energy and vitality and have everything running well — my car doesn’t need an oil change every 3000 miles. It will run, but it runs better when you give it that. So it depends what you mean by “need”. Now, I’m all for whole foods. I’m 1000% for whole foods and I think we should absolutely eat whole foods. The problem with getting all the nutrients for optimal health, just from food is twofold. One is, most of us don’t do it. Two is, even when you make a real effort to eat nothing but whole foods the mineral that we get are largely dependent on what kind of soil those foods are grown in and a lot of soil is very depleted in minerals. There are some nutrients, like vitamin E, that you would have to — the amount of food you would have to eat to get 400 IUs of vitamin E is so enormous, it’s just not going to happen. Number three, there are conditions that we are exposed to in modern life. Unless you’re living – I wrote this in one of my older books. If you’re living on an organic farm, you don’t go into the city, you’re not exposed to car exhaust, you don’t have much stress in your life, you go to bed when the sun goes down, you wake up in the sun comes up and you don’t have a computer and all that, okay. You don’t need supplements. You’re fine. The fact is, I live in L.A. I don’t care how many whole foods I eat. I’m breathing smog. I’m exposed to pollutants. We take medications. Our liver doesn’t know the difference whether they’re prescribed not. They still have to detox them. It still has to get rid of them. There are things in our food, even organic foods. There’s stuff that our body needs to get rid of and there are stresses in modern life that are probably greater than the stresses of any time in the past. These things eat up nutrients. They eat up vitamin C. They eat up B vitamins. There are what we call, designer nutrients, alpha lipoic acid, which you can get tiny amounts from food. There are things in which the only real source is brains and organ meats and nobody’s going to eat those anymore. So I think that supplements fill a wonderful need and that need is, it’s a delivery system for the nutrients that your body needs to run optimally and again, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking to run a clunker car that you can park anywhere and you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched and you just need to take it down to the general store once a day, no problem. You probably don’t have premium gas in there. You probably don’t have to do an oil change every 3000 miles. You probably don’t have to have a Formula 1 team work on the car. Everyone listening to this call wants Formula 1 performance out of their body and that’s why I really do believe that supplements are — as a supplement. Remember, as a supplement, not as an excuse. Remember it’s a supplement not an excuse to eat bad food all day, but as a supplement to a great whole food diet, I think carefully chosen supplements make a huge difference.

I like that approach and I generally use the rule, that the closer to a whole plant, herb or natural substance the supplement is the better it is for you. Extracts, green powder, tinctures and other things like this make up my supplement routine.

(2) Juicing – I’d have to see what citations and other information they have to back up the claim that juicing can cause cancer. I imagine in a few cases–just like everything–that juicing may have caused an illness, but it’s a bold and blanket statement to say that it is absolutely bad for you.

I do think that juicing is done incorrectly in some cases. When I or my clients go on a juice fast go on a juice fast, they are missing fiber in their diets. This can cause constipation. If your intention it to detoxify and you’re not able to eliminate the toxins through bowel movements, this can cause a problem. I just interviewed Mark Hyman about this and he’s seen this happen fairly consistently. So I’d suggest taking fiber with a juice fast. Now if that is the case, does it make sense just to blend the veggies instead? Not necessarily, because when you’re juicing you are concentrating the nutrients from the vegetables and then adding back less fiber in the form of psylium husk or apple pectin or a mixture of a few.

(3) Wild Food vs. Organic Produce vs. Conventional Produce – If you can find wild carrots and have the time to forage for them, then I’d definitely suggest you get them when you can. We get wild berries every summer/fall that are amazing here in the Northeast US. Should you never eat organic carrots? I don’t eat many carrots, but I don’t think it is necessary to avoid them. (The reason I don’t eat them is because I don’t really like them. 😉 I used to take them off my dinner plate, stick them in my pocket and flush them down the toilet when I was a kid… my mom found out when she was doing the wash and I had forgotten to dispose of the evidence)

There, at times, can be a need or a desire in the raw food/natural health/vegan (any…) world for perfection or complete cleanliness of food and drink. I think it’s amazing to strive for this, but I also think it can create neurosis. Neurosis–I think–is far more damaging than a plate of steamed kale or a “cheat” now and again. I used to think otherwise, but I think I’ve gotten a little wiser as time goes by… Your diet is a significant portion of your health profile, but not the end-all of it. Please keep that in mind when you find yourself in a crisis or a stressful situation around food.

(4) Testing – You need to know your own baseline of health. I used to think, until recently, that testing was unnecessary. But the more I read and look into programs that are getting great results I realize that having a baseline to start with is a great way of tracking progress, letting you know what works and what doesn’t and in the long run saving you money and extending your life. I think everyone likes to hear those two things! 🙂

As for testing, I’m working with Dr. Richard DiCenso to bring some of his extensive knowledge and experience to readers. I realize that some of you have issues that I am just not qualified to really even have an opinion about… so in the near future expect more information about how you can test for many baseline issues in the future.

