You Can Afford Good Holistic Nutrition and Vegan and Raw Foods, here’s how…

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This is a question I get often about holistic nutrition and vegan and raw food…

“How can I afford staying healthy? It seems like all these things everyone is recommending cost so much money!”

I have firsthand experience with this, so I’m certainly qualified to answer.

When Annmarie and I were first starting our personal training business, we didn’t even know where the mortgage payment was going to come from so as you can imagine our budget was tight. 🙂

So here are some of the things we did…

We borrowed a juicer from a friend.

I guarantee one of your friends or family members has a juicer sitting in the closet that they’re not using that’s just waiting for some love. In fact we have a really nice Champion that we don’t use in our closet it needs a soulmate. 🙂 (In case any one wants to bid on it!)

You may even be able to find these items on EBay as well.

I took inventory of the supplements and things that we needed as well as made a list of all the other things we wanted on a regular basis like a dehydrator, Vitamix, etc.

We ended up getting a cheap blender to start for our smoothies. But here’s what’s funny about that. Before we got the Vitamix we have now, we broke about 3 $100 blenders, so it would really have been worth it to get the Vitamix in the first place!

We went to a local health food store and they had a co-op which was cheaper than getting all our fruits and veggies separately. What they did was basically give you 2 big bags of goodies every week. They’ve since closed down, but we still buy in bulk when we can.

As for supplements, we’d buy what we could and then refer to the list when we had a little more to spend. We were as patient as we could be–adding things as we became more stable financially.

We had a cheap shower and water filter from Aquasana, we’ve since upgraded.

We eventually brought green cleaning detergents and soaps into the house. (We are in the market to get rid of both of our cars in 2009 to give the environment a break as well.)

Now we’ve reached a point, through this process, where we have what we need and get what we want for our health.
Sure I still want a built in infra-red sauna and a few other toys, but we’re waiting until we move to a more pedestrian friendly place where we might stay a while.

So how can this help you?

Here are a few steps…

(1) Write down what you want. Write down everything from supplements to “toys”.

(2) When you get some extra cash put it aside for the larger ticket items or go on a monthly autoship for your supplements if possible. This will force you to pay every month and you’d be surprised that when you’re doing this how the money just seems to “appear”.

(3) Don’t think you have to buy everything at once. Particularly supplements. You don’t have to take $500 dollars of supplements a week right off the bat. In fact you probably don’t have to ever take $500 in supplements a week, unless you’re really sick.

(4) Find a local co-op where you can get your organic veggies and fruits cheaper. Maybe this is through a local farm.

(5) Don’t stress about it, you’ll find a way.

(6) Spend money on education. You’d be amazed at what a few books or programs can tell you about what works and what doesn’t. I’m continually amazed that the more I read, the less things I feel like I need to take or have regularly for optimum health. Education for multiple sources gives you freedom from the myths and “telephone-like” sharing of knowledge that is always goodhearted, but at times misleading and frustrating.

I hope this helps.

What have you done to stay under-budget and extremely well nourished? Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to add your tip!

Live Awesome!

PS. If you do want some education now, feel free to take a look at my “7 Essential Steps to Optimum Health Program”, it might be something you’ll find valuable… it’s now available in digital and hardcopy format!

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Carol says:

    Grow your own. Even just a few herbs in the kitchen or sprouting relieves the grocery bill.

  2. Cindy says:

    My best advice is to start with a juicer. The added nutrition your body gets from juicing is better than a handful of supplements anyway. When you juice this wonderful nutrition goes to your blood stream and cells within 15 minutes. Your body will thank you and be so happy happy!

  3. Allison says:

    Get raw books from the library. Some raw cafes will have books they let you browse through. This will help you save money on books. Another idea is similar to Kevin’s juicer idea: your raw friends probably have a ton of books and would be happy to lend them to you.

  4. Annet says:

    Since we started eating raw food, our needs changed. We have a more natural lifestyle now and are no longer interested in buying all kinds of extra’s as we did before, just for the sake of buying something new.
    We spend more money on healthy food, but less on expensive packeged food, ready made meals or to go out for dinner.
    All the plastic and artificial things, ranging from bright coloured toys to plastic spoons, don’t longer appeal to us.
    This saves a lot of money.

    We help to save this planet in two ways: by producing less trash and by buying food and other products without harmful chemicals.
    Life becomes much easier and cheaper this way!

    For free raw food information and free recipes, take a look at

  5. Linda Hanson says:

    I have two things:
    One, I ask my clients when the issue of cost comes up, “Can you afford to be ill?” It seems to me, being ill costs a whole lot more than eating nutritious meals.

    Second, as far as cost for environmental cleaning products, one company, Restore Products, based in Minneapolis has invented a refill station for cleaning products. They have 24 stations out there and they not only save on the plastics dumped into the landfill, but they also save money each time a customer refills. The only thing stopping them from having stations nationwide is funding. Also, they have excellent nontoxic cleaning products. I have used their formulas since 1991 and have been so happy.

    Thanks for this great resource, Linda

  6. Linda says:

    “How can I afford to be a vegan?”. How can I afford to not be. I will either pay a little more for the good food I buy now and the gym membership or pay a lot later for being diseased and sick all the time. Being sick costs a lot of money in the long run…higher medical bills, loss of income, loss of family time if you pass away. So, I choose to pay a little more now to ensure that I will be here and healthy later. Thanks for the great article and blog, Linda

  7. Wallace says:

    When I stopped buying meat products, my grocery bills dropped substantially! When I shop only the fresh produce section, my grocery bill drops even more. I am saving nearly 50% now on groceries, even though I pay more for better quality fruits and vegetables. With the savings, I can afford to buy the vitamin supplements and kitchen equipment necessary for a vegan lifestyle.

  8. Pat Fox says:

    Regarding the more expensive equipment you want, ask family members and friends for one big gift at Christmas, your birthday, etc. You’d be surprised at how well they can pull together for something really good for you. Also, when you are eating really nourishing foods, your body requires far less food to feel satisfied, hence less food to purchase. It’s mind-boggling how your tastes change once you start eating better!

  9. Gavin says:

    the only issue i have is not being able to afford a vita-mix. if i held back on what i spend on foods, superfoods, and supplements for about two months i could probably afford one. i think that’s the only difficult issue for myself. everything else is pretty easy.

  10. Norma Treasure-garwood says:

    My TIPS: Using untreated dates for sweetening is tastier & cheaper than other natural sweeteners.
    Buying loose medicinal herbs in place of supplements.
    Making my own toiletries like lemon peel & citricidal disinfectant. Making liguid soaps.
    Periodically searching the net for cheaper or better quality items & switching over to them
    Harvesting wild salad plants like young dandelion leaves and wild edible flowers.
    Asking friends with allotments for some produce -they love to share their excess.

  11. Angela says:

    Going raw without spending a fortune is definitely possible. I personally find it very annoying to feel that I MUST BUY all these products and supplements when it is really questionable whether you need them. What helped me:
    1. Weeds – they’re free, and full of nutrients. I even juice grasses growing in my backyard, which make green smoothies and vegetable juices taste awesome. (hand juicers are a cheaper option for leafy greens and wheatgrass)
    2. Sprouts – including wheatgrass, are dirt cheap, easy to grow, full of protein.
    3. Green smoothies with flax seeds – can be made in the cheapst of blenders, and flaxseeds are again very cheap and high in protein and Omega 3s.
    4. Grow your own vegies – or find a community garden, START a community garden (this is being encouraged in Australia by local Councils),or a friend who already has a vegetable patch and is willing to share or at least let you grow some stuff as well.
    I find it very empowering to be in control of my own food supply, from the surrounding bushland, the backyard and my garden.
    Going raw should not be a middle class venture. Ann Wigmore healed herself of gangrene on flowers and grass and sunshine…

  12. del says:

    Learning to supplement your diet with wild edibles is a great way to connect with nature and get the nutrition we need. Last summer I stop to pick wild raspberries while I would out running. Wow! What an rawsome experience. Later in the season after the first frost I picked wild grapes with seed and all. Yummy. And this winter I pick a handful of wild rose hips. It was like a sweet granola packed with vitamin C. In the spring I’m lookng foreward to things in the yard like violets and chickweed. Why not ask a friend if you can weed their garden for them in exchange for some veggies later in the season. In addition get to know the weeds too such as lambquarters, purslane, dandlelion. They often are more nutritious and delicious than than the vegetables we trying to grow for food. Just being outdoors and soaking up the sun you’re getting Vitamin D that is so important for overall health. And it’s FREE. Thank you Universe!

  13. Mary says:

    When possible, get your books from to save yourself a small fortune. The database of books is enormouse (millions)and you’re swapping in old books you don’t want instead of buying. No membership fee (yet).

    Check out freecycle.ORG. I got a food processor in 12 hours just by putting my request up. It’s based on your zip code and people post anything they want to get rid of or find.

    Get your supplements off Great prices and one low shipping cost no matter how much you buy (I think it’s around $5.)

  14. Karen Renaudin says:

    You might also look for a local community supported agriculture group, “CSA”, in your area. They generally ask for an advance payment of a month or two, but offer a weekly delivery of local, generally organic, fruits and veggies that are much less than the grocery store.

    Check out for a listing.

