Redeeming the Potato

Wednesday Oct 31 | by

Articles:   One of the first foods that someone on a diet learns to avoid, by well-meaning friends, relative, doctors, and diet books, are potatoes. Potatoes are rich in complex carbs, which turn into sugar in the body and make you fat. Right? Well not so fast. Nobody has ever gotten ... more »

Why I Eat Grains, Soy, and Raw Vegan Junk Food

Monday Oct 22 | by

All Raw Food, Articles: In a previous ezine, I mentioned that I now eat a wider variety of plant-based foods than I used to when I was a raw foodist. I wrote that I ... more »

What I Eat and Don’t Eat: 2018 Update

Monday Oct 8 | by

All Raw Food, Articles: What do I eat after spending most of my life bathing in the waters of natural health, raw foods, and veganism? What conclusions have I come ... more »

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There’s Something Fishy About Fish

Monday Oct 1 | by

Articles, Low Fat, Raw Foods, Special Reports: A few years ago, something happened to me on the island of Roatan. I had a realization about fish. I was on a scuba diving trip to explore ... more »

No time? Lazy? Then this raw vegan oatmeal recipe is for you

Friday Sep 28 | by

Articles, Recipes: That’s a perfect raw vegan oatmeal recipe… from naked oats. Yes naked… well because, they are naked. They loose their ... more »

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Renegade Health Radio: 52 Interview with Dr. J. E. Williams – Blood Testing for Vegans

Tuesday Aug 7 | by

Renegade Health Radio: In this episode: Many topics about blood testing and reading blood tests with Dr. J. E. Williams. Topics that are specific to vegans and ... more »

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Saskatoon berry whole food protein shake (raw & easy to make)

Monday Aug 6 | by

Recipes: This 2-minute (sprouting time is not included) whole food protein shake is low in fat, and filling. Precisely what raw vegans, and vegans ... more »

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Raw Vegan Forbidden Rice-Cattail Salad

Thursday Jul 12 | by

Recipes: Bold and unexpected this salad will raise the eyebrows of your weekend guests Two incredible foods meet each other in this dinner salad: a ... more »

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Monday Jan 29 | by

Articles, Immune System, Supplements and Herbs: Seasonal flu is inevitable. There’s no cure for influenza. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim of the flu. From my more than ... more »

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Friday Dec 29 | by

Articles: New Year’s Day signifies a new beginning. But is it genuinely new? Isn’t it more a continuation of one year to another? To make a ... more »