How to Cut a Mango into Cubes

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This morning I was adding a fresh mango into my smoothie and I realized I had no idea how to cut a mango into cubes. From time to time we get the frozen mangoes and add them to our smoothies and they always come in nice large chunks.

My attempts never come out too nice… but the reality is I’m blending them up in the Vitamix anyway! 🙂

So I searched around to see if there was any video on how to cut a mango into cubes and of course YouTube came up big.

I’m not necessarily a food prep guy so this way of cubing the mango is all new to me! It’s amazing I’ve gone this long without knowing this… 😉

Maybe this video will spare you the embarrassment of making an awful mess of the kitchen like is has for me!

I had a few questions about the Vitamix after my posting a few days ago. I use the Vitamix 1-2 times a day at home, so I’m a little biased about other blenders. It’s never broken on us and will literally blend, chop, pulverize anything you put in it. We’ve been through 3 other blenders over the years before we got our Vitamix and this one is a keeper.

BTW: I have no idea what is on the guy’s site nor do I endorse it. This video is for mango cutting purposes only! 🙂

Kevin Gianni

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  1. Wendy says:

    Thanks for posting this video! My first attempt at trying to cut fresh mango was a disaster. this helps. And who knew there was such a thing as a mango splitter?! This is so cool!

  2. Claudia says:

    Very informative!
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Patrick says:

    Interesting video, thanks for sharing, will try this way. I usually cut through the middle – along the long sides – sliding knife just over the large seed in centre. Then score the skin so that quarter strips of the skin can be peeled off, easy if the mango is just ripe. Simple then to just cut the two halves of mango to any size/shape, sliding knife over central seed to release mango from that half. Messy on the fingers, but that’s a good excuse to lick them clean 🙂 Maybe I’ll see if I can do a quick video to put up on YouTube. Time for a smoothie I think.

    There is one thing you can’t blend in a Vitamix … a metal spoon. Tried it and definitely not possible! Unfortunately, it also appears to be about the only thing that can cause damage to the Vitamix, mind you I was blending it for a while, thought it was making hard work of some ice! Had to replace a small spindle attachment – but less than $30 inc overseas postage, so can’t complain. It is an awesome machine and really efficient at blending greens. It is expensive, but from a long term health point of view worth it, I’m sure.

    Recently I saw mention of a far cheaper blender which could be worth looking at if one can’t stretch to a Vitamix. I have no idea how good it is, but have seen some favourable reports, my only guess is that it probably won’t have the longevity of the Vitamix, so go for the Vitamix if you possibly can.

    Here are 3 pages with details:

    (not sure if these links are affiliated, as I’ve had them a couple of months and don’t recall how I found them, possibly just via Google)

    The last one is a UK source, but they appear to be out of stock. However, at £100 it is about a quarter the price of Vitamix in UK.

    A note on the Blendtec, I think I’ve read that it is far noisier than the Vitamix, which would be something to consider, as even the Vitamix stops conversation.

  4. Dude, thanks so much for posting this video!

    I cut avocado like this, but didn’t know that Mango could be cut this way too.


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