    It’s a great way to support local organic growers!!

  15. Suz says:


    Would you take a $100 for your used Champion? How old is it?

    I already have a K-Tec which I thought was a better buy than a Vitamix. Check for juicers, etc. at great prices.

    As for a food processor, mine is a Hamilton Beach. It works fine and I only paid $35 about 20 years ago. They are still about that price. Bed, Bath and Beyond always has 20% off and sells HB. They are easy to get.

    Suz Stapler

  16. Toni Cory says:

    Great advice if you live near a large city. We have 2 food co-ops in KY. one 2+ hrs. away in Louisville and the other 2+ hrs. away in Lexington. We have a CSA during the summer months 15 min. away but we garden at that time, too. We cannot eat much raw food during the winter. Everything has to be frozen to be preserved. Where I grew up in MN people live long and healthy eating canned and frozen veggies most of the year. It’s all we could do and all I can do now. Wish I could have fresh, raw veggies more often but I can’t find a way. Any suggestions?

  17. marlene says:

    Buying a really good blender will save you in the long run! Wondering if you’d be willing to give your old one away to my stepdaughter who’s son has cystic fibrosis. Her cheap one just gave out. She’s keeping him healthy with a holistic approach and uses the blender quite often. Anyone out there in the market to donate?

  18. Rik says:

    Though I stil indulge in the wrong foods at times, I generally eat well and with what I have learned about whole foods and fresh fruit and vege, (even if it’s not organic, it’s still better than junk and processed foods) I agree with almost all of the comments above and suggest to anyone starting out, take it a step at a time, it’s a big change going vegan or even whole food if you’ve spent 20 plus years eating processed foods, greasy takeaways and three tons of meat every year… Work out a gradient program and stick to it.

  19. The conclusion that we have come to is that your basic needs to start out with is whole vine ripened raw fruits vegetables and grains.
    Vit’s are only a fraction of the whole and they don’t work together because of that.
    God made you in a garden,not in a laboratory!!!
    If we don’t take care of our bodies, where else are we going to live?
    My advice is ” You supply the will, God will supply the power.

  20. Christine says:

    I used to work in a very busy restaurant in South Florida (where it is very fashionable to have your home re-constructed with no kitchen) that had several regulars who would bring the whole family in tow several times a week for (what they thought was ) healthy Chinese food…These people would wait 45 minutes or more for a table and when I talked to them about their lives, all the mothers would claim, they “didn’t have time to cook”. They had time to sit in our lobby…My guess is that they really did not know how to cook. Cooking used to be a skill passed from mother to daughter but as our society de-values women and their relationships we have lost vital information on preparing nourishing meals for our families. I worked in several kitchens (during training for restaurant management) from preparation to order cook and now I know how to run a kitchen (my mother taught me nothing of this craft.) I am amazed at how easy running a kitchen can be with the proper education and know-how.

  21. rick says:

    Life is a learning curve..Read, listen, consult and find out for yourself however you can what makes sense out of all the confusion that the world today throws at us. A sunny window sill can produce a lot of good food, a patio even more. Co-op gardens produce miracles of love and learning for those involved, and we all need lots of those. If there is a Farmers Market in your area get to know those that are out there growing the ‘good stuff’..volunteer to spend a few hours working with them.. it might change your life -or at least how you ‘see’ the food you eat. Raw live organic fruits and vegetables are the best ‘supplements’ you can buy- and any decent blender can make wonderful ‘green smoothies’ out of just about any combination of fruit & green leaves you put into it. However you can do it -try to reconnect with the earth -for the best ‘supplementation’ available.

  22. Judy says:

    I don’t eat exclusively raw. I like the crockpot for eating healthy on a budget.
    I make a large pot with organic veggies, with some spices, a pastured chicken, and I have meals for days. Just adding a fresh raw salad with spinach, beets, carrots, onions, greens, and anything else you can think of and topping it off with some raw pumpkin or sunflower seeds, sure fills the void.
    I make my own salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil that I buy in the big cans, that lasts for quite a while and is much cheaper than getting the bottles. It is also a better way to ensure the olive oil hasn’t been exposed to bright lights.
    I don’t make a lot of desserts, instead making kefir smoothies with frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries,raw honey or agave,raw nuts and seeds for desserts, adding with freshly ground flax seed. Some whey powder if I am substituting a meal in the kefir is very satisfying, nutritious and filling.
    I buy my milk from a coop that has a small membership fee for buying a cow share, so my milk is fresh, raw and from grass fed cows. I get a bonus by skimming off the cream for butter and making my own kefir from grains that I keep on hand.
    I also make my own bread as much as possible. Then I freeze it, so I have a supply to last for a while.

  23. Susana says:

    I read it all and yearn for an Ayn Rand Utopia ~ But, we’re best utilized spread out, like we are; elevating awareness is SO important. DOES work! We use it weekly in Inland Empire, So. Cal., USA.

    __Growing your own DOES WORK! NOTHING beats eating in the garden, from plant to mouth! Containers work for folks with no/limited land. So does asking Park & Rec at your city to start a COMMUNITY GARDEN ~ There _IS_ space for them in ANY community!

    __Use cloth, not paper! “Wipes” didn’t come on the market until the 70s… Pack a moist cloth & rinse/reuse/wash… That’s how we did it before wipes hit the market!
    There’s PLENTY of material explaining the BENEFITS of using CLOTH to wipe your nose, face, “nether regions”… Basically, paper has teensie SPLINTERS, from the WOOD used to make it. These IRRITATE our skin! A CLOTH-wiped nose/genital is FAR HAPPIER than one wiped as many times with PAPER. MOIST cloth is even nicer! ENJOY!

    __Use baking soda & vinegar to clean. EVERYONE READING THIS WITH AN OLD STOVE FAN: Moisten a sponge/cloth with water. Ring it out. Dab it in a small mound of BAKING SODA. RUB it on the sheet metal (painted or not)… AMAZING, isn’t it? Talk about RESULTS! That’s the “test” that convinced me, back in the 1980s!

    __Watch The Corporation, available on DVD! You need to KNOW how you are being MANIPULATED into spend-spend-spend by corporations! It isn’t even “consume” anymore! We’ve DEVOLVED into a “disposable” society. This is no secret ~ it’s announced everywhere, yet few WAKE UP to the REALITY!

    __ FLOSS YOUR TEETH! 90% of the DECAY takes place in 10% of the space! The space BETWEEN YOUR TEETH! All that scrub-scrub-scrubbing the PROTECTIVE ENAMEL off your teeth while IGNORING THE SEETHING CESSPOOL OF BACTERIA & PLAQUE __BETWEEN__ YOUR TEETH is EXPENSIVE FOLLY! Try dipping a moist finger in BAKING SODA and rubbing THAT across all your tooth surfaces possible! The only slicker feeling is that first tongue pass after orthodontics are finally removed! 🙂 ENJOY!

    __Get a simple haircut that suits you and fits your lifestyle and maintain it yourself! Wash & wear’s the way to go! What hypocrasy posers with chemical baths on their heads and skins at events present! Hopefully, they’ll come to realize the only thing they “help” are the CHEMICAL COMPANIES making the crude to dye their hair with ~ and the TATTOO shop owners/// Cool? I think NOT.

    __Forget marketing ploys that bend your mind into thinking “imported is better”. LOCAL is better.

    __Get synthetics OUT of your home (INCLUDING THE CLOSETS!)… COTTON is WONDERFUL! HEMP CLOTHING is AWESOME! My Birkies are lasting FOREVER, so I don’t know much about SHOES… Anyone?

    __RELOCATE TO A TEMPERATE ZONE! I will NEVER live in a place with a potentially lethal climate. Climate control costs are _HUGE_ so avoid them! 🙂

    __Drop the whole patriarichal sociey-induced myth that depilation is “necessary”. Repetitive routines just eat up your TIME ~ TIME better spent READING, CONTRIBUTING… Hair naturally goes away from the friction of pant legs & blouse sleeves, etc… I’ve got the smoothest NATURAL legs and underarms around… But it wasn’t INITIALLY that way…

    __Make a subtle shift in your daily life: Rise earlier & earlier, then, you’ll find yourself sleeping earlier & earlier… MAJOR shift by starting the day earlier AND major energy savings, too! It’s WAY COOL to be up BEFORE the birds start to chirp…

    __Leave animals in peace, including honey bees Please.

    __Don’t close your eyes to the wonders in your LOCAL COMMUNITY by marketers enticing you to “BIG SPOTS” farther away ~ EVERY PLACE is WONDEROUS! EXPLORE YOUR SURROUNDINGS!

    __Cancel the cable TV. Now.

    __Get rid of the microwave oven. Now.

    __Disconnect the stove. Now.

    __I keep the refrigerator for the ice… I COULD get rid of it, but I’m not there, YET… Emotional attachment…

    __Get rid of the GARBAGE DISPOSAL & COMPOST that stuff. Now.

    __HELP THOSE LESS FORTUNATE ~ YES, _YOU_ ARE _FAR_ MORE FORTUNATE THAN _MOST_ PEOPLE. What goes around, comes around: Help others & you help YOURSELF!