If you want to learn more about Dr. D, then get a free copy of his book by clicking here!

The bottomline?

I’d do the research yourself, coupled with a thirst for knowledge. Great health is a journey. It takes years to learn many things and even then there’s more to learn.

Be sure to always ask “Why?”

Learn from many teachers. They all have much to offer. 🙂

Let me know your thoughts and your own personal and trusted health resources with your comments!

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Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. how are you supposed to visit websites if that are anonymous. I came across this on another alternative website. we should be able to visit the websites, if we know what they are. what is the reason behind having the websites anonymous?

  2. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Sorry, should have been more clear about this… the reason I left the sites anonymous is because I haven’t had a chance to read through them throughly and I don’t want to drive traffic to them unless I support what they’re doing 🙂


  3. Karyn says:

    Hey Jean, Kevin and All you healthy foodies out there!
    Looks like there are some great lessons out there on the internet of how to not believe everything one reads. Also to see where things land for you and to trust in your instincts.
    In response to your questions and info about the raw/vegan web info, etc, I’d love to add that we should each listen to our own body with what we eat. My philosophy is that there is no right or wrong way for everyone to eat. We need to figure that out for ourselves. I am now vegan, but not completely raw. I do enjoy my root vegetable soup, or a bowl of steamed kale with brown rice. So, when any one, even we so-called experts are negative about a certain food, diet or lifestyle, think about how that lands for you. Do you ever want to think or feel a negativity towards something you put into your body? If something doesn’t feel or seem right to you, don’t choose it.
    How and why we eat has a great impact on what we eat & vice versa.
    Also many years ago we didn’t have all the tests that we have now. The jury is still out for me on whether or not most of those are necessary. The ancient cultures used visual diagnosis techniques. Iridology is one method. Personally my test results come from how I am feeling. If I am feeling well & energetic, why subect my body to puncture wounds or any other type of costly test? If I am not feeling well, I’ll take sometime to meditate on that and see what’s not working. For many people, and many of my clients, it’s as simple as getting a good night’s sleep, drinking enough water during the day, and being grateful for each day and each person in our lives. When body and life starts to get out of balance, think less about supplementing, and more about slowing down, breathing, listening. Awareness.
    Eat well all you Renegade Foodies!


  4. Patrick says:

    Still reading and enjoying your blog Kevin.

    I thought to myself ‘shall I just let it ride and not comment’, but it was too tempting 🙂

    Actually, being serious I’d like to comment on the excerpt of the discussion with Jonny Bowden, particularly as it is so relevant to the question asked by Jean.

    First (as you know I like to be contrary), I don’t think that Jonny put things into perspective. I think he skewed things to make a very subtle sales pitch for the products he sells, right from the first sentence, bear with me. He drew analogies for ‘need’ that completely move away from what I saw as the intent of your question and got into semantics of the word ‘need’, totally irrelevant to establishing what was being asked. His comparisons were a complete distortion of anything to do with taking supplements for our health. It would have been more appropriate for him to draw the analogy of having a perfectly running automobile and then pouring into the engine an extra few pints of just one component part of oil, which would result in a far from perfect car within a few miles!

    It is extraordinary, many raw food eaters are displaying admirable health, without the need for supplements. How are they surviving in such fantastic condition without the Vitamin E supplementation that Jonny says is necessary, yet impossible to get by just eating raw food – funnily enough he just happens to sell a vast array of these can’t-do-without pills and potions.

    In any case, where did he get his 400 IU figure from? Unless I am mistaken, the EU adult recommendation is 10mg per day (around 15 IU), the US recommends 15mg (22.5 IU) which can easily be reached with an assortment of fruit and green leafy veg. So who recommends 400 IU? The pill manufacturers possibly?

    We must also bear in mind that these evaluations of ‘requirements’ are generally produced for those eating a poor/unhealthy diet, it is apparent that requirements change quite noticeably once eating a raw vegan diet … as in better absorption by the body means lower intake is required. In fact I have seen several reports questioning the health benefits, indeed possible problems, of taking Vitamin E in these large doses – so if I was inclined to take pills I’d be checking that out.

    My feeling is that when we start to selectively play around with vitamins and minerals we may quite possibly be upsetting balances that we have no idea about. When eating an apple, for example, we’re doing far more than popping some Vitamin C in our body, we’re utilising literally hundreds (quite probably thousands) of elements that make up the apple, which work synergistically.

    The fear of being unable to get adequate nutrition because of soil depletion is, I suspect, largely unfounded (once we move away from highly processed foods). The same applies to city pollution, the point being that when we start to alkalise our bodies, we provide an environment that is far stronger and able to fend off the negative impact of things such as air pollution and microwaves. If we then spend time attuning our consciousness more to our ‘inner/universal’ connection, we really do become quite extraordinary human beings … that’s my theory, I’ll let you know when I’ve got there!

    He then seriously suggests that we need to consume something that we can only get from brains and organ meats … doesn’t this make one question his credibility?