    __Don’t BURN things. BBQ, space heater, fireplaces… I still have a gas water heater, but will be getting solar ASAP…

    __Use best practices when eating and supplements won’t be necessary!

    __REST! Quality DOWN TIME makes for far more productive TIME!

    I could go on & on!
    How’s Argentina?
    Where’s my Chimichurri recipe?

  24. Karna says:

    Wonderful tips here! Thank you all so much. I’d like so add one thing that I have found to increase my overall well being, that’s free…

    CHEW your food! =)

    Most people (including me, up until recently) have the habit of partially chewing our food. When one starts to put those wonderful, well flossed teeth to good use, you make it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients in the food + it doesn’t have to work as hard to digest the food = energy saved!

  25. Laura says:

    Check out Mountain rose herbs and buy in bulk.
    Set a budget for supplements and superfoods each month and you will naturally find that you do not need all the things you thought you did. It will become easier to feel satisfied with simple fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, with a small amount of superfoods and treats occasionally. Ask for the big stuff(appliances, etc.)for a birthday or x-mas.

  26. GISELLE says:

    I don’t know what to eat. I have a vitamix a juicer I don’t know what supp;ements i need I need

  27. Jan says:

    I came across this web page. I was given my vitamix by my mother who purchased it at a garage sale and did not know how to use it. I purchased the recipe book/mannual from the company. It is an older model but works fine. We have a dog, horses, and many cats. Reading about natural vet treatments/vaccines/deworming and making an informed decision has saved us much money over the years. Our animals are in better health and appear happier. We save money because we do not have the unexpected vet bills as are animals do not get sick like they use to.

  28. Dorothy McCuller says:

    Sound advise Kevin. I do the ideas as well; and life becomes rawer with happiness, smile.
    Keep our eyes flowing with all the wealth of knowledge.

  29. Pat Fox says:

    I bought a Juice Man juicer at a yard sale for a buck. Worked better than the Braun juicer I had at the time, and someone GAVE me a Champion juicer, so I have loaned the Braun to a woman diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and will probably loan the Juice Man to the next person who needs it.
    I bought a dehydrator (not an Excalibur )<: ) at my local Cash Converters. It works fine and cost me $10-.
    My family pitched in and bought me a kick*%@ heavy duty food processor for a Christmas gift.
    I am blessed with a big back yard and a green thumb so grocery shopping is a LOT cheaper right now, and more so when the cukes, peppers, tomatoes, etc. are ripe.
    Spent $100- at the grocery store recently and filled 3 BIG cloth bags with organic fruits and veggies. Would have been a LOT more expensive if those bags contained meat. Crappy crackers, bread, cereal, and chips are all ridiculously expensive right now. Have you seen the prices? Organic is not so expensive. Heck, it costs almost $4- for a big bag of Doritos! (No I didn’t buy any)
    Where there’s a will there’s a way, you’ll do it! And it’s ALL a lot less expensive than doctors’ bills, chemo, prescription drugs, etc. Pat
    ps-when your body gets clean, so does your spirit and the Universe moves out of the way and provides, stick with it.

  30. Pat Fox says:

    Oooops, sorry,
    baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar are fabulous cleaners and CHEAP and good for the planet and did I mention CHEAP?
    The long-winded one, Pat

  31. Marlena says:

    I’ve noticed the more I concentrate on what’s important, such as making sure I get plenty of fresh veggie juice and salad, everything falls into place financially, physically and emotionally. I am only 25 and pretty healthy, but I have been eating mostly raw foods since late February and have yet to take any supplements. I think juicing is the trick! You may feel like you’re spending a lot on produce but you’ll realize how little you’re spending on all the crap you used to buy before!

  32. 13 years ago I used to take vitamins by the handfulls that were very expensive but then I found a co. selling vine ripined whole raw fruits & vegetables in a capsule form.
    The water is removed and the sugar is removed so a dieabetic can eat it and also the salt is removed so a heart patient can take it.
    Its the most thoroughly tested nutritional supplement in history ! Free literature.
    Children 6 to 13 free !! 231-744-3339

  33. Sudhakar Bhat says:

    Wow! so much tips available here. I personally
    thank everyone of you who have given their
    valuable tips specially Susana’s. One more tip
    i can add and that is taking cold water bath
    and for details on this read the book Reveal
    Your Glow by Donna Rae. I get no commission in
    recommending this book please!
    Lastly Kevin MORE POWER TO YOU.


  34. Dale C says:

    The post from Bill Sangster talks about whole food vits but he did’t say where to get them.
    Would be interested in trying them if the price is reasonable.

    Dale C

  35. Jane G says:

    Great article and great comments. I was lucky to read, when I first started making my veggie juice, that an old full power Oster blender works almost as well as a vitamix. One of those was in my cupboard, and it works quite well.
    I also recommend Dr. Bronner’s soaps and SalSuds for bathing, dishes and cleaning — resonably priced.
    For great hair try all natural shampoo bars (no conditioner required) available at I am not affiliated with this lady — the products are great.
    Enjoy the adventure of getting healthy — a little costly in dollars to replace the old toxic stuff, but worth billions in health.
    Peace and Blessings.

    Jane G.

  36. Sanjula says:

    I ask in healthfood stores or supermarkets if I can pick the leaves normal customers throw away, like the greens on carrots or the red little radishes and other root vegetables. Mostly I can help myself and take them for free. They are fantastic in green smoothies.
    people think I take them for an animal at home 🙂
    Rest as already mentioned joined a coop and pick dandelion in a nearby park where no dogs are allowed.

  37. the only detergent required is for your plates and bowls…A STEAMER…130 celsius…
    makes your sink sparkling clean…different attachments for carpet…showerbox…even your toilet cleans it hygienically plus your car…AN INVESTMENT…couldn’t live without it

  38. Anita says:

    Happy 30th Birthday Kevin!

    Wishing you an awesome celebration. I appreciate all your efforts to help us make our lives healthier. You’re a special person. Carry on what you’re doing. I love your enthusiasm. Stay positive and keep yourself healthy and strong.

    All the best. Happy Birthday from Anita

  39. Mary Kenny says:

    You never know what you will find at Goodwill Stores. I have gotten electric coffee grinders for grinding flax seed, nuts and herbs. $1.95 A Juiceman Jr. for jucing that I took to my moms house to try and get her to use and I use when I visit $4.95. It’s amazing what people get rid of I love the clothing I can find any brand name out there just takes some looking saves me money for other things. I have an Oster blender it just does not come close to my Braun MR 5550 CA Hand Blender (stick mixer) I love this thing for smoothies it goes through any thing $59.00 including shipping on ebay. The whole food vitamin I use MultiPlex (120 days) @ 2 tablets per day. (70% organic (pending 100%) non-GMO 240 tab $83.95 thats about $20.00 per month for a great vitamin
    It can be done.

  40. Laura says:

    Can we really eat the grass growing in our backyards? Enjoyed reading all these tips from everyone, especially Susana’s! But, I’m wondering, why did she say to “relocate to a temperate zone”? I just recently relocated to the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina from Costa Rica, and now I’m paying astronomical heating costs! So, does anyone know what she meant by that? I was under the impression that living in the tropics was a much simpler and more sustainable way to live because you need less clothing, less insulation, little or no synthetic heating, and you can grow food all year long. Another tip I could give is to consider joining an intentional community. We’re not supposed to be living isolated from each other. DO community! It’s hard at first, but very worthwhile! Love and Light, Laura Sutton

  41. lisa says:

    1. fast one day a week.
    2. the internet is FULL of free recipies! just screen shot the page & keep in a folder on desktop!
    3. soak all berry superfoods to make them more absorbable in the guts, will save a little $ in long run.
    4. do yoga if u cant afford a massage, it helps!
    5. take yr pre-made raw food out with u on yr daily trips out, so u don’t have to buy expensive shops salad, that r not so good 4 u anyway, and cost more.
    6. i know its an expensive initial investment, but when we have a glut of bananas, or mangoes etc (going cheap) at the shops/market, i buy LOADS and dehydrate them in my excalibur.
    7. THINK ‘abundance’ thoughts- it has helped me often.

  42. KEN HOWE says:

    I used to use the Norwalk Press Juices. It lasted a little over 30 yrs. I now use the Champion Juicer along with the Peoples Press. I really beleive that you get the best juice using either the Norwalk Press Juicer or the Champion Juicer and Peoples Press combo. They make most juice with the highest level of nutrient and juice with the longest shelf life. I would keep that extra Champian Juicer for a back up. And you can also make the best Almond Milk using the Champian/People’s Press combo. I juice a lot and want my juice to be the best. Sometimes the organic is not as good, say like carrots or even spinach, and thats when I use non-organic. Dr. Mcdougall has a great write up on organic versus non-organic. I maintain a 80% raw diet using juices or a mono diet like grapes during the day time and have a salad in the evening. I am also experimenting with Blue Green Algae and same enzimes to see if I get any rewards (possitive reactions) from taking them. I have no real brlief in any thing that is not an whole food. Juice has to be without pulp and you most drink the juice within 30 minues of making it. Sorry for carrying on. I could just go on and on, but there’s always next time.
    Peace and Joy to You.

  43. We just received our Vita Mix, WAH-HOOOO!
    I have no “excuse” to purchase fast food, because this machine can make anything in minutes, and cheaper. Last night my 13 year old son needed to bring something for a school potluck lunch. He decided to try the Vita Mix ice cream. Voila!!! We had frozen local cherries in the freezer, so he started with a cherry ice cream, turned out pretty good, then we thought we should make a green
    layer over the red cherry,so he made a organic chocolate mint, and the green mint came from our Liquid Chlorophyll, then he topped it off with a white vanilla layer.
    It’s Gorgeous, healthy, and delicious, and best of all ,….CHEAP!!
    WE LOVE THIS MACHINE, although I have wanted one for many, many, years and just took the plunge now.

  44. kat says:

    At the beginning of my raw journey i was extremely ill and ended up losing a main source of income. Ugh. I stopped taking the expensive supplements the EI doctor gave me and started drinking a daily infusion of organic stinging nettles, an amazing green drink! It not only saved a ton of money but improved my health!

    Food is our health insurance so we eat as well as we can with a focus on organic.

    We are members of a local local CSA. B/c of our health/income issues they have very generously given us a scholarship.

    We also have a small backyard garden with a variety of fruits and veggies. Also grow sprouts, wheatgrass, buckwheat and sunflower greens. YUM! In the winter we re-use our food. Follow this link for more details.

    Cleaning products: we make our own using simply things like baking soda, vinegar and borax. However, my favorite cleaner is just plain water.

    Personal care products: I don’t use anything but a shower filter, body brush and water for personal hygiene. Not even toothpaste, if your body has an odor you need to look at what you’re eating. {Hulda Clark} Rule of thumb: don’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t put in your mouth and eat!

    Paper products: Toilet paper, we use cloth napkins for dining and rags for cleaning. Haven’t quite gotten to using a cloth for the bathroom yet…but it’s being considered.

    Oils- we create infused oils instead of using essential oils which rape the land and also disrupt the hormonal and endocrine systems.

    Machines- we were gifted with a vitm-mix 3600 and also use the same food processor we got as a gift 30 years ago. Recently purchased a smaller one for under $5 at a local thrift store.

    Medicines: daily infusion of stinging nettles, green drink, home-made tinctures and flower essences as needed.

    Cancel all subscriptions, kill your television, turn off the radio and limit computer time. Get rid of cell phones and cordless phones. It’s very freeing not to have to hassle with calls 24/7.

  45. hannah says:

    Wanted to share with you:
    The BLEND-TECH blender is amazing!
    I had a Vita Mix and that was great.
    Then,I got a Blend Tech……….
    It takes blending smoothies ,shakes and making nut milks
    to an entirely different level.
    You’ll never want to get a shake in a cafe
    You will be saving money,as the engine is
    super-powerful.Lasts and lasts!

  46. Sue says:

    Why use paper or even cloth in the toilet when a mug of water will do? Not only do millions use this method, you get so used to the clean feel, that you won’t ever consider going back to anything else, plus you save on materials.

    I would love to know if there is an ideal diet where you don’t ever need to use moisturizer on one’s skin and lips during the winter months in a cold climate. If so, please share, or meanwhile, share how to keep skin moisturized without using commercial products. Can anyone recommend books on natural personal hygiene and beauty care? I have ordered David Wolfe’s book but it has yet to arrive.

    Thanks for all your ideas so far!

  47. Kat says:

    Ok, I’m curious…how do you use just a mug of water and no TP or cloth? :O

    I use a combination of moisturizers depending on several factors (time of year, how dry my skin is, if I will be home or not, etc.). Miessence and Aubrey have wonderful moisturizers and lotions. Badger has awesome body butters and yummy lip balms (all natural/organic). Sometimes I use Badger body butter under my eyes/on my cheeks, and I always use Badger lip balm – yum!

    If you are looking for a totally natural, non-commercial (home made) moisturizer, you can mix 1T of extra virgin olive oil, 2-3 T heavy cream and an egg (organic/raw/natural, of course). I keep a little jar of this mixed up in the fridge, and if I will be at home all day I put this on after my shower and let it soak in to my face for several hours (you can also use less if you are going out and don’t want a greasy face). Sometimes I put it on at night and sleep with a towel on my pillow – it is amazing! For a home made facial: mix 1 small avocado (mashed), 3T cacao powder, 2t raw honey, 2T oatmeal and a little cooled green tea to make a paste. Rub on face and wash off after about 20 minutes. This makes your skin sooo soft (and you can eat the leftovers)! 😀

  48. Anne-Marie says:

    All those ideas are good but when you start with almost nothing, even buying seeds to sprout is hard.

    For the last three month, I have about 5$ a week to eat. I eat mainly rice and beans. One week I buy a 3,99$ bag of brown or basmati rice or quinoa, the other, I buy 2 bags at 1,99$ each of beans (2 different kinds). The extra, I add it up until I can buy a 5$ bag of alfalfa to sprout (that is the smallest one I can find in my area). From then, I hope that I will be healthier than when I was buying pasta @ 0,99$ or kraft diner or ramen noodles (those at 4 bags for 1$ full of MSG). If I can get healthier, I will hopefully have the energy to get a second job to get me out of where I am actually.
    For the tools, I found a blender in a freecycle group but I don’t have veggies or fruits to make smoothies. I’m in a middle of a city so no weeds…
    It will get better
    thanks all for your great tips!

  49. Patricia A'amina says:

    I prefer raw organic coconut oil for moisturizing.

  50. Patricia A'amina says:

    to Anne-Marie… my city has St. Mary’s dining hall where they serve one all-you-can-eat meal a day – maybe your’s has something similar – there is a large selection of cooked veggies and usually fresh fruit… we also have a food bank, other locations that give away government commodities (often dried beans and rice)… the Seventh-Day Adventist Churches often give away food or know who has free food available in each city – the Salvation Army may have info as well… lentils make great sprouts. Joy and Blessings to you!

  51. Kiani says:

    Admin OptionsEdit Post Add Tags

    Delete Post Manage Blog I have spend money on organic food over the years. The ways I have brought the costs down is by ignoring marketers advice, gathering all the wild foods I can find, and buying less expensive foods.

    Marketers scam you by telling you the benefits of their products without mentioning the side effects or high costs. Their only goal is to make more money off of you. Completely ignore everything they say and look right to nature for the truth and undeniably great health. Don’t let a marketer get in the way. You have the right to go directly to the source. Nature will never charge you a penny.

    Go to the local library and find books to borrow for free concerning identifying wild greens, including grasses, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. Begin looking right in your yard or surrounding area. Branch out to peeking over your neighbor’s fence and identifying plants and trees that bear edible food while commuting. Go back to that location and get some. Please ask permission to pick or collect anything from private property. Agricultural theft is a felony in Hawaii and there is no raw food in jail. Eating about half wild and half purchased food cuts down the cost a lot.

    Buy the seeds like Sunflower, Sesame, and Flax over the expensive Nuts. Buy Hawaiian Spirulina over the more expensive Chlorella, E3 Live, and Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae. Buy the fruit that is cheaper like Apples and Oranges versus the Persimmons, Berries, Grapes, and other high cost fruit.

    Over all you deserve the best. Don’t buy conventional foods for the lower price tag. The most flavorful foods are the ones you find in your yard or neighborhood that are fully tree or vine ripened and freshly picked. There is no way a marketer can tell me that his organic Tomato($2-5/lb.) tastes better than a fresh-picked, fully vine-ripened Cherry Tomato growing wild here. In Hawaii the cost of organic California produce is higher because of the shipping. The produce has been sitting on a shelf for 1-2 weeks. Foods have a life force enregy in them that dies out after 2 days or so. Don’t spend big bucks on dead food. Food grows on plants and trees for free right outside your window. Take action now.

  52. Caroline says:

    My free month of gym membership was spent in ofour weeks just trying to get there for my first visit! Hard to break old habits and create new ones.But looking after an invalid old dog who can’t eat tinned or dried food got me thinking – if she can’t, why should I?

    Never mind machines – you can start with wooden spoons, any old kitchen machine, and a revamped shopping list. You can make smoothies with a good whisk and plenty of elbow power!!
    Have been slowly removing gluten-foods from my diet, so no more heart-burn;coffee down to one cup per day (nowadays I often forget to finish it) and have loads of supplements to finish up, so am getting through those too.

    Best of all is going back to the cooking habits I had when I was student age – and then reckoned quite a good cook. Even made my own bread. Had forgotten how good fresh leeks taste. Weight and centimetres coming off slowly and I haven’t really started slimming yet.

    Best of all is getting a good night’s sleep, and that is the start I would recommend to everybody. No use getting up piously early every morning if you didn’t go to bed ditto the night before!!

  53. Dave says:

    I consistently remind myself of this simple fact: I get one body. I need to take care of it. The money I spend on keeping it moving and working will be cheaper than hospital, doctor, medication bills in the long run.

  54. kristine says:

    AnnMarie:kudos to you for doing your best to be healthy. I know our grocery store (HEB here in TX) throws away a LOT of produce. Talk to the produce manager about your situation and see if you come early in the morning (when they usually throw it out) if you can take what you need. Most of it is still really good and days away from really needing to be tossed.

    Other folks
    FreeCycle is awesome

    CraigsList is great too.

    I got a barely used VitaMix for $100 on CraigsList. Got my eyes peeled for a dehydrater and a juicer now.