    The contrarian in me is motivated to comment when people are pushing supplements, because I feel that rather than assisting (except in exceptional critical situations) it is serving to disconnect people from achieving their potential full health. It uses understandable fear to persuade them that they aren’t able to be at one with their food and so they take supplements. I know that several comments before said how supplements helped them, which I don’t doubt. The point is I believe they are completely unnecessary for most of us in a normal situation, if we pay even just a reasonable amount of attention to what we eat. The soil depletion, city pollution, radiation etc are all marketing and fear tools to persuade us that we really do need these supplements, even if we are eating a good diet. If you’re not inclined to do anything for your health, like you’d prefer to put on a sauna belt than go down the gym, then supplements will possibly help, but I’d think that most people on here are looking for greater things.

    Not checked through all I’ve written, hope it is not too confrontational and I reserve the right to change my mind!!!

    … and I haven’t read the rest of your post yet, I’ll save that for later, have to rush off now 🙂

  5. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Thanks, Patrick! I appreciate your comments 😉

  6. Jean says:

    Hi I’m Jean. Thank you for the information… Oh boy, I ‘ve got soo much to learn. I learn new (and good)things everyday! Someday, I’ll gain more knowledge and be confident enough to guide my daughter to be fully raw & green. Our children are at great risk. Temptations are everywhere for these kids. My heart aches when I see the school lunch menu that my daughter brings home every month… So I wake up early every morning and make her lunch. She used to complain because everyone else eats school lunch and not her but lately, she asks me if she could take raw red bell pepper to school as a snack. We’re taking babysteps…

  7. Lana says:

    The thing that I have appreciated is the balance in presenting these ideas. I don’t think there are many people who are taking part in these teleseminars who are going to listen to something and go out and do it without some considerations of what agrees with their own perceptive powers. And I am sure that even Kevin himself does not 100% agree with everything of every guest , yet he is gracious enough and humble enough to give these people respect and freedom of choice and realizing that it may be helpful to someone.
    I have to say that since I have been listening to these different people and reading Kevin’s blog that I have become a better balanced thinker and individual. I feel I can listen to something like the comment about organ meats by Jonny and know that I disagree and yet be thankful for the information that I found in his book that I researched further and now has helped my 20 year old daughter who has suffered her whole life ,as myself, with insomnia to have now slept through 7 full nights. Which in turn even enlightened her Naturepath to another alternative for people with sleep disorders.
    If there is one thing that I have learned in my 40 years of health problems is you have to look at the information, where it is coming from, check resources, but mostly you must use your power of reason. And NEVER make a decision fueled by emotion or just because you want it to be true.
    And, so far, I have heard a lot of reasoning in alot of what Kevin’s guests have shared. And there have been ones who are very sincere in what they are sharing but for me it is a direction that I don’t feel is right for me, so, I choose not to listen or take action in those areas.
    And by the way, the suggestion that helped my daughter sleep, didn’t work for me, go fig 🙂
    Yet, I am so glad it worked for her and it just proves alot of us(even in immediate families) may have the same symptom but a completely different cause which in turn requires a completely different treatment.
    Oh how I would love to talk with Dr. D for about an hour 😉 or more 🙂
    I have so appreciated the oppurtunity to listen to all these insightful and generous people this past 2 weeks.
    Thanks to all

  8. Bonnie says:

    The bottomline is right on – Great health is a journey. One book I read said not to blend your greens, only to juice them. I don’t have a juicer or the money to get one right now, so I wasn’t getting my greens! The result – I started blending them. Commonsense reigns supreme. This is truly a journey. I’ve gone from smoking & drinking regularly to a much improved vegan diet over 1 1/2 years. One step at a time I replaced a bad habit with a healthy one. At this point, I’m going to keep blending my greens as another improvement.

  9. Helen says:

    I’ve been on personal health journey for about 10 years that started with frequent migraine headaches and a desire to eliminate the pain from my life without using drugs. It continues to be an interesting journey and everyday I learn something new.

    I agree with other comments that you must first consider the source. Over the years, I have come to trust a few of the natural health pioneers – and their students – more than others. So I turn to them when in doubt.

    My top two most trusted resources (besides Renegade Health!) are:
    1. Dr Schulze – – start with “Meet Dr Schulze” to get a sense for his health journey that led him to successful experiences helping people cure all kinds of “incurable” things for 40 years in his own clinic. Then click on Dr Schulze’s New Blog to read regular updates and “miracle” stories about how his formulas continue to heal.
    2. Dr Christopher – – the site is basically an online version of his wonderful, very large hard cover (yellow) reference book full of inspiring stories (and recipes) of his health experiences with patients as an old fashioned traveling doctor

    My experience has shown me that health issues are simply a “wake up call” to learn more about how our bodies function so that we can get rid of the toxins that are keeping us sick and take in the nutrients that enable our bodies to heal. Health is what our Creator designed our bodies for and that’s what they will move towards when we learn how to do eat the things we were designed to eat and live a lifestyle that supports the Creator’s design!

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