    I started a mini ‘freecycle’ at my church. Put up a bulletin board for folks to post what they have to give away and what they need. Works great!

    Rawk on.

  55. Sean wagner says:

    Thanks everyone, Theese comments were great to read, Just what I needed to get back on track :D:D

  56. Will Ambrose says:

    Debbie’s Green Bags. Line with plain plastic bag and put produce of one kind in it. Doubles shelf life of most produce.

    Also check for a sample of their energy grid which I swear preserves and improves the taste of anything put on it. Try their tests and see what I mean.

  57. Rene F. says:

    Lots of good tips here!
    We no longer take vitamins… we eat fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds!
    Going raw means no more processed food… real food costs less, tastes better, and has the nutrients that our bodies need.
    My vitamix is nearly 20 years old. still going strong. If you don’t have raw equipment, I’d say get a VM first, before a juicer. you can make juice using a VM! Just blend with water, then strain through a clean dishcloth!
    We grow our own wheatgrass… very cheap nutrition.
    Raw recipes that call for nuts can get expensive… use sunflower seeds instead! Often, they are a third the price of nuts, or even less!

  58. Erin says:

    ****Check out for used appliances like juicers and blenders. I saw a Jack Lalanne juicer on there the other day for $25!****

  59. Cynthia says:


    How old is your juicer and how much do you want for it??

    I desperately need a juicer but my budget is very tight!


  60. Nicole says:

    Portland, Oregon. This is an awesome pedestrian city! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Just thought I’d throw that one out there:)

  61. Andrea says:

    I also went through 3 blenders in 3 years. Just recently I bought a VITAMIX from their website and it helped to be able to extend the payments over 3 months. And, I also got the newest model – refurbished – with the same 7 year guarantee and it works great. I love it. It has saved me so much time in the morning when in a rush to get to work.
    Organics is still a concern up here in Boston as the most convenient store is Whole Foods with not many other choices. Expensive and not always organic for basic items.

  62. Pamela says:

    Being on a budget, I decided the most important thing for me was to make sure I had a whole bunch of the super foods rather than equipment, so I don’t use anything as far as equipment except a knife and bread board. One fun thing. I start the morning with fruit and have salads at lunch and dinner. The seaweeds, flaxmeal, hemp seeds, Brewer’s yeast, etc. are easy to add to the salads, but if cherries are breakfast, it’s harder to add goji berries, bee pollen, cacao nibs, raw honey, tahini, yacon, maca, dates, etc. So I make a little teeny mixture of these later things in a little bowl, and it’s like eating chalvah. Really yummy. I eat all my greens. I love to chew:-) I also make lots of coleslaw with cabbage, onions, carrots, apple cider vinegar, and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. Then I just add zucchini and other squashes, corn, etc. at meal times. I’m not an equipment person, so it simplifies things for me. Oh, I buy butternut squash and yams in the frozen section, as it’s hard to go through a whole butternut squash and yams on salads before they go bad. Then I sprinkle them on the salads. I also opted to go for only organic, so if it’s not organic, I go without. My splurge is raw dry cured olives:-) It is fun, yes?

  63. Marcus says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I think writing things down and making a priority list is a good idea. Further to this, you should figure out where you spend your money overall. Then, if eating a healthy (organic) raw vegan diet is high on your priority list, you can readjust your spending priorities in order to divert more money to buying amazing food. Of course, if you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, that’s great, but not always practical for many people living in large urban centers. There’s always ways of adjusting things and saving money here and there so that you don’t spend significantly more money. Also, a healthy (organic) raw vegan diet is more supportive of productive work (at least for me), so even if you do spend more, since you’re more productive you can earn more. So this will compensate for your increased food bill, etc.

    Anyway, I wish everyone health and happiness,

    Yours truly,


  64. Hi there! This is a topic I’m passionate about! With all the energy that raw has given me, I’m starting up a new site to help us all save money on raw online shopping. You can quickly compare prices among stores (hopefully saving everyone tons of time too)!
    Please check in the next week or so for the unveiling.
    And please let me know what I can do to make it even more helpful. I really do want to help make raw more affordable, easy, and fun. Thanks in advance!


  65. DELANEY says:

    I have a Champion someone can take off my hands. I bought it in 2006 but last year I didn’t take off one part and the carrots have glued it on… I had my big strong boyfriend (at the time) work on it and he couldn’t get it off, either so it just sits…

  66. Nick says:

    Educate yourself on edible wild food, dandelion and lambquaters are 2 easy ones to identify and
    are usually abundant in any city or rural park.
    Check out soap nuts to wash your cloths and floor they are better for the environment work better and are CHEAPER I have no affiliation just a happy customer:)

  67. tamera toomim says:

    #65. Dear Delaney:

    I noticed you are struggling to clean your Champion JUICER. I also had to clean an old abused juicer.
    The cutter was stuck on the shaft. However, I bought
    it for a third of its real value.

    You can dislodge the cutter of your champion by letting
    its nose rest in a bowl of water for a few days. Just the cutter end in water. You will need to prop up the juicer in a sink
    or some kind of tub. Allowing the body of the Champion Juicer to stay dry, since that is the motor. When the cutter moves a little try painting the free edges with some salad oil.

    The real secret is don’t give up. It will eventually let go. The moving parts will be themselves again. Remember you are only melting vegetable matter.

  68. I live with a big guy who has a big appetite ,honestly I don’t know how I could afford to be anything other than raw !

  69. Shayla says:

    I love that I’m not seeing a bunch of “How can you afford NOT to?” advice. It’s such a presumptuous statement and I see it a lot. I’m here to tell those people, with a family of 5 to feed on one income in rural Oklahoma, it’s REALLY easy to not afford this-or-that.

    It’s not about feeling oppressed by our financial situation, it’s about finding ways to work with what we have without going into debt to get a bunch of goodies.

    Vegan is easy and cheap, we’ve been vegan since my 9-year-old was born and the more simply we eat, the cheaper it is. Until we started raw, that is… I admit that Raw is a challenge, but we’re finding ways to make it work, gradually.

    Anything “extra” we spend money on is food out of my kids’ mouths, so that helped us to find some perspective.

    We turned off the cable/satellite television (we now only watch DVD’s if we want to have a family movie night, no television at all).

    We also turned off the cellular phones, took the children out of karate (not something they miss, and we freed up about 7 hours of our week so we get more time together as a family).

    We moved to a house that is 2 miles from a gorgeous state park with hiking trails and a clean lake, so we spend several days a week there for free instead of paying for season passes at the swimming pool or water park.

    We’ve used cloth EVERYTHING (diapers, napkins, menstrual products, toilet “paper”, cleaning rags, etc) for so long, I can’t imagine finding room in the budget for disposable items.

    We don’t eat all organic because it’s simply NOT AVAILABLE without driving 100 miles to the nearest city, but we get a lot of local produce from farmers markets and our own garden. And we are lucky to have lambsquarters out the WAZOO and everybody loves those, in smoothies or salads or whatever. Saves a lot of $$ on greens.

    We get “over ripe” bananas for super cheap at a local (non-chain) grocery store, only $.10 a pound. I’ll buy 40lb or more every couple of weeks. We’ll freeze them for smoothies, make ice cream, dehydrate them, stick them on popsicle sticks to make my kids favorite banana popsicles.

    And while I didn’t really want to get into the superfood thing due to the prices, I’m finding that really, everybody eats less if they’re getting nutritionally dense foods. My kids (9, 5, and almost 3) are very drawn to superfoods like maca, goji berries, spirulina, hemp seeds, etc. I take that as a sign that there’s something in there that they need, and they are growing like weeds on these foods. I think that superfoods are perhaps more important for my kids to get since they don’t get organic produce very often, so I try to buy something from our ongoing list of specialty items every couple of weeks. We’ve built up quite a selection, and every day I mash up a bunch with some other seeds and dried fruit to make what we call “power spoons” (obviously, I serve it to them on spoons).

    I love green smoothies, and my Oster wasn’t cutting it, so I bit the bullet and decided to sell my grain mill and Bosch mixer (my breadmaking gadgets) to fund my Blendtec blender. It was a huge step to give up making fresh bread, but we NEVER benefited from the bread like we do from the green smoothies I make with the Blendtec, so I considered it a good tradeoff.

    However, one thing that the “how can you afford NOT to” camp has right is that you can’t hold a candle to vegan (especially RAW) health! Since we’ve never really used doctors I can’t say for sure what the savings are, but my kids have NEVER been on antibiotics or any other medication, nor has myself or my husband since we went vegan. I had homebirths (unassisted which means I didn’t have to pay a midwife) and my recovery was MINUTES, no lengthy hospital stay. I breastfed the kiddos until they’re about 3 or so, so during that time they are getting the world’s best supplement for free.


    Line dry your clothing
    Take cold showers
    Use oil as facial and tooth cleansers (ladies, you won’t need to buy face soaps and toners and moisturizers EVER AGAIN!)
    Use everything until it falls apart
    Look into a greywater system
    Remember that you don’t have to try everything at once

    Sorry for being so long winded! I really was excited to see REAL WORLD advice from Kevin and all of the posters here. It has inspired me!

  70. Lisa Marie says:

    These are all amazing tips! Here are mine:

    1. Make sure that everything that goes in you is something that will benefit your health. I am constantly amazed at how much people eat in the name of “treats” or “just stopping the hunger”.

    2. Drink good water. I prefer to gather my own spring water. Check out for one in your area.

    3. Eat simply. Don’t get sucked into all the latest hype on pre-packaged raw foods. Make it yourself.

    Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
    Rite Food and Company

  71. chris says:

    1. drink water

    2. eat less

    3. get outside and move

  72. Ronald says:

    I don’t remember if you had the article or some one else but it goes something like this. If you destroy this house where will you live? At what cost? Your health is worth improving every day!!

  73. Ann Wooledge says:

    Been eating 90% raw for over a year and feel 2000% better! Lost 20+ pounds – not bad for a 60-year old, 5′ (almost) tall person with low thyroid! Gained half of it back by taking pharmaceutical for depression – bad choice!! Back to just eating well. Asked email church groups about juicer and received one for free and the other for $25.00 to give to one of our kids. Our blender (Osterizer)does a great job on smoothies – don’t know if we need a Vitamix?! Dehydrator is great and buy our herbs in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs (organic) – make teas instead of taking supplements! We eat until full, don’t eat meat, so our grocery bill is LOTS less!! Don’t buy so many supplements – $100-200 less a month! Need to juice more though. Read “The China Study”!!!

  74. Ann Wooledge says:

    OH!! And forgot the most important thing – I’m an aromatherapist and we essential oils for anything related to healing – can’t say that on my website, but it’s true!! They are antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal – use them to clean with!!

  75. RAWquel says:

    You are so right!

    Once I got organized and knew what I wanted to buy I was able to shop wisely and buy our yummy raw meals for two for about $1.75 a meal or less for each person (and that was including about 5-6 small meals a day). This ended up being a bit less than what I was buying on non-raw foods. So now we aren’t only saving money, we are feeling better doing it!

    I think the two main keys are knowing what you want to buy and finding the right place to buy them, even if you have to take a 15-20 minute ride to get there. It’s worth the trip to get a major variety and fresh produce.

  76. Nick says:

    Vitamix definitely worth it in the long run I made the same mistake initially going thru a few cheap blenders. Supplements are a waste of $$$$$ Eat raw wild food or at least organic fruit and veggies. The only supplement a vegan may need is B12 but if you are raw you probably do not need that either. I just take b12 when I feel I need it which is rarely I get tested every yer and have never been deficient in b12 or anything else! .

  77. tina says:

    Wow I was amazed at the feed back page today.

    No back biting, name calling or running anyone down. It was a pleasure to read every single response.

    Well done followers of the RenegadeHealth show.

    Would any one of you please respond with an idea on what one week eating raw looks like.

    Mon. Veg j or fruit or big green smoothie
    lunch more juice or salad
    snack ……

    How do we cover all that is needed

    I have an amazing son. He is so willing to try any health tip I give him Tonight I served him raw Zucchini slices with cold Marinara sauce no complaints. First time Raw Zucchini and first time cold.

    Please help me get my head around it. Kev would love to have your juicer.(single mum)

    Thanks in advance

  78. Irene says:

    Just saw a TV ad about myhealthmaster, it works just like Vitamix except it is cheaper. Check it out on

  79. Veronika says:

    I’m so impressed by all the love, knowledge, and support in these comments. And you’ve opened my eyes to new avenues!

    Regarding Kat’s question for Sue:

    I think Sue means filling a mug with water, and then washing your private areas by hand. Then you wash your hand with soap afterward. I suppose it’s not too different than what you do in the shower, and then you’d dry yourself with a towel afterward?

    It would be difficult to accomplish in a public restroom…or if you had a messy bowel. But I suppose in general, it’s a nifty idea.

  80. Myra says:

    I buy my “nut milk bags” at Home Depot! There you can get 2 paint strainer bags for $2.28. Works great!

  81. Sherry says:

    WOW!!! All the Info is GREAT!!!
    I bought juiceman II juicer from goodwill for $4.06.
    I have a Cuisinart food processor I got for free it only has a chopping blade but that’s okay
    I can search for the other blades at goodwill or Salvation Army.
    I use a Osterizer 14 speed blender that I bought at Wal-Mart for $22 4 Christmas’s ago
    it works great ! I will get a vitamix when I stumble upon one at goodwill.
    I live in South Florida in Pinellas County there are no co-ops, no exchanges of any kind.
    There are some organics at some grocery stores here which are cheaper than the health food store.
    I did get some Goji berries at the health food store in the bulk food area for a couple of dollars less.
    Look at the cacao nibs but they looked scary they looked like the cacao was mixed with the cacao shell
    and it was all a lighter color you those two dollars cheaper I decided to go with divine organics instead.

    Google is another place where you can find free information on eating raw.
    I can’t afford to buy any of David Wolfe’s books right now . His publishers have made it so you can read
    pretty far into the sun foods diet success system all the way up to page 119. And there is a lot of information
    just within those pages. His superfoods book has at least 18 cacao recipes available for you to see.
    For some reason there are no numbers on the pages so I can only tell you what goes up to information on

    I would like more information on grasses in the yard I can juice! Here in Florida we have grass that looks like
    crabgrass here. I live around sand pretty much. Thanks for all the great information!

  82. Andy Reed says:

    It is possible the entire growing season to live off of wild green smoothies, all you need is a blender, some huge inspiration for health and self love, and a good friend who knows plant ID!!
    Start with smoothies and sprouting. Organic Lentils sprout fine right out of the health store bulk bin at 1.99 pound.
    Stop eating meat and spend the money on the highest quality protein on Earth, mocroalgae like chlorella and spirulina. Remember in the end you will save money with health, improve integrity of life. Abundance and health are an attitude, believe you can and it will happen!!!!

  83. I bet Kevin and AnnMarie are blown away by such an amazing response. Everyone is doing such an amazing job even during these tight economic times!

    We see our dedication to our health and wellbeing as an assurance program to our quality of life. We were sick and tired of being sick and tired. We have moved beyond just surviving to THRIVING!

    The key is to jump in and start no matter where you are and what you have. Just pay attention and see what you can do to keep improving what you have. There is a wealth of information. Don’t wait for anyone else to tell you what to do. Do your own research and see what you can incorporate… one step at a time.

    Start thinking about eating more raw and live foods. Research what ailments and struggles you face. Find the right solution for your own life. Jump in and so what you can and keep moving forward. Get back to basics, give up all those things we really do not need. Blend or juice, buy local, buy bulk, go superfoods and the highest quality food you can get. Find alternative and solutions. They are out there! Just start where you are and keep focusing on what else you can do! You will look back and be AMAZED!

    Enjoy and Live, Love and Laugh!

  84. …personally speaking I forgot… we did just reinvest in a vitamix. Worth ever cent!

    We are now up to three raw shakes a day. The kids are drinking two of them! I got tired of hearing I like this veggie and dont like that… SO mama says ‘drink your shake.’ They like it so much that we start the day and end the day with shakes. The kids pick the fresh veggie in the field and have fun picking different ingredients to add. AND for those kids that want to still complain… try a straw. Now I am much more at ease knowing that they have eaten the shakes, meals are not a job/chore ~ all fun! (like they should be!)

  85. Jer says:

    Basically just get started. You will be surprised at what just comes into your and who you’ll meet just by your mindset.
    You can also just accept that you are being the best healthy person you know how to be in this moment. And when you learn more you move on to another step or phase or whatever you want to call it.
    Getting healthey is a great adventure. Enjoy the internet but use it wisely. Kevin and David Wolffe are great sources and information. But beware that not all you see and read is where your journey is going.
    Have been on this path for the last 25 years and it only continues to improve as I am ready for it. Thanks to Kevin for all his information. It is greatly appreciated.

  86. Robin Hartland Fulcher says:

    I’m just getting started, so thank you everyone for all this great imformation. At first I was trying to write down all this stuff, but then I thought, Wow there’s so much here!!!! I will just print this whole page. I hope I can do that.

  87. Eric Grace says:


    thanks for the tips!

    I found a way to get a vitamix for a really good price and free shipping and you can get a refurbished one with the 7 year warranty for even less with the free shipping here:

    I’ve posted the way to do it on my blog at:

  88. Ahntara says:

    Wow! What a great column today. Kevin & Anne Marie, maybe this could be a regular feature? I’ve gotten so much out of this.
    Thank you all!

    Personally, I just ‘went (mostly) raw’ about a month and a half ago. Still can’t afford an expensive blender, so I bought a cheap one and use my knife, chopping board and a hand grater to keep things easy on the puny thing. Didn’t want to wait for something expensive to begin my journey to better health. In addition to the green smoothie, I simply eat lots of raw produce, just as it is.

    I stumbled onto this Lifestyle by being exposed to David Wolfe’s pre-launch info for his Longevity Now program. Can’t afford that, right now – at least. But I’ve gotten so much for FREE. He offers a free course in mineralization. Somehow, through that and searching I found the RENEGADE HEALTH SHOW. It’s come free and, of course, Kevin’s free book (thanks!). There is tons of free info on YouTube with David, Victoria Boutenko, Rene Oswald and many others. With a computer, which we obviously ALL have, you can search, watch and read for Hours.

    As for the rest, I believe it will come in time. Once again, thank you all for the great information and websites. I’m off to find my local springs and exactly what edible plants grow wild in my area. 🙂

  89. Theophilus says:

    Make buying a VitaMix a high priority. I use mine everyday-several times per day. Besides the water faucet, it gets the most attention in my kitchen in terms of use.

    Find a VitaMix affilate to buy one from, you’ll save $25 on shipping. VitaMix also allows payments in 3 installments.

    You will save time AND money making smoothies for meals. Use your extra time to create new, fun ways to make more money and use the extra money to invest in the items you have on your list (as Kevin suggests=#1)!

    It will happen before you blink an eye–stay focused on your target/vision and press “play” everyday! The “means” then come in ways never imagined. (Eliminate the negative mantra “I can’t afford it.”)

    Lots of great tips above…grow your own, make exchanges with like-minded neighbors AKA co-op’ing, get recipes and ideas from the Internet, educate yourself/borrow books from the library (use Interlibrary loaning if your library doesn’t have the book you are looking for), keep it all very simple and natural, smile lots and remind yourself every conscious moment how good you feel until it becomes completely you, relax, and enjoy the ride! It is a wonderful and exciting journey!

  90. Theophilus says:

    Let me re-emphasize after re-reading the posed question about “affording”: Eliminate *forever* the mantra “I can’t afford it.”

    ONLY practice repetitively phrases and statements that move you toward your desired outcomes!

    We all have “mantras.” Become conscious of yours. Align accordingly.

    Words have creative power! And words are clues as to your heart condition. If you notice you are stuck and desire true freedom, ask for help from someone you see has what you desire!

    Smile, relax, enjoy the ride!

  91. Jonathan says:

    I wish I was only spending $500 a week on supplements. At the moment it is more like $1500, but then I am a medical challenge. But would appreciate any advice on how to manage at spending over $6000 per month on a supplement programme and bringing up four young children. And obviously not having much time to work…..taking this amount of supplements is rather time consuming “)

  92. Debra says:

    I have to admit I’ve blown some extra cash on ‘starter costs’. The Vita-Mix was definitely worth the $$$. Got a $7 food chopper at Target and you can use a cheap coffee grinder to grind seeds.

    Ripe bananas on clearance – peel, freeze and use for smoothies.

    Cut costs: Cable TV, Gym Membership (I got 3 Gillian Michaels DVD’s at Amazon – only $7 each), fancy cellphones/pdas.

    Go Natural: I’ve spent $0 at beauty salons the last ten years. Don’t wear makeup and my skin has never looked better. Use vinegar to clean your house and freshen laundry. – great way to rate bodycare. – interesting technique swishing sesame oil in your mouth. Cheap and great detox. If fact, I use the sesame oil as a moisturizer now. Am down to bare minimum of commercial bodycare products. You can use your coconut oil on your skin as well.

    THRIFT SHOPS!!! I buy 70% of my clothes there – so cheap. As others have mentioned you can get appliance deals there or at freecycle/craigslist etc.

    Trust God – I bought my Vitamix on faith and got a ‘surprise’ bonus that ended up paying for it. If you really want to get healthy, rely on spiritual guidance to help you sort through what to do and not do and find the deals you need.

    God Bless – these are wonderful tips…

  93. Dawni says:

    Hi Kevin…

    This topic still gets me excited!

    I want to share this growing food -building community effort that is catching steam. Working to grow nutritious foods as a collective can help UP the benefits in many areas and reduce costs.

    Take a look…and imagine a RAW focused community activity.

    Grow Food Party Crew

    Live Inspired!

  94. Susan says:

    Rose Cole, the Certified Holistic Nutritionist, has free home-made organic skincare recipes that she’s sending out by email this whole month. They’re awesome! You can sign up, and check out her video here:

  95. Barbara says:

    Get your supplements on line from There pricers and shipping rates are excellent. You can get $5 off your first order by using the referral code WOP556 . After your first purchase you will get your own referral number and can get a small percentage back on every order made by someone you referred that you can use toward your own orders. It may sound like MLM, but it’s just a way of helping them by introducing people to this excellent shop. Just check them out at

  96. Marissa says:

    It’s an investment in your future. Health is in the present moment, sure, but it is also the blossoming of life, which takes you into the future.
    “In retrospect” isn’t something you can afford when the ‘mainstream’ of food choices leads to death in its various forms (disease and sickness).
    Better to pay now rather than pay later. 🙂

  97. Signe says:

    Join the Yahoo group for your area to request unpicked and unwanted fruit or vegetables from people who are growing them. You could also request items you need for your kitchen here. I have received a lot of herb plants this way as well.

    I have lived without any supplements for sixty years and have been very healthy. If you eat plenty of natural whole foods and avoid all processed junk foods, you can save the money you’re spending on supplements.

    Buy less at a time and eat everything; waste nothing.

    Grow your own in the yard or at a community garden during the season and grow sprouts!

    Pack your breakfast and lunch if you go to work.

    Stay away from restaurants and you will save a fortune. Not only will you eat exactly what you really want when you prepare your own food, you will know exactly what it is you are getting and how it has been handled (washed, stored, etc). Eat only whole foods and cook from scratch. Your food will taste wonderful, will be prepared according to your taste, and because you prepared it, you will probably slow down and chew it better, savoring it as you eat it, and getting more value for your money as you will get more nutrition from well-chewed foods.

    Learn to cook from the internet. Google “Food blog search” and then enter the item you are interested in cooking. You will get not just recipes but blogs written about that food, with recipes included. You can find people who cook only raw or vegan or vegetarian things this way. Once you find a blogger whose food you like, check out their other posts and experiment, broadening your horizons. Check out the links to other bloggers on their site as they may prepare foods in the same vein (e.g., vegan bloggers will link to other vegan bloggers). I believe that eating a large variety of foods is good so you get all the different nutrients your body needs. Don’t fall into a rut where you eat the same few foods over and over. Youtube is great for learning how to prepare different recipes too, especially if you prefer to see things demonstrated. If you want cookbooks, check out your local second-hand/thrift shop. This is the place to buy kitchen supplies and dishes as well. If you need a particular cookbook, enter “” and the title of the book in this search engine and all of the used book online sites will be searched (rather than just amazon, for example) and you will be able to compare the books listed (price, edition, condition). Why pay retail prices?

  98. Ash says:

    Ash – UK. OK. So we want to be healthy and raw and we want to keep away from supermarkets and restaurants to save money but there is a need to visit somewhere and eat nice food and browse shops for nice things with our loved one/s. Suggestions on places to go sit and visit in our towns with our lovely raw burgers and deserts’ would be fab. To get that satisying feeling of out and about would be great – not too remote though because us townies need to be close to society ‘we feel the need’. One suggestion I have is to pack the raw crackers, burgers – and cold ones actually taste really nice, salsas and other stuff and go and find a local church or car park supermarket bench/seating are and watch the world go by. Any other ideas on this would be great? I do hope that other raw foodies understand where i’m coming from with this(-:

  99. Tina says:

    Thank you, all! Great ideas, and I am a new and emerging raw vegan, ha ha… loving it, loving it… I really appreciate this site…

  100. Laure says:

    I love all these comments, learned some new things, even.

    I’ll add – don’t forget to try making lacto-fermented foods and drinks, especially if you are still eating any cooked foods, especially meat (it deactivates the carcinogens in cooked foods and helps digest them beautifully). Recipes online for free, or borrow books by Sally Fallon or Jordan Rubin at the library. Sauerkraut is yummy, and rejuvelac is a great way to get those B vitamins. You can do this with ordinary jars, but you can add fun tools like they have at as you have money to burn.

    I just participated in a bulk order for raw nuts through Great value on a pricy item! I can freeze them and use them sparingly for a LONG time to come. I’ve also done bulk orders for grains – great for sprouting.

    Getting nice sprouts is hard – they usually are a little yukky at the grocery store. If you aren’t home to rinse them regularly, you may love the low-tech automatic sprouter from Val at I made mine from her plans using things from Home Depot, Walmart, and at home. They also sell them pre-made. This set up mists your sprouts every three hours and the water drains out by gravity…you can sprinkle seeds and harvest daily, once it is in full swing, and the only other maintenance is periodically emptying your drain bucket (depends on size of bucket) and a weekly disinfecting of the boxes. The perfect thing for the person who works outside the home but wants and endless supply of sprouts for pennies. Drinking rejuvelac was on of the first things my alternative MD suggested for me.

    Check out this book and author….

    Novice gardeners – learn about Earthboxes, Mel Bartholomew’s NEW Square Foot Garden technique, “Lasagna Gardening,” and the importance of minerals in the Mittleider method (not organic, but that key point of having enough minerals in the soil is huge), and guerilla gardening,as mentioned in Katz’s books above – fun options to add to wild edibles, etc.

    Remember, even if you don’t have ideal sun conditions for a veggie garden, greens don’t need as much sun as other veggies…see if you can make a great greens garden at the very least. You can even intentionally transplant wild edibles into your garden, I imagine. That is on my to-do list….I have some wild onion seed I was allowed to harvest from a local arboretum where I attended a wild edibles class. They are trying to get rid of it because it isn’t native to our area.

    Saving money in general –

    if you don’t want to part with your telly, don’t forget that the library is a great source for movies as well as books, along with music and audiobooks (wonderful while driving or doing handwork). And what could be better than raw snacks during your movie night? Raw medjool dates….mmmmmmm!

    Drinking green smoothies dramatically cuts down on how much I eat, whereas juicers go through a whole lot of expensive food and can leave you hungry for more. Including green smoothies can really cut your food costs….so I’d do a blender before a juicer unless my health concern was so huge that a juicer was required, all other things being equal.

    A blender can also speed the composting process…just make sure you don’t overestimate your blenders ability to blend, and if you don’t blend your compostable materials before they get nasty, it might feel better to have an extra blending container for those. I did mess up my Vitamix doing that, but I have a feeling that you BlendTec owners could turn anything into compost without a problem. (for a price, I did get new containers from Vitamix, which I bought reconditioned as others have suggested….my own blender couldn’t hack it, as Kevin mentioned happened to him.) If I had it to purchase again, I would go with a super high power Blendtec for two reasons: would fit underneath my upper cabinets and would blend anything and everything better and smoother, but a Vitamix is a really great machine so I doubt I’ll be switching soon.

    Health care – spending less on health care is a great way to save money. Here are some ideas to consider….

    Consider adding inexpensive and practically miraculous MMS to your first aid kit. Knocks out bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, and does it safely. Read the developer’s book (free online). Just google a bit, you’ll find it. It can keep you out of the doctor’s office more often than not.

    Also, consider doing simple exercises daily that balance the body’s energy, and there are some for free on google video and youtube. Just look for Donna Eden and 5-minute energy routine and Tracing Your Meridians. A simple, easy, free, powerful way to keep your body in balance at an energetic level. Donna actually restored her low-functioning thryoid to normal using this technique.

    Rebounding and green smoothies are a powerful combination against osteoporosis. Actually, rebounding has amazing positive effects, all fully verified by NASA – if you can get a quality rebounder at a good price, snap that sucker up. Bellicon, Cellerciser and Needak have safe ones for sure; be wary and knowledgeable if you stray from these brands. Good info at

    Mild Incontinence and Pelvic prolapse disorders are very common in women these days, and surgeries and Kegel exercises are ineffective for resolving these problems. Christine Kent, RN, found that posture changes are key to improving this problem, and she has a number of other helpful tips, too. Google around for her if those are issues that are taking you to the doctor. You need to pay for the posture info, but if you have this problem, it will probably be well worth every penny. Other tips can be found on her website.

    Diabetics – raw food often turns around diabetes all on its own. Interestingly, an allergy elimination technique called NAET has ALSO helped people permanently stabilize their blood sugar, along with many other problems one wouldn’t think of being associated with an allergy. Not cheap, but a possible permanent solution to many symptoms that look like incurable diseases.

    T-Tapp exercises – great for stabilizing blood sugar rapidly, osteoporosis, balance, helps MS patients with memory/balance, and any condition that would be helped by improved lymphatic flow and improved neurokinetic flow. Most of the exercises do not require any equipment at all. Burns fat fairly rapidly.

    Deep breathing on a daily basis – amazingly proactive health tool.

    Way to go to all of you who scored your appliances on the cheap!

    Sue thanks for the no-TP idea.

    Lisa Marie – love the spring idea. 184 miles is a little far for me to get to the closest one, but now I know where to send loved ones near Austin.

    Kristine – thanks for the reminder about produce tossed from groceries. I’ve been meaning to do that, but it had fallen off my current list, somehow).

  101. Pamela says:

    I love you all for your comments.

    This reminds me of the sixties when there was so much simple sharing between people. There is so much that we can do that way. That is how all this started out.

    I really have not much to add except to say, yes, you can eat grass. Put it in a blender and sift out the fiber, as it is too much to digest. Wild grass is better for us than wheat grass!

    Wild food has more nutrients than cultivated vegetables. It is easy to learn several edible wild foods. Pick ones with no poisonous look alikes. Avoid anything which looks like wild carrot or Queen Anne’s Lace, as it could be hemlock. A piece of hemlock the size of a pea will kill you.
    The website for Mountain Rose Herbs (awesome quality and prices) is

    I encourage you to repeat many times to yourself that you can find great food and live sustainably economically. Our brains, especially our subconscious minds, deliver to us what we believe. So choose your beliefs carefully and remind yourself of them often, daily. There is part of the subconscious mind that is always scanning the environment to realize our goals. You help it when you are crystal clear about what you are looking for. It recognizes pictures, so it helps to put up pictures of what you are looking for. Make a list of precisely what you want, and read it and visualize it for about 5-15 minutes a day and you will be blown away with what you can accomplish, given time. “Ask, and it is given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open.” “If your faith were the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move.” Jesus

    People who survived the depression are now coming out of the woodwork and saying that they actually were the happiest at that time because people helped each other out, there was more community. A lot of the horror stories we heard were likely the media’s attempt to make us scared and easy to manipulate.

    Growing sprouts at home is very easy and cheap.

    At a lot of co-ops you can do work and get a discount.

    There are gleaners programs where you can go and pick crops that the harvesters left in the fields.

    The key with growing your own food is lots of compost. You can get leaves for free looking on Craig’s list. My neighbors on 2 sides give me their yard debris. They have given me about 2 cubic yards of compostable vegetable matter. I tell them that they should keep it and tell then all the reasons why, but they do not want the stuff. Some people will pay you to rake their leaves and take them away.

    Mulches save on water.

    Happiness, Health, Peace and Abundance for All!

    Many Blessings!!!

  102. Pamela says:

    P.S. Thanks a lot Kevin and AnnMarie for making this a service to the people.

    That is ow it will spread widely.

  103. Pamela says:

    THE best thing I ever found for my skin is that I tried putting the avocado that I got on my hands when opening an avocado on my skin and I could not believe what it did. I guess because it was fresh?

    While we are being so honest, this is how I conserve toilet paper, which to me is conserving forests. When I am going #1 I use it on one side. Then I set in a bag near the toilet to let it dry. Then I use the other side, and set it in the bag to dry. Then it accumulates for when I go #2, when I use what has been drying in the bag. I have friend who uses little cloths when she goes #1 and then washes them out.

    Pee is really innocent. You can even drink it. Good to know in a survival situation. That could save your life.

    I like it that there is so much less crazy waste these days.

    Peace on earth.

  104. Jan says:

    How can you not afford it? I like to pay it forward! Good food, clean products, less sickness and medical bills. Once you get the hang of all of it, one step at a time it gets fun and easy!! sort of an ongoing research project with yourself and the results often are so exciting and life enhancing that you want to continue to the next level!

  105. When we started going raw. We did the buy cheaper items to find out you get what you pay for! It cost more for sure to keep replacing broken junk! Save up and buy the real thing! We did downsize a lot of our house! Amazing when you see thru clear eyes and mind what kind of crap you can get rid of and make some money to buy your other things like the vita mix or health master, a good dehydrator will be selling our round dehydrator asap. Cleaning products… Costco now has a GREAT brand of eco friendly laundry soap and dish washing soap. It is soy based so you dont use much. It does get clothes clean! and you do NOT need fabric softner!! Less to buy and it goes twice if not more as far. The dishwashing liquid soap only uses 1 table spoon of soap to do a sink and counter FULL of dishes! I only buy it now every 6-8 months! So it can be cost effective as well! Last yr i spent more on health care from being sick so if buying these items and fresh food will keep me out of the dr Im on board! I had to take so much time off work i lost my job.. hmm no income coming in that is very costly to the family budget! Just my thoughts.
    Huggs and Merry Christmas, Dea

  106. Patty Foley says:

    SPROUTING I save so much money by sprouting. It cost me a fraction of the cost I would spend at a health food store or farmers Market. A few seeds produce the most nutritious living food in a matter of a couple of days to a week. You can sprout anywhere any time of the year.

  107. – stop buying oils, they’re very expensive and you don’t need them to make healthy, tasty food. it will also help you in eating a low-fat diet

    – the need for shampoo is a myth, you only need to rinse your hair with water everyday. you hair actually gets greasy “because” of the shampoo, believe it or not. you might have to go through a transition though

    – if you’re really healthy, you have no need for moisturizing cream and makeup and everything other beauty product they sell out there

    – realize that just about every product was created not because we need it but because someone saw the opportunity to make profits

    – use vinegar to clean your mirror and glass and vinegar and baking soda for everything else. use rags instead of paper towels

    – subscribe to your local & organic fruits and vegetables baskets

    – double-check your receipts at the grocery store, they often make mistakes. be forgiving but get your money back. very often the grocery store has policies concerning these mistakes that will be advantageous to you.

    – become less materialistic, that’ll save you the most! 🙂

  108. Patricia says:

    check out a local bulk food store. I am lucky that the one in my town is clean and they stock organic and gluten free stuff. But all those herbs and stuff are super cheap when you only buy the product and not the packaging.Even things like goji berries and hemp hearts are way cheaper than the health food store. And the summer time is bounty in my town everyone grows way to much food, so they are giving it away or swaping for something else. Eating this way is NOT exspensive, its cheaper.

  109. naomi says:

    hubby grows me a veg patch! no chemicals! organic vegan products are my treat – i don’t drink, smoke, buy music, etc so this is where i splurge!